20,000 Startup Ideas

  1. Visit individuals in homes or attend group meetings to provide information on agency services, requirements, or procedures.
  2. Calculate and quote charges for services such as long-distance connections.
  3. Diagnose and repair regenerative braking systems or hydraulic systems in hybrid vehicles.
  4. Program computerized switches and switchboards to provide requested features.
  5. Inspect construction projects to analyze engineering problems, using test equipment or drilling machinery.
  6. Debug robotics programs.
  7. Calculate costs of orders, and charge or forward invoices to appropriate accounts.
  8. Apply solutions and chemicals to equipment, objects, or parts, using hand tools.
  9. Issue room keys and escort instructions to bellhops.
  10. Calculate, review, and correct errors on interest, principal, payment, and closing costs, using computers or calculators.
  11. Provide private instruction to individual or small groups of students to improve academic performance, improve occupational skills, or prepare for academic or occupational tests.
  12. Compare a property with similar properties that have recently sold to determine its competitive market price.
  13. Inspect and test equipment to locate damage or worn parts and diagnose malfunctions, or read work orders or schematic drawings to determine required repairs.
  14. Install or repair air purification systems, such as specialized filters or ultraviolet (UV) light purification systems.
  15. Check books in and out of the library.
  16. Prepare responses to customer requests for information, such as product data, written regulatory affairs statements, surveys, or questionnaires.
  17. Splice or solder cables together or to overhead transmission lines, customer service lines, or street light lines, using hand tools, epoxies, or specialized equipment.
  18. Plan the flow of work or materials to maximize efficiency.
  19. Consult with supervisor concerning programs for individual families.
  20. Carry messages or documents between departments.
  21. Initiate market research studies or analyze their findings.
  22. Press switches and turn knobs to start, adjust, and regulate equipment, such as beaters, extruders, discharge pipes, and salt pumps.
  23. Prepare and submit reports that may include the number of passengers or trips, hours worked, mileage, fuel consumption, or fares received.
  24. Analyze operations to evaluate performance of a company or its staff in meeting objectives or to determine areas of potential cost reduction, program improvement, or policy change.
  25. Analyze data to recommend placement of wells and supplementary processes to enhance production.
  26. Provide customers or installation teams guidelines for implementing secure systems.
  27. Recruit and schedule research participants.
  28. Repair or replace faulty equipment such as defective and damaged telephones, wires, switching system components, and associated equipment.
  29. Review logistics performance with customers against targets, benchmarks, and service agreements.
  30. Administer blood and blood products, monitoring patients for signs and symptoms related to transfusion reactions.
  31. Interpret engineering sketches, specifications, or drawings.
  32. Perform vision screening of children in schools or community health centers.
  33. Design and modify equipment to employer specifications.
  34. Design plans to be safe and to be compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA).
  35. Develop and implement training programs for trainees, medical students, resident physicians or post-doctoral fellows.
  36. Review all regulatory agency submission materials to ensure timeliness, accuracy, comprehensiveness, or compliance with regulatory standards.
  37. Develop industrial standards and regulatory guidelines.
  38. Maintain ship logs.
  39. Create models to optimize the layout of wind farm access roads, crane pads, crane paths, collection systems, substations, switchyards, or transmission lines.
  40. Apply Masonite, formica, or vinyl surfacing materials.
  41. Oversee geothermal plant operations, maintenance, and repairs to ensure compliance with applicable standards or regulations.
  42. Wash dishes, glassware, flatware, pots, or pans, using dishwashers or by hand.
  43. Apply paints, dyes, polishes, reconditioners, waxes, or masking materials to vehicles to preserve, protect, or restore color or condition.
  44. Train clients to use tactile, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and propioceptive information.
  45. Communicate with supervisors and other workers, using equipment such as wireless phones, pagers, or radio telephones.
  46. Subpoena and interview witnesses, property owners, and building occupants to obtain information and sworn testimony.
  47. Process clinical data, including receipt, entry, verification, or filing of information.
  48. Monitor and adjust production processes or equipment for quality and productivity.
  49. Tilt, dip, and turn suspended loads to maneuver over, under, or around obstacles, using multi-point suspension techniques.
  50. Heat and serve prepared foods.
  51. Conduct raids and order detention of witnesses and suspects for questioning.
  52. Prepare and submit budget requests and recommendations, or grant proposals to solicit program funding.
  53. Review traffic control or barricade plans to issue permits for parades or other special events or for construction work that affects rights of way, providing assistance with plan preparation or revision, as necessary.
  54. Perform administrative duties, such as overseeing building management, ordering supplies, contracting for services or repairs, or supervising the work of staff members or volunteers.
  55. Seal outlet valves on tank cars, barges, and trucks.
  56. Adapt statistical methods to solve specific problems in many fields, such as economics, biology, and engineering.
  57. Supervise the work of programmers, technologists and technicians and other engineering and scientific personnel.
  58. Evaluate and approve proposals for sustainability projects, considering factors such as cost effectiveness, technical feasibility, and integration with other initiatives.
  59. Repair broken or damaged patterns.
  60. Develop systems for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting environmental and economic data.
  61. Instruct novices in climbing techniques, mountaineering, and wilderness survival, and demonstrate use of hunting, fishing, and climbing equipment.
  62. Compile and maintain records relating to circulation, materials, and equipment.
  63. Demonstrate or explain products, methods, or services to persuade customers to purchase products or use services.
  64. Coordinate property closings, overseeing signing of documents and disbursement of funds.
  65. Clean and maintain equipment, using hand tools.
  66. Maneuver completed roofing units into position for installation.
  67. Analyze training programs and conduct oral and written examinations to ensure the competency of persons operating, installing, and repairing aircraft equipment.
  68. Attach moving parts and subassemblies to basic assembly unit, using hand tools and power tools.
  69. Develop marketing materials, proposals, or presentation to generate new work opportunities.
  70. Direct support staff in handling of paperwork processed by clerks' offices.
  71. Test connections to ensure that power supplies are adequate and that communications links function.
  72. Create graphics, illustrations, and three-dimensional models to be used in research or in teaching, such as in demonstrating anatomy, pathology, or surgical procedures.
  73. Compare disputed merchandise with original requisitions and information from invoices and prepare invoices for returned goods.
  74. Plan or coordinate activities concerned with investigating and resolving customers' reports of technical problems with aircraft or aerospace vehicles.
  75. Plan and follow the most efficient routes for delivering goods.
  76. Answer questions and provide information to the public or to staff members regarding assessment maps, surveys, boundaries, easements, property ownership, roads, zoning, or similar matters.
  77. Communicate with accelerator maintenance personnel to ensure readiness of support systems, such as vacuum, water cooling, or radio frequency power sources.
  78. Signal crew members or deckhands to rig tow lines, open or close gates or ramps, or pull guard chains across entries.
  79. Design and direct the testing or control of processing procedures.
  80. Analyze statistical data and reports to identify and determine causes of personnel problems and develop recommendations for improvement of organization's personnel policies and practices.
  81. Align wheels, axles, frames, torsion bars, and steering mechanisms of automobiles, using special alignment equipment and wheel-balancing machines.
  82. Obtain credit records from reporting agencies.
  83. Conduct quantitative risk assessments for human health, environmental, or other risks.
  84. Simulate reservoir performance for different recovery techniques, using computer models.
  85. Monitor and observe experiments, recording production and test data for evaluation by research personnel.
  86. Prepare artifacts for storage and shipping.
  87. Design or conduct studies to determine optimal conditions for cell growth, protein production, or protein or virus expression or recovery, using chromatography, separation, or filtration equipment, such as centrifuges or bioreactors.
  88. Compute deductions for income and social security taxes.
  89. Communicate behavioral observations and student progress reports to students, parents, teachers, or administrators.
  90. Determine materials needed to complete the job and place orders accordingly.
  91. Analyze and distill climate-related research findings to inform legislators, regulatory agencies, or other stakeholders.
  92. Contact corporate representatives, government officials, or community leaders to increase awareness of organizational causes, activities, or needs.
  93. Oversee the maintenance and repair of machinery, equipment, and electrical and mechanical systems.
  94. Read bills of lading to determine assignment details.
  95. Select programming languages, design tools, or applications.
  96. Sort and count articles removed from dryers, and fold, wrap, or hang them.
  97. Install blanket insulation between studs and tack plastic moisture barriers over insulation.
  98. Instruct undergraduate and graduate students within the areas of cellular or molecular biology.
  99. Manage intradepartmental infection control and equipment security.
  100. Check mail to ensure correct postage and that packages and letters are in proper condition for mailing.
  101. Start motors and monitor performance for signs of malfunctioning, such as smoke, excessive vibration, or misfiring.
  102. Identify or develop business rules or standard operating procedures to streamline operating processes.
  103. Prepare specifications, designs, or sketches for machines, components, or systems related to the generation, transmission, or use of mechanical or fluid energy.
  104. Recommend assistive devices according to patients' needs or nature of impairments.
  105. Prepare culture media, following standard procedures.
  106. Interpret religious education activities to the public through speaking, leading discussions, or writing articles for local or national publications.
  107. Read temperature gauges and observe color changes, adjusting furnace flames, torches, or electrical heating units as necessary to melt metal to specifications.
  108. Move and store inventories of explosives, loaded perforating guns, and other materials, according to established safety procedures.
  109. Prepare grant proposals, budgets, and program policies and goals or assist in their preparation.
  110. Report to management about asset utilization and audit results, and recommend changes in operations and financial activities.
  111. Inventory stock to ensure that supplies and equipment are available in adequate amounts.
  112. Attend court sessions to hear oral arguments or record necessary case information.
  113. Sign for cash-on-delivery and registered mail before leaving the post office.
  114. Modify, update, and process existing policies and claims to reflect any change in beneficiary, amount of coverage, or type of insurance.
  115. Direct rig crews in drilling and other activities, such as setting up rigs and completing or servicing wells.
  116. Supervise, train, and evaluate technicians, technologists, survey personnel, engineers, scientists or other mine personnel.
  117. Buff defective areas of inner tubes, using scrapers.
  118. Develop or review specifications for design or construction of security systems.
  119. Inform clients of essential travel information, such as travel times, transportation connections, and medical and visa requirements.
  120. Stack finished packaged items, or wrap protective material around each item, and pack the items in cartons or containers.
  121. Implement appropriate follow-up care plans.
  122. Develop, implement and revise departmental policies and procedures.
  123. Check repaired and repacked survival equipment to ensure that it meets specifications.
  124. Supervise the clinical work of practicum students.
  125. Maintain networks by performing activities such as file addition, deletion, or backup.
  126. Adjust equipment controls to maintain specified heat, tension, and speed.
  127. Lift, position, and remove barricades to open or close parking areas.
  128. Perform housekeeping duties, such as cooking, cleaning, washing clothes or dishes, or running errands.
  129. Prepare reports or correspondence concerning project specifications, activities, or status.
  130. Plan and supervise class projects, field trips, visits by guest speakers, contests, or other experiential activities, and guide students in learning from those activities.
  131. Disinfect equipment and supplies, using germicides or steam-operated sterilizers.
  132. Recommend changes to fire prevention, inspection, and fire code endorsement procedures.
  133. Validate design of fuel cells, fuel cell components, or fuel cell systems.
  134. Plan or schedule logging operations, such as felling or bucking trees or grading, sorting, yarding, or loading logs.
  135. Clean job sites.
  136. Dump sugar dust from collectors into melting tanks and add water to reclaim sugar lost during processing.
  137. Seek new ways to improve efficiency and increase profits.
  138. Select electronics equipment, components, or systems to meet functional specifications.
  139. Recommend diagnostic or therapeutic interventions with attention to safety, cost, invasiveness, simplicity, acceptability, adherence, and efficacy.
  140. Schedule appointments and procedures for animals.
  141. Build or repair cabinets, doors, frameworks, floors, or other wooden fixtures used in buildings, using woodworking machines, carpenter's hand tools, or power tools.
  142. Feel lymph nodes under patient's chin to detect swelling or tenderness that could indicate presence of oral cancer.
  143. Develop customer documentation, such as performance specifications, training manuals, or operating instructions.
  144. Configure security settings or access permissions for groups or individuals.
  145. Design or build laboratory equipment needed for special research projects.
  146. Maintain accurate laboratory records and data.
  147. Assess current or future customer needs and priorities by communicating directly with customers, conducting surveys, or other methods.
  148. Assist clients in selecting frames according to style and color, and ensure that frames are coordinated with facial and eye measurements and optical prescriptions.
  149. Assist nanoscientists, engineers, or technologists in processing or characterizing materials according to physical or chemical properties.
  150. Harmonize body movements to rhythm of musical accompaniment.
  151. Process and review environmental permits, licenses, or related materials.
  152. Explain and demonstrate safety procedures and safety equipment use.
  153. Identify and select materials appropriate for mechatronic system designs.
  154. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as research methods, urban anthropology, and language and culture.
  155. Complete forms in accordance with company procedures.
  156. Keep and monitor legal volumes to ensure that law library is up-to-date.
  157. Develop processes or procedures for wind operations, including transitioning from construction to commercial operations.
  158. Inspect work of aircraft mechanics performing maintenance, modification, or repair and overhaul of aircraft and aircraft mechanical systems to ensure adherence to standards and procedures.
  159. Provide airway management interventions including tracheal intubation, fiber optics, or ventilary support.
  160. Service and maintain aircraft and related apparatus by performing activities such as flushing crankcases, cleaning screens, and lubricating moving parts.
  161. Reassemble machines after the completion of repair or maintenance work.
  162. Develop design criteria for aeronautical or aerospace products or systems, including testing methods, production costs, quality standards, environmental standards, or completion dates.
  163. Document specimens by verifying patients' and specimens' information.
  164. Monitor pasture or grazing land use to ensure that livestock are properly fed or that conservation methods, such as rotational grazing, are used.
  165. Develop internal control policies, guidelines, and procedures for activities such as budget administration, cash and credit management, and accounting.
  166. Provide psychological or administrative services and advice to private firms or community agencies regarding mental health programs or individual cases.
  167. Offer alternatives during classes to accommodate different levels of fitness.
  168. Install and configure wireless networking equipment.
  169. Develop and maintain system architecture, including all piping, instrumentation, or process flow diagrams.
  170. Maintain records, such as quantities or types of processing completed, materials used, or customer charges.
  171. Chip and clean rust spots on decks, superstructures, or sides of ships, using wire brushes and hand or air chipping machines.
  172. Operate lighthouses to assist marine passage near shores and dangerous waters.
  173. Perform or direct revision, repair, or expansion of existing programs to increase operating efficiency or adapt to new requirements.
  174. Maintain records of customer prescriptions, work orders, and payments.
  175. Pilot airplanes or drive land and water vehicles to transport tourists to activity or tour sites.
  176. Read orders to ascertain catalog numbers, sizes, colors, and quantities of merchandise.
  177. Establish regulatory priorities or budgets and allocate resources and workloads.
  178. Contact suppliers to schedule or expedite deliveries and to resolve shortages, missed or late deliveries, and other problems.
  179. Observe water from ships' mastheads to advise on navigational direction.
  180. Arrange for ships to be stocked, fueled, or repaired.
  181. Prepare passengers and aircraft for landing, following procedures.
  182. Control equipment that coats lenses to alter their reflective qualities.
  183. Process or book convicted individuals into prison.
  184. Prepare or examine food trays for conformance to prescribed diet.
  185. Shade and fill in sketch outlines and backgrounds, using a variety of media such as water colors, markers, and transparent washes, labeling designated colors when necessary.
  186. Document clients' progress toward meeting established treatment objectives.
  187. Prepare detailed budgets and financial reports for properties.
  188. Select food items from serving or storage areas and place them in dishes, on serving trays, or in take-out bags.
  189. Write grant proposals to procure external research funding.
  190. Develop procedures for coordination of supply chain management with other functional areas, such as sales, marketing, finance, production, or quality assurance.
  191. Design or develop new equipment or methods for meteorological data collection, remote sensing, or related applications.
  192. Interpret and analyze policies, public issues, legislation, or the operations of governments, businesses, and organizations.
  193. Maintain detailed and complete records of health care plans and prognoses.
  194. Diagnose health conditions based on patients' symptoms and health histories, laboratory and diagnostic radiology test results, or other physiological measurements, such as electrocardiograms and electroencephalographs.
  195. Mark weld points and positions of components on workpieces, using rules, squares, templates, or scribes.
  196. Evaluate transportation vehicles or auxiliary equipment for purchase by considering factors such as fuel economy or aerodynamics.
  197. Examine letters from policyholders or agents, original insurance applications, and other company documents to determine if changes are needed and effects of changes.
  198. Coordinate with developers to optimize Web site architecture, server configuration, or page construction for search engine consumption and optimal visibility.
  199. Comply with all applicable standards, policies, or procedures, such as safety procedures or the maintenance of a clean work area.
  200. Collaborate with other teachers or administrators to develop, evaluate, or revise preschool programs.
  201. Write music for commercial mediums, including advertising jingles or film soundtracks.
  202. Measure surfaces or review work orders to estimate the quantities of materials needed.
  203. Cut walk tracks for better access to traps and bait stations.
  204. Discuss issues with editors to establish priorities or positions.
  205. Repair or replace equipment components or parts such as blades, rolls, and pumps.
  206. Deliver advertising or illustration proofs to customers for approval.
  207. Measure parts to verify specified dimensions or settings, such as camera shutter speed or light meter reading accuracy, using measuring instruments.
  208. Construct foundation for machines, using hand tools and building materials such as wood, cement, and steel.
  209. Conduct tests, such as electrocardiograms (EKGs), stress testing, or lung capacity tests, to evaluate patients' cardiopulmonary functions.
  210. Assemble and use equipment, such as catheters, tracheotomy tubes, or oxygen suppliers.
  211. Study blueprints, design specifications, or manufacturers' recommendations to ascertain the configuration of heating or cooling equipment components and to ensure the proper installation of components.
  212. Adjust controls to generate specified electrical power or to regulate the flow of power between generating stations and substations.
  213. Download exposed film for shipment to processing labs.
  214. Wind chafers and breakers onto plies.
  215. Present and make recommendations regarding course design, technology, and instruction delivery options.
  216. Replace or repair worn, defective, or damaged components, using hand tools, gauges, and testing equipment.
  217. Prepare and follow budgets for personnel operations.
  218. Wrap dressed carcasses or meat cuts.
  219. Collaborate with software developers in the development and modification of commercial bioinformatics software.
  220. Research geomechanical or geochemical processes to be used in carbon sequestration projects.
  221. Explain and enforce safety rules and regulations.
  222. Collaborate with other health care professionals to develop and revise treatment plans based on identified needs and assessment data.
  223. Instruct sales staff in color coordination of clothing racks or counter displays.
  224. Plan tour itineraries, applying knowledge of travel routes and destination sites.
  225. Remove or install aircraft engines, using hoists or forklift trucks.
  226. Request equipment upgrades or purchases.
  227. Remove drill bits from chucks after drilling holes and insert bolts into chucks.
  228. Establish and communicate clear objectives for all lessons, units, and projects to students, parents, or guardians.
  229. Develop lists of prospective clients from sources such as newspaper items, company records, local merchants, or customers.
  230. Direct updates and changes in survey implementation and methods.
  231. Determine the effects of legal requirements related to the production, supply, or use of ozone-depleting substances or equipment containing such substances.
  232. Process or interpret signals or sensor data.
  233. Set up or operate test equipment to evaluate performance of developmental parts, assemblies, or systems under simulated operating conditions.
  234. Remove lenses from molds and separate lenses in containers for further processing or storage.
  235. Maintain proper storage and security conditions for drugs.
  236. Evaluate existing systems to determine effectiveness and suggest changes to meet organizational requirements.
  237. Adjust and maintain operating room temperature, humidity, or lighting, according to surgeon's specifications.
  238. Develop, or oversee the development of, sustainability evaluation or monitoring systems.
  239. Review work throughout the work process and at completion to ensure that it has been performed properly.
  240. Install and perform minor repairs to hardware, software, or peripheral equipment, following design or installation specifications.
  241. Build furniture up with loose fiber stuffing, cotton, felt, or foam padding to form smooth, rounded surfaces.
  242. Order parts needed for machine repairs.
  243. Connect electrical wiring to control panels and electric motors.
  244. Cut, fit, install, repair, or replace glass or glass substitutes, such as plastic or aluminum, in building interiors or exteriors or in furniture or other products.
  245. Prescribe or administer topical or systemic medications to treat ophthalmic conditions and to manage pain.
  246. Turn valves to start flow of coolant against cutting areas or to start airflow that blows cuttings away from kerfs.
  247. Respond to critical incidents, such as catastrophic events, violent weather, or civil disorders.
  248. Authorize reinsurance of policy when risk is high.
  249. Coordinate or perform activities associated with shipping, receiving, distribution, or transportation.
  250. Depress pedals to rotate drums, and wind specified numbers of plies around drums to form tire bodies.
  251. Adjust power production systems to meet load and distribution demands.
  252. Customize art therapy programs for specific client populations, such as those in schools, nursing homes, wellness centers, prisons, shelters, or hospitals.
  253. Position and secure workpieces, using hoists, cranes, wire, and banding machines or hand tools.
  254. Organize and conduct competitions and tournaments.
  255. Analyze customer bills and utility rate structures to select optimal rate structures for customers.
  256. Perform minor repairs or make adjustments to slot machines, resolving problems such as machine tilts and coin jams.
  257. Review balance sheets, operating income and expense accounts, and loan documentation to confirm institution assets and liabilities.
  258. Retract augers to force discharge dirt from holes.
  259. Take class attendance and maintain attendance records.
  260. Turn controls to set cutting speeds, feed rates, or table angles for specified operations.
  261. Patrol units to monitor the amount of oil in storage tanks, and to verify that activities and operations are safe, efficient, and in compliance with regulations.
  262. Supervise well exploration, drilling activities, or well completions.
  263. Conduct home visits for pregnant women, newborn infants, or other high-risk individuals to monitor their progress or assess their needs.
  264. Identify and select appropriate sustainable materials for use in landscape designs, such as using recycled wood or recycled concrete boards for structural elements or recycled tires for playground bedding.
  265. Conduct or supervise operational programs such as fish hatcheries, greenhouses and livestock production programs.
  266. Develop or deliver proposals or presentations on topics such as the purchase or sale of energy.
  267. Maintain inventory of shipping supplies, such as boxes, labels, tape, bubble wrap, loose packing materials, or tape guns.
  268. Set up, program, or record montages or electrical combinations when testing peripheral nerve, spinal cord, subcortical, or cortical responses.
  269. Maintain contact with kitchen staff, management, serving staff, and customers to ensure that dining details are handled properly and customers' concerns are addressed.
  270. Guide workpieces against saws, saw over workpieces by hand, or operate automatic feeding devices to guide cuts.
  271. Dig holes for power poles, using power augers or shovels, set poles in place with cranes, and hoist poles upright, using winches.
  272. Answer questions regarding the store and its merchandise.
  273. Install photovoltaic (PV) systems in accordance with codes and standards, using drawings, schematics, and instructions.
  274. Inspect parts for surface defects.
  275. Locate and recover lost or broken bits, casings, and drill pipes from wells, using special tools.
  276. Prepare, maintain, and record records of inventories, receipts, purchases, or deliveries, using a variety of computer screen formats.
  277. Serve statements of claims, subpoenas, summonses, jury summonses, orders to pay alimony, and other court orders.
  278. Connect hoses from provers to meter inlets and outlets, and raise prover bells until prover gauges register zero.
  279. Make nautical maps.
  280. Interpret civil rights laws and equal opportunity regulations for individuals or employers.
  281. Investigate accidents or injuries and prepare reports of findings.
  282. Sell products from truck inventory and keep records of sales.
  283. Install vapor barriers or layers of insulation on flat roofs.
  284. Analyze quality control test results and provide feedback and interpretation to production management or staff.
  285. Design pumping systems, pumping stations, pipelines, force mains, or sewers for the collection of wastewater.
  286. Evaluate operational aspects of green consumer electronics applications, such as fuel cells for consumer electronic devices, power-saving devices for computers or televisions, or energy-efficient power chargers.
  287. Direct technicians, engineering designers or other technical support personnel as needed.
  288. Provide assistance to other healthcare personnel during dosimetry procedures and tumor localization.
  289. Devise or build fixtures or jigs used to hold parts in place during welding, brazing, or soldering.
  290. Network within communities to find and attract new business.
  291. Determine the order of work and the method of presentation, such as orthographic or isometric drawing.
  292. Review physician's referral and patient's medical records to help determine diagnosis and physical therapy treatment required.
  293. Review employment applications and job orders to match applicants with job requirements.
  294. Review applications for site plans and permits and recommend approval, denial, modification, or further investigative action.
  295. Prepare and write reports detailing specific fire prevention and protection issues, such as work performed, revised codes or standards, and proposed review schedules.
  296. Appraise and inventory real and personal property for estate planning.
  297. Regulate children's rest periods and nap schedules.
  298. Develop financial plans, based on analysis of clients' financial status.
  299. Study methods to improve aspects of foods, such as chemical composition, flavor, color, texture, nutritional value, and convenience.
  300. Operate or oversee operation of radiologic or magnetic imaging equipment to produce images of the body for diagnostic purposes.
  301. Record amounts and types of special food items served to customers.
  302. Locate items requested by customers.
  303. Replace xylophone bars and wheels.
  304. Advise against injured athletes returning to games or competition if resuming activity could lead to further injury.
  305. Recruit, hire, train, and evaluate primary and supplemental staff.
  306. Direct safety operations in emergency situations.
  307. Conduct environmental studies related to topics such as nuclear power generation, nuclear waste disposal, or nuclear weapon deployment.
  308. Inspect work performed to ensure that it meets specifications and established standards.
  309. Program computers to operate machinery.
  310. Remove products from equipment, manually or using hoists, and prepare them for storage, shipment, or additional processing.
  311. Confer with systems analysts, engineers, programmers and others to design system and to obtain information on project limitations and capabilities, performance requirements and interfaces.
  312. Separate meats and byproducts into specified containers and seal containers.
  313. Transport materials and products to and from work areas, manually or using carts, handtrucks, or hoists.
  314. Provide patients or caregivers with assistance in locating health care resources.
  315. Inventory and distribute nuclear, biological, and chemical detection and contamination equipment, providing instruction in its maintenance and use.
  316. Recommend actions related to historical art, such as which items to add to a collection or which items to display in an exhibit.
  317. Combine measured ingredients in bowls of mixing, blending, or cooking machinery.
  318. Observe and monitor equipment operation during the extraction process to detect any problems.
  319. Train new workers.
  320. Develop or conduct orientation programs for candidates for political office.
  321. Organize the adoption of unclaimed animals.
  322. Adjust controls to set temperatures of coating substances and speeds of machines and equipment.
  323. Plan layout and installation of electrical wiring, equipment, or fixtures, based on job specifications and local codes.
  324. Analyze data to determine validity, quality, and scientific significance and to interpret correlations between human activities and environmental effects.
  325. Confer with clients, editors, writers, art directors, and other interested parties regarding the nature and content of artwork to be produced.
  326. Construct and repair barriers, retaining walls, trellises, and other types of fences, walls, and gates.
  327. Test fuel cells or fuel cell stacks, using complex electronic equipment.
  328. Study legislation, arbitration decisions, and collective bargaining contracts to assess industry trends.
  329. Install, repair, or replace single-ply roofing systems, using waterproof sheet materials such as modified plastics, elastomeric, or other asphaltic compositions.
  330. Instruct students individually and in groups, using various teaching methods, such as lectures, discussions, and demonstrations.
  331. Strike molds to separate dried castings from molds.
  332. Prepare or monitor project schedules, budgets, or cost control systems.
  333. Assist physically challenged travelers and other guests with special needs.
  334. Tend auxiliary equipment such as water treatment and refrigeration units, and heat exchangers.
  335. Prepare written documentation of electromechanical test results.
  336. Reset slot machines after payoffs.
  337. Set glass doors into frames and bolt metal hinges, handles, locks, or other hardware to attach doors to frames and walls.
  338. Meet with customers to discuss menus for special occasions, such as weddings, parties, or banquets.
  339. Check all layers of maps to ensure accuracy, identifying and marking errors and making corrections.
  340. Fit, alter, repair, and make made-to-measure clothing, according to customers' and clothing manufacturers' specifications and fit, and applying principles of garment design, construction, and styling.
  341. Measure and record the speed of vehicular traffic, using electrical timing devices or radar equipment.
  342. Make reservations for patrons, such as for dinner, spa treatments, or golf tee times, and obtain tickets to special events.
  343. Collect, synthesize, analyze, manage, and report environmental data, such as pollution emission measurements, atmospheric monitoring measurements, meteorological or mineralogical information, or soil or water samples.
  344. Make photocopies of correspondence, documents, and other printed matter.
  345. Formulate plan of treatment for patient's teeth and mouth tissue.
  346. Determine feasibility of designing new facilities or modifying existing facilities, based on factors such as cost, available space, schedule, technical requirements, or ergonomics.
  347. Copy drawings on rough clay or plaster models.
  348. Push dual control buttons and move controls to start, stop, or adjust machinery and equipment.
  349. Clean and maintain tools, test equipment, and motor vehicles.
  350. Prepare and submit permit applications for demolition, cleanup, remediation, or construction projects.
  351. Testify in court as expert witness or to provide legal evidence on matters such as the value of potential lifetime earnings of a person who is disabled or killed in an accident.
  352. Plan and lay out work to meet production and schedule requirements.
  353. Develop or implement site recycling or hazardous waste stream programs.
  354. Bend parts, such as hairsprings, pallets, barrel covers, and bridges, to correct deficiencies in truing or endshake, using tweezers.
  355. Tend machines that wind wire onto bobbins, preparatory to formation of wire netting used in reinforcing sheet glass.
  356. Manipulate controls, levers, and valves to start pumps, auxiliary equipment, or conveyors, and to adjust equipment positions, speeds, timing, and material flows.
  357. Evaluate selection or testing techniques by conducting research or follow-up activities and conferring with management or supervisory personnel.
  358. Clean work areas, using air hoses, to remove damaged material and discarded fiberglass strips used in repair procedures.
  359. Inspect nanotechnology work products to ensure quality or adherence to specifications.
  360. Plan soil management or conservation practices, such as crop rotation, reforestation, permanent vegetation, contour plowing, or terracing, to maintain soil or conserve water.
  361. Observe, record, and preserve any objects or personal property related to deaths, including objects such as medication containers and suicide notes.
  362. Record patients' medical information and vital signs.
  363. Alert appropriate personnel to suspects' locations.
  364. Refer to reference materials, such as dictionaries, lexicons, encyclopedias, and computerized terminology banks, as needed to ensure translation accuracy.
  365. Supervise, technologists, technicians, or other engineers.
  366. Plan, organize and direct activities of seasonal staff members.
  367. Develop theories based on personal observations or on observations and theories of other astronomers.
  368. Diagnose or repair malfunctioning instruments or equipment, using manufacturers' manuals and hand tools.
  369. Advise clients or community groups on issues related to improving general health, such as diet or exercise.
  370. Enter, position, and alter text size, using computers, to make up and arrange pages so that printed materials can be produced.
  371. Investigate companies' financial standings or locate funds stolen by embezzlers, using accounting skills.
  372. Develop client treatment plans based on research, clinical experience, and client histories.
  373. Clean contaminated equipment or areas for re-use, using detergents or solvents, sandblasters, filter pumps, or steam cleaners.
  374. Deliver arrangements to customers, or oversee employees responsible for deliveries.
  375. Supply or hold tools and materials.
  376. Refer customers to appropriate bank personnel to meet their financial needs.
  377. Inspect manholes to locate sewer line stoppages.
  378. Write articles, white papers, or reports to share research findings and educate others.
  379. Assemble or adjust parts or related electrical units of prototypes to prepare for testing.
  380. Pour, dump, or load prescribed quantities of ingredients or products into cooking equipment, manually or using a hoist.
  381. Write to field representatives, medical personnel, or others to obtain further information, quote rates, or explain company underwriting policies.
  382. Scrape accumulations of metal oxides from floors, molds, and crucibles, and sift and store them for reclamation.
  383. Measure and assess vegetation resources for biological assessment companies, environmental impact statements, and rangeland monitoring programs.
  384. Maintain current electrician's license or identification card to meet governmental regulations.
  385. Research, order, and maintain parts inventory for services and repairs.
  386. Cement or nail flashing strips of metal or shingle over joints to make them watertight.
  387. Collect, prepare, and label samples for laboratory testing, culture, or microscopic examination.
  388. Participate in all levels of bioproduct development, including proposing new products, performing market analyses, designing and performing experiments, and collaborating with operations and quality control teams during product launches.
  389. Develop and test theories, using information from interviews, newspapers, periodicals, case law, historical papers, polls, or statistical sources.
  390. Arrange insurance coverage for goods.
  391. Cover surfaces with laminated plastic covering material.
  392. Set time and speed controls for mixing machines, blending machines, or steam kettles so that ingredients will be mixed or cooked according to instructions.
  393. Copy parts from scores for individual performers.
  394. Handle lines to moor vessels to wharfs, to tie up vessels to other vessels, or to rig towing lines.
  395. Analyze technology trends to identify markets for future product development or to improve sales of existing products.
  396. Crank machines through cycles, stopping to adjust tool positions and machine controls to ensure specified timing, clearances, and tolerances.
  397. Clean service or seating areas.
  398. Attach guide shoes and rollers to minimize the lateral motion of cars as they travel through shafts.
  399. Analyze developments in specific field to determine need for revisions in previously published materials and development of new material.
  400. Transport materials, equipment, or supplies to or from work areas, using carts or hoists.
  401. Manage the development, design, or construction of energy conservation projects to ensure acceptability of budgets and time lines, conformance to federal and state laws, or adherence to approved specifications.
  402. Record name, date, and taxi identification information on trip sheets, along with trip information, such as time and place of pickup and drop-off, and total fee.
  403. Clean, maintain, calibrate, or repair measuring instruments or test equipment, such as dial indicators, fixed gauges, or height gauges.
  404. Manage quantity food service departments or clinical and community nutrition services.
  405. Provide technical and non-technical support and services to clients or other staff members regarding the use, operation, and maintenance of equipment.
  406. Clean switches and replace contact points, using vacuum hoses, solvents, and hand tools.
  407. Stencil identifying information on ingots and pigs, using special hand tools.
  408. Sell and serve refreshments to customers.
  409. Inspect trees and collect samples of plants, seeds, foliage, bark and roots to locate insect and disease damage.
  410. Coordinate with other professionals, such as contractors, architects, engineers, and plumbers, to ensure job success.
  411. Design, customize, and maintain databases, web pages, and local area networks.
  412. Collect and dissect animal specimens and examine specimens under microscope.
  413. Communicate with or monitor service providers, such as ocean carriers, air freight forwarders, global consolidators, customs brokers, or trucking companies.
  414. Supervise recycling technicians, community service workers, or other recycling operations employees or volunteers.
  415. Provide technical expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to clients or users.
  416. Develop or lay out patterns, using computerized metalworking equipment.
  417. Review collection reports to determine the status of collections and the amounts of outstanding balances.
  418. Perform test runs to ensure that equipment is set up properly.
  419. Engineer production processes for specific nanotechnology applications, such as electroplating, nanofabrication, or epoxy.
  420. Evaluate individuals' abilities, needs, and physical conditions, and develop suitable training programs to meet any special requirements.
  421. Serve as a notary of the public.
  422. Maintain inventory of instructional equipment, materials, or aids.
  423. Maintain charts that contain patients' pertinent identification and therapy information.
  424. Examine fire sites and collect evidence such as glass, metal fragments, charred wood, and accelerant residue for use in determining the cause of a fire.
  425. Select appropriate curricula or class structures for educational programs.
  426. Lay out and drill, ream, tap, or cut parts for assembly.
  427. Install solar collector mounting devices on tile, asphalt, shingle, or built-up gravel roofs, using appropriate materials and penetration methods.
  428. Cut and fit wire mesh or fabric, using hooked rods, and position fabric or mesh in concrete to reinforce concrete.
  429. Schedule work for crews, depending on work priorities, crew or equipment availability, or weather conditions.
  430. Insert book bodies in devices that form back edges of books into convex shapes and produce grooves that facilitate cover attachment.
  431. Consult with physicians and health care personnel to determine nutritional needs and diet restrictions of patient or client.
  432. Solve problems in a number of engineering fields, such as mechanical, chemical, electrical, civil, nuclear, and aerospace.
  433. Collaborate with others to obtain products or other display items.
  434. Analyze impact on, and risk to, essential business functions or information systems to identify acceptable recovery time periods and resource requirements.
  435. Arrange daily schedules for prisoners including library visits, work assignments, family visits, and counseling appointments.
  436. Stock and sort product for packaging or filling machine operation, and replenish packaging supplies, such as wrapping paper, plastic sheet, boxes, cartons, glue, ink, or labels.
  437. Design and create glass objects, using blowpipes and artisans' hand tools and equipment.
  438. Monitor meters and pressure gauges to determine consumption rate variations, temperatures, and pressures.
  439. Report law or regulation violations to appropriate boards or agencies.
  440. Promote conference, convention and trades show services by performing tasks such as meeting with professional and trade associations, and producing brochures and other publications.
  441. Inform importers and exporters of steps to reduce duties and taxes.
  442. Generate data queries, based on validation checks or errors and omissions identified during data entry, to resolve identified problems.
  443. Use instrumentation to guide flights when visibility is poor.
  444. Write technical reports or prepare graphs or charts to document experimental results.
  445. Participate in activities related to maintenance of vessel security.
  446. Examine permits, licenses, applications, and records to ensure compliance with licensing requirements.
  447. Cut shot sequences to different angles at specific points in scenes, making each individual cut as fluid and seamless as possible.
  448. Sort and route incoming mail, and collect outgoing mail, using carts as necessary.
  449. Change press plates, blankets, or cylinders, as required.
  450. Inspect images for quality, using magnetic resonance scanner equipment and laser camera.
  451. Perform mechanical overhauls and refrigerant reclaiming.
  452. Observe nurses and visit patients to ensure proper nursing care.
  453. Follow established safety rules and regulations and maintain a safe and clean environment.
  454. Develop or implement plans for facility modification or expansion, such as equipment purchase or changes in space allocation or structural design.
  455. Plan and organize the acquisition, storage, and exhibition of collections and related materials, including the selection of exhibition themes and designs, and develop or install exhibit materials.
  456. Conduct economic or commercial surveys to identify potential markets for products or services.
  457. Provide information about potential health hazards and possible interventions to the media, the public, other health care professionals, or local, state, and federal health authorities.
  458. Summarize budgets and submit recommendations for the approval or disapproval of funds requests.
  459. Perform preventative maintenance or minor repairs on machines.
  460. Clean and finish patterns or templates, using emery cloths, files, scrapers, and power grinders.
  461. Negotiate prices for new contracts or for modifications to existing contracts with contractors.
  462. Lead studies to examine or recommend changes in process sequences or operation protocols.
  463. Clear equipment at end of operating run and review schedule to determine next assignment.
  464. Instruct customers regarding operation and care of appliances, and provide information such as emergency service numbers.
  465. Mark livestock to identify ownership and grade, using brands, tags, paint, or tattoos.
  466. Read prescriptions or specifications to determine the type of product or device to be fabricated and the materials and tools that will be required.
  467. Debit, credit, and total accounts on computer spreadsheets and databases, using specialized accounting software.
  468. Remove and replace defective components and parts such as conductors, resistors, semiconductors, and integrated circuits, using soldering irons, wire cutters, and hand tools.
  469. Assemble, position, and mount heating or cooling equipment, following blueprints or manufacturer's specifications.
  470. Perform visual inspections of finished products.
  471. Direct the policies and departments of newspapers, magazines and other publishing establishments.
  472. Devise microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) production methods, such as integrated circuit fabrication, lithographic electroform modeling, or micromachining.
  473. Provide direction to employees to ensure compliance with biofuels plant safety, environmental, or operational standards and regulations.
  474. Clean aircraft structures, parts, or components, using aqueous, semi-aqueous, aliphatic hydrocarbon, or organic solvent cleaning products or techniques to reduce carbon or other harmful emissions.
  475. Prepare administrative, technical, or statistical reports on traffic-operation matters, such as accidents, safety measures, or pedestrian volume or practices.
  476. Formulate policies, procedures and programs for recruitment, testing, placement, classification, orientation, benefits and compensation, and labor and industrial relations.
  477. Perform emergency roadside repairs, such as changing tires or installing light bulbs, tire chains, or spark plugs.
  478. Test or perform failure analysis for optomechanical or optoelectrical products, according to test plans.
  479. Advertise products and work, using media such as internet advertising and brochures.
  480. Collaborate with hydrogeologists to evaluate groundwater or well circulation.
  481. Document findings of physical examinations.
  482. Interpret and explain laws and regulations to travelers, prospective immigrants, shippers, and manufacturers.
  483. Examine quality of film fades or dissolves for potential color corrections, using color analyzers.
  484. Direct items according to established routing schemes, using computer-controlled keyboards or voice-recognition equipment.
  485. Supervise the artificial spawning of various salmon and trout species.
  486. Inspect products to ensure that specifications are met and to determine whether machines require adjustment.
  487. Supervise and work with volunteers.
  488. Operate forklifts to deliver materials.
  489. Mediate community disputes or assist in developing alternative plans or recommendations for programs or projects.
  490. Requisition or acquire needed materials for special effects, including wigs, beards, and special cosmetics.
  491. Plan special events, parties, or meetings, which may include booking musicians or celebrities.
  492. Inspect machinery to determine necessary adjustments and repairs.
  493. Spray coating in specified patterns according to instructions.
  494. Conduct art therapy sessions providing guided self-expression experiences to help clients recover from or cope with cognitive, emotional, or physical impairments.
  495. Review invoices, work orders, consumption reports, or demand forecasts to estimate peak delivery periods and to issue work assignments.
  496. Provide employee training on compliance related topics, policies, or procedures.
  497. Supervise computer programmers or other systems analysts or serve as project leaders for particular systems projects.
  498. Develop laser-processed designs, such as laser-cut medical devices.
  499. Answer questions from passengers concerning train rules, stations, and timetable information.
  500. Install or repair self-contained ground source heat pumps or hybrid ground or air source heat pumps to minimize carbon-based energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions.
  501. Perform oral or periodontal surgery on the jaw or mouth.
  502. Analyze organic or inorganic compounds to determine chemical or physical properties, composition, structure, relationships, or reactions, using chromatography, spectroscopy, or spectrophotometry techniques.
  503. Answer questions about game rules or casino policies.
  504. Couple or uncouple trailers by changing trailer jack positions, connecting or disconnecting air or electrical lines, or manipulating fifth-wheel locks.
  505. Prepare and maintain time or payroll reports, as well as details of personnel actions, such as performance evaluations, hires, promotions, or disciplinary actions.
  506. Work as part of a flight team with other crew members, especially during takeoffs and landings.
  507. Compose, type, and distribute meeting notes, routine correspondence, or reports, such as presentations or expense, statistical, or monthly reports.
  508. Inform company employees or other interested parties of environmental issues.
  509. Conduct analyses addressing issues such as failure, reliability, or yield improvement.
  510. Waterproof or restore concrete surfaces, using appropriate compounds.
  511. Shape molds to specified contours, using sand, and trowels and related tools.
  512. Lead work crews in the maintenance of structures or access roads in forest areas.
  513. Design nano-based manufacturing processes to minimize water, chemical, or energy use, as well as to reduce waste production.
  514. Instruct customers in alteration of products.
  515. Print proofs or examine designs to verify accuracy of engraving, and rework engraving as required.
  516. Perform financial calculations, such as amounts due, interest charges, balances, discounts, equity, and principal.
  517. Select loads or materials according to weight and size specifications.
  518. Design, build, or operate equipment configuration prototypes, including network hardware, software, servers, or server operation systems.
  519. Cue or signal animals during performances.
  520. Formulate plans and procedures for nuclear medicine departments.
  521. Develop classroom-based and distance learning training courses, using needs assessments and skill level analyses.
  522. Provide allergy or immunology consultation or education to physicians or other health care providers.
  523. Interpret and communicate work procedures and company policies to staff.
  524. Solicit new business.
  525. Start machines or equipment to begin production processes.
  526. Develop or review fire exit plans.
  527. Test wind turbine components, using mechanical or electronic testing equipment.
  528. Sweep, mop, and wash down decks to remove oil, dirt, and debris, using brooms, mops, brushes, and hoses.
  529. Hire qualified crew members, and assign their duties.
  530. Determine materials, equipment, and installation sequences necessary to maximize installation efficiency.
  531. Treat diseases of female organs.
  532. Diagnose faults or malfunctions to determine required repairs, using engine diagnostic equipment such as computerized test equipment and calibration devices.
  533. Requisition supplies or materials to complete construction projects.
  534. Identify vehicles in violation of parking codes, checking with dispatchers when necessary to confirm identities or to determine whether vehicles need to be booted or towed.
  535. Inform customers by mail or telephone of additional steps they need to take to obtain licenses.
  536. Evaluate network designs to determine whether customer requirements are met efficiently and effectively.
  537. Monitor patrons' facility use to ensure that rules and regulations are followed, and safety and order are maintained.
  538. Repair radiator leaks.
  539. Grind ends of new or worn rails to attain smooth joints, using portable grinders.
  540. Follow instructions from production managers and directors during productions, such as commands for camera cuts, effects, graphics, and takes.
  541. Provide information about establishment, such as location of departments or offices, employees within the organization, or services provided.
  542. Examine stitched, collated, bound, or unbound product samples for defects, such as imperfect bindings, ink spots, torn pages, loose pages, or loose or uncut threads.
  543. Transcribe recorded proceedings in accordance with established formats.
  544. Monitor operation of machines and make adjustments to correct problems and ensure conformance to specifications.
  545. Prepare financial or regulatory reports required by laws, regulations, or boards of directors.
  546. Prepare rental forms, obtaining customer signature and other information, such as required licenses.
  547. Operate computers programmed with accounting software to record, store, and analyze information.
  548. Supply the latest price quotes on any security, as well as information on the activities or financial positions of the corporations issuing these securities.
  549. Inspect and repair or adjust propellers or propeller shafts.
  550. Review police reports, medical treatment records, medical bills, or physical property damage to determine the extent of liability.
  551. Communicate quality control information to all relevant organizational departments, outside vendors, or contractors.
  552. Supervise solar installers, technicians, and subcontractors for solar installation projects to ensure compliance with safety standards.
  553. Consult with clients, vendors, personnel in other departments, or construction foremen to discuss and formulate estimates and resolve issues.
  554. Consult with managers to ensure that budget adjustments are made in accordance with program changes.
  555. Examine animals to detect symptoms of illness or injury.
  556. Adjust and reline brakes, align wheels, tighten bolts and screws, and reassemble equipment.
  557. Exercise animals to maintain their physical and mental health.
  558. Fit prostheses to patients, making any necessary adjustments and modifications.
  559. Perform activities that support a team or a specific sport, such as participating in community outreach activities, meeting with media representatives, and appearing at fundraising events.
  560. Instruct individuals and groups on ways to preserve health and prevent disease.
  561. Stock carts or stands.
  562. Decontaminate objects by cleaning them using soap or solvents or by abrading using brushes, buffing machines, or sandblasting machines.
  563. Counsel students whose behavior, school progress, or mental or physical impairment indicate a need for assistance, diagnosing students' problems and arranging for needed services.
  564. Prepare and apply weather-stripping, glazing, caulking, or door sweeps to reduce energy losses.
  565. Respond to program error messages by finding and correcting problems or terminating the program.
  566. Inspect facilities, machinery, and safety equipment to identify and correct potential hazards, and to ensure safety regulation compliance.
  567. Drive and control rail-guided public transportation, such as subways, elevated trains, and electric-powered streetcars, trams, or trolleys, to transport passengers.
  568. Assemble components such as switches, electrical controls, and junction boxes, using hand tools or soldering irons.
  569. Clean machines, related equipment, and work areas, using water, solvents and other cleaning aids.
  570. Design or develop vacuum tube collector systems for solar applications.
  571. Develop or enforce procedures for normal operation, start-up, or shut-down of methane gas collection systems.
  572. Cut and peel lead sheathing and insulation from defective or newly installed cables and conduits prior to splicing.
  573. Document test plans, testing procedures, or test results.
  574. Unload mixtures into containers or onto conveyors for further processing.
  575. Add treating or neutralizing agents to products and pump products through filters or centrifuges to remove impurities or to precipitate products.
  576. Develop programs or policy recommendations to achieve environmental goals in cost-effective ways.
  577. Drive tractors for the purpose of building or repairing logging and skid roads.
  578. Inspect, test, and listen to defective equipment to diagnose malfunctions, using test instruments such as handheld computers, motor analyzers, chassis charts, and pressure gauges.
  579. Cut new drumheads from animal skins, using scissors, and soak drumheads in water to make them pliable.
  580. Manipulate publicly accessible, commercial, or proprietary genomic, proteomic, or post-genomic databases.
  581. Maintain medical records, technical library, or correspondence files.
  582. Perform errands for customers or employers, such as delivering or picking up mail and packages.
  583. Select drill size to drill test head, according to test design and specifications, and submit guide layout to designated department.
  584. Encourage students to explore learning opportunities or persevere with challenging tasks to prepare them for later grades.
  585. Provide protection for individuals, such as government leaders, political candidates, and visiting foreign dignitaries.
  586. Set up examination rooms, ensuring that all necessary equipment is ready.
  587. Coordinate with other marketing team members and workers such as graphic artists to develop and implement marketing programs.
  588. Assist physicians in performing ophthalmic procedures, including surgery.
  589. Supervise the work of survey interviewers.
  590. Identify and implement appropriate decontamination procedures, based on equipment and the size, nature, and type of contamination.
  591. Idle motors and observe thermometers to determine the effectiveness of cooling systems.
  592. Interpret aerial or ortho photographs.
  593. Position, align, and secure workpieces against fixtures or stops on machine beds or on dies.
  594. Perform Web site tests according to planned schedules, or after any Web site or product revision.
  595. Analyze or evaluate dental needs to determine changes or trends in patterns of dental disease.
  596. Plan data collection methods for specific projects and determine the types and sizes of sample groups to be used.
  597. Recruit, interview, and select employees.
  598. Contact new or existing customers to discuss how specific products or services can meet their needs.
  599. Demonstrate miniaturized systems that contain components, such as microsensors, microactuators, or integrated electronic circuits, fabricated on silicon or silicon carbide wafers.
  600. Testify at regulatory or legislative hearings concerning the estimated effects of changes in legislation or public policy and present recommendations based on cost-benefit analyses.
  601. Operate or tend wire-coiling machines to wind wire coils used in electrical components such as resistors and transformers, and in electrical equipment and instruments such as bobbins and generators.
  602. Apply new or existing research about natural ecosystems to understand economic and industrial systems in the context of the environment.
  603. Record production data, such as weight and amount of product processed, type of product, and time and temperature of processing.
  604. Distribute cargo in such a manner that space use is maximized.
  605. Investigate the composition, structure, or history of the Earth's crust through the collection, examination, measurement, or classification of soils, minerals, rocks, or fossil remains.
  606. Rework, repair, or replace damaged parts or assemblies.
  607. Direct communications between corporate issuers of new securities and the general public.
  608. Design and validate clinical databases, including designing or testing logic checks.
  609. Administer programs for selection of sites, construction of buildings, or provision of equipment or supplies.
  610. Typeset and measure dimensions, spacing, and positioning of page elements, such as copy and illustrations, to verify conformance to specifications, using printer's ruler or layout software.
  611. Study the economic, political, and cultural characteristics of a specific region's population.
  612. Revise work to meet editorial approval or to fit time or space requirements.
  613. Identify and evaluate equipment, procedural, or conditional inefficiencies involving geothermal plant systems.
  614. Assist families to apply for social services, including Medicaid or Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).
  615. Set up and perform live shots for broadcast.
  616. Interpret budget directives and establish policies for carrying out directives.
  617. Check patrons' identification to ensure that they meet minimum age requirements for consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  618. Test machinery to ensure proper functioning before beginning production.
  619. Baste edges of material to align and temporarily secure parts for final assembly.
  620. Fit and weld replacement parts into place, using wrenches and welding equipment, and grind down welds to smooth them, using power grinders and other tools.
  621. Examine and observe animals to detect signs of illness, disease, or injury.
  622. Collaborate with other firefighters as a member of a firefighting crew.
  623. Sprinkle chemicals on the surface of molten metal to bring impurities to surface and remove impurities, using strainers.
  624. Recommend and write up specifications for changes in hardware, such as house wiring.
  625. Transfer control of departing flights to traffic control centers and accept control of arriving flights.
  626. Develop, administer and evaluate applicant tests.
  627. Develop processes or identify equipment needed for pilot or commercial nanoscale scale production.
  628. Collect and inspect random samples during print runs to identify any necessary adjustments.
  629. Test emergency transmitters to ensure their readiness for immediate use.
  630. Prepare or maintain required records, such as work activity or personnel reports.
  631. Assemble electrical systems or prototypes, using hand tools or measuring instruments.
  632. Determine which topics to research, or pursue research topics specified by clients or employers.
  633. Monitor technological developments in distance learning for technological means to educational or outreach goals.
  634. Execute and manage communications with digital journalists or bloggers.
  635. Investigate complaints regarding safety violations.
  636. Plan or direct the work of geodetic surveying staff, providing technical consultation as needed.
  637. Collaborate with engineers or software developers to select appropriate design solutions or ensure the compatibility of system components.
  638. Measure velocity, horsepower, revolutions per minute (rpm), amperage, circuitry, and voltage of units or parts to diagnose problems, using ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, and other testing devices.
  639. Confer with other workers to discuss issues such as safety, cutting heights, or work needs.
  640. Prepare manuals and train workers in use of new forms, reports, procedures or equipment, according to organizational policy.
  641. Wash and sterilize equipment, using germicides and sterilizers.
  642. Prepare sales and inventory reports for management and budget departments.
  643. Authorize payment of invoices or return of merchandise.
  644. Select the appropriate drill for the job, using knowledge of rock or soil conditions.
  645. Compile court-related statistics.
  646. Study scores to learn the music in detail, and to develop interpretations.
  647. Complete detailed source and method notes describing the location of routine or complex land parcels.
  648. Ship packages, following carrier specifications.
  649. Communicate test results to state and federal representatives and general public.
  650. Train and supervise other translators or interpreters.
  651. Visit stores to ensure compliance with company policies and procedures.
  652. Make radiographic images to detect flaws in objects while leaving objects intact.
  653. Purge wastes from equipment by connecting equipment to water sources and flushing water through systems.
  654. Replace, empty, or replenish machine and equipment containers such as gas tanks or boxes.
  655. Create or revise user instructions, procedures, or manuals.
  656. Inspect and adjust crane mechanisms or lifting accessories to prevent malfunctions or damage.
  657. Instruct nursing staff in areas such as the assessment, development, implementation and evaluation of disability, illness, management, technology, or resources.
  658. Allocate print space for story text, photos, and illustrations according to space parameters and copy significance, using knowledge of layout principles.
  659. Communicate findings of environmental studies or proposals for environmental remediation to other restoration professionals.
  660. Apply and release hand brakes.
  661. Prepare meeting agendas or packets of related information.
  662. Arrange and maintain displays of optical merchandise.
  663. Dig, cut, and transplant seedlings, cuttings, trees, and shrubs.
  664. Gather and evaluate information, using tools such as aerial photographs, radar equipment, or sensitive radio equipment.
  665. Record production data, and maintain production logs.
  666. Assess the quality of control data to determine the need for additional survey data for engineering, construction, or other projects.
  667. Locate and monitor overdue accounts, using computers and a variety of automated systems.
  668. Study effects of management practices, processing methods, feed, or environmental conditions on quality and quantity of animal products, such as eggs and milk.
  669. Assist maternal patients to find physical positions that will facilitate childbirth.
  670. Remove hazards and develop appropriate boundaries and rules to create a safe environment for children.
  671. Design new or improved transport infrastructure, such as junction improvements, pedestrian projects, bus facilities, or car parking areas.
  672. Design and create templates, patterns, or coreboxes according to work orders, sample parts, or mockups.
  673. Observe machines on trial runs or conduct computer simulations to ensure that programs and machinery will function properly and produce items that meet specifications.
  674. Adjust cameras, photographic mechanisms, or equipment such as range and view finders, shutters, light meters, or lens systems, using hand tools.
  675. Analyze or synthesize client data to draw conclusions or make recommendations for art therapy.
  676. Maintain or modify existing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases.
  677. Counsel patients about drug regimens and possible side effects or interactions with other substances such as food supplements, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, or herbal remedies.
  678. Conduct numerical simulations of climate conditions to understand and predict global or regional weather patterns.
  679. Educate students, parents, staff, and teachers about the roles and functions of educational interpreters.
  680. Coordinate with the media to disseminate advertising.
  681. Provide reference services and assistance for users needing archival materials.
  682. Collect information regarding techniques for fish collection and fertilization, spawn incubation, and treatment of spawn and fry.
  683. Record height or weight of patients.
  684. Devise scalable recovery, purification, or fermentation processes for producing proteins or other biological substances for human or animal therapeutic use, food production or processing, biofuels, or effluent treatment.
  685. Plan and administer biological research programs for government, research firms, medical industries, or manufacturing firms.
  686. Write technical documents or academic articles to communicate study results or economic forecasts.
  687. Maintain equipment such as range markers, fire extinguishers, boat fenders, lines, pumps, and fittings.
  688. Enforce courtroom rules of behavior and warn persons not to smoke or disturb court procedure.
  689. Spray, smoke, or coat molds with compounds to lubricate or insulate molds, using acetylene torches or sprayers.
  690. Utilize consultation data and social work experience to plan and coordinate client or patient care and rehabilitation, following through to ensure service efficacy.
  691. Review accounts to determine write-offs for collection agencies.
  692. Document methods used and write technical reports containing information collected.
  693. Administer emergency first aid, such as performing emergency resuscitation or other life saving procedures.
  694. Obtain credit information from banks and other credit services.
  695. Evaluate the results of counseling methods to determine the reliability and validity of treatments.
  696. Specify and supervise well modification and stimulation programs to maximize oil and gas recovery.
  697. Provide individual or small groups of students with adapted physical education instruction that meets desired physical needs or goals.
  698. Answer inquiries regarding information such as schedules, accommodations, procedures, and policies.
  699. Collect and study blood samples to determine the number of cells, their morphology, or their blood group, blood type, or compatibility for transfusion purposes, using microscopic techniques.
  700. Install robot and modify its program, using teach pendant.
  701. Pray and promote spirituality.
  702. Provide respiratory care involving the application of well-defined therapeutic techniques under the supervision of a respiratory therapist and a physician.
  703. Monitor environmental factors, such as humidity and temperature, that may impact equipment performance and make necessary adjustments.
  704. Manage warranty repair or replacement services.
  705. Collaborate with other educational professionals to develop teaching strategies and school programs.
  706. Analyze test data, making computations as necessary, to determine test results.
  707. Operate or oversee the operations of dairy farms that produce bulk milk.
  708. Install, level, and align components such as gears, chains, dies, cutters, and needles.
  709. Explain general financial topics to clients, such as credit report ratings, bankruptcy laws, consumer protection laws, wage attachments, or collection actions.
  710. Adjust machine feed and speed, change cutting tools, or adjust machine controls when automatic programming is faulty or if machines malfunction.
  711. Participate in network technology upgrade or expansion projects, including installation of hardware and software and integration testing.
  712. Supervise other judges, court officers, and the court's administrative staff.
  713. Establish work schedules and procedures.
  714. Immerse pipe in chemical solution to remove dirt, oil, and scale.
  715. Observe animals for signs of illness, injury, or unusual behavior, notifying veterinarians or managers as warranted.
  716. Evaluate and grade students' class work, laboratory performance, assignments, and papers.
  717. Inspect repairs to transportation vehicles or equipment to ensure that repair work was performed properly.
  718. Develop processes or products, such as natural recovery monitoring, in situ capping or treatment, or sediment removal, to treat contamination of subaqueous sediment.
  719. Conduct research and communicate information to promote the conservation and preservation of water resources.
  720. Negotiate with representatives from supply companies to determine order details.
  721. Review project plans to plan and coordinate project activity.
  722. Estimate costs of repairs based on parts and labor charges.
  723. Coordinate and supervise extracurricular activities, such as clubs, student organizations, and academic contests.
  724. Monitor the work of contractors in the design, construction, and startup phases of security systems.
  725. Supervise staff, volunteers, practicum students, or interns engaged in music therapy activities.
  726. Provide information to the public on hearing or balance topics.
  727. Direct scholarship, fellowship, and loan programs, performing activities such as selecting recipients and distributing aid.
  728. Analyze Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data for use in urban planning applications that promote better land use or reduce environmental impacts of development.
  729. Vary air pressure flowing into regulators and turn handles to assess functioning of valves and pistons.
  730. Diagnose or treat allergic or immunologic conditions.
  731. Conduct pre-operational checks on equipment to ensure proper functioning.
  732. Train others in fraud detection and prevention techniques.
  733. Inspect properties, considering factors such as market value, location, and building or replacement costs to determine appraisal value.
  734. Explain products or services and prices and demonstrate use of products.
  735. Pierce and cut open designs in ornamentation, using hand drills and scroll saws.
  736. Prepare and administer oral or injected contrast media to patients.
  737. Take and prepare to-go orders.
  738. Signal and assist other workers to remove and position equipment, fill hoppers, and feed materials into machines.
  739. Assemble and position equipment, explosives, and blasting caps in holes at specified depths, or load perforating guns or torpedoes with explosives.
  740. Perform general office duties, such as taking or transcribing dictation, typing or proofreading correspondence, distributing or filing official forms, or scheduling appointments.
  741. Open or close information facilities.
  742. Collect data through surveys or experimentation.
  743. Evaluate recruitment or selection criteria to ensure conformance to professional, statistical, or testing standards, recommending revisions, as needed.
  744. Instruct users in the selection, use, and design of audio-visual materials and assist them in the preparation of instructional materials and the rehearsal of presentations.
  745. Make arrangements with customs brokers to facilitate the passage of goods through customs.
  746. Develop project-specific data management plans that address areas such as coding, reporting, or transfer of data, database locks, and work flow processes.
  747. Operate construction equipment to install and maintain gas distribution systems.
  748. Plan and design transportation or hydraulic systems or structures using computer assisted design or drawing tools.
  749. Perform minor surgical procedures, such as removing warts, moles, or cysts, sampling tissues for skin cancer or lipomas, and applying or removing sutures.
  750. Monitor projects during or after construction to ensure projects conform to design specifications.
  751. Position or transport patients in accordance with instructions from medical personnel.
  752. Inspect or repair fiberglass turbine blades.
  753. Confer with scientists or engineers to conduct analyses of research projects, interpret test results, or develop nonstandard tests.
  754. Distinguish between physiologically and psychologically based disorders and diagnose appropriately.
  755. Oversee documentation efforts to ensure compliance with domestic and international regulations and standards.
  756. Analyze fuel cell or related test data, using statistical software.
  757. Calibrate or adjust equipment to ensure quality production, using tools such as calipers, micrometers, height gauges, protractors, or ring gauges.
  758. Serve on committees to promote or maintain community mental health services or delivery systems.
  759. Rotate through all the tasks required in a particular production process.
  760. Provide consultation to nurses regarding hardware or software configuration.
  761. Surgically treat conditions such as corns, calluses, ingrown nails, tumors, shortened tendons, bunions, cysts, or abscesses.
  762. Draw patterns, using measurements, designs, plaster casts, or customer specifications, and position or outline patterns on work pieces.
  763. Convert video and audio recordings into digital formats for editing or archiving.
  764. Apply green building strategies to reduce energy costs or minimize carbon output or other sources of harm to the environment.
  765. Direct or conduct recruitment, hiring, and training of personnel.
  766. Select pipe sizes, types, or related materials, such as supports, hangers, or hydraulic cylinders, according to specifications.
  767. Perform hardscape activities, including installation or repair of irrigation systems, resurfacing or grading of paths, rockwork, or erosion control.
  768. Measure and mark cutting lines on materials, using a ruler, pencil, chalk, and marking gauge.
  769. Prepare system activity and performance reports.
  770. Evaluate proposals for infrastructure projects or other development for environmental impact or sustainability.
  771. Translate messages simultaneously or consecutively into specified languages, orally or by using hand signs, maintaining message content, context, and style as much as possible.
  772. Provide, or refer patients to other providers for, education or counseling on topics such as genetic testing, newborn care, contraception, or breastfeeding.
  773. Maintain knowledge of first-aid procedures.
  774. Appoint nominees to leadership posts, or approve such appointments.
  775. Interpret specifications, blueprints, or job orders to construct templates and lay out reference points for workers.
  776. Draw samples for laboratory analysis, or test solutions for conformance to specifications, such as acidity or specific gravity.
  777. Review financial statements, sales or activity reports, or other performance data to measure productivity or goal achievement or to identify areas needing cost reduction or program improvement.
  778. Present water resource proposals to government, public interest groups, or community groups.
  779. Evaluate remote sensing project requirements to determine the types of equipment or computer software necessary to meet project requirements, such as specific image types or output resolutions.
  780. Supervise students' laboratory work.
  781. Install various types of bolts including truss, glue, and resin bolts, traversing entire ceiling spans.
  782. Inform passengers of how to mail prohibited items to themselves, or confiscate these items.
  783. Set and adjust machine controls according to product specifications, using knowledge of machine operation.
  784. Prepare for assigned classes and show written evidence of preparation upon request of immediate supervisors.
  785. Splice and repair ropes, wire cables, or cordage, using marlinespikes, wire cutters, twine, and hand tools.
  786. Steam clean or shampoo carpets.
  787. Plan movement of products through lines to processing, storage, and shipping units, using knowledge of interconnections and capacities of pipelines, valve manifolds, pumps, and tankage.
  788. Administer therapeutic medication and advise patron to seek medical treatment for chronic or contagious scalp conditions.
  789. Clean ink fountains, plates, or printing unit cylinders when press runs are completed.
  790. Assess physical performance requirements to aid in the development of individualized recovery or rehabilitation exercise programs.
  791. Maintain validation test equipment.
  792. Erect forms, framework, scaffolds, hoists, roof supports, or chutes, using hand tools, plumb rule, and level.
  793. Select and attach drill bits and drill rods, adding more rods as hole depths increase, and changing drill bits as needed.
  794. Clean, maintain and prepare supplies and work areas.
  795. Instruct, or assist in instructing, patients and families in home programs, basic living skills, or the care and use of adaptive equipment.
  796. Grade or level trench bases, using tamping machines or hand tools.
  797. Plan and price menu items.
  798. Remove molds, mold components, and feeder tubes from machinery after production is complete.
  799. Receive starting signals from conductors and use controls such as throttles or air brakes to drive electric, diesel-electric, steam, or gas turbine-electric locomotives.
  800. Run rods for benches and cross-section elevations.
  801. Extract, measure, dilute as appropriate, label, and prepare DNA for array analysis.
  802. Instruct trainees in how to use television production equipment, how to film events, and how to copy and edit graphics or sound onto videotape.
  803. Conduct visual field tests to measure field of vision.
  804. Observe conveyor operations and monitor lights, dials, and gauges to maintain specified operating levels and to detect equipment malfunctions.
  805. Establish or identify prices of goods, services or admission, and tabulate bills using calculators, cash registers, or optical price scanners.
  806. Split gems along pre-marked lines to remove imperfections, using blades and jewelers' hammers.
  807. Settle disputes between inmates.
  808. Service motors by performing tasks such as changing oil and lubricating parts.
  809. Speak to various groups, organizations, and clubs to promote the aims and activities of historical societies.
  810. Examine and adjust protective guards, loose bolts, and specified safety devices.
  811. Demonstrate use and care of equipment for tenant use.
  812. Trim jagged stumps, using saws or pruning shears.
  813. Adjust controls to maintain specific building temperatures required for animals' health and safety.
  814. Manage client portfolios, keeping client plans up-to-date.
  815. Order and inventory materials to maintain supplies.
  816. Mix pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides for application to trees, shrubs, lawns, or botanical crops.
  817. Cut stock manually to prepare for machine cutting, using tools such as knives, cleavers, handsaws, or hammers and chisels.
  818. Order supportive care services such as physical therapy, specialized nursing care, and social services.
  819. Diagnose and treat neural and psychological conditions in medical and surgical populations, such as patients with early dementing illness or chronic pain with a neurological basis.
  820. Train or supervise others in laying pipe.
  821. Direct welders to build up low spots or short pieces with weld.
  822. Oversee equipment start-up, characterization, qualification, or release.
  823. Organize, lead, and promote interest in recreational activities, such as arts, crafts, sports, games, camping, and hobbies.
  824. Operate sewer cleaning equipment, including power rodders, high-velocity water jets, sewer flushers, bucket machines, wayne balls, and vac-alls.
  825. Administer oral medications or hypodermic injections, following physician's prescriptions and hospital procedures.
  826. Plan and carry out work assignments, using blueprints, schematic drawings, technical manuals, wiring diagrams, or liquid or air flow sheets, following prescribed regulations, directives, or other instructions as required.
  827. Supervise workers in the inspection and maintenance of mechanical equipment to ensure efficient and safe train operation.
  828. Cut and trim hair according to clients' instructions or current hairstyles, using clippers, combs, hand-held blow driers, and scissors.
  829. Replace or sharpen dulled cutting tools such as saws.
  830. Collaborate with law enforcement agencies to report or investigate crimes.
  831. Use a variety of construction equipment to complete installations, such as digger derricks, trenchers, or cable plows.
  832. Maintain inventories of endoscopic equipment and supplies.
  833. Insert processed negatives and prints into envelopes for delivery to customers.
  834. Review prescriptions to assure accuracy, to ascertain the needed ingredients, and to evaluate their suitability.
  835. Direct administrative details, such as financial operations, dissemination of promotional materials, and responses to inquiries.
  836. Fabricate replacements for worn or broken parts, using welders, lathes, drill presses, or shaping or milling machines.
  837. Determine course schedules, and coordinate teaching assignments and room assignments to ensure optimum use of buildings and equipment.
  838. Provide advice on water quality and issues related to pollution management, river control, and ground and surface water resources.
  839. Place orders for laboratory equipment and supplies.
  840. Operate machinery to perform activities such as backfilling excavations, vibrating or breaking rock or concrete, or making winter roads.
  841. Splice wires with knives or cutting pliers, and solder connections to fixtures and equipment.
  842. Move and set up mobile homes or prefabricated buildings on owners' lots or at mobile home parks.
  843. Maintain computer and manual records pertaining to facilities and equipment.
  844. Confer with information technology specialists to develop computer applications for genetic data analysis.
  845. Monitor manufacturing operations to ensure adherence to environmental policies and practices.
  846. Clean engine parts and keep engine rooms clean.
  847. Clean, fuel, and service equipment, and repair and replace parts as necessary.
  848. Analyze and recommend chemical, biological, or other wastewater treatment methods to prepare water for industrial or domestic use.
  849. Create policies or procedures for logistics activities.
  850. Install and adjust blades, cutterheads, boring-bits, or sanding-belts, using hand tools and rules.
  851. Interview and hire writers and reporters or negotiate contracts, royalties, and payments for authors or freelancers.
  852. Provide clients with communication assistance, typing their correspondence or obtaining information for them.
  853. Operate tracing attachments to duplicate contours from templates or models.
  854. Develop, implement, or evaluate standards of nursing practice in specialty area such as pediatrics, acute care, and geriatrics.
  855. Apply lacquers and waxes to mold surfaces to facilitate assembly and removal of laminated parts.
  856. Perform offshore oil or gas exploration or extraction duties, such as conducting underwater surveys or repairing and maintaining drilling rigs or platforms.
  857. Prepare, administer, and grade tests and assignments to evaluate students' progress.
  858. Research new financial products or analytics to determine their usefulness.
  859. Price and file prescriptions that have been filled.
  860. Receive, transmit, and control message traffic.
  861. Treat sick or injured animals by prescribing medication, setting bones, dressing wounds, or performing surgery.
  862. Help develop federal and state programs, draft and interpret laws and legislation, and establish enforcement procedures.
  863. Compile data pertinent to manufacture of special products for customers.
  864. Estimate parts and labor to repair damage, using standard automotive labor and parts cost manuals and knowledge of automotive repair.
  865. Test material samples for tolerance under tension, compression, and shear to determine the cause of metal failures.
  866. Perform supervisory duties, such as recommending work assignments, approving leaves, or completing performance evaluations.
  867. Perform administrative duties, such as developing departmental operating budget, coordinating purchases of supplies or equipment, or preparing work schedules.
  868. Cut and shape tile to fit around obstacles and into odd spaces and corners, using hand and power cutting tools.
  869. Oversee installation of equipment such as water heater wraps, pipe insulation, weatherstripping, door sweeps, or low-flow showerheads to improve energy efficiency.
  870. Select or devise materials-handling methods and equipment to transport ore, waste materials, and mineral products efficiently and economically.
  871. Apply, remove, and repair insulation on industrial equipment, pipes, ductwork, or other mechanical systems such as heat exchangers, tanks, and vessels, to help control noise and maintain temperatures.
  872. Gather data from sources such as surface or upper air stations, satellites, weather bureaus, or radar for use in meteorological reports or forecasts.
  873. Calculate figures, such as required amounts of labor or materials, manufacturing costs, or wages, using pricing schedules, adding machines, calculators, or computers.
  874. Carve meat.
  875. Develop optical or imaging systems, such as optical imaging products, optical components, image processes, signal process technologies, or optical systems.
  876. Verify detonation of charges by observing control panels, or by listening for the sounds of blasts.
  877. Operate car washes.
  878. Review contractual commitments, customer specifications, or related information to determine logistics or support requirements.
  879. Apply water, setting, straightening or waving solutions to hair and use curlers, rollers, hot combs and curling irons to press and curl hair.
  880. Prepare feed for animals according to specific instructions, such as diet lists or schedules.
  881. Order changes in fuel supplies, loads, routes, or schedules to ensure safety of flights.
  882. Plan or conduct experimental, environmental, operational, or stress tests on models or prototypes of aircraft or aerospace systems or equipment.
  883. Design computers and the software that runs them.
  884. Calculate load estimates or equipment requirements to determine required control settings.
  885. Mix or blend ingredients by starting machines and mixing for specified times.
  886. Make legislative recommendations related to climate change or environmental management, based on climate change policies, principles, programs, practices, and processes.
  887. Assign work schedules, following work requirements, to ensure quality and timely delivery of service.
  888. Schedule and confirm patient diagnostic appointments, surgeries, or medical consultations.
  889. Develop testing programs that address areas such as database impacts, software scenarios, regression testing, negative testing, error or bug retests, or usability.
  890. Disassemble appliances so that problems can be diagnosed and repairs can be made.
  891. Sew, join, reinforce, or finish parts of articles, such as garments, books, mattresses, toys, and wigs, using needles and thread or other materials.
  892. Contact prospective customers to determine customer needs, present information, or explain available services.
  893. Evaluate modes of training delivery, such as in-person or virtual to optimize training effectiveness, training costs, or environmental impacts.
  894. Guide or counsel students with adjustment problems, academic problems, or special academic interests.
  895. Repair, maintain, or clean equipment or machinery, using hand tools.
  896. Conduct experiments regarding causes of bee diseases or factors affecting yields of nectar or pollen.
  897. Inspect farm or ranch equipment to ensure proper functioning.
  898. Conduct or direct research on speech or hearing topics and report findings for use in developing procedures, technologies, or treatments.
  899. Compute financial fees, interest, and service charges.
  900. Listen for jackpot alarm bells and issue payoffs to winners.
  901. Analyze the financial impact of proposed logistics changes, such as routing, shipping modes, product volumes or mixes, or carriers.
  902. Confer with board members, organization officials, or staff members to discuss issues, coordinate activities, or resolve problems.
  903. Conduct therapy sessions to improve patients' mental and physical well-being.
  904. Train clients to use adaptive equipment such as large print, reading stands, lamps, writing implements, software, and electronic devices.
  905. Prepare sterile solutions or infusions for use in surgical procedures, emergency rooms, or patients' homes.
  906. Write certificates of admeasurement that list details such as designs, lengths, depths, and breadths of vessels, and methods of propulsion.
  907. Develop manufacturing methods, labor utilization standards, and cost analysis systems to promote efficient staff and facility utilization.
  908. Perform routine and scheduled maintenance services, such as oil changes, lubrications, and tune-ups.
  909. Issue landing and take-off authorizations or instructions.
  910. Bond wood reinforcing strips to decks and cabin structures of watercraft, using resin-saturated fiberglass.
  911. Direct and coordinate activities of teachers, administrators, and support staff at schools, public agencies, and institutions.
  912. Lift or move materials and finished products, using large cranes.
  913. Install underground storm, sanitary, or water piping systems, extending piping as needed to connect fixtures and plumbing.
  914. Seal joints with putty, mortar, and asbestos, using putty extruders and knives.
  915. Read automatic gauges at specified intervals to determine the flow rate of oil into or from tanks, and the amount of oil in tanks.
  916. Set up mechanical, hydraulic, or electric test equipment in accordance with engineering specifications, standards, or test procedures.
  917. Rotate sweep boards around spindles to make symmetrical molds for convex impressions.
  918. Design water or wastewater lift stations, including water wells.
  919. Attend fashion shows and review garment magazines and manuals to gather information about fashion trends and consumer preferences.
  920. Apply logistics modeling techniques to address issues such as operational process improvement or facility design or layout.
  921. Cash checks and process credit card advances for patrons.
  922. Monitor fire suppression expenditures to ensure that they are necessary and reasonable.
  923. Read work orders to determine required processes, techniques, materials, or equipment.
  924. Train employees on organizations' timekeeping systems.
  925. Collect information needed to carry out new surveys, using source maps, previous survey data, photographs, computer records, and other relevant information.
  926. Use computer software to generate new images.
  927. Prepare or review specifications or orders for the purchase of safety equipment, ensuring that proper features are present and that items conform to health and safety standards.
  928. Prepare geological maps, cross-sectional diagrams, charts, or reports concerning mineral extraction, land use, or resource management, using results of fieldwork or laboratory research.
  929. Identify, classify, and study structure, behavior, ecology, physiology, nutrition, culture, and distribution of plant and animal species.
  930. Determine efficient and cost-effective methods of moving goods from one location to another.
  931. Bleach, clean, or polish teeth to restore natural color.
  932. Troubleshoot problems involving office equipment, such as computer hardware and software.
  933. Confer with schools, state authorities, or community groups to develop health standards or programs.
  934. Position lifting devices under, over, or around loaded pallets, skids, or boxes and secure material or products for transport to designated areas.
  935. Test programs or databases, correct errors, and make necessary modifications.
  936. Design databases such as mutagenesis libraries.
  937. Search for clues as to the cause of a fire, once the fire is completely extinguished.
  938. Measure or weigh compounds and solutions for use in testing or animal feed.
  939. Obtain problem descriptions from customers, and prepare cost estimates for repairs.
  940. Install and maintain geothermal plant electrical protection equipment.
  941. Determine standards, budgets, production goals, and rates, based on company policies, equipment and labor availability, and workloads.
  942. Perform test production runs and make adjustments as necessary to ensure that completed products meet standards and specifications.
  943. Confer with personnel concerned to ensure successful functioning of newly implemented systems or procedures.
  944. Direct fishing operations, and supervise fishing crew members.
  945. Conduct nutritional assessments of individuals, including obtaining and evaluating individuals' dietary histories, to plan nutritional programs.
  946. Document activities and record information, such as the numbers of applications completed, presentations conducted, and persons assisted.
  947. Select and play music appropriate for the crowd.
  948. Compute customer's installation or production costs and estimate savings from new services, products, or equipment.
  949. Explain and demonstrate the use of sports and training equipment, such as trampolines or weights.
  950. Enter codes needed to correct electronic switching system programming.
  951. Sketch or draw objects to be crafted.
  952. Help clients improve decision making, abstract reasoning, memory, sequencing, coordination, and perceptual skills, using computer programs.
  953. Coordinate with agencies such as air traffic control, civil engineers, and command posts to ensure support of airfield management activities.
  954. Provide clerks with information to print on price tags, such as price, mark-ups or mark-downs, manufacturer number, season code, or style number.
  955. Study blueprints or manufacturers' manuals to determine correct installation or operation of machinery.
  956. Prepare and maintain records and case files, including documentation such as clients' personal and eligibility information, services provided, narratives of client contacts, or relevant correspondence.
  957. Answer questions from the public and media.
  958. Present information to customers about the energy efficiency or environmental impact of scientific or technical products.
  959. Assess patients' pain levels or sedation requirements.
  960. Explain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedures to patients, patient representatives, or family members.
  961. Establish operational policies and procedures and make any necessary modifications, based on analysis of operations, demographics, and other research information.
  962. Plan, develop, evaluate, improve, and communicate methods and techniques for selecting, promoting, compensating, evaluating, and training workers.
  963. Approve loans within specified limits, and refer loan applications outside those limits to management for approval.
  964. Evaluate technical specifications and economic factors relating to process or product design objectives.
  965. Provide product information, using lectures, films, charts, or slide shows.
  966. Prepare, maintain, or oversee the preparation and maintenance of attendance, activity, planning, or personnel reports and records.
  967. Design complete hull and superstructure according to specifications and test data, in conformity with standards of safety, efficiency, and economy.
  968. Mark frames where a particular shot or piece of sound is to begin or end.
  969. Assemble and maintain portfolios, print composite cards, and travel to go-sees to obtain jobs.
  970. Manage sales team including setting goals, providing incentives, and evaluating employee performance.
  971. Provide customers with information, such as quotes, orders, sales, shipping, warranties, credit, funding options, incentives, or tax rebates.
  972. Count or estimate quantities of materials, parts, or products received or shipped.
  973. Shape metal material over anvils, blocks, or other forms, using hand tools.
  974. Measure and verify levels of rock or gravel, bases, or other excavated material.
  975. Order supplies and stock them on shelves.
  976. Direct administrative activities directly related to making products or providing services.
  977. Extract deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or perform diagnostic tests involving processes such as gel electrophoresis, Southern blot analysis, and polymerase chain reaction analysis.
  978. Set up and operate computer-controlled machines or robots to perform one or more machine functions on metal or plastic workpieces.
  979. Set up and operate machines, and adjust controls to regulate operations.
  980. Verify that the proper legal charges have been made against law offenders.
  981. Maintain records of survey data.
  982. Review advertising trends, consumer surveys, and other data regarding marketing of goods and services to determine the best way to promote products.
  983. Maintain or verify records of time, materials, expenditures, or crew activities.
  984. Melt metal pieces, using torches, and cast products, such as inlays and crowns, using centrifugal casting machines.
  985. Write or install energy management routines for building automation systems.
  986. Arrange for disposition of fish or game illegally taken or possessed.
  987. Requisition or purchase supplies, such as insecticides, machine parts or lubricants, or tools.
  988. Identify and troubleshoot equipment problems.
  989. Design water distribution systems for potable or non-potable water.
  990. Travel to customers' stores or offices to service machines or to provide emergency repair service.
  991. Perform risk assessments to develop response strategies.
  992. Perform administrative tasks, such as accepting orders, scheduling appointments or meeting rooms, or sending and receiving faxes.
  993. Analyze radio frequency identification device (RFID)-related supply chain data.
  994. Develop calibration methodologies, test methodologies, or tools.
  995. Write detailed analysis plans and descriptions of analyses and findings for research protocols or reports.
  996. Align car sides for installation of car ends and crossties, using width gauges, turnbuckles, and wrenches.
  997. Purchase new or used clothing and accessory items as needed to complete designs.
  998. Specialize in preparing fancy dishes or food for special diets.
  999. Clean, lubricate, maintain, and adjust equipment to maintain efficient operation, using air hoses, cleaning fluids, and hand tools.
  1000. Meet with families, probation officers, police, or other interested parties to exchange necessary information during the treatment process.
  1001. Install alternative water sources, such as rainwater harvesting systems or graywater reuse systems.
  1002. Provide production, progress, or changeover reports to shift supervisors.
  1003. Plan menus and food utilization, based on anticipated number of guests, nutritional value, palatability, popularity, and costs.
  1004. Explain and demonstrate artistic techniques.
  1005. Apply caulk, sealants, or other agents to installed surfaces.
  1006. Plan security for special and high-risk events.
  1007. Plan or cultivate lawns or gardens.
  1008. Read and analyze charts, work orders, production schedules, and other records and reports to determine production requirements and to evaluate current production estimates and outputs.
  1009. Provide boarding assistance to elderly, sick, or injured people.
  1010. Perform administrative duties, such as serving as a department head.
  1011. Modify computer-controlled robot movements.
  1012. Drive crew carriers to transport firefighters to fire sites.
  1013. Serve as an offsite teleradiologist for facilities that do not have on-site radiologists.
  1014. Coordinate or direct development, energy assessment, engineering, or construction activities to ensure that wind project needs and objectives are met.
  1015. Produce or update overlay maps to show information boundaries, water locations, or topographic features on various base maps or at different scales.
  1016. Prepare, examine, or analyze accounting records, financial statements, or other financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness, and conformance to reporting and procedural standards.
  1017. Mix water and detergents or acids in containers to prepare cleaning solutions, according to specifications.
  1018. Mark cutting lines or identifying information on stock, using marking pencils, rulers, or scribes.
  1019. Answer telephone calls and respond to inquiries or transfer calls.
  1020. Maintain irrigation systems, including winterizing the systems and starting them up in spring.
  1021. Prepare lesson outlines and plans in assigned subject areas and submit outlines to teachers for review.
  1022. Assemble pattern sections, using hand tools, bolts, screws, rivets, glue, or welding equipment.
  1023. Provide requested information on students' progress and the development of case plans.
  1024. Monitor machine cycles and mill operation to detect jamming and to ensure that products conform to specifications.
  1025. Provide new-employee health and safety orientations and develop materials for these presentations.
  1026. Review architectural, mechanical, or electrical plans or specifications to evaluate energy efficiency.
  1027. Locate or select biodegradable, non-toxic, or other environmentally friendly raw materials for manufacturing processes.
  1028. Clean cells, cell assemblies, glassware, leads, electrical connections, and battery poles, using scrapers, steam, water, emery cloths, power grinders, or acid.
  1029. Communicate test results or technical information to patients, physicians, family members, or researchers.
  1030. Prepare work schedules for staff.
  1031. Unwind lengths of yarn, thread, or twine from spools and wind onto bobbins.
  1032. Assign work schedules and duties to nursery or greenhouse staff, and supervise their work.
  1033. Straighten, smooth, or shape materials to prepare them for pressing.
  1034. Evaluate the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures, research and development appropriations, or return-on-investment and profit-loss projections.
  1035. Identify opportunities to improve plant electrical equipment, controls, or process control methodologies.
  1036. Provide food, drinking water, and field sanitation facilities to contracted workers.
  1037. Supervise or provide security for offenders performing tasks, such as construction, maintenance, laundry, food service, or other industrial or agricultural operations.
  1038. Design, create, and decorate entire pieces or specific parts of furniture, such as draws for cabinets.
  1039. Record depositions and other proceedings for attorneys.
  1040. Dispose of contaminated sharps, in accordance with applicable laws, standards, and policies.
  1041. Dispose of waste material after completing work assignments.
  1042. Design structures that incorporate environmentally friendly building practices or concepts, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.
  1043. Measure energy usage with devices such as data loggers, universal data recorders, light meters, sling psychrometers, psychrometric charts, flue gas analyzers, amp probes, watt meters, volt meters, thermometers, or utility meters.
  1044. Prescribe or administer medication, therapy, and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness, disease, or injury.
  1045. Compile and analyze accounting records and other data to determine the financial resources required to implement a program.
  1046. Receive and store food supplies, equipment, and utensils in refrigerators, cupboards, and other storage areas.
  1047. Dress in sample or completed garments, and select accessories.
  1048. Start equipment and observe gauges and equipment operation to detect malfunctions and to ensure equipment is operating to prescribed standards.
  1049. Provide technical support for radio frequency identification device (RFID) technology.
  1050. Identify or create new sustainability indicators.
  1051. Prepare reports and maintain records, such as student grades, attendance rolls, and training activity details.
  1052. Provide assistance in dressing or changing seriously ill, injured, or disabled patients.
  1053. Weigh articles to determine required postage.
  1054. Track animals by checking for signs such as droppings or destruction of vegetation.
  1055. Review clinical protocols to ensure collection of data needed for regulatory submissions.
  1056. Perform support duties, such as preparing materials, keeping records, maintaining supplies, and scheduling activities.
  1057. Communicate with network personnel or Web site hosting agencies to address hardware or software issues affecting Web sites.
  1058. Confer with clergy to select music for church services.
  1059. Examine sketches, photographs, and plaster models to obtain desired character image depiction.
  1060. Stay abreast of new types of loans and other financial services and products to better meet customers' needs.
  1061. Assess patients' psychological or emotional needs such as those relating to stress, fear of test results, financial issues, and marital conflicts to make referral recommendations or assist patients in managing test outcomes.
  1062. Pilot airplanes or helicopters over farmlands at low altitudes to dust or spray fields with fertilizers, fungicides, or pesticides.
  1063. Direct and supervise work of subordinate members of surveying parties.
  1064. Prepare tables for meals, including setting up items such as linens, silverware, and glassware.
  1065. Dispose of blood or other biohazard fluids or tissue, in accordance with applicable laws, standards, or policies.
  1066. Coordinate judges' meeting and appointment schedules.
  1067. Replace existing antennas with new antennas as directed.
  1068. Inspect facilities to determine maintenance needs.
  1069. Determine price schedules and discount rates.
  1070. Evaluate log characteristics and determine grades, using established criteria.
  1071. Monitor security system performance logs to identify problems and notify security specialists when problems occur.
  1072. Prepare raw materials for processing.
  1073. Assess the environmental impact or energy efficiency of logistics activities, using carbon mitigation software.
  1074. Present new game design concepts to management and technical colleagues, including artists, animators, and programmers.
  1075. Carry out special services for customers, such as ordering bank cards and checks.
  1076. Design well pumping systems.
  1077. Manage tracking and reporting of search-related activities and provide analyses to marketing executives.
  1078. Edit instructional materials, such as books, simulation exercises, lesson plans, instructor guides, and tests.
  1079. Fold or stretch edges or lengths of items while sewing to facilitate forming specified sections.
  1080. Enter claims information into database systems.
  1081. Direct ground crews in the loading, unloading, securing, or staging of aircraft cargo or baggage.
  1082. Attach brackets, hinges, or clips to secure or support components or subassemblies, using bolts, screws, rivets, chemical bonding, or welding.
  1083. Distribute programs to patrons.
  1084. Assist students who need extra help, such as by tutoring and preparing and implementing remedial programs.
  1085. Fabricate engine replacement parts, such as valves, stay rods, or bolts, using metalworking machinery.
  1086. Conduct environmental impact studies to examine the ecological effects of pollutants, disease, human activities, nature, and climate change.
  1087. Test issues such as system integration, performance, and system security on a regular schedule or after any major program modifications.
  1088. Collaborate with archivists to arrange for the safe storage of historical records and documents.
  1089. Make special pickups of recyclable materials, such as food scraps, used oil, discarded computers, or other electronic items.
  1090. Counsel clients or patients, individually or in group sessions, to assist in overcoming dependencies, adjusting to life, or making changes.
  1091. Explain procedures and observe patients to ensure safety and comfort during scan.
  1092. Investigate causes of fires, collecting and preparing evidence and presenting it in court when necessary.
  1093. Inspect or review projects to monitor compliance with building and safety codes or other regulations.
  1094. Verify that all files, complaints, or other papers are available and in the proper order.
  1095. Load machines with required input or output media such as paper, cards, disks, tape or Braille media.
  1096. Determine or facilitate seating arrangements.
  1097. Coordinate the production and dissemination of university publications, such as course catalogs and class schedules.
  1098. Address community groups, faculty, and staff members to explain available counseling services.
  1099. Teach instructors to use instructional technology or to integrate technology with teaching.
  1100. Study nutritional requirements of animals and nutritive values of animal feed materials.
  1101. Pull down loose rock that cannot be supported.
  1102. Adjust, repair, rework, or replace parts or assemblies to ensure proper operation.
  1103. Measure clients' bridge and eye size, temple length, vertex distance, pupillary distance, and optical centers of eyes, using measuring devices.
  1104. Post warning signs and lock building doors to secure area to be fumigated.
  1105. Retrieve documents stored in microfilm or microfiche and place them in viewers for reading.
  1106. Verify credentials of patrons desiring entrance into press box and permit only authorized persons to enter.
  1107. Exchange paper currency for playing chips or coin money.
  1108. Complete reports, including shift summaries and incident or accident reports.
  1109. Work from ladders, scaffolds, or roofs to install, maintain, or repair electrical wiring, equipment, or fixtures.
  1110. Operate sound-recording equipment to record signals and preserve broadcasts for purposes such as analysis by intelligence personnel.
  1111. Conduct periodic public health maintenance activities such as immunizations and screenings for diseases and disease risk factors.
  1112. Provide advice and recommendations, as a consultant on forestry issues, to private woodlot owners, firefighters, government agencies or to companies.
  1113. Collect wills, burial instructions, and other documentation needed for investigations and for handling of the remains.
  1114. Process cardiac function studies, using computer.
  1115. Disassemble and inspect motors to locate defective parts, using mechanic's hand tools and gauges.
  1116. Perform complex calculations as part of the analysis and evaluation of data, using computers.
  1117. Operate valve-grinding machines to grind and reset valves.
  1118. Keep card files on clientele, recording notes of work done, products used and fees charged after each visit.
  1119. Consider environmental sustainability factors when determining merchandise packing methods.
  1120. Plan and prepare grant proposals to request program funding.
  1121. Analyze and maintain data logs for audio-visual activities.
  1122. Investigate industrial accidents, injuries, or occupational diseases to determine causes and preventive measures.
  1123. Read and interpret blueprints or specifications to determine size, shape, color, type, or thickness of glass, location of framing, installation procedures, or staging or scaffolding materials required.
  1124. Notify workers of any special treatment required for shipments.
  1125. Educate the public about health issues or enforce health legislation to prevent disease, to promote health, or to help people understand health protection procedures and regulations.
  1126. Scan or read incoming materials to determine how and where they should be classified or filed.
  1127. Train and assist staff with computer usage.
  1128. Implement landfill operational and emergency procedures.
  1129. Write decisions on cases.
  1130. Perform emergency leak repairs and general maintenance for a variety of roof types.
  1131. Identify operational requirements for new systems to inform selection of technological solutions.
  1132. Build, configure, and test robots.
  1133. Plan or conduct basic genomic and biological research related to areas such as regulation of gene expression, protein interactions, metabolic networks, and nucleic acid or protein complexes.
  1134. Punch holes in light-sensitive plates and insert pins in holes to prepare plates for contact with positive or negative film.
  1135. Implement and evaluate staff, volunteer, or community training programs.
  1136. Compare product recipes with government-approved formulas or recipes to determine acceptability.
  1137. Run signal quality and connectivity tests for individual cables, and record results.
  1138. Process claims against the municipality, maintaining files and log of claims, and coordinate claim response and handling with municipal claims administrators.
  1139. Analyze test readings, computer printouts, and trouble reports to determine equipment repair needs and required repair methods.
  1140. Follow nuclear equipment operational policies and procedures that ensure environmental safety.
  1141. Assist in delivery, care, or feeding of infants.
  1142. Identify opportunities or develop plans for sustainability projects or programs to improve energy efficiency, minimize pollution or waste, or restore natural systems.
  1143. Repair, reline, replace, and adjust brakes.
  1144. Examine slides under microscopes to ensure tissue preparation meets laboratory requirements.
  1145. Place intercept circuits on terminals to handle vacant lines in central office installations.
  1146. Show and explain orthopedic and prosthetic appliances to healthcare workers.
  1147. Determine how many gaming tables to open each day and schedule staff accordingly.
  1148. Supervise or provide leadership to subordinate security professionals, performing activities, such as hiring, background investigation, training, assigning work, evaluating performance, or disciplining.
  1149. Provide technical support for computer-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping software.
  1150. Design or implement or establish requirements for security systems, video surveillance, motion detection, or closed-circuit television systems to ensure proper installation and operation.
  1151. Counsel individuals or groups concerning their spiritual, emotional, or personal needs.
  1152. Confer with parents, administrators, testing specialists, social workers, or other professionals to develop individual education plans (IEPs).
  1153. Evaluate effects of treatment at various stages and adjust treatments to achieve maximum benefit.
  1154. Devise and evaluate methods and procedures for collecting data, such as surveys, opinion polls, or questionnaires, or arrange to obtain existing data.
  1155. Open accounts for clients and disburse funds from accounts to creditors as agent for clients.
  1156. Monitor personnel to determine the amounts and intensities of radiation exposure.
  1157. Arrange for debt repayment or establish repayment schedules, based on customers' financial situations.
  1158. Control coolant systems.
  1159. Prepare conference or event materials, such as flyers or invitations.
  1160. Start and stop engines to operate equipment.
  1161. Direct and supervise construction or related workers.
  1162. Operate specialized photographic equipment to obtain photographs for drivers' licenses or photo identification cards.
  1163. Sweep and clean roofs to prepare them for the application of new roofing materials.
  1164. Enter and update patrons' records on computers.
  1165. Perform embalming duties as necessary.
  1166. Repair, restore, or rebind old, rare, or damaged books, using hand tools.
  1167. Confer with department heads to coordinate warehouse activities, such as production, sales, records control, or purchasing.
  1168. Collect money for drinks served.
  1169. Apply systematic sampling techniques to ensure the accuracy, completeness, precision, and representativeness of individuals selected for sample surveys.
  1170. Requisition additional materials, supplies, and equipment.
  1171. Order tests that could determine the causes of product malfunctions.
  1172. Train operators, engineers, or other personnel.
  1173. Greet attendees and serve as masters of ceremonies at banquets, store openings, and other events.
  1174. Calibrate and maintain chemical instrumentation sensing elements and sampling system equipment, using calibration instruments and hand tools.
  1175. Repair shop equipment, metal furniture, or hospital equipment, including welding broken parts or replacing missing parts, or bring item into local shop for major repairs.
  1176. Impose payment deadlines on delinquent taxpayers and monitor payments to ensure that deadlines are met.
  1177. Establish goals or objectives for art therapy sessions in consultation with clients or site administrators.
  1178. Clean and lubricate bicycle parts.
  1179. Drill, tap, ream, countersink, and spot-face bolt holes in parts, using drill presses and portable power drills.
  1180. Direct the distribution of complimentary hotel rooms, meals, or other discounts or free items given to players, based on their length of play and betting totals.
  1181. Plan and direct research to characterize and compare the economic, demographic, health care, social, political, linguistic, and religious institutions of distinct cultural groups, communities, and organizations.
  1182. Respond to public inquiries and complaints.
  1183. Select and order or purchase new equipment, supplies, or furnishings.
  1184. Deposit guests' valuables in hotel safes or safe-deposit boxes.
  1185. Identify methods for distributing purified wastewater into rivers, streams, or oceans.
  1186. Investigate responses of soils to specific management practices to determine the use capabilities of soils and the effects of alternative practices on soil productivity.
  1187. Install assemblies, such as flashing, pipes, tubes, heating and air conditioning ducts, furnace casings, rain gutters, or downspouts in supportive frameworks.
  1188. Soak specified textile products for designated times.
  1189. Confer with parents and staff to discuss educational activities and policies and students' behavioral or learning problems.
  1190. Extract chemicals from discarded appliances, such as air conditioners or refrigerators, using specialized machinery, such as refrigerant recovery equipment.
  1191. Meet with managers, vendors, and others to solicit cooperation and resolve problems.
  1192. Wrap and price completed arrangements.
  1193. Order, perform, or interpret the results of diagnostic tests and screening procedures based on assessment results, differential diagnoses, and knowledge about age, gender and health status of clients.
  1194. Compute horizontal and vertical coordinates of control networks, using direct leveling or other geodetic survey techniques, such as triangulation, trilateration, and traversing, to establish features of the Earth's surface.
  1195. Operate flatcars equipped with derricks or railcars to transport personnel or equipment.
  1196. Mediate between benefits providers and employees, such as by assisting in handling employees' benefits-related questions or taking suggestions.
  1197. Supervise or train other divers, including hobby divers.
  1198. Add chemicals, solutions, or ingredients to machines or equipment as required by the manufacturing process.
  1199. Prepare management reports regarding compliance operations and progress.
  1200. Prepare classrooms with a variety of materials or resources for children to explore, manipulate, or use in learning activities or imaginative play.
  1201. Maintain and adjust machinery to ensure proper performance.
  1202. Develop plans or long-range strategies for providing adequate parking space.
  1203. Select and prepare medical equipment or medications to be taken to athletic competition sites.
  1204. Address envelopes or prepare envelope labels, using typewriter or computer.
  1205. Coordinate front-office activities of hotels or motels, and resolve problems.
  1206. Align pads and keys on reed or wind instruments.
  1207. Load automatic stapling mechanisms.
  1208. Dig holes, set forms, and mix and pour concrete, for foundations of steel or wooden derricks.
  1209. Receive instructions from dispatchers regarding trains' routes, timetables, and cargoes.
  1210. Develop distance learning program goals or plans, including equipment replacement, quality assurance, or course offering plans.
  1211. Collect and analyze arterial blood gas samples.
  1212. Maintain and develop positive business relationships with a customer's key personnel involved in, or directly relevant to, a logistics activity.
  1213. Chaperone group-sponsored trips and social functions.
  1214. Develop plans for new water resources or water efficiency programs.
  1215. Assemble machines according to specifications, using hand or power tools and measuring devices.
  1216. Perform enemas, catheterizations, ear flushes, intravenous feedings, or gavages.
  1217. Conduct annual, interim, and special housing reviews and home visits to ensure conformance to regulations.
  1218. Inspect and test products to verify conformance to specifications, using precision measuring instruments or circuit testers.
  1219. Fabricate needed parts or items from sheet metal.
  1220. Exchange currency for customers, converting currency into requested combinations of bills and coins.
  1221. Review menus and analyze recipes to determine labor and overhead costs, and assign prices to menu items.
  1222. Estimate and quote trade-in allowances.
  1223. Preserve, process, and analyze items of evidence obtained from crime scenes and suspects, placing them in proper containers and destroying evidence no longer needed.
  1224. Shovel material, such as gravel, ice, or spilled concrete, into containers or bins or onto conveyors.
  1225. Develop improved practices in feeding, housing, sanitation, or parasite and disease control of animals.
  1226. Evaluate other pilots or pilot-license applicants for proficiency.
  1227. Receive letters and parcels, and place mail into bags.
  1228. Process and record new insurance policies and claims.
  1229. Load or unload materials into containers or onto trucks, using hoists or forklifts.
  1230. Study factors affecting traffic conditions, such as lighting or sign and marking visibility, to assess their effectiveness.
  1231. Treat bone, muscle, and joint disorders affecting the feet and ankles.
  1232. Select machine tooling to be used, using knowledge of machine and production requirements.
  1233. Select and install cutting tools and other accessories according to specifications, using hand tools or power tools.
  1234. Prepare lesson materials, bulletin board displays, exhibits, equipment, and demonstrations.
  1235. Cut metal division strips and press them into the terrazzo base for joints or changes of color to form designs or patterns or to help prevent cracks.
  1236. Install, inspect, maintain, and repair various railroad service equipment on the road or in the shop, including railroad signal systems.
  1237. Meet with vendors or suppliers to discuss products used in repair work.
  1238. Select, store, order, issue, inventory, and maintain classroom equipment, materials, and supplies.
  1239. Coordinate recycling collection schedules to optimize service and efficiency.
  1240. Instruct individuals, families, or other groups on topics such as health education, disease prevention, or childbirth and develop health improvement programs.
  1241. Analyze information about supplier performance or procurement program success.
  1242. Oversee subject enrollment to ensure that informed consent is properly obtained and documented.
  1243. Evaluate freight or inventory costs associated with transit times to ensure that costs are appropriate.
  1244. Design and construct templates and fixtures, using hand tools.
  1245. Collaborate with workers and managers to solve work-related problems.
  1246. Inspect biomass power plant or processing equipment, recording or reporting damage and mechanical problems.
  1247. Install copper or plastic plumbing using pipes, fittings, pipe cutters, acetylene torches, solder, wire brushes, sand cloths, flux, plastic pipe cleaners, or plastic glue.
  1248. Arrange for applicable duties, taxes, or paperwork for customs clearance.
  1249. Stop machines to remove finished workpieces or to change tooling, setup, or workpiece placement, according to required machining sequences.
  1250. Swear out warrants, and arrest and process suspected arsonists.
  1251. Tune or overhaul engines.
  1252. Plan movement of products through lines to processing, storage, and shipping units, using knowledge of system interconnections and capacities.
  1253. Confer with establishment officials, security departments, police, or postal officials to identify problems, provide information, or receive instructions.
  1254. Add or mix chemicals and ingredients for processing, using hand tools or other devices.
  1255. Examine, weigh, and measure commodities, such as poultry, eggs, meat, or seafood to certify qualities, grades, and weights.
  1256. Provide consultation and surgical assistance to other physicians and surgeons.
  1257. Analyze aerial photographs to detect and interpret significant military, industrial, resource, or topographical data.
  1258. Conduct research studies of physical work environments, organizational structures, communication systems, group interactions, morale, or motivation to assess organizational functioning.
  1259. Explain use of library facilities, resources, equipment, and services and provide information about library policies.
  1260. Track product flow from origin to final delivery.
  1261. Secure woodstock against a guide or in a holding device, place woodstock on a conveyor, or dump woodstock in a hopper to feed woodstock into machines.
  1262. Create or modify web-based bioinformatics tools.
  1263. Study production information, such as character descriptions, period settings, and situations, to determine makeup requirements.
  1264. Reprint originals for enlargement or in sections to be pieced together.
  1265. Place glass into dies or molds of presses and control presses to form products, such as glassware components or optical blanks.
  1266. Direct workers in transportation or related services, such as pumping, moving, storing, or loading or unloading of materials or people.
  1267. Instruct customers in the completion of driver's license application forms or other forms, such as voter registration cards or organ donor forms.
  1268. Position dies on material in a manner that will obtain the maximum number of parts from each portion of material.
  1269. Gather data pertaining to customer needs, and use the information to identify, predict, interpret, and evaluate system and network requirements.
  1270. Weld broken or cracked frames together, using oxyacetylene torches and welding rods.
  1271. Provide care for mentally disturbed, delinquent, or handicapped children.
  1272. Record details about freight conditions, handling of freight, and any problems encountered.
  1273. Conduct or direct testing of air quality, noise, temperature, or radiation levels to verify compliance with health and safety regulations.
  1274. Prepare sketches, floor plans, or models of proposed displays.
  1275. Record verbatim proceedings of courts, legislative assemblies, committee meetings, and other proceedings, using computerized recording equipment, electronic stenograph machines, or stenomasks.
  1276. Remove excess materials or impurities from objects, using air hoses or grinding machines.
  1277. Check conditions and weights of vessels to ensure cleanliness and compliance with loading procedures.
  1278. Locate and mark drilling or cutting positions on stones or dies, using diamond chips and power hand tools.
  1279. Record daily activities and submit logs and other related reports and paperwork to appropriate authorities.
  1280. Prepare cost estimates for clients.
  1281. Purchase or sell energy or energy derivatives for customers.
  1282. Maintain familiarity with aspects of local real estate markets.
  1283. Calculate required capacities for equipment of proposed system to obtain specified performance and submit data to engineering personnel for approval.
  1284. Prepare, review, or coordinate ongoing modifications to contract specifications or plans.
  1285. Develop or implement policy evaluation procedures for hydroelectric generation activities.
  1286. Identify or develop strategies or methods to minimize the environmental impact of industrial production processes.
  1287. Verify quality of finished workpieces by inspecting them, comparing them to templates, measuring their dimensions, or testing them in working machinery.
  1288. Develop or deliver training programs for health information technology, creating operating manuals as needed.
  1289. Develop specialized computer software routines to customize and integrate image analysis.
  1290. Inform and advise concerned parties regarding fluctuations or securities transactions affecting plans or accounts.
  1291. Hire, supervise, and work with extended coaching staff.
  1292. Cut fixture or border tiles to size, using keyhole saws, and insert them into surrounding frameworks.
  1293. Assess security needs across locations to ensure proper deployment of loss prevention resources, such as staff and technology.
  1294. Exchange money, credit, and casino chips, and make change for customers.
  1295. Direct availability and allocation of materials, supplies, and finished products.
  1296. Confer with health care professionals to determine the best recruitment practices for studies.
  1297. Calculate latitudes, longitudes, angles, areas, or other information for mapmaking, using survey field notes or reference tables.
  1298. Clean and sterilize instruments and dispose of contaminated supplies.
  1299. Measure depths of water, using depth-measuring equipment.
  1300. Work closely with directors, other actors, and playwrights to find the interpretation most suited to the role.
  1301. Observe gauges, dials, and product characteristics, and adjust controls to maintain appropriate temperature, pressure, and flow of ingredients.
  1302. Observe and record patients' progress, attitudes, and behavior and maintain this information in client records.
  1303. Divide agricultural fields into georeferenced zones, based on soil characteristics and production potentials.
  1304. Clean engines, sediment bulk and screens, and carburetors, adjusting carburetor float levels.
  1305. Write, analyze, review, and rewrite programs, using workflow chart and diagram, and applying knowledge of computer capabilities, subject matter, and symbolic logic.
  1306. Analyze competitive market strategies through analysis of related product, market, or share trends.
  1307. Use hand tools, such as shovels, rakes, pruning saws, saws, hedge or brush trimmers, or axes.
  1308. Supervise crew members, and provide assistance in training them.
  1309. Contribute expertise to develop medical maintenance standard operating procedures.
  1310. Measure, examine, or test completed units to check for defects and ensure conformance to specifications, using precision instruments, such as micrometers.
  1311. Reel extruded products into rolls of specified lengths and weights.
  1312. Investigate hazardous conditions or spills or outbreaks of disease or food poisoning, collecting samples for analysis.
  1313. Mail driver's licenses to out-of-county or out-of-state applicants.
  1314. Install ground rigging for yarding lines, attaching chokers to logs and to the lines.
  1315. Schedule tutoring appointments with students or their parents.
  1316. Complete administrative responsibilities, such as coordinating paperwork, scheduling case management activities, or writing lesson plans.
  1317. Provide assistance to staff members by inspecting rooms, setting tables, or doing laundry.
  1318. Sort books, publications, and other items according to established procedure and return them to shelves, files, or other designated storage areas.
  1319. Paint metal surfaces electrostatically, or by using a spray gun or other painting equipment.
  1320. Run monthly network reports.
  1321. Clean installation site, mixing and storage areas, tools, machines, and equipment, and store materials and equipment.
  1322. Transport, assemble, and disassemble materials used in presentations.
  1323. Review subject matter of materials to be classified and select classification numbers and headings according to classification systems.
  1324. Provide forestry education and general information, advice, and recommendations to woodlot owners, community organizations, and the general public.
  1325. Study different tree species' classification, life history, light and soil requirements, adaptation to new environmental conditions and resistance to disease and insects.
  1326. Maintain accurate and complete student records and prepare reports on children and activities as required by laws, district policies, and administrative regulations.
  1327. Implement or monitor processes to reduce property or financial losses.
  1328. Read blueprints, illustrations, or specifications to determine layouts, sequences of operations, or identities or relationships of parts.
  1329. Push dice to shooters and retrieve thrown dice.
  1330. Specify, coordinate, or conduct quality control or quality assurance programs or procedures.
  1331. Clean and tidy up the shop.
  1332. Clean machine filters, and lubricate equipment.
  1333. Recommend revisions in hunting and trapping regulations or in animal management programs so that wildlife balances or habitats can be maintained.
  1334. Review information about programs and schedules to ensure accuracy and provide such information to local media outlets.
  1335. Supervise or advise subordinate personnel.
  1336. Direct or coordinate infection control programs, advising or consulting with specified personnel about necessary precautions.
  1337. Earn and maintain appropriate certifications.
  1338. Conduct classes, workshops, and demonstrations, and provide individual instruction to teach topics and skills, such as cooking, dancing, writing, physical fitness, photography, personal finance, and flying.
  1339. Review rents to ensure that they are in line with rental markets.
  1340. Control fractioning columns, compressors, purifying towers, heat exchangers, and related equipment to extract nitrogen and oxygen from air.
  1341. Model substances such as clay or wax, using fingers and small hand tools to form objects.
  1342. Confer with clients regarding the nature of the information processing or computation needs a computer program is to address.
  1343. Prepare documents needed to implement plans selected by clients.
  1344. Train users and answer questions.
  1345. Enforce discipline and attendance rules.
  1346. Supervise landfill, well field, and other subordinate employees.
  1347. Verify depths and dimensions of cuts or carvings to ensure adherence to specifications, blueprints, or models, using measuring instruments.
  1348. Spray foam onto runways, extinguish fires, and rescue aircraft crew and passengers in air-crash emergencies.
  1349. Design or perform experiments with equipment such as lasers, accelerators, or mass spectrometers.
  1350. Compile and keep gun and explosives records in compliance with local and federal laws.
  1351. Develop or document style guidelines for Web site content.
  1352. Reconstruct crime scenes to determine relationships among pieces of evidence.
  1353. Document the performance, interpretation, or outcomes of all procedures performed.
  1354. Advise food service managers and organizations on sanitation, safety procedures, menu development, budgeting, and planning to assist with the establishment, operation, and evaluation of food service facilities and nutrition programs.
  1355. Make decisions that balance the perspectives of private citizens, public officials, and party leaders.
  1356. Plan, develop, maintain, or operate a variety of health record indexes or storage and retrieval systems to collect, classify, store, or analyze information.
  1357. Monitor logging operations to identify and solve problems, improve work methods, and ensure compliance with safety, company, and government regulations.
  1358. Develop new applications for geospatial technology in areas such as farmland preservation, pollution measurement, or utilities operations management.
  1359. Plan or conduct programs to prevent substance abuse, combat social problems, or improve health or counseling services in community.
  1360. Train users and promote security awareness to ensure system security and to improve server and network efficiency.
  1361. Advise dealers and distributors on policies and operating procedures to ensure functional effectiveness of business.
  1362. Train other medical personnel in phlebotomy or laboratory techniques.
  1363. Smooth and polish flat and contoured surfaces of parts or tools, using scrapers, abrasive stones, files, emery cloths, or power grinders.
  1364. Select and install machine components, such as cutting blades, rollers, and templates, according to specifications, using hand tools.
  1365. Apply compresses, ice bags, or hot water bottles.
  1366. Move or position materials such as marble slabs, using cranes, hoists, or dollies.
  1367. Collect and report data on topics such as patient encounters or inter-institutional problems, making recommendations for change when appropriate.
  1368. Perform minor repairs on slot machines, such as clearing coin jams.
  1369. Perform routine equipment maintenance such as cleaning and lubricating machines or replacing broken needles.
  1370. Inform patients of how to prepare and supply birth sites.
  1371. Write grant applications, rebate applications, or project proposals to secure funding for sustainability projects.
  1372. Conduct visual inspections of emission control equipment and smoke emitted from gasoline or diesel vehicles.
  1373. Write sales outlines for use by staff.
  1374. Prepare reports regarding market conditions and merchandise costs.
  1375. Identify, investigate, or resolve security breaches.
  1376. Participate in creating fire safety guidelines and evacuation schemes for nonresidential buildings.
  1377. Supervise the work of bar staff and other bartenders.
  1378. Gather materials to be filed from departments or employees.
  1379. Set scanners to specific color densities, sizes, screen rulings, and exposure adjustments, using scanner keyboards or computers.
  1380. Develop in-service educational materials.
  1381. Inspect electrical units of railroad grade crossing gates and repair loose bolts and defective electrical connections and parts.
  1382. Collaborate with social service and health care professionals to advise individuals and families on home management practices such as budget planning, meal preparation, and time management.
  1383. Smooth, shape, and touch up surfaces to prepare them for finishing, using sandpaper, pumice stones, steel wool, chisels, sanders, or grinders.
  1384. Assess the potential impact of climate change on business financial issues, such as damage repairs, insurance costs, or potential disruptions of daily activities.
  1385. Read current literature, talk with colleagues, continue education, or participate in professional organizations or conferences to keep abreast of developments in technology, equipment, or systems.
  1386. Cancel orders based on customer requests or inventory or delivery problems.
  1387. Perform post-partum health assessments of mothers and babies at regular intervals.
  1388. Attach rigging and signal crane or hoist operators to lift heavy frame and plate sections or other parts into place.
  1389. Participate in campus and community events.
  1390. Oversee the maintenance of wind field equipment or structures, such as towers, transformers, electrical collector systems, roadways, or other site assets.
  1391. Use special finishing techniques such as sponging, ragging, layering, or faux finishing.
  1392. Import text and art elements, such as electronic clip art or electronic files from photographs that have been scanned or produced with a digital camera, using computer software.
  1393. Mix specified materials or chemicals, and dump solutions, powders, or seeds into planter or sprayer machinery.
  1394. Bind new books, using hand tools such as bone folders, knives, hammers, or brass binding tools.
  1395. Supervise and train other technologists, technicians and drafters.
  1396. Perform payroll functions, such as maintaining timekeeping information and processing and submitting payroll.
  1397. Spread roofing paper on surface of foundation, and spread concrete onto roofing paper with trowel to form terrazzo base.
  1398. Provide user applications or engineering support or recommendations for new or existing equipment with regard to installation, upgrades, or enhancements.
  1399. Coordinate preventive programs to control the outbreak of wildlife diseases.
  1400. Direct the operations of a planetarium.
  1401. Publish educational information for other pharmacists, doctors, or patients.
  1402. Appraise trees for certain characteristics, such as twist, rot, and heavy limb growth, and gauge amount and direction of lean, to determine how to control the direction of a tree's fall with the least damage.
  1403. Attach electrodes to the patients' chests, arms, and legs, connect electrodes to leads from the electrocardiogram (EKG) machine, and operate the EKG machine to obtain a reading.
  1404. Conduct roll calls of correctional officers.
  1405. Set prices or credit terms for goods or services based on forecasts of customer demand.
  1406. Contact security staff members when necessary, using radio-telephones.
  1407. Develop and apply time and cost networks to plan, control, and review large projects.
  1408. Confer with management or development teams to prioritize needs, resolve conflicts, develop content criteria, or choose solutions.
  1409. Observe and provide feedback on instructional techniques, presentation methods, or instructional aids.
  1410. Gather, analyze, correlate, or evaluate information from a variety of resources, such as law enforcement databases.
  1411. Instruct parties about timing of court appearances.
  1412. Analyze potential loan markets and develop referral networks to locate prospects for loans.
  1413. Write press releases or other media communications to promote clients.
  1414. Direct activities related to dispatching, routing, or tracking transportation vehicles, such as aircraft or railroad cars.
  1415. Design nanosystems with components such as nanocatalysts or nanofiltration devices to clean specific pollutants from hazardous waste sites.
  1416. Inspect, adjust, or control radio equipment or airport lights.
  1417. Treat minor injuries and ailments and contact veterinarians to obtain treatment for animals with serious illnesses or injuries.
  1418. Position objects to be plated in frames, or suspend them from positive or negative terminals of power supplies.
  1419. Feed cables through access holes, roof spaces, or cavity walls to reach fixture outlets, positioning and terminating cables, wires, or strapping.
  1420. Identify staff training and development needs to ensure that appropriate training can be arranged.
  1421. Track and analyze factors that affect price movement, such as trade policies, weather conditions, political developments, or supply and demand changes.
  1422. Identify or recommend integrated weed and pest management (IPM) strategies, such as resistant plants, cultural or behavioral controls, soil amendments, insects, natural enemies, barriers, or pesticides.
  1423. Consult with other offices, agencies, professionals, or researchers regarding the use and interpretation of climatological information for weather predictions and warnings.
  1424. Maintain records, reports, or files as required, including such information as radiation dosages, equipment settings, or patients' reactions.
  1425. Apply new technologies developed to minimize the environmental impact of coal mining.
  1426. Weld tubing and fittings or solder cable ends, using tack-welders, induction brazing chambers, or other equipment.
  1427. Receive payment and record receipts for services.
  1428. Pat or press layers of saturated mat or cloth into place on molds, using brushes or hands, and smooth out wrinkles and air bubbles with hands or squeegees.
  1429. Perform risk analyses so that appropriate countermeasures can be developed.
  1430. Alert airport emergency services in cases of emergency or when aircraft are experiencing difficulties.
  1431. Stay informed of the latest styles and hair care techniques.
  1432. Control hydraulic tractors equipped with tree clamps and booms to lift, swing, and bunch sheared trees.
  1433. Align treads with guides, start drums to wind treads onto plies, and slice ends.
  1434. Replace worn tools, using hand tools, and sharpen dull tools, using bench grinders.
  1435. Record or oversee recording of information to ensure currency of engineering drawings and documentation of production problems.
  1436. Cook the exact number of items ordered by each customer, working on several different orders simultaneously.
  1437. Fill shuttle spools with thread from a machine's bobbin winder by pressing a foot treadle.
  1438. Counsel workers about job and career-related issues.
  1439. Confer with producers, performers, and others to determine and achieve the desired sound for a production, such as a musical recording or a film.
  1440. Meet with investors to determine investment goals or to discuss investment strategies.
  1441. Conduct exit interviews to identify reasons for employee termination.
  1442. Present research findings at professional meetings.
  1443. Inspect new construction and major improvements to existing structures to determine values.
  1444. Position ply stitcher rollers and drums according to width of stock, using hand tools and gauges.
  1445. Participate in the development of spill prevention programs and hazardous waste rules and regulations, and recommend corrective actions for hazardous waste problems.
  1446. Monitor operations to ensure that staff members comply with administrative policies and procedures, safety rules, union contracts, environmental policies, or government regulations.
  1447. Evaluate information from documents such as claim applications, birth or death certificates, or physician or employer records.
  1448. Perform original and stock tricks of illusion to entertain and mystify audiences, occasionally including audience members as participants.
  1449. Measure dimensions of bundles, using rulers, and cut battens to required sizes, using power saws.
  1450. Judge performances in sporting competitions in order to award points, impose scoring penalties, and determine results.
  1451. Instruct and drill fire department personnel in assigned duties, including firefighting, medical care, hazardous materials response, fire prevention, and related subjects.
  1452. Monitor distribution of proceeds from sales of catches to ensure that crew members receive their prearranged portions.
  1453. Collaborate with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to provide patients with preoperative and postoperative skin care.
  1454. Connect hydraulic hoses, belts, mechanical linkages, or power takeoff shafts to tractors.
  1455. Adjust or replace defective or improperly functioning circuitry or electronics components, using hand tools or soldering iron.
  1456. Verify accuracy of transcripts by checking copies against original records of proceedings and accuracy of rulings by checking with judges.
  1457. Refer clients to medical personnel for treatment of serious skin problems.
  1458. Obtain fuel and oil samples and check them for contamination.
  1459. Test performance of vehicles that use alternative fuels, such as alcohol blends, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, biodiesel, nano diesel, or alternative power methods, such as solar energy or hydrogen fuel cells.
  1460. Amend indictments when necessary and endorse indictments with pertinent information.
  1461. Communicate operating characteristics or performance experience to other engineers or designers for training or new product development purposes.
  1462. Stock vending machines with food.
  1463. Recommend optical or optic equipment design or material changes to reduce costs or processing times.
  1464. Dump or pour specified amounts of materials into machinery or equipment.
  1465. Construct or form molds for use in casting metal, clay, or plaster objects, using plaster, fiberglass, rubber, casting machines, patterns, or flasks.
  1466. Assess effectiveness and efficiency of instruction according to ease of instructional technology use and student learning, knowledge transfer, and satisfaction.
  1467. Set prices or credit terms for funeral products or services.
  1468. Request and record customer orders, and compute bills using cash registers, multi counting machines, or pencil and paper.
  1469. Clean recycling yard by sweeping, raking, picking up broken glass and loose paper debris, or moving barrels and bins.
  1470. Develop training materials and procedures, or train users in the proper use of hardware or software.
  1471. Locate worn or torn areas in roofs.
  1472. Recruit, hire, train, and terminate departmental personnel.
  1473. Turn valves or start pumps to add ingredients or drain products from equipment and to transfer products for storage, cooling, or further processing.
  1474. Monitor effects of pollution or land degradation and recommend means of prevention or control.
  1475. Design or engineer nanomaterials, nanodevices, nano-enabled products, or nanosystems, using three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  1476. Clean workpieces to remove dirt or excess acid, using chemical solutions, files, wire brushes, or grinders.
  1477. Discuss the design with the client.
  1478. Persuade customers to pay amounts due on credit accounts, damage claims, or nonpayable checks, or to return merchandise.
  1479. Connect metal parts or components in hydroelectric plants by welding, soldering, riveting, tapping, bolting, bonding, or screwing.
  1480. Develop or implement product-marketing strategies, including advertising campaigns or sales promotions.
  1481. Classify, record, and summarize numerical and financial data to compile and keep financial records, using journals and ledgers or computers.
  1482. Improvise commentary on items of interest, such as background and history of an event or past records of participants.
  1483. Teach group exercise for low-, medium-, or high-risk clients to improve participant strength, flexibility, endurance, or circulatory functioning.
  1484. Plan or direct spa services and programs.
  1485. Attempt to sell additional merchandise or services to prospective or current customers by telephone or through visits.
  1486. Consult or negotiate with clients to prepare project specifications.
  1487. Appraise vendor manufacturing capabilities through on-site observations or other measurements.
  1488. Develop and implement individual treatment plans, specifying type, frequency, intensity, and duration of therapy.
  1489. Specialize in particular materials or types of object, such as documents and books, paintings, decorative arts, textiles, metals, or architectural materials.
  1490. Train personnel or clients on topics such as energy management.
  1491. Repair and maintain metal forms and equipment, using hand tools, sledges, and bars.
  1492. Code, evaluate, or interpret collected study data.
  1493. Develop manuals, texts, workbooks, or related materials for use in conjunction with production materials.
  1494. Assemble and install components of timepieces to complete mechanisms, using watchmakers' tools and loupes.
  1495. Document or otherwise report observations of patient behavior, complaints, or physical symptoms to nurses.
  1496. Select appropriate insulation, such as fiberglass, Styrofoam, or cork, based on the heat retaining or excluding characteristics of the material.
  1497. Record specifications, production operations, and final dimensions of models for use in establishing operating standards and procedures.
  1498. Collaborate with promotions directors to produce on-air station promotions.
  1499. Set up, operate, or tend grinding and related tools that remove excess material or burrs from surfaces, sharpen edges or corners, or buff, hone, or polish metal or plastic workpieces.
  1500. Fit parts together in pre-assembly to ensure that dimensions are accurate.
  1501. Inform citizens of community services and recommend options to facilitate longer-term problem resolution.
  1502. Maintain equipment or furniture to keep it in good working condition, including performing the assembly or disassembly of equipment or accessories.
  1503. Turn setscrews to adjust receivers for maximum sensitivity and transmitters for maximum output.
  1504. Discuss illnesses and treatments with patients and family members.
  1505. Trim excess material, using scissors.
  1506. Write makeup sheets and take photos to document specific looks and the products used to achieve the looks.
  1507. Collaborate with other writers on specific projects.
  1508. Press diaphragm to evacuate air from lungs.
  1509. Load and unload equipment chambers and transport finished product to storage or to area for further processing.
  1510. Collaborate with other health care professionals and service providers to ensure optimal patient care.
  1511. Confer with production, sales, shipping, warehouse, or common carrier personnel to expedite or trace shipments.
  1512. Shape, bend, or join sections of glass, using paddles, pressing and flattening hand tools, or cork.
  1513. Disseminate written policies and procedures related to compliance activities.
  1514. Train medical records staff.
  1515. Administer regulations regarding sanitation, fire prevention, violation corrections, and related forest regulations.
  1516. Watch for potentially dangerous persons whose pictures are posted at checkpoints.
  1517. Take measurements and study floor sketches to calculate the area to be carpeted and the amount of material needed.
  1518. Keep records of work orders and test and maintenance reports.
  1519. Stock counters with adequate supplies of forms, film, licenses, or other required materials.
  1520. Measure and cut strips from rolls of wallpaper or fabric, using shears or razors.
  1521. Operate vehicles or powered equipment, such as mowers, tractors, twin-axle vehicles, snow blowers, chain-saws, electric clippers, sod cutters, or pruning saws.
  1522. Mix ingredients for green salads, molded fruit salads, vegetable salads, and pasta salads.
  1523. Contact property owners and advertise services to solicit property sales listings.
  1524. Maintain or repair engines, electric motors, pumps, winches, or other mechanical or electrical equipment or assist other crew members with maintenance or repair duties.
  1525. Design or direct bench or pilot production experiments to determine the scale of production methods that optimize product yield and minimize production costs.
  1526. Ensure that repaired sewer line joints are tightly sealed before backfilling begins.
  1527. Gather and analyze artifacts and skeletal remains to increase knowledge of ancient cultures.
  1528. Raise drawbridges and observe passage of water traffic, then lower drawbridges and raise automobile gates.
  1529. Draw smelted metal samples from furnaces or kettles for analysis, and calculate types and amounts of materials needed to ensure that materials meet specifications.
  1530. Identify main client groups and audiences, determine the best way to communicate publicity information to them, and develop and implement a communication plan.
  1531. Spray trees to treat diseased or unhealthy trees, including mixing chemicals and calibrating spray equipment.
  1532. Provide services to customers, such as order placement or account information.
  1533. Maintain records of testing results or other documents as required by state or other governing agencies.
  1534. Perform karyotyping or organizing of chromosomes according to standardized ideograms.
  1535. Redesign the movement of goods to maximize value and minimize costs.
  1536. Develop or implement plans for storage and distribution activities that emphasize technological solutions for sustainability, such as investment in smart or eco-friendly containers, dynamic distribution networks, warehouse renovations, or fuel efficient fleets.
  1537. Mix and spray or spread fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides onto grass, shrubs, or trees, using hand or automatic sprayers or spreaders.
  1538. Trace contours or topographic details to generate maps that denote specific land or property locations or geographic attributes.
  1539. Instruct juries on applicable laws, direct juries to deduce the facts from the evidence presented, and hear their verdicts.
  1540. Direct collection of monthly assessments, rental fees, and deposits and payment of insurance premiums, mortgage, taxes, and incurred operating expenses.
  1541. Conduct verifications of employment.
  1542. Administer, proctor, or score academic or diagnostic assessments.
  1543. Maintain and repair materials, worksites, and equipment.
  1544. Fasten or fuse brick or other building material to structure with wire clamps, anchor holes, torch, or cement.
  1545. Clean, restore, and preserve artifacts.
  1546. Conduct exit interviews and ensure that necessary employment termination paperwork is completed.
  1547. Develop mathematical or statistical models of phenomena to be used for analysis or for computational simulation.
  1548. Record data from operations, testing, and production on specified forms.
  1549. Sprinkle chemical solvents over stains, and pat areas with brushes or sponges to remove stains.
  1550. Write humorous material for publication, or for performances such as comedy routines, gags, and comedy shows.
  1551. Guard lodging of sequestered jury.
  1552. Attend meetings on driver and passenger safety to learn ways in which job performance might be affected.
  1553. Spray steam, water, or air over spots to flush out chemicals, dry material, raise naps, or brighten colors.
  1554. Direct or monitor other workers producing chemical products.
  1555. Patch tubes with adhesive rubber patches or seal rubber patches to tubes, using hot vulcanizing plates.
  1556. Enter data into computers for use in analyses or reports.
  1557. Develop relationships with state or federal environmental regulatory agencies to learn about and analyze the potential impacts of proposed environmental policy regulations.
  1558. Mix acids, chemicals, or dry cement as required for a specific job.
  1559. Serve as fully trained lead helicopter crewmember and as helispot manager.
  1560. Calculate bills according to record of repairs made, labor time, and parts used.
  1561. Select or install combined heat units, power units, cogeneration equipment, or trigeneration equipment that reduces energy use or pollution.
  1562. Read plant specifications to determine products, ingredients, or prescribed modifications of plant procedures.
  1563. Operate or tend machines to wash and remove impurities from items such as barrels or kegs, glass products, tin plate surfaces, dried fruit, pulp, animal stock, coal, manufactured articles, plastic, or rubber.
  1564. Sample and test product characteristics such as specific gravity, acidity, and sugar content, using hydrometers, pH meters, or refractometers.
  1565. Operate experimental pilot plants, assisting with experimental design.
  1566. Supervise subordinate laboratory staff.
  1567. Wash, peel, and cut various foods, such as fruits and vegetables, to prepare for cooking or serving.
  1568. Reassemble units after repairs are made, making adjustments and cleaning and lubricating parts as needed.
  1569. Operate vehicles with specialized equipment, such as wheelchair lifts, to transport and secure passengers with special needs.
  1570. Adjust, clean, and lubricate mechanical parts of machines, using hand tools and grease guns.
  1571. Verify scoring calculations before competition winners are announced.
  1572. Inspect trees to determine if they have diseases or pest problems.
  1573. Assess fees related to registration of property-related documents.
  1574. Research sources of pollution to determine environmental impact or to develop methods of pollution abatement or control.
  1575. Hold plumb bobs, sighting rods, or other equipment to aid in establishing reference points and lines.
  1576. Build geographic information systems (GIS) to record, analyze, and cartographically represent the distribution of languages, cultural and natural resources, land use, and settlement patterns of specific populations.
  1577. Revise existing marketing plans or campaigns for green products, technologies, or services.
  1578. Interpret blueprints and drawings to determine specifications and to calculate the materials required.
  1579. Operate in-house day-care centers within businesses.
  1580. Weigh or measure materials, equipment, or products to maintain relevant records, using volume meters, scales, rules, or calipers.
  1581. Drive mobile, truck-mounted, or track-mounted drilling or cutting machine in mines and quarries or on construction sites.
  1582. Coordinate the installation, maintenance, and operation of mining and oil field equipment.
  1583. Perform clerical tasks, such as filing, compiling and maintaining prescription records, or composing letters.
  1584. Act as part of the security team at transportation terminals, hotels, or similar establishments.
  1585. Conduct individual in-room visits with residents.
  1586. Maintain a supply of packing materials.
  1587. Record animal characteristics such as weights, growth patterns, and diets.
  1588. Assist in screening or placement of students in adapted physical education programs.
  1589. Participate in firefighting efforts.
  1590. Analyze data from harvester monitors to develop yield maps.
  1591. Plan and implement revegetation of disturbed sites.
  1592. Testify before examining and fund-granting authorities, clarifying and promoting the proposed budgets.
  1593. Attend costume fittings, photography sessions, and makeup calls associated with dance performances.
  1594. Recommend type of packing or labeling needed on order.
  1595. Negotiate with carriers, warehouse operators, or insurance company representatives for services and preferential rates.
  1596. Close incisions, using needles and sutures.
  1597. Schedule programming or read television programming logs to determine which programs are to be recorded or aired.
  1598. Use a variety of tools or equipment, such as power construction equipment, measuring devices, power tools, and testing equipment, such as oscilloscopes, ammeters, or test lamps.
  1599. Create computer models of patterns or parts, using modeling software.
  1600. Collect payments from customers.
  1601. Install bookkeeping systems and resolve system problems.
  1602. Return assignments to students in accordance with established deadlines.
  1603. Plan and direct activities of workers who operate equipment to collect data.
  1604. Produce educational and training films and videotapes by performing activities, such as selecting equipment and preparing scripts.
  1605. Monitor and evaluate effectiveness of sustainability programs.
  1606. Locate and scribe parting lines on patterns, using measuring instruments, such as calipers, squares, or depth gauges.
  1607. Pour water into wells, or pump water or slush into wells to cool drill bits and to remove drillings.
  1608. Swab molds with solutions to prevent products from sticking.
  1609. Clean and maintain tools and equipment, using solvents, brushes, and rags.
  1610. Prepare and serve a variety of beverages such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks.
  1611. Perform preventative maintenance on vehicles and heavy equipment.
  1612. Compute load and grade requirements, water flow rates, or material stress factors to determine design specifications.
  1613. Turn rheostats to obtain specified temperatures in electric furnaces where glass is melted.
  1614. Conduct research and present scientific findings.
  1615. Forecast or analyze financial costs associated with climate change or other environmental factors, such as clean water supply and demand.
  1616. Supervise food production or service or assist dietitians or nutritionists in food service supervision or planning.
  1617. Maintain dental equipment and sharpen and sterilize dental instruments.
  1618. Supervise law enforcement staff, such as jail staff, officers, and deputy sheriffs.
  1619. Adjust controls on infrared ovens, heat lamps, portable ventilators, or exhaust units to speed the drying of vehicles between coats.
  1620. Repair radio equipment as necessary, using electronic testing equipment, hand tools, and power tools.
  1621. Determine patients' x-ray needs by reading requests or instructions from physicians.
  1622. Transport specimens, laboratory items, or pharmacy items, ensuring proper documentation and delivery to authorized personnel.
  1623. Spread sealing compound between boards or panels or over cracks, holes, nail heads, or screw heads, using trowels, broadknives, or spatulas.
  1624. Collaborate with counselors, physicians, or nurses to plan or coordinate treatment, drawing on social work experience and patient needs.
  1625. Advise or instruct patients regarding preventive dental care, the causes and treatment of dental problems, or oral health care services.
  1626. Devise and construct tools, dies, molds, jigs, and fixtures, or modify existing tools and equipment.
  1627. Grow flowers for use in arrangements or for sale in shop.
  1628. Greet guests, escort them to their seats, and present them with menus and wine lists.
  1629. Contact outside health care providers and communicate with subjects to obtain follow-up information.
  1630. Install, calibrate, or maintain sensors, mechanical controls, GPS-based vehicle guidance systems, or computer settings.
  1631. Operate, control, or monitor integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) or related equipment, such as air separation units, to generate electricity from coal.
  1632. Perform cost-benefit analyses to compare operating programs, review financial requests, or explore alternative financing methods.
  1633. Sand or patch nicks or cracks in plasterboard or wallboard.
  1634. Use covering cloths to prevent equipment from damaging delicate fabrics.
  1635. Test drive trucks and buses to diagnose malfunctions or to ensure that they are working properly.
  1636. Train production personnel in new or existing methods.
  1637. Collaborate with others to design or implement interdisciplinary treatment programs.
  1638. Analyze operational problems, such as theft and wastage, and establish procedures to alleviate these problems.
  1639. Conduct research on consumer opinions and buying habits, and identify target audiences for green products, services, or technologies.
  1640. Instruct other workers in machine set-up and operation.
  1641. Cut plies at splice points, and press ends together to form continuous bands.
  1642. Develop, improve, or customize products, equipment, formulas, processes, or analytical methods.
  1643. Administer tests to help determine children's developmental levels, needs, and potential.
  1644. Advise businesses or agencies on ways to improve fraud detection.
  1645. Attend staff conferences to provide management with information and proposals concerning the promotion, distribution, design, and pricing of company products or services.
  1646. Write technical reports and draw charts that display statistics and data.
  1647. Inventory and requisition supplies and instruments.
  1648. Identify or document backup or recovery plans.
  1649. Inspect switch-controlling mechanisms on trolley wires and in track beds, using hand tools and test equipment.
  1650. Maintain production records such as quantities, dimensions, and thicknesses of materials processed.
  1651. Record temperatures, amounts of materials processed, or test results on report forms.
  1652. Read production and delivery schedules, and confer with supervisors, to determine sorting and transfer procedures, arrangement of packages on pallets, and destinations of loaded pallets.
  1653. Select specific investments or investment mixes for purchase by an investment fund.
  1654. Provide special services such as investment banking for clients with more specialized needs.
  1655. Crank trailer landing gear up or down to safely secure vehicles.
  1656. Analyze and characterize user experiences and institutional settings to assist consumer product developers, technology developers, and software engineers with the design of innovative products and services.
  1657. Attend to the needs of the bereaved, such as by offering comfort, counseling, or after care programs.
  1658. Investigate available investment opportunities to determine compatibility with client financial plans.
  1659. Clip or shear hair on animals.
  1660. Test raw materials, processes, or finished products to determine quality or quantity of materials or characteristics of a substance.
  1661. Oversee day-to-day group activities of residents in institution.
  1662. Coordinate activities with courts, probation officers, community services, or other post-treatment agencies.
  1663. Position patterns of garment parts on fabric, and cut fabric along outlines, using scissors.
  1664. Select transportation routes to maximize economy by combining shipments or consolidating warehousing and distribution.
  1665. Clean work area and wash parts.
  1666. Analyze environmental aspects of competing merchandise when making buying decisions.
  1667. Polish silver accessories and metalwork, such as fixtures and fittings.
  1668. Confer with department supervisors or other personnel to assess progress and discuss needed changes.
  1669. Record production data such as weights, types, quantities, and storage locations of materials, as well as equipment performance problems and downtime.
  1670. Train new employees on topics such as the proper operation of laboratory equipment.
  1671. Examine products purchased for resale or received for storage to assess the condition of each product or item.
  1672. Collect fees and tickets from group members.
  1673. Collaborate with management or users to develop e-commerce strategies and to integrate these strategies with Web sites.
  1674. Attend meetings, seminars, and programs to learn about new products and services, learn new skills, and receive technical assistance in developing new accounts.
  1675. Stop people from entering courtroom while judge charges jury.
  1676. Operate sewing machines to restitch defective seams, sew up holes, or replace components of fabric articles.
  1677. Set machine stops or guides to specified lengths as indicated by scales, rules, or templates.
  1678. Diagnose and repair vehicle heating and cooling systems.
  1679. Regulate grazing, and help ranchers plan and organize grazing systems in order to manage, improve and protect rangelands and maximize their use.
  1680. Transport guests about premises and local areas, or arrange for transportation.
  1681. Test radio frequency identification device (RFID) software to ensure proper functioning.
  1682. Take anatomical or functional ocular measurements, such as axial length measurements, of the eye or surrounding tissue.
  1683. Repair or rebuild clutch systems.
  1684. Diagnose or repair problems with electronic equipment, such as sound, navigation, communication, and security equipment, in motor vehicles.
  1685. Prepare and verify cashier's checks.
  1686. Recommend purchase of new or improved technology, such as automated systems.
  1687. Study the structure and composition of food or the changes foods undergo in storage and processing.
  1688. Develop or document procedures to minimize or mitigate carbon output resulting from the movement of materials or products.
  1689. Direct or participate in surveying to lay out installations or establish reference points, grades, or elevations to guide construction.
  1690. Advise patients about therapeutic exercise and nutritional medicine regimens.
  1691. Position and secure workpieces on tables, using bolts, jigs, clamps, shims, or other holding devices.
  1692. Train, exercise, and attend dance classes to maintain high levels of technical proficiency, physical ability, and physical fitness.
  1693. Remove sections of monument from truck bed, and guide stone onto foundation, using skids, hoist, or truck crane.
  1694. Monitor bank vaults to ensure cash balances are correct.
  1695. Document design specifications, installation instructions, and other system-related information.
  1696. Advise architects, builders, and other construction personnel on fire prevention equipment and techniques, and on fire code and standard interpretation and compliance.
  1697. Administer oral, written, or performance tests to measure progress and to evaluate training effectiveness.
  1698. Provide quotes for refuse collection contracts.
  1699. Bake breads, rolls, or other pastries.
  1700. Hook tow trucks to trailer hitches and fasten attachments, such as graders, plows, rollers, or winch cables to tractors, using hitchpins.
  1701. Review or approve designs, calculations, or cost estimates.
  1702. Determine locations for installing solar subsystem components, including piping, water heaters, valves, and ancillary equipment.
  1703. Develop system interaction or sequence diagrams.
  1704. Pick up passengers at prearranged locations, at taxi stands, or by cruising streets in high traffic areas.
  1705. Attach slings, hooks, or other devices to lift cargo and guide loads.
  1706. Furnish customers with information on events or activities.
  1707. Direct and train other workers to change rolls, operate mill equipment, remove coils and cobbles, and band and load material.
  1708. Issue equipment, such as farm implements, machinery, ladders, or containers to workers, and collect equipment when work is complete.
  1709. Coordinate work activities with other construction project activities.
  1710. Perform office duties, such as telemarketing or customer service inquiries, maintaining staff records, billing patients, or receiving payments.
  1711. Design mining and mineral treatment equipment and machinery in collaboration with other engineering specialists.
  1712. Confer with marine engineering personnel to establish arrangement of boiler room equipment and propulsion machinery, heating and ventilating systems, refrigeration equipment, piping, and other functional equipment.
  1713. Provide direct assistance to farmers by performing activities such as purchasing or selling products and supplies, supervising properties, and collecting soil and herbage samples for testing.
  1714. Decide when patients have recovered or stabilized enough to be sent to another room or ward or to be sent home following outpatient surgery.
  1715. Attach accessories or ornamentation to decorate or protect products.
  1716. Calculate duty and tariff payments owed on shipments.
  1717. Mark copy to indicate and correct errors in type, arrangement, grammar, punctuation, or spelling, using standard printers' marks.
  1718. Arrange for transportation, equipment, or living quarters for seasonal workers.
  1719. Weigh or measure materials and products, using scales or other measuring instruments, or read scales on conveyors that continually weigh products, to verify specified tonnages and prevent overloads.
  1720. Collect samples of hazardous materials or arrange for sample collection.
  1721. Move furniture from area to be carpeted and remove old carpet and padding.
  1722. Deliver tickets, cards, and money to bingo callers.
  1723. Obtain and use search and arrest warrants.
  1724. Inventory supplies and requisition or purchase additional items, as necessary.
  1725. Trim wood parts according to specifications, using planes, chisels, or wood files or sanders.
  1726. Analyze job requirements and content to establish criteria for classification, selection, training, and other related personnel functions.
  1727. Calibrate instrumentation, such as meters, gauges, and regulators, for pressure, temperature, flow, and level.
  1728. Document account activities, generate reports, and keep records of business transactions with customers and suppliers.
  1729. Test and evaluate hardware and software to determine efficiency, reliability, or compatibility with existing systems.
  1730. Examine completed work to detect defects and verify conformance to work orders, and adjust machinery as necessary to correct production problems.
  1731. Conduct research on hazardous waste management projects in order to determine the magnitude of problems, and treatment or disposal alternatives and costs.
  1732. Negotiate power generation contracts with other public or private utilities.
  1733. Recommend to proper authorities possible fire code revisions, additions, and deletions.
  1734. Record meter readings and installation data on meter cards, work orders, or field service orders, or enter data into hand-held computers.
  1735. Communicate with readers, viewers, advertisers, or the general public via mail, email, or telephone.
  1736. Crossbreed animals with existing strains or cross strains to obtain new combinations of desirable characteristics.
  1737. Provide assistance with patrons' special needs, such as helping those with wheelchairs.
  1738. Select modes of transportation for the distribution of goods that minimize pollution, such as carbon output or other environmental impacts.
  1739. Plan layouts of structural architectural projects.
  1740. Forecast production and consumption of renewable resources and supply, consumption, and depletion of non-renewable resources.
  1741. Conduct social research to advance knowledge in the social work field.
  1742. Study time, motion, methods, or speed involved in maintenance, production, or other operations to establish standard production rate or improve efficiency.
  1743. Move controls, buttons, or levers to start blowers and regulate flow of materials through nozzles.
  1744. Assess an individual child's needs, limitations, and potential, using observation, review of school records, and consultation with parents and school personnel.
  1745. Write changes directly into compositions, or use computer software to make changes.
  1746. Develop or adopt new tests or instruments to improve diagnosis of diseases.
  1747. Monitor project activities to ensure that instructions are followed, deadlines are met, and schedules are maintained.
  1748. Determine location for product listings to maximize exposure to online traffic.
  1749. Evaluate findings and develop strategies and arguments in preparation for presentation of cases.
  1750. Prescribe or administer antibiotics, antiseptics, or compresses to treat infection or injury.
  1751. Recommend or arrange appropriate merchandise packing methods, according to climate, terrain, weight, nature of goods, or costs.
  1752. Identify, monitor, or treat pregnancy-related problems such as hypertension, gestational diabetes, pre-term labor, or retarded fetal growth.
  1753. Investigate complaints and suspected violations regarding illegal dumping, pollution, pesticides, product quality, or labeling laws.
  1754. Search scientific literature to select and modify methods and procedures most appropriate for genetic research goals.
  1755. Contact maintenance crews when necessary.
  1756. Study rangeland management practices and research range problems to provide sustained production of forage, livestock, and wildlife.
  1757. Bolt parts, such as side and deck plates, jaw plates, and journals, to basic assembly unit.
  1758. Operate energized high- or low-voltage hydroelectric power transmission system substations, according to procedures and safety requirements.
  1759. Fabricate ducts for high efficiency heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to maximize efficiency of systems.
  1760. Attend and participate in meetings of municipal councils or council committees.
  1761. Mix baits for attracting animals.
  1762. Supervise technologists or technicians engaged in nanotechnology research or production.
  1763. Draw rough and detailed scale plans for foundations, buildings, and structures, based on preliminary concepts, sketches, engineering calculations, specification sheets, and other data.
  1764. Prepare comprehensive written reports, presentations, maps, or charts based on research, collection, and analysis of intelligence data.
  1765. Obtain windshields or windows for specific automobile makes and models from stock and examine them for defects prior to installation.
  1766. Modify cutting programs to account for problems encountered during operation and save modified programs.
  1767. Inventory and requisition machine parts, equipment, and other supplies so that stock can be maintained and replenished.
  1768. Verify dimensions and contours of models during hand-forming processes, using templates and measuring devices.
  1769. Provide assistance in the development of methods and procedures for conducting field surveys.
  1770. Operate, drive, or explain the use of mechanical riding devices or other automatic equipment in amusement parks, carnivals, or recreation areas.
  1771. Fill growing tanks with water.
  1772. Recommend collective bargaining strategies, goals, or objectives.
  1773. Bake, roast, broil, and steam meats, fish, vegetables, and other foods.
  1774. Develop and document style guidelines for Web site content.
  1775. Sell various types of insurance policies to businesses and individuals on behalf of insurance companies, including automobile, fire, life, property, medical and dental insurance, or specialized policies, such as marine, farm/crop, and medical malpractice.
  1776. Observe approaching vessels to determine size and speed, and listen for whistle signals indicating desire to pass.
  1777. Record the number of tickets cashed and the amount paid out after each race or event.
  1778. Perform routine maintenance on boilers, such as replacing burners or hoses, installing replacement parts, or reinforcing structural weaknesses to ensure optimal boiler efficiency.
  1779. Assign watches or living quarters to crew members.
  1780. Prepare shipping documentation, such as including bills of lading, packing lists, dock receipts, or certificates of origin.
  1781. Verify, collect, or punch tickets before admitting patrons to venues such as amusement parks and rides.
  1782. Conceptualize and help design interfaces for multimedia games, products, and devices.
  1783. Sell gambling chips, tokens, or tickets to patrons or to other workers for resale to patrons.
  1784. Operate tamping machines or manually roll surfaces to compact earth fills, foundation forms, and finished road materials, according to grade specifications.
  1785. Hold regular meetings with each assigned unit.
  1786. Research case law or outcomes of previous case hearings.
  1787. Transfer hazardous or nonhazardous waste materials to collection areas for disposal, recycling, or reuse.
  1788. Test dosage evaluation instruments and survey meters to ensure they are operating properly.
  1789. Remove debris from driveways, garages, and swimming pool areas.
  1790. Prepare drawings of proposed signal installations or other control devices, using drafting instruments or computer-automated drafting equipment.
  1791. Provide technical support for environmental remediation or litigation projects, including remediation system design or determination of regulatory applicability.
  1792. Attend or make presentations at community events to promote funeral home services or build community relationships.
  1793. Operate telephone switchboard to answer, screen, or forward calls, providing information, taking messages, or scheduling appointments.
  1794. Monitor gauges, warning devices, and control panels to verify aircraft performance and to regulate engine speed.
  1795. Design or coordinate the development of integrated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) spatial or non-spatial databases.
  1796. Assist in planning food budgets, using charts or sample budgets.
  1797. Analyze information on property values, taxes, zoning, population growth, and traffic volume and patterns to determine if properties should be acquired.
  1798. Evaluate personal characteristics and home conditions of foster home or adoption applicants.
  1799. Select and purchase technical web services, such as web hosting services, online merchant accounts, shopping cart software, payment gateway software, or spyware.
  1800. Plan, supervise, and review work of assigned subordinates.
  1801. Sort metals to separate high-grade metals, such as copper, brass, and aluminum, for recycling.
  1802. Evaluate violations or problems discovered during inspections to determine appropriate regulatory actions or to provide advice on the development and prosecution of regulatory cases.
  1803. Plan the contents of publications according to the publication's style, editorial policy, and publishing requirements.
  1804. Investigate or direct investigations of freight theft, suspicious damage or loss of passengers' valuables, or other crimes on railroad property.
  1805. Design, implement, or evaluate staff training and development programs, customer service initiatives, or performance measurement criteria.
  1806. Confer with customers to determine the nature of problems or to explain repairs.
  1807. Inspect, examine, and test the operation of parts or systems to evaluate operating condition and to determine if repairs are needed.
  1808. Evaluate the work of staff and volunteers to ensure that programs are of appropriate quality and that resources are used effectively.
  1809. Operate sterilizing devices.
  1810. Assign to workers duties such as fertilizing and incubating spawn, feeding and transferring fish, and planting, cultivating, and harvesting shellfish beds.
  1811. Clean and prepare surfaces for applications of plaster, cement, stucco, or similar materials, such as by drywall taping.
  1812. Plan or develop research models, using knowledge of mathematical and statistical concepts.
  1813. Explain federal and state tax laws to individuals and companies.
  1814. Monitor emergency and code alarms, make emergency announcements, or route emergency calls to the appropriate location.
  1815. Confer with engineering personnel regarding details and implications of test procedures and results.
  1816. Clean and oil pulleys, blocks, and cables.
  1817. Observe operation of timepiece parts and subassemblies to determine accuracy of movement, and to diagnose causes of defects.
  1818. Organize tutoring environment to promote productivity and learning.
  1819. Modify, clean, or maintain pipe systems, units, fittings, or related machines or equipment, using hand or power tools.
  1820. Provide expert testimony in legal proceedings related to labor relations or labor contracts.
  1821. Present investment information, such as product risks, fees, or fund performance statistics.
  1822. Whiten underside of nails with white paste or pencils.
  1823. Refuse admittance to undesirable persons or persons without tickets or passes.
  1824. Schedule work hours for funeral home or contract employees.
  1825. Alter treatment programs to obtain better results if treatment is not having the intended effect.
  1826. Follow strict routines of diet, sleep, and exercise to maintain appearance.
  1827. Develop and interpret organizational goals, policies, and procedures.
  1828. Monitor oil, air, and steam pressure gauges, and make sure water levels are adequate.
  1829. Prepare, administer, or grade tests or assignments to evaluate students' progress.
  1830. Confer with supervisor to determine project details such as plan preparation, acceptance testing, and evaluation of field conditions.
  1831. Induce changes in composition of substances by introducing heat, light, energy, or chemical catalysts for quantitative or qualitative analysis.
  1832. Conduct research on consumer opinions and marketing strategies, collaborating with marketing professionals, statisticians, pollsters, and other professionals.
  1833. Read job orders to determine the type of work to be done, the quantities to be produced, and the materials needed.
  1834. Produce or assemble components of articles, such as store fixtures, office equipment, cabinets, or high-grade furniture.
  1835. Reproduce drawings on copy machines or trace copies of plans and drawings, using transparent paper or cloth, ink, pencil, and standard drafting instruments.
  1836. Construct puppets and ventriloquist dummies, and sew accessory clothing, using hand tools and machines.
  1837. Draw blood from arteries, using arterial collection techniques.
  1838. Plan and lead professional development activities for teachers, administrators, and support staff.
  1839. Learn about characters in scripts and their relationships to each other to develop role interpretations.
  1840. Attach roofing paper to roofs in overlapping strips to form bases for other materials.
  1841. Set ships' courses that avoid reefs, outlying shoals, or other hazards, using navigational aids, such as lighthouses or buoys.
  1842. Collaborate with film and sound editors during the post-production process as films are edited and soundtracks are added.
  1843. Estimate quantities and cost of materials, equipment, or labor to determine project feasibility.
  1844. Prepare or present technical or project status reports.
  1845. Oversee support staff.
  1846. Measure and take impressions of patients' jaws and teeth to determine the shape and size of dental prostheses, using face bows, dental articulators, recording devices, and other materials.
  1847. Expose workpieces to acid to develop etch patterns such as designs, lettering, or figures.
  1848. Evaluate, diagnose, or treat genetic diseases.
  1849. Observe and listen to machinery operation to detect equipment malfunctions.
  1850. Evaluate current or proposed manufacturing processes or practices for environmental sustainability, considering factors such as greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, water pollution, energy use, or waste creation.
  1851. Install and test automatic, programmable, or wireless thermostats in residential or commercial buildings to minimize energy usage for heating or cooling.
  1852. Obtain permits from fire and health departments to erect displays and exhibits and serve food at events.
  1853. Rescue fire victims, and administer emergency medical aid.
  1854. Operate data capture technology to import digitized documents into document management system.
  1855. Perform routine or preventive maintenance on fuel cell test equipment.
  1856. Attach tape, trim, appliques, or elastic to specified garments or garment parts, according to item specifications.
  1857. Conduct environmental sustainability assessments, using material flow analysis (MFA) or substance flow analysis (SFA) techniques.
  1858. Collaborate with other professionals to evaluate patients' medical or physical condition and to assess client needs.
  1859. Remove and process film.
  1860. Lower irons, rams, or pressing heads of machines into position over material to be pressed.
  1861. Maintain stock and supplies, preparing supplies for special examinations and ordering supplies when necessary.
  1862. Cut, contour, and bevel metal plates and structural shapes to dimensions as specified by blueprints, layouts, work orders, and templates, using powered saws, hand shears, or chipping knives.
  1863. Hold stones, gems, dies, or styluses against rotating plates, wheels, saws, or slitters to cut, shape, slit, grind, or polish them.
  1864. Work with patients in areas such as the emergency rooms, neonatal or pediatric intensive care, or surgical intensive care, treating conditions such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, cystic fibrosis, or pneumonia.
  1865. Observe clients' food selections and recommend alternate economical and nutritional food choices.
  1866. Manage the department or supervise clerical workers, directing or controlling activities of personnel in the medical records department.
  1867. Process print and non-print library materials to prepare them for inclusion in library collections.
  1868. Make travel arrangements for office personnel.
  1869. Direct or escort pedestrians across streets, stopping traffic as necessary.
  1870. Shape lenses appropriately so that they can be inserted into frames.
  1871. Evaluate environmental regulations or social pressures related to environmental issues to inform strategic or operational decision-making.
  1872. Attend staff meetings and serve on committees, as required.
  1873. Engage in self-directed learning and continuing education activities.
  1874. Provide assistance with events, such as police department auctions of abandoned automobiles.
  1875. Monitor gauges and flowmeters and inspect equipment to ensure that tank levels, temperatures, chemical amounts, and pressures are at specified levels, reporting abnormalities as necessary.
  1876. Conduct short- and long-term climate assessments and study storm occurrences.
  1877. Coordinate with treatment center personnel to obtain patients' vital statistics and medical history, to determine the circumstances of the emergency, and to administer emergency treatment.
  1878. Move controls or mount gears, cams, or templates in machines to set feed rates and cutting speeds, depths, and angles.
  1879. Design, build, or maintain Web sites, using authoring or scripting languages, content creation tools, management tools, and digital media.
  1880. Arrange for repairs of equipment or machinery.
  1881. Prepare cost estimates or specifications for rehabilitation or weatherization services.
  1882. Assess employee performance.
  1883. Enter text into computer keyboard and select the size and style of type, column width, and appropriate spacing for printed materials.
  1884. Investigate health-related complaints and inspect facilities to ensure that they comply with public health legislation and regulations.
  1885. Make arrangements for illegally parked or abandoned vehicles to be towed, and direct tow-truck drivers to the correct vehicles.
  1886. Contact local forest owners and gain permission to take inventory of the type, amount, and location of all standing timber on the property.
  1887. Operate switching diesel engines to switch railroad cars, using remote controls.
  1888. Administer first aid to injured group participants.
  1889. Check passenger and cargo distributions and fuel amounts to ensure that weight and balance specifications are met.
  1890. Monitor medical supplies and place orders when inventory is low.
  1891. Establish and maintain tendering process, and conduct negotiations.
  1892. Consult with managers or other personnel to resolve problems in areas such as equipment performance, output quality, or work schedules.
  1893. Determine sequence and release of back orders according to stock availability.
  1894. Review contents of written orders to ensure adherence to legal requirements.
  1895. Manage schedules and set dates, times, and locations for meetings and appointments.
  1896. Determine the number, type, and approximate location of microphones needed for best sound recording or transmission quality and position them appropriately.
  1897. Analyze records, reports, test results, or examination information to diagnose medical condition of patient.
  1898. Provide information to employees and managers on payroll matters, tax issues, benefit plans, and collective agreement provisions.
  1899. Distinguish between normal and abnormal developmental and age-related physiological and behavioral changes in acute, critical, and chronic illness.
  1900. Take anatomical or functional ocular measurements of the eye or surrounding tissue, such as axial length measurements.
  1901. Adjust equipment to optimize viewing of the nervous system.
  1902. Compare crime scene fingerprints with those from suspects or fingerprint files to identify perpetrators, using computers.
  1903. Place strips or sections of paper on surfaces, aligning section edges and patterns.
  1904. Train and lead forest and conservation workers in seasonal activities, such as planting tree seedlings, putting out forest fires, and maintaining recreational facilities.
  1905. Develop computer information resources, providing for data security and control, strategic computing, and disaster recovery.
  1906. Prepare merchandise for purchase or rental.
  1907. Align vehicles' front ends.
  1908. Make adjustments or minor repairs to heating, cooling, ventilating, plumbing, or electrical systems.
  1909. Redraw or correct maps, such as revising parcel maps, to reflect tax code area changes, using information from official records or surveys.
  1910. Evaluate new methods of packaging, testing, shipping, or transporting hazardous materials to ensure adequate public safety protection.
  1911. Instruct interns or residents in diagnosis and treatment of dermatological diseases.
  1912. Isolate, analyze, or synthesize vitamins, hormones, allergens, minerals, or enzymes and determine their effects on body functions.
  1913. Enter information into computers to copy programs from one electronic component to another or to draw, modify, or store schematics.
  1914. Clean, stock, and restock workstations and display cases.
  1915. Develop or select specific software programs for various research scenarios.
  1916. Recommend and implement performance improvements.
  1917. Follow special cargo-related procedures, such as checking refrigeration systems for frozen foods or providing food or water for livestock.
  1918. Notify supervisors or other personnel of production problems.
  1919. Modify standard formulas so that they conform to project needs and data processing methods.
  1920. Bill customers for repair work, and collect payment.
  1921. Provide technical support on water resource or treatment issues to government agencies.
  1922. Clean and organize work area and disinfect equipment after treatment.
  1923. Prepare appetizers such as pickles, cheese, and cold meats.
  1924. Consult with customers to determine objectives and requirements for events, such as meetings, conferences, and conventions.
  1925. Use ventilators or various oxygen devices or aerosol and breathing treatments in the provision of respiratory therapy.
  1926. Seal or open envelopes, by hand or by using machines.
  1927. Select fishing methods or tools for removing obstacles such as liners, broken casing, screens, or drill pipe.
  1928. Create sculptures, statues, and other three-dimensional artwork by using abrasives and tools to shape, carve, and fabricate materials such as clay, stone, wood, or metal.
  1929. Test backup batteries, keypad programming, sirens, or other security features to ensure proper functioning or to diagnose malfunctions.
  1930. Perform general maintenance tasks for funeral homes, such as maintaining equipment or caring for funeral grounds.
  1931. Monitor gauges or meters that measure speed, amperage, battery charge, or air pressure in brakelines or in main reservoirs.
  1932. Verify accuracy of timekeeping instruments with engineers to ensure trains depart on time.
  1933. Prepare specialty foods, such as pizzas, fish and chips, sandwiches, or tacos, following specific methods that usually require short preparation time.
  1934. Construct skeletal mounts of fossils, replicas of archaeological artifacts, or duplicate specimens, using a variety of materials and hand tools.
  1935. Plant grass with seed spreaders and operate straw blowers to cover seeded areas with mixtures of asphalt and straw.
  1936. Implement appropriate industrial emergency response procedures.
  1937. Visit areas affected by erosion problems to identify causes or determine solutions.
  1938. Inspect the cleanliness and practices of establishment employees.
  1939. Select and acquire metals and gems for designs.
  1940. Spread plastic film over areas to be repaired to prevent damage to surrounding areas.
  1941. Inform designated employees or departments of items loaded or problems encountered.
  1942. Coordinate activities of departments, such as sales, graphic arts, media, finance, and research.
  1943. Pull cable through ducts by hand or with winches.
  1944. Lead tours and answer visitors' questions about the exhibits.
  1945. Lift, position, and secure machined parts on surface plates or worktables, using hoists, vises, v-blocks, or angle plates.
  1946. Start engines, operate controls, and pilot airplanes to transport passengers, mail, or freight, adhering to flight plans, regulations, and procedures.
  1947. Record the disposition of minor children, as well as details of arrangements made for their care.
  1948. Test or balance newly installed HVAC systems to determine whether indoor air quality standards are met.
  1949. Discard inferior or defective products or foreign matter, and place acceptable products in containers for further processing.
  1950. Write reports to summarize student performance, social growth, or physical development.
  1951. Observe and evaluate workers' appearance and performance to ensure quality service and compliance with specifications.
  1952. Attend sales meetings, industry trade shows, and training seminars to gather information, promote products, expand network of contacts, and increase knowledge.
  1953. Instruct and monitor students in the use and care of equipment or materials to prevent injuries and damage.
  1954. Notify dispatchers or company mechanics of vehicle problems.
  1955. Prepare instructional program objectives, outlines, and lesson plans.
  1956. Line slots with sheet insulation, and insert coils into slots.
  1957. Study blueprints and examine surface to be covered to determine amount of material needed.
  1958. Ride atop cars that have been shunted, and turn handwheels to control speeds or stop cars at specified positions.
  1959. Plot information from aerial photographs, well logs, section descriptions, or other databases.
  1960. Measure emission of nanodust or nanoparticles during nanocomposite or other nano-scale production processes, using systems such as aerosol detection systems.
  1961. Control generator output to match the phase, frequency, or voltage of electricity supplied to panels.
  1962. Modify the general education curriculum for special-needs students based upon a variety of instructional techniques and instructional technology.
  1963. Authenticate and appraise historical documents and archival materials.
  1964. Repair or replace damaged equipment.
  1965. Refer to schematics and manufacturers' specifications that show connections and provide instructions on how to locate problems.
  1966. Develop or contribute to the development of plans to remediate or restore environments affected by nuclear radiation, such as waste disposal sites.
  1967. Evaluate and manage chronic pain conditions.
  1968. Provide professional consulting services to government, educational institutions, or industry.
  1969. Secure commitments of participation or donation from individuals or corporate donors.
  1970. Plan, and contribute to development of, risk management systems.
  1971. Examine or test crops or products to estimate their value, determine their grade, or locate any evidence of disease or insect damage.
  1972. Design advanced electronic control systems for mechanical systems.
  1973. Decorate gardens with stones or plants.
  1974. Make travel arrangements for sightseeing or other tours.
  1975. Construct, decorate, or repair leather products according to specifications, using sewing machines, needles and thread, leather lacing, glue, clamps, hand tools, or rivets.
  1976. Direct, coordinate, organize, or prioritize biological laboratory activities.
  1977. Keep records of out-going orders.
  1978. Collect and evaluate data to determine community program needs.
  1979. Examine or conduct laboratory or diagnostic tests on patients to provide information on general physical condition or mental disorder.
  1980. Select or supervise contractors, such as event hosts or health, fitness, and wellness practitioners.
  1981. Supervise the work of office, administrative, or customer service employees to ensure adherence to quality standards, deadlines, and proper procedures, correcting errors or problems.
  1982. Develop training programs or routines designed to improve athletic performance.
  1983. Prepare estimates for use in selecting vendors or subcontractors.
  1984. Assign rooms to students.
  1985. Monitor or evaluate medical conditions of patients in collaboration with other health care professionals.
  1986. Analyze laboratory findings to check the accuracy of the results.
  1987. Determine salvage value on total-loss vehicle.
  1988. Verify energy bills and meter readings.
  1989. Read catalogs, microfiche viewers, or computer displays to determine replacement part stock numbers and prices.
  1990. Examine the type and location of nearby services, such as shopping centers, schools, parks, and other neighborhood features, to evaluate their impact on property values.
  1991. Identify patients who are at risk of complications due to nutritional status.
  1992. Maintain a current file of examination protocols.
  1993. Prepare written opinions and decisions.
  1994. Take food orders and relay orders to kitchens or serving counters so they can be filled.
  1995. Install layers of vegetation-based green roofs, including protective membranes, drainage, aeration, water retention and filter layers, soil substrates, irrigation materials, and plants.
  1996. Dislodge and clear jammed materials or other items from machinery and equipment, using hand tools.
  1997. Locate and confiscate real or personal property, as directed by court order.
  1998. Measure specified amounts of semen into calibrated syringes, and insert syringes into inseminating guns.
  1999. Prepare activity reports to inform management of the status and implementation plans of programs, services, and quality initiatives.
  2000. Recommend acceptance or rejection of compromise settlement offers.
  2001. Prepare personnel forecast to project employment needs.
  2002. Answer clients' questions about the purposes and details of financial plans and strategies.
  2003. Register Web sites with search engines to increase Web site traffic.
  2004. Respond to questions and inquiries, such as those concerning service charges and capacity fees, or refer them to supervisors.
  2005. Test operating voltages to ensure operation within acceptable limits for power conditioning equipment, such as inverters and controllers.
  2006. Examine products purchased for resale or received for storage to determine product condition.
  2007. Analyze performance of vehicles or components that have been redesigned to increase fuel efficiency, such as camless or dual-clutch engines or alternative types of air-conditioning systems.
  2008. Answer inquiries from the public concerning animal control operations.
  2009. Analyze the layout, instrumentation, or function of electrical generation or transmission facilities.
  2010. Inspect repaired vehicles for proper functioning, completion of work, dimensional accuracy, and overall appearance of paint job, and test drive vehicles to ensure proper alignment and handling.
  2011. Compute impedance of wires from poles to houses to determine additional resistance needed for reducing signals to desired levels.
  2012. Participate in shore patrols.
  2013. Measure and record food and liquid intake or urinary and fecal output, reporting changes to medical or nursing staff.
  2014. Assign work to staff to obtain maximum utilization of personnel.
  2015. Provide clerical support to other departments.
  2016. Coordinate shutdowns and major projects.
  2017. Evaluate the potential of new product developments or market opportunities, according to factors such as business plans, technologies, or market potential.
  2018. Visit vendors, attend conferences or training sessions, or study technical journals to keep up with changes in technology.
  2019. Lay out designs on metal stock, and cut along markings to fabricate pieces used to cast metal molds.
  2020. Assist with duties in other areas of the store, such as monitoring fitting rooms or bagging and carrying out customers' items.
  2021. Question applicants to obtain required information, such as name, address, or age, and record data on prescribed forms.
  2022. Design or prepare graphic representations of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data, using GIS hardware or software applications.
  2023. Conduct environmental audits for logistics activities, such as storage, distribution, or transportation.
  2024. Formulate or modify recipes for specific kinds of food products.
  2025. Inspect vehicles and check gas, oil, and water levels prior to departure.
  2026. Guide lengths of pipe into and out of elevators.
  2027. Plan parties or other special events and services.
  2028. Plan and conduct new-employee orientations to foster positive attitude toward organizational objectives.
  2029. Handle customer complaints and take appropriate action to resolve them.
  2030. Provide assistance to internal or external auditors in compliance reviews.
  2031. Thin or space trees, using power thinning saws.
  2032. Transcribe, type, and distribute reports of diagnostic procedures for interpretation by physician.
  2033. Establish fundraising or participation goals for special events or specified time periods.
  2034. Tow and maneuver barges or signal tugboats to tow barges to destinations.
  2035. Recommend instructional methods, such as individual or group instruction, self-study, lectures, demonstrations, simulation exercises, and role-playing, appropriate for content and learner characteristics.
  2036. Unlock cars and other vehicles.
  2037. Conduct fire exit drills to monitor and evaluate evacuation procedures.
  2038. Relay credit report information to subscribers by mail or by telephone.
  2039. Organize and maintain campaign organizations and fundraisers, in order to raise money for election or re-election.
  2040. Develop and implement solutions for network problems.
  2041. Assess, sort, characterize, or pack known or unknown materials.
  2042. Collect product samples and prepare them for laboratory analysis or testing.
  2043. Provide assistance with animal euthanasia and the disposal of remains.
  2044. Verify alignment of workpieces on machines, using measuring instruments, such as rules, gauges, or calipers.
  2045. Analyze financial information obtained from clients to determine strategies for meeting clients' financial objectives.
  2046. Prepare and position patients for testing.
  2047. Measure, cut, and install frameworks and conduit to support and connect wiring, control panels, and junction boxes, using hand tools.
  2048. Direct and participate in formal and informal meetings with bank directors, trustees, senior management, counsels, outside accountants and consultants to gather information and discuss findings.
  2049. Sell gambling chips, tokens, or tickets to patrons, or to other workers for resale to patrons.
  2050. Answer questions and provide future tax planning to clients.
  2051. Feed and water animals according to schedules and feeding instructions.
  2052. Remove paint, varnish, dirt, and grease from surfaces, using paint remover and water soda solutions.
  2053. Monitor classroom viewing of live or recorded courses transmitted by communication satellites.
  2054. Promote sales of properties through advertisements, open houses, and participation in multiple listing services.
  2055. Observe the current system in operation and gather and analyze information about each of the parts of component problems, using a variety of sources.
  2056. Pin, paste, sew, tie, or staple tickets, tags, or labels to article.
  2057. Create or maintain databases of known test defects.
  2058. Meet with judges, lawyers, parole officers, police, or social agency officials to coordinate the functions of the court.
  2059. Train users in procedures related to network applications software or related systems.
  2060. Wrap water heaters with water heater blankets.
  2061. Analyze test results and develop a treatment plan.
  2062. Select statistical tests for analyzing data.
  2063. Perform maintenance or repair work on existing tower equipment, using hand or power tools.
  2064. Monitor operation of equipment and record use of equipment and administration of treatment.
  2065. Attend to children's basic needs by feeding them, dressing them, or changing their diapers.
  2066. Thread yarn, thread, or fabric through guides, needles, and rollers of machines.
  2067. Monitor fetal development by listening to fetal heartbeat, taking external uterine measurements, identifying fetal position, or estimating fetal size and weight.
  2068. Consult and confer with engineering personnel to discuss developmental problems and to recommend product modifications.
  2069. Confer with personnel, such as management, engineering, quality control, customer, or union workers' representatives, to coordinate work activities, resolve employee grievances, or identify and review resource needs.
  2070. Provide information to the public regarding trees, such as advice on tree care.
  2071. Plan, develop, or implement warehouse safety and security programs and activities.
  2072. Arrange for demonstrations or trial installations of equipment.
  2073. Coordinate activities with regulatory bodies to ensure repairs and alterations are at minimum cost and consistent with safety.
  2074. Design and lay out geothermal heat systems according to property characteristics, heating and cooling requirements, piping and equipment requirements, applicable regulations, or other factors.
  2075. Capture or segregate waste material, such as aluminum swarf, machine cutting fluid, or solvents, for recycling or environmentally responsible disposal.
  2076. Clean oxides and scales from parts or fittings, using steam sprays or chemical and water baths.
  2077. Create models to demonstrate or predict the process by which pollutants move through or impact an environment.
  2078. Ensure payment for services by verifying benefits with the person's insurance provider or working out financing options.
  2079. Replace defective parts of machine or adjust clearances and alignment of moving parts.
  2080. Document and prepare reports of accidents, unscheduled stops, or delays.
  2081. Develop treatment plan to meet needs of patient, based on needs assessment, patient interests, and objectives of therapy.
  2082. Mix raw materials or catalysts to manufacture nanoparticles according to specifications, ensuring proper particle size, shape, or organization.
  2083. Plan, describe, arrange, and sell itinerary tour packages and promotional travel incentives offered by various travel carriers.
  2084. Maintain logs of semen specimens used and animals bred.
  2085. Distribute product samples or literature that details products or services.
  2086. Pour molten metal into molds, manually or using crane ladles.
  2087. Operate pumps that circulate water, oil, or other fluids through wells to remove sand or other materials obstructing the free flow of oil.
  2088. Maintain production records.
  2089. Develop new analytical techniques or sensor systems.
  2090. Gather information about offenders' backgrounds by talking to offenders, their families and friends, and other people who have relevant information.
  2091. Rent items, arrange for provision of services to customers, and accept returns.
  2092. Compare the house hand with players' hands to determine the winner.
  2093. Direct collection, preparation, and handling of evidence and personal property of prisoners.
  2094. Maintain inventory, ordering materials as required.
  2095. Push or hold workpieces against, under, or through cutting, boring, or shaping mechanisms.
  2096. Coordinate transportation or delivery of materials, supplies, or donations for fundraising events.
  2097. Assess individuals' degree of drug dependency by collecting and analyzing urine samples.
  2098. Compute geodetic measurements and interpret survey data to determine positions, shapes, and elevations of geomorphic and topographic features.
  2099. Drive trucks with capacities greater than 3 tons, including tractor-trailer combinations, to transport and deliver products, livestock, or other materials.
  2100. Remove and replace dull cutting tools.
  2101. Create or maintain inclines or ramps.
  2102. Develop or modify industrial electronic devices, circuits, or equipment, according to available specifications.
  2103. Prepare reports on investigations or inspections and actions taken.
  2104. Review design drawings or technical documents for completeness, correctness, or appropriateness.
  2105. Collect verification data on the ground, using equipment such as global positioning receivers, digital cameras, or notebook computers.
  2106. Remove and stack completed materials or products, and restock materials to be joined.
  2107. Design fuel cycle models or processes to reduce the quantity of radioactive waste generated from nuclear activities.
  2108. Document quantity, quality, type, weight, test result data, and value of materials or products to maintain shipping, receiving, and production records and files.
  2109. Purchase equipment or services in accordance with distance learning plans and budget constraints.
  2110. Write descriptions of property boundary surveys for use in deeds, leases, or other legal documents.
  2111. Collect and deposit money into accounts, disburse funds from cash accounts to pay bills or invoices, keep records of collections and disbursements, and ensure accounts are balanced.
  2112. Recommend energy-efficient technologies or alternate energy sources.
  2113. Treat deformities using mechanical methods, such as whirlpool or paraffin baths, and electrical methods, such as short wave and low voltage currents.
  2114. Prepare rooms, sterile instruments, equipment, or supplies and ensure that stock of supplies is maintained.
  2115. Repair or replace defective parts, using hand tools, milling and woodworking machines, lathes, welding equipment, grinders, or saws.
  2116. Instruct nurses, residents, interns, students or other staff on topics such as anesthetic techniques, pain management and emergency responses.
  2117. Inspect pipelines, tightening connections and lubricating valves as necessary.
  2118. Follow safety rules as students board and exit buses or cross streets near bus stops.
  2119. Confer with family members or others close to clients to keep them informed of treatment planning and progress.
  2120. Participate in the development, review, or evaluation of nursing practice protocols.
  2121. Consult with other scientists to determine parameters of experimentation or suitability of analytical models.
  2122. Attach wires between controllers.
  2123. Operate mechanized equipment, such as pickup trucks, rollers, tandem dump trucks, front-end loaders, or backhoes.
  2124. Examine furniture to determine the extent of damage or deterioration, and to decide on the best method for repair or restoration.
  2125. Identify or select transportation and communications system technologies to reduce costs or environmental impacts.
  2126. Write and review product specifications, maintaining a working technical knowledge of the goods or services to be purchased.
  2127. Perform incisional biopsies to diagnose melanoma.
  2128. Administer radioisotopes to clinical patients or research subjects.
  2129. Correct or record omissions, errors, or inconsistencies found.
  2130. Lay out pipe routes, following written instructions or blueprints and coordinating layouts with supervisors.
  2131. Prepare electronic commerce designs or prototypes, such as storyboards, mock-ups, or other content, using graphics design software.
  2132. Order, label, and count stock of medications, chemicals, or supplies and enter inventory data into computer.
  2133. Develop tools to assess green technologies or green financial products, such as green hedge funds or social responsibility investment funds.
  2134. Assist passengers entering or disembarking the aircraft.
  2135. Devise solutions to problems of land reclamation and water and air pollution, such as methods of storing excavated soil and returning exhausted mine sites to natural states.
  2136. Cut specified lengths of primacord and attach primers to cord ends.
  2137. Preheat workpieces, using heating furnaces or hand torches.
  2138. Conduct applied research on environmental topics, such as waste control or treatment or pollution abatement methods.
  2139. Inform patients or caregivers about study aspects and outcomes to be expected.
  2140. Construct historical, scientific, and nature visitor-center displays.
  2141. Measure glandular activity, blood volume, red cell survival, or radioactivity of patient, using scanners, Geiger counters, scintillometers, or other laboratory equipment.
  2142. Provide customers with assistance in filing claims for mail theft, or lost or damaged mail.
  2143. Investigate complaints about service and equipment, and take corrective action.
  2144. Assist veterinarians in examining animals to determine the nature of illnesses or injuries.
  2145. Arrange for interpreters or translators when patrons require such services.
  2146. Unload and assemble pipes and pumping equipment, using hand tools.
  2147. Serve on commissions, investigative panels, study groups, and committees in order to examine specialized areas and recommend action.
  2148. Position, align, and secure structural parts or related assemblies to boiler frames, tanks, or vats of pressure vessels, following blueprints.
  2149. Clean and repair septic tanks, sewer lines, or related structures such as manholes, culverts, and catch basins.
  2150. Design forms related to filing systems.
  2151. Study layout or other design instructions to determine work to be done and sequence of operations.
  2152. Meet with parents and guardians to discuss their children's progress and to determine their priorities for their children and their resource needs.
  2153. Participate in the development of study protocols including guidelines for administration or data collection procedures.
  2154. Produce reports or presentations that outline findings, explain risk positions, or recommend changes.
  2155. Research and identify potential customers for products or services.
  2156. Adjust controls to position rod and to regulate flux level, reactor period, coolant temperature, or rate of power flow, following standard procedures.
  2157. Develop individualized treatment plans for patients, considering patient preferences, clinical data, or the risks and benefits of therapies.
  2158. Train subordinates in programming and program coding.
  2159. Study blueprints, layouts, sketches, or work orders to assess workpiece specifications and to determine tooling instructions, tools and materials needed, and sequences of operations.
  2160. Assess ground or surface water movement to provide advice regarding issues such as waste management, route and site selection, or the restoration of contaminated sites.
  2161. Insert needles to provide acupuncture treatment.
  2162. Mix cement, sand, and water to produce concrete, grout, or slurry, using hoe, trowel, tamper, scraper, or concrete-mixing machine.
  2163. Rebuild parts, such as crankshafts and cylinder blocks.
  2164. Provide consultative services in areas such as equipment or product evaluation, plant construction or layout, or food safety systems.
  2165. Determine specific network hardware or software requirements, such as platforms, interfaces, bandwidths, or routine schemas.
  2166. Communicate research results through conference presentations, scientific publications, or project reports.
  2167. File athlete insurance claims and communicate with insurance providers.
  2168. Visit establishments, such as pharmacies, to determine product sales.
  2169. Start pumps to operate distilling systems that drain and reclaim dry cleaning solvents.
  2170. Design or maintain databases of biological data.
  2171. Operate single- or multiple-head spike pullers to pull old spikes from ties.
  2172. Identify spatial coordinates, using remote sensing and Global Positioning System (GPS) data.
  2173. Study communication code languages or foreign languages to translate intelligence.
  2174. Confer with supervisory personnel, owners, contractors, or design professionals to discuss and resolve matters such as work procedures, complaints, or construction problems.
  2175. Read dials and meters to determine amperage, voltage, electrical output and input at specific operating temperature to analyze parts performance.
  2176. Participate in and support team planning efforts.
  2177. Communicate with counsel regarding case management or procedural requirements.
  2178. Detect and map radiopharmaceuticals in patients' bodies, using a camera to produce photographic or computer images.
  2179. Develop plans for the prevention of destruction by fire, wind, and water.
  2180. Develop load-balancing processes to eliminate down time for backup processes.
  2181. Reject defective products and readjust equipment to eliminate problems.
  2182. Requisition needed personnel, supplies, equipment, parts, or repair services.
  2183. Perform routine maintenance such as cleaning and oiling parts, honing cylinders, and tuning ignition systems.
  2184. Construct and maintain test facilities for aircraft parts and systems, according to specifications.
  2185. Participate in the preparation of reports or scientific publications.
  2186. Secure third-party verification from sources such as Leadership in Energy Efficient Design (LEED) to ensure responsible design and building activities or to achieve favorable LEED ratings for building projects.
  2187. Test aircraft systems under simulated operational conditions, performing systems readiness tests and pre- and post-operational checkouts, to establish design or fabrication parameters.
  2188. Make, modify, and repair orthopedic or therapeutic footwear according to doctors' prescriptions, or modify existing footwear for people with foot problems and special needs.
  2189. Narrate presentations and productions.
  2190. Install and connect auxiliary equipment, such as microphones, amplifiers, disc playback machines, and lights.
  2191. Pack and unpack items to be stocked on shelves in stockrooms, warehouses, or storage yards.
  2192. Prepare plans to intercept foreign communications transmissions.
  2193. Move toward the source of a fire, using knowledge of types of fires, construction design, building materials, and physical layout of properties.
  2194. Maintain or modify all financial analytic models in use.
  2195. Provide training or technical assistance in Web site implementation or use.
  2196. Search for substitutes for harmful or undesirable additives, such as nitrites.
  2197. Collect and analyze survey data, regulatory information, and data on demographic and employment trends to forecast enrollment patterns and curriculum change needs.
  2198. Examine and inspect stock items for wear or defects, reporting any damage to supervisors.
  2199. Re-knit runs and replace broken threads, using latch needles.
  2200. Adjust navigation according to weather conditions.
  2201. Select and obtain materials and supplies, such as textbooks or laboratory equipment.
  2202. Clear goods through customs and to their destinations for clients.
  2203. Recommend new remote sensing hardware or software acquisitions.
  2204. Saw back-cuts, leaving sufficient sound wood to control direction of fall.
  2205. Hire, train, and supervise volunteers and support staff required for events.
  2206. Evaluate current or proposed manufacturing processes or practices for environmental sustainability, considering factors such as green house gas emissions, air pollution, water pollution, energy use, or waste creation.
  2207. Take quote requests or orders from dealers or customers.
  2208. Operate paging systems or other systems of bells or buzzers to notify recipients of incoming calls.
  2209. Feed mail into postage canceling devices or hand stamp mail to cancel postage.
  2210. Close caskets at appropriate point in services.
  2211. Attach trocar to pump-tube, start pump, and repeat probing to force embalming fluid into organs.
  2212. Inspect sites to assess environmental damage or monitor cleanup progress.
  2213. Operate computer-assisted engineering or design software or equipment to perform electronics engineering tasks.
  2214. Contact delivery or courier services to arrange delivery of letters and parcels.
  2215. Secure stones in metal mountings, using solder.
  2216. Mount and position tools in machine chucks, spindles, or other tool holding devices, using hand tools.
  2217. Collect payments and record data pertaining to funds and expenditures.
  2218. Modify treatment activities or approaches as needed to comply with changes in clients' status.
  2219. Calculate amount of debt and funds available to plan methods of payoff and to estimate time for debt liquidation.
  2220. Tie and bunch flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees, wrap their roots, and pack them into boxes to fill orders.
  2221. Direct patrons to coatrooms and waiting areas such as lounges.
  2222. Maintain electrical power, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, water, or sewerage systems.
  2223. Prepare customer invoices and accept payment.
  2224. Advise farmers or growers of development programs or new equipment or techniques to aid in quality production.
  2225. Align, fit, assemble, connect, or install system components, using jigs, fixtures, measuring instruments, hand tools, or power tools.
  2226. Conduct security audits to identify potential vulnerabilities related to physical security, staff safety, or asset protection.
  2227. Perform code enforcement tasks.
  2228. Administer prescribed medications or start intravenous fluids, noting times and amounts on patients' charts.
  2229. Participate in nuclear fuel element handling activities, such as preparation, transfer, loading, or unloading.
  2230. Make and modify plaster casts of areas that will be fitted with prostheses or orthoses, for use in the device construction process.
  2231. Attach ampoule to diffusion pump to remove air from ampoule, and seal ampoule, using blowtorch.
  2232. Participate in internal or external audits.
  2233. Maintain records of daily data communication transactions, problems and remedial actions taken, or installation activities.
  2234. Encourage and support party candidates for political office.
  2235. Collaborate with product development teams to research, model, validate, or implement quantitative structured solutions for new or expanded markets.
  2236. Listen to and resolve customer complaints regarding services, products, or personnel.
  2237. Prepare and manage biomass plant budgets.
  2238. Write reports or notes to summarize testing procedures or outcomes for physicians or other medical professionals.
  2239. Verify that equipment is being operated and maintained according to quality assurance standards by observing worker performance.
  2240. Review, evaluate, and approve specifications for issuing and awarding bids.
  2241. Install preformed metal scaffolding in interiors of cupolas, using hand tools.
  2242. Operate idle reduction systems or auxiliary power systems to generate power from alternative sources, such as fuel cells, to reduce idling time, to heat or cool truck cabins, or to provide power for other equipment.
  2243. Determine orientation of tracts of land, including position, boundaries, size, and shape, using theodolites, electronic distance-measuring equipment, satellite-based positioning equipment, land information systems, or other geodetic survey equipment.
  2244. Participate in geological, geophysical, geochemical, hydrographic, or oceanographic surveys, prospecting field trips, exploratory drilling, well logging, or underground mine survey programs.
  2245. Serve meals and snacks in accordance with nutritional guidelines.
  2246. Set up and operate drill presses to drill and tap holes in parts for assembly.
  2247. Bolt or nail together wood or steel framework to erect derricks.
  2248. Mix and add detergents, dyes, bleaches, starches, and other solutions and chemicals to clean, color, dry, or stiffen articles.
  2249. Design sensors or switches that require little or no power to operate for environmental monitoring or industrial metering applications.
  2250. Mix ingredients, such as liquor, soda, water, sugar, and bitters, to prepare cocktails and other drinks.
  2251. Provide customers with product samples and catalogs.
  2252. Advise customers concerning equipment operation, maintenance, or programming.
  2253. Review logs, datasheets, or reports to ensure adequate production levels and safe production environments or to identify abnormalities with power production equipment or processes.
  2254. Confer with management and editorial staff members regarding placement and emphasis of developing news stories.
  2255. Participate in the inspection, grading, sorting, storage, and post-harvest treatment of crops.
  2256. Review and evaluate treatment procedures and outcomes of other psychiatrists or medical professionals.
  2257. Perform ongoing hardware and software maintenance operations, including installing or upgrading hardware or software.
  2258. Assist speech-language pathologists in the conduct of client screenings or assessments of language, voice, fluency, articulation, or hearing.
  2259. Conduct employee training sessions on subjects such as hazardous material handling, employee orientation, quality improvement, or computer use.
  2260. Prepare and issue orders of the court, such as probation orders, release documentation, sentencing information, or summonses.
  2261. Perform procedures such as animal dehorning or castration.
  2262. Operate safety equipment and use safe work habits.
  2263. Photograph layouts, using camera, to make layout prints for supervisors or clients.
  2264. Remove clogs, defects, or impurities from machines, tanks, conveyors, screens, or other processing equipment.
  2265. Search files and contact witnesses, attorneys, or litigants to obtain information for the court.
  2266. Explain company personnel policies, benefits, and procedures to employees or job applicants.
  2267. Drive machines into position at working faces.
  2268. Educate patients about self-management of acute or chronic illnesses, tailoring instructions to patients' individual circumstances.
  2269. Research methods of processing, forming, and firing materials to develop such products as ceramic dental fillings, unbreakable dinner plates, and telescope lenses.
  2270. Communicate with customers regarding orders, comments, and complaints.
  2271. Decorate clients' nails by piercing or attaching ornaments or designs.
  2272. Prepare calculations for receipts and deliveries of oil and oil products.
  2273. Immerse workpieces in coating solutions or liquid metal or plastic for specified times.
  2274. Provide assistance to patrons by performing duties such as opening doors or carrying bags.
  2275. Stock shelves with products.
  2276. Provide assistance to persons with disabilities in reaching less accessible areas of municipal facilities.
  2277. Skin quarry, using knives, and stretch pelts on frames to be cured.
  2278. Maintain databases of logistics information.
  2279. Investigate activities of institutions to enforce laws and regulations and to ensure legality of transactions and operations or financial solvency.
  2280. Collect samples or cuttings, using equipment or hand tools.
  2281. Design, develop, and implement computer applications for use in mining operations such as mine design, modeling, or mapping or for monitoring mine conditions.
  2282. Evaluate hearing and balance disorders to determine diagnoses and courses of treatment.
  2283. Conduct audits at hazardous waste sites or industrial sites or participate in hazardous waste site investigations.
  2284. Remove pieces of stone from larger masses, using jackhammers, wedges, and other tools.
  2285. Refer to manufacturers' manuals to obtain maintenance instructions pertaining to specific malfunctions.
  2286. Direct and coordinate workers involved in drawing and cutting patterns and constructing samples or finished garments.
  2287. Measure and cut insulation for covering surfaces, using tape measures, handsaws, power saws, knives, or scissors.
  2288. Become familiar with digging plans, machine capabilities and limitations, and with efficient and safe digging procedures in a given application.
  2289. Align and assemble parts to produce completed products, using gauges and hand tools.
  2290. Teach graduate or continuing education courses or seminars in biostatistics.
  2291. Select performers for roles or submit lists of suitable performers to producers or directors for final selection.
  2292. Maintain files of information relating to emergency calls, such as personnel rosters, and emergency call-out and pager files.
  2293. Collect and document patients' pre-anesthetic health histories.
  2294. Enter data, such as coordinates of images and color specifications, into system to retouch and make color corrections.
  2295. Keep records of materials filed or removed, using logbooks or computers and generate computerized reports.
  2296. Form concavities in bottoms of articles to improve stability, using tracing punches and hammers.
  2297. Sell bicycles and accessories.
  2298. Coordinate and link the computer systems within an organization to increase compatibility and so information can be shared.
  2299. Confer with professionals on client's treatment team to develop, coordinate, or integrate treatment plans.
  2300. Observe and test foods to determine if they have been cooked sufficiently, using methods such as tasting, smelling, or piercing them with utensils.
  2301. Dye articles to change or restore their colors, using knowledge of textile compositions and the properties and effects of bleaches and dyes.
  2302. Implement and coordinate mine safety programs, including the design and maintenance of protective and rescue equipment and safety devices.
  2303. Design or implement plans for structural demolition and debris removal.
  2304. Negotiate contracts with clients including desired training outcomes, fees, or expenses.
  2305. Perform administrative duties, such as authorizing leaves or processing time sheets.
  2306. Develop photonics sensing or manufacturing technologies to improve the efficiency of manufacturing or related processes.
  2307. Diagnose and treat hearing or related disabilities under the direction of an audiologist.
  2308. Turn or reposition bedridden patients.
  2309. Teach students or other staff.
  2310. Monitor incoming and outgoing pictures and sound feeds to ensure quality and notify directors of any possible problems.
  2311. Feed products into machines by hand or conveyor.
  2312. Present and defend proposals for climate change research projects.
  2313. Collect product samples by turning bleeder valves, or by lowering containers into tanks to obtain oil samples.
  2314. Review documents, such as production schedules, work orders, or staffing tables, to determine personnel or materials requirements or material priorities.
  2315. Provide workers with assistance in performing duties as necessary to meet deadlines.
  2316. Assess logs after cutting to ensure that the quality and length are correct.
  2317. Maintain system logs or manuals to document testing or operation of equipment.
  2318. Implement or test design solutions.
  2319. Review installation or quality assurance documentation.
  2320. Locate and distribute resources, such as periodicals or curricula, to enhance the effectiveness of educational programs.
  2321. Conduct research to develop methodologies, instrumentation, and procedures for medical application, analyzing data and presenting findings.
  2322. Confer with clients to determine objectives, budget, background information, and presentation approaches, styles, and techniques.
  2323. Investigate special fire issues, such as railroad fire problems, right-of-way burning, or slash disposal problems.
  2324. Delegate authority for the receipt, disbursement, banking, protection, and custody of funds, securities, and financial instruments.
  2325. Monitor the work of specialists, such as electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, interior designers, or sound specialists to ensure optimal form or function of designs or final structures.
  2326. Provide technical direction on environmental planning to energy engineers, biologists, geologists, or other professionals working to develop restoration plans or strategies.
  2327. Advocate for individual or community health needs with government agencies or health service providers.
  2328. Build underbeds and install anchor bolts, wires, and brackets.
  2329. Plan environmental restoration projects, using biological databases, environmental strategies, and planning software.
  2330. Gather intelligence information by field observation, confidential information sources, or public records.
  2331. Schedule client appointments.
  2332. Dig holes, using augers, and set poles, using cranes and power equipment.
  2333. Work with clients to identify their financial goals and to find ways of reaching those goals.
  2334. Evaluate manufacturing equipment, materials, or components.
  2335. Program farm equipment, such as variable-rate planting equipment or pesticide sprayers, based on input from crop scouting and analysis of field condition variability.
  2336. Examine components of timepieces such as watches, clocks, or chronometers for defects, using loupes or microscopes.
  2337. Fill customer orders from stock and place orders when requested items are out of stock.
  2338. Teach or supervise students and perform research at universities and colleges.
  2339. Coordinate established courses with technical and professional courses provided by community schools and designate training procedures.
  2340. Start pumps to mix solutions and fill tanks.
  2341. Request or compile necessary import documentation, such as customs invoices, certificates of origin, and cargo-control documents.
  2342. Advise or consult with individuals and institutions regarding issues such as the historical authenticity of materials or the customs of a specific historical period.
  2343. Complete and submit tax forms and returns, workers' compensation forms, pension contribution forms, and other government documents.
  2344. Disassemble and assemble motors, and repair and maintain electrical components and machinery parts, using hand tools.
  2345. Ravel seams that connect cloth ends when processing is completed.
  2346. Devise cultural methods or environmental controls for plants for which guidelines are sketchy or nonexistent.
  2347. Solder electrical connections, using soldering iron.
  2348. Conduct analyses to determine the maximum amount of work that can be accomplished for a given amount of energy in a system, such as industrial production systems and waste treatment systems.
  2349. Take dictation in shorthand or by machine and transcribe information.
  2350. Test machines, components, materials, or products to determine characteristics such as performance, strength, or response to stress.
  2351. Sort or classify information according to guidelines, such as content, purpose, user criteria, or chronological, alphabetical, or numerical order.
  2352. Record information about any baggage that sets off alarms in monitoring equipment.
  2353. Recommend tests or testing conditions in accordance with designs, customer requirements, or industry standards to ensure test validity.
  2354. Determine how food should be presented and create decorative food displays.
  2355. Maintain machines and remove and replace broken or worn machine tools, using hand tools.
  2356. Collaborate with other professionals, such as restorative dentists and orthodontists, to plan treatment.
  2357. Combine secondary data sources with keyword research to more accurately profile and satisfy user intent.
  2358. Determine appraised values of diamonds and other gemstones based on price guides, market fluctuations, and stone grades and rarity.
  2359. Perform personnel actions, such as hiring and firing staff, providing employee orientation and training, and conducting supervisory activities, such as creating work schedules or organizing employee time sheets.
  2360. Train others to install, use, or maintain robots.
  2361. Advise industries or government agencies about environmental policies and standards.
  2362. Test physical properties of products with testing devices such as acid-bath testers, burst testers, and impact testers.
  2363. Collaborate with other authorities on activities, such as surveillance, transcription, and research.
  2364. Assist coroners at death scenes or at autopsies, file police reports, and testify at inquests or in court, if employed by a coroner.
  2365. Study ways to improve agricultural sustainability, such as the use of new methods of composting.
  2366. Establish guidelines for procedures and policies that comply with new and revised regulations and direct their implementation.
  2367. Inspect marine equipment and machinery to draw up work requests and job specifications.
  2368. Supply guests or travelers with directions, travel information, and other information, such as available services and points of interest.
  2369. Study engineering drawings and blueprints to determine materials requirements and task sequences.
  2370. Write operational instructions to be used in nuclear plant operation or nuclear fuel or waste handling and disposal.
  2371. Establish credit limits and grant extensions of credit on overdue accounts.
  2372. Maintain supplies of tools, equipment, and materials, and order additional supplies as needed.
  2373. Check to ensure that documentation, such as procedure manuals or logbooks, are in the driver's cab and available for staff use.
  2374. Prepare reports, including assignment of company funds or recording of department revenues.
  2375. Administer anesthetic, adjuvant, or accessory drugs under the direction of an anesthesiologist.
  2376. Control the direction of a tree's fall by scoring cutting lines with axes, sawing undercuts along scored lines with chainsaws, knocking slabs from cuts with single-bit axes, and driving wedges.
  2377. Disassemble and clean anesthesia equipment.
  2378. Train staff on technical procedures or software program usage.
  2379. Locate performers or extras for crowd and background scenes, and stand-ins or photo doubles for actors, by direct contact or through agents.
  2380. Coordinate activities of workers engaged in research, planning, and development.
  2381. Schedule and make regular visits to farmers.
  2382. Confer with customers to assess customer needs or obtain feedback.
  2383. Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of nursing practice or organizational systems.
  2384. Lay primacord between rows of charged blast holes, and tie cord into main lines to form blast patterns.
  2385. Apply glazes, icings, or other toppings to baked goods, using spatulas or brushes.
  2386. Counsel students regarding educational issues, such as course and program selection, class scheduling and registration, school adjustment, truancy, study habits, and career planning.
  2387. Maintain claim files, such as records of settled claims and an inventory of claims requiring detailed analysis.
  2388. Research and control animal selection and breeding practices to increase production efficiency and improve animal quality.
  2389. Advise patients about treatments and foot care techniques necessary for prevention of future problems.
  2390. Run low voltage wiring on ceiling surfaces, using insulated staples.
  2391. Provide or coordinate troubleshooting support for data warehouses.
  2392. Develop and maintain the company's corporate image and identity, which includes the use of logos and signage.
  2393. Determine a published or broadcasted story's emphasis, length, and format and organize material accordingly.
  2394. Patrol burned areas after fires to locate and eliminate hot spots that may restart fires.
  2395. Perform courtroom duties, including calling calendars, administering oaths, and swearing in jury panels and witnesses.
  2396. Transcribe medical reports.
  2397. Prepare and file annual tax returns or prepare financial information so that outside accountants can complete tax returns.
  2398. Dismantle malfunctioning systems and test components, using electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic testing equipment.
  2399. Develop nursing service philosophies, goals, policies, priorities, or procedures.
  2400. Review project activities and prepare and review research, testing, or operational reports.
  2401. Promote awareness or use of alternative or renewable energy sources.
  2402. Obtain and serve subpoenas.
  2403. Generate high-resolution images or measure force-distance curves, using techniques such as atomic force microscopy.
  2404. Produce environmental assessment reports, tabulating data and preparing charts, graphs, or sketches.
  2405. Use fire suppression methods in industrial emergencies.
  2406. Perform preventative maintenance or minor repairs on meters.
  2407. Mix specified amounts of sand, clay, dirt, or mortar powder with water to form refractory mixtures.
  2408. Monitor database performance and perform any necessary maintenance, upgrades, or repairs.
  2409. Participate in the development or testing of electrical aspects of new green technologies, such as lighting, optical data storage devices, or energy efficient televisions.
  2410. Search prisoners and vehicles and conduct shakedowns of cells for valuables and contraband, such as weapons or drugs.
  2411. Select tools, equipment, or materials from storage and transport items to work site.
  2412. Shade negatives or photographs with pencils to smooth facial contours, soften highlights, or conceal blemishes, stray hairs, or wrinkles.
  2413. Develop specialized computer software routines, internet-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases, or business applications to customize geographic information.
  2414. Practice musical instrument performances, individually or in rehearsal with other musicians, to master individual pieces of music or to maintain and improve skills.
  2415. Answer customer inquiries or explain cost, availability, policies, and procedures of facilities.
  2416. Act as liaisons between minority placement agencies and employers or between job search committees and other equal opportunity administrators.
  2417. Monitor strength, clarity, and reliability of incoming and outgoing signals and adjust equipment as necessary to maintain quality broadcasts.
  2418. Test nano-enabled products to determine amount of shedding or loss of nanoparticles.
  2419. Develop interview techniques, rating scales, and psychological tests used to assess skills, abilities, and interests for the purpose of employee selection, placement, or promotion.
  2420. Install solar thermal system controllers and sensors.
  2421. Develop programs designed to obtain the most productive, non-damaging use of land.
  2422. Calculate, measure, or prepare radioisotope dosages.
  2423. Perform scheduled maintenance, and clean units and components.
  2424. Reline or repair ladles and pouring spouts with refractory clay, using trowels.
  2425. Water plants, and cut, condition, and clean flowers and foliage for storage.
  2426. Clean or lubricate vehicles, machinery, equipment, instruments, tools, work areas, and other objects, using hand tools, power tools, and cleaning equipment.
  2427. Negotiate bargaining agreements.
  2428. Provide assistance to the public in complying with federal regulations of Postal Service and other federal agencies.
  2429. Instruct workers to set warning signals in front and at rear of trains during emergency stops.
  2430. Arrange buying parties and solicit sponsorship of such parties to sell merchandise.
  2431. Install or program computer hardware or machine or instrumentation software in microprocessor-based systems.
  2432. Review securities transactions to ensure conformance to regulations.
  2433. Build landscape, architectural, and display models.
  2434. Confer with parents, administrators, testing specialists, social workers, and professionals to develop individual educational plans designed to promote students' educational, physical, and social development.
  2435. Remove deceased remains from place of death.
  2436. Develop bioremediation processes to reduce pollution, protect the environment, or treat waste products.
  2437. Train clients to administer human resources functions including testing, selection, and performance management.
  2438. Disassemble defective electrical equipment, replace defective or worn parts, and reassemble equipment, using hand tools.
  2439. Review and evaluate training and apprenticeship programs for compliance with government standards.
  2440. Diagnose machine tool malfunctions to determine need for adjustments or repairs.
  2441. Inspect canal and bridge equipment, and areas such as roadbeds for damage or defects, reporting problems to supervisors as necessary.
  2442. Identify and compile database information to create maps in response to requests.
  2443. Check dimensions of materials to be used and assign numbers to lists of materials.
  2444. Record sterilizer test results.
  2445. Travel with employers to vacation homes to provide meal preparation at those locations.
  2446. Maintain job records and schedule work crew.
  2447. Present cases and participate in their discussion at claim committee meetings.
  2448. Receive or usher people to their seats for services.
  2449. Read documents on pleadings and motions to ascertain facts and issues.
  2450. Enter, update, and retrieve information from teletype networks and computerized data systems regarding such things as wanted persons, stolen property, vehicle registration, and stolen vehicles.
  2451. Inspect facilities and equipment, such as emergency management centers and communications equipment, to determine their operational and functional capabilities in emergency situations.
  2452. Evaluate the environmental impacts of engineering, architecture, or research and development activities.
  2453. Research current trends and new technology, such as printing production techniques, computer software, and design trends.
  2454. Coordinate and serve as an anchor on news broadcast programs.
  2455. Maintain files and control records to show correspondence activities.
  2456. Receive and fill telephone orders for parts.
  2457. Diagnose problems involving wind turbine generators or control systems.
  2458. Represent organization at personnel-related hearings and investigations.
  2459. Attend photo shoots and printing sessions to ensure that the products needed are obtained.
  2460. Provide assistance to teachers and students by locating materials and helping to complete special projects.
  2461. Select and insert required templates into pattern frames beneath the stylus of a machine cutting tool or router.
  2462. Take action to contain any hazardous chemicals that could catch fire, leak, or spill.
  2463. Monitor establishment activities to ensure adherence to all state gaming regulations and company policies and procedures.
  2464. Lead field training sites and train field staff, students, and volunteers in excavation methods.
  2465. Release air bubbles and smooth seams, using rollers.
  2466. Coordinate physical medicine and rehabilitation services with other medical activities.
  2467. Monitor operations to ensure that standards for sound and image projection quality are met.
  2468. Perform systems analysis and programming tasks to maintain and control the use of computer systems software as a systems programmer.
  2469. Participate in wildlife management, disease control, and research activities.
  2470. Recommend design changes or upgrades of microfilming, film-developing, or photographic equipment.
  2471. Arrange for typing, duplication, and distribution of material.
  2472. Inventory products and order new supplies.
  2473. Approve, reject, or coordinate the approval or rejection of lines of credit or commercial, real estate, or personal loans.
  2474. Respond to emergency situations by providing airway management, administering emergency fluids or drugs, or using basic or advanced cardiac life support techniques.
  2475. Check translations of technical terms and terminology to ensure that they are accurate and remain consistent throughout translation revisions.
  2476. Manipulate strings, wires, rods, or fingers to animate puppets or dummies in synchronization with talking, singing, or recorded programs.
  2477. Clean and remove blockages from infested areas to facilitate spraying procedures and provide drainage, using brooms, mops, shovels, or rakes.
  2478. Report all positions or trading results.
  2479. Monitor various radio frequencies such as those used by public works departments, school security, and civil defense to keep apprised of developing situations.
  2480. Identify key risks and mitigating factors of potential investments, such as asset types and values, legal and ownership structures, professional reputations, customer bases, or industry segments.
  2481. Select and combine the most effective shots of each scene to form a logical and smoothly running story.
  2482. Direct traffic flow and reroute traffic in case of emergencies.
  2483. Smooth or finish freshly poured cement or concrete, using floats, trowels, screeds, or powered cement finishing tools.
  2484. Sort and deliver library mail and packages.
  2485. Develop manufacturing infrastructure to integrate or deploy new manufacturing processes.
  2486. Clean stains from fabric or garments, using spray guns and cleaning fluid.
  2487. Simulate or model fuel cell, motor, or other system information, using simulation software programs.
  2488. Care for children in institutional setting, such as group homes, nursery schools, private businesses, or schools for the handicapped.
  2489. Confer with customers to determine furniture colors or finishes.
  2490. Change dressings on wounds.
  2491. Collaborate with law enforcement to investigate and solve external theft or fraud cases.
  2492. Direct activities of workers who search records and examine titles, assigning, scheduling, and evaluating work, and providing technical guidance as necessary.
  2493. Dip, brush, or spray assembled articles with protective or decorative finishes, such as stain, varnish, paint, or lacquer.
  2494. Direct workers compiling summary sheets for each race or event to record amounts wagered and amounts to be paid to winners.
  2495. Inform customers by mail or telephone of order information, such as unit prices, shipping dates, and any anticipated delays.
  2496. Smooth surfaces of finished pieces, using rubber scrapers and wet sponges.
  2497. Separate materials or products according to size, weight, type, condition, color, or shade.
  2498. Compose letters in reply to correspondence concerning such items as requests for merchandise, damage claims, credit information requests, delinquent accounts, incorrect billing, or unsatisfactory service.
  2499. Operate nuclear power reactors in accordance with policies and procedures to protect workers from radiation and to ensure environmental safety.
  2500. Plan and prepare food for parties, holiday meals, luncheons, special functions, and other social events.
  2501. Review operational expenses, budget estimates, betting accounts, or collection reports for accuracy.
  2502. Attend hospital in-service programs related to areas of work specialization.
  2503. Follow strict safety procedures when handling toxic materials to avoid contamination.
  2504. Wash dishes, glassware, and silverware after meals.
  2505. Monitor transportation and storage of flammable or other potentially dangerous feedstocks or products to ensure adherence to safety guidelines.
  2506. Inspect shipments to ensure that freight is securely braced and blocked.
  2507. Promote safe work activities by conducting safety audits, attending company safety meetings, or meeting with individual staff members.
  2508. Prepare diagnostic or treatment reports for other medical practitioners or therapists.
  2509. Move levers to activate traffic signals, navigation lights, and alarms.
  2510. Lay out reference points and dimensions on parts or metal stock to be machined, using precision measuring instruments.
  2511. Plan, organize, and execute logistics support activities, such as maintenance planning, repair analysis, and test equipment recommendations.
  2512. Provide directions and respond to passenger inquiries.
  2513. Operate jigger machines to form ceramic ware, such as bowls, cups, plates, and saucers.
  2514. Inform supervisors of equipment malfunctions that need to be addressed.
  2515. Collaborate with other staff members to perform clinical assessments or develop treatment plans.
  2516. Manage business aspects such as employing or supervising staff or handling paperwork or insurance claims.
  2517. Develop and implement records management program for filing, protection, and retrieval of records, and assure compliance with program.
  2518. Confer with taxpayers or their representatives to discuss the issues, laws, and regulations involved in returns, and to resolve problems with returns.
  2519. Apply coatings or operate systems to mitigate corrosion of geothermal plant equipment or structures.
  2520. Schedule or administer skill, intelligence, psychological, or drug tests for current or prospective employees.
  2521. Verify the accuracy of survey data, including measurements and calculations conducted at survey sites.
  2522. Assist in training technicians, medical students, residents or other staff members.
  2523. Generate financial ratios, using computer programs, to evaluate customers' financial status.
  2524. Identify environmental mitigation alternatives, ensuring compliance with applicable standards, laws, or regulations.
  2525. Operate computerized laboratory equipment to dehydrate, decalcify, or microincinerate tissue samples.
  2526. Perform routine maintenance or minor repairs to landfill gas collection and power generation systems, including equipment such as pneumatic pumps, blower or flare systems, and condensate management systems.
  2527. Start aircraft and observe gauges, meters, and other instruments to detect evidence of malfunctions.
  2528. Note malfunctions of equipment, instruments, or controls and report these conditions to supervisors.
  2529. Act as official escorts, such as when leading funeral processions or firefighters.
  2530. Place spools of thread, cord, or other materials on spindles, insert bobbins, and thread ends through machine guides and components.
  2531. Converse with customer to determine destination, mode of transportation, travel dates, financial considerations, and accommodations required.
  2532. Plan and conduct industrial hygiene research.
  2533. Maintain food and equipment inventories, and keep inventory records.
  2534. Check the forms that hold the concrete to see that they are properly constructed.
  2535. Burn grooves or crevices in molds in order to correct defects, using soldering guns.
  2536. Position spouts or chutes of storage bins so that containers can be filled.
  2537. Apply cosmetics to impart lifelike appearance to the deceased.
  2538. Establish new computer accounts.
  2539. Perform basic diagnostic procedures, such as blood pressure screening, breast cancer screening, or communicable disease screening.
  2540. Contribute written material or data for grant or patent applications.
  2541. Supervise claims adjusters to ensure that adjusters have followed proper methods.
  2542. Move controls, buttons, or levers to start blowers, and to regulate flow of materials through nozzles.
  2543. Operate high voltage switches or related devices in hydropower stations.
  2544. Research diseases to which animals could be susceptible.
  2545. Develop and implement marketing plans for home pages, including print advertising or advertisement rotation.
  2546. Cut cover material to specified dimensions, fitting and gluing material to binder boards by hand or machine.
  2547. Write columns, editorials, commentaries, or reviews that interpret events or offer opinions.
  2548. Inspect crops, fields, or plant stock to determine conditions and need for cultivating, spraying, weeding, or harvesting.
  2549. Conduct environmental safety inspections in accordance with standard protocols to ensure that production activities comply with environmental regulations or standards.
  2550. Confer with engineers, customers, vendors, or others to discuss existing or potential electronics engineering projects or products.
  2551. Photograph crime or accident scenes for evidence records.
  2552. Read, interpret, and adjust monitoring equipment, such as flow meters and pressure or vacuum gauges.
  2553. Review operating budgets to analyze trends affecting budget needs.
  2554. Design or develop software systems, using scientific analysis and mathematical models to predict and measure outcome and consequences of design.
  2555. Read from sacred texts such as the Bible, Torah, or Koran.
  2556. Restock kitchen supplies, rotate food, and stamp the time and date on food in coolers.
  2557. Inform prospective purchasers about models, numbers, and prices of garments, the garments' designers, and where garments can be purchased.
  2558. Break or cut bricks, tiles, or blocks to size, using trowel edge, hammer, or power saw.
  2559. Confer with engineering, supervisory, or manufacturing personnel to exchange technical information.
  2560. Refer patients to other specialists, as needed.
  2561. Review blueprints, sketches, or work orders to gather information about tasks to be completed.
  2562. Record survey measurements and descriptive data, using notes, drawings, sketches, and inked tracings.
  2563. Collect samples of gases, soils, water, industrial wastewater, or asbestos products to conduct tests on pollutant levels or identify sources of pollution.
  2564. Install door frames, rails, steel rolling curtains, electronic-eye mechanisms, or electric door openers and closers, using power tools, hand tools, and electronic test equipment.
  2565. Study physical principles of living cells or organisms and their electrical or mechanical energy, applying methods and knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, or biology.
  2566. Analyze manufacturing processes or byproducts to identify engineering solutions to minimize the output of carbon or other pollutants.
  2567. Perform systems analysis or programming of radio frequency identification device (RFID) technology.
  2568. Examine patients to assess abnormalities of jaw development, tooth position, and other dental-facial structures.
  2569. Sew fringe, tassels, and ruffles onto drapes and curtains, and buttons and trimming onto garments.
  2570. Make minor repairs using basic hand or power tools and materials, such as glass, lumber, and drywall.
  2571. Examine and grade trees according to standard charts and staple color-coded grade tags to limbs.
  2572. Consult with product development personnel on product specifications such as design, color, or packaging.
  2573. Troubleshoot and resolve problems with distance learning equipment or applications.
  2574. Mix and apply glazes, and load glazed pieces into kilns for firing.
  2575. Develop and maintain relationships with banking, insurance, and nonorganizational accounting personnel to facilitate financial activities.
  2576. Follow up on results of counseling programs and clients' adjustments to determine effectiveness of programs.
  2577. Design or evaluate human work systems, using human factors engineering and ergonomic principles to optimize usability, cost, quality, safety, or performance.
  2578. Lower and explode charges in boreholes to start flow of oil from wells.
  2579. Plan and conduct activities for a balanced program of instruction, demonstration, and work time that provides students with opportunities to observe, question, and investigate.
  2580. Remove finished pieces from pressing machines and hang or stack them for cooling, or forward them for additional processing.
  2581. Identify and analyze areas of potential risk to the assets, earning capacity, or success of organizations.
  2582. Observe and evaluate students' performance, behavior, social development, and physical health.
  2583. Raise trucks, buses, and heavy parts or equipment using hydraulic jacks or hoists.
  2584. Train caregivers how to provide for the needs of a patient during and after therapy.
  2585. Communicate nonverbally with children to provide them with comfort, encouragement, or positive reinforcement.
  2586. Serve warrants and make arrests.
  2587. Examine gems during processing to ensure accuracy of angles and positions of cuts or bores, using magnifying glasses, loupes, or shadowgraphs.
  2588. Prepare samples or photomicrographs for testing and analysis.
  2589. Prepare reports summarizing daily transactions and earnings for individual customer accounts.
  2590. Direct or coordinate production, processing, distribution, or marketing activities of industrial organizations.
  2591. Provide expertise in the design, management and evaluation of study protocols and health status questionnaires, sample selection, and analysis.
  2592. Testify in court to present evidence or act as witness in traffic and criminal cases.
  2593. Receive cash and checks and make deposits.
  2594. Review company contracts to determine actions required to meet governmental equal opportunity provisions.
  2595. Respond to customer inquiries or complaints.
  2596. Adapt instructional techniques to the age and skill levels of students.
  2597. Update the content of educational programs to ensure that students are being trained with equipment and processes that are technologically current.
  2598. Precast terrazzo blocks in wooden forms.
  2599. Sew garments, using needles and thread or sewing machines.
  2600. Fabricate or assemble mechanical, electrical, or electronic components or assemblies.
  2601. Maintain accurate and complete student records, and prepare reports on children and activities, as required by laws, district policies, and administrative regulations.
  2602. Review and detail shop drawings for construction plans.
  2603. Perform cesarean sections or other surgical procedures as needed to preserve patients' health and deliver babies safely.
  2604. Explain and interpret house rules, such as game rules or betting limits.
  2605. Create or distribute offline promotional material, such as brochures, pamphlets, business cards, stationary, or signage.
  2606. Request support from technical service centers when on-site procedures fail to solve installation or maintenance problems.
  2607. Complete expense reports, sales reports, or other paperwork.
  2608. Counsel family members to assist them in understanding, dealing with, or supporting clients or patients.
  2609. Weigh, measure, and mix ingredients according to recipes or personal judgment, using various kitchen utensils and equipment.
  2610. Study aquatic plants and animals and environmental conditions affecting them, such as radioactivity or pollution.
  2611. Rescue distressed persons, using rescue techniques and equipment.
  2612. Analyze equipment performance records to assess equipment functioning.
  2613. Take dining reservations.
  2614. Monitor follow-up actions in cases where violations were found, and review compliance monitoring reports.
  2615. Inspect event facilities to ensure that they conform to customer requirements.
  2616. Participate in physical training activities to maintain a high level of physical fitness.
  2617. Take, receive, or check periodic inmate counts.
  2618. Scrape or wash conveyors, using belt scrapers or belt washers, to minimize dust production.
  2619. Select paint according to company requirements and match paint colors, following specified color charts.
  2620. Provide consulting services, including educational programs, outreach programs, or prevention talks to schools, social service agencies, businesses, or the general public.
  2621. Inspect locomotives to detect damaged or worn parts.
  2622. Apply engineering principles or practices to emerging fields, such as robotics, waste management, or biomedical engineering.
  2623. Input data, such as file numbers, new or updated information, or document information codes into computer systems to support document and information retrieval.
  2624. Evaluate findings to develop, design, or test equipment or processes.
  2625. Review customer accounts to determine whether payments are made on time and that other loan terms are being followed.
  2626. Discharge patient from physical therapy when goals or projected outcomes have been attained and provide for appropriate follow-up care or referrals.
  2627. Enroll individuals to participate in programs and notify them of their acceptance.
  2628. Study specifications in blueprints, sketches, or building plans to prepare project layout and determine dimensions and materials required.
  2629. Regulate open burning by issuing burning permits, inspecting problem sites, issuing citations for violations of laws and ordinances, or educating the public in proper burning practices.
  2630. Specialize in repairing and maintaining parts of the engine, such as fuel injection systems.
  2631. Develop rehabilitation programs for assigned offenders or inmates, establishing rules of conduct, goals, and objectives.
  2632. Analyze information related to transportation, such as land use policies, environmental impact of projects, or long-range planning needs.
  2633. Develop or maintain hygiene programs, such as noise surveys, continuous atmosphere monitoring, ventilation surveys, or asbestos management plans.
  2634. Hand items to surgeons during operations.
  2635. Perform a series of manual adjustments to the spine or other articulations of the body to correct the musculoskeletal system.
  2636. Cut grooves along outlines, using chisels.
  2637. Adjust controls to regulate temperature, pressure, feed, or flow of liquids or gases and times of prescribed reactions, according to knowledge of equipment and processes.
  2638. Cash checks and pay out money after verifying that signatures are correct, that written and numerical amounts agree, and that accounts have sufficient funds.
  2639. Read logsheets to determine product demand and disposition, or to detect malfunctions.
  2640. Lift raw materials, finished products, and packed items, manually or using hoists.
  2641. Develop, implement, or evaluate individualized plans for midwifery care.
  2642. Advise animal owners regarding the purchase of specific animals.
  2643. Drive trucks to installation sites and unload mirrors, glass equipment, or tools.
  2644. Install dehumidifiers or related equipment for spaces that require cool, dry air to operate efficiently, such as computer rooms.
  2645. Keep records on individual children, including daily observations and information about activities, meals served, and medications administered.
  2646. Decide which images to include, looking for differences between healthy and pathological areas.
  2647. Wear costumes or sign boards and walk in public to promote merchandise, services, or events.
  2648. Transport bodies to the morgue.
  2649. Visit prospective buyers at commercial, industrial, or other establishments to show samples or catalogs, and to inform them about product pricing, availability, and advantages.
  2650. Monitor postproduction processes to ensure accurate completion of details.
  2651. Assess clinical education needs and patient and client teaching needs using a variety of methods.
  2652. Confer with technical and supervisory personnel to report or resolve conditions affecting safety, efficiency, or product quality.
  2653. Collaborate with members of the business community to improve programs, to develop new programs, and to provide student access to learning opportunities, such as internships.
  2654. Advise technical professionals on the development or use of environmental compliance or reporting tools.
  2655. Study illustrations and photographs to plan presentation of materials, products, or services.
  2656. Bore boltholes in timber, masonry or concrete walls, using power drill.
  2657. Melt or heat coating materials to specified temperatures.
  2658. Prepare layouts of machinery, tools, plants, or equipment.
  2659. Submit plans for approval, and adapt plans to serve intended purposes, or to conform to budget or fabrication restrictions.
  2660. Identify any health or safety issues related to planned weatherization projects.
  2661. Identify environmental risks and develop risk management strategies for civil engineering projects.
  2662. Develop environmental management or restoration plans for sites with power transmission lines, natural gas pipelines, fuel refineries, geothermal plants, wind farms, or solar farms.
  2663. Season and cook food according to recipes or personal judgment and experience.
  2664. Remove full take-up reels and run film through rewinding machines to rewind projected films so they may be shown again.
  2665. Record production data, including volume produced, consumption of raw materials, or quality control measures.
  2666. Collect animal or crop samples.
  2667. Collect and report information on populations or conditions of fish and wildlife in their habitats, availability of game food or cover, or suspected pollution.
  2668. Conduct routine and special inspections as required by regulations.
  2669. Select, administer, score, and interpret psychological tests to obtain information on individuals' intelligence, achievements, interests, or personalities.
  2670. Position articles over snarling tools and raise design areas, using foot-powered hammers.
  2671. Conduct in-flight tests and evaluations at specified altitudes and in all types of weather to determine the receptivity and other characteristics of equipment and systems.
  2672. Advise clients on financial and legal matters such as investments and taxes.
  2673. Modify cooking and forming operations based on the results of sampling processes, adjusting time cycles and ingredients to achieve desired qualities, such as firmness or texture.
  2674. Collect data relating to commercial or residential development, population, or power system interconnection to determine operating efficiency of electrical systems.
  2675. Prioritize client debt repayment to avoid dire consequences, such as bankruptcy or foreclosure or to reduce overall costs, such as by paying high-interest or short-term loans first.
  2676. Start machine by engaging controls.
  2677. Sell tickets and other items to customers.
  2678. Transfer details from separate journals to general ledgers or data processing sheets.
  2679. Assemble and install new pipe organs and pianos in buildings.
  2680. Spray prepared surfaces with specified amounts of primers and decorative or finish coatings.
  2681. Monitor sound wave generating or detecting mechanisms to determine well fluid levels.
  2682. Accompany clients to doctors' offices or on other trips outside the home, providing transportation, assistance, and companionship.
  2683. Administer medication, immunizations, or blood plasma to animals as prescribed by veterinarians.
  2684. Repair and service blasting, shooting, and automotive equipment, and electrical wiring and instruments, using hand tools.
  2685. Provide information concerning the circumstances of death to relatives of the deceased.
  2686. Record test data and prepare reports, summaries, or charts that interpret test results.
  2687. Conduct follow-up interviews with counselees to determine if their needs have been met.
  2688. Recruit or hire forest firefighting personnel.
  2689. Insert plugs into receptacles and bolt or screw leads to terminals to connect equipment to power sources, using hand tools.
  2690. Drive taxicabs, limousines, company cars, or privately owned vehicles to transport passengers.
  2691. Direct installation or testing of new remote sensing hardware or software.
  2692. Observe work of teaching staff to evaluate performance and to recommend changes that could strengthen teaching skills.
  2693. Document technical specifications and operating standards for telecommunications equipment.
  2694. Track delivery progress of shipments.
  2695. Develop and perform tests and evaluations of emergency management plans in accordance with state and federal regulations.
  2696. Set up and display sample merchandise at parties or stands.
  2697. Prepare training budget for department or organization.
  2698. Fit, test, and evaluate devices on patients, and make adjustments for proper fit, function, and comfort.
  2699. Convert gaming checks, coupons, tokens, or coins to currency for gaming patrons.
  2700. Remove completed workpieces from equipment or work tables, using hand tools, and place workpieces in containers.
  2701. Assemble and secure mold sections used to cast metal articles and pieces.
  2702. Prepare reports describing any title encumbrances encountered during searching activities, and outlining actions needed to clear titles.
  2703. Align posts, using lines or by sighting, and verify vertical alignment of posts, using plumb bobs or spirit levels.
  2704. Implement energy schedules, including real-time transmission reservations or schedules.
  2705. Locate and obtain existing geographic information databases.
  2706. Check finished wallcoverings for proper alignment, pattern matching, and neatness of seams.
  2707. Teach clients to travel independently using a variety of actual or simulated travel situations or exercises.
  2708. Participate in case conferences or staff meetings.
  2709. Measure area dimensions requiring treatment, calculate fumigant requirements, and estimate cost for service.
  2710. Install, inspect and test electric meters, relays, and power sources to detect causes of malfunctions and inaccuracies, using hand tools and testing equipment.
  2711. Compile information about new accounts, enter account information into computers, and file related forms or other documents.
  2712. Verify that heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are designed, installed, and calibrated in accordance with green certification standards, such as those of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).
  2713. Verify accuracy of materials lists.
  2714. Create content strategies for digital media.
  2715. Assist with cremations and the processing and packaging of cremated remains.
  2716. Move controls and turn valves to start compressor engines, pumps, and auxiliary equipment.
  2717. Maintain ophthalmic instruments or equipment.
  2718. Assist patrons in finding seats, lighting the way with flashlights, if necessary.
  2719. Conduct regular reviews of property within jurisdictions to determine changes in property due to construction or demolition.
  2720. Refer patients to medical specialists or other practitioners when necessary.
  2721. Record, review, or maintain daily logs, reports, maintenance, and other records associated with geothermal operations.
  2722. Implement new or modified plans in response to delays, bad weather, or construction site emergencies.
  2723. Manage informational kiosks or displays of event signs or posters.
  2724. Assess nature and extent of fire, condition of building, danger to adjacent buildings, and water supply status to determine crew or company requirements.
  2725. Complete birth certificates.
  2726. Adjust controls of equipment to control particle beam movement, pulse rates, energy or intensity, or radiation, according to specifications.
  2727. Read and interpret instruction manuals or technical drawings related to biomass-fueled power or biofuels production equipment or processes.
  2728. Counsel patients on topics such as the need for annual dermatologic screenings, sun protection, skin cancer awareness, or skin and lymph node self-examinations.
  2729. Thread conduit ends, connect couplings, and fabricate and secure conduit support brackets, using hand tools.
  2730. Prepare and set up x-ray room for patient.
  2731. Receive checks and cash for deposit, verify amounts, and check accuracy of deposit slips.
  2732. Document application and Web site changes or change procedures.
  2733. Monitor progress of environmental improvement programs.
  2734. Attend conventions and conferences, read trade journals, and communicate with industry insiders to keep abreast of industry developments.
  2735. Analyze data gathered and develop solutions or alternative methods of proceeding.
  2736. Participate in seminars, workshops, or other professional activities to keep abreast of developments in anesthesiology.
  2737. Study guides, charts, and specification sheets, and confer with supervisors to determine machine setup requirements.
  2738. Issue and store funeral equipment.
  2739. Formulate policies and procedures for bid proposals and procurement of goods and services.
  2740. Identify marketing channels for green products or services.
  2741. Inspect equipment or units to detect leaks or malfunctions, shutting equipment down if necessary.
  2742. Apply hand or foot brakes and move levers to lock hoists or winches.
  2743. Identify and report safety concerns to maintain a safe shopping and working environment.
  2744. Measure patients' range-of-joint motion, body parts, or vital signs to determine effects of treatments or for patient evaluations.
  2745. Install and adjust speed and gear mechanisms.
  2746. Inspect completed work to ensure all hardware is tight, antennas are level, hangers are properly fastened, proper support is in place, or adequate weather proofing has been installed.
  2747. Monitor or record locations of goods in transit.
  2748. Direct the collection and preparation of laboratory samples as requested by regulatory agencies.
  2749. Start washers, dry cleaners, driers, or extractors, and turn valves or levers to regulate machine processes and the volume of soap, detergent, water, bleach, starch, and other additives.
  2750. Perform low-pressure fuel evaluative tests (LPFET) to test for harmful emissions from vehicles without onboard diagnostics (OBD) equipment.
  2751. Force bolts into holes, using hydraulic mechanisms of self-propelled bolting machines.
  2752. Confer with customer representatives to review schematics and answer questions pertaining to installation of systems.
  2753. Weld components in flat, vertical, or overhead positions.
  2754. Punch holes in and fasten paper sheets, signatures, or other material, using hand or machine punches and staplers.
  2755. Maintain desired courses, using compasses or electronic navigational aids.
  2756. Conduct and score oral, visual, written, or performance tests to determine applicant qualifications and notify applicants of their scores.
  2757. Research renewable or alternative energy systems or technologies, such as solar thermal or photovoltaic energy.
  2758. Purchase new or used items from online or physical sources for resale via retail or auction Web site.
  2759. Evaluate and grade students' class work, performances, projects, assignments, and papers.
  2760. Conduct or direct mining experiments to test or prove research findings.
  2761. Calculate draft space and roll speed for each mill stand to plan rolling sequences and specified dimensions and tempers.
  2762. Supervise and coordinate crew activities to transport freight and passengers and to provide boarding, porter, maid, and meal services to passengers.
  2763. Administer blood, blood products, or supportive fluids.
  2764. Prepare documentation containing information such as confidential descriptions or specifications of proprietary hardware or software, product development or introduction schedules, product costs, or information about product performance weaknesses.
  2765. Report any pertinent information to the proper authorities in cases of child endangerment, neglect, or abuse.
  2766. Obtain permission from landowners to hunt or trap on their land.
  2767. Provide necessary medical care for infants at birth, including emergency care such as resuscitation.
  2768. Communicate with dispatchers by radio, telephone, or computer to exchange information and receive requests for passenger service.
  2769. Initiate, schedule, or conduct annual audits or compliance checks of program implementation by local government.
  2770. Assist educational specialists or clinical psychologists in administering situational or diagnostic tests to measure client's abilities or progress.
  2771. Prepare and paint aircraft surfaces.
  2772. Develop solar power sources for lasers used in fiber optics.
  2773. Contact equipment manufacturers or appropriate specialists when necessary to resolve equipment problems.
  2774. Maintain log books that detail all repairs and checks performed.
  2775. Investigate product complaints and prepare documentation and submissions to appropriate regulatory agencies as necessary.
  2776. Perform the duties of funeral directors, including coordinating funeral activities.
  2777. Examine and listen to equipment, read inspection reports, and confer with customers to locate and diagnose malfunctions.
  2778. Calibrate and align components, using scales, gauges, and other measuring instruments.
  2779. Interview subject matter experts or conduct other research to develop instructional content.
  2780. Build, test, and modify product prototypes using working models or theoretical models constructed with computer simulation.
  2781. Train users in details of system operation.
  2782. Document individuals' progress toward meeting their treatment goals.
  2783. Transfer components, metal products, or assemblies, using moving equipment.
  2784. Develop computer models to address transportation planning issues.
  2785. Collect oil, water, or electrolyte samples for laboratory analysis.
  2786. Design fixtures, tooling, or experimental parts to meet special engineering needs.
  2787. Evaluate manufactured products according to specifications and quality standards.
  2788. Determine or recommend radioactive decontamination procedures, according to the size and nature of equipment and the degree of contamination.
  2789. Provide technical support to clients in the implementation of designed instruction or in task analyses and instructional systems design.
  2790. Confer with suppliers to obtain bids for proposed purchases and to requisition supplies, disbursing funds according to federal regulations.
  2791. Conduct field work at outdoor sites.
  2792. Plan and direct the maintenance, filing, safekeeping, and computerization of all municipal documents.
  2793. Measure, weigh, or mix cleaning solutions, using measuring tanks, calibrated rods or suction tubes.
  2794. Restrain violent, potentially violent, or suicidal patients by verbal or physical means as required.
  2795. Inform Web site users of problems, problem resolutions, or application changes and updates.
  2796. Anesthetize and inoculate animals, according to instructions.
  2797. Publish research findings or present them at conferences and seminars.
  2798. Set up, program, operate, or tend computerized or manual woodworking machines, such as drill presses, lathes, shapers, routers, sanders, planers, or wood-nailing machines.
  2799. Analyze and interpret news and information received from various sources to broadcast the information.
  2800. Assist customers, such as responding to customer complaints and updating them about back-ordered parts.
  2801. Evaluate fire station procedures to ensure efficiency and enforcement of departmental regulations.
  2802. Admit required amounts of water, steam, cooking oils, or compressed air into equipment, such as by opening water valves to cool mixtures to the desired consistency.
  2803. Collect and examine geological matter, using hand tools and testing devices.
  2804. Sell parts and equipment.
  2805. Transport patients to and from the occupational therapy work area.
  2806. Listen to engines, rotary chains, or other equipment to detect faulty operations or unusual well conditions.
  2807. Determine food and beverage costs and assist in implementing cost control procedures.
  2808. Lay cable and hook up electrical connections between machines, power sources, and phone lines.
  2809. Maintain campsites or recreational areas, replenishing firewood or other supplies and cleaning kitchens or restrooms.
  2810. Use cameras in any of several different camera mounts, such as stationary, track-mounted, or crane-mounted.
  2811. Estimate costs associated with operations, including repairs or preventive maintenance.
  2812. Design or analyze automobile systems in areas such as aerodynamics, alternate fuels, ergonomics, hybrid power, brakes, transmissions, steering, calibration, safety, or diagnostics.
  2813. Remove extra compound after surfaces have been covered sufficiently.
  2814. Review daily work or delivery schedules to determine orders, sequences of deliveries, or special loading instructions.
  2815. Create habitat management or restoration plans, such as native tree restoration and weed control.
  2816. Recommend or implement changes to fuel cell system designs.
  2817. Negotiate, renegotiate, and administer contracts with suppliers, vendors, and other representatives.
  2818. Perform routine maintenance, such as inspecting drives, motors, or belts, checking fluid levels, replacing filters, or doing other preventive maintenance actions.
  2819. Recommend treatment and prevention methods for pest problems to clients.
  2820. Regulate supplies of fuel and air, or control flow of electric current and water coolant to heat furnaces and adjust temperatures.
  2821. Apply bioremediation techniques to hazardous wastes to allow naturally occurring bacteria to break down toxic substances.
  2822. Clean or make minor repairs to machines or equipment.
  2823. Inspect merchandise or products to determine quality, value, or yield.
  2824. Prepare management reports defining and evaluating problems and recommending solutions.
  2825. Evaluate transportation project needs or costs.
  2826. Compile and maintain documentation on the health of a body of water.
  2827. Flag motorists to warn them of obstacles or repair work ahead.
  2828. Test water sources for factors such as flow volume and contaminant presence.
  2829. Identify sustainable alternatives to industrial or waste management practices.
  2830. Wind large springs with upward motion of arm.
  2831. Create plans for solar energy system development, monitoring, and evaluation activities.
  2832. Furnish taxpayers with sufficient information and advice to ensure correct tax form completion.
  2833. Remove mold castings from metal or jewelry workpieces, and place workpieces in water or on trays to cool.
  2834. Write or modify design specifications such as the metal contents and weights of items.
  2835. Inspect oil and gas wells to determine that installations are completed.
  2836. Design posters and special displays to promote use of library facilities or specific reading programs at libraries.
  2837. Perform surgery on the mouth and jaws to treat conditions, such as cleft lip and palate and jaw growth problems.
  2838. Direct balance of plant (BOP) construction, generator installation, testing, commissioning, or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) to ensure compliance with specifications.
  2839. Prepare detailed reports or design statements, based on results of validation and qualification tests or reviews of procedures and protocols.
  2840. Examine documentation such as mortgages, liens, judgments, easements, plat books, maps, contracts, and agreements to verify factors such as properties' legal descriptions, ownership, or restrictions.
  2841. Negotiate contracts with such service providers and suppliers as hotels, convention centers, and speakers.
  2842. Adjust or repair testing, electrical, or mechanical equipment or devices.
  2843. Supervise or perform searches of inmates or their quarters to locate contraband items.
  2844. Conduct insect or plant disease surveys.
  2845. Answer telephone calls to take messages, answer questions, and provide information during non-business hours or when switchboard is closed.
  2846. Ask speakers to clarify inaudible statements.
  2847. Maintain records of footage drilled, location and nature of strata penetrated, materials and tools used, services rendered, and time required.
  2848. Visit customer sites to determine solar system needs, requirements, or specifications.
  2849. Compound and dispense medications as prescribed by doctors and dentists, by calculating, weighing, measuring, and mixing ingredients, or oversee these activities.
  2850. Analyze information to determine, recommend, and plan layout, including type of computers and peripheral equipment modifications.
  2851. Monitor process indicators, instruments, gauges, and meters to detect and report any possible problems.
  2852. Process and code film from procedures and complete appropriate documentation.
  2853. Pour compounds into transformer-case terminal openings to seal out moisture.
  2854. Design or implement fuel cell testing or development programs.
  2855. Provide visitor services, such as explaining regulations, answering visitor requests, needs and complaints, and providing information about the park and surrounding areas.
  2856. Analyze and evaluate energy supply bids to determine the best options.
  2857. Perform computer programming, data analysis, or software development for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications, including the maintenance of existing systems or research and development for future enhancements.
  2858. Assess cardiac physiology and calculate valve areas from blood flow velocity measurements.
  2859. Check reference materials, such as books, news files, or public records, to obtain relevant facts.
  2860. Notify patrol units to take violators into custody or to provide needed assistance or medical aid.
  2861. Wipe finish rollers with cloths and wash finish trays with water when necessary.
  2862. Obtain and record accurate patient history, including prior test results or information from physical examinations.
  2863. Maintain equipment and vehicles used by surveying crews.
  2864. Investigate work-related complaints to verify problems and to determine responses.
  2865. Solicit cash or in-kind donations or sponsorships from individual, business, or government donors.
  2866. Place tires into molds for new tread.
  2867. Furnish information concerning plays to scoreboard operators.
  2868. Perform laser seam welding, heat treatment, or hard facing operations.
  2869. Advise client on interior design factors such as space planning, layout and use of furnishings or equipment, and color coordination.
  2870. Read corrected copies or proofs to ensure that all corrections have been made.
  2871. Escort individuals or groups on cruises, sightseeing tours, or through places of interest such as industrial establishments, public buildings, or art galleries.
  2872. Clean and renew steam traps.
  2873. Sift and pack sand into mold sections, core boxes, and pattern contours, using hand or pneumatic ramming tools.
  2874. Install or repair accessories.
  2875. Clean, lubricate, and maintain mechanisms such as cables, pulleys, or grappling devices, making repairs as necessary.
  2876. Clean and disinfect rooms and furnishings to maintain a safe and orderly environment.
  2877. Design products to measure or monitor airborne pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, or particulate matter.
  2878. Laminate teaching materials to increase their durability under repeated use.
  2879. Document technical functions and specifications for new or proposed content management systems.
  2880. Apply makeup to face and style hair to enhance appearance, considering such factors as color, camera techniques, and facial features.
  2881. Place, consolidate, or protect case-in-place concrete or masonry structures.
  2882. Read plans, instructions, or specifications to determine work activities.
  2883. Prepare project status reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information and trends.
  2884. Consult with engineering staff to evaluate interface between hardware and software, develop specifications and performance requirements, or resolve customer problems.
  2885. Inspect batteries for structural defects such as dented cans, damaged carbon rods and terminals, and defective seals.
  2886. Test and maintain tools, equipment, jump gear, and parachutes to ensure readiness for fire suppression activities.
  2887. Schedule examinations and assign radiologic personnel.
  2888. Attend training sessions to increase knowledge and skills.
  2889. Measure and mark pipes for cutting or threading.
  2890. Measure distances from landmarks to identify exact installation sites for equipment.
  2891. Inspect garments, and examine repair tags and markings on garments to locate defects or damage, and mark errors as necessary.
  2892. Set up various apparatus or athletic equipment.
  2893. Regulate greenhouse conditions, and indoor and outdoor irrigation systems.
  2894. Assemble and modify existing pieces of equipment to meet special needs.
  2895. Provide security by patrolling interior and exterior of courthouse and escorting judges and other court employees.
  2896. Attach slings, ropes, or cables to objects such as pipes, hoses, or bundles.
  2897. Determine sampling locations and methods, and collect water or wastewater samples for analysis, preserving samples with appropriate containers and preservation methods.
  2898. Search directories to find correct addresses for redirected mail.
  2899. Adjust, repair, or replace defective wiring and relays in ignition, lighting, air-conditioning, and safety control systems, using electrician's tools.
  2900. Report on specialized fields such as medicine, green technology, environmental issues, science, politics, sports, arts, consumer affairs, business, religion, crime, or education.
  2901. Develop or implement production tracking or quality control systems, analyzing production, quality control, maintenance, or other operational reports, to detect production problems.
  2902. Design, weld, and fabricate parts, using blueprints or other mechanical plans.
  2903. Convert vehicle fuel systems from gasoline to butane gas, ethanol, methane, or other alternative or biofuel systems.
  2904. Respond to problems by adjusting control room equipment or instructing other personnel to adjust equipment at problem locations or in other control areas.
  2905. Purchase necessary equipment.
  2906. Prepare data analysis listings and activity, performance, or progress reports.
  2907. Arrange bottles and glasses to make attractive displays.
  2908. Erect or dismantle scaffolding, shoring, braces, traffic barricades, ramps, or other temporary structures.
  2909. Prepare reports regarding inventories of raw materials or finished products.
  2910. Identify relevant guidance documents, international standards, or consensus standards and provide interpretive assistance.
  2911. Establish and execute a project communication plan.
  2912. Record and compile operating data, instrument readings, documentation, and results of laboratory analyses.
  2913. Stack cargo in locations such as transit sheds or in holds of ships as directed, using pallets or cargo boards.
  2914. Instruct people who seek conversion to a particular faith.
  2915. Perform cardiovascular nuclear medicine procedures such as exercise testing and pharmacologic stress testing.
  2916. Inspect buildings to locate hazardous conditions and fire code violations, such as accumulations of combustible material, electrical wiring problems, and inadequate or non-functional fire exits.
  2917. Stop equipment or machinery and clear jams, using poles, bars, and hand tools, or remove damaged materials from conveyors.
  2918. Accompany patients to and from wards for medical or dental treatments, shopping trips, or religious or recreational events.
  2919. Inspect machinery to determine whether repairs are needed.
  2920. Work as a member of a team, rotating between chain saw operation and skidder operation.
  2921. Load parts into containers and place containers on conveyors to be inserted into furnaces, or insert parts into furnaces.
  2922. Review and update standard operating procedures or quality assurance manuals.
  2923. Schedule repairs for locks on safe-deposit boxes.
  2924. Draw thread through machine guide slots, needles, and presser feet in preparation for stitching, or load rolls of wire through machine axles.
  2925. Analyze job orders, drawings, blueprints, specifications, printed circuit board pattern films, and design data to calculate dimensions, tool selection, machine speeds, and feed rates.
  2926. Train animals to perform certain tasks.
  2927. Compute machine indexings and settings for specified dimensions and base reference points.
  2928. Obtain evidence from suspects.
  2929. Stay up-to-date on new regulations and current events regarding food science by reviewing scientific literature.
  2930. Present climate-related information at public interest, governmental, or other meetings.
  2931. Keep abreast of developments in the field by reading current literature, talking with colleagues, giving presentations at conferences, and serving on committees in professional associations.
  2932. Inventory and inspect goods to be moved to determine quantities and conditions.
  2933. Calculate dimensions or tolerances, using instruments such as micrometers or vernier calipers.
  2934. Arrange for title searches to determine whether clients have clear property titles.
  2935. Develop or direct study courses or religious education programs within congregations.
  2936. Obtain informed consent of research subjects or their guardians.
  2937. Perform routine maintenance on equipment, such as leak detectors, glove boxes, or mechanical pumps.
  2938. Turn dials to set intensity and duration of ultrasonic impulses, according to work order specifications.
  2939. Monitor sales activities to ensure that customers receive satisfactory service and quality goods.
  2940. Check and approve the quality of diagnostic images before patients are discharged.
  2941. Rough the undercoat surface with a scratcher so the finish coat will adhere.
  2942. Assess the risks and benefits of treatment termination for clients.
  2943. Design cognitive aids, such as procedural storyboards or decision support systems.
  2944. Examine samples to verify qualities such as clarity, cleanliness, consistency, dryness, or texture.
  2945. Collect data through direct observation of work activities or witnessing the conduct of tests.
  2946. Thread and hand-feed materials through machine cutters or abraders.
  2947. Direct urban traffic counting programs.
  2948. Complete forms regarding changes of address, or theft or loss of mail, or for special services such as registered or priority mail.
  2949. Cut and form insulation, and insert insulation into armature, rotor, or stator slots.
  2950. Prepare or review engineering studies or specifications.
  2951. Fit or assist in fitting valves, couplings, or assemblies to tanks, pumps, or systems, using hand tools.
  2952. Inform clients of factors such as shipping options, timelines, transfers, or regulations affecting shipments.
  2953. Consult with or refer patients to appropriate specialists when conditions exceed the scope of practice or expertise.
  2954. Select and load materials such as workpieces, objects, and machine parts onto equipment used in coiling processes.
  2955. Design computer simulations to model physical data so that it can be better understood.
  2956. Clean tables or counters after patrons have finished dining.
  2957. Instruct interns and residents in the diagnosis and treatment of temporary or permanent physically disabling conditions.
  2958. Apply safety tags to equipment needing maintenance.
  2959. Operate tractors or bulldozers to perform such tasks as clearing land, mixing sludge, trimming backfills, or building roadways or parking lots.
  2960. Assemble molds, wrap molds in heat-resistant cloth, and ladle molten alloy into mold openings, repeating casting processes as necessary to produce specified numbers of parts.
  2961. Administer online purchasing systems.
  2962. Analyze proposed legislation, regulations, or rule changes to determine how agency services could be impacted.
  2963. Design, configure, and test computer hardware, networking software and operating system software.
  2964. Compare transportation options to determine the most energy efficient options.
  2965. Load and arrange glass or mirrors onto delivery trucks, using suction cups or cranes to lift glass.
  2966. Remove asbestos or lead from surfaces, using hand or power tools such as scrapers, vacuums, or high-pressure sprayers.
  2967. Create data management or error-checking procedures and user manuals.
  2968. Recruit personnel or oversee the development or maintenance of staff competence.
  2969. Demonstrate activities to children.
  2970. Train other staff, volunteers, or student assistants and schedule and supervise their work.
  2971. Provide information to customers on the care of trees, shrubs, flowers, plants, and lawns.
  2972. Transport patients to treatment units, testing units, operating rooms, or other areas, using wheelchairs, stretchers, or moveable beds.
  2973. Collect evidence from crime scenes, storing it in conditions that preserve its integrity.
  2974. Monitor work productivity or quality to ensure compliance with standard operating procedures.
  2975. Interview motorists about specific intersections or highways to gather road-condition information for use in planning.
  2976. Recommend, develop, or perform preventive or general maintenance procedures, such as cleaning, power-washing, or vacuuming equipment, oiling parts, or changing filters.
  2977. Design control systems or algorithms for purposes such as automotive energy management, emissions management, or increased operational safety or performance.
  2978. Order parts, supplies, or equipment from catalogs or suppliers.
  2979. Create searchable indices for Web page content.
  2980. Approve, prepare, monitor, and adjust operational budgets.
  2981. Assist with on-the-job training of new employees or students or provide input to supervisors regarding training performance.
  2982. Provide expert testimony in employment lawsuits.
  2983. Observe pressure gauge and move throttles and levers to control the speed of rotary tables, and to regulate pressure of tools at bottoms of boreholes.
  2984. Consult site reports, existing artifacts, and topographic maps to identify archeological sites.
  2985. Design graphics for studio productions.
  2986. Clean or degrease parts, using wire brushes, portable grinders, or chemical baths.
  2987. Lift or assist others to lift patients to move them on or off beds, examination tables, surgical tables, or stretchers.
  2988. Transmit and receive messages, using telephones or telephone switchboards.
  2989. Measure felled logs or loads of pulpwood to calculate volume, weight, dimensions, and marketable value, using measuring devices and conversion tables.
  2990. Direct team activities, establishing task priorities, scheduling and tracking work assignments, providing guidance, and ensuring the availability of resources.
  2991. Create finished art work as decoration, or to elucidate or substitute for spoken or written messages.
  2992. Prepare reports on civic needs.
  2993. Analyze gunshot residue and bullet paths to determine how shootings occurred.
  2994. Inspect stations, uniforms, equipment, or recreation areas to ensure compliance with safety standards, taking corrective action as necessary.
  2995. Plan and conduct research to develop and test theories about societal issues such as crime, group relations, poverty, and aging.
  2996. Collect and analyze data on customer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits to identify potential markets and factors affecting product demand.
  2997. Register, orient, and assess new students according to standards and procedures.
  2998. Fill blower hoppers with insulating materials.
  2999. Confer with coworkers to obtain information about orders, processes, or problems.
  3000. Issue or distribute materials, products, parts, and supplies to customers or coworkers, based on information from incoming requisitions.
  3001. Photograph legal evidence at crime scenes, in hospitals, or in forensic laboratories.
  3002. Set mechanical traps or place poisonous paste or bait in sewers, burrows, or ditches.
  3003. Dismount garbage trucks to collect garbage and remount trucks to ride to the next collection point.
  3004. Prepare written opinions or decisions regarding cases.
  3005. Research use of bacteria and microorganisms to develop vitamins, antibiotics, amino acids, grain alcohol, sugars, and polymers.
  3006. Input initial part dimensions into machine control panels.
  3007. Assess patients for risk of suicide attempts.
  3008. Teach proper breathing techniques used during physical exertion.
  3009. Repair and service air conditioning, heating, engine cooling, and electrical systems.
  3010. Answer telephone inquiries, referring callers to pharmacist when necessary.
  3011. Provide access to programs or training to assist in completion of government groundwater protection plans.
  3012. Stop equipment and clear blockages or jams, using fingers, wire, or hand tools.
  3013. Lower perforating guns into wells, using hoists; then use measuring devices and instrument panels to position guns in correct positions for taking samples.
  3014. Assemble fittings, valves, bowls, plates, disks, impeller shafts, or other parts to prepare equipment for operation.
  3015. Bundle mail in preparation for delivery or transportation to relay boxes.
  3016. Determine viability of sites through observation, and discuss site locations and construction requirements with customers.
  3017. Monitor raw data quality during collection and make equipment corrections as necessary.
  3018. Connect components to assemblies such as radio systems, instruments, magnetos, inverters, and in-flight refueling systems, using hand tools and soldering irons.
  3019. Maintain each station by performing general housekeeping duties such as painting, washing, and cleaning.
  3020. Correspond with customers and confer with coworkers to answer inquiries, discuss market fluctuations, or resolve account problems.
  3021. Apply spackling, compounding, or other materials to repair holes in walls.
  3022. Select thread, twine, cord, or yarn to be used, and thread needles.
  3023. Replace defective blades or wheels, using hand tools.
  3024. Conduct field surveys or study maps, graphs, diagrams, or other data to identify and correct power system problems.
  3025. Authorize release of fuel cell parts, components, or subsystems for production.
  3026. Direct, coordinate, and evaluate the activities of personnel, including support staff engaged in administering academic institutions, departments or alumni organizations.
  3027. Keep records of calls placed and charges incurred.
  3028. Meet with parents or guardians to discuss their children's progress, advise them on using community resources, or teach skills for dealing with students' impairments.
  3029. Establish zero reference points on workpieces, such as at the intersections of two edges or over hole locations.
  3030. Identify individual or transaction targets to direct intelligence collection.
  3031. Develop or implement projects to improve efficiency, economy, or effectiveness of hydroelectric plant operations.
  3032. Prescribe orthotics, prosthetics, and adaptive equipment.
  3033. Perform tests to determine lengths of exposures, by exposing plates, scanning line copy, and comparing exposures to tone range scales.
  3034. Clean and maintain equipment, using water hoses and scrapers.
  3035. Dye, soak, polish, paint, stamp, stitch, stain, buff, or engrave leather or other materials to obtain desired effects, decorations, or shapes.
  3036. Evaluate the daily living skills or capacities of physically, developmentally, or emotionally disabled clients.
  3037. Apportion and serve food to facility residents, employees, or patrons.
  3038. Collect samples from animals, plants, or products and route them to laboratories for microbiological assessment, ingredient verification, or other testing.
  3039. Develop safety procedures to be employed by workers operating equipment or working in close proximity to ongoing chemical reactions.
  3040. Develop or maintain working relationships with local government staff or board members.
  3041. Monitor operations to ensure compliance with applicable health, safety, or hygiene standards.
  3042. Take patients' body or limb measurements for use in device construction.
  3043. Drive vehicles or operate machines or equipment to complete work assignments or to assist workers.
  3044. Study feed, weight, health, genetic, or milk production records to determine feed formulas and rations and breeding schedules.
  3045. Fasten stopper heads to rods with metal pins to assemble refractory stoppers used to plug pouring nozzles of steel ladles.
  3046. Cut covering and foundation materials, according to blueprints and sketches.
  3047. Conduct materials test and analysis using tools and equipment and applying engineering knowledge.
  3048. Analyze the effectiveness of marketing tactics or channels.
  3049. Consult with multiple stakeholders to define requirements and implement online features.
  3050. Identify environmental impediments to client or patient progress through interviews and review of patient records.
  3051. Manage activities related to strategic or tactical purchasing, material requirements planning, controlling inventory, warehousing, or receiving.
  3052. Greet customers and help them locate merchandise.
  3053. Manage inventory or sale of artist merchandise.
  3054. Monitor regulatory or tax law changes to ensure fund compliance or to capitalize on development opportunities.
  3055. Interview clients individually, in families, or in groups, assessing their situations, capabilities, and problems to determine what services are required to meet their needs.
  3056. Adhere to safety practices and procedures, such as checking equipment regularly and erecting barriers around work areas.
  3057. Estimate material, time, and staffing requirements for a given project, based on work orders, job specifications, and experience.
  3058. Coordinate diet counseling services.
  3059. Read current literature, talk with colleagues, or participate in professional organizations or conferences to keep abreast of developments in pathology.
  3060. Inform and educate the public about fire prevention.
  3061. Cover treadles with carpeting or other floor covering materials and test systems by operating treadles.
  3062. Inspect equipment and read order sheets to prepare for delivery to users.
  3063. Study films or scripts to determine how musical scores can be used to create desired effects or moods.
  3064. Position booms around docked ships.
  3065. Provide training to subordinate or new employees to improve biofuels plant safety or increase the production of biofuels.
  3066. Advise ships' masters on harbor rules and customs procedures.
  3067. Perform clerical duties, such as scheduling appointments, collecting data, or documenting health insurance billings.
  3068. Prepare or supervise preparation of all data, charts, plots, maps, records, and documents related to surveys.
  3069. Assist with operations of general facilities, such as visitor centers.
  3070. Design, fabricate, or repair assistive devices or make adaptive changes to equipment or environments.
  3071. Search for and examine public and other legal records to write opinions or establish ownership.
  3072. Supervise the work of logistics specialists, planners, or schedulers.
  3073. Review and approve new programs, or recommend modifications to existing programs, submitting program proposals for school board approval as necessary.
  3074. Prescribe medications as permitted by state regulations.
  3075. Check raw ingredients for maturity or stability for processing and finished products for safety, quality, and nutritional value.
  3076. Assist patients in organizing their health care system activities.
  3077. Pay company bills by cash, vouchers, or checks.
  3078. Install, adjust, and operate electronic equipment to record, edit, and transmit radio and television programs, motion pictures, video conferencing, or multimedia presentations.
  3079. Hire staff members.
  3080. Lay hose lines and connect them to water supplies.
  3081. Trim rough edges from strips, using straightedges and trimming knives.
  3082. Research and recommend environmentally-related financial products, such as energy futures, water rights, carbon credits, government environmental funds, and cleantech industry funds and company stocks.
  3083. Adjust sensitivity of units, based on room structures and manufacturers' recommendations, using programming keypads.
  3084. Scale copy for reductions and enlargements, using proportion wheels.
  3085. Inspect floors for smoothness.
  3086. Report equipment problems and ensure that required repairs are made.
  3087. Create patterns on glass by etching, sandblasting, or painting designs.
  3088. Receive and store supplies.
  3089. Set up or maintain remote sensing data collection systems.
  3090. Operate and maintain laser plate-making equipment that converts electronic data to plates without the use of film.
  3091. Train or supervise student or subordinate radiotherapy technologists.
  3092. Research or develop analytical tools to address issues such as portfolio construction or optimization, performance measurement, attribution, profit and loss measurement, or pricing models.
  3093. Provide support and information to functional areas such as marketing, clinical monitoring, and medical affairs.
  3094. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as structural geology, micrometeorology, and atmospheric thermodynamics.
  3095. Construct and evaluate electrical components for consumer electronics applications such as fuel cells for consumer electronic devices, power saving devices for computers or televisions, or energy efficient power chargers.
  3096. Attend care plan meetings to review patient progress and update care plans.
  3097. Confer with managers to determine production requirements, conditions of equipment and supplies, and work schedules.
  3098. Give technical directions to other personnel during filming.
  3099. Teach public education programs on fire safety and prevention.
  3100. Classify and catalog items according to content and purpose.
  3101. Teach art therapy techniques or processes to artists, interns, volunteers, or others.
  3102. Employ special educational strategies and techniques during instruction to improve the development of sensory- and perceptual-motor skills, language, cognition, and memory.
  3103. Obtain information from medical records, medical staff, family members and the patients themselves to assess patients' capabilities, needs and interests.
  3104. Inspect, clean, maintain, and repair equipment, using mechanics' hand tools, or report malfunctions to supervisors.
  3105. Collect information from individuals to compile vital statistics about the general health of community members.
  3106. Prepare parts sketches and write work orders and purchase requests to be furnished by outside contractors.
  3107. Apply chemicals to neutralize the effects of solvents.
  3108. Review and update credit and loan files.
  3109. Install sewer, water, or storm drain pipes, using pipe-laying machinery or laser guidance equipment.
  3110. Advise clients regarding food stamps, child care, food, money management, sanitation, or housekeeping.
  3111. Clamp metal and plywood strips around dies or patterns to form molds.
  3112. Test machinery to ensure that it is operating properly.
  3113. Verify and analyze data used in settling claims to ensure that claims are valid and that settlements are made according to company practices and procedures.
  3114. Question individuals entering secured areas to determine their business, directing and rerouting individuals as necessary.
  3115. Groom, clip, trim, or castrate animals, dock ears and tails, or shear coats to collect hair.
  3116. Provide prenatal, intrapartum, postpartum, or newborn care to patients.
  3117. Install machines, making the necessary water and electrical connections in compliance with codes.
  3118. Provide assistance in the production of wiring assemblies.
  3119. Plan and supervise construction of access routes and forest roads.
  3120. Conduct in-depth investigations of suspicious financial activity, such as suspected money-laundering efforts.
  3121. Synthesize current business intelligence or trend data to support recommendations for action.
  3122. Block or rope off scene and check perimeter to ensure that entire scene is secured.
  3123. Compute power and space requirements for installing medical, dental, or related equipment and install units to manufacturers' specifications.
  3124. Interview neighbors, associates, or former employers of job applicants to verify personal references or to obtain work history data.
  3125. Follow green operational practices involving conservation of water or energy or reduction of solid waste.
  3126. Assess students' physical progress or needs.
  3127. Shovel blacktop.
  3128. Design molds, tools, dies, jigs, or fixtures for use in manufacturing processes.
  3129. Develop methods of assessing or measuring corporate performance in terms of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.
  3130. Oversee Medicaid- and Medicare-related paperwork and recordkeeping in hospitals.
  3131. Issue identification cards to borrowers.
  3132. Document test procedures to ensure replicability and compliance with standards.
  3133. Listen to and resolve customers' complaints regarding products or services.
  3134. Collect air samples from planes or ships over land or sea to study atmospheric composition.
  3135. Provide initial response to abnormal events or to alarms from radiation monitoring equipment.
  3136. Remove snow, water, or debris from roofs prior to applying roofing materials.
  3137. Prepare hazardous, radioactive, or mixed waste samples for transportation or storage by treating, compacting, packaging, and labeling them.
  3138. Prepare bylaws approved by elected officials and ensure that bylaws are enforced.
  3139. Examine diamonds or gems to ascertain the shape, cut, and width of cut stones, or to select the cuts that will result in the biggest, best quality stones.
  3140. Prepare engineering sketches or specifications for construction, relocation, or installation of equipment, facilities, products, or systems.
  3141. Assemble or secure pipes, tubes, fittings, or related equipment, according to specifications, by welding, brazing, cementing, soldering, or threading joints.
  3142. Inspect locomotives to verify adequate fuel, sand, water, or other supplies before each run or to check for mechanical problems.
  3143. Report delays, accidents, or other traffic and transportation situations to bases or other vehicles, using telephones or mobile two-way radios.
  3144. Confer with physicians, psychologists, occupational therapists, and other professionals to develop and implement client rehabilitation programs.
  3145. Design databases to support business applications, ensuring system scalability, security, performance and reliability.
  3146. Set up conference rooms, display tables, racks, or shelves, and arrange merchandise displays for sales personnel.
  3147. Locate crystal axis of ingot, and draw orientation lines on ingot, using x-ray equipment, drill, and sanding machine.
  3148. Collaborate with interdisciplinary team members, including psychiatrists, psychologists, or nursing staff, to develop, implement, or evaluate treatment plans.
  3149. Arrange for special transport of sensitive cargoes, such as livestock, food, or medical supplies.
  3150. Assure that sterile or non-sterile supplies such as contrast materials, catheters, films, chemicals, or other required equipment, are present and in working order or requisition materials.
  3151. Position dolly blocks against surfaces of dented areas and beat opposite surfaces to remove dents, using hammers.
  3152. Observe train signals along routes and verify their meanings for engineers.
  3153. Treat scalp conditions and hair loss, using specialized lotions, shampoos, or equipment such as infrared lamps or vibrating equipment.
  3154. Refer clients to community resources or services.
  3155. Observe animals' physical conditions to detect illness or unhealthy conditions requiring medical care.
  3156. Plan and direct construction and maintenance of range improvements such as fencing, corrals, stock-watering reservoirs and soil-erosion control structures.
  3157. Call or meet with union, company, government, or other interested parties to discuss labor relations matters, such as contract negotiations or grievances.
  3158. Position, align, fit, and weld parts to form complete units or subunits, following blueprints and layout specifications, and using jigs, welding torches, and hand tools.
  3159. Fit and assemble parts to make or repair machine tools.
  3160. Stretch shoes, dampening parts and inserting and twisting parts, using an adjustable stretcher.
  3161. Engrave or stamp identifying symbols, letters, or numbers on products.
  3162. Travel with athletic teams to be available at sporting events.
  3163. Design or implement supply chains that support business strategies adapted to changing market conditions, new business opportunities, or cost reduction strategies.
  3164. Treat exposure of pulp by pulp capping, removal of pulp from pulp chamber, or root canal, using dental instruments.
  3165. Place and remove snow fences used to prevent the accumulation of drifting snow on highways.
  3166. Evaluate complaint and emergency-request information to determine response requirements.
  3167. Retrieve lost equipment from bore holes, using retrieval tools and equipment.
  3168. Review applicable regulations regarding radio communications, and report violations.
  3169. Develop new and improved instruments and techniques for activities such as range reseeding.
  3170. Blast rock formations and rocky areas with dynamite to facilitate posthole digging.
  3171. Replace defective components or parts, using hand tools and precision instruments.
  3172. Train, supervise, schedule, and evaluate slot department workers, including change runners and slot technicians.
  3173. Produce reports regarding nonconformance of products or processes, daily production quality, root cause analyses, or quality trends.
  3174. Confer with departments, such as marketing, business development, or operations, to coordinate product development or improvement.
  3175. Set up database clusters, backup, or recovery processes.
  3176. Examine patients using equipment, such as radiograph (x-ray) machines or fluoroscopes, to determine the nature and extent of disorder or injury.
  3177. Operate scanners or related computer equipment to digitize negatives, photographic prints, or other images.
  3178. Clamp, ligate, or cauterize blood vessels to control bleeding during surgical entry, using hemostatic clamps, suture ligatures, or electrocautery equipment.
  3179. Depress pedals to lower electrodes that heat and seal edges of material.
  3180. String transmission lines or cables through ducts or conduits, under the ground, through equipment, or to towers.
  3181. Answer patients' calls and determine how to assist them.
  3182. Decontaminate objects by cleaning with soap or solvents or by abrading with wire brushes, buffing wheels, or sandblasting machines.
  3183. Testify at inquests, hearings, and court trials.
  3184. Introduce performances and performers to stimulate excitement and coordinate smooth transition of acts during events.
  3185. Enter digitized data into electronic prepress system computer memory, using scanner, camera, keyboard, or mouse.
  3186. Monitor transportation and storage of flammable and other potentially dangerous products to ensure that safety guidelines are followed.
  3187. Design and edit promotional publications, such as brochures.
  3188. Dress children and change diapers.
  3189. Define regional or local transportation planning problems or priorities.
  3190. Test and evaluate patients' physical and mental abilities and analyze medical data to determine realistic rehabilitation goals for patients.
  3191. Compile lists describing product or service offerings.
  3192. Repair, overhaul, or adjust automobile brake systems.
  3193. Sing or dance during dramatic or comedic performances.
  3194. Measure ingredients and mix molding, casting material, or sealing compounds to prescribed consistencies, according to formulas.
  3195. View monitors for visual representation of work in progress and for instructions and feedback throughout process, making modifications as necessary.
  3196. Assign tasks or coordinate task assignments to ensure adequate performance of laboratory activities.
  3197. Move levers and turn valves to activate power hammers, or to raise and lower drophammers that drive piles to required depths.
  3198. Provide technical support to designers, marketing and sales departments, suppliers, engineers and other team members throughout the product development and implementation process.
  3199. Provide dietitians with assistance researching food, nutrition, or food service systems.
  3200. Inspect restrooms for cleanliness and availability of supplies and clean restrooms when necessary.
  3201. Prepare lesson plans in accordance with individualized education plans (IEPs) and the functional abilities or needs of students.
  3202. Measure or weigh ingredients, using scales or measuring containers.
  3203. Confer with supervisors or engineers to plan or review work activities or to resolve production problems.
  3204. Resolve problems concerning transportation, logistics systems, imports or exports, or customer issues.
  3205. Retrieve patient medical records for physicians, technicians, or other medical personnel.
  3206. Receive orders for services, such as rentals, repairs, dry cleaning, and storage.
  3207. Thin and space trees and control weeds and undergrowth, using manual tools and chemicals, or supervise workers performing these tasks.
  3208. Participate in the development of endangered species breeding programs or species survival plans.
  3209. Provide individualized instruction and tutorial or remedial instruction.
  3210. Order any needed educational or treatment supplies.
  3211. Remove excess materials and level and smooth wet mold mixtures.
  3212. Fill prescriptions, measuring medications and labeling containers.
  3213. Harvest marine life for human or animal consumption, using diving or dredging equipment, traps, barges, rods, reels, or tackle.
  3214. Carry out environmental assessments in accordance with applicable standards, regulations, or laws.
  3215. Conduct studies of traffic patterns or environmental conditions to identify engineering problems and assess potential project impact.
  3216. Investigate incidents or violations, such as delays, accidents, and equipment failures.
  3217. Confer with technical and supervisory personnel to report or resolve conditions affecting biofuels plant safety, operational efficiency, and product quality.
  3218. Assist engineers in the design, configuration, or application of robotic systems.
  3219. Teach writing classes.
  3220. Direct and coordinate activities of personnel engaged in broadcast news, sports, or programming.
  3221. Prepare and process papers for use in scanning, microfilming, and microfiche.
  3222. Prepare purchase orders and send copies to suppliers and to departments originating requests.
  3223. Open and close valves and switches in sequence to start or shut down auxiliary units.
  3224. Assemble hoisting equipment or rigging, such as cables, pulleys, or hooks, to move heavy equipment or materials.
  3225. Install electrical assemblies and wiring in aircraft camera housings and memory cards or film in cameras, following blueprints and using hand tools and soldering equipment.
  3226. Answer telephones and give information to callers, take messages, or transfer calls to appropriate individuals.
  3227. Develop, document, or maintain standards, best practices, or system usage procedures.
  3228. Enter data into computers to record characteristics of nuclear events or to locate coordinates of particles.
  3229. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as hazardous waste management, industrial safety, and environmental toxicology.
  3230. Develop and supervise hearing screening programs.
  3231. Slice and pit fruit used to garnish drinks.
  3232. Code documents according to company procedures.
  3233. Reset hardware, using chisels, mallets, and screwdrivers.
  3234. Negotiate prices or terms of sales or service agreements.
  3235. Program computerized graphic effects.
  3236. Determine regulations or procedures related to the management, collection, reuse, recovery, or recycling of packaging waste.
  3237. Prepare plans, estimates, design and construction schedules, and contract specifications, including any special provisions.
  3238. Steer ships into or out of berths or signal tugboat captains to berth or unberth ships.
  3239. Signal or verbally direct workers engaged in hoisting and moving loads to ensure safety of workers and materials.
  3240. Observe safety precautions to prevent fires or explosions.
  3241. Perform routine maintenance or standard repairs to networking components or equipment.
  3242. Interview clients, review records, conduct assessments, or confer with other professionals to evaluate the mental or physical condition of clients or patients.
  3243. Monitor patients' medication usage and results.
  3244. Establish, maintain, or test call trees to ensure appropriate communication during disaster.
  3245. Supervise staff members.
  3246. Stir material with spoons or paddles to mix ingredients or allow even cooling and prevent coagulation.
  3247. Transport fish to processing plants or to buyers.
  3248. Establish the location for a fence, and gather information needed to ensure that there are no electric cables or water lines in the area.
  3249. Examine, inspect, and measure raw materials and finished products to verify conformance to specifications.
  3250. Coordinate with or assist law enforcement agencies in matters of mutual concern.
  3251. Research legal issues and write opinions on the issues.
  3252. Inspect articles for defects, and remove damaged or worn parts, using hand tools.
  3253. Tap or tilt molds to ensure uniform distribution of materials.
  3254. Examine income records and operating costs of income properties.
  3255. Analyze or estimate production costs, such as labor, equipment, or plant space.
  3256. Maintain or repair tools, equipment, or structures, such as buildings, greenhouses, fences, or benches, using hand or power tools.
  3257. Mix and apply mortar or cement to edges and ends of drain tiles to seal halves and joints.
  3258. Observe production, developmental, and experimental activities to determine operating procedure and detail.
  3259. Conduct employee training in equipment operations or work and safety procedures, or assign employee training to experienced workers.
  3260. Analyze user needs and recommend appropriate hardware.
  3261. Draw freehand sketches of designs, trace finished drawings onto designated paper for the reproduction of blueprints, and reproduce working drawings on copy machines.
  3262. Obtain and move specified patterns to work stations, manually or using hoists, and secure patterns to machines, using wrenches.
  3263. Respond to questions from patrons, and provide information about animals, such as behavior, habitat, breeding habits, or facility activities.
  3264. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as civil procedure, contracts, and torts.
  3265. Monitor systems for intrusions or denial of service attacks, and report security breaches to appropriate personnel.
  3266. Provide disabled students with assistive devices, supportive technology, and assistance accessing facilities such as restrooms.
  3267. Enforce traffic laws regarding the transit system and reprimand individuals who violate them.
  3268. Purchase food in accordance with health and safety codes.
  3269. Adjust bolts, clamps, stops, guides, or table angles or heights, using hand tools.
  3270. Thread or feed items or products through or around machine rollers and dryers.
  3271. Perform personnel activities such as supervising and training employees.
  3272. Evaluate product designs for safety.
  3273. Organize and assemble routine or specialty surgical instrument trays or other sterilized supplies, filling special requests as needed.
  3274. Plan placement of caskets at funeral sites or place or adjust lights, fixtures, or floral displays.
  3275. Enforce safety, health, and security rules.
  3276. Prepare project budgets, schedules, or specifications for labor or materials.
  3277. Mount compressor, condenser, and other components in specified locations on frames, using hand tools and acetylene welding equipment.
  3278. Maintain and review account records, updating and recategorizing them according to status changes.
  3279. Analyze and record test data to issue reports that use charts, graphs, or narratives.
  3280. Strike necks of finished articles to separate articles from blowpipes.
  3281. Check to ensure that brake examination tests are conducted at shunting stations.
  3282. Interpret and enforce provisions of state education codes and rules and regulations of state education boards.
  3283. Obtain agreements from property owners to place properties for sale with real estate firms.
  3284. Troubleshoot problems with chemical manufacturing processes.
  3285. Summon medical help for injured individuals and alert medical personnel to take statements from them.
  3286. Turn dials, handwheels, valves, or switches to regulate conveyor speeds, machine temperature, air pressure and circulation, and the flow or spray of coatings or paints.
  3287. Order fuel cell testing materials.
  3288. Develop, implement, and evaluate methods of data collection, such as questionnaires or interviews.
  3289. Operate or tend stationary engines, boilers, and auxiliary equipment, such as pumps, compressors, or air-conditioning equipment, to supply and maintain steam or heat for buildings, marine vessels, or pneumatic tools.
  3290. Adjust controls of machines that spread, shape, raise, level, or align track, according to specifications.
  3291. Document, and ensure communication of, key risks.
  3292. Plan and establish work schedules, assignments, and production sequences to meet production goals.
  3293. Test security measures for final acceptance and implement or provide procedures for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the measures.
  3294. Align, straighten, plumb, or square forms for installation.
  3295. Check electrical installation for proper wiring, polarity, grounding, or integrity of terminations.
  3296. Analyze data to determine feasibility of product proposals.
  3297. Verify adherence of documentation to customs, insurance, or regulatory requirements.
  3298. Move levers, pedals, and throttles to stop, start, and regulate speeds of hoist or winch drums in response to hand, bell, buzzer, telephone, loud-speaker, or whistle signals, or by observing dial indicators or cable marks.
  3299. Select or develop mineral location, extraction, and production methods, based on factors such as safety, cost, and deposit characteristics.
  3300. Identify or contact members of high-risk or otherwise targeted groups, such as members of minority populations, low-income populations, or pregnant women.
  3301. Inspect, weigh, and measure mounted or unmounted lenses after completion to verify alignment and conformance to specifications, using precision instruments.
  3302. Evaluate the use of technologies, such as global positioning systems (GPS), radio-frequency identification (RFID), route navigation software, or satellite linkup systems, to improve transportation efficiency.
  3303. Repair machines, equipment, or structures, using tools such as hammers, hoists, saws, drills, wrenches, or equipment such as precision measuring instruments or electrical or electronic testing devices.
  3304. Operate testing equipment, such as heat stress meters, octave band analyzers, motion analysis equipment, inclinometers, light meters, velometers, sling psychrometers, or colormetric detection tubes.
  3305. Sow grass seed, or plant plugs of grass.
  3306. Conduct audits of validation or performance qualification processes to ensure compliance with internal or regulatory requirements.
  3307. Take beverage orders from serving staff or directly from patrons.
  3308. Develop guidelines for nondiscriminatory employment practices.
  3309. Connect electrical wire to primers, and cover charges or fill blast holes with clay, drill chips, sand, or other material.
  3310. Complete time sheets showing employees' arrival and departure times.
  3311. Keep records of maintenance, repair, and required updates of equipment.
  3312. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as collection development, archival methods, and indexing and abstracting.
  3313. Replenish foods at serving stations.
  3314. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as programming, data structures, and software design.
  3315. Greet and register guests.
  3316. Review and edit standard operating procedures.
  3317. Connect electrical equipment to power sources so that it can be tested before use.
  3318. Bolt together pump and engine parts, and connect tanks and flow lines.
  3319. Develop or conduct programs of sampling and analysis to maintain quality standards of raw materials, chemical intermediates, or products.
  3320. Perform minor repairs, such as adjusting brakes, replacing spark plugs, or changing engine oil or filters.
  3321. Answer telephones, responding to questions or requests.
  3322. Operate slicing or wrapping machines.
  3323. Investigate and report on accidents affecting the environment.
  3324. Advise construction firms or government agencies on dam or road construction, foundation design, land use, or resource management.
  3325. Monitor video display of area being scanned and adjust density or contrast to improve picture quality.
  3326. Obtain names and telephone numbers of potential customers from sources such as telephone directories, magazine reply cards, and lists purchased from other organizations.
  3327. Send film to photofinishing laboratories for processing.
  3328. Record facts to prepare reports that document incidents and activities.
  3329. Prepare wind field operational budgets.
  3330. Record and report time, materials, faults, deficiencies, or other unusual occurrences on work orders.
  3331. Push roller over surface to embed chips in surface.
  3332. Develop or apply data mining and machine learning algorithms.
  3333. Dump sacks of mail onto conveyors for culling and sorting.
  3334. Prepare test stations, instrumentation, or data acquisition systems for use in specific tests of fuel cell components or systems.
  3335. Examine designs to determine current requirements for all parts of the photovoltaic (PV) system electrical circuit.
  3336. Operate equipment to demonstrate proper use or to analyze malfunctions.
  3337. Plan and supervise class projects, field trips, visits by guest speakers, or other experiential activities, and guide students in learning from those activities.
  3338. Design patient education programs that include information required to make informed health care and treatment decisions.
  3339. Maintain accurate, detailed reports and records.
  3340. Review industrial practices, such as the methods and materials used in construction or production, to identify potential liabilities and environmental hazards.
  3341. Analyze network data to determine network usage, disk space availability, or server function.
  3342. Design instructional programs to improve communication using devices such as slates and styluses, braillers, keyboards, adaptive handwriting devices, talking book machines, digital books, and optical character readers (OCRs).
  3343. Meet with supervisor daily to submit completed assignments and discuss progress.
  3344. Oversee the work activities of wind farm consultants or subcontractors.
  3345. Analyze clinical data using appropriate statistical tools.
  3346. Move controls to adjust, start, or stop equipment during grinding and polishing processes.
  3347. Perform personnel functions, such as supervision of production workers, technicians, technologists, or other engineers.
  3348. Study original pieces of music to become familiar with them prior to making any changes.
  3349. Keep records of material or equipment usage or problems encountered.
  3350. Prepare employee work schedules.
  3351. Model appropriate social behaviors and encourage concern for others to cultivate development of interpersonal relationships and communication skills.
  3352. List parts needed, estimate costs, and plan work procedures, using parts lists, technical manuals, and diagrams.
  3353. Provide environmental engineering assistance in network analysis, regulatory analysis, or planning or reviewing database development.
  3354. Document non-destructive testing (NDT) methods, processes, or results.
  3355. Shape, lace, and tie roasts, using boning knife, skewer, and twine.
  3356. Record data for each employee, including such information as addresses, weekly earnings, absences, amount of sales or production, supervisory reports on performance, and dates of and reasons for terminations.
  3357. Service, adjust, and make minor repairs to equipment, machines, and attachments.
  3358. Etch, lap, polish, or grind wafers or ingots to form circuitry and change conductive properties, using etching, lapping, polishing, or grinding equipment.
  3359. Melt and apply solder along adjoining edges of workpieces to solder joints, using soldering irons, gas torches, or electric-ultrasonic equipment.
  3360. Install manufacturing engineering equipment.
  3361. Verify accuracy and completeness of land-related documents accepted for registration, preparing rejection notices when documents are not acceptable.
  3362. Interview patients to complete documents, case histories, or forms, such as intake or insurance forms.
  3363. Confer with officials of public health and law enforcement agencies to coordinate interdepartmental activities.
  3364. Develop data warehouse process models, including sourcing, loading, transformation, and extraction.
  3365. Address schools, civic groups, sporting clubs, or the media to disseminate information concerning wildlife conservation and regulations.
  3366. Remove captured animals from animal-control service vehicles and place animals in shelter cages or other enclosures.
  3367. Inspect mining areas for unsafe structures, equipment, and working conditions.
  3368. Write articles, bulletins, sales letters, speeches, and other related informative, marketing and promotional material.
  3369. Investigate crimes that have occurred within an institution, or assist police in their investigations of crimes and inmates.
  3370. Write copy as part of layout.
  3371. Supervise funeral processions and assist with cemetery parking.
  3372. Restrict public access and recreational use of forest lands during critical fire seasons.
  3373. Evaluate applications, records, or documents to gather information about eligibility or liability issues.
  3374. Answer questions from taxpayers and assist them in completing tax forms.
  3375. Clean, inspect, or lubricate recyclable collection equipment or perform routine maintenance or minor repairs on recycling equipment, such as star gears, finger sorters, destoners, belts, and grinders.
  3376. Perform maintenance duties such as sweeping, painting, and yard work to keep facilities clean and in order.
  3377. Grind curved surfaces or areas inaccessible to surfacing machine, such as stairways or cabinet tops, with portable hand grinder.
  3378. Install electrical equipment such as air-conditioning, heating, or ignition systems and components such as generator brushes and commutators, using hand tools.
  3379. Maintain portfolios of marketing campaigns, strategies, and other marketing products or ideas.
  3380. Consult with store managers, buyers, sales associates, housekeeping staff, or engineering staff to determine appropriate placement of displays or products.
  3381. Attach fence rail supports to posts, using hammers and pliers.
  3382. Hire, train, and direct staff members who develop design concepts into art layouts or who prepare layouts for printing.
  3383. Prepare, store, and retrieve classification and catalog information, lecture notes, or other information related to stored documents, using computers.
  3384. Sort materials, such as metals, glass, wood, paper or plastics, into appropriate containers for recycling.
  3385. Withdraw drill rods from holes, and extract core samples.
  3386. Assemble and install equipment, using hand tools and power tools.
  3387. Clean and dress machine surfaces and component parts.
  3388. Purchase security-related supplies, equipment, or technology.
  3389. Install clay structures in melting tanks and drawing kilns to control the flow and temperature of molten glass, using hoists and hand tools.
  3390. Consult with machinists or technicians to ensure that electromechanical equipment or systems meet design specifications.
  3391. Install or repair tower lighting components, including strobes, beacons, or lighting controllers.
  3392. Inspect loads to ensure that cargo is secure.
  3393. Set operations policies and standards, including determining safety procedures for the handling of dangerous goods.
  3394. Develop training materials and conduct training sessions on fire protection.
  3395. Answer alarms and investigate disturbances.
  3396. Measure, cut, fit, and press anti-glare adhesive film to glass or spray glass with tinting solution to prevent light glare.
  3397. Repair damaged automobile bodies.
  3398. Open and close switches to isolate defective relays, performing adjustments or repairs.
  3399. Photograph or draw diagrams of crime or accident scenes and interview principals and eyewitnesses.
  3400. Observe participants and inform them of corrective measures necessary for skill improvement.
  3401. Register new patrons and issue borrower identification cards that permit patrons to borrow books and other materials.
  3402. Interview job applicants to obtain and verify information used to screen and evaluate them.
  3403. Select, order, or administer anesthetics, adjuvant drugs, accessory drugs, fluids or blood products as necessary.
  3404. Monitor food distribution, ensuring that meals are delivered to the correct recipients and that guidelines, such as those for special diets, are followed.
  3405. Operate various types of equipment, such as computer scanning equipment, addressographs, mimeographs, optical character readers, and bar-code sorters.
  3406. Prepare people for participation in religious ceremonies.
  3407. Notify supervisor or computer maintenance technicians of equipment malfunctions.
  3408. Develop protocols to improve existing genetic techniques or to incorporate new diagnostic procedures.
  3409. Examine materials, ingredients, or products visually or with hands to ensure conformance to established standards.
  3410. Prepare, review, or update environmental investigation or recommendation reports.
  3411. Direct maintenance and repair of firefighting equipment, or requisition new equipment.
  3412. Review proposed study protocols to evaluate factors such as sample collection processes, data management plans, or potential subject risks.
  3413. Reload camera magazines with fresh raw film stock.
  3414. Inform patients and refer to appropriate practitioners when diagnosis reveals findings outside physical therapy.
  3415. Read blueprints or other specifications to determine methods of installation, work procedures, or material or tool requirements.
  3416. Resolve customer complaints regarding sales and service.
  3417. Monitor fundamental economic, industrial, and corporate developments by analyzing information from financial publications and services, investment banking firms, government agencies, trade publications, company sources, or personal interviews.
  3418. Repair broken parts, using precision hand tools and soldering irons.
  3419. Review and implement environmental technical standards, guidelines, policies, and formal regulations that meet all appropriate requirements.
  3420. Interpret instrument readings to ascertain the depth of obstruction.
  3421. Place materials into storage receptacles, such as file cabinets, boxes, bins, or drawers, according to classification and identification information.
  3422. Confer with company officials about financial and regulatory matters.
  3423. Evaluate mortgage options to help clients obtain financing at the best prevailing rates and terms.
  3424. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as classical political thought, international relations, and democracy and citizenship.
  3425. Answer questions regarding mail regulations and procedures, postage rates, and post office boxes.
  3426. Check to ensure that workpieces are properly lubricated and cooled during machine operation.
  3427. Maintain time or production records.
  3428. Drive to sawmills, wharfs, or skids to inspect logs or pulpwood.
  3429. Train staff members in duties such as tax mapping, the use of computerized mapping equipment, or the interpretation of source documents.
  3430. Analyze and understand the local and national implications of proposed legislation.
  3431. Install flat-plat, evacuated glass, or concentrating solar collectors on mounting devices, using brackets or struts.
  3432. Direct investigation of cases of suspected arson, hazards, and false alarms and submit reports outlining findings.
  3433. Broadcast weather reports and warnings.
  3434. Collaborate with other colleagues, such as copyists, to complete final scores.
  3435. Analyze energy bills, including utility rates or tariffs, to gather historical energy usage data.
  3436. Coordinate flight activities with ground crews and air traffic control, and inform crew members of flight and test procedures.
  3437. Design research projects that apply valid scientific techniques and use information obtained from baselines or historical data to structure uncompromised and efficient analyses.
  3438. Dump and tamp clay in molds, using tamping tools.
  3439. Analyze information from traffic counting programs.
  3440. Weigh products or estimate their weight, visually or by feel.
  3441. Recommend improvements in products, packaging, shipping, service, or billing methods and procedures to prevent future problems.
  3442. Converse with customers to determine details of equipment problems.
  3443. Prepare and administer budgets, approve and review expenditures, and prepare financial reports.
  3444. Clean scrap materials for recycling or reuse, such as preparing aluminum scrap for cold-bonding processes or preparing paper for pulping or ink removal processes.
  3445. Analyze genetic information to identify patients or families at risk for specific disorders or syndromes.
  3446. Determine production schedules and staff requirements necessary to ensure timely delivery of services.
  3447. Inform patients or families of neurological diagnoses and prognoses, or benefits, risks and costs of various treatment plans.
  3448. Instruct patients in the use and care of orthoses and prostheses.
  3449. Prepare reports that detail investigation findings.
  3450. Advise management on organizing, preparing, or implementing recruiting or retention programs.
  3451. Select substitute titles when requested materials are unavailable, following criteria such as age, education, and interests.
  3452. Raise funds for scientific research.
  3453. Coordinate and direct office services, such as records, departmental finances, budget preparation, personnel issues, and housekeeping, to aid executives.
  3454. Perform a variety of clerical and office tasks, such as handling incoming and outgoing mail, completing and submitting insurance claims, typing, filing, or operating office machines.
  3455. Develop operation, safety, and maintenance procedures or assist in their development.
  3456. Supervise support staff and ensure proper execution of contracts.
  3457. Monitor street or utility projects for compliance to traffic control permit conditions.
  3458. Plan work assignments and equipment allocations to meet transportation, operations or production goals.
  3459. Sing a cappella or with musical accompaniment.
  3460. Clean chipped area, using wire brush, and feel and observe surface to determine if it is rough or uneven.
  3461. Load or stack filled molds in ovens, dryers, or curing boxes, or on storage racks or carts.
  3462. Ask customers who become loud and obnoxious to leave, or physically remove them.
  3463. Teach and conduct research in colleges, universities, museums, and other research agencies and schools.
  3464. Provide assistance to food scientists or technologists in research and development, production technology, or quality control.
  3465. Set up, adjust, calibrate, clean, maintain, and troubleshoot laboratory and field equipment.
  3466. Perform needs assessments or consult with clients to determine the types of research and information required.
  3467. Prescribe medication dosages, routes, and frequencies based on patient characteristics such as age and gender.
  3468. Receive and mark articles for laundry or dry cleaning with identifying code numbers or names, using hand or machine markers.
  3469. Weigh clay, and mix with water and chemicals to make drilling mud, using portable mixers.
  3470. Confer with other supervisors to coordinate operations and activities within or between departments.
  3471. Present findings from archeological research to peers and the general public.
  3472. Edit or rewrite existing copy as necessary, and submit copy for approval by supervisor.
  3473. Coordinate services for events, such as accommodation and transportation for participants, facilities, catering, signage, displays, special needs requirements, printing and event security.
  3474. Recommend temporary foster care and advise foster or adoptive parents.
  3475. Build fiberglass or wooden enclosures for sound components, and fit them to automobile dimensions.
  3476. Inspect meters for unauthorized connections, defects, and damage, such as broken seals.
  3477. Set or guide placement of pilings or sandbags to provide support for structures such as docks, bridges, cofferdams, or platforms.
  3478. Compile and analyze molecular or cellular experimental data and adjust experimental designs as necessary.
  3479. Describe merchandise and explain use, operation, and care of merchandise to customers.
  3480. Requisition and store shipping materials and supplies to maintain inventory of stock.
  3481. Break mixtures to size, using picks.
  3482. Adjust pressures, temperatures, and trimming tool settings as required.
  3483. Prepare or calibrate equipment used to collect or analyze samples.
  3484. Repair or replace soles, heels, and other parts of footwear, using sewing, buffing and other shoe repair machines, materials, and equipment.
  3485. Learn material and pass required tests for certification.
  3486. Polish final coats to specified finishes.
  3487. Plan and execute advertising policies and strategies for organizations.
  3488. Prepare students for later educational experiences by encouraging them to explore learning opportunities and to persevere with challenging tasks.
  3489. Gather and analyze research data, such as statutes, decisions, and legal articles, codes, and documents.
  3490. Select appropriate culturing system or procedure based on specimen type and reason for referral.
  3491. Design or implement products and services to mitigate risk or facilitate use of technology-based tools and methods.
  3492. Inspect plants and bud ties to assess quality.
  3493. Attend or view productions to maintain knowledge of available actors.
  3494. Coordinate with risk management, human resources, or other departments to assist in company programs, investigations, or training.
  3495. Test solar photovoltaic products, such as inverters or energy management systems.
  3496. Conduct chemical dependency program orientation sessions.
  3497. Teach or oversee other workers who provide respiratory care services.
  3498. Supervise biomass plant or substation operations, maintenance, repair, or testing activities.
  3499. Teach personal development skills, such as goal setting, independence, and self-advocacy.
  3500. Supervise the activities of seasonal workers.
  3501. Disassemble items to prepare them for finishing, using hand tools.
  3502. Maintain logistics records in accordance with corporate policies.
  3503. Teach or train medical staff regarding preventive medicine issues.
  3504. Research the chemical effects of substances, such as drugs, serums, hormones, or food, on tissues or vital processes.
  3505. Determine brain death using accepted tests and procedures.
  3506. Maintain complete records of engineering department activities, including machine operations.
  3507. Cook foodstuffs according to menus, special dietary or nutritional restrictions, or numbers of portions to be served.
  3508. Direct and coordinate activities of businesses or departments concerned with the production, pricing, sales, or distribution of products.
  3509. Tighten loose bolts, using wrenches, and test circuits and connections by opening and closing gates.
  3510. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students and the community on topics such as ethics, logic, and contemporary religious thought.
  3511. Cut and move shale from open pits.
  3512. Review, approve, or interpret genetic laboratory results.
  3513. Send out surveys.
  3514. Advise students on academic and vocational curricula, career issues, and laboratory and field research.
  3515. Apply fluorides or other cavity preventing agents to arrest dental decay.
  3516. Observe sets during rehearsals in order to ensure that set elements do not interfere with performance aspects such as cast movement and camera angles.
  3517. Review records or reports for clarity and completeness and maintain records or reports as required under federal law.
  3518. Stock refrigerating units with wines or bottled beer or replace empty beer kegs.
  3519. Review electrical engineering plans to ensure adherence to design specifications and compliance with applicable electrical codes and standards.
  3520. Clean and smooth molds, cores, and core boxes, and repair surface imperfections.
  3521. Create and manage documentation, production schedules, prototyping goals, and communication plans in collaboration with production staff.
  3522. Process all correspondence and paperwork related to accounts.
  3523. Move fingers over surfaces of carvings to ensure smoothness of finish.
  3524. Move controls to activate and adjust extruding and forming machines.
  3525. Demonstrate or explain working techniques, practices, or safety regulations to farm or ranch workers.
  3526. Prescribe or administer medications, such as anti-epileptic drugs, and monitor patients for behavioral and cognitive side effects.
  3527. Coordinate the implementation or scheduling of validation testing with affected departments and personnel.
  3528. Cut openings and drill holes for fixtures and equipment, using electric drills and routers.
  3529. Position members within groups to obtain balance among instrumental or vocal sections.
  3530. Turn valves or pull levers to start and regulate the flow of coolant or lubricant to work areas.
  3531. Determine meal prices, based on calculations of ingredient prices.
  3532. Provide inpatient or outpatient medical management of neuromuscular disorders, musculoskeletal trauma, acute and chronic pain, deformity or amputation, cardiac or pulmonary disease, or other disabling conditions.
  3533. Glue fillets along interior angles of patterns.
  3534. Compile, review, and maintain data from contracts, purchase orders, requisitions, and other documents to assess supply needs.
  3535. Participate in judicial tribunals to help resolve disputes.
  3536. Take pictures of individuals, families, and small groups, either in studio or on location.
  3537. Inspect physical condition of recycling or hazardous waste facility for compliance with safety, quality, and service standards.
  3538. Direct, motivate, and monitor the mobilization of a campaign team to advance campaign goals.
  3539. Assist engineers to design, develop, test, or manufacture industrial machinery, consumer products, or other equipment.
  3540. Administer internet or intranet infrastructure, including Web, file, and mail servers.
  3541. Review complaints, petitions, motions, or pleadings that have been filed to determine issues involved or basis for relief.
  3542. Process medical insurance claims, posting bill amounts and calculating copayments.
  3543. Prepare patients for and assist with examinations or treatments.
  3544. Measure parts to determine tolerances, using precision measuring instruments such as micrometers, calipers, and verniers.
  3545. Shape, trim, or touch up roughed-out designs with appropriate tools to finish carvings.
  3546. Locate and document information regarding the next of kin, including their relationship to the deceased and the status of notification attempts.
  3547. Collaborate with specialists, such as rehabilitation counselors, speech pathologists, and occupational therapists, to provide client solutions.
  3548. Direct, coordinate, or advise personnel in test procedures for analyzing components or physical properties of materials.
  3549. Prepare rough drafts and scale working drawings of sets, including floor plans, scenery, and properties to be constructed.
  3550. Communicate with other workers, using signals, radios, or telephones, to start and stop flows of materials or substances.
  3551. Prepare legal documents, including briefs, pleadings, appeals, wills, contracts, and real estate closing statements.
  3552. Oversee operation of vessels used for carrying passengers, motor vehicles, or goods across rivers, harbors, lakes, and coastal waters.
  3553. Identify signs of emotional or developmental problems in children and bring them to parents' or guardians' attention.
  3554. Monitor the feed and speed of machines during the machining process.
  3555. Develop and implement data extraction procedures from other systems, such as administration, billing, or claims.
  3556. Rule on exceptions, motions, and admissibility of evidence.
  3557. Activate emergency action plans and administer first aid, as necessary.
  3558. Monitor spending to ensure that expenses are consistent with approved budgets.
  3559. Calculate load weights for different aircraft compartments, using charts and computers.
  3560. Pay bills and record checks issued.
  3561. Maintain surveillance of establishments to obtain identifying information on suspects.
  3562. Arrange for transportation, warehousing, or product distribution of imported or exported products.
  3563. Act as an advocate for farmers or farmers' groups.
  3564. Supervise students' laboratory and clinical work.
  3565. Inspect and flush lines with solutions or steam, and spray equipment with sterilizing solutions.
  3566. Recommend ways to control or reduce risk.
  3567. Consult with customers to resolve complaints and verify financial and credit transactions.
  3568. Monitor and direct the activities of trials and hearings to ensure that they are conducted fairly and that courts administer justice while safeguarding the legal rights of all involved parties.
  3569. Monitor quality control of radionuclide preparation, administration, or disposition ensuring that activities comply with applicable regulations and standards.
  3570. Train new or temporary staff.
  3571. Supervise employees in geothermal power plants or well fields.
  3572. Conduct public educational programs on forest care and conservation.
  3573. Verify the structure, accuracy, or quality of warehouse data.
  3574. Teach classes and present self-help or information sessions on subjects related to education and career planning.
  3575. Recommend criminal prosecutions or civil penalties.
  3576. Address special issues or situations, such as illegal or unauthorized use of equipment, or cases of electrical or acoustic shock.
  3577. Conduct research to evaluate potential solutions related to changes in equipment design, procedures, manpower, personnel, or training.
  3578. Disassemble entertainment equipment and repair or replace loose, worn, or defective components and wiring, using hand tools and soldering irons.
  3579. Estimate time and materials needed to complete projects.
  3580. Monitor field work to ensure proper performance and use of materials.
  3581. Travel in trucks, helicopters, and airplanes to inspect lines for freedom from obstruction and adequacy of insulation.
  3582. Monitor use of government food commodities to ensure that proper procedures are followed.
  3583. Prepare ordinances, resolutions, or proclamations so that they can be executed, recorded, archived, or distributed.
  3584. Perform buying duties when necessary.
  3585. Align photo mask pattern on photoresist layer, expose pattern to ultraviolet light, and develop pattern, using specialized equipment.
  3586. Use rotary abrasive wheels to shape and smooth nails or artificial extensions.
  3587. Create visualizations to illustrate historical or future changes in the Earth's climate, using paleoclimate or climate geographic information systems (GIS) databases.
  3588. Anchor and brace forms and other structures in place, using nails, bolts, anchor rods, steel cables, planks, wedges, and timbers.
  3589. Develop methods to improve employment policies, processes, and practices, and recommend changes to management.
  3590. Verify that bottom edges of articles are level, using straightedges or by rocking them back and forth on flat surfaces.
  3591. Develop instructional materials, such as lesson plans, handouts, or examinations.
  3592. Arrange for ships to be fueled, restocked with supplies, or repaired.
  3593. Open courts, calling them to order, and announcing judges.
  3594. Evaluate new technologies and methods to make recommendations regarding their use.
  3595. Establish and maintain standards of behavior to create safe, orderly, and effective environments for learning.
  3596. Fill machines with glue, cement, or adhesives.
  3597. Advise producers about improved products and techniques that could enhance their animal production efforts.
  3598. Clean, grade, or level ballast on railroad tracks.
  3599. Operate newly repaired machinery or equipment to verify the adequacy of repairs.
  3600. Load and adjust workpieces onto equipment or work tables, using hand tools.
  3601. Modify existing databases and database management systems or direct programmers and analysts to make changes.
  3602. Prepare or assist in preparing simple to complex tax returns for individuals or small businesses.
  3603. Keep abreast of developments and technological advances in the mathematical field by reading current literature, talking with colleagues, and participating in professional conferences.
  3604. Inspect completed transportation projects to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
  3605. Explain to customers the different types of loans and credit options that are available, as well as the terms of those services.
  3606. Recommend mark-up rates, markdown rates, or merchandise selling prices.
  3607. Test system modifications to prepare for implementation.
  3608. Prepare proposals, quotes, contracts, or presentations for potential solar customers.
  3609. Travel over photographed areas to observe, identify, record, and verify all relevant features.
  3610. Identify and build relationships with potential donors.
  3611. Pretest and calibrate anesthesia delivery systems and monitors.
  3612. Evaluate traffic control devices or lighting systems to determine need for modification or expansion.
  3613. Position containers to receive parts, and load or unload materials in containers, using dollies or handtrucks.
  3614. Drive trucks to haul crops, supplies, tools, or farm workers.
  3615. Keep informed of shut-down and emergency evacuation procedures.
  3616. Maintain databases of experiment characteristics or results.
  3617. Drive loaded shuttle cars to ramps and move controls to discharge loads into mine cars or onto conveyors.
  3618. Review schedules, switching orders, way bills, and shipping records to obtain cargo loading and unloading information and to plan work.
  3619. Inspect farm or ranch structures, such as buildings, fences, or roads, ordering repair or maintenance activities, as needed.
  3620. Survey, measure, and map access roads and forest areas such as burns, cut-over areas, experimental plots, and timber sales sections.
  3621. Monitor inventory levels and order supplies as necessary.
  3622. File catalog cards according to system used.
  3623. Select lumber to be used for patterns.
  3624. Diagnose electrical problems and install and rewire electrical components.
  3625. Monitor emerging trends regarding industry regulations to determine potential impacts on organizational processes.
  3626. Complete sales order tickets and submit for processing of client-requested transactions.
  3627. Monitor and document patients' progress during post-anesthesia period.
  3628. Inspect brake systems, steering mechanisms, wheel bearings, and other important parts to ensure that they are in proper operating condition.
  3629. Design community solid and hazardous waste management programs.
  3630. Operate hoists to place workpieces onto machine feed carriages or spindles.
  3631. Direct and coordinate product research and development.
  3632. Follow those who breach security until police or other security personnel arrive to apprehend them.
  3633. Transfer luggage, trunks, and packages to and from rooms, loading areas, vehicles, or transportation terminals, by hand or using baggage carts.
  3634. Provide for public safety by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting people and property, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws, and promoting good community relations.
  3635. Install pre-assembled metal or wood frameworks for windows or doors to be fitted with glass panels, using hand tools.
  3636. Remove copper from circuit boards.
  3637. Schedule polygraph tests for consenting parties and record results of test interpretations for presentation with findings.
  3638. Analyze and recommend sludge treatment or disposal methods.
  3639. Inspect vehicles for damage and record findings so that necessary repairs can be made.
  3640. Collect delivery instructions from appropriate sources, verifying instructions and routes.
  3641. Consult with parents, teachers, and other school personnel to determine causes of problems, such as truancy and misbehavior, and to implement solutions.
  3642. Contact patients' relatives to arrange family conferences.
  3643. Read maps and follow written or verbal geographic directions.
  3644. Repair or adjust track switches, using wrenches and replacement parts.
  3645. Cut, bend, laminate, arrange, and fasten individual or mixed raw and manufactured materials and products to form works of art.
  3646. Greet incoming guests and escort them to their rooms.
  3647. Count currency, coins, and checks received, by hand or using currency-counting machine, to prepare them for deposit or shipment to branch banks or the Federal Reserve Bank.
  3648. Produce hamburger meat and meat trimmings.
  3649. Analyze potential loan markets to find opportunities to promote loans and financial services.
  3650. Prepare and maintain logs, reports, or other documentation of work performed.
  3651. Conduct hearings to review and decide claims regarding issues such as social program eligibility, environmental protection, or enforcement of health and safety regulations.
  3652. Direct or monitor the quarantine and treatment or destruction of plants or plant products.
  3653. Attach, alter, and trim materials such as wire, insulation, and coils, using hand tools.
  3654. Supervise professional, technical, and clerical personnel.
  3655. Place strips of material, such as cork, asphalt, or steel into joints, or place rolls of expansion-joint material on machines that automatically insert material.
  3656. Download completed jobs to archive media so that questions can be answered or jobs replicated.
  3657. Strike articles with small tools, or punch them with hammers, to indent them or restore embossing.
  3658. Arrange for title searches of properties being sold.
  3659. Compare shipping routes or methods to determine which have the least environmental impact.
  3660. Establish and maintain banks and table limits for each game.
  3661. Maintain machine tools in proper operational condition.
  3662. Record transactions and coin receptor readings to verify the amount of money collected.
  3663. Identify appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and report key metrics from digital campaigns.
  3664. Collect money from students for school-related projects.
  3665. Train demonstrators to present a company's products or services.
  3666. Fill chipped or low spots in surfaces of devices, using acrylic resins.
  3667. Develop and review service plans in consultation with clients and perform follow-ups assessing the quantity and quality of services provided.
  3668. Position and adjust cutting tools to specified curvature, dimensions, and depth of cut.
  3669. Schedule deliveries based on production forecasts, material substitutions, storage and handling facilities, and maintenance requirements.
  3670. Open safe locks by drilling.
  3671. Train workers to set up, operate, and use automatic bindery machines.
  3672. Collect soiled linen or clothing for laundering.
  3673. Fit and study garments on customers to determine required alterations.
  3674. Investigate system component suitability for specified purposes and make recommendations regarding component use.
  3675. Direct and coordinate activities of nurses, assistants, specialists, residents, and other medical staff.
  3676. Determine connection interfaces for additional subpanels or for connecting photovoltaic (PV) systems with utility services or other power generation sources.
  3677. Write and record orders for merchandise or enter orders into computers.
  3678. Cash checks for customers.
  3679. Measure and hem curtains, garments, and canvas coverings to size, using tape measures.
  3680. Distribute materials, supplies, and equipment to work stations, using lifts and trucks.
  3681. Explain proper operation of vehicle systems to customers.
  3682. Monitor financial or operational performance of individual investments to ensure portfolios meet risk goals.
  3683. Witness and certify deaths that are the result of a judicial order.
  3684. Develop or recommend network security measures, such as firewalls, network security audits, or automated security probes.
  3685. Rule on exceptions, motions, or admissibility of evidence.
  3686. Assign patrons to tables suitable for their needs and according to rotation so that servers receive an appropriate number of seatings.
  3687. Monitor company or workforce adherence to labor agreements.
  3688. Operate cash register, handle money, and give correct change.
  3689. Steam-clean polishing and buffing wheels to remove abrasives and bonding materials, and spray, brush, or recoat surfaces as necessary.
  3690. Treat infections of the oral cavity, salivary glands, jaws, and neck.
  3691. Test food product samples for moisture content, acidity level, specific gravity, or butter-fat content, and continue processing until desired levels are reached.
  3692. Maintain records of event aspects, including financial details.
  3693. Communicate regulatory information to multiple departments and ensure that information is interpreted correctly.
  3694. Turn valve controls to start equipment and to adjust operation to maintain product quality.
  3695. Incorporate security systems into exhibit layouts.
  3696. Monitor and analyze sales promotion results to determine cost effectiveness of promotion campaigns.
  3697. Install new hardware or software systems or components, ensuring integration with existing network systems.
  3698. Develop computational methods for solving problems that occur in areas of science and engineering or that come from applications in business or industry.
  3699. Stack or load finished items or place items on conveyor systems.
  3700. Set dials and start machines to polish lenses or hold lenses against rotating wheels to polish them manually.
  3701. Design, implement, or operate comprehensive data warehouse systems to balance optimization of data access with batch loading and resource utilization factors, according to customer requirements.
  3702. Note differences in wire and cable colors so that work can be performed correctly.
  3703. Stamp products with information such as dates, using hand stamps or automatic stamping devices.
  3704. Prepare written reports that detail specifics of fire incidents.
  3705. Direct work of statistical clerks, statisticians, and others who compile and evaluate research data.
  3706. Clean and restore building interiors damaged by fire, smoke, or water, using commercial cleaning equipment.
  3707. Turn knobs or switches to regulate pressures.
  3708. Supervise and coordinate activities of technicians and technical assistants.
  3709. Analyze data to determine answers to questions from customers or members of the public.
  3710. Adjust and repair coin, vending, or amusement machines and meters and replace defective mechanical and electrical parts, using hand tools, soldering irons, and diagrams.
  3711. Arrange merchandise and sales promotion displays or issue sales promotion materials to customers.
  3712. Collaborate with investment bankers to attract new corporate clients to securities firms.
  3713. Make and fit prosthetic appliances.
  3714. Establish, coordinate, and oversee particular programs across school districts, such as programs to evaluate student academic achievement.
  3715. Develop criteria for survey methods and procedures.
  3716. Record information, such as the number of products tested, meter readings, or dates and times of product production.
  3717. Communicate security status, updates, and actual or potential problems, using established protocols.
  3718. Select company that offers type of coverage requested by client to underwrite policy.
  3719. Assemble fiber optical, optoelectronic, or free-space optics components, subcomponents, assemblies, or subassemblies.
  3720. Provide customer service by greeting and assisting customers and responding to customer inquiries and complaints.
  3721. Interview credit applicants by telephone or in person to obtain personal and financial data needed to complete credit report.
  3722. Perform support duties to assist painters, paperhangers, plasterers, or masons.
  3723. Refinish instruments to protect and decorate them, using hand tools, buffing tools, and varnish.
  3724. Design and conduct evaluations and diagnostic studies to assess the quality and performance of health education programs.
  3725. Evaluate precision and accuracy of production and testing equipment and engineering drawings to formulate corrective action plan.
  3726. Attend workshops, seminars, or professional meetings to remain informed of new developments in school psychology.
  3727. Make, repair, or replace automobile upholstery and convertible and vinyl tops, using knowledge of fabric and upholstery methods.
  3728. Splice cables, using hand tools, epoxy, or mechanical equipment.
  3729. Review work done by others to check for correct spelling and grammar, ensure that company format policies are followed, and recommend revisions.
  3730. Advance plow blades through coal strata by remote control, according to electronic or radio signals from the tailer.
  3731. Determine where patients or patrons would like to eat their meals and help them get situated.
  3732. Verify part dimensions or clearances to ensure conformance to specifications, using precision measuring instruments.
  3733. Communicate and collaborate with merchants, Webmasters, bloggers, or online editors to strategically place hyperlinks.
  3734. Collaborate with students, parents, teachers, school administrators, or counselors to determine student needs, develop tutoring plans, or assess student progress.
  3735. Lead discussion sections, tutorials, or laboratory sections.
  3736. Manage change in integrated health care delivery systems, such as work restructuring, technological innovations, and shifts in the focus of care.
  3737. Serve on professional panels and committees.
  3738. Set pavers, aligning and spacing them correctly.
  3739. Inject contrast medium into patients' blood vessels.
  3740. Sell or collect admission tickets, passes, or facility memberships from patrons at entertainment events.
  3741. Nail tack strips around area to be carpeted or use old strips to attach edges of new carpet.
  3742. Direct ground traffic, including taxiing aircraft, maintenance or baggage vehicles, or airport workers.
  3743. Observe and evaluate children's performance, behavior, social development, and physical health.
  3744. Obtain and assemble data to complete architectural designs, visiting job sites to compile measurements as necessary.
  3745. Transport machines to installation sites.
  3746. Contact animal owners to inform them that their pets are at animal holding facilities.
  3747. Locate forest fires on area maps, using azimuth sighters and known landmarks.
  3748. Supervise and coordinate work of other correctional service officers.
  3749. Write and code logical and physical database descriptions and specify identifiers of database to management system or direct others in coding descriptions.
  3750. Prepare for prosecutions related to animal treatment, and give evidence in court.
  3751. Direct rehearsals to instruct dancers in how to use dance steps, and in techniques to achieve desired effects.
  3752. Test boiler water quality or arrange for testing and take necessary corrective action, such as adding chemicals to prevent corrosion and harmful deposits.
  3753. Apply protective coverings, such as masking tape, to articles or areas that could be damaged or stained by work processes.
  3754. Review clinical or other medical research protocols and recommend appropriate statistical analyses.
  3755. Maintain records of time required to perform each job.
  3756. Develop and maintain partnerships with federal, state, or local law enforcement agencies or members of the retail loss prevention community.
  3757. Attach prostheses to performers and apply makeup to create special features or effects, such as scars, aging, or illness.
  3758. Manage reserve materials by placing items on reserve for library patrons, checking items in and out of library, and removing out-dated items.
  3759. Measure and visually inspect products for surface and dimension defects to ensure conformance to specifications, using precision measuring instruments.
  3760. Participate in decisions about whether cases should go before courts and which court should hear them.
  3761. Test industrial diamonds or abrasives, soil, or rocks to determine their geological characteristics, using optical, x-ray, heat, acid, or precision instruments.
  3762. Make appointments, keep records, or perform other clerical duties in doctors' offices or clinics.
  3763. Disassemble timepieces and inspect them for defective, worn, misaligned, or rusty parts, using loupes.
  3764. Attach pressurized meters to fixtures which submerge them in water, and observe meters for leaks.
  3765. Review blueprints and plans for new or remodeled buildings to ensure the structures meet fire safety codes.
  3766. Oversee landfill gas collection system construction, maintenance, and repair activities.
  3767. Provide system design and integration recommendations.
  3768. Collect tickets or cash fares from passengers.
  3769. Provide technical or administrative support for sustainability programs or issues.
  3770. Open and close library during specified hours and secure library equipment, such as computers and audio-visual (AV) equipment.
  3771. Formulate pricing policies on merchandise according to profitability requirements.
  3772. Analyze or interpret logistics data involving customer service, forecasting, procurement, manufacturing, inventory, transportation, or warehousing.
  3773. Analyze technical implications of architect's design concept, calculating weights, volumes, and stress factors.
  3774. Plan locations and sequences of cutting, drilling, bending, rolling, punching, and welding operations, using compasses, protractors, dividers, and rules.
  3775. Review reports and proposals, such as those relating to land use classifications and recreational development, for accuracy, adequacy, or adherence to policies, regulations, or scientific standards.
  3776. Present clients with information required to make informed health care and treatment decisions.
  3777. Initiate corrective actions or order plant shutdowns in emergency situations.
  3778. Perform other clerical duties such as answering telephone, sorting and distributing mail, running errands or sending faxes.
  3779. Provide technical support to clients through activities such as rearranging workplace fixtures to reduce physical hazards or discomfort or modifying task sequences to reduce cycle time.
  3780. Assess the impact of illnesses or injuries on patients' health, function, growth, development, nutrition, sleep, rest, quality of life, or family, social and educational relationships.
  3781. Confer with staff to resolve performance and personnel problems, and to discuss company policies.
  3782. Dispose of radioactive materials and store radiopharmaceuticals, following radiation safety procedures.
  3783. Administer manual exercises, massage, or traction to help relieve pain, increase patient strength, or decrease or prevent deformity or crippling.
  3784. Confer with engineering and purchasing personnel and vendors regarding stock procurement and availability.
  3785. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as how to speak and write a foreign language and the cultural aspects of areas where a particular language is used.
  3786. Hold auditions for parts or negotiate contracts with actors determined suitable for specific roles, working in conjunction with producers.
  3787. Visit and observe patients on hospital rounds or house calls, updating charts, ordering therapy, and reporting back to physician.
  3788. Show customers how to insert, remove, and care for their contact lenses.
  3789. Use informatics science to design or implement health information technology applications to resolve clinical or health care administrative problems.
  3790. Transport patients to the hospital or within the hospital.
  3791. Maintain tool and spare parts inventories required for repair, installation, or replacement services.
  3792. Keep records required by government agencies regarding sanitation or food subsidies.
  3793. Provide specialized direct and indirect care to inpatients and outpatients within a designated specialty, such as obstetrics, neurology, oncology, or neonatal care.
  3794. Study the assets of criminal suspects to determine the flow of money from or to targeted groups.
  3795. Report any unusual circumstances concerning mail delivery, including the condition of street letter boxes.
  3796. Inspect project site and evaluate contractor work to detect design malfunctions and ensure conformance to design specifications and applicable codes.
  3797. Prepare and manage distance learning program budgets.
  3798. Purchase or order groceries and household supplies to keep kitchens stocked and record expenditures.
  3799. Trim cured materials by sawing them with diamond-impregnated cutoff wheels.
  3800. Greet persons entering establishment, determine nature and purpose of visit, and direct or escort them to specific destinations.
  3801. Travel to customers' premises to install, maintain, or repair audio and visual electronic reception equipment or accessories.
  3802. Develop, maintain, and analyze budgets, preparing periodic reports that compare budgeted costs to actual costs.
  3803. Manage the movement of goods into and out of production facilities to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, or sustainability of operations.
  3804. Requisition tools and equipment, select type and size of pipe, and collect and transport materials and equipment to work site.
  3805. Integrate robotics with peripherals, such as welders, controllers, or other equipment.
  3806. Manage site assessments or environmental studies for wind fields.
  3807. Refer patient to medical specialist or other practitioner when necessary.
  3808. Sell goods such as contact lenses, spectacles, sunglasses, and other goods related to eyes in general.
  3809. Post bonds for the products being imported or assist clients in obtaining bonds.
  3810. Gather information about community mental health needs or resources that could be used in conjunction with therapy.
  3811. Confer with project personnel to identify and resolve problems.
  3812. Confer with clergy members, congregational officials, or congregational organizations to encourage support of or participation in religious education activities.
  3813. Provide analytical support for the design and development of training curricula, learning strategies, educational policies, or courseware standards.
  3814. Provide proper upkeep of sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, fountains, planters, burial sites, or other grounds features.
  3815. Train users in task techniques or ergonomic principles.
  3816. Oversee construction and renovation projects to improve efficiency and to ensure that facilities meet environmental, health, and security standards, and comply with government regulations.
  3817. Prepare drafts of amendments, government policies, laws, rules, regulations, budgets, programs and procedures.
  3818. Order, perform, and interpret tests and analyze records, reports, and examination information to diagnose patients' condition.
  3819. Select cartographic elements needed for effective presentation of information.
  3820. Determine means of integrating radio frequency identification device (RFID) into other applications.
  3821. Counsel clients on concerns, such as unsatisfactory relationships, divorce and separation, child rearing, home management, or financial difficulties.
  3822. Inform customers about the care, maintenance, and handling of various flowers and foliage, indoor plants, and other items.
  3823. Develop scope of work for wind project functions, such as design, site assessment, environmental studies, surveying, or field support services.
  3824. Encourage clients with special needs and circumstances to acquire new skills and get involved in health-promoting leisure activities, such as sports, games, arts and crafts, and gardening.
  3825. Perform simple vehicle maintenance procedures, such as checking oil and gas, and report mechanical problems to supervisors.
  3826. Receive charge slips or credit applications by mail, or receive information from salespeople or merchants by telephone.
  3827. Clean joints of workpieces with wire brushes or by dipping them into cleaning solutions.
  3828. Direct or coordinate comprehensive logistical or reverse logistical functions for product life cycles, including acquisition, distribution, internal allocation, delivery, recycling, reuse, or final disposal of resources.
  3829. Prepare bank deposits by compiling data from cashiers, verifying and balancing receipts, and sending cash, checks, or other forms of payment to banks.
  3830. File instrument flight plans with air traffic control to ensure that flights are coordinated with other air traffic.
  3831. Present research findings at scientific conferences and in papers written for scientific journals.
  3832. Move materials, supplies, components, and finished products between storage and work areas, using work aids such as racks, hoists, and handtrucks.
  3833. Collaborate with development teams to discuss, analyze, or resolve usability issues.
  3834. Determine and specify details of survey projects, including sources of information, procedures to be used, and the design of survey instruments and materials.
  3835. Troubleshoot fuel cell test equipment.
  3836. Evaluate new technologies to enhance or complement current research.
  3837. Inform individuals and groups of pollution control regulations and inspection findings, and explain how problems can be corrected.
  3838. Provide input into the design and manufacturing of new equipment.
  3839. Fill etched characters with opaque paste to improve readability.
  3840. Generate and maintain quality control operating budgets.
  3841. Operate machines to test functioning of parts or mechanisms.
  3842. Adjust ink fountain flow rates.
  3843. Ticket, arrange, and display merchandise to promote sales.
  3844. Select metals to be used from a range of metals and alloys, based on properties such as hardness or heat tolerance.
  3845. Cut out damaged areas, drill holes for reinforcing rods, and position reinforcing rods to repair concrete, using power saw and drill.
  3846. Attend clinical and research conferences and read scientific literature to keep abreast of technological advances and current genetic research findings.
  3847. Conduct application evaluations and analyze results to determine commercial, industrial, scientific, medical, military, or other uses for electro-optical devices.
  3848. Treat internal disorders, such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, or problems of the lung, brain, kidney, or gastrointestinal tract.
  3849. Analyze a script, noting events that affect each character's appearance, so that plans can be made for each scene.
  3850. Cut rails to specified lengths, using rail saws.
  3851. Reposition machines and move controls to make additional holes or cuts.
  3852. Operate special-effects equipment, such as stereopticons, to project pictures onto screens.
  3853. Position and fasten edges of tarpaulins over building and tape vents to ensure air-tight environment and check for leaks.
  3854. Examine invoices and shipping manifests for conformity to tariff and customs regulations.
  3855. Confer with technicians and submit reports of test results to engineering department and recommend design or material changes.
  3856. Clean and maintain fire stations and fire fighting equipment and apparatus.
  3857. Conduct tests or provide technical support for tests of prototype fuel cell engines or thermal management systems.
  3858. Provide emergency treatment of facial injuries including facial lacerations, intra-oral lacerations, and fractured facial bones.
  3859. Fill out and maintain client-related paperwork, including federal- and state-mandated forms, client diagnostic records, and progress notes.
  3860. Bolt equipment into place, using hand or power tools.
  3861. Administer local, inhalation, intravenous, or other anesthetics.
  3862. Compile, administer, and grade examinations or assign this work to others.
  3863. Recommend methods to increase lifestyle physical activity.
  3864. Review or negotiate energy purchase agreements.
  3865. Study the relationships between ignition sources and materials to determine how fires start.
  3866. Interpret results of financial analysis procedures.
  3867. Examine specimens using microscopes to evaluate specimen quality.
  3868. Select aerial photographic and remote sensing techniques and plotting equipment needed to meet required standards of accuracy.
  3869. Devise ways in which congregational membership can be expanded.
  3870. Advise clients or community groups on issues related to social or intellectual development, such as education, childcare, or problem solving.
  3871. Cut pipes to required lengths.
  3872. Plan or conduct activities for a balanced program of instruction, demonstration, and work time that provides students with opportunities to observe, question, and investigate.
  3873. Select, train and supervise workers who plan, prepare and serve meals.
  3874. Develop processes to recover, recycle, or reuse waste or scrap materials from manufacturing operations.
  3875. Apply lather and shave beards or neck and temple hair contours, using razors.
  3876. Train other guides and volunteers.
  3877. Conduct or oversee collection of corporate intelligence to avoid fraud, financial crime, cyber-attack, terrorism, and infrastructure failure.
  3878. Oversee operation of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) fabrication or assembly equipment, such as handling, singulation, assembly, wire-bonding, soldering, or package sealing.
  3879. Develop library policies and procedures.
  3880. Secure patients into or onto therapy equipment.
  3881. Build, repair, and install wooden steps, scaffolds, and walkways to gain access to or permit improved view of exhibited equipment.
  3882. Assist pipe fitters in the layout, assembly, and installation of piping for air, ammonia, gas, and water systems.
  3883. Develop processes to separate components of liquids or gases or generate electrical currents, using controlled chemical processes.
  3884. Place solder bars into containers and turn knobs to specified positions to melt solder and regulate its temperature.
  3885. Review procedures in database management system manuals for making changes to database.
  3886. Respond to emergency situations, such as emergency medical calls, security calls, or fire alarms.
  3887. Prepare and submit sales contracts for orders.
  3888. Design and fabricate appliances, such as space maintainers, retainers, and labial and lingual arch wires.
  3889. Collaborate with other ministry members to establish goals and objectives for religious education programs or to develop ways to encourage program participation.
  3890. Direct recruitment, placement, and evaluation of architecture or engineering project staff.
  3891. Inspect buildings or building designs to determine fire protection system requirements and potential problems in areas such as water supplies, exit locations, and construction materials.
  3892. Advise on health risks in the workplace or on health-related transition to retirement.
  3893. Remove housings, feed tubes, tool holders, or other accessories to replace worn or broken parts, such as springs or bushings.
  3894. Teach courses within their department.
  3895. Evaluate programs and policies, and make related recommendations to institutions and organizations.
  3896. Compute taxes owed and prepare tax returns, ensuring compliance with payment, reporting, or other tax requirements.
  3897. Create and change in-store and window displays, designs, and looks to enhance a shop's image.
  3898. Observe water levels and oil, air, and steam pressure gauges to ensure proper operation of equipment.
  3899. Analyze results of investigations to determine measures needed to maintain or restore proper soil management.
  3900. Resolve problems or discrepancies concerning customers' accounts.
  3901. Collaborate with colleagues and community agencies to address teaching and research issues.
  3902. Review scientific literature, participate in continuing education activities, or attend conferences and seminars to maintain current knowledge of clinical studies affairs and issues.
  3903. Set up, operate, and tend equipment that cooks, mixes, blends, or processes ingredients in the manufacturing of food products, according to formulas or recipes.
  3904. Train workers in proper operational procedures and functions and explain company policies.
  3905. Install dies, machine screws, and sizing rings on machines that extrude thermoplastic or metal materials.
  3906. Interview clients to determine what kinds of properties they are seeking.
  3907. Pick up or meet employers according to requests, appointments, or schedules.
  3908. Transmit information or documents to customers, using computer, mail, or facsimile machine.
  3909. Adapt existing or develop new music therapy assessment instruments or procedures to meet an individual client's needs.
  3910. Write and send letters of thanks to donors.
  3911. Collaborate with producers to diagnose and prevent management and production problems.
  3912. Remove defects, such as chips, burrs, or lap corroded or pitted surfaces.
  3913. Train, direct, or supervise other construction inspectors.
  3914. Research or develop emerging microelectromechanical (MEMS) systems to convert nontraditional energy sources into power, such as ambient energy harvesters that convert environmental vibrations into usable energy.
  3915. Teach library patrons basic computer skills, such as searching computerized databases.
  3916. Evaluate prescriptions in conjunction with clients' vocational and avocational visual requirements.
  3917. Evaluate the environmental implications of new warehouses or distribution networks.
  3918. Recommend methods for improving utilization of personnel, material, and utilities.
  3919. Create or maintain plans or other documents related to sustainability projects.
  3920. Review blueprints to determine customer requirements and consult with assembler regarding schematics, wiring procedures, or conductor paths.
  3921. Repair, reline, or rebase dentures.
  3922. Place articles to be stripped into stripping tanks.
  3923. Discuss production requirements with clients.
  3924. Prepare charts, graphs, or diagrams to illustrate workflow, routing, floor layouts, material handling, or machine utilization.
  3925. Arrange for supervisors to conduct teaching observations and provide feedback about teaching performance.
  3926. Keep records of work assignments.
  3927. Promote health clubs through membership sales, and record member information.
  3928. Refinish wood surfaces on cabinets, doors, moldings, or floors, using power sanders, putty, spray equipment, brushes, paints, or varnishes.
  3929. Prepare and blend oils and apply the blends to clients' skin.
  3930. Check equipment to ensure that it meets health and safety regulations and perform maintenance or cleaning, as necessary.
  3931. Adjust network sizes to meet volume or capacity demands.
  3932. Create three-dimensional or interactive representations of designs, using computer assisted design software.
  3933. Select and ship eggs to other hatcheries.
  3934. Make incisions in arms or thighs and drain blood from circulatory system and replace it with embalming fluid, using pump.
  3935. Rescue victims from burning buildings, accident sites, and water hazards.
  3936. Perform or evaluate research, such as detailed company or industry analyses, to inform financial forecasting, decision making, or valuation.
  3937. Inspect wiring connections, control panel hookups, door installations, and alignments and clearances of cars and hoistways to ensure that equipment will operate properly.
  3938. Record and process results of procedures.
  3939. Operate valves, pumps, engines, or generators to control and adjust biofuels production.
  3940. Collect data about existing client hardware, software, networking, or key business processes to inform implementation of radio frequency identification device (RFID) technology.
  3941. Specialize in regulatory issues related to agriculture, such as the cultivation of green biotechnology crops or the post-market regulation of genetically altered crops.
  3942. Turn wheels of calipers and examine springs, using loupes, to determine if center coils appear as perfect circles.
  3943. Indicate artifacts or interferences derived from sources outside of the brain, such as poor electrode contact or patient movement, on electroneurodiagnostic recordings.
  3944. Direct and monitor trapping and spawning of fish, egg incubation, and fry rearing, applying knowledge of management and fish culturing techniques.
  3945. Lift and position workpieces in relation to surface plates, manually or with hoists, and using parallel blocks and angle plates.
  3946. Compose songs or create vocal arrangements.
  3947. Cut and trim meat to prepare for packing.
  3948. Perform minor machine maintenance, such as oiling or cleaning machines, dies, or workpieces, or adding coolant to machine reservoirs.
  3949. Watch for and relay traffic signals to start and stop cars during shunting.
  3950. Record adverse event and side effect data and confer with investigators regarding the reporting of events to oversight agencies.
  3951. Inspect property, examining its general condition, type of construction, age, and other characteristics, to decide if it is a good insurance risk.
  3952. Develop or review budgets, annual plans, power contracts, power rates, standing operating procedures, power reviews, or engineering studies.
  3953. Confer with parents, guardians, teachers, counselors, or administrators to resolve students' behavioral or academic problems.
  3954. Complete production reports, purchase orders, and material, tool, and equipment lists.
  3955. Determine which products or colors will improve clients' skin quality and appearance.
  3956. Design automated robotic systems to increase production volume or precision in high-throughput operations, such as automated ribonucleic acid (RNA) analysis or sorting, moving, or stacking production materials.
  3957. Keep periodic balance sheets of amounts and numbers of transactions.
  3958. Identify diseased or undesirable trees and remove them, using power saws or hand saws.
  3959. Disassemble subassembly units and examine condition, movement, or alignment of parts, visually or using gauges.
  3960. Instruct, motivate, safeguard, or assist patients practicing exercises or functional activities, under direction of medical staff.
  3961. Participate in the work of subordinates to facilitate productivity or to overcome difficult aspects of work.
  3962. Provide feedback to production staff regarding technical game qualities or adherence to original design.
  3963. Evaluate size, location, and condition of forest fires.
  3964. Assign employees to specific duties.
  3965. Review loan agreements to ensure that they are complete and accurate according to policy.
  3966. Observe machine operation to detect workpiece defects or machine malfunctions, adjusting machines as necessary.
  3967. Mark and drill holes in jewelry mountings in order to center stones according to design specifications.
  3968. Add chemicals and solutions to tanks to ensure that specifications are met.
  3969. Smooth and clean inner surfaces of molds, using brushes, scrapers, air hoses, or grinding wheels, and fill imperfections with refractory material.
  3970. Direct or provide home health services.
  3971. Calibrate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) console or peripheral hardware.
  3972. Coordinate equipment operation with presentation of supplemental material, such as music, oral commentaries, or sound effects.
  3973. Strip, seal, finish, and polish floors.
  3974. Investigate customer or public complaints to determine the nature and extent of problems.
  3975. Grind, ream, rebore, and re-tap parts to obtain specified clearances, using grinders, lathes, taps, reamers, boring machines, and micrometers.
  3976. Select the correct spray gun system for the material being applied.
  3977. Set up and operate machine tools to repair or fabricate machine parts, jigs, fixtures, or tools.
  3978. Protect property from water and smoke, using waterproof salvage covers, smoke ejectors, and deodorants.
  3979. Arrange for disposal of surplus materials.
  3980. Start conveyor booms and gathering-arm motors, and operate winches to position cars under boom conveyors for loading.
  3981. Observe forest areas from fire lookout towers to spot potential problems.
  3982. Perform housekeeping duties, such as laundry, cleaning, dish washing, and changing of linens.
  3983. Trim, clean, or cure animal hides.
  3984. Identify defects in concrete or other building materials, using thermal or infrared testing.
  3985. Use equipment such as atomic absorption spectrometers, electron microscopes, flow cytometers, or chromatography systems.
  3986. Analyze experimental data and interpret results to write reports and summaries of findings.
  3987. Maintain work area according to cleanroom or other processing standards.
  3988. Assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac or peripheral vascular treatments, such as implanting pacemakers or assisting with balloon angioplasties to treat blood vessel blockages.
  3989. Operate water-well drilling rigs and other equipment to drill, bore, and dig for water wells or for environmental assessment purposes.
  3990. Store, pack, and maintain inventory records of props, products, or display items.
  3991. Drive moving equipment to transport materials and parts to excavation sites.
  3992. Instruct patients in use of prosthetic or orthotic devices.
  3993. Administer anesthesia to animals, under the direction of a veterinarian, and monitor animals' responses to anesthetics so that dosages can be adjusted.
  3994. Operate manipulators from outside cells to move specimens into or out of shielded containers, to remove specimens from cells, or to place specimens on benches or equipment work stations.
  3995. Compare previously prepared bank statements with canceled checks and reconcile discrepancies.
  3996. Identify risks for natural disasters, such as mudslides, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions.
  3997. Evaluate patients' progress and prepare reports that detail progress.
  3998. Collect and analyze water samples as part of field investigations or to validate data from automatic monitors.
  3999. Administer or order diagnostic tests, such as x-ray, electrocardiogram, and laboratory tests.
  4000. Establish production or quality control standards.
  4001. Plan or supervise waste management programs for composting or farming.
  4002. Rent merchandise to customers.
  4003. Identify methods for laying out, orienting, and mounting modules or arrays to ensure efficient installation, electrical configuration, or system maintenance.
  4004. Review and evaluate environmental impact reports pertaining to private or public planning projects or programs.
  4005. Break asphalt and other pavement so that pipes can be accessed, using airhammers, picks, and shovels.
  4006. Record test data and document fabrication techniques on reports.
  4007. Conduct individual assessments, including interpreting measures and providing feedback for selection, placement, or promotion.
  4008. Coordinate shipments of recycling materials with shipping brokers or processing companies.
  4009. Join sections of conveyor frames at temporary working areas, and connect power units.
  4010. Report overpayments, underpayments, and other irregularities.
  4011. Perform routine vehicle maintenance, such as regulating tire pressure and adding gasoline, oil, and water.
  4012. Operate controls to stabilize machines and to position and align drills.
  4013. Develop, maintain, and troubleshoot information access aids, such as databases, annotated bibliographies, web pages, electronic pathfinders, software programs, and online tutorials.
  4014. Apply precision agriculture information to specifically reduce the negative environmental impacts of farming practices.
  4015. Identify and recommend environmentally friendly business practices.
  4016. Offer customers carry-out service at the completion of transactions.
  4017. Teach proper eating habits and personal hygiene.
  4018. Identify and report problems in obtaining valid data.
  4019. Carve rough designs freehand or by chipping along marks on stone, using mallets and chisels or pneumatic tools.
  4020. Install metal lath where plaster applications will be exposed to weather or water, or for curved or irregular surfaces.
  4021. Arrange the payment of duty and freight charges.
  4022. Prepare written, oral, tabular, and graphic reports summarizing requirements and regulations, including enforcement and chain of custody documentation.
  4023. Compile information about flights from flight plans, pilot reports, radar, or observations.
  4024. Monitor payment of hand-delivered jackpots to ensure promptness.
  4025. Train users to use new or modified equipment.
  4026. Evaluate and interpret core samples and cuttings, and other geological data used in prospecting for oil or gas.
  4027. Participate in the planning and execution of fundraising activities.
  4028. Clean interiors of processing units by circulating chemicals and solvents within units.
  4029. Analyze manufacturing supply chains to identify opportunities for increased efficiency in the acquisition of raw materials.
  4030. Write, prepare, and deliver statements for the Congressional Record.
  4031. Recommend design modifications to eliminate machine or system malfunctions.
  4032. Determine root causes of failures or recommend changes in designs, tolerances, or processing methods, using statistical procedures.
  4033. Follow and enforce safety rules applying to equipment.
  4034. Remove and replace soiled linens or equipment to maintain sanitary conditions.
  4035. Study and document quantities, distribution, disposition, and development of underground and surface waters.
  4036. Sell, for a fee, real estate owned by others.
  4037. Represent companies in negotiating contracts and formulating policies with suppliers.
  4038. Evaluate transportation systems or traffic control devices or lighting systems to determine need for modification or expansion.
  4039. Maintain inventories of hazardous materials or hazardous wastes, using waste tracking systems to ensure that materials are handled properly.
  4040. Observe and evaluate students' work to determine progress and make suggestions for improvement.
  4041. Check preliminary and final proofs for errors and make necessary corrections.
  4042. Perform minor vehicle repairs, such as cleaning spark plugs, or take vehicles to mechanics for servicing.
  4043. Position bolting machines, and insert drill bits into chucks.
  4044. Develop, conduct, or participate in surveys, studies, or investigations of various land uses to inform corrective action plans.
  4045. Replenish electrolytes in batteries and oil in voltage transformers, and reset tripped electric relays.
  4046. Close entry areas following security breaches or reopen areas after receiving notification that the airport is secure.
  4047. Test timepiece accuracy and performance, using meters and other electronic instruments.
  4048. Calculate etching time based on thickness of material to be removed from wafers or crystals.
  4049. Determine cargo transportation capabilities by reading documents that set forth cargo loading and securing procedures, capacities, and stability factors.
  4050. Review orders, production schedules, blueprints, or shipping or receiving notices to determine work sequences and material shipping dates, types, volumes, or destinations.
  4051. Provide consultation, support, or education to groups such as parents and teachers.
  4052. Conduct test runs with completed tools or dies to ensure that parts meet specifications, making adjustments as necessary.
  4053. Write articles, manuals, and other publications and assist in the distribution of promotional literature about programs and facilities.
  4054. Conduct post-service or failure analyses, using electromechanical diagnostic principles or procedures.
  4055. Write or revise standard operating procedures for logistics processes.
  4056. Confer with health departments, industry personnel, physicians, and others to develop health safety standards and public health improvement programs.
  4057. Schedule funerals, burials, or cremations.
  4058. Clean and maintain pressing machines, using cleaning solutions and lubricants.
  4059. Monitor study activities to ensure compliance with protocols and with all relevant local, federal, and state regulatory and institutional polices.
  4060. Restrain or shackle violent patients.
  4061. Compute product totals and charges for shipments.
  4062. Reassemble repaired equipment, and solder top, front, and back case panels in place, using soldering guns, power tools, and hand tools.
  4063. Interpret or evaluate test results in accordance with applicable codes, standards, specifications, or procedures.
  4064. Place and hold measuring tapes when electronic distance-measuring equipment is not used.
  4065. Provide additional instruction in vocational areas.
  4066. Prepare and apply stencils, computer-generated decals, or other decorative items to finished products.
  4067. Apply layers of plastic resin to mold surfaces prior to placement of fiberglass mats, repeating layers until products have the desired thicknesses and plastics have jelled.
  4068. Clear jams in sortation equipment.
  4069. Wipe tables or seats with dampened cloths or replace dirty tablecloths.
  4070. Evaluate effects of drugs, gases, pesticides, parasites, and microorganisms at various levels.
  4071. Prepare prescribed solutions and administer local, intravenous, spinal, or other anesthetics following specified methods and procedures.
  4072. Employ financial models to develop solutions to financial problems or to assess the financial or capital impact of transactions.
  4073. Implement soil or water management techniques, such as nutrient management, erosion control, buffers, or filter strips, in accordance with conservation plans.
  4074. Identify key individual cultural collaborators, using reputational and positional selection techniques.
  4075. Assess abnormalities of color vision, such as amblyopia.
  4076. Review and approve art materials, copy materials, and proofs of printed copy developed by staff members.
  4077. Sharpen dulled blades, using bench grinders, abrasive wheels, or lathes.
  4078. Take appropriate safety precautions, such as monitoring dive lengths and depths and registering with authorities before diving expeditions begin.
  4079. Establish and enforce nutritional standards for dining establishments, based on accepted industry standards.
  4080. Stay abreast of changes in import or export laws or regulations by reading current literature, attending meetings or conferences, or conferring with colleagues.
  4081. Identify required data, data acquisition plans and test parameters, setting up equipment to conform to these specifications.
  4082. Ride on girders or other structural steel members to position them or use rope to guide them into position.
  4083. Confer with other workers about machine setups and operational specifications.
  4084. Load trays with accessories such as eating utensils, napkins, or condiments.
  4085. Provide aircrews with information and services needed for airfield management and flight planning.
  4086. Participate in budget preparation and administration, coordinating purchasing and documentation and monitoring departmental expenditures.
  4087. Develop plans to protect watershed health or rehabilitate watersheds.
  4088. Recommend corrective measures to be applied based on results of environmental contaminant analyses.
  4089. Review insurance policy terms to determine whether a particular loss is covered by insurance.
  4090. Clean and reinstall parts.
  4091. Nail pointed slats to rails to construct picket fences.
  4092. Prepare real estate closing statements, using knowledge and expertise in real estate procedures.
  4093. Ensure adherence to safety rules and practices.
  4094. Perform managerial functions, such as preparing proposals and budgets, analyzing labor costs, and writing reports.
  4095. Perform skin surgery to improve appearance, make early diagnoses, or control diseases such as skin cancer.
  4096. Fill orders for products and samples, following order tickets, and forward or mail items.
  4097. Perform failure, variation, or root cause analyses.
  4098. Recommend merchandise or services that will meet customers' needs.
  4099. Locate suppliers, using sources such as catalogs and the internet, and interview them to gather information about products to be ordered.
  4100. Prepare or organize online storefront marketing material, including product descriptions or subject lines, optimizing content to search engine criteria.
  4101. Determine commercial, industrial, scientific, or other uses for electro-optical applications or devices.
  4102. Write engineering specifications to clarify design details or functional criteria of experimental electronics units.
  4103. Check that bridges are clear of vehicles and pedestrians prior to opening.
  4104. Answer customers' questions about services and charges, or direct them to customer service centers.
  4105. Locate potential sources of geothermal energy.
  4106. Refer patient, client, or family to community resources for housing or treatment to assist in recovery from mental or physical illness, following through to ensure service efficacy.
  4107. Review correspondence for format and typographical accuracy, assemble the information into a prescribed form with the correct number of copies, and submit it to an authorized official for signature.
  4108. Plan and develop budgets for tree work, and estimate the monetary value of trees.
  4109. Create and maintain logs, records, or databases of information about fraudulent activity.
  4110. Remove full containers from discharge outlets and replace them with empty containers.
  4111. Inform customers of daily specials.
  4112. Survey park to determine forest conditions and distribution and abundance of fauna and flora.
  4113. Keep abreast of developments and technological advances in the communication field by reading current literature, talking with colleagues, and participating in professional conferences.
  4114. Assign and grade class work and homework.
  4115. Evaluate needs for procurement of funds and investment of surpluses and make appropriate recommendations.
  4116. Initiate and direct efforts to foster tolerance, understanding, and appreciation of diversity in school communities.
  4117. Lubricate door closer oil chambers and pack spindles with leather washers.
  4118. Maintain laboratory instruments to ensure proper working order and troubleshoot malfunctions when needed.
  4119. Provide industrial managers with technical materials on environmental issues, regulatory guidelines, or compliance actions.
  4120. Rub cement sticks on drum edges to provide adhesive surfaces for plies.
  4121. Maintain inventories of supplies.
  4122. Manage timely flow of business intelligence information to users.
  4123. Collect, count, and disburse money, do basic bookkeeping, and complete banking transactions.
  4124. Observe gauges to ensure that machines are operating properly, making adjustments or stopping machines when problems occur.
  4125. Handle slides, mud, or pit cleanings or maintenance.
  4126. Prepare and issue title commitments and title insurance policies based on information compiled from title searches.
  4127. Prepare reports or recommendations, based upon research outcomes.
  4128. Make transportation arrangements for sold or purchased commodities.
  4129. Maintain contact with fire dispatchers at all times to notify them of the need for additional firefighters and supplies, or to detail any difficulties encountered.
  4130. Organize and label materials and display students' work in a manner appropriate for their eye levels and perceptual skills.
  4131. Assemble, align, and clamp workpieces into holding fixtures to bond, heat-treat, or solder fabricated metal components.
  4132. Conduct studies of nitrogen or alternative fertilizer application methods, quantities, or timing to ensure satisfaction of crop needs and minimization of leaching, runoff, or denitrification.
  4133. Supervise activities of other forestry workers.
  4134. Analyze acquisitions to ensure conformance with strategic goals or regulatory requirements.
  4135. Track laboratory supplies, and expenses such as participant reimbursement.
  4136. Evaluate genetic data by performing appropriate mathematical or statistical calculations and analyses.
  4137. Operate and drive locomotives, diesel switch engines, dinkey engines, flatcars, and railcars in train yards and at industrial sites.
  4138. Design software to control robotic systems for applications, such as military defense or manufacturing.
  4139. Record operational or production data on specified forms.
  4140. Fit appliances onto patients and make any necessary adjustments.
  4141. Resolve worker problems or collaborate with employees to assist in problem resolution.
  4142. Participate in the development or implementation of clinical trial protocols.
  4143. Perform minor cosmetic procedures, such as chin and cheekbone enhancements.
  4144. Organize and coordinate the work of staff and convention personnel for meetings to be held at a particular facility.
  4145. Collaborate with engineers or physicians to institute control or remedial measures for hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions or equipment.
  4146. Place workpieces in electroplating solutions or apply pigments to surfaces of workpieces to highlight ridges and grooves.
  4147. Develop techniques for measuring and identifying trees.
  4148. Verify dimensions or check the quality or fit of pieces to ensure adherence to specifications.
  4149. Provide assistance to motorists needing help with problems, such as flat tires, keys locked in cars, or dead batteries.
  4150. Create new jewelry designs and modify existing designs, using computers as necessary.
  4151. Set up, adjust, or operate basic or specialized machine tools used to perform precision machining operations.
  4152. Cut seats to receive new orifices, tap inspection ports, and perform other repairs to salvage usable materials, using hand tools and machine tools.
  4153. Pull level and toggle latches to fill molds, to regulate tension on sheeting, and to release mold covers.
  4154. Visit establishments to evaluate needs or to promote product or service sales.
  4155. Examine crime scenes to obtain clues and evidence, such as loose hairs, fibers, clothing, or weapons.
  4156. Measure, weigh, and mix chemical ingredients, according to specifications.
  4157. Participate in the development or implementation of online marketing strategy.
  4158. Prepare, review, or maintain maintenance schedules, design documentation, or operational reports or charts.
  4159. Educate the public about diseases that can be spread from animals to humans.
  4160. Perform routine photovoltaic (PV) system maintenance on modules, arrays, batteries, power conditioning equipment, safety systems, structural systems, weather sealing, or balance of systems equipment.
  4161. Smooth surfaces of articles to be painted, using sanding and buffing tools and equipment.
  4162. Obtain signatures and payments, or arrange for recipients to make payments.
  4163. Prepare students for later grades by encouraging them to explore learning opportunities and to persevere with challenging tasks.
  4164. Locate debtors using post office directories, utility services account listings, or mailing lists.
  4165. Conduct or oversee the conduct of life cycle analyses to determine the environmental impacts of products, processes, or systems.
  4166. Signal hoist operators to lower torpedoes or sample-taking guns into wells and to raise equipment for sampling from blast holes after detonation.
  4167. Participate in continuing education activities to maintain and expand competence.
  4168. Supervise nurses' aides or assistants.
  4169. Maintain and apply knowledge of current policies, regulations, and industrial processes.
  4170. Lay out plate, sheet steel, or other heavy metal and locate and mark bending and cutting lines, using protractors, compasses, and drawing instruments or templates.
  4171. Correlate, interpret, and modify data obtained from topographical surveys, well logs, and geophysical prospecting reports.
  4172. Create computer applications for manufacturing processes or operations, using computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-assisted manufacturing (CAM) tools.
  4173. Direct and supervise prescribed burn projects and prepare postburn reports, analyzing burn conditions and results.
  4174. Request bids from suppliers or consultants.
  4175. Mark design boundaries and paint natural or artificial turf fields with team logos or names before events.
  4176. Piece sounds together to develop film soundtracks.
  4177. Attach roofing paper and composition shingles, using nails.
  4178. Clean up spilled oil by bailing it into barrels.
  4179. Scuba dive to inspect sea farm operations.
  4180. Develop, implement, or manage plans or programs related to conservation or management of natural resources.
  4181. Collaborate in research studies.
  4182. Determine prices for styles.
  4183. Learn about new developments in counseling by reading professional literature, attending courses and seminars, or establishing and maintaining contact with other social service agencies.
  4184. Analyze equipment performance records to determine the need for repair or replacement.
  4185. Page individuals to inform them of telephone calls, using paging or interoffice communication equipment.
  4186. Receive information regarding train or rail problems from dispatchers or from electronic monitoring devices.
  4187. Evaluate effectiveness of current or future logistical processes.
  4188. Rescue and evacuate injured persons.
  4189. Confer with biologists, fish pathologists, and other fishery personnel to obtain data concerning fish habits, diseases, food, and environmental requirements.
  4190. Supervise the training of student opticians.
  4191. Meet with parents and guardians to discuss their children's progress and to determine priorities for their children and their resource needs.
  4192. Install electrical and electronic components, assemblies, and systems in aircraft, using hand tools, power tools, or soldering irons.
  4193. Develop and implement treatment plans based on clinical experience and knowledge.
  4194. Make recommendations on management systems and planning for wildlife populations and habitat, consulting with stakeholders and the public at large to explore options.
  4195. Develop or maintain online help documentation.
  4196. Administer bedside or personal care, such as ambulation or personal hygiene assistance.
  4197. Review biomass operations performance specifications to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  4198. Conduct periodic equipment inspections and routine tests to ensure that operations standards are met.
  4199. Maintain a lost-and-found collection.
  4200. Educate equipment operators on the proper use of equipment.
  4201. Coordinate sales promotion activities, such as preparing merchandise displays and advertising copy.
  4202. Evaluate and monitor contract performance to ensure compliance with contractual obligations and to determine need for changes.
  4203. Trim trees and clear undergrowth along right-of-way.
  4204. Position x-ray equipment and adjust controls to set exposure factors, such as time and distance.
  4205. Document patients' health histories, symptoms, physical conditions, or other diagnostic information.
  4206. Review repair cost estimates with automobile repair shop to secure agreement on cost of repairs.
  4207. Issue patterns to designated machine operators.
  4208. Communicate fire details to superiors, subordinates, or interagency dispatch centers, using two-way radios.
  4209. Keep records of play, meal schedules, and bill payment.
  4210. Monitor functioning of slot machine coin dispensers and fill coin hoppers when necessary.
  4211. Negotiate with responsible parties to arrange for recovery of losses due to fraud.
  4212. Fill sprayer tanks with water and chemicals, according to formulas.
  4213. Integrate existing land features or landscaping into designs.
  4214. Prepare documents such as representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, deeds, and leases.
  4215. Disassemble defective equipment so that repairs can be made, using hand tools.
  4216. Coordinate sales or other promotional strategies with merchandising, operations, or inventory control staff to ensure product catalogs are current, accurate, and organized for best findability against user intent.
  4217. Conduct research to develop or improve diagnostic or therapeutic counseling techniques.
  4218. Plan sequences of operations, applying knowledge of physical properties of workpiece materials.
  4219. Identify solutions to on-site technical design problems involving electrical systems equipment.
  4220. Modify treatment plans to comply with changes in client status.
  4221. Review computer-processed digital images for quality.
  4222. Assess costs and estimate the production capabilities and economic value of oil and gas wells, to evaluate the economic viability of potential drilling sites.
  4223. Position and secure steel bars, rods, cables, or mesh in concrete forms, using fasteners, rod-bending machines, blowtorches, or hand tools.
  4224. Perform administrative duties, such as preparing operational reports, distributing rehearsal call sheets and script copies, and arranging for rehearsal quarters.
  4225. Apply sampling techniques or use complete enumeration bases to determine and define groups to be surveyed.
  4226. Assess students' dancing abilities to determine where improvement or change is needed.
  4227. Arrange for sale of animals and eggs to hospitals, research centers, pet shops, and food processing plants.
  4228. Weigh ingredients to be mixed together for use in textile processing.
  4229. Maintain air-to-ground and point-to-point radio contact with aircraft commanders.
  4230. Repair and maintain equipment, making emergency adjustments or assisting with major repairs as necessary.
  4231. Assemble circuitry for electronic systems according to engineering instructions, production specifications, or technical manuals.
  4232. Organize collections of books, publications, documents, audio-visual aids, and other reference materials for convenient access.
  4233. Coordinate with outside agencies and serve on interagency task forces to combat specific types of crime.
  4234. Research, design, evaluate, install, operate, or maintain mechanical products, equipment, systems or processes to meet requirements.
  4235. Prepare and process requisitions and purchase orders for supplies and equipment.
  4236. Check floors of plants to ensure that they are strong enough to support heavy machinery.
  4237. Prepare training materials for, or make presentations to, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) users.
  4238. Conduct research on new photonics technologies.
  4239. Calculate labor and equipment requirements and production specifications, using standard formulas.
  4240. Explain fluid or tissue collection procedures to patients.
  4241. Check patients' pulse, temperature, and respiration.
  4242. Perform various administrative functions for assigned accounts, such as recording address changes and purging the records of deceased customers.
  4243. Start metering pumps and observe operation of machines and equipment to ensure continuous flow of filaments extruded through spinnerettes and to detect processing defects.
  4244. Teach dance students.
  4245. Open switches or attach grounding devices to remove electrical hazards from disturbed or fallen lines or to facilitate repairs.
  4246. Implement or monitor carbon or environmental management, accounting, or audit systems.
  4247. Purchase investments for companies in accordance with company policy.
  4248. Direct activities of technicians engaged in preparing drawings or specification documents.
  4249. Conduct classes or deliver lectures on subjects such as nutrition, home management, and farming techniques.
  4250. Prepare validation or performance qualification protocols for new or modified manufacturing processes, systems, or equipment for production of pharmaceuticals, electronics, or other products.
  4251. Promote and market productions by giving interviews, participating in talk shows, and making other public appearances.
  4252. Select electromechanical equipment, materials, components, or systems to meet functional specifications.
  4253. Use gestures to shape the music being played, communicating desired tempo, phrasing, tone, color, pitch, volume, and other performance aspects.
  4254. Discuss with planning officials the purpose of land use projects, such as transportation, conservation, residential, commercial, industrial, or community use.
  4255. Interview applicants and request specified information for loan applications.
  4256. Inspect physical conditions of warehouses, vehicle fleets, or equipment and order testing, maintenance, repairs, or replacements.
  4257. Develop and implement employee selection or placement programs.
  4258. Maintain a safe play environment.
  4259. Select and install machine components, such as dies, molds, and cutters, according to specifications, using hand tools and measuring devices.
  4260. Cook or reheat food items such as french fries.
  4261. Monitor the revenue activity of the hotel or facility.
  4262. Monitor inventory levels and requisition or purchase supplies as needed.
  4263. Select, align, and bolt positioning fixtures, stops, and specified dies to rams and anvils, forging rolls, or presses and hammers.
  4264. Draw up contracts for advertising work and collect payments due.
  4265. Demagnetize mechanisms, using demagnetizing machines.
  4266. Resolve customer complaints regarding problems such as payout errors.
  4267. Perform data entry and other clerical work as required for project completion.
  4268. Read and interpret work orders and instructions to determine work assignments, process specifications, and production schedules.
  4269. Monitor compliance systems to ensure their effectiveness.
  4270. Measure vehicle emissions to determine whether they are within acceptable limits.
  4271. Advise personnel about traffic problems, such as construction areas, accidents, congestion, weather conditions, or other hazards.
  4272. Engage services of composers to write scores.
  4273. Negotiate details of contracts and payments.
  4274. Design and produce displays and materials that can be used to decorate windows, interior displays, or event locations such as streets and fairgrounds.
  4275. Prepare and negotiate advertising and sales contracts.
  4276. Prepare layouts of machinery or equipment, using drafting equipment or computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  4277. Align, fit, or assemble components, using hand tools, power tools, fixtures, templates, or microscopes.
  4278. Compile and report meteorological data, such as temperature, relative humidity, wind direction and velocity, and types of cloud formations.
  4279. Obtain information needed to complete legal documents, such as death certificates or burial permits.
  4280. Read blueprints and select appropriate insulation, based on space characteristics and the heat retaining or excluding characteristics of the material.
  4281. Conduct training or in-services to educate clinicians and other personnel on proper use of equipment.
  4282. Transfer image to workpiece, using contact printer, pantograph stylus, silkscreen printing device, or stamp pad.
  4283. Direct activities of workers who are setting up photographic equipment.
  4284. Monitor workers to ensure that safety regulations are followed, warning or disciplining those who violate safety regulations.
  4285. Propose new or modified policies involving use of traditional and alternative fuels, transportation of goods, and other factors relating to climate and climate change.
  4286. Collect and examine product samples during production to test them for quality, color, content, consistency, viscosity, acidity, or specific gravity.
  4287. Bend, form, and shape fabric or material to conform to prescribed contours of structural components.
  4288. Measure or weigh materials to be refined, mixed, transferred, stored, or otherwise processed.
  4289. Control or operate manifold and pumping systems to circulate liquids through a petroleum refinery.
  4290. Promote use of environmental management systems (EMS) to reduce waste or to improve environmentally sound use of natural resources.
  4291. Recover objects by placing rigging around sunken objects, hooking rigging to crane lines, and operating winches, derricks, or cranes to raise objects.
  4292. Communicate with dispatchers or treatment center personnel to provide information about situation, to arrange reception of victims, or to receive instructions for further treatment.
  4293. Produce shows for special occasions, such as holidays or testimonials.
  4294. Evaluate factors such as reporting formats required, cost constraints, and need for security restrictions to determine hardware configuration.
  4295. Measure and cut openings in panels or tiles for electrical outlets, windows, vents, plumbing, or other fixtures, using keyhole saws or other cutting tools.
  4296. Perform scheduled maintenance or minor emergency repairs on radiographic equipment.
  4297. Evaluate patients' behavior to formulate diagnoses or assess treatments.
  4298. Direct and coordinate activities of personnel engaged in buying, selling, and distributing materials, equipment, machinery, and supplies.
  4299. Participate on work teams to plan, develop, or implement programs or policies for improving environmental habitats, wetlands, or groundwater or soil resources.
  4300. Slit open, eviscerate, and trim carcasses of slaughtered animals.
  4301. Collect data on physical characteristics of specified areas, such as geological formations, climates, and vegetation, using surveying or meteorological equipment.
  4302. Set up and execute video transitions and special effects, such as fades, dissolves, cuts, keys, and supers, using computers to manipulate pictures as necessary.
  4303. Select, store, order, issue, and inventory classroom equipment, materials, and supplies.
  4304. Perform routine maintenance on equipment, including adjusting and lubricating components, and painting worn or exposed areas.
  4305. Fabricate, modify, or repair jigs, fixtures, and hand tools such as scrapers, cutters, gougers, and shapers.
  4306. Inform tenants of facilities, such as laundries or playgrounds.
  4307. Provide employees with guidance in handling difficult or complex problems or in resolving escalated complaints or disputes.
  4308. Determine repair limits for engine hot section parts.
  4309. Direct or coordinate financial or budget activities to fund operations, maximize investments, or increase efficiency.
  4310. Keep up-to-date records of circulation and materials, maintain inventory, and correct cataloging errors.
  4311. Inform workers about interests or special needs of specific groups.
  4312. Advise customers on plant selection or care.
  4313. Set ladders, scaffolds, and hoists in place for taking supplies to roofs.
  4314. Order stock and price and shelve incoming goods.
  4315. Participate in professional development activities such as reading literature, continuing education, attending conferences, and collaborating with colleagues.
  4316. Examine medical equipment or facility's structural environment and check for proper use of equipment to protect patients and staff from electrical or mechanical hazards and to ensure compliance with safety regulations.
  4317. Compile data from records to prepare periodic reports.
  4318. Identify or maintain links to and from other Web sites and check links to ensure proper functioning.
  4319. Run cash registers.
  4320. Monitor equipment during operation to ensure adherence to specifications for characteristics such as pressure, temperature, or flow.
  4321. Represent their government at local, national, and international meetings and conferences.
  4322. Scrape and clean units or parts, using cleaning solvents and equipment such as buffing wheels.
  4323. Confer with management to develop or implement personnel policies or procedures.
  4324. Provide directions and other pertinent information to visitors.
  4325. Put fishing equipment into the water and anchor or tow equipment, according to the fishing method used.
  4326. Collaborate with human resources departments to ensure the implementation of consistent disciplinary action strategies in cases of compliance standard violations.
  4327. Apply for tariff concessions or for duty drawbacks and other refunds.
  4328. Perform administrative tasks such as applying for grants, developing budgets, negotiating contracts, and designing and printing programs and other promotional materials.
  4329. Operate 10-key calculators, typewriters, and copy machines to perform calculations and produce documents.
  4330. Read proof sheets aloud, calling out punctuation marks and spelling unusual words and proper names.
  4331. Read and interpret assembly blueprints or specifications manuals and plan assembly or building operations.
  4332. Write instruction sheets and cutter lists for a machine's controller to guide setup and encode numerical control tapes.
  4333. Educate patients and family members about mental health and medical conditions, preventive health measures, medications, or treatment plans.
  4334. Explain policies, procedures, or services to patients using medical or administrative knowledge.
  4335. Finish velvet garments by steaming them on bucks of hot-head presses or steam tables, and brushing pile (nap) with handbrushes.
  4336. Review civil design, engineering, or construction technical documentation to ensure compliance with applicable government or industrial codes, standards, requirements, or regulations.
  4337. Work in child and adolescent residential institutions.
  4338. Conduct research concerning animal nutrition, breeding, or management to improve products or processes.
  4339. Write technical reports or documentation, such as deviation reports, testing protocols, and trend analyses.
  4340. Conceal blemishes in workpieces, such as nicks and dents, using fillers such as putty.
  4341. Provide staff with assistance in performing difficult or complicated duties.
  4342. Provide feedback to students using positive reinforcement techniques to encourage, motivate, or build confidence in students.
  4343. Supervise and provide technical guidance, training, or assistance to employees working in the field to restore habitats.
  4344. Repair and rework templates and patterns.
  4345. Educate patients about maintenance and promotion of healthy vision.
  4346. Obtain plans from display designers or display managers and discuss their implementation with clients or supervisors.
  4347. Teach individual and team sports to participants through instruction and demonstration, utilizing knowledge of sports techniques and of participants' physical capabilities.
  4348. Identify cases of domestic abuse or other family problems and encourage students or parents to seek additional assistance from mental health professionals.
  4349. Negotiate or approve contracts or agreements with suppliers, distributors, federal or state agencies, or other organizational entities.
  4350. Repair, maintain, and adjust equipment, using hand tools.
  4351. Purchase or negotiate placement of listings in local search engines, directories, or digital mapping technologies.
  4352. Cut, shape, and trim materials, such as textiles, food, glass, stone, and metal, using knives, scissors, and other hand tools, portable power tools, or bench-mounted tools.
  4353. Perform diagnostic analyses of processing steps, using analytical or metrological tools, such as microscopy, profilometry, or ellipsometry devices.
  4354. Coordinate and direct work of nurses, medical technicians, and other health care providers.
  4355. Prepare and manage landfill gas collection system budgets.
  4356. Retrieve, separate and sort program output as needed, and send data to specified users.
  4357. Provide expertise to help financial institutions manage risks and maximize returns associated with investment products or credit offerings.
  4358. Modify equipment or processes to improve resource or cost efficiency.
  4359. Clean parts by spraying them with grease solvent or immersing them in tanks of solvent.
  4360. Follow procedures to secure courtrooms or exhibits, such as money, drugs, or weapons.
  4361. Select, prepare, or use equipment, monitors, supplies, or drugs for the administration of anesthetics.
  4362. Review work plans to schedule activities.
  4363. Plan and conduct treatment programs for patients' hearing or balance problems, consulting with educators, physicians, nurses, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and other health care personnel as necessary.
  4364. Testify in legal proceedings.
  4365. Weld or solder broken parts and structural members, using electric or gas welders and soldering tools.
  4366. Write reports of activities, and maintain files of impoundments and dispositions of animals.
  4367. Determine formats, approaches, content, levels, and mediums to effectively meet objectives within budgetary constraints, using research, knowledge, and training.
  4368. Distribute incoming mail into the correct boxes or pigeonholes.
  4369. Maintain assigned equipment and supplies, such as hand-held citation computers, citation books, rain gear, tire-marking chalk, and street cones.
  4370. Produce graphics for broadcasts.
  4371. Install and maintain geothermal system instrumentation or controls.
  4372. Replace worn dies when products vary from specifications.
  4373. Post stop-payment notices to prevent payment of protested checks.
  4374. Track materials removed from files to ensure that borrowed files are returned.
  4375. Maintain knowledge of all organizational and governmental rules affecting purchases, and provide information about these rules to organization staff members and to vendors.
  4376. Develop storage and distribution models that include factors such as warehouse locations, customer locations, or available transportation modes to maximize operational efficiency or sustainability.
  4377. Interpret, translate, or provide cultural mediation related to health services or information for community members.
  4378. Provide statistical and computational tools for biologically based activities, such as genetic analysis, measurement of gene expression, or gene function determination.
  4379. Monitor loading processes to ensure that materials are loaded according to specifications.
  4380. Evaluate curricula, teaching methods, and programs to determine their effectiveness, efficiency, and use, and to ensure that school activities comply with federal, state, and local regulations.
  4381. Monitor menus and spending to ensure that meals are prepared economically.
  4382. Assemble machines, and bolt, weld, rivet, or otherwise fasten them to foundation or other structures, using hand tools and power tools.
  4383. Determine machine settings, and move bars or levers to reproduce designs on rollers or plates.
  4384. Apply makeup to enhance or alter the appearance of people appearing in productions such as movies.
  4385. Inspect carry-on items, using x-ray viewing equipment, to determine whether items contain objects that warrant further investigation.
  4386. Measure or weigh specified amounts of ingredients or materials, and load them into tanks, vats, hoppers, or other equipment.
  4387. Review, evaluate, accept, and coordinate completion of work bid from contractors.
  4388. Compile or develop materials to submit to granting or other funding organizations.
  4389. Coordinate with vendors and with company personnel to facilitate purchases.
  4390. Develop a group of products or accessories, and market them through venues such as boutiques or mail-order catalogs.
  4391. Remove excess cement from coronal surfaces of teeth.
  4392. Confer with clients to restructure debt, refinance debt, or raise new debt.
  4393. Patrol assigned areas by car, boat, airplane, horse, or on foot to enforce game, fish, or boating laws or to manage wildlife programs, lakes, or land.
  4394. Negotiate contracts such as those for land leases or tree purchases.
  4395. Inspect and monitor work areas, examine tools and equipment, and provide employee safety training to prevent, detect, and correct unsafe conditions or violations of procedures and safety rules.
  4396. Spray chopped fiberglass, resins, and catalysts onto prepared molds or dies using pneumatic spray guns with chopper attachments.
  4397. Record production and operational data, such as amount of materials processed.
  4398. Preserve or direct preservation of objects, using plaster, resin, sealants, hardeners, and shellac.
  4399. Observe and influence patients' behavior, communicating and interacting with them and teaching, counseling, or befriending them.
  4400. Deliver presentations to lay or professional audiences.
  4401. Listen and provide emotional support and encouragement to psychiatric patients.
  4402. Pump two or more materials into one tank to blend mixtures.
  4403. Perform accounting duties, such as recording daily cash flow, preparing bank deposits, or generating financial statements.
  4404. Complete repair bills, shop records, time cards, or expense reports.
  4405. Train workers in spawning, rearing, cultivating, and harvesting methods, and in the use of equipment.
  4406. Apply for and obtain all necessary permits or licenses.
  4407. Confer with other supervisors to coordinate work activities with those of other departments or units.
  4408. Solder or weld frames of mallet instruments and metal drum parts.
  4409. Analyze x-rays to locate the sources of patients' difficulties and to rule out fractures or diseases as sources of problems.
  4410. Compile bibliographies and prepare abstracts on subjects of interest to particular organizations or groups.
  4411. Diagnose illnesses, using examinations, tests, and reports.
  4412. Develop and implement technical project management tools, such as plans, schedules, and responsibility and compliance matrices.
  4413. Form and assemble slab cores around patterns and position wire in mold sections to reinforce molds, using hand tools and glue.
  4414. Determine whether selected electromechanical components comply with environmental standards and regulations.
  4415. Order replacement springs, sections, or slats.
  4416. Supervise assemblers and train employees on job procedures.
  4417. Develop problem intervention procedures, using techniques such as interviews, consultations, role playing, and participant observation of group interactions.
  4418. Perform routine engine maintenance on motorboats, such as changing oil and filters.
  4419. Design, develop and modify software systems, using scientific analysis and mathematical models to predict and measure outcome and consequences of design.
  4420. Clean, lubricate, and perform other routine maintenance work on equipment and vehicles.
  4421. Regrind drill points, and advance drill cutting points according to specifications for channel depths and shapes.
  4422. Supervise the activities of workers engaged in receiving, storing, testing, and shipping products or materials.
  4423. Disseminate information by writing reports and scientific papers or journal articles, and by making presentations and giving talks for schools, clubs, interest groups and park interpretive programs.
  4424. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as pharmacology, mental health nursing, and community health care practices.
  4425. Maintain tallies of trees examined and counted during tree marking or measuring efforts.
  4426. Attend in-service training classes to remain current in knowledge of codes, laws, ordinances, and regulations.
  4427. Develop database architectural strategies at the modeling, design and implementation stages to address business or industry requirements.
  4428. Prescribe therapy services, such as electrotherapy, ultrasonography, heat or cold therapy, hydrotherapy, debridement, short-wave or microwave diathermy, and infrared or ultraviolet radiation, to enhance rehabilitation.
  4429. Prepare all material surfaces to be welded, ensuring that there is no loose or thick scale, slag, rust, moisture, grease, or other foreign matter.
  4430. Recruit staff members.
  4431. Take inventory of headsets, alcoholic beverages, and money collected.
  4432. Extend nails using powder, solvent, and paper forms attached to tips of customers' fingers to support and shape artificial nails.
  4433. Participate in projects that map changes in carbon emissions levels across different geographic locations, using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data.
  4434. Develop marketing campaigns for environmental technologies or services.
  4435. Perform personnel-related activities, such as hiring workers, evaluating staff performance, or taking disciplinary actions when performance problems occur.
  4436. Maintain cage security.
  4437. Prepare budgets and manage expenditures of department funds.
  4438. Measure and mark guidelines on surfaces or foundations, using chalk lines and dividers.
  4439. Maintain daily logs of operation, maintenance, and safety activities, including test results, instrument readings, and details of equipment malfunctions and maintenance work.
  4440. Serve as liaison with federal, state, or local agencies or officials on issues pertaining to solid or hazardous waste program requirements.
  4441. Check, test, and maintain automatic controls and alarm systems.
  4442. Develop plans and estimate costs for installation of systems, utilization of facilities, or construction of structures.
  4443. Provide assistance with euthanasia of animals or disposal of corpses.
  4444. Wash and treat surfaces with oil, turpentine, mildew remover, or other preparations, and sand rough spots to ensure that finishes will adhere properly.
  4445. Adjust wheel speeds according to the feel of the clay as pieces enlarge and walls become thinner.
  4446. Glue tire patches over ruptures in tire casings, using rubber cement.
  4447. Restore form and function by moving skin, bone, nerves, and other tissues from other parts of the body to reconstruct the jaws and face.
  4448. Record details of repairs made and parts used.
  4449. Maintain or update records of client account activity, including financial transactions, counseling session notes, correspondence, document images, or client inquiries.
  4450. Monitor traffic flow to locate safe gaps through which pedestrians can cross streets.
  4451. Operate robots to perform customized tasks, such as environmental cleanup or explosive detection operations.
  4452. Select or prepare specimens and media for cell cultures using aseptic techniques, knowledge of medium components, or cell nutritional requirements.
  4453. Assemble solar modules, panels, or support structures, as specified.
  4454. Guide stylus over template, causing cutting tool to duplicate design or letters on workpiece.
  4455. Drive vehicles that automatically move and lay tracks or rails over sections of track to be constructed, repaired, or maintained.
  4456. Attend games and competitions to provide evaluation and treatment of activity-related injuries or medical conditions.
  4457. Reshape or reconstruct disfigured or maimed bodies when necessary, using dermasurgery techniques and materials such as clay, cotton, plaster of Paris, and wax.
  4458. Secure metal roof panels in place by interlocking and fastening grooved panel edges.
  4459. Hire, train, or supervise workers engaged in planting, cultivating, irrigating, harvesting, or marketing crops, or in raising livestock.
  4460. Remove materials or products from molds or from extruding, forming, pressing, or compacting machines, and stack or store them for additional processing.
  4461. Clean and polish shoes.
  4462. Check for damaged library materials, such as books or audio-visual equipment, and provide replacements or make repairs.
  4463. Conduct research into the use of plant species as green fuels or in the production of green fuels.
  4464. Gather and empty trash.
  4465. Walk beside or ride on planting machines while inserting plants in planter mechanisms at specified intervals.
  4466. Assemble or analyze electronics technologies to be used in electric-drive vehicles.
  4467. Take food and drink orders and receive payment from customers.
  4468. Move stock or scrap to and from machines manually, or by using carts, handtrucks, or lift trucks.
  4469. Adjust dig face angles for varying overburden depths and set lengths.
  4470. Determine feasibility of using standardized equipment or develop specifications for equipment required to perform additional functions.
  4471. Clean or maintain products, machines, or work areas.
  4472. Review and evaluate employee performance.
  4473. Answer telephones, and route calls or deliver messages.
  4474. Prepare service estimates based on labor, material, and machine costs and maintain budgets for individual projects.
  4475. Prepare pharmaceutical compounds for commercial distribution.
  4476. Examine semen microscopically to assess and record density and motility of gametes, and dilute semen with prescribed diluents, according to formulas.
  4477. Develop templates and models for welding projects, using mathematical calculations based on blueprint information.
  4478. Institute employee suggestion or involvement programs.
  4479. Provide emergency first aid and summon medical assistance when necessary.
  4480. Deliver merchandise and collect payment.
  4481. Place original copies in feed trays, feed originals into feed rolls, or position originals on tables beneath camera lenses.
  4482. Supervise and coordinate work activities of workers engaged in drafting, designing layouts, assembling, or testing printed circuit boards.
  4483. Experiment with different types of dancers, steps, dances, and placements, testing ideas informally to get feedback from dancers.
  4484. Contract with vendors to provide employee services, such as food services, transportation, or relocation service.
  4485. Analyze and evaluate patient data or test findings to diagnose nature or extent of mental disorder.
  4486. Mark identification numbers, trademarks, grades, marketing data, sizes, or model numbers on products.
  4487. Provide physical support to assist patients to perform daily living activities, such as getting out of bed, bathing, dressing, using the toilet, standing, walking, or exercising.
  4488. Place merchandise on conveyors leading to wrapping areas.
  4489. Brush or spray protective or decorative finishes on completed background panels, informational legends, exhibit accessories, or finished paintings.
  4490. Identify new applications for existing nanotechnologies.
  4491. Repair or replace musical instrument parts and components, such as strings, bridges, felts, and keys, using hand and power tools.
  4492. Prepare plans for management of renewable resources.
  4493. Prepare and process import and export documentation according to customs regulations, laws, or procedures.
  4494. Conduct studies of appeals procedures to ensure adherence to legal requirements or to facilitate disposition of cases.
  4495. Maintain laboratory equipment such as photomicroscopes, inverted microscopes, and standard darkroom equipment.
  4496. Maintain stocks of parts used in on-site installation, maintenance, and repair of appliances.
  4497. Brush or wipe acid over engraving to darken or highlight inscriptions.
  4498. Fasten angle iron back-hangers to ceilings and tracks, using fasteners or welding equipment.
  4499. Assess potential solar installation sites to determine feasibility and design requirements.
  4500. Determine desired images and picture composition, selecting and adjusting subjects, equipment, and lighting to achieve desired effects.
  4501. Intervene as an advocate for clients or patients to resolve emergency problems in crisis situations.
  4502. Design chemical conversion processes, such as etherification, esterification, interesterification, transesterification, distillation, hydrogenation, oxidation or reduction of fats and oils, and vegetable oil refining.
  4503. Prepare and distribute leaflets, pamphlets, and visual aids for educational and informational purposes.
  4504. Restrain or aid patients as necessary to prevent injury.
  4505. Record gauge readings, test results, and shift production in log books.
  4506. Install, calibrate, operate, or maintain robots.
  4507. Smooth soldered joints and rough spots, using hand files and emery paper, and polish smoothed areas with polishing wheels or buffing wire.
  4508. Administer basic hearing tests including air conduction, bone conduction, or speech audiometry tests.
  4509. Develop formal documentation for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) devices, including quality assurance guidance, quality control protocols, process control checklists, data collection, or reporting.
  4510. Design photonics products, such as light sources, displays, or photovoltaics, to achieve increased energy efficiency.
  4511. Develop practice protocols for mental health problems based on review and evaluation of published research.
  4512. Heat billets, bars, plates, rods, and other stock to specified temperatures preparatory to forging, rolling, or processing, using oil, gas, or electrical furnaces.
  4513. Receive, store, or deliver luggage or mail.
  4514. Report job completions to agencies and obtain information about future appointments.
  4515. Drape and pin protective cloths around customers' shoulders.
  4516. Conduct fire code compliance follow-ups to ensure that corrective actions have been taken in cases where violations were found.
  4517. Mount workpieces in fixtures, on arbors, or between centers of machines.
  4518. Supervise and train peripheral equipment operators and computer operator trainees.
  4519. Load agricultural products into trucks, and drive trucks to market or storage facilities.
  4520. Inspect and test electrical systems and equipment to locate and diagnose malfunctions, using visual inspections, testing devices, and computer software.
  4521. Position and feed materials into processing machines, by hand or by using automated equipment.
  4522. Develop and organize training manuals, multimedia visual aids, and other educational materials.
  4523. Prepare or file environmental certification applications.
  4524. Plan, organize, and conduct practice sessions.
  4525. Locate guests to appear on talk or interview shows.
  4526. Modify the general kindergarten or elementary education curriculum for special-needs students.
  4527. Set up and inspect curtain and screen controls.
  4528. Install skylights on roofs to increase natural light inside structures or to reduce energy costs.
  4529. Heat, shape, or bend plastic or metal frames to adjust eyeglasses to fit clients, using pliers and hands.
  4530. Design end-of-arm tooling.
  4531. Administer anesthetics during surgery and monitor the effects on animals.
  4532. Study work orders or shoe part tags to obtain information about workloads, specifications, and the types of materials to be used.
  4533. Compile and record operational data on forms or in log books.
  4534. Operate refreshment stands during intermission or obtain refreshments for press box patrons during performances.
  4535. Review rough sketches, drawings, specifications, and other engineering data received from civil engineers to ensure that they conform to design concepts.
  4536. Create product packages based on assessment of customers' needs.
  4537. Analyze retail data to identify current or emerging trends in theft or fraud.
  4538. Conduct financial analyses related to investments in green construction or green retrofitting projects.
  4539. Inspect proposed building sites to determine suitability for construction.
  4540. Recommend and arrange for diagnostic procedures, such as blood chemistry tests, saliva tests, x-rays, or other imaging procedures.
  4541. Locate grain line patterns to determine how rocks will split when cut.
  4542. Change or replace saw blades, cables, cutter heads, and grinding wheels, using hand tools.
  4543. Procure materials needed to repair marine equipment and machinery.
  4544. Order supplies for facilities.
  4545. Record and edit the minutes of meetings and distribute to appropriate officials or staff members.
  4546. Apply coatings, such as paint, ink, or lacquer, to protect or decorate workpiece surfaces, using spray guns, pens, or brushes.
  4547. Analyze physical findings and medical histories to make diagnoses according to Oriental medicine traditions.
  4548. Plan or implement improvements to internal or external logistics systems or processes.
  4549. Install safety devices on machinery, or direct device installation.
  4550. Collect and maintain records of patients examined, examinations performed, patient medical histories, views taken, or technical factors used.
  4551. Coordinate machine actions with other activities, positioning or moving loads in response to hand or audio signals from crew members.
  4552. Prepare meeting agendas, attend meetings, and record and transcribe minutes.
  4553. Interview employers and employees to obtain information about work environments and workplace incidents.
  4554. Recommend and explain the use of cosmetics, lotions, and creams to soften and lubricate skin and enhance and restore natural appearance.
  4555. Coordinate activities of workers engaged in cataloging and filing materials.
  4556. Create business intelligence tools or systems, including design of related databases, spreadsheets, or outputs.
  4557. Develop measurement tools to evaluate the effectiveness of instruction or training interventions.
  4558. Measure visual, auditory, or somatosensory evoked potentials (EPs) to determine responses to stimuli.
  4559. Advise patients and their families on nutritional principles, dietary plans and diet modifications, and food selection and preparation.
  4560. Select and install torches, torch tips, filler rods, and flux, according to welding chart specifications or types and thicknesses of metals.
  4561. Train students to use drafting machines and to prepare schematic diagrams, block diagrams, control drawings, logic diagrams, integrated circuit drawings, or interconnection diagrams.
  4562. Test new food products and equipment.
  4563. Cool, package, label, and freeze foods for later consumption and provide instructions for reheating.
  4564. Confer with flight dispatchers and weather forecasters to keep abreast of flight conditions.
  4565. Test and charge batteries.
  4566. Review and analyze legislation, laws, or public policy and recommend changes to promote or support interests of the general population or special groups.
  4567. Advise managers on organizational policy matters, such as equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment, and recommend needed changes.
  4568. Perform accounting duties, such as bookkeeping, billing customers for services, or maintaining inventories.
  4569. Maintain court docket.
  4570. Generate solar energy customer leads to develop new accounts.
  4571. Program electronic equipment.
  4572. Prepare and serve cold drinks, or frozen milk drinks or desserts, using drink-dispensing, milkshake, or frozen custard machines.
  4573. Mount and secure lens blanks or optical lenses in holding tools or chucks of cutting, polishing, grinding, or coating machines.
  4574. Provide regulatory guidance to departments or development project teams regarding design, development, evaluation, or marketing of products.
  4575. Assess students' progress throughout tutoring sessions.
  4576. Remove burrs, sharp edges, rust, or scale from workpieces, using files, hand grinders, wire brushes, or power tools.
  4577. Secure cargo for transport, using ropes, blocks, chain, binders, or covers.
  4578. Test and analyze samples from potential underground carbon sequestration sites.
  4579. Maintain patient recall system.
  4580. Instruct through lectures, discussions, and demonstrations in one or more subjects, such as English, mathematics, or social studies.
  4581. Determine mixing sequences, based on knowledge of temperature effects and of the solubility of specific ingredients.
  4582. Maintain, calibrate, or repair plant instrumentation, control, and electronic devices in geothermal plants.
  4583. Perform administrative duties such as tracking inventory and sales, submitting patient insurance information, and performing simple bookkeeping.
  4584. Care for artificial turf fields, periodically removing the turf and replacing cushioning pads or vacuuming and disinfecting the turf after use to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.
  4585. Make and confirm reservations for transportation and accommodations, using telephones, faxes, mail, and computers.
  4586. Spray or spread refractory material over brickwork to protect against deterioration.
  4587. Inspect and test fire protection or fire detection systems to verify that such systems are installed in accordance with appropriate laws, codes, ordinances, regulations, and standards.
  4588. Sharpen abrasive grinding tools, using machines and hand tools.
  4589. Meet with supervisors to discuss students' grades or to complete required grade-related paperwork.
  4590. Inspect dies to detect defects, assess wear, and verify specifications, using micrometers, steel gauge pins, and loupes.
  4591. Perform bookkeeping duties, such as credits or collections, preparing and sending financial statements or bills, and keeping financial records.
  4592. Collaborate with representatives from other government and intelligence organizations to share information or coordinate intelligence activities.
  4593. Apply porcelain paste or wax over prosthesis frameworks or setups, using brushes and spatulas.
  4594. Review development plans to determine potential traffic impact.
  4595. Counsel clients and patients in individual and group sessions to help them overcome dependencies, recover from illness, and adjust to life.
  4596. Review adverse drug reactions and file all related reports in accordance with regulatory agency guidelines.
  4597. Select and administer tests to evaluate hearing or related disabilities.
  4598. Respond to requests for information from the public, other municipalities, state officials, or state and federal legislative offices.
  4599. Receive signals from workers in rear of train and relay that information to engineers.
  4600. Test electrical systems or continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment, or fixtures, using testing devices, such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, or oscilloscopes, to ensure compatibility and safety of system.
  4601. Cut excess thread or material from shoe parts, using scissors or knives.
  4602. Advise management about issues such as resource utilization, tax strategies, and the assumptions underlying budget forecasts.
  4603. Operate extractors and driers, or direct their operation.
  4604. Create debt management plans, spending plans, or budgets to assist clients to meet financial goals.
  4605. Balance and adjust gameplay experiences to ensure the critical and commercial success of the product.
  4606. Identify target markets for designs, looking at factors such as age, gender, and socioeconomic status.
  4607. Create or review technical design documentation to ensure the accurate development of reporting solutions.
  4608. Inseminate livestock artificially to produce desired offspring.
  4609. Order and take delivery of supplies.
  4610. Disseminate information about nursing informatics science and practice to the profession, other health care professions, nursing students, and the public.
  4611. Maintain complete and detailed records of patients' health care plans and prognoses.
  4612. Operate power vibrator to compact concrete.
  4613. Develop set designs based on evaluation of scripts, budgets, research information, and available locations.
  4614. Compile and prepare reports and documents pertaining to personnel activities.
  4615. Duplicate workpiece contours, using tracer attachments.
  4616. Administer breathing or oxygen procedures, such as intermittent positive pressure breathing treatments, ultrasonic nebulizer treatments, or incentive spirometer treatments.
  4617. Instruct and monitor students in the use of equipment and materials to prevent injuries and damage.
  4618. Schedule and make appointments.
  4619. Perform various marine duties, such as checking for oil spills or other pollutants around ports or harbors or patrolling beaches.
  4620. Estimate costs for patternmaking jobs.
  4621. Provide staff and users with assistance solving computer related problems, such as malfunctions and program problems.
  4622. Diagnose health problems by reviewing patients' health and medical histories, questioning, observing, and examining patients and interpreting x-rays.
  4623. Measure corneal curvature with keratometers or ophthalmometers to aid in the diagnosis of conditions, such as astigmatism.
  4624. Install holding fixtures, cams, gears, and stops to control stock and tool movement, using hand tools, power tools, and measuring instruments.
  4625. Administer, dispense, or prescribe natural medicines such as food or botanical extracts, herbs, dietary supplements, vitamins, nutraceuticals, and amino acids.
  4626. Refuel trucks or add other fluids, such as oil or brake fluid.
  4627. Participate in additional training to keep skills up to date.
  4628. Apply selected research findings to practice.
  4629. Estimate costs of vehicle repair.
  4630. Form a smooth foundation by stapling plywood or Masonite over the floor or by brushing waterproof compound onto surface and filling cracks with plaster, putty, or grout to seal pores.
  4631. Study object documentation or conduct standard chemical and physical tests to ascertain the object's age, composition, original appearance, need for treatment or restoration, and appropriate preservation method.
  4632. Thread ends of items such as thread, cloth, and lace through needles and rollers, and around take-up tubes.
  4633. Conduct periodic on-site observations of construction work to monitor compliance with plans.
  4634. Interpret regulatory rules or rule changes and ensure that they are communicated through corporate policies and procedures.
  4635. Evaluate and grade examinations, assignments, or papers and record grades.
  4636. Operate tractors and other machinery and equipment to fertilize, cultivate, harvest, and spray fields and plants.
  4637. Start engines, operate controls, and pilot airplanes to transport passengers, mail, or freight according to flight plans, regulations, and procedures.
  4638. Structure or negotiate deals, such as corporate mergers, sales, or acquisitions.
  4639. Blend marble chip mixtures, place into panels, and push a roller over the surface to embed the chips.
  4640. Manage business and financial affairs for clients, such as arranging travel and lodging, selling tickets, and directing marketing and advertising activities.
  4641. Assess distance-learning technological or educational needs and goals.
  4642. Perform therapeutic procedures, such as injections, immunizations, suturing and wound care, and infection management.
  4643. Prepare chemical solutions for products or processes, following standardized formulas, or create experimental formulas.
  4644. Establish procedures or systems for publishing document submissions either in hardcopy or electronic formats.
  4645. Repair and maintain automotive and drilling equipment, using hand tools.
  4646. Monitor and record switchboard or control board readings to ensure that electrical or steam distribution equipment is operating properly.
  4647. Carry food supplies, equipment, and utensils to and from storage and work areas.
  4648. Check products for quality and identify damaged or expired goods.
  4649. Record production or operational data on specified forms.
  4650. Maintain garment drape and proportions as alterations are performed.
  4651. Keep information facilities clean during operation.
  4652. Add chemicals, such as ammonia, chlorine, or lime, to disinfect and deodorize water and other liquids.
  4653. Collect coins from vending machines, refill machines, and remove aged merchandise.
  4654. Inspect incoming loads of waste to identify contents and to screen for the presence of specific regulated or hazardous wastes.
  4655. Develop conceptual, logical, or physical network designs.
  4656. Issue security clearances.
  4657. Schedule and supervise the construction and testing of special devices and the implementation of unique monitoring or control systems.
  4658. Load, unload, or adjust materials or products on conveyors by hand, by using lifts, hoists, and scoops, or by opening gates, chutes, or hoppers.
  4659. Use oral, spur, rein, or hand commands to condition horses to carry riders or to pull horse-drawn equipment.
  4660. Identify equipment options, such as compressors, and make appropriate selections.
  4661. Check tax forms to verify that names and taxpayer identification numbers are correct, that computations have been performed correctly, or that amounts match those on supporting documentation.
  4662. Advise clients or colleagues on topics such as climate control systems, energy modeling, data logging, sustainable design, or energy auditing.
  4663. Set up and adjust machines and equipment.
  4664. Cut tile backing to required size, using shears.
  4665. Inspect the surface to be covered to determine its condition, and correct any imperfections that might show through carpet or cause carpet to wear unevenly.
  4666. Recondition and replace parts, pistons, bearings, gears, and valves.
  4667. Measure and compute dimensions of lettering, designs, or patterns to be engraved.
  4668. Conduct needs assessments and strategic learning assessments to develop the basis for curriculum development or to update curricula.
  4669. Edit or assist in editing videos for broadcast.
  4670. Analyze archival data such as birth, death, and disease records.
  4671. Use complementary aids, such as infrared lamps, wet compresses, ice, and whirlpool baths to promote clients' recovery, relaxation, and well-being.
  4672. Clean, lubricate, and refill equipment.
  4673. Negotiate contracts with artistic personnel, often in accordance with collective bargaining agreements.
  4674. Examine unserviceable wells to determine actions to be taken to improve well conditions.
  4675. Develop, implement, administer and evaluate personnel and labor relations programs, including performance appraisal, affirmative action, and employment equity programs.
  4676. Cut and edit film or tape to integrate component parts into desired sequences.
  4677. Provide transportation or escort for expeditions, such as shopping trips or visits to doctors or dentists.
  4678. Develop transactional Web applications, using Web programming software and knowledge of programming languages, such as hypertext markup language (HTML) and extensible markup language (XML).
  4679. Report patterns of patients' health conditions, such as disease status and births, to public health agencies.
  4680. Mark identification numbers or symbols onto patterns or templates.
  4681. Refer students and their families to appropriate community agencies for medical, vocational, or social services.
  4682. Pose as directed, or strike suitable interpretive poses for promoting and selling merchandise or fashions during appearances, filming, or photo sessions.
  4683. Maintain contact with, and formulate reports for, contractors and clients to ensure completion of work at minimum cost.
  4684. Analyze test data for automotive systems, subsystems, or component parts.
  4685. Monitor mapping work or the updating of maps to ensure accuracy, the inclusion of new or changed information, or compliance with rules and regulations.
  4686. Read pressure and temperature gauges or displays and record data in engineering logs.
  4687. Prepare technical and research reports such as environmental impact reports, and communicate the results to individuals in industry, government, or the general public.
  4688. Enforce all administration policies and rules governing students.
  4689. Provide scientific or technical guidance or expertise to scientists, engineers, technologists, technicians, or others, using knowledge of chemical, analytical, or biological processes as applied to micro and nanoscale systems.
  4690. Answer questions about product features and benefits.
  4691. Collect and analyze pollution samples, such as air or ground water.
  4692. Deliver pianos to purchasers or to locations of their use.
  4693. Determine photovoltaic (PV) system designs or configurations based on factors such as customer needs, expectations, and site conditions.
  4694. Attend meetings, professional seminars, or conferences to keep abreast of changes in executive legislative directives or new technologies impacting security operations.
  4695. Move controls to set cutting specifications, to position cutting tools and workpieces in relation to each other, and to start machines.
  4696. Coordinate recipe development and standardization and develop new menus for independent food service operations.
  4697. Move heat units and clamping frames over screen beds to form Braille impressions on pages, raising frames to release individual copies.
  4698. Inspect or test cleantech or green technology parts, products, or installations, such as fuel cells, solar panels, or air quality devices, for conformance to specifications or standards.
  4699. Supervise and direct other workers providing services to clients or patients.
  4700. Rewrite original musical scores in different musical styles by changing rhythms, harmonies, or tempos.
  4701. Dig trench for foundation of monument, using pick and shovel.
  4702. Monitor updates from public health agencies to keep abreast of health trends.
  4703. Speak foreign languages to communicate with foreign visitors.
  4704. Monitor gas collection systems emissions data, including biomethane or nitrous oxide levels.
  4705. Plan and conduct children's programs, community outreach programs, and other specialized programs, such as library tours.
  4706. Advise corporations on issues involving corporate image projects or problems.
  4707. Compare information or figures on one record against same data on other records, or with original copy, to detect errors.
  4708. Correct machinery malfunctions by performing actions such as removing jams, and inform supervisors of malfunctions as necessary.
  4709. Perform the same work duties as those supervised or perform more difficult or skilled tasks or assist in their performance.
  4710. Select shipment routes, based on nature of goods shipped, transit times, or security needs.
  4711. Develop or implement recruiting strategies to meet current or anticipated staffing needs.
  4712. Examine children regularly to assess their growth and development.
  4713. Mop or pour hot asphalt or tar onto roof bases.
  4714. Write reports to summarize testing activities, including descriptions of goals, planning, scheduling, execution, results, analysis, conclusions, and recommendations.
  4715. Inspect and test operation, mechanical parts, and circuitry of gate crossings, signals, and signal equipment such as interlocks and hotbox detectors.
  4716. Facilitate the delivery or receipt of wholesale power or retail load scheduling.
  4717. Read blueprints, drawings, or written specifications to determine sizes and shapes of patterns and required machine setups.
  4718. Analyze Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data to identify spatial relationships or display results of analyses, using maps, graphs, or tabular data.
  4719. Design structures for crop storage, animal shelter and loading, and animal and crop processing, and supervise their construction.
  4720. Gauge tank levels, using calibrated rods.
  4721. Direct or coordinate activities of engineering or technical personnel involved in designing, fabricating, modifying, or testing of aircraft or aerospace products.
  4722. Examine assembled or finished products to ensure conformance to specifications, using magnifying glasses or precision measuring instruments.
  4723. Monitor activities of logging companies and contractors.
  4724. Input details of specimen processing, analysis, and technical issues into logs or laboratory information systems (LIS).
  4725. Supervise and monitor students' use of tools and equipment.
  4726. Supervise agents who handle real estate transactions.
  4727. Establish goals, objectives, or priorities for wind field operations.
  4728. Drive trucks to transport high-pressure pumping equipment, and chemicals, fluids, or gases to be pumped into wells.
  4729. Place safety cones around blast areas to alert other workers of danger zones, and signal workers as necessary to ensure that they clear blast sites prior to explosions.
  4730. Transport children to schools, social outings, and medical appointments.
  4731. Improve search-related activities through ongoing analysis, experimentation, or optimization tests, using A/B or multivariate methods.
  4732. Design and develop computer hardware and support peripherals, including central processing units (CPUs), support logic, microprocessors, custom integrated circuits, and printers and disk drives.
  4733. Conduct tests of pulmonary system, using spirometer or other respiratory testing equipment.
  4734. Collect fines and respond to complaints about fines.
  4735. Handle all aspects of employee insurance, benefits, and casualty programs, including monitoring changes in health insurance regulations and creating budgets for benefits and worker's compensation.
  4736. Record the results of surveys including the shape, contour, location, elevation, and dimensions of land or land features.
  4737. Treat urologic disorders using alternatives to traditional surgery such as extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, laparoscopy, or laser techniques.
  4738. Locate and correct data entry errors, or report them to supervisors.
  4739. Interview, select, and train warehouse and supervisory personnel.
  4740. Supervise or train other cardiology technologists or students.
  4741. Clean and organize eating, service, and kitchen areas.
  4742. Investigate child abuse or neglect cases and take authorized protective action when necessary.
  4743. Schedule subjects for appointments, procedures, or inpatient stays as required by study protocols.
  4744. Fabricate prototypes of fuel cell components, assemblies, stacks, or systems.
  4745. Respond to requests during court sessions to read portions of the proceedings already recorded.
  4746. Write, present, and publish reports that record site history, methodology, and artifact analysis results, along with recommendations for conserving and interpreting findings.
  4747. Prune or shear tree tops or limbs to control growth, increase density, or improve shape.
  4748. Investigate and evaluate union complaints or arguments to determine viability.
  4749. Maintain or repair agricultural facilities, equipment, or tools to ensure operational readiness, safety, and cleanliness.
  4750. Collect geospatial data, using technologies such as aerial photography, light and radio wave detection systems, digital satellites, or thermal energy systems.
  4751. Provide and maintain life support and airway management and help prepare patients for emergency surgery.
  4752. Inspect cards or equipment to be used in games to ensure they are in proper condition.
  4753. Direct or coordinate the activities of operations department to obtain use of equipment, facilities, or human resources.
  4754. Check spa equipment to ensure proper functioning.
  4755. Inventory supplies of tools, equipment, or materials to ensure that sufficient supplies are available and items are in usable condition.
  4756. Inspect used parts to determine changes in dimensional requirements, using rules, calipers, micrometers, or other measuring instruments.
  4757. Operate track switches, derails, automatic switches, and retarders to change routing of train or cars.
  4758. Prepare summary statistics of information regarding human genomes.
  4759. Establish payment priorities according to credit terms and interest rates to reduce clients' overall costs.
  4760. Mark up, paste, and complete layouts and write typography instructions to prepare materials for typesetting or printing.
  4761. Smooth surfaces, using sandpaper, scrapers, brushes, steel wool, or sanding machines.
  4762. Load circuit boards, racks or rolls of film, negatives, or printing paper into processing or printing machines.
  4763. Contact insured or other involved persons to obtain missing information.
  4764. Block or shape knitted garments after cleaning.
  4765. Develop plans for public or alternative transportation systems for urban or regional locations to reduce carbon output associated with transportation.
  4766. Assemble and maintain physical structures, using hand or power tools.
  4767. Obtain rights to scripts or to such items as existing video footage.
  4768. Calculate heights, depths, relative positions, property lines, and other characteristics of terrain.
  4769. Obtain and verify evidence by interviewing and observing suspects and witnesses or by analyzing records.
  4770. Assemble prefabricated parts to form subassemblies.
  4771. Maintain accurate, complete, and correct student records as required by laws, district policies, and administrative regulations.
  4772. Rotate molds to distribute alloys and to prevent formation of air pockets.
  4773. Develop automated routines to correct for the presence of image distorting artifacts, such as ground vegetation.
  4774. Comply with traffic regulations to operate vehicles in a safe and courteous manner.
  4775. Replicate the characteristics of materials and their components with computers.
  4776. Heat-treat parts, using acetylene torches.
  4777. Calculate sample size requirements for clinical studies.
  4778. Develop methods of conserving or managing soil that can be applied by farmers or forestry companies.
  4779. Record and store suitable images, using camera unit connected to the ultrasound equipment.
  4780. Forecast necessary levels of staffing and stock at different times to facilitate effective scheduling and ordering.
  4781. Lift, push, and swing nozzles, hoses, and tubes to direct spray over designated areas.
  4782. Compute unspecified dimensions and machine settings, using knowledge of metal properties and shop mathematics.
  4783. Maintain databases such as bad check logs, reports on multiple offenders, and alarm activation lists.
  4784. Measure, cut, thread, or bend pipe or tubing, using pipe fitter's tools.
  4785. Monitor landfill well fields periodically to ensure proper functioning and performance.
  4786. Assign the patient to diagnosis-related groups (DRGs), using appropriate computer software.
  4787. Design water runoff collection networks, water supply channels, or water supply system networks.
  4788. Maintain a safe working environment by monitoring safety procedures and equipment.
  4789. Schedule work with customers and initiate work orders, house requisitions, and orders from stock.
  4790. Perform crop production duties, such as tilling, hoeing, pruning, weeding, or harvesting crops.
  4791. Conduct or participate in workshops, committees, and conferences designed to promote the intellectual, social, and physical welfare of students.
  4792. Trim or remove excess material, using scrapers, knives, or band saws.
  4793. Walk flow lines to locate leaks, using electronic detectors and by making visual inspections, and repair the leaks.
  4794. Review company records to determine amount of insurance in force on single risk or group of closely related risks.
  4795. Enter data into computer and set controls to operate or adjust equipment or regulate dosage.
  4796. Collect, sort, distribute, or prepare mail, messages, or courier deliveries.
  4797. Conduct online marketing initiatives, such as paid ad placement, affiliate programs, sponsorship programs, email promotions, or viral marketing campaigns on social media Web sites.
  4798. Direct and coordinate law office activity, including delivery of subpoenas.
  4799. Set up, operate, or monitor invasive equipment and devices such as colostomy or tracheotomy equipment, mechanical ventilators, catheters, gastrointestinal tubes, and central lines.
  4800. Oversee campaigns to promote recycling or waste reduction programs in communities or private companies.
  4801. Assign duties, such as cultivation, irrigation, or harvesting of crops or plants, product packaging or grading, or equipment maintenance.
  4802. Oversee training programs.
  4803. Create a paper pattern from which to mass-produce a design concept.
  4804. Set up photographic exhibitions for the purpose of displaying and selling work.
  4805. Conduct "head counts" to help predict the outcome of upcoming votes.
  4806. Direct environmental programs, such as air or water compliance, aboveground or underground storage tanks, spill prevention or control, hazardous waste or materials management, solid waste recycling, medical waste management, indoor air quality, integrated pest management, employee training, or disaster preparedness.
  4807. Select and purchase tools or finishes for surfaces to be covered, considering durability, ease of handling, methods of application, and customers' wishes.
  4808. Ensure that money collected is properly recorded and secured.
  4809. Unload finished products from conveyor belts, pack them in containers, and place containers in warehouses.
  4810. Mark, engrave, or emboss designs on metal pieces such as castings, wire, or jewelry, following specifications.
  4811. Cure bonded structures, using portable or stationary curing equipment.
  4812. Direct facility maintenance or repair.
  4813. Rent properties or manage rental properties.
  4814. Attach wigs or hairpieces to model heads and dress wigs and hairpieces according to instructions, samples, sketches or photographs.
  4815. Interview and hire workers.
  4816. Arrange costumes in order of use to facilitate quick-change procedures for performances.
  4817. Identify and share research, recommendations, or other information regarding legal liabilities, risk management, or quality of care.
  4818. Create drink recipes.
  4819. Calculate costs or savings for water- or energy-efficient appliances or systems.
  4820. Write reviews of literary, musical, or other artwork, based on knowledge, judgment, or experience.
  4821. Advocate for sustainability to community groups, government agencies, the general public, or special interest groups.
  4822. Inspect landscape work to ensure compliance with specifications, evaluate quality of materials or work, or advise clients or construction personnel.
  4823. Consult maps, charts, weather reports, or navigation equipment to determine and direct ship movements.
  4824. Process and maintain records of customer loans.
  4825. Document efforts taken to bring property owners into compliance with laws, codes, regulations, ordinances, and standards.
  4826. Greet and register visitors, and issue any required identification badges or safety devices.
  4827. Attach nets, slings, hooks, blades, or lifting devices to cables, booms, hoists, or dredges.
  4828. Bend inner coils of springs away from or toward collets, using tweezers, to locate centers of collets in centers of springs, and to correct errors resulting from faulty colleting of coils.
  4829. Analyze Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data to determine the best locations for renewable energy sites, including solar or wind energy installations.
  4830. Attend community meetings or health fairs to understand community issues or build relationships with community members.
  4831. Guide and stop cars by switching, applying brakes, or placing scotches, or wooden wedges, between wheels and rails.
  4832. Produce rough concrete surface, using broom.
  4833. Load equipment receptacles or conveyors with material to be processed, by hand or using hoists.
  4834. Compile employee time, production, and payroll data from time sheets and other records.
  4835. Take regulatory action, based on readings from charts, meters and gauges, at established intervals.
  4836. Weld piping, such as high density polyethylene (HDPE) piping, using techniques such as butt, socket, side-wall, and electro-fusion welding.
  4837. Negotiate for water rights with communities or water facilities to meet water supply demands.
  4838. Replace worn and defective parts such as switches, bearings, transmissions, belts, gears, circuit boards, or defective wiring.
  4839. Negotiate contracts with farmers for the production or purchase of farm products.
  4840. Participate in recreational demonstrations to entertain resort guests.
  4841. Design layout of craft interior, including cargo space, passenger compartments, ladder wells, and elevators.
  4842. Test and analyze thermodynamic systems for renewable energy applications, such as solar or wind, to maximize energy production.
  4843. Schedule and coordinate transfer and delivery of security certificates between companies, departments, and customers.
  4844. Massage patients or apply preparations or treatments, such as liniment, alcohol rubs, or heat-lamp stimulation.
  4845. Meet with clients to negotiate management and service contracts, determine priorities, and discuss the financial and operational status of properties.
  4846. Direct and coordinate construction, erection, or decoration activities in order to ensure that sets or exhibits meet design, budget, and schedule requirements.
  4847. Thread cables through derrick pulleys, using hand tools.
  4848. Meet with other instructors to discuss individual students and their progress.
  4849. Receive, examine, and tag articles to be altered, cleaned, stored, or repaired.
  4850. Operate communication systems, such as telephone, switchboard, intercom, two-way radio, or public address.
  4851. Recommend changes to improve systems and network configurations, and determine hardware or software requirements related to such changes.
  4852. Develop efficient and effective system controllers.
  4853. Help patrons find and use library resources, such as reference materials, audio-visual equipment, computers, and other electronic resources and provide technical assistance when needed.
  4854. Greet new arrivals to activities, introducing them to other participants, explaining facility rules, and encouraging participation.
  4855. Maintain accurate and complete student records as required by law, district policy, and administrative regulations.
  4856. Instruct students in daily living skills required for independent maintenance and self-sufficiency, such as hygiene, safety, and food preparation.
  4857. Develop or maintain cost estimates, forecasts, or cost models.
  4858. Advise athletes, trainers, or coaches to alter or cease sports practices that are potentially harmful.
  4859. Monitor personnel or equipment locations and utilization to coordinate service and schedules.
  4860. Switch on machines, lower pressure feet or rollers to secure parts, and start machine stitching, using hand, foot, or knee controls.
  4861. Perform general office duties such as scheduling appointments, keeping books, and ordering supplies.
  4862. Classify goods according to tariff coding system.
  4863. Place new merchandise on display.
  4864. Arrange for necessary shipping documentation and contact customs officials to effect release of shipments.
  4865. Set up or operate prototype or test apparatus, such as control consoles, collimators, recording equipment, or cables.
  4866. Replace defective parts, such as bellows, range springs, and toggle switches, and reassemble units according to blueprints, using cam presses and hand tools.
  4867. Fit, fasten, and assemble wood parts together to form patterns, models, or sections, using glue, nails, dowels, bolts, screws, and other fasteners.
  4868. Grind and reseat valves, using valve-grinding machines.
  4869. Manage backup, security and user help systems.
  4870. Incorporate technical considerations into Web site design plans, such as budgets, equipment, performance requirements, or legal issues including accessibility and privacy.
  4871. Remove wax or tape from etched glassware by using a stylus or knife, or by immersing ware in hot water.
  4872. Troubleshoot program and system malfunctions to restore normal functioning.
  4873. Participate in union contract negotiations or grievance settlements.
  4874. Locate and remove or repair circuit defects such as blown fuses or malfunctioning transistors.
  4875. Consult reference books or secure aid of readers to check references with rules of grammar and composition.
  4876. Recommend or initiate personnel actions, such as hires, promotions, transfers, discharges, or disciplinary measures.
  4877. Move or reposition hoists, winches, loads and materials, manually or using equipment and machines such as trucks, cars, and hand trucks.
  4878. Disassemble mechanical or electrical locking devices, and repair or replace worn tumblers, springs, and other parts, using hand tools.
  4879. Create, maintain, and enter information into databases.
  4880. Inspect instruments to locate defects, and to determine their value or the level of restoration required.
  4881. Test and treat water supply.
  4882. Train or coordinate the training of employees in operations, safety, environmental issues, or technical issues.
  4883. Conduct time and motion studies to identify opportunities to improve worker efficiency.
  4884. Arrange and attach chromosomes in numbered pairs on karyotype charts, using standard genetics laboratory practices and nomenclature, to identify normal or abnormal chromosomes.
  4885. Present information using a variety of instructional techniques or formats, such as role playing, simulations, team exercises, group discussions, videos, or lectures.
  4886. Perform statistical analysis of environmental data.
  4887. Transport personnel and cargo to and from fire areas.
  4888. Inspect and count items received and check them against invoices or other documents, recording shortages and rejecting damaged goods.
  4889. Read maps and follow written and verbal geographic directions.
  4890. Confer with parents or guardians, teachers, administrators, and other professionals to discuss children's progress, resolve behavioral, academic, and other problems, and to determine priorities for students and their resource needs.
  4891. Order supplies needed to maintain inventories in laboratories or in storage facilities of food or beverage processing plants.
  4892. Staple sides of shoes, pressing a foot treadle to position and hold each shoe under the feeder of the machine.
  4893. Prepare and manage biofuels plant or unit budgets.
  4894. Provide information to the patient about the proposed intervention, its material risks and expected benefits, and any reasonable alternatives.
  4895. Mark items with details such as grade or acceptance-rejection status.
  4896. Collect fares from customers or signal ferryboat helpers to collect fares.
  4897. Pack containers and re-pack damaged containers.
  4898. Calculate form preparation fees according to return complexity and processing time required.
  4899. Direct special activities or events, such as aquatics, gymnastics, or performing arts.
  4900. Examine and test paintings in need of restoration or cleaning to determine techniques and materials to be used.
  4901. Treat lower urinary tract dysfunctions using equipment such as diathermy machines, catheters, cystoscopes, or radium emanation tubes.
  4902. Remove film splicing to prepare films for shipment after showings and return films to their sources.
  4903. Provide comfort and relaxation measures for mothers in labor through interventions such as massage, breathing techniques, hydrotherapy, or music.
  4904. Implement, or assist occupational therapists with implementing, treatment plans designed to help clients function independently.
  4905. Advise government agencies, private organizations, and communities regarding proposed programs, plans, and policies and their potential impacts on cultural institutions, organizations, and communities.
  4906. Weld sections of track together, such as switch points and frogs.
  4907. Straighten workpieces and remove dents, using straightening presses and hammers.
  4908. Consult and coordinate with healthcare team members to assess, plan, implement, or evaluate patient care plans.
  4909. Participate in patient care tasks, such as assisting with passing food trays, feeding residents, or bathing residents on bed rest.
  4910. Review completed construction drawings and cost estimates for accuracy and conformity to standards and regulations.
  4911. Post announcements or government information on public bulletin boards.
  4912. Instruct customers on the safe and proper use of equipment.
  4913. Monitor engine operation, fuel consumption, and functioning of aircraft systems during flights.
  4914. Identify and resolve any deficiencies in photovoltaic (PV) system installation or materials.
  4915. Oversee the work of contractors in accordance with project requirements.
  4916. Notify facility personnel of equipment shutdowns.
  4917. Exercise patients who are comatose, paralyzed, or have restricted mobility.
  4918. Keep records of customer interactions or transactions, recording details of inquiries, complaints, or comments, as well as actions taken.
  4919. Read rolling orders, blueprints, and mill schedules to determine setup specifications, work sequences, product dimensions, and installation procedures.
  4920. Collect detailed information on individuals for use in biographies.
  4921. Determine and direct the content of radio programming.
  4922. Type acknowledgment letters to persons sending correspondence.
  4923. Maintain records of business transactions and product inventories, reporting data to companies or government agencies as necessary.
  4924. Check loan agreements to ensure that they are complete and accurate, according to policies.
  4925. Develop and direct software system testing and validation procedures, programming, and documentation.
  4926. Record names, types, and destinations of vessels passing through bridge openings or locks, and numbers of trains or vehicles crossing bridges.
  4927. Collect specimens for laboratory tests.
  4928. Organize and direct worker training programs, resolve personnel problems, hire new staff, and evaluate employee performance in dining and lodging facilities.
  4929. Estimate cost factors including labor and material for purchased and fabricated parts and costs for assembly, testing, or installing.
  4930. Conduct low vision blindness tests.
  4931. Set distance points between rolls, guides, meters, and stops, according to specifications.
  4932. Receive and route messages or documents, such as laboratory results, to appropriate staff.
  4933. Compute cost estimates of different conservation practices, based on needs of land users, maintenance requirements, or life expectancy of practices.
  4934. Clean, lubricate, or maintain equipment, such as generators, turbines, pumps, or compressors, to prevent failure or deterioration.
  4935. Supervise or train agricultural technicians or farm laborers.
  4936. Instruct dental officers and technical assistants in orthodontic procedures and techniques.
  4937. Confer with engineers, customers, or others to discuss existing or potential engineering projects or products.
  4938. Determine the three-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules.
  4939. Measure parts for wear, using precision instruments.
  4940. Recommend remedial action or initiate court action in response to noncompliance with terms of probation or parole.
  4941. Conduct roll calls and poll jurors.
  4942. Redesign linear, or open loop, systems into cyclical, or closed loop, systems so that waste products become inputs for new processes, modeling natural ecosystems.
  4943. Read prescriptions or specifications and examine models or impressions to determine the design of dental products to be constructed.
  4944. Open and label mail containers.
  4945. Set up, operate, and adjust a variety of woodworking machines such as bandsaws and lathes to cut and shape sections, parts, and patterns, according to specifications.
  4946. Maintain archive of images, photos, or previous work products.
  4947. Demonstrate the operation or use of technical or scientific products.
  4948. Assess the environmental impacts of development projects on subsurface materials.
  4949. Educate patients and family members about various topics, such as communication techniques or strategies to cope with or to avoid personal misunderstandings.
  4950. Complete forms that notify publishers of address changes.
  4951. Issue permits for public assemblies.
  4952. Load dishes, glasses, and tableware into dishwashing machines.
  4953. Monitor staffing levels to ensure that games and tables are adequately staffed for each shift, arranging for staff rotations and breaks and locating substitute employees as necessary.
  4954. Dust and polish furniture and equipment.
  4955. Verify accuracy of reports, such as authorization forms, transaction reconciliations, or exchange summary reports.
  4956. Monitor contractor performance, recommending contract modifications when necessary.
  4957. Apply weather sealing to array, building, or support mechanisms.
  4958. Relay food orders to cooks.
  4959. Set up and operate machine tools, such as milling machines, lathes, drill presses, and grinders, to machine castings or patterns.
  4960. Interpret test information to resolve design-related problems.
  4961. Explain police operations to subordinates to assist them in performing their job duties.
  4962. Direct specified departments or units to prepare and ship orders to designated locations.
  4963. Organize or approve promotional campaigns.
  4964. Develop methods and apparatus for securing representative plant, animal, aquatic, or soil samples.
  4965. Prepare and implement remedial programs for students requiring extra help.
  4966. Plan, direct, and monitor instructional methods and content of educational, vocational, or student activity programs.
  4967. Drive mobile intensive care unit to specified location, following instructions from emergency medical dispatcher.
  4968. Contact the parents of players to provide information and answer questions.
  4969. Evaluate and grade students' class work, assignments, papers, and oral presentations.
  4970. Teach patients how to deal constructively with their emotions.
  4971. Encode and cancel checks, using bank machines.
  4972. Inform supervisors when individual exposures or area radiation levels approach maximum permissible limits.
  4973. Help direct rescue or firefighting operations in the event of a fire or an explosion.
  4974. Attend training classes to maintain certification licensure, keep abreast of new developments in the field, or maintain existing knowledge.
  4975. Inspect or test parts to determine nature or cause of defects or malfunctions.
  4976. Apply insulation to building exteriors by installing prefabricated insulation systems over existing walls or by covering the outer wall with insulation board, reinforcing mesh, and a base coat.
  4977. Issue notices of assessments and taxes.
  4978. Perform legal and ethical duties, including preparing safety or accident reports, obtaining written consent from patient to perform invasive procedures, or reporting symptoms of abuse or neglect.
  4979. Complete form letters in response to requests or problems identified by correspondence.
  4980. Signal workers to discharge, dump, or level materials.
  4981. Perform in productions, singing or acting in addition to dancing, if required.
  4982. Transpose music to alternate keys, or to fit individual styles or purposes.
  4983. Record numbers of cars available, numbers of cars sent to repair stations, and types of service needed.
  4984. Plan, design, and improve components of traffic control systems to accommodate current or projected traffic and to increase usability and efficiency.
  4985. Review software documentation to ensure technical accuracy, compliance, or completeness, or to mitigate risks.
  4986. Attach electrodes to patients using adhesives.
  4987. Collaborate with interior designers to decorate rooms and coordinate furnishing fabrics.
  4988. Signal crew members for movement of engines or trains, using lanterns, hand signals, radios, or telephones.
  4989. Design, implement, and monitor the development of mines, facilities, systems, or equipment.
  4990. Determine system performance standards.
  4991. Examine malfunctioning radio equipment to locate defects such as loose connections, broken wires, or burned-out components, using schematic diagrams and test equipment.
  4992. Perform clerical duties, such as scheduling exams or special procedures, keeping records, or archiving computerized images.
  4993. Read work orders or blueprints to determine specified tolerances and sequences of operations for machine setup.
  4994. Recommend appropriate sizes and formats for advertising, depending on medium being used.
  4995. Order or recommend diagnostic procedures, such as stress tests, drug screenings, or urinary tests.
  4996. Develop green building nanocoatings, such as self-cleaning, anti-stain, depolluting, anti-fogging, anti-icing, antimicrobial, moisture-resistant, or ultraviolet protectant coatings.
  4997. Interview key staff or tour facilities to identify efficiency-improvement, cost-reduction, or service-delivery opportunities.
  4998. Predict future gang, organized crime, or terrorist activity, using analyses of intelligence data.
  4999. Remove dyed articles from tanks and machines for drying and further processing.
  5000. Evaluate factors such as reporting formats required, cost constraints, or need for security restrictions to determine hardware configuration.
  5001. Implement airfield safety procedures to ensure a safe operating environment for personnel and aircraft operation.
  5002. Work in hospitals or clinics or for Health Management Organizations (HMOs), dispensing prescriptions, serving as a medical team consultant, or specializing in specific drug therapy areas, such as oncology or nuclear pharmacotherapy.
  5003. Deliver and retrieve items to and from departments by hand or using push carts.
  5004. Clean equipment with steam, hot water, and hoses.
  5005. Perform administrative support tasks, such as proofreading, transcribing handwritten information, or operating calculators or computers to work with pay records, invoices, balance sheets, or other documents.
  5006. Establish uniform and equitable systems for assessing all classes and kinds of property.
  5007. Train or instruct new employees on procedures to follow with psychiatric patients.
  5008. Develop guidelines for procedures such as the management of viruses.
  5009. Read work orders to determine production specifications or information.
  5010. Direct activities of workers who perform duties, such as landscaping, cultivating lawns, or pruning trees and shrubs.
  5011. Confer with other staff members to plan or schedule lessons promoting learning, following approved curricula.
  5012. Evaluate the organization's technology use and needs and recommend improvements, such as hardware and software upgrades.
  5013. Stamp heat-treatment identification marks on parts, using hammers and punches.
  5014. Review or evaluate proposals or bids to make recommendations regarding awarding of contracts.
  5015. Evaluate project plans and proposals to assess feasibility issues.
  5016. Investigate equipment failures or difficulties to diagnose faulty operation and recommend remedial actions.
  5017. Impose restrictions upon parties in civil cases until trials can be held.
  5018. Inspect cards and equipment to be used in games to ensure that they are in good condition.
  5019. Participate in mediation and dispute resolution.
  5020. Conduct trial runs before welding, soldering, or brazing and make necessary adjustments to equipment.
  5021. Split logs or wooden blocks into bolts, pickets, posts, or stakes, using hand tools such as ax wedges, sledgehammers, and mallets.
  5022. Establish procedures for custody or control of assets, records, loan collateral, or securities to ensure safekeeping.
  5023. Make presentations at professional meetings to further knowledge in the field.
  5024. Assemble prototypes or integrated-technology demonstrators of new or emerging environmental technologies for aircraft.
  5025. Identify plants as well as problems such as diseases, weeds, and insect pests.
  5026. Monitor tapes or digital recordings to identify the source of losses.
  5027. Arrange for the removal of defective cars from trains at stations or stops.
  5028. Monitor and order supplies or food items and restock as necessary to maintain inventory.
  5029. Trim, align, and join prints to form photographic mosaics, maintaining scaled distances between reference points.
  5030. Conduct or oversee the conduct of prototype development or microfabrication activities to ensure compliance to specifications and promote effective production processes.
  5031. Mediate interpersonal problems between residents.
  5032. Take thorough and accurate patient medical histories.
  5033. Establish practice guidelines for specialty areas such as primary health care of women, care of the childbearing family, and newborn care.
  5034. Quote duty and tax rates on goods to be imported, based on federal tariffs and excise taxes.
  5035. Recommend process and product safety features that will reduce employees' exposure to chemical, physical, and biological work hazards.
  5036. Evaluate potential health hazards or damage that could occur from product misuse.
  5037. Study styles, techniques, colors, textures, and materials used in works undergoing restoration to ensure consistency during the restoration process.
  5038. Review published materials and recommend revisions or changes in scope, format, content, and methods of reproduction and binding.
  5039. Monitor conditions of victims who are unconscious so that arrangements can be made to take statements if consciousness is regained.
  5040. Adjust repaired or replaced units as needed to ensure proper operation.
  5041. Design or implement plans for surface or ground water remediation.
  5042. Shape, trim, face and cut marble or stone preparatory to setting, using power saws, cutting equipment, and hand tools.
  5043. Select materials and patterns, and trace patterns onto materials to be cut out.
  5044. Identify problems uncovered by testing or customer feedback, and correct problems or refer problems to appropriate personnel for correction.
  5045. Coordinate dismantling, moving, and setting up equipment at new work sites.
  5046. Supervise engineers or other staff in the design or implementation of network solutions.
  5047. Prepare statistical reports, narrative reports, or graphic presentations of information, such as tumor registry data for use by hospital staff, researchers, or other users.
  5048. Drive gasoline, diesel, or electrically powered multi-passenger vehicles to transport students between neighborhoods, schools, and school activities.
  5049. Develop or test new methods or models of transportation analysis.
  5050. Sponsor inmate recreational activities, such as newspapers and self-help groups.
  5051. Maintain records of contacts, accounts, and orders.
  5052. Design, evaluate and modify benefits policies to ensure that programs are current, competitive, and in compliance with legal requirements.
  5053. Teach behavior modification classes related to topics such as stress management or weight control.
  5054. Lay out, measure, and mark dimensions and reference lines on material such as roofing panels, using calculators, scribes, dividers, squares, or rulers.
  5055. String cables between structures and lines from poles, towers, or trenches and pull lines to proper tension.
  5056. Issue ticket stubs or place numbered tags on windshields, log tags or attach tag to customers' keys, and give customers matching tags for locating parked vehicles.
  5057. Review bills in committee, and make recommendations about their future.
  5058. Set up and oversee administrative policies and procedures for offices or organizations.
  5059. Inflate inner tubes and immerse them in water to locate leaks.
  5060. Recommend legal or administrative action to protect government property.
  5061. Operate chemical processing equipment for the production of biofuels.
  5062. Select qualified job applicants or refer them to managers, making hiring recommendations when appropriate.
  5063. Deliver messages and room service orders, and run errands for guests.
  5064. Provide customers with cost estimates for equipment installation.
  5065. Assist workers in tasks such as coupling railroad cars or loading vehicles.
  5066. Repair furniture frames and refinish exposed wood.
  5067. Collect ophthalmic measurements or other diagnostic information, using ultrasound equipment, such as A-scan ultrasound biometry or B-scan ultrasonography equipment.
  5068. Remove finished packaged items from machine and separate rejected items.
  5069. Develop carbohydrates arrays and associated methods for screening enzymes involved in biomass conversion.
  5070. Listen to engines, examine vehicle frames, or confer with customers to determine nature and extent of malfunction or damage.
  5071. Order and purchase equipment and supplies.
  5072. Communicate with bases, using telephones or two-way radios to receive instructions or technical advice, or to report equipment status.
  5073. Review manuscripts for publication in books and professional journals.
  5074. Prepare, or direct the preparation of, product or system layouts and detailed drawings and schematics.
  5075. Read dials or meters to verify that equipment is functioning at specified levels.
  5076. Prepare papers for shippers to appeal duty charges.
  5077. Coordinate the care of patients with other health care professionals or support staff.
  5078. Evaluate materials to determine outdated or unused items to be discarded.
  5079. Monitor in-house inventory movement and complete inventory transfer forms for bookkeeping purposes.
  5080. Calculate premiums, refunds, commissions, adjustments, and new reserve requirements, using insurance rate standards.
  5081. Photograph objects for documentation.
  5082. Determine whether land-related documents can be registered under the relevant legislation such as the Land Titles Act.
  5083. Obtain and review data such as load weights, fuel supplies, weather conditions, and flight schedules to determine flight plans and identify needed changes.
  5084. Inform coaches, trainers, or other interested parties regarding the medical conditions of athletes.
  5085. Design environmentally sound structural upgrades to existing buildings, such as natural lighting systems, green roofs, or rainwater collection systems.
  5086. Harvest plants, and transplant or pot and label them.
  5087. Perform equipment maintenance tasks such as replacing needles, sanding rough areas of needles, or cleaning and oiling sewing machines.
  5088. Fold letters or circulars and insert them in envelopes.
  5089. Answer telephone calls to assist computer users encountering problems.
  5090. Send defective units to the manufacturer or to a specialized repair shop for repair.
  5091. Remove damaged or defective parts or sections of structures and repair or replace, using hand tools.
  5092. Countersink nails or screws below surfaces of walls before applying sealing compounds, using hammers or screwdrivers.
  5093. Observe work and monitor gauges, dials, and other indicators to ensure that operators conform to production or processing standards.
  5094. Code data prior to computer entry, using lists of codes.
  5095. Testify in court or at administrative proceedings concerning investigation findings.
  5096. Write and submit grant applications or proposals to secure funding for distance learning programs.
  5097. Sort tree seedlings, discarding substandard seedlings, according to standard charts or verbal instructions.
  5098. Climb communication towers to install, replace, or repair antennas or auxiliary equipment used to transmit and receive radio waves.
  5099. Manage and maintain temporary or permanent lodging facilities.
  5100. Direct the work of technicians and information technology staff applying bioinformatics tools or applications in areas such as proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, or clinical bioinformatics.
  5101. Describe artifacts' physical properties or attributes, such as the materials from which artifacts are made and their size, shape, function, and decoration.
  5102. Fabricate and dismantle parts, equipment, and machines, using a cutting torch or other cutting equipment.
  5103. Measure and analyze Web site usage data to maximize search engine returns or refine customer interfaces.
  5104. Monitor Web developments through continuing education, reading, or participation in professional conferences, workshops, or groups.
  5105. Initiate or coordinate inventory or cost control programs.
  5106. Insert detection instruments into wells with obstructions.
  5107. Provide current and prospective employees with information about policies, job duties, working conditions, wages, opportunities for promotion, and employee benefits.
  5108. Maintain and review computerized or manual records of purchased items, costs, deliveries, product performance, and inventories.
  5109. Plan and participate in fundraising drives.
  5110. Operate engine throttles and steering mechanisms to guide boats on desired courses.
  5111. Grind lens edges, or apply coatings to lenses.
  5112. Dress and reshape worn or damaged railroad switch points or frogs, using portable power grinders.
  5113. Compute final estimation of property values, taking into account such factors as depreciation, replacement costs, value comparisons of similar properties, and income potential.
  5114. Teach community courses and speak to local groups and organizations.
  5115. Repair leaks with caulking compound or replace pipes, using pipe wrenches.
  5116. Keep records of room availability and guests' accounts, manually or using computers.
  5117. Study reactions of plants, animals, and marine species to parasites.
  5118. Test medical supportive devices for proper alignment, movement, or biomechanical stability, using meters and alignment fixtures.
  5119. Analyze problems and take appropriate action to ensure continuous and reliable operation of equipment and systems.
  5120. Prepare layouts, drawings, or sketches of machinery or equipment, such as shop tooling, scale layouts, or new equipment design, using drafting equipment or computer-aided design (CAD) software.
  5121. Direct or coordinate the activities of workers, such as flight attendants, hotel staff, or hair stylists.
  5122. Merge scanned images or build photo mosaics of large areas, using image processing software.
  5123. Stop production if serious product defects are present.
  5124. Prescribe medications, corrective devices, physical therapy, or surgery.
  5125. Comfort and reassure patients.
  5126. Develop environmental educational programs and curricula for schools.
  5127. Brief workers on radiation levels in work areas.
  5128. Coach senior executives and managers on leadership and performance.
  5129. Identify and resolve equipment malfunctions, working with manufacturers or field representatives as necessary to procure replacement parts.
  5130. Schedule examinations and staff activities.
  5131. Move and arrange furniture and turn mattresses.
  5132. Inspect waste pretreatment, treatment, and disposal facilities and systems for conformance to federal, state, or local regulations.
  5133. Test equipment, using test devices attached to generator, voltage regulator, or other electrical parts, such as generators or spark plugs.
  5134. Sand interior mold parts to remove glaze residue, apply new glaze to molds, and allow it to dry for mold assembly.
  5135. Dispose of scrap or waste material in accordance with company policies and environmental regulations.
  5136. Assess the impact of union proposals on company or government operations.
  5137. Advise managers, desk clerks, or admitting personnel of rooms ready for occupancy.
  5138. Enter local soil, water, or other environmental data into adaptive or web-based decision tools to identify appropriate analyses or techniques.
  5139. Instruct interns, residents, or others in ophthalmologic procedures and techniques.
  5140. Direct crop production operations, such as planning, tilling, planting, fertilizing, cultivating, spraying, or harvesting.
  5141. Develop an understanding of fields to which statistical methods are to be applied to determine whether methods and results are appropriate.
  5142. Study animals in their natural habitats, assessing effects of environment and industry on animals, interpreting findings and recommending alternative operating conditions for industry.
  5143. Make templates or cutting tools.
  5144. Sell tickets and collect fees from customers.
  5145. Record details of attendance, sales, receipts, reservations, or repair activities.
  5146. Modify and customize commercial programs for internal needs.
  5147. Implement program plans by ordering needed materials, scheduling speakers, reserving space, or handling other administrative details.
  5148. Create diagrams to communicate environmental remediation planning using geographic information systems (GIS), computer-aided design (CAD), or other mapping or diagramming software.
  5149. Fill processing or cooking containers, such as kettles, rotating cookers, pressure cookers, or vats, with ingredients, by opening valves, by starting pumps or injectors, or by hand.
  5150. Update existing equipment, performing tasks such as installing updated circuit boards or additional memory.
  5151. Advise clients or community groups on issues related to self-care, such as diabetes management.
  5152. Direct motorists to parking areas or parking spaces, using hand signals or flashlights as necessary.
  5153. Integrate other geospatial data sources into projects.
  5154. Select, install, and adjust machine components, including pressing forms, rollers, and guides, using hoists and hand tools.
  5155. Supervise or instruct other technicians or laboratory assistants.
  5156. Measure sizes of stones' bore holes and cuts to ensure adherence to specifications, using precision measuring instruments.
  5157. Perform basic vehicle maintenance tasks, such as adding oil, fuel, or radiator fluid or performing minor repairs.
  5158. Plan, schedule, or monitor work of project support personnel.
  5159. Coordinate or direct activities of workers engaged in cutting, transporting, storing, or milling products and maintaining records.
  5160. Cure pelts with salt and boric acid.
  5161. Develop or use special test and communication techniques to facilitate diagnosis and treatment of children or disabled patients.
  5162. Teach, take continuing education classes, attend conferences or seminars, or conduct research and publish findings to increase understanding of mental, emotional, or behavioral states or disorders.
  5163. Set up scaffolding to provide safe access to roofs.
  5164. Schedule class times to ensure maximum attendance.
  5165. Conduct physical examinations of property to ensure compliance with security policies and regulations.
  5166. Create design alternatives for vehicle components, such as camless or dual-clutch engines or alternative air-conditioning systems, to increase fuel efficiency.
  5167. Obtain signatures from recipients of registered or special delivery mail.
  5168. Conduct inventories to maintain stock of clinical supplies.
  5169. Suggest or initiate personnel actions, such as promotions, transfers, or hires.
  5170. Brace parts in position within hulls or ships for riveting or welding.
  5171. Select banding methods to permit identification of chromosome pairs.
  5172. Obtain and record patient identification, medical history, or test results.
  5173. Repair, rewire, and troubleshoot electrical systems.
  5174. Monitor landfill gas perimeter probes to identify landfill gas migration.
  5175. Analyze blueprints and other documentation to prepare time, cost, materials, and labor estimates.
  5176. Describe menu items to customers or suggest products that might appeal to them.
  5177. Position stones and metal pieces, and set, mount, and secure items in place, using setting and hand tools.
  5178. Mark identifying information on tubing or cable assemblies, using etching devices, labels, rubber stamps, or other methods.
  5179. Receive and count stock items, and record data manually or using computer.
  5180. Remove solidified steel or slag from pouring nozzles, using long bars or oxygen burners.
  5181. Assess companies as investments for clients by examining company facilities.
  5182. Conform to laws of health and sanitation and ensure that legal requirements concerning embalming are met.
  5183. Type instructions on computer keyboards, push buttons to activate computer programs, or manually set cutting guides, clamps, and knives.
  5184. Plan and deliver client-centered programs and services, such as special services for corporate clients, storytelling for children, newsletters, or programs for special groups.
  5185. Interview customers to obtain information needed for opening accounts or renting safe-deposit boxes.
  5186. Move parts into position, manually or with hoists or cranes.
  5187. Train police officers in dog handling and training techniques for tracking, crowd control, and narcotics and bomb detection.
  5188. Tend amusement booths in parks, carnivals, or stadiums, performing duties such as conducting games, photographing patrons, or awarding prizes.
  5189. Develop or test new drugs or medications intended for commercial distribution.
  5190. Keep abreast of developments in their field by reading current literature, talking with colleagues, and participating in professional organizations and activities.
  5191. Contact control towers for takeoff clearances, arrival instructions, and other information, using radio equipment.
  5192. Sell alcoholic beverages to passengers.
  5193. Train dogs to work as guides for the visually impaired.
  5194. Offer counsel and comfort to bereaved families or friends.
  5195. Evaluate project details to ensure adherence to environmental regulations.
  5196. Fill beverage or ice dispensers.
  5197. Recommend best fuel for specific sites or circumstances.
  5198. Determine map content and layout, as well as production specifications such as scale, size, projection, and colors, and direct production to ensure that specifications are followed.
  5199. Conduct research and interviews to determine which of a product's selling features should be promoted.
  5200. Signal engineers to begin train runs, stop trains, or change speed, using telecommunications equipment or hand signals.
  5201. Stamp, etch, or scribe identifying information on finished component according to specifications.
  5202. Demonstrate the applications of geospatial technology, such as Global Positioning System (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS), automatic tractor guidance systems, variable rate chemical input applicators, surveying equipment, or computer mapping software.
  5203. Inspect completed installations and observe operations to ensure conformance to design and equipment specifications and compliance with operational, safety, or environmental standards.
  5204. Develop tests, questionnaires, and procedures that measure the effectiveness of curricula and use these tools to determine whether program objectives are being met.
  5205. Receive payments and post amounts paid to customer accounts.
  5206. Cut and remove broken glass prior to installing replacement glass.
  5207. Weigh or measure materials or products to ensure conformance to specifications.
  5208. Operate or tend automatic stacking, loading, packaging, or cutting machines.
  5209. Inspect manufactured or processed products to ensure compliance with contract specifications or legal requirements.
  5210. Write speeches, press releases, or other promotional materials to increase awareness of the causes, missions, or goals of organizations seeking funds.
  5211. Design and apply bioinformatics algorithms including unsupervised and supervised machine learning, dynamic programming, or graphic algorithms.
  5212. Tend auxiliary equipment, such as jacks, slings, cables, or stop blocks, to facilitate moving items or materials for further processing.
  5213. Complete contract forms, prepare change of address records, or issue service discontinuance orders, using computers.
  5214. Decorate baked goods, such as cakes or pastries.
  5215. Identify opportunities for inventory reductions.
  5216. Gather and organize information on problems or procedures.
  5217. Ensure that equipment or devices are properly stored after use.
  5218. Interview clients to obtain additional information on taxable income and deductible expenses and allowances.
  5219. Check baggage or cargo to ensure that it has been loaded correctly.
  5220. Start machines that automatically feed plates, stencils, or tapes through mechanisms, and observe machine operations to detect any malfunctions.
  5221. Dig trenches.
  5222. Verify accuracy of shapes and sizes of objects, using calipers and templates.
  5223. Inspect components such as bearings, seals, gaskets, wheels, and coupler assemblies to determine if repairs are needed.
  5224. Submit project deliverables, ensuring adherence to quality standards.
  5225. Provide educational information about physical therapy or physical therapists, injury prevention, ergonomics, or ways to promote health.
  5226. Place devices, such as blood pressure cuffs, pulse oximeter sensors, nasal cannulas, surgical cautery pads, and cardiac monitoring electrodes, on patients to monitor vital signs.
  5227. Examine structural timbers and supports to detect decay, and replace timbers as required, using hand tools, nuts, and bolts.
  5228. Direct or coordinate activities concerned with manufacture, construction, installation, maintenance, operation, or modification of electronic equipment, products, or systems.
  5229. Confer with parents or guardians, teachers, counselors, and administrators to resolve students' behavioral and academic problems.
  5230. Trace drawings onto clear acetate for painting or coloring, or trace them with ink to make final copies.
  5231. Review product designs for manufacturability or completeness.
  5232. Prepare and balance period-end reports, and reconcile issued payrolls to bank statements.
  5233. Process individual and corporate income tax returns, and sales and excise tax returns.
  5234. Inspect fire, intruder detection, or other security systems.
  5235. Attend book launches and publicity events, or conduct public readings.
  5236. Maintain permanent fleet cryptologic and carry-on direct support systems required in special land, sea surface and subsurface operations.
  5237. Mediate agreements among rangeland users and preservationists as to appropriate land use and management.
  5238. Operate metal shaping, straightening, and bending machines, such as brakes and shears.
  5239. Repair, rework, or calibrate hydraulic or pneumatic assemblies or systems to meet operational specifications or tolerances.
  5240. Practice singing exercises and study with vocal coaches to develop voice and skills and to rehearse for upcoming roles.
  5241. Investigate or report questionable test results.
  5242. Identify tire size and ply and inflate tires accordingly.
  5243. Sew rips or tears in material, or create tufting, using needles and thread.
  5244. Perform mobilizations and high-velocity adjustments to joints or soft tissues, using principles of massage, stretching, or resistance.
  5245. Examine blueprints, drawings, work orders, or patterns to determine equipment set-up or selection details, procedures to be used, or dimensions of final products.
  5246. Cover, seal, or finish insulated surfaces or access holes with plastic covers, canvas strips, sealants, tape, cement, or asphalt mastic.
  5247. Seek influences from other art forms such as theatre, the visual arts, and architecture.
  5248. Take orders from patrons for food or beverages.
  5249. Observe patients' vital signs to assess physical condition.
  5250. Restore function and aesthetics to traumatic injury victims, or to individuals with diseases or birth defects.
  5251. Inventory and requisition or order supplies, parts, materials, and equipment.
  5252. Clean, maintain, and repair equipment, using hand tools, or request that repair and maintenance work be performed.
  5253. Record dance movements and their technical aspects, using a technical understanding of the patterns and formations of choreography.
  5254. Set up and operate conventional or computer numerically controlled machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, or grinders to cut, bore, grind, or otherwise shape parts to prescribed dimensions and finishes.
  5255. Install sheet metal around insulated pipes with screws to protect the insulation from weather conditions or physical damage.
  5256. Supervise histology laboratory activities.
  5257. Administer general and local anesthetics.
  5258. Collaborate with other professionals to develop sustainable transportation strategies at the local, regional, or national level.
  5259. Order retail items and other supplies for office use.
  5260. Perform or assist with cleaning duties as necessary.
  5261. Mix paste, using paste powder and water, and brush paste onto surfaces.
  5262. Tend or operate and control equipment, such as kettles, cookers, vats and tanks, and boilers, to cook ingredients or prepare products for further processing.
  5263. Administer compensation, benefits and performance management systems, and safety and recreation programs.
  5264. Design plant or production facility layouts.
  5265. Compare emissions findings with applicable emissions standards.
  5266. Tie, knit, weave or knot ribbon, yarn, or decorative materials.
  5267. Study insect distribution or habitat and recommend methods to prevent importation or spread of injurious species.
  5268. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as econometrics, price theory, and macroeconomics.
  5269. Signal truck driver to position truck to facilitate pouring concrete and move chute to direct concrete on forms.
  5270. Count money and make bank deposits.
  5271. Assist engineers and scientists in conducting applied research in electrical engineering.
  5272. Transfer photographs to computers for editing, archiving, and electronic transmission.
  5273. Produce still and animated graphics for on-air and taped portions of television news broadcasts, using electronic video equipment.
  5274. Follow appropriate procedures to get copyrights for completed work.
  5275. Perform diagnostic procedures to assess the severity of respiratory dysfunction in patients.
  5276. Advise clients or community groups on issues related to diagnostic screenings, such as breast cancer screening, pap smears, glaucoma tests, or diabetes screenings.
  5277. Move freight, stock, or other materials to and from storage or production areas, loading docks, delivery vehicles, ships, or containers, by hand or using trucks, tractors, or other equipment.
  5278. Design or redesign optical fibers to minimize energy loss.
  5279. Train people in computer system use.
  5280. Perform administrative tasks, such as managing office functions and finances.
  5281. Set control panel switches to route electric power from sources and direct particle beams through injector units.
  5282. Create openings in buildings for ventilation or entrance, using axes, chisels, crowbars, electric saws, or core cutters.
  5283. Keep records of the quantities of food used.
  5284. Keep informed on industry news and trends, products, services, competitors, relevant information about legacy, existing, and emerging technologies, and the latest product-line developments.
  5285. Develop standards and guidelines to guide the use and acquisition of software and to protect vulnerable information.
  5286. Design customer interface of online storefront, using web programming or e-commerce software.
  5287. Conduct internet-based and library research.
  5288. File and retrieve corporate documents, records, and reports.
  5289. Verify facts, dates, and statistics, using standard reference sources.
  5290. Keep informed about economic or legal issues involved in zoning codes, building codes, or environmental regulations.
  5291. Transfer supplies or equipment between storage and work areas, by hand or using hand trucks.
  5292. Perform pulmonary function and adjust equipment to obtain optimum results in therapy.
  5293. Test structures, controls, or mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical systems, according to test plans or in coordination with engineers.
  5294. Confer with operations directors to formulate and maintain fair and attainable technical policies for programs.
  5295. Install dock seals, bumpers, or shelters.
  5296. Identify, develop, or implement intervention strategies, tutoring plans, or individualized education plans (IEPs) for students.
  5297. Analyze data from research conducted to detect and measure physical phenomena.
  5298. Talk with clients during art or other therapy sessions to build rapport, acknowledge their progress, or reflect upon their reactions to the artistic process.
  5299. Coordinate efforts with other workers involved in installing or maintaining equipment or components.
  5300. Prepare lists of overdue accounts, license suspensions, or issuances.
  5301. Pick up and drop off students at regularly scheduled neighborhood locations, following strict time schedules.
  5302. Develop strategies to encourage new or increased contributions.
  5303. Inspect sporting equipment and/or examine participants in order to ensure compliance with event and safety regulations.
  5304. Supervise the work of assistant stationary engineers, turbine operators, boiler tenders, or air conditioning and refrigeration operators and mechanics.
  5305. Order or requisition materials or supplies.
  5306. Keep pipe deck and main deck areas clean and tidy.
  5307. Set up or operate machines, including power saws, jointers, mortisers, tenoners, molders, or shapers, to cut, mold, or shape woodstock or wood substitutes.
  5308. Calculate revenue, sales, and expenses, using financial accounting or spreadsheet software.
  5309. Process patient admission or discharge documents.
  5310. Supervise students' housekeeping work to ensure that it is done properly.
  5311. Inform job applicants of their acceptance or rejection of employment.
  5312. Guide and counsel students with adjustments or academic problems, or special academic interests.
  5313. Develop and test theories concerning the origin and development of past cultures.
  5314. Order laboratory tests, x-rays, and other diagnostic procedures.
  5315. Gather and remove litter.
  5316. Select and order tile and other items to be installed, such as bathroom accessories, walls, panels, and cabinets, according to specifications.
  5317. Prepare or present reports concerning activities, expenses, budgets, government statutes or rulings, or other items affecting businesses or program services.
  5318. Conduct field surveillance to gather case-related information.
  5319. Identify and classify documents or other electronic content according to characteristics such as security level, function, and metadata.
  5320. Install or maintain landscaped areas, performing tasks such as removing snow, pouring cement curbs, or repairing sidewalks.
  5321. Create or maintain wind farm layouts, schematics, or other visual documentation for wind farms.
  5322. Provide information to the public by leading workshops and training programs and by developing educational materials.
  5323. Dig up and burn, or spray weeds with herbicides.
  5324. Store items in an orderly and accessible manner in warehouses, tool rooms, supply rooms, or other areas.
  5325. Train personnel in security procedures or use of security equipment.
  5326. Perform statistical analyses, such as social network pattern analysis, network modeling, discrete event simulation, agent-based modeling, statistical natural language processing, computational sociology, mathematical optimization, or systems dynamics.
  5327. Use computers or other input devices to control robotic pipe cutters or cleaners.
  5328. Develop approaches to the solution of groups' problems, based on research findings in sociology and related disciplines.
  5329. Fabricate, dress down, or substitute parts or major new items to modify equipment to meet unique operational or research needs, working from job orders, sketches, modification orders, samples, or discussions with operating officials.
  5330. Perform office and retail service duties such as keeping financial records, serving customers, answering telephones, selling giftware items and receiving payment.
  5331. Layout and mark reference points and locations for installation of parts or components, using jigs, templates, or measuring and marking instruments.
  5332. Investigate cause, progress, life cycle, or mode of transmission of diseases or parasites.
  5333. Apply elements of music theory to create musical and tonal structures, including harmonies and melodies.
  5334. Perform specialized or automatic sewing machine functions, such as buttonhole making or tacking.
  5335. Design surveys to assess health issues.
  5336. Design or implement strategies for collection, analysis, or display of geographic data.
  5337. Identify quality problems and recommend solutions.
  5338. Bend steel rods with hand tools or rodbending machines and weld them with arc-welding equipment.
  5339. Test and diagnose air flow systems, using furnace efficiency analysis equipment.
  5340. Arrange telephone answering services, deliver mail and packages, or answer questions regarding locations for eating and entertainment.
  5341. Prepare bank deposits, balancing assigned funds as necessary.
  5342. Validate known intelligence with data from other sources.
  5343. Follow planned landscaping designs to determine where to lay sod, sow grass, or plant flowers or foliage.
  5344. Operate recycling processing equipment, such as sorters, balers, crushers, and granulators to sort and process materials.
  5345. Locate and mark sites selected for geophysical prospecting activities such as efforts to locate petroleum or other mineral products.
  5346. Coordinate activities with other supervisory personnel or with other work units or departments.
  5347. Remove fixtures such as pictures, door knobs, lamps, or electric switch covers prior to painting.
  5348. Measure, weigh, or verify levels of rock, gravel, or other excavated material to prevent equipment overloads.
  5349. Resolve personnel problems, complaints, or formal grievances when possible, or refer them to higher-level supervisors for resolution.
  5350. Collect coins deposited in meters.
  5351. Perform spatial analysis and modeling using geographic information system techniques.
  5352. Share information about religious issues by writing articles, giving speeches, or teaching.
  5353. Add metal to molds to compensate for shrinkage.
  5354. Counsel clients in individual or group sessions to assist them in dealing with substance abuse, mental or physical illness, poverty, unemployment, or physical abuse.
  5355. Analyze engineering drawings, blueprints, specifications, sketches, work orders, and material safety data sheets to plan layout, assembly, and welding operations.
  5356. Draft working drawings, wiring diagrams, wiring connection specifications or cross-sections of underground cables, as required for instructions to installation crew.
  5357. Place students in jobs or make referrals to job placement services.
  5358. Shut off service and notify repair crews when major repairs are required, such as the replacement of underground pipes or wiring.
  5359. Direct livestock or crop waste recycling operations.
  5360. Review patients' dietary restrictions, food allergies, and preferences to ensure patient receives appropriate diet.
  5361. Operate and maintain audio-visual equipment, such as projectors, tape recorders, and videocassette recorders.
  5362. Compile statistics from source materials, such as production or sales records, quality-control or test records, time sheets, or survey sheets.
  5363. Schedule use of facilities or catering services for events such as banquets or receptions, and negotiate details of arrangements with clients.
  5364. Provide technical support for robotic systems.
  5365. Observe distribution of paving material to adjust machine settings or material flow, and indicate low spots for workers to add material.
  5366. Provide feedback to design engineers on customer problems or needs.
  5367. Position width gauge blocks between blades, and level blades and insert wedges into frames to secure blades to frames.
  5368. Supervise or provide technical direction to technicians engaged in nanotechnology research or production.
  5369. Make special dressings and sauces as condiments for sandwiches.
  5370. Design research studies in collaboration with physicians, life scientists, or other professionals.
  5371. Set up, or set up and operate textile machines that perform textile processing and manufacturing operations such as winding, twisting, knitting, weaving, bonding, or stretching.
  5372. Prepare reports related to investigations of equal opportunity complaints.
  5373. Provide information, guidance, and preparation for the General Equivalency Diploma (GED) examination.
  5374. Participate in physical training to maintain high levels of physical fitness.
  5375. Determine manner in which mail is to be sent, and prepare it for delivery to mailing facilities.
  5376. Order replacement parts.
  5377. Assemble, insert, and adjust wires, tubes, cores, fittings, rods, or patterns into molds, using hand tools and depth gauges.
  5378. Shape and solder wire and metal frames or bands for dental products, using soldering irons and hand tools.
  5379. Garnish foods and position them on tables to make them visible and accessible.
  5380. Maintain processing, production, and inspection information and reports.
  5381. Monitor the performance of project team members, providing and documenting performance feedback.
  5382. Prepare patients for examinations, tests, or treatments and explain procedures.
  5383. Read from scripts or books to narrate action or to inform or entertain audiences, utilizing few or no stage props.
  5384. Select activities that will help individuals learn work and life-management skills within limits of their mental or physical capabilities.
  5385. Transport materials, supplies, and finished products between storage and work areas, using forklifts.
  5386. Create three-dimensional images of the eye, using computed tomography (CT).
  5387. Assess sites to determine suitability for solar equipment, using equipment such as tape measures, compasses, and computer software.
  5388. File sales slips in customers' ledgers for billing purposes.
  5389. Transfer tools, parts, equipment, and supplies to and from work stations and other areas.
  5390. Confer with research personnel to clarify or resolve problems and to develop or modify designs.
  5391. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as linear algebra, differential equations, and discrete mathematics.
  5392. Develop, or oversee the development of, marketing or outreach media for sustainability projects or events.
  5393. Collaborate with other workers to locate and correct malfunctions.
  5394. Consult with engineers or other technical personnel working on construction projects about the effects of soil problems and possible solutions to these problems.
  5395. Locate underground services, such as pipes or wires, prior to beginning work.
  5396. Sweep, scrape, sand, or chip dirt and irregularities to clean base surfaces, correcting imperfections that may show through the covering.
  5397. Write project proposals, grant applications, or other documents to pursue funding for environmental initiatives.
  5398. Review records or reports pertaining to activities such as production, payroll, or shipping to verify details, monitor work activities, or evaluate performance.
  5399. Keep records or prepare reports for owner or management concerning visits with clients.
  5400. Attach pipes to walls, structures, or fixtures, such as radiators or tanks, using brackets, clamps, tools, or welding equipment.
  5401. Solicit sales of new or additional services or products.
  5402. Repair mold defects, such as cracks or broken edges, using patterns, mold boxes, or hand tools.
  5403. Prepare daily reports of fuel, oil, and accessory sales.
  5404. Determine types of licenses and safety equipment required, and compute applicable fees such as tolls and wharfage fees.
  5405. Maintain logs related to network functions, as well as maintenance and repair records.
  5406. Read trade magazines and technical manuals, or attend conferences and seminars to maintain knowledge of hardware and software.
  5407. Screen potential subjects to determine their suitability as study participants.
  5408. Schedule activities and equipment use with managers, using information about daily menus to help coordinate cooking times.
  5409. Provide passengers with information about the local area and points of interest or give advice on hotels and restaurants.
  5410. Affix identifying information to materials or products, using hand tools.
  5411. Advise customers on product usage to improve production.
  5412. Maintain pattern records for reference.
  5413. Assemble bars onto percussion instruments.
  5414. Refer applicants to job openings or to interviews with other staff, in accordance with administrative guidelines or office procedures.
  5415. Place children in foster or adoptive homes, institutions, or medical treatment centers.
  5416. Perform routine maintenance on delivery vehicles, such as monitoring fluid levels and replenishing fuel.
  5417. Provide and maintain a safe work environment by participating in safety programs, committees, or teams and by conducting laboratory or plant safety audits.
  5418. Answer customer questions related to energy sales procedures, energy markets, or alternative energy sources.
  5419. Aid patients in dressing and grooming themselves.
  5420. Supervise or coordinate activities of cooks or workers engaged in food preparation.
  5421. Dig postholes, using spades, posthole diggers, or power-driven augers.
  5422. Review new product plans and make recommendations for material selection, based on design objectives such as strength, weight, heat resistance, electrical conductivity, and cost.
  5423. Inform offenders or inmates of requirements of conditional release, such as office visits, restitution payments, or educational and employment stipulations.
  5424. Test or calibrate components or equipment, following manufacturers' manuals and troubleshooting techniques, using hand tools, power tools, or measuring devices.
  5425. Customize treatment programs for specific areas of music therapy, such as intellectual or developmental disabilities, educational settings, geriatrics, medical settings, mental health, physical disabilities, or wellness.
  5426. Rotate chucks to turn bolts and open expansion heads against rock formations.
  5427. Serve prepared foods, such as muffins, biscotti, or bagels.
  5428. Review existing electrical engineering criteria to identify necessary revisions, deletions, or amendments to outdated material.
  5429. Perform minor aircraft maintenance and repair work, or arrange for major maintenance.
  5430. Read and interpret blueprints, schematics, work specifications, drawings, or charts.
  5431. Assign duties to inmates, providing instructions as needed.
  5432. Collaborate with producers to hire crew members, such as art directors, cinematographers, and costumer designers.
  5433. Learn to pronounce the names of players, coaches, institutional personnel, officials, and other individuals involved in an event.
  5434. Train establishment personnel in loss prevention activities.
  5435. Cut, stain, and mount tissue samples for examination by pathologists.
  5436. Perform both supervisory and management functions, such as accounting, marketing, and personnel work.
  5437. Explain cable service to subscribers after installation and collect any installation fees that are due.
  5438. Provide adapted physical education services to students with intellectual disabilities, autism, traumatic brain injury, orthopedic impairments, or other disabling condition.
  5439. Prepare permit applications or review compliance with environmental permits.
  5440. Take test samples or photographs to assess the condition of vessels or structures.
  5441. Contact credit bureaus, employers, and other sources to check applicants' credit and personal references.
  5442. Coordinate network or design activities with designers of associated networks.
  5443. Apply paint, using airbrushes, pens, artists' brushes, cotton swabs, or gloved fingers to retouch or enhance negatives or photographs.
  5444. Organize data, and analyze and interpret its authenticity and relative significance.
  5445. Prepare financial reports to monitor client or corporate finances.
  5446. Investigate or review the carbon footprints and environmental performance records of current or potential storage and distribution service providers.
  5447. Observe gauges, recorder, and video screens of data analysis system during imaging of cardiovascular system.
  5448. Investigate green consumer electronics applications for consumer electronic devices, power saving devices for computers or televisions, or energy efficient power chargers.
  5449. Select and prepare specimens and media for cell cultures, using aseptic technique and knowledge of medium components and cell requirements.
  5450. Test performance of robotic assemblies, using instruments such as oscilloscopes, electronic voltmeters, or bridges.
  5451. Inspect supplies, equipment, and work areas to ensure efficient service and conformance to standards.
  5452. Teach courses or seminars related to exercise or diet for patients, athletes, or community groups.
  5453. Provide assistance to skilled roofers installing and repairing roofs, flashings, and surfaces.
  5454. Repair pumps, mud tanks, and related equipment.
  5455. Inspect markers to verify accurate installation.
  5456. Prepare detailed job descriptions and classification systems and define job levels and families, in partnership with other managers.
  5457. Locate and review research articles or environmental, historical, or technical reports.
  5458. Present news stories, and introduce in-depth videotaped segments or live transmissions from on-the-scene reporters.
  5459. Create gameplay prototypes for presentation to creative and technical staff and management.
  5460. Visit congregational members' homes or arrange for pastoral visits to provide information or resources regarding religious education programs.
  5461. Type billing documents, shipping labels, credit memorandums, or credit forms, using typewriters or computers.
  5462. Operate computer-controlled keyboards or voice recognition equipment to direct items according to established routing schemes.
  5463. Provide traffic information, such as road conditions, to the public.
  5464. Track cost-containment strategies and programs to evaluate effectiveness.
  5465. Maintain records and logbooks.
  5466. Study blueprints, layouts or charts, and job orders for information on specifications and tooling instructions, and to determine material requirements and operational sequences.
  5467. Provide customers with information on routes, gates, prices, timetables, terminals, or concourses.
  5468. Prepare environmental impact statements, reports, or presentations for regulatory or other agencies.
  5469. Mark identifying information on patterns, parts, and templates to indicate assembly methods and details.
  5470. Choose and prepare sites for new trees, using controlled burning, bulldozers, or herbicides to clear weeds, brush, and logging debris.
  5471. Collaborate with agricultural workers to apply remote sensing information to efforts to reduce negative environmental impacts of farming practices.
  5472. Draw conclusions or make predictions based on data summaries or statistical analyses.
  5473. Observe patients during treatment to compile and evaluate data on patients' responses and progress and report to physical therapist.
  5474. Receive payment or obtain credit authorization.
  5475. Obtain county land values and sales information about nearby properties to aid in establishment of property values.
  5476. Measure and examine extruded products to locate defects and to check for conformance to specifications, adjusting controls as necessary to alter products.
  5477. Perform healthcare-related tasks, such as monitoring vital signs and medication, under the direction of registered nurses or physiotherapists.
  5478. Select digital images for printing, specify number of images to be printed, and direct to printer, using computer software.
  5479. Position, join, align, or seal structural components, such as concrete wall sections or pipes.
  5480. Administer medications to patients and monitor patients for reactions or side effects.
  5481. Requisition materials and supplies, such as tools, equipment, or replacement parts.
  5482. Ensure food is stored and cooked at correct temperature by regulating temperature of ovens, broilers, grills, and roasters.
  5483. Maintain records, such as daily production records, using specified forms.
  5484. Choose routes, altitudes, and speeds that will provide the fastest, safest, and smoothest flights.
  5485. Program computer numerical control (CNC) machines to fabricate model parts.
  5486. Repair and operate battery-charging equipment.
  5487. Complete, review, or maintain production, time, or component waste reports.
  5488. Confer with legal authorities to ensure that renting and advertising practices are not discriminatory and that properties comply with state and federal regulations.
  5489. Teach pottery classes.
  5490. Manage the daily operations of recreational facilities.
  5491. Test and examine gas pipelines and equipment to locate leaks and faulty connections, and to determine the pressure and flow of gas.
  5492. Evaluate vendor products and performance, negotiate contracts, and place orders.
  5493. Press buttons to stop machines when processes are complete or when malfunctions are detected.
  5494. Monitor shipments to ensure that goods come in on time, and resolve problems related to undelivered goods.
  5495. Perform team support duties, such as running errands, maintaining equipment, or stocking supplies.
  5496. Analyze and classify risks and investments to determine their potential impacts on companies.
  5497. Operate machinery and heavy equipment, such as forklifts.
  5498. Monitor the loading or discharging of cargo or passengers.
  5499. Signal participants or other officials to make them aware of infractions or to otherwise regulate play or competition.
  5500. Keep records of client needs and preferences and the services provided.
  5501. Direct the casting of the concrete and supervise laborers who use shovels or special tools to spread it.
  5502. Coordinate implementation of computer system plan with establishment personnel and outside vendors.
  5503. Test faulty equipment to diagnose malfunctions, using test equipment or software, and applying knowledge of the functional operation of electronic units and systems.
  5504. Record and verify seal numbers from boxcars containing frequently pilfered items, such as cigarettes or liquor, to detect tampering.
  5505. Stay informed of logistics technology advances and apply appropriate technology to improve logistics processes.
  5506. Establish the specifications of articles to be constructed or repaired or plan the methods or operations for shaping or assembling parts, based on blueprints, drawings, diagrams, or oral or written instructions.
  5507. Prescribe therapeutic procedures to correct or conserve vision.
  5508. Recommend measures for improving work procedures and worker performance to increase service quality and enhance job safety.
  5509. Collect samples, or signal workers to sample metal for analysis.
  5510. Perform housekeeping and cleaning duties related to children's care.
  5511. Greet visitors, log them in and out of the facility, assign them security badges, and contact employee escorts.
  5512. Refer to manuals and wiring diagrams to gather information needed to repair machines.
  5513. Develop marketing strategies to compete with other individuals or companies who sell insurance.
  5514. Offer advice to rangeland users on water management, forage production methods, and control of brush.
  5515. Research and keep informed of pertinent information and developments in areas such as EPA laws and regulations.
  5516. Match students' needs and eligibility with available financial aid programs to provide informed recommendations.
  5517. Perform hydraulic analyses of water supply systems or water distribution networks to model flow characteristics, test for pressure losses, or to identify opportunities to mitigate risks and improve operational efficiency.
  5518. Start and control machines and equipment to wash, bleach, dye, or otherwise process and finish fabric, yarn, thread, or other textile goods.
  5519. Check sterile supplies to ensure that they are not outdated.
  5520. Develop and prescribe exercise programs such as off-season conditioning regimens.
  5521. Maintain operations records, such as work orders, site inspection forms, or other documentation.
  5522. Coordinate or maintain office tracking systems for correspondence or follow-up actions.
  5523. Recommend actions to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, or to protect solvency of institutions.
  5524. Interpret safety regulations for others interested in industrial safety, such as safety engineers, labor representatives, and safety inspectors.
  5525. Fold products and product parts during processing.
  5526. Investigate hunting accidents or reports of fish or game law violations.
  5527. Operate computer-aided drafting (CAD) equipment or conventional drafting station to produce designs, working drawings, charts, forms, and records.
  5528. Read blueprints, drawings, or written specifications, and consult with designers to determine sizes and shapes of patterns and required machine setups.
  5529. Implement protocols in areas such as drugs, resuscitation, emergencies, power failures, or infection control.
  5530. Define product requirements, based on market research analysis, in collaboration with user interface design and engineering staff.
  5531. Recruit, interview, or hire employees.
  5532. Administer hearing tests and examine patients to collect information on type and degree of impairment, using specialized instruments and electronic equipment.
  5533. Salvage property by removing broken glass, pumping out water, and ventilating buildings to remove smoke.
  5534. Study the layout of an event venue to be able to give accurate directions in the event of an emergency.
  5535. Recommend strategies for clients to meet their financial goals, such as borrowing money through loans or loan programs, declaring bankruptcy, making budget adjustments, or enrolling in debt management plans.
  5536. Provide advice on best practices and implementation for selection.
  5537. Record gauge readings, materials used, processing times, or test results in production logs.
  5538. Gather information from caregivers, nurses, or physicians about patient condition, treatment plans, or appropriate activities.
  5539. Establish and enforce rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining order among students.
  5540. Gather information on patients' illnesses and medical history to guide the choice of diagnostic procedures for therapy.
  5541. Determine conditions under which tests are to be conducted, as well as sequences and phases of test operations.
  5542. Organize and label materials and display students' work.
  5543. Interview clients to determine clients' assets, liabilities, cash flow, insurance coverage, tax status, or financial objectives.
  5544. Fasten metal or rockboard lath to the structural framework of walls, ceilings, or partitions of buildings, using nails, screws, staples, or wire-ties.
  5545. Provide logistical facility or capacity planning analyses for distribution or transportation functions.
  5546. Play from memory or by following scores.
  5547. Observe students to determine qualifications, limitations, abilities, interests, and other individual characteristics.
  5548. Remove excess, entangled, or completed filaments from machines, using hand tools.
  5549. Review papers or serve on editorial boards for scientific journals, and review grant proposals for federal agencies.
  5550. Prepare reports to provide answers in response to specific problems.
  5551. Build photonics tools to be applied to electrical grids to detect hot spots, such as failing insulators or conductors.
  5552. Interpret or modify music, applying knowledge of harmony, melody, rhythm, and voice production to individualize presentations and maintain audience interest.
  5553. Attach solar panels to existing roofs, according to specifications and without damaging roofing materials or the structural integrity of buildings.
  5554. Assist in setting up or optimizing analytics tools for tracking visitors' behaviors.
  5555. Place supporting limbs or poles under felled trees to avoid splitting undersides, and to prevent logs from rolling.
  5556. Perform general cleaning duties of buildings or properties.
  5557. Advise internal management or business partners on the implementation or operation of compliance programs.
  5558. Replace or adjust motorized or manual window-raising mechanisms.
  5559. Organize and supervise games and other recreational activities to promote physical, mental, and social development.
  5560. Provide product samples, coupons, informational brochures, or other incentives to persuade people to buy products.
  5561. Construct wooden models, patterns, templates, full scale mock-ups, and molds for parts of products and production tools.
  5562. Recruit, hire, and pay workers.
  5563. Test equipment functions such as signal strength and quality, transmission capacity, interference, and signal delay, using equipment such as oscilloscopes, circuit analyzers, frequency meters, and wattmeters.
  5564. Supervise production and testing processes in industrial settings, such as metal refining facilities, smelting or foundry operations, or nonmetallic materials production operations.
  5565. Examine immigration applications, visas, and passports and interview persons to determine eligibility for admission, residence, and travel in the U.S.
  5566. Research and explore the use of new materials, technologies, and products to incorporate into designs.
  5567. Provide urology consultation to physicians or other health care professionals.
  5568. Identify logs of substandard or special grade so that they can be returned to shippers, regraded, recut, or transferred for other processing.
  5569. Coordinate facility schedules to maximize usage and efficiency.
  5570. Schedule follow-up visits to monitor patients or evaluate health or illness care.
  5571. Review business trends to advise customers regarding expected fluctuations.
  5572. Check data input or verify totals on forms prepared by others to detect errors in arithmetic, data entry, or procedures.
  5573. Provide relay service for hearing-impaired users.
  5574. Review sustainability program objectives, progress, or status to ensure compliance with policies, standards, regulations, or laws.
  5575. Prepare and package environmental samples for shipping or testing.
  5576. Identify and resolve conflicts related to the meanings of words, concepts, practices, or behaviors.
  5577. Read production orders to determine types and sizes of items scheduled for printing and mailing.
  5578. Position and prepare truck-mounted derricks at drilling areas specified on field maps.
  5579. Create back-ups of robot programs or parameters.
  5580. Collect medical histories and general health and life style information from patients.
  5581. Monitor patients' progress and adjust treatments accordingly.
  5582. Prepare materials and classroom for class activities.
  5583. Drill holes into sides of stones broken from masses, insert dogs or attach slings, and direct removal of stones.
  5584. Examine engines through specially designed openings while working from ladders or scaffolds, or use hoists or lifts to remove the entire engine from an aircraft.
  5585. Provide assistance to patrons entering or exiting amusement rides, boats, or ski lifts, or mounting or dismounting animals.
  5586. Officiate at sporting events, games, or competitions, to maintain standards of play and to ensure that game rules are observed.
  5587. Identify deposits of construction materials suitable for use as concrete aggregates, road fill, or in other applications.
  5588. Coordinate flight activities with ground crews and air traffic control and inform crew members of flight and test procedures.
  5589. Load and unload mail trucks, sometimes lifting containers of mail onto equipment that transports items to sorting stations.
  5590. Clean containers, materials, supplies, or work areas, using cleaning solutions and hand tools.
  5591. Conduct environmental impact studies related to water and wastewater collection, treatment, or distribution.
  5592. Finish vehicle instrumentation and deinstrumentation.
  5593. Complete insurance or other claim forms.
  5594. Negotiate with managers, promoters, union officials, and other persons regarding clients' contractual rights and obligations.
  5595. Consult with researchers to analyze problems, recommend technology-based solutions, or determine computational strategies.
  5596. Draw land diagrams that will be used in appraisal reports to support findings.
  5597. Establish and maintain relationships with other agencies and organizations in community to meet community needs and to ensure that services are not duplicated.
  5598. Load or unload bundles from trucks or move containers to storage bins, using moving equipment.
  5599. Direct and support the compilation and analysis of technical source data necessary for product development.
  5600. Perform or evaluate the results of diagnostic tests such as radiographs (x-rays) and electrocardiograms (EKGs).
  5601. Study public water supply issues, including flood and drought risks, water quality, wastewater, and impacts on wetland habitats.
  5602. Deliver speeches on diet, nutrition, or health to promote healthy eating habits and illness prevention and treatment.
  5603. Conduct ongoing prenatal health assessments, tracking changes in physical and emotional health.
  5604. Record information relating to animal genealogy, feeding schedules, appearance, behavior, or breeding.
  5605. Arrange for or design screen tests or auditions for prospective performers.
  5606. Instruct cooks or other workers in the preparation, cooking, garnishing, or presentation of food.
  5607. Receive mortgage, loan, or public utility bill payments, verifying payment dates and amounts due.
  5608. Provide coaches and therapists with assistance in selecting and fitting protective equipment.
  5609. Follow all gaming regulations.
  5610. Position patient on examining table and set up and adjust equipment to obtain optimum view of specific body area as requested by physician.
  5611. Add ink, fill paste reservoirs, and change machine ribbons when necessary.
  5612. Evaluate analytical methods and procedures to determine how they might be improved.
  5613. Review and evaluate notes taken about news events to isolate pertinent facts and details.
  5614. Make announcements to passengers, such as notifications of upcoming stops or schedule delays.
  5615. Select tree seedlings, prepare the ground, or plant the trees in reforestation areas, using manual planting tools.
  5616. Monitor equipment operation, gauges, and panel lights to detect deviations from standards.
  5617. Operate detecting devices to screen individuals and prevent passage of prohibited articles into restricted areas.
  5618. Read production schedules and work orders to determine processing sequences, furnace temperatures, and heat cycle requirements for objects to be heat-treated.
  5619. Make minor repairs to vehicles.
  5620. Develop logistic metrics, internal analysis tools, or key performance indicators for business units.
  5621. Maintain logbooks of daily activities, including areas visited or activities performed.
  5622. Note relevant details upon arrival at scene, such as time of day and weather conditions.
  5623. Oversee the operation of computer hardware systems, including coordinating and scheduling the use of computer terminals and networks to ensure efficient use.
  5624. Develop, implement or evaluate health information technology applications, tools, processes or structures to assist nurses with data management.
  5625. Read food order slips or receive verbal instructions as to food required by patron, and prepare and cook food according to instructions.
  5626. Feed stock into cutting machines, onto conveyors, or under cutting blades, by threading, guiding, pushing, or turning handwheels.
  5627. Serve salads, vegetables, meat, breads, and cocktails, ladle soups and sauces, portion desserts, and fill beverage cups and glasses.
  5628. Stock patron supplies and refreshments.
  5629. Control workflow scheduling or job tracking, using computer database software.
  5630. Start machines and observe mechanical operation to determine efficiency and to detect problems.
  5631. Clean, trim, slice, and section carcasses for future processing.
  5632. Provide assistance in radiopharmaceutical administration, monitoring patients' vital signs and notifying the radiologist of any relevant changes.
  5633. Plan menus or diets or guide individuals or families in food selection, preparation, or menu planning, based upon nutritional needs and established guidelines.
  5634. Develop communications materials, advertisements, presentations, or public relations initiatives to promote awareness of green products and technologies.
  5635. Decline excessive risks.
  5636. Make minor adjustments to equipment, such as turning setscrews to calibrate instruments to required tolerances.
  5637. Develop new techniques for wood or residue use.
  5638. Move levers to position dredges for excavation, to engage hydraulic pumps, to raise and lower suction booms, and to control rotation of cutterheads.
  5639. Develop ways to capture or use gases that are currently burned off as waste during oil production processes.
  5640. Conduct geophysical surveys of potential sites for wind farms or solar installations to determine their suitability.
  5641. Calibrate vehicle systems, including control algorithms or other software systems.
  5642. Operate control consoles.
  5643. Process, prepare, and submit business or government forms, such as submitting applications for coverage to insurance carriers.
  5644. Prepare documents and correspondence, such as damage claims, credit and billing inquiries, invoices, and service complaints.
  5645. Position and align auxiliary parts in jigs and join parts, using solder and blowtorches.
  5646. Create plans, test files, and scripts for data warehouse testing, ranging from unit to integration testing.
  5647. Teach astronomy or astrophysics.
  5648. Coordinate work with economic consultants or architects during the formulation of plans or the design of large pieces of infrastructure.
  5649. Operate office equipment, such as voice mail messaging systems, and use word processing, spreadsheet, or other software applications to prepare reports, invoices, financial statements, letters, case histories, or medical records.
  5650. Test workplaces for environmental hazards, such as exposure to radiation, chemical or biological hazards, or excessive noise.
  5651. Record details of calls, dispatches, and messages.
  5652. Estimate material or worker requirements to complete jobs.
  5653. Investigate air accidents and complaints to determine causes.
  5654. Estimate ingredients and supplies required to prepare a recipe.
  5655. Analyze climate data sets, using techniques such as geophysical fluid dynamics, data assimilation, or numerical modeling.
  5656. Participate in the hiring process by reviewing credentials, conducting interviews, or making hiring decisions or recommendations.
  5657. Study product characteristics or customer requirements and confer with management to determine validation objectives and standards.
  5658. Inspect camp sites to ensure that campers are in compliance with forest use regulations.
  5659. Tape or twist together thread or cord to repair breaks.
  5660. Recommend and implement measures to improve worker motivation, equipment performance, work methods, or customer services.
  5661. Analyze the life cycle of nanomaterials or nano-enabled products to determine environmental impact.
  5662. Preview scheduled programs to ensure that signals are functioning and programs are ready for transmission.
  5663. Adjust or align headlights, wheels, and brake systems.
  5664. Implement and provide technical support for voice services and equipment, such as private branch exchange, voice mail system, and telecom system.
  5665. Prepare relishes and hors d'oeuvres.
  5666. Notify taxpayers of any overpayment or underpayment, and either issue a refund or request further payment.
  5667. Keep money drawers in order, and record and balance daily transactions.
  5668. Arrange for medical, psychiatric, and other tests that may disclose causes of difficulties and indicate remedial measures.
  5669. Clean, treat, buff, or polish finished items, using grinders, brushes, chisels, and cleaning solutions and polishing materials.
  5670. Compute layout dimensions, and determine and mark reference points on metal stock or workpieces for further processing, such as welding and assembly.
  5671. Maintain computer equipment used in instruction.
  5672. Rent post office boxes to customers.
  5673. Serve meals, distribute commissary items, and dispense prescribed medication to prisoners.
  5674. Record messages, suggesting rewording for clarity or conciseness.
  5675. Perform regular maintenance of laboratory equipment by inspecting, calibrating, cleaning, or sterilizing.
  5676. Drive trucks to weigh stations before and after loading and along routes in compliance with state regulations.
  5677. Set up and adjust picture projectors and screens to achieve proper size, illumination, and focus of images, and proper volume and tone of sound.
  5678. Investigate and make recommendations on carrier requests for waiver of federal standards.
  5679. Test parts for hardness, using hardness testing equipment, or by examining and feeling samples.
  5680. Process and prepare business or government forms.
  5681. Advise customers on substitution or modification of parts when identical replacements are not available.
  5682. Prepare tables, graphs, fact sheets, and written reports summarizing research results.
  5683. Determine requirements for treatment, such as type, method and duration of therapy, precautions to be taken, or medication and dosages, compatible with physicians' orders.
  5684. Gather information from agents concerning the pay, dates, times, provisions, and lengths of jobs.
  5685. Track supplies of money to tables and perform any required paperwork.
  5686. Conduct interviews to arrange for the preparation of obituary notices, to assist with the selection of caskets or urns, and to determine the location and time of burials or cremations.
  5687. Record the weights and processing times of finished pieces.
  5688. Assess the status of post-date pregnancies to determine treatments and interventions.
  5689. Escort or drive motor vehicle to transport individuals to specified locations or to provide personal protection.
  5690. Adjust digital files to alter print elements, such as fonts, graphics, or color separations.
  5691. Discuss heating or cooling system malfunctions with users to isolate problems or to verify that repairs corrected malfunctions.
  5692. Activate machine start-up switches to grind, lap, hone, debar, shear, or cut workpieces, according to specifications.
  5693. Prepare reports to send to customers whose accounts are delinquent, and forward irreconcilable accounts for collector action.
  5694. Prepare and submit required governmental reports or forms related to labor relations matters, such as equal employment opportunity (EEO) forms, new hire forms, or minority compensation reports.
  5695. Identify, pack, or transport hazardous or radioactive materials.
  5696. Prepare for trial by performing tasks such as organizing exhibits.
  5697. Proofread and perform quality control of text and images.
  5698. Report lost or broken keys.
  5699. Inspect, clean, test, and maintain respiratory therapy equipment to ensure equipment is functioning safely and efficiently, ordering repairs when necessary.
  5700. Review performer information, such as photos, resumes, voice tapes, videos, and union membership, to decide whom to audition for parts.
  5701. Provide entrance or exit loan counseling to students.
  5702. Operate jackhammers or drills to break up concrete or pavement.
  5703. Read blueprints and specifications to determine job requirements.
  5704. Compile or maintain records of system operation, performance, and maintenance.
  5705. Administer prescribed oral medications, under the written direction of physician or as directed by home care nurse or aide, and ensure patients take their medicine.
  5706. Consult with engineers regarding technical problems with products.
  5707. Develop plans or formal contracts for individuals, families, or community groups to improve overall health.
  5708. Confer with biologists or other researchers in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data to define wildlife areas or corridors for land use planning.
  5709. Develop new food items for production, based on consumer feedback.
  5710. Counsel parents with child rearing problems, interviewing the child and family to determine whether further action is required.
  5711. Signal crane operators to move large workpieces.
  5712. Operate and adjust controls of heating equipment to melt material or to cure, dry, or bake filled molds.
  5713. Trace out short circuits in wiring, using test meter.
  5714. Prepare and maintain a directory of suppliers, contractors and subcontractors.
  5715. Water lawns, trees, or plants, using portable sprinkler systems, hoses, or watering cans.
  5716. Estimate consumer demand and determine the types and amounts of goods to be sold.
  5717. Provide technical support to other employees regarding mechanical design, fabrication, testing, or documentation.
  5718. Perform maintenance work such as cleaning and oiling machines.
  5719. Maintain records, such as pharmacy files, patient profiles, charge system files, inventories, control records for radioactive nuclei, or registries of poisons, narcotics, or controlled drugs.
  5720. Measure and cut metal lath to size for walls and ceilings, using tin snips.
  5721. Interview and hire applicants.
  5722. Adjust controls to maintain temperatures and heating times, using thermal instruments and charts, dials and gauges of furnaces, and color of stock in furnaces to make setting determinations.
  5723. Monitor material flow or instruments such as temperature or pressure gauges, indicators, or meters to ensure optimal processing conditions.
  5724. Audition and interview performers to match their attributes to specific roles or to increase the pool of available acting talent.
  5725. Cut and weld metal sections in reconstruction or renovation of exterior structural sections and accessories of exhibits.
  5726. Guide clients in the gathering of information, such as bank account records, income tax returns, life and disability insurance records, pension plans, or wills.
  5727. Serve food to customers when waiters or waitresses need assistance.
  5728. Move pipes to and from trucks, using truck winches and motorized lifts, or by hand.
  5729. Install and configure recreations of software production environments to allow testing of software performance.
  5730. Sterilize bottles and prepare formulas.
  5731. Place vaccines in drinking water, inject vaccines, or dust air with vaccine powder to protect animals from diseases.
  5732. Monitor and review paperwork procedures and systems to prevent error-related shortages.
  5733. Test backup or recovery plans regularly and resolve any problems.
  5734. Recommend, select, and help locate or obtain merchandise based on customer needs and desires.
  5735. Conduct research related to a range of nanotechnology topics, such as packaging, heat transfer, fluorescence detection, nanoparticle dispersion, hybrid systems, liquid systems, nanocomposites, nanofabrication, optoelectronics, or nanolithography.
  5736. Transport equipment to work sites, using utility trucks and equipment trailers.
  5737. Research employee benefit and health and safety practices and recommend changes or modifications to existing policies.
  5738. Install or configure Web server software or hardware to ensure that directory structure is well-defined, logical, and secure, and that files are named properly.
  5739. Monitor or review output from systems, such as Thermal Imaging Units (TIU) or roadside imaging tools, to identify high risk commercial motor vehicles for follow-up inspections.
  5740. Establish objectives and evaluative or operational criteria for units they manage.
  5741. Teach classes or otherwise disseminate medical or dental health information to school groups, community groups, or targeted families or individuals, in a manner consistent with cultural norms.
  5742. Establish credit policies and operating procedures.
  5743. Schedule or coordinate the details of grievance hearings or other meetings.
  5744. Design or prepare plans for new transportation systems or parts of systems, such as airports, commuter trains, highways, streets, bridges, drainage structures, or roadway lighting.
  5745. Make promotional appearances at public or private events to represent their employers.
  5746. Prepare reports, exhibits and other supporting schedules that detail an institution's safety and soundness, compliance with laws and regulations, and recommended solutions to questionable financial conditions.
  5747. Provide headphones or earplugs to patients to improve comfort and reduce unpleasant noise.
  5748. Replace worn parts and adjust equipment components, using hand tools.
  5749. Use different sewing techniques such as felling, tacking, basting, embroidery, and fagoting.
  5750. Design and fabricate molds, models, and machine accessories, and modify hand tools used to cast metal and jewelry pieces.
  5751. Insert control instructions into machine control units to start operation.
  5752. Determine proper storage methods, identification, and stock location based on turnover, environmental factors, and physical capabilities of facilities.
  5753. Record, collect, or pay off bets, issuing receipts as necessary.
  5754. Engage in research to develop new photographic procedures and materials.
  5755. Observe patients, charting and reporting changes in patients' conditions, such as adverse reactions to medication or treatment, and taking any necessary action.
  5756. Start lathe or turning machines and observe operations to ensure that specifications are met.
  5757. Conduct statistical studies to analyze or compare production costs for sustainable or nonsustainable designs.
  5758. Prepare meals in private homes according to employers' recipes or tastes, handling all meals for the family and possibly for other household staff.
  5759. Inspect proposed sites to identify structural elements of land areas or other important site information, such as soil condition, existing landscaping, or the proximity of water management facilities.
  5760. Manipulate raw data to enhance interpretation, either on the ground or during remote sensing flights.
  5761. Study artistic objects or graphic materials, such as models, sketches, or blueprints, to plan carving or cutting techniques.
  5762. Negotiate interconnection agreements with other utilities.
  5763. Collect rents for post office boxes.
  5764. Inspect machines and meters to determine causes of malfunctions and fix minor problems such as jammed bills or stuck products.
  5765. Operate equipment, such as truck cab computers, CB radios, phones, or global positioning systems (GPS) equipment to exchange necessary information with bases, supervisors, or other drivers.
  5766. Prepare technical and research reports, such as environmental impact reports, and communicate the results to individuals in industry, government, or the general public.
  5767. Move levers, depress foot pedals, or turn dials to operate cranes, cherry pickers, electromagnets, or other moving equipment for lifting, moving, or placing loads.
  5768. Perform routine maintenance on vehicles or auxiliary equipment, such as cleaning, lubricating, recharging batteries, fueling, or replacing liquefied-gas tank.
  5769. Confer with supervisors or programmers to resolve machine malfunctions or production errors or to obtain approval to continue production.
  5770. Work as part of a team of physicians, nurses, or other healthcare professionals to manage patient care by assisting with medical procedures or related duties.
  5771. Review, develop, and prepare maintenance standards.
  5772. Inspect account books and accounting systems for efficiency, effectiveness, and use of accepted accounting procedures to record transactions.
  5773. Provide assistance in the preparation, installation, repair, or rebuilding of tile, brick, or stone surfaces.
  5774. Announce programs and player substitutions or other changes to patrons.
  5775. Write technical reports or publications related to water resources development or water use efficiency.
  5776. Spray livestock with disinfectants and insecticides, or dip or bathe animals.
  5777. Report violations of compliance or regulatory standards to duly authorized enforcement agencies as appropriate or required.
  5778. Prepare results of experimental findings for presentation at professional conferences or in scientific journals.
  5779. Prepare volumes for binding.
  5780. Control traffic.
  5781. Greet patrons attending entertainment events.
  5782. Examine and measure completed materials or products to verify conformance to specifications, using measuring devices such as tape measures, gauges, or calipers.
  5783. Perform manual labor to prepare or finish sites, such as shoveling materials by hand.
  5784. Use radiation safety measures and protection devices to comply with government regulations and to ensure safety of patients and staff.
  5785. Design robotics applications for manufacturers of green products, such as wind turbines or solar panels, to increase production time, eliminate waste, or reduce costs.
  5786. Clean and sterilize scissors, combs, clippers, and other instruments.
  5787. Spread, level, or smooth concrete or terrazzo mixtures to form bases or finished surfaces, using rakes, shovels, hand or power trowels, hand or power screeds, or floats.
  5788. Plan and conduct ground surveys designed to establish baselines, elevations, and other geodetic measurements.
  5789. Assign and review the work of systems analysts, programmers, and other computer-related workers.
  5790. Dig ditches or trenches, backfill excavations, or compact and level earth to grade specifications, using picks, shovels, pneumatic tampers, or rakes.
  5791. Assemble pipe sections, tubing, or fittings, using couplings, clamps, screws, bolts, cement, plastic solvent, caulking, or soldering, brazing, or welding equipment.
  5792. Train instructors and distance learning staff in the use or support of distance learning applications, such as course management software.
  5793. Prepare or provide genetics-related educational materials to patients or medical personnel.
  5794. Provide management with information or training related to interviewing, performance appraisals, counseling techniques, or documentation of performance issues.
  5795. Monitor consumer preferences or environmental trends to determine the best way to introduce new green products.
  5796. Obtain samples of earth from sidewalls of well boreholes, using electrically exploding devices.
  5797. Design electro-optical sensing or imaging systems.
  5798. Supervise daily library operations, budgeting, planning, and personnel activities, such as hiring, training, scheduling, and performance evaluations.
  5799. Obtain customers' names, addresses, and billing information, product numbers, and specifications of items to be purchased, and enter this information on order forms.
  5800. Collect, compile, or integrate Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data, such as remote sensing or cartographic data for inclusion in map manuscripts.
  5801. Prepare promotional plans, sales literature, media kits, and sales contracts, using computer.
  5802. Supervise and assign duties to workers engaged in technical control and production of radio and television programs.
  5803. Record instrument readings and operational changes in operating logs.
  5804. Operate ultrasound equipment to produce and record images of the motion, shape, and composition of blood, organs, tissues, or bodily masses, such as fluid accumulations.
  5805. Direct the operation and organization of kitchens and all food-related activities, including the presentation and serving of food.
  5806. Accompany aircraft as a member of the flight crew to monitor and handle cargo in flight.
  5807. Market bank products to individuals and firms, promoting bank services that may meet customers' needs.
  5808. Make emergency visits to resolve equipment problems.
  5809. Remove defective or substandard materials from machines, and readjust machine components so that products meet standards.
  5810. Develop sketches of glass products into blueprint specifications, applying knowledge of glass technology and glass blowing.
  5811. Read prescription, measure arterial blood gases, and review patient information to assess patient condition.
  5812. Measure, mix, cut, shape, soften, and join materials and ingredients, such as powder, cornmeal, or rubber to prepare them for machine processing.
  5813. Weigh, mix, and melt metal alloys or materials needed for jewelry models.
  5814. Perform skilled repair or maintenance operations, using equipment such as hand or power tools, hydraulic presses or shears, or welding equipment.
  5815. Research the history of a particular country or region, or of a specific time period.
  5816. Monitor the operations and sanitary conditions of slaughtering or meat processing plants.
  5817. Demonstrate use of laboratory equipment and enforce laboratory rules.
  5818. Analyze the results of tests or experiments to ensure conformity to specifications, using special mechanical or electrical devices.
  5819. Monitor compliance with standard operating procedures for loss prevention, physical security, or risk management.
  5820. Develop or implement operating methods or procedures.
  5821. Install pressure-control devices onto wellheads.
  5822. Tend or operate machine that packages product.
  5823. Refer patient to medical specialist or other practitioners when necessary.
  5824. Complete physical checks and monitor patients to detect unusual or harmful behavior and report observations to professional staff.
  5825. File a legible transcript of records of a court case with the court clerk's office.
  5826. Operate special equipment to perform tasks such as transferring film to videotape or producing photographic enlargements.
  5827. Direct or supervise fundraising staff, including volunteer staff members.
  5828. Set stone or marble in place, according to layout or pattern.
  5829. Refer patients to specialists or community resources.
  5830. Perform routine maintenance on vehicles and equipment.
  5831. Write and present reports of research findings.
  5832. Verify signatures and required information on checks.
  5833. Develop or present environmental compliance training or orientation sessions.
  5834. Assist drafters in developing the structural design of products, using drafting tools or computer-assisted drafting equipment or software.
  5835. Confer with clients about their medical histories and problems with stress or pain to determine how massage will be most helpful.
  5836. Observe machine operations to ensure quality and conformity of filled or packaged products to standards.
  5837. Overhaul or replace carburetors, blowers, generators, distributors, starters, and pumps.
  5838. Conduct information sharing sessions, such as in-service workshops for other professionals, potential client groups, or the general community.
  5839. Maintain activity logs, financial transaction logs, or other records of weatherization work performed.
  5840. Set up and manage paper or electronic filing systems, recording information, updating paperwork, or maintaining documents, such as attendance records, correspondence, or other material.
  5841. Compute dimensions of patterns according to sizes, considering stretching of material.
  5842. Reproduce and duplicate sound recordings from original recording media, using sound editing and duplication equipment.
  5843. Develop networks of attorneys, mortgage lenders, and contractors to whom clients may be referred.
  5844. Assess patients' response to treatments and modify treatments according to protocol if necessary.
  5845. Work as part of a team that may include psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, or social workers.
  5846. Adapt the quantity of ingredients to match the amount of items to be baked.
  5847. Check the flight performance of new and experimental planes.
  5848. Classify and assign registration numbers to artifacts and supervise inventory control.
  5849. Establish clear objectives for all lessons, units, and projects and communicate those objectives to students.
  5850. Conduct research into the feasibility, design, operation, or performance of robotic mechanisms, components, or systems, such as planetary rovers, multiple mobile robots, reconfigurable robots, or man-machine interactions.
  5851. Monitor student performance or assist students in academic environments, such as classrooms, laboratories, or computing centers.
  5852. Write social, legal, or economic impact statements to inform decision makers for natural resource policies, standards, or programs.
  5853. Maintain or arrange for maintenance of fitness equipment or facilities.
  5854. Maintain current knowledge of organizational policies and procedures, federal and state policies and directives, and current accounting standards.
  5855. Clean, refuel, and change oil in line service aircraft.
  5856. Collect samples, such as blood, urine, or sputum from patients, and perform routine laboratory tests on samples.
  5857. Observe and discuss meal preparation and suggest alternate methods of food preparation.
  5858. Polish articles by hand or by using a polishing wheel.
  5859. Correspond with insured or agent to obtain information or inform them of account status or changes.
  5860. Clean, oil, and lubricate machines, using air hoses, cleaning solutions, rags, oil cans, or grease guns.
  5861. Greet customers and ascertain what each customer wants or needs.
  5862. Speak to students to encourage and support the development of future political leaders.
  5863. Relieve crew members on tugs or launches.
  5864. Conduct research in a particular field of knowledge and publish findings in books, professional journals, or electronic media.
  5865. Carry out therapeutic regimens, such as behavior modification and personal development programs, under the supervision of special education instructors, psychologists, or speech-language pathologists.
  5866. Arrange hospital admissions for patients.
  5867. Review dockets of pending litigation to ensure adequate progress.
  5868. Ensure that policy requirements are fulfilled, including any necessary medical examinations and the completion of appropriate forms.
  5869. Examine records, reports, or other documents to establish facts or detect discrepancies.
  5870. Evaluate athletes' readiness to play and provide participation clearances when necessary and warranted.
  5871. Demonstrate how to clean and care for skin properly and recommend skin-care regimens.
  5872. Clean or sterilize tanks, screens, inflow pipes, production areas, or equipment, using hoses, brushes, scrapers, or chemical solutions.
  5873. Build prototype optomechanical devices for use in equipment such as aerial cameras, gun sights, or telescopes.
  5874. Obtain, cut, stain, and mount biological material on slides for microscopic study and diagnosis, following standard laboratory procedures.
  5875. Operate road watering, oiling, or rolling equipment, or street sealing equipment, such as chip spreaders.
  5876. Remove dishes and glasses from tables or counters, take them to kitchen for cleaning.
  5877. Tend auxiliary equipment used in welding processes.
  5878. Develop ideas for creating dances, keeping notes and sketches to record influences.
  5879. Put undelivered parcels away, retrieve them when customers come to claim them, and complete any related documentation.
  5880. Adjust surveying instruments to maintain their accuracy.
  5881. Enforce rules and regulations to ensure the smooth and orderly operation of dormitory programs.
  5882. Inspect or test raw materials, parts, or products to determine compliance with environmental standards.
  5883. Leave messages to arrange different times to read meters in cases in which meters are not accessible.
  5884. Press paper tape over joints to embed tape into sealing compound and to seal joints.
  5885. Drill holes along outlines, using jackhammers.
  5886. Prepare or serve menu items, such as sandwiches or salads.
  5887. Design or develop new crystals for photonics applications.
  5888. Conduct special studies to develop and establish standard hour and related cost data or to effect cost reduction.
  5889. Describe or demonstrate products that viewers may purchase through specific shows or in stores.
  5890. Fit and fasten wallboard or drywall into position on wood or metal frameworks, using glue, nails, or screws.
  5891. Maintain knowledge of, comply with, and enforce all institutional policies, rules, procedures, and regulations.
  5892. Stretch carpet to align with walls and ensure a smooth surface, and press carpet in place over tack strips or use staples, tape, tacks or glue to hold carpet in place.
  5893. Monitor bug resolution efforts and track successes.
  5894. Ignite torches or start power supplies and strike arcs by touching electrodes to metals being welded, completing electrical circuits.
  5895. Compute, retrace, or adjust existing surveys of features such as highway alignments, property boundaries, utilities, control and other surveys to match the ground elevation-dependent grids, geodetic grids, or property boundaries and to ensure accuracy and continuity of data used in engineering, surveying, or construction projects.
  5896. Write reports or research proposals.
  5897. Collaborate with other researchers in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of surveys.
  5898. Search computer databases, credit reports, public records, tax or legal filings, or other resources to locate persons or to compile information for investigations.
  5899. Assign duties, responsibilities, and work stations to employees in accordance with work requirements.
  5900. Prepare technical reports for use by mining, engineering, and management personnel.
  5901. Adjust depths and sizes of cuts by adjusting heights of worktables, or by adjusting machine-arm gauges.
  5902. Assess the suitability of penitentiary inmates for release under parole and statutory release programs and submit recommendations to parole boards.
  5903. Plant, spray, weed, fertilize, and water plants, shrubs, and trees, using hand tools and gardening tools.
  5904. Hold rivets while riveters use air hammers to form heads on rivets.
  5905. Manage wildlife on and around airport grounds.
  5906. Test and repair or replace electrical equipment, such as circuit breakers, station batteries, cable trays, conduits, or control devices.
  5907. Move controls to start and regulate movement of conveyors and to start and position drill cutters or torches.
  5908. Clean building floors by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, or vacuuming.
  5909. Identify and resolve inconsistencies in interviewees' responses by means of appropriate questioning or explanation.
  5910. Provide technical consultation or direction related to the development or production of fuel cell systems.
  5911. Author or publish professional articles, internal documents, and instructional materials.
  5912. Provide clinical services or health education to improve and maintain the oral health of patients or the general public.
  5913. Brand, tattoo, or tag animals to allow animal identification.
  5914. Cut, trim, skin, sort, and wash viscera of slaughtered animals to separate edible portions from offal.
  5915. Record the numbers and types of fish or shellfish reared, harvested, released, sold, and shipped.
  5916. Direct and coordinate the activities of employees engaged in the production or processing of goods, such as inspectors, machine setters, or fabricators.
  5917. Formulate, direct, or coordinate marketing activities or policies to promote products or services, working with advertising or promotion managers.
  5918. Design, promote, or administer government plans or policies affecting land use, zoning, public utilities, community facilities, housing, or transportation.
  5919. Stop speeding vehicles to warn drivers of traffic laws.
  5920. Supervise and participate in the inspection of properties to ensure that they are in compliance with applicable fire codes, ordinances, laws, regulations, and standards.
  5921. Compute costs of labor and materials in order to determine production costs of products and articles.
  5922. Monitor, evaluate, and record client progress with respect to treatment goals.
  5923. Sight-read musical parts during rehearsals.
  5924. Use object-oriented programming languages, as well as client and server applications development processes and multimedia and Internet technology.
  5925. Install fixtures, appliances, or equipment designed to reduce water or energy consumption.
  5926. Use the computer in the analysis and solution of business problems, such as development of integrated production and inventory control and cost analysis systems.
  5927. Backfill piping trenches to protect pipes from damage.
  5928. Make announcements regarding flights, using public address systems.
  5929. Examine animals to detect behavioral changes or clinical symptoms that could indicate illness or injury.
  5930. Trim material and arrange bouquets, wreaths, terrariums, and other items using trimmers, shapers, wire, pins, floral tape, foam, and other materials.
  5931. Record or report operational data, such as readings on meters, instruments, and gauges.
  5932. Bore holes or cut grates, risers, or pouring spouts in molds, using power tools.
  5933. Negotiate materials prices with suppliers.
  5934. Make rails for fences, by sawing lumber or by cutting metal tubing to required lengths.
  5935. Signal coworkers to synchronize flow of materials.
  5936. Resolve customer or employee complaints.
  5937. Drain and filter transformer oil and refill transformers with oil until coils are submerged.
  5938. Patch broken edges or fractures, using clay or plaster.
  5939. Meet schedules for the collection and return of mail.
  5940. Compile water resource data, using geographic information systems (GIS) or global position systems (GPS) software.
  5941. Maintain records of items received, stored, issued, and returned and file catalog cards according to system used.
  5942. Contact agents and actors to provide notification of audition and performance opportunities and to set up audition times.
  5943. Observe and monitor staff performance to ensure efficient operations and adherence to facility's policies and procedures.
  5944. Diagnose or treat injuries, disorders, or diseases of the eye and eye structures including the cornea, sclera, conjunctiva, or eyelids.
  5945. Attach pumps and hoses to wellheads.
  5946. Instruct vendors or contractors on quality guidelines, testing procedures, or ways to eliminate deficiencies.
  5947. Maintain and coordinate repair of marine machinery and equipment for installation on vessels.
  5948. Fit patients for orthopedic braces, prostheses, or supportive devices, such as crutches.
  5949. Contact carrier representatives to make arrangements or to issue instructions for shipping and delivery of materials.
  5950. Coordinate recruitment or selection of project personnel.
  5951. Present loan and repayment schedules to customers.
  5952. Provide technical customer service.
  5953. Move machine controls to lower tools to workpieces and to engage automatic feeds.
  5954. Provide ongoing analyses in areas such as transportation costs, parts procurement, back orders, or delivery processes.
  5955. Prepare surfaces for tiling by attaching lath or waterproof paper, or by applying a cement mortar coat to a metal screen.
  5956. Develop network-related documentation.
  5957. Provide guests with information about local areas, including giving directions.
  5958. Allow all glass parts installed with urethane ample time to cure, taking temperature and humidity into account.
  5959. Teach or guide individuals or groups unfamiliar with specific hunting methods or types of prey.
  5960. Locate fish, using fish-finding equipment.
  5961. Monitor finished cartons as they drop from forming machines into rotating hoppers and into gravity feed chutes to prevent jamming.
  5962. Check original texts or confer with authors to ensure that translations retain the content, meaning, and feeling of the original material.
  5963. Maintain records for each case, including contacts, telephone numbers, and actions taken.
  5964. Rewrap soiled or broken parcels.
  5965. Review financial reports to ensure efficiency and quality of security operations.
  5966. Assist host or hostess by answering phones to take reservations or to-go orders, and by greeting, seating, and thanking guests.
  5967. Develop specifications for wind technology components, such as gearboxes, blades, generators, frequency converters, or pad transformers.
  5968. Provide regulatory compliance training to employees.
  5969. Lay out and connect electrical wiring between controls and equipment, according to wiring diagrams, using electrician's hand tools.
  5970. Conduct physical examinations to inform decisions about appropriate procedures.
  5971. Transfer materials and products to and from machinery and equipment, using industrial trucks or hand trucks.
  5972. Read blueprints, schematics, diagrams, or technical orders to determine methods and sequences of assembly.
  5973. Receive and screen telephone calls and visitors.
  5974. Supervise surveillance, detection, or criminal processing related to theft and criminal cases.
  5975. Remove designated parts, such as ears or tails, from slain quarry as evidence for killing bounty, using knives.
  5976. Record speech, music, and other sounds on recording media, using recording equipment.
  5977. Provide documentation and information to account for delays, difficulties, or changes to cost estimates.
  5978. Repair or replace wiring, equipment, or fixtures, using hand tools or power tools.
  5979. Schedule or conduct new employee orientations.
  5980. Determine project requirements, such as scope, assembly sequences, or required methods or materials, using blueprints, drawings, or written or verbal instructions.
  5981. Cut, trim and shape hair or hairpieces, based on customers' instructions, hair type and facial features, using clippers, scissors, trimmers and razors.
  5982. Scan labels on letters or parcels to confirm receipt.
  5983. Specify power supply requirements and configuration.
  5984. Provide customer service, such as limited instructions on proceeding with claims or referrals to auto repair facilities or local contractors.
  5985. Coordinate work with clerical personnel or other technologists.
  5986. Cut door stops or angle irons to fit openings.
  5987. Conduct visual inspections of compressed natural gas fuel systems to identify cracks, gouges, abrasions, discoloration, broken fibers, loose brackets, damaged gaskets, or other problems.
  5988. Remove seats, carpeting, and interiors of doors and add sound-absorbing material in empty spaces, reinstalling interior parts.
  5989. Interpret transportation or tariff regulations, shipping orders, safety regulations, or company policies and procedures for workers.
  5990. Record sales or delivery information on daily sales or delivery record.
  5991. Evaluate new and existing programming to assess suitability and the need for changes, using information such as audience surveys and feedback.
  5992. Record repairs made, time spent, and parts used.
  5993. Prepare and cook foods of all types, either on a regular basis or for special guests or functions.
  5994. Repair manual and automatic transmissions.
  5995. Advocate for end users in collaboration with other professionals including engineers, designers, managers, or customers.
  5996. Smooth strips or sections of paper with brushes or rollers to remove wrinkles and bubbles and to smooth joints.
  5997. Conduct medical research under direction of microbiologist or biochemist.
  5998. Read work orders and specifications to determine machines and equipment requiring repair or maintenance.
  5999. Recommend energy or water saving products, such as low-flow faucets or shower heads, water-saving toilets, or high-efficiency hot water heaters.
  6000. Estimate production costs, cost saving methods, and the effects of product design changes on expenditures for management review, action, and control.
  6001. Operate compactors, scrapers, or rollers to level, compact, or cover refuse at disposal grounds.
  6002. Review and analyze new, proposed, or revised laws, regulations, policies, and procedures to interpret their meaning and determine their impact.
  6003. Perform computer simulation of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation system performance or energy production to optimize efficiency.
  6004. Install, level, and align components, such as gears, chains, guides, dies, cutters, or needles, to set up machinery for operation.
  6005. Prepare or assist in the preparation of applications for environmental, building, or other required permits.
  6006. Identify potential for loss and develop strategies to eliminate it.
  6007. Inspect couplings, air hoses, journal boxes, and handbrakes to ensure that they are securely fastened and functioning properly.
  6008. Develop planting plans for clients to assist them to garden productively or achieve particular aesthetic effects.
  6009. Clean work areas, machines, or equipment, to maintain a clean and safe job site.
  6010. Respond to questions from judicial officers or court staff on general legal issues.
  6011. Provide patients with assistance in locating or holding jobs.
  6012. Assist mechanical engineers in product testing through activities such as setting up instrumentation for automobile crash tests.
  6013. Direct workers on cutting teams.
  6014. Write new programs or modify existing programs to meet customer requirements, using current programming languages and technologies.
  6015. Provide sample analysis results to physicians to assist diagnosis.
  6016. Develop or implement fundraising activities, such as annual giving campaigns or direct mail programs.
  6017. Perform minor deletions, additions, or corrections to completed plates, on or off printing presses, using tusche, printing ink, erasers, and needles.
  6018. Develop, test, or program new robots.
  6019. Provide patients with proposed treatment plans and cost estimates.
  6020. Study activities relating to narcotics, money laundering, gangs, auto theft rings, terrorism, or other national security threats.
  6021. Design and conduct genetics training programs for physicians, graduate students, other health professions or the general community.
  6022. Count and record number of tickets collected.
  6023. Select desired makeup shades from stock, or mix oil, grease, and coloring to achieve specific color effects.
  6024. Remove material from bars of percussion instruments to obtain specified tones, using bandsaws, sanding machines, machine grinders, or hand files and scrapers.
  6025. Perform laboratory studies of steps in manufacture of new products and test proposed processes in small-scale operation, such as a pilot plant.
  6026. Generate computer tapes of final layout design to produce layered photo masks or photo plotting design onto film.
  6027. Prepare and administer medications, vaccines, serums, or treatments, as prescribed by veterinarians.
  6028. Act as agent, trustee, guardian, or executor for businesses or individuals.
  6029. Assess client needs or disorders, using drawing, painting, sculpting, or other artistic processes.
  6030. Edit manuscripts for professional journals.
  6031. Turn knobs to adjust stitch length and thread tension.
  6032. Analyze, interpret, or disseminate system performance data.
  6033. Prepare library statistics reports.
  6034. Monitor recording instruments, flowmeters, panel lights, or other indicators and listen for warning signals, to verify conformity of process conditions.
  6035. Collaborate with or assist doctors, psychologists, or rehabilitation therapists in working with mentally ill, emotionally disturbed, or developmentally disabled patients to treat, rehabilitate, and return patients to the community.
  6036. Apply finger and hand pressure to specific points of the body.
  6037. Hang, fold, package, and tag finished articles for delivery to customers.
  6038. Perform food preparation duties such as preparing salads, appetizers, and cold dishes, portioning desserts, and brewing coffee.
  6039. Administer prescribed doses of radiation to specific body parts, using radiation therapy equipment according to established practices and standards.
  6040. Treat minor cuts, abrasions, or contusions.
  6041. Compile and record medical charts, reports, or correspondence, using typewriter or personal computer.
  6042. Refer patients, clients, or family members to community resources or to specialists as necessary.
  6043. Analyze building codes, by-laws, space and site requirements, and other technical documents and reports to determine their effect on architectural designs.
  6044. Clean funeral parlors or chapels.
  6045. Perform specialized treatments in areas such as sleep disorders, neuroimmunology, neuro-oncology, behavioral neurology, and neurogenetics.
  6046. Wrap menu item such as sandwiches, hot entrees, and desserts for serving or for takeout.
  6047. Identify hair problems, using microscopes and testing devices, or by sending clients' hair samples out to independent laboratories for analysis.
  6048. Drill holes and cut or carve moldings and grooves in stone, according to diagrams and patterns.
  6049. Massage body parts to relieve soreness, strains, and bruises.
  6050. Assess the needs of individuals, families, or communities, including assessment of individuals' home or work environments, to identify potential health or safety problems.
  6051. Testify in civil or criminal court proceedings.
  6052. Consult with buying personnel to gain advice regarding environmentally sound or sustainable products.
  6053. Supervise the work of data management project staff.
  6054. Develop new applications for energy sources, such as using nuclear power for biomedical implants.
  6055. Review plans and confer with research or support staff to develop new products or processes.
  6056. Relay blood analysis results to a physician.
  6057. Respond to complaints or questions on wetland jurisdiction, providing information or clarification.
  6058. Attend workshops, seminars, or conferences to obtain program ideas, information, or resources.
  6059. Obtain specimens or samples for laboratory work.
  6060. Testify before public agencies on proposed legislation affecting businesses.
  6061. Consult with or provide consulting services to other physicians.
  6062. Refer exporters to experts in areas such as trade financing, international marketing, government export requirements, international banking, or marine insurance.
  6063. Select gear such as cables, pulleys, and winches, according to load weights and sizes, facilities, and work schedules.
  6064. Compile and evaluate clinical practice statistics.
  6065. Align and stitch or glue materials such as fabric, fleece, leather, or wood, to join parts.
  6066. Organize and store toys and materials to ensure order in activity areas.
  6067. Conduct or arrange for worker training in safety, repair, or maintenance techniques, operational procedures, or equipment use.
  6068. Instruct participants in skiing, swimming, or other recreational activities and provide safety precaution information.
  6069. Examine products or materials, parts, subassemblies, and packaging for damage, defects, or shortages, using specification sheets, gauges, and standards charts.
  6070. Load and unload items from machines, conveyors, and conveyances.
  6071. Serve court appearance summonses or condemnation notices on parties responsible for violations of fire codes, laws, and ordinances.
  6072. Align antennae with receiving dishes to obtain the clearest signal for transmission of broadcasts from field locations.
  6073. Secure a taxpayer's agreement to discharge a tax assessment or submit contested determinations to other administrative or judicial conferees for appeals hearings.
  6074. Attach wires from planted trees to support stakes.
  6075. Bleach, dye, or tint hair, using applicator or brush.
  6076. Maintain instruments, equipment, or machinery to ensure proper working condition.
  6077. Recommend purchase of storage equipment and design area layout to locate equipment in space available.
  6078. Evaluate label information for accuracy and conformance to regulatory requirements.
  6079. Skim or pour dross, slag, or impurities from molten metal, using ladles, rakes, hoes, spatulas, or spoons.
  6080. Organize and label materials and display children's work in a manner appropriate for their sizes and perceptual skills.
  6081. Repair concrete by cutting out damaged areas, drilling holes for reinforcing rods, and positioning reinforcing rods, using power saw and drill.
  6082. Confer with department heads or staff to discuss topics such as contracts, selection of advertising media, or product to be advertised.
  6083. Measure, weigh, and count products and materials.
  6084. Collect supplementary information needed to assist client, such as employment records, medical records, or school reports.
  6085. Complete and maintain time and attendance forms and inventory lists.
  6086. Attend meetings or seminars or read current literature to maintain knowledge of developments in the field of remote sensing.
  6087. Place products in equipment or on work surfaces for further processing, inspecting, or wrapping.
  6088. Maintain accurate and complete student records as required by laws or administrative policies.
  6089. Install regulators and related equipment such as gas meters, odorization units, and gas pressure telemetering equipment.
  6090. Open, read, route, and distribute incoming mail or other materials and answer routine letters.
  6091. Escort customers to their vehicles to ensure their safety.
  6092. Assemble components of energy-efficient optical communications systems involving photonic switches, optical backplanes, or optoelectronic interfaces.
  6093. Install or repair air conditioners and service components, such as compressors, condensers, and controls.
  6094. Order parts, tools, or equipment needed to maintain, restore, or improve wind field operations.
  6095. Compile and maintain regulatory documentation databases or systems.
  6096. Clean and restock operating room, gathering and placing equipment and supplies and arranging instruments according to instructions, such as a preference card.
  6097. Advise students on internships, prospective employers, and job placement services.
  6098. Monitor the production line, watching for problems such as pile-ups, jams, or glue that isn't sticking properly.
  6099. Supervise undergraduate or graduate teaching, internship, and research work.
  6100. Install manholes, handholes, taps, tubes, valves, gauges, or feedwater connections in drums of water tube boilers, using hand tools.
  6101. Load and unload vessel equipment and supplies, by hand or using hoisting equipment.
  6102. Consult reference material, such as textbooks, manuals, or journals, to identify symptoms, make diagnoses, or develop approaches to treatment.
  6103. Hoist tools and equipment to tree trimmers, and lower branches with ropes or block and tackle.
  6104. Conduct blood tests for transfusion purposes and perform blood counts.
  6105. Sprinkle colored marble or stone chips, powdered steel, or coloring powder over surface to produce prescribed finish.
  6106. Evaluate business operations to identify risk areas for fraud.
  6107. Record product and processing data on specified forms.
  6108. Find, retrieve, and make copies of information from files in response to requests and deliver information to authorized users.
  6109. Develop construction budgets to compare green and non-green construction alternatives, in terms of short-term costs, long-term costs, or environmental impacts.
  6110. Post charges, such as those for rooms, food, liquor, or telephone calls, to ledgers, manually or by using computers.
  6111. Compute time settings for traffic signals or speed restrictions, using standard formulas.
  6112. Monitor the facility to ensure that it remains safe, secure, and well-maintained.
  6113. Schedule staff or supervise scheduling.
  6114. Advocate for new schools to be built, or for existing facilities to be repaired or remodeled.
  6115. Research various topics, including site history, environmental conditions, and clients' skills and abilities to plan appropriate expeditions, instruction, and commentary.
  6116. Arrange monies received in cash boxes and coin dispensers according to denomination.
  6117. Clean and polish metal items and jewelry pieces, using jewelers' tools, polishing wheels, and chemical baths.
  6118. Call emergency responders or the proper authorities and provide motorist assistance, such as giving directions or helping jump start a stalled vehicle.
  6119. Analyze chromosomes found in biological specimens to aid diagnoses and treatments for genetic diseases such as congenital birth defects, fertility problems, and hematological disorders.
  6120. Let out or take in seams in suits and other garments to improve fit.
  6121. Monitor environments to ensure maintenance of optimum conditions for aquatic life.
  6122. Mix solutions such as developing solutions and colored coating solutions.
  6123. Meet with federal, state, and local agencies to keep updated on policies and to discuss improvements for education programs.
  6124. Coordinate or conduct instructional classes or in-services, such as citizen police academy classes and crime scene training for other officers.
  6125. Provide managers with budget recommendations and take responsibility for budgetary line items related to costumes, storage, or makeup needs.
  6126. Set up or execute nanoparticle experiments according to detailed instructions.
  6127. Remove polymer deposits from spinnerettes and equipment, using silicone spray, brass chisels, and bronze-wool pads.
  6128. Prepare and maintain all required treatment records and reports.
  6129. Conduct discharge planning and discharge patients.
  6130. Participate in forensic activities, such as tooth and bone structure identification, in conjunction with police departments and pathologists.
  6131. Treat snoring problems, using laser surgery.
  6132. Perform paperwork required for monetary transactions.
  6133. Observe, feel, taste, or otherwise examine products during and after processing to ensure conformance to standards.
  6134. Incorporate research findings into practice as appropriate.
  6135. Coordinate public responses to environmental management incidents or conflicts.
  6136. Prepare dyeing machines for production runs, and conduct test runs of machines to ensure their proper operation.
  6137. Examine credentials of unauthorized persons attempting to enter secured areas.
  6138. Enter Global Positioning System (GPS) data, legal deeds, field notes, or land survey reports into geographic information system (GIS) workstations so that information can be transformed into graphic land descriptions, such as maps or drawings.
  6139. Replace hydraulically assisted systems with electric-powered systems, such as power steering pumps or air conditioning compressors, to improve fuel economy.
  6140. Monitor functioning of equipment and make necessary modifications to ensure system operates in conformance with specifications.
  6141. Recommend changes that could improve service and increase operational efficiency.
  6142. Operate machines to flush earth cuttings or to blow dust from holes.
  6143. Design gas lasers, solid state lasers, infrared, or other light emitting or light sensitive devices.
  6144. Supervise other counselors, social service staff, and assistants.
  6145. Direct the surveying, staking, or laying-out of construction projects.
  6146. Answer questions about game rules and casino policies.
  6147. Sweep sand into the joints and compact pavement until the joints are full.
  6148. Review footage sequence by sequence to become familiar with it before assembling it into a final product.
  6149. Write reports to document wind farm collector system test results.
  6150. Troubleshoot equipment, electrical components, hydraulics, or other mechanical systems.
  6151. Collaborate with other departments as necessary to meet customer requirements, to take advantage of sales opportunities or, in the case of shortages, to minimize negative impacts on a business.
  6152. Answer customers' questions about products, prices, availability, or credit terms.
  6153. Start machines, monitor their operations, and record operational data.
  6154. Coordinate special programs, such as United Way campaigns, that involve payroll deductions.
  6155. Study spatial configurations of submicroscopic molecules, such as proteins, using x-rays or electron microscopes.
  6156. Read current literature, talk with colleagues, continue education, or participate in professional organizations or conferences to keep abreast of developments in the field.
  6157. Conduct or assist in the conduct of music therapy research.
  6158. Participate in the publication of data or information.
  6159. Clean and lubricate machines.
  6160. Monitor competitors' sales activities by following their advertisements in newspapers or other media.
  6161. Cut away dead and excess branches from trees, or clear branches around power lines, using climbing equipment or buckets of extended truck booms, or chainsaws, hooks, handsaws, shears, and clippers.
  6162. Provide assistance in administering employee benefit programs and worker's compensation plans.
  6163. Identify corrective actions needed to bring properties into compliance with applicable fire codes and ordinances and conduct follow-up inspections to see if corrective actions have been taken.
  6164. Evaluate treatment outcomes and recommend new or altered treatments as necessary to further promote, restore, or maintain health.
  6165. Mount tile, using adhesives, or by nailing, screwing, stapling, or wire-tying lath directly to structural frameworks.
  6166. Maintain inventories of production supplies such as sensors and cables.
  6167. Cut and prune trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants.
  6168. Kill or stun trapped quarry, using clubs, poisons, guns, or drowning methods.
  6169. Renew domain name registrations.
  6170. Collaborate with investigators to prepare presentations or reports of clinical study procedures, results, and conclusions.
  6171. Soften leather or shoe material with water to prepare it for sewing.
  6172. Monitor nuclear reactor equipment performance to identify operational inefficiencies, hazards, or needs for maintenance or repair.
  6173. Adjust valves according to specifications and charge system with proper type of refrigerant by pumping the specified gas or fluid into the system.
  6174. Set up and operate or tend machines, such as furnaces, baths, flame-hardening machines, and electronic induction machines, that harden, anneal, and heat-treat metal.
  6175. Record the specifics of malfunctioning machines and document malfunctions needing repair.
  6176. Monitor and test operations of engines or other equipment so that malfunctions and their causes can be identified.
  6177. Inspect project sites to monitor progress and ensure conformance to design specifications and safety or sanitation standards.
  6178. Choose settings and locations for films and determine how scenes will be shot in these settings.
  6179. Provide guests with menus.
  6180. Identify or address malfunctions of hydroelectric plant operational equipment, such as generators, transformers, or turbines.
  6181. Use photographic or video equipment to document evidence or crime scenes.
  6182. Supervise employees performing financial reporting, accounting, billing, collections, payroll, and budgeting duties.
  6183. Inspect security design features, installations, or programs to ensure compliance with applicable standards or regulations.
  6184. Forecast staff, equipment, and supply requirements, based on a master menu.
  6185. Instruct children in safe behavior, such as seeking adult assistance when crossing the street and avoiding contact or play with unsafe objects.
  6186. Stock service stations with items, such as ice, napkins, or straws.
  6187. Tend machines with multiple winding units that wind thread onto shuttle bobbins for use on sewing machines or other kinds of bobbins for sole-stitching, knitting, or weaving machinery.
  6188. Solicit and compile listings of available rental properties.
  6189. Diagram supply chain models to help facilitate discussions with customers.
  6190. Plan, evaluate, or modify treatment programs, based on information gathered by observing and interviewing patients or by analyzing patient records.
  6191. Represent clients in obtaining bids or awarding construction contracts.
  6192. Read current scientific or trade literature to stay abreast of scientific, industrial, or technological advances.
  6193. Develop active control algorithms, electronics, software, electromechanical, or electrohydraulic systems for wind turbines.
  6194. Perform environmental quality work in field or office settings.
  6195. Prepare necessary documents to obtain planned project approvals or permits.
  6196. Sort, pack, and store catch in holds with salt and ice.
  6197. Investigate alleged license or permit violations.
  6198. Obtain, move, and sort products, materials, containers, and orders, using hand tools.
  6199. Clean and polish removable appliances.
  6200. Provide or arrange transportation between sites for the remains, mourners, pallbearers, clergy, or flowers.
  6201. Strip insulation from wire ends, using wire stripping pliers, and attach wires to terminals for subsequent soldering.
  6202. Monitor market conditions, product innovations, and competitors' products, prices, and sales.
  6203. Arrange deals involving green investments in areas such as alternative energy product development, green technologies, or sustainable agriculture.
  6204. Plan and conduct orientation programs and group conferences to promote the adjustment of individuals to new life experiences, such as starting college.
  6205. Verify the identity of patient or operative site.
  6206. Select appropriate finishing ingredients such as paint, stain, lacquer, shellac, or varnish, depending on factors such as wood hardness and surface type.
  6207. Develop event topics and choose featured speakers.
  6208. Analyze determinants responsible for specific inherited traits, and devise methods for altering traits or producing new traits.
  6209. Discuss translation requirements with clients and determine any fees to be charged for services provided.
  6210. Weigh and mix alloy ingredients, using formulas and knowledge of ingredients' chemical properties.
  6211. Locate vendors of materials, equipment or supplies, and interview them to determine product availability and terms of sales.
  6212. Create pen-and-paper images to be scanned, edited, colored, textured, or animated by computer.
  6213. Sort logs, form log booms, or salvage lost logs.
  6214. Terminate, cure, polish, or test fiber cables with mechanical connectors.
  6215. Grade homework and tests, and compute and record results, using answer sheets or electronic marking devices.
  6216. Document all aspects of formal game design, using mock-up screenshots, sample menu layouts, gameplay flowcharts, and other graphical devices.
  6217. Develop or implement actions such as lockouts, tagouts, or clearances to allow equipment to be safely repaired.
  6218. Package collected pieces of evidence in securely closed containers, such as bags, crates, or boxes, to protect them.
  6219. Observe or examine patients to detect symptoms that may require medical attention, such as bruises, open wounds, or blood in urine.
  6220. Sort items to be delivered according to the delivery route.
  6221. Evaluate the power output, system cost, or environmental impact of new hydrogen or non-hydrogen fuel cell system designs.
  6222. Maintain accurate case histories of patients.
  6223. Determine required equipment and welding methods, applying knowledge of metallurgy, geometry, and welding techniques.
  6224. Schedule classes based on availability of classrooms, equipment, or instructors.
  6225. Consult with other health professionals to provide optimal patient care, referring patients to traditional health care professionals as necessary.
  6226. Maintain thorough student records to document attendance, participation, or progress, ensuring confidentiality of all records.
  6227. Conduct well field site assessments.
  6228. Test air to detect toxic gases and recommend measures to remove them, such as installation of ventilation shafts.
  6229. Preprocess feedstock in preparation for physical, chemical, or biological fuel production processes.
  6230. Ensure freshness of food and ingredients by checking for quality, keeping track of old and new items, and rotating stock.
  6231. Keep abreast of government regulations and emerging Web technology to ensure regulatory compliance by reviewing current literature, talking with colleagues, participating in educational programs, attending meetings or workshops, or participating in professional organizations or conferences.
  6232. Provide training to recycling technicians or community service workers on topics such as safety, solid waste processing, or general recycling operations.
  6233. Lay out pavement markings for striping crews.
  6234. Visit retailers and sales representatives to promote products and gather information.
  6235. Compare crop yield maps with maps of soil test data, chemical application patterns, or other information to develop site-specific crop management plans.
  6236. Resolve problems between inmates.
  6237. Test and measure patient's strength, motor development and function, sensory perception, functional capacity, or respiratory or circulatory efficiency and record data.
  6238. Configure, monitor, and maintain email applications or virus protection software.
  6239. Assemble and install electrical, plumbing, mechanical, hydraulic, and structural components and accessories, using hand or power tools.
  6240. Clean shop, work area, and machines, using solvent and rags.
  6241. Educate healthcare workers, patients, and the public about infectious and communicable diseases, including disease transmission and prevention.
  6242. Estimate time, material, or labor costs for use in project plans.
  6243. Provide technical or logistical support to users of distance learning classrooms, equipment, web sites, or services.
  6244. Disassemble molds, and cut, chip, and smooth clay structures such as floaters, drawbars, and L-blocks.
  6245. Write prescriptions for antibiotics or other medications.
  6246. Participate in research projects involving radiology.
  6247. Maintain documentation of compliance activities, such as complaints received or investigation outcomes.
  6248. Interview patients or their representatives to identify problems relating to care.
  6249. Coordinate recruitment and placement of training program participants.
  6250. Inspect derricks, or order their inspection, prior to being raised or lowered.
  6251. Test computer software or hardware, using standard diagnostic testing equipment and procedures.
  6252. Locate, measure, and mark site locations or placement of structures or equipment, using measuring and marking equipment.
  6253. Report any observed navigational hazards to authorities.
  6254. File grooved, contoured, and irregular surfaces of metal objects, such as metalworking dies and machine parts, to conform to templates, other parts, layouts, or blueprint specifications.
  6255. Plan, organize, direct, and participate in treatment programs and activities to facilitate patients' rehabilitation, help them integrate into the community, and prevent further medical problems.
  6256. Establish water supplies, connect hoses, and direct water onto fires.
  6257. Drive truck equipped with power spraying equipment.
  6258. Recruit and maintain client bases.
  6259. Maintain an unobstructed operative field, using surgical retractors, sponges, or suctioning and irrigating equipment.
  6260. Provide laboratory services for health departments, for community environmental health programs, and for physicians needing information for diagnosis and treatment.
  6261. Compile data for use in activities, such as gene expression profiling, genome annotation, or structural bioinformatics.
  6262. Evaluate the risks and benefits involved in implementing green building technologies.
  6263. Count sections of drill rod to determine depths of boreholes.
  6264. Advise and instruct teachers employed in school systems by providing activities, such as in-service seminars.
  6265. Resolve questions or problems with customs officials.
  6266. Synthesize, process, or characterize nanomaterials, using advanced tools or techniques.
  6267. Rake, mulch, and compost leaves.
  6268. Negotiate prices or contracts for energy sales or purchases.
  6269. Select and order lumber or other required materials.
  6270. Start diesel engines to warm engines before runs.
  6271. Select animals to be bred, and semen specimens to be used, according to knowledge of animals, genealogies, traits, and desired offspring characteristics.
  6272. Attend trade shows and seminars to promote products or to learn about industry developments.
  6273. Calculate the exact horizontal and vertical position of points on the Earth's surface.
  6274. Place bobbins on spindles and insert spindles into bobbin-winding machines.
  6275. Create or administer training and awareness presentations or materials.
  6276. Patrol park or forest areas to protect resources and prevent damage.
  6277. Identify cost-reduction or process-improvement logistic opportunities.
  6278. Provide and process zoning and project permits and applications.
  6279. Train staff in proper police work procedures.
  6280. Help customers try on or fit merchandise.
  6281. Investigate grievances and settle disputes to maintain harmony among workers.
  6282. Interpret and enforce rules of procedure or establish new rules in situations where there are no procedures already established by law.
  6283. Mail charge statements to customers.
  6284. Weigh bundles, using floor scales, and record weights for company records.
  6285. Provide health care, first aid, immunizations, or assistance in convalescence or rehabilitation in locations such as schools, hospitals, or industry.
  6286. File scouting reports that detail player assessments, provide recommendations on athlete recruitment, and identify locations and individuals to be targeted for future recruitment efforts.
  6287. Move hand and foot levers of hoisting equipment to position piling leads, hoist piling into leads, and position hammers over pilings.
  6288. Verify depths and alignments of boring positions.
  6289. Supervise hydropower plant equipment installations, upgrades, or maintenance.
  6290. Withdraw cables from pipes and examine them for evidence of mud, roots, grease, and other deposits indicating broken or clogged sewer lines.
  6291. Request or order physical education equipment, following standard procedures.
  6292. Build and use text-based database management systems to support the analysis of detailed first-hand observational records, or field notes.
  6293. Plug observation wells, and restore sites.
  6294. Descend into water with the aid of diver helpers, using scuba gear or diving suits.
  6295. Exchange merchandise for customers and accept returns.
  6296. Track and trace goods while they are en route to their destinations, expediting orders when necessary.
  6297. Set educational standards and goals, and help establish policies and procedures to carry them out.
  6298. Remove holding devices and finished items from machines.
  6299. Organize materials to prepare for use.
  6300. Select travel routes and sites to be visited based on knowledge of specific areas.
  6301. Advise animal owners regarding sanitary measures, feeding, general care, medical conditions, or treatment options.
  6302. Keep records of assigned cases, and prepare required reports.
  6303. Weigh crop-filled containers, and record weights and other identifying information.
  6304. Control inventories of food, equipment, smallware, and liquor, and report shortages to designated personnel.
  6305. Set metal or wooden posts in upright positions in postholes.
  6306. Gather, package, or deliver forest products to buyers.
  6307. Explain hunting and fishing laws to groups to ensure compliance.
  6308. Apply cement to backs of tiles and press tiles into place, aligning them with layout marks or joints of previously laid tile.
  6309. Train family members to provide bedside care.
  6310. Coordinate production music with music directors.
  6311. Perform regular adjustment and maintenance on timepieces, watch cases, and watch bands.
  6312. Stop machines when specified amount of products has been produced.
  6313. Escort small children across roads and highways.
  6314. Conduct cost-benefit analyses for the construction of water supply systems, runoff collection networks, water and wastewater treatment plants, or wastewater collection systems.
  6315. Inspect, clean, and repair drainage systems, bridges, tunnels, and other structures.
  6316. Distribute or process gas for utility companies or industrial plants, using panel boards, control boards, and semi-automatic equipment.
  6317. Start machines, adjust controls, and make trial cuts to ensure that machinery is operating properly.
  6318. Diagnose malfunctioning systems, apparatus, or components, using test equipment and hand tools to locate the cause of a breakdown and correct the problem.
  6319. Check dimensions of materials to be used and assign numbers to the materials.
  6320. Keep records and prepare reports detailing findings, investigative methods, and laboratory techniques.
  6321. Write reports of findings and recommendations and advise farmers, growers, or processors of corrective action to be taken.
  6322. Design or use surveillance tools, such as screening, lab reports, and vital records, to identify health risks.
  6323. Keep records of purchases, sales, and requisitions.
  6324. Place items or products on feedracks, spindles, or reel strands to coat, paint, or spray them, using hands, hoists, or truck lifts.
  6325. Coordinate network operations, maintenance, repairs, or upgrades.
  6326. Cut paving stones to size and for edges, using a splitter and a masonry saw.
  6327. Tend assembly lines, performing a few of the many cuts needed to process a carcass.
  6328. Operate ovens or furnaces to bake cores or to melt, skim, and flux metal.
  6329. Paint car exteriors, interiors, and fixtures.
  6330. Assess client functioning levels, strengths, and areas of need in terms of perceptual, sensory, affective, communicative, musical, physical, cognitive, social, spiritual, or other abilities.
  6331. Write reports or case summaries to document investigations.
  6332. Mail, fax, or arrange for delivery of legal correspondence to clients, witnesses, and court officials.
  6333. Sweep sand from the surface prior to opening to traffic.
  6334. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as abnormal psychology, cognitive processes, and work motivation.
  6335. Incise tissue layers in lower extremities to harvest veins.
  6336. Stand lookout for schools of fish, and for steering and engine-room watches.
  6337. Provide information about the physical and emotional processes involved in the pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum periods.
  6338. Attach farm implements such as plows, discs, sprayers, or harvesters to tractors, using bolts and hand tools.
  6339. Make recommendations regarding public policy, such as nutrition labeling, food fortification, and nutrition standards for school programs.
  6340. Slice fruits, vegetables, desserts, or meats for use in food service.
  6341. Determine appropriate methods for fabricating and joining materials.
  6342. Advise housekeeping staff when rooms have been vacated and are ready for cleaning.
  6343. Communicate to responsible parties unacceptable specimens and suggest remediation for future submissions.
  6344. Confer with company personnel regarding feasibility of complying with writers' requests.
  6345. Contact customers to obtain or relay account information.
  6346. Set up employee work schedules.
  6347. Manage medical laboratories.
  6348. Diagnose neurological conditions based on interpretation of examination findings, histories, or test results.
  6349. Reserve necessary space on ships, aircraft, trains, or trucks.
  6350. Evaluate, diagnose, or treat disorders of the visual system with an emphasis on binocular vision or abnormal eye movements.
  6351. Monitor alarm systems to detect emergencies, such as fires and illegal entry into establishments.
  6352. Test rigging to ensure safety and reliability.
  6353. Operate compressed air, diesel, electric, gasoline, or steam-driven hoists or winches to control movement of cableways, cages, derricks, draglines, loaders, railcars, or skips.
  6354. Refer clients to community resources for services, such as job placement, debt counseling, legal aid, housing, medical treatment, or financial assistance, and provide concrete information, such as where to go and how to apply.
  6355. Resolve vendor or contractor grievances, and claims against suppliers.
  6356. Remove workpieces from molten solder and hold parts together until color indicates that solder has set.
  6357. Evaluate landfill gas collection service requirements to meet operational plans and productivity goals.
  6358. Dispatch personnel and vehicles in response to telephone or radio reports of emergencies.
  6359. Perform minor facial rejuvenation procedures, including the use of Botox and laser technology.
  6360. Determine if inventory quantities are sufficient for needs, ordering more materials when necessary.
  6361. Provide specialized services to help patients manage conditions such as diabetes, asthma, smoking cessation, or high blood pressure.
  6362. Interpret the artistic creations of clients to assess their functioning, needs, or progress.
  6363. Negotiate, authorize, or monitor fulfillment of contracts with equipment or materials suppliers.
  6364. Develop specifications for equipment, tools, facility layouts, or material-handling systems.
  6365. Serve ice water, coffee, rolls, or butter to patrons.
  6366. Plan pipe system layout, installation, or repair, according to specifications.
  6367. Perform forest maintenance and improvement tasks such as cutting brush, planting trees, building trails and marking timber.
  6368. Investigate characteristics such as cost, performance, or process capability of potential microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) device designs, using simulation or modeling software.
  6369. Observe flight activities of pilots to assess flying skills and to ensure conformance to flight and safety regulations.
  6370. Repair or alter wooden furniture, cabinetry, fixtures, paneling, or other pieces.
  6371. Provide therapies, such as allergen immunotherapy or immunoglobin therapy, to treat immune conditions.
  6372. Select, schedule, or conduct orientation or in-service education programs.
  6373. Participate in fire drills and demonstrations of fire fighting techniques.
  6374. Install rubber channeling strips around edges of glass or frames to weatherproof windows or to prevent rattling.
  6375. Sandblast exposed areas of glass to cut designs in surfaces, using spray guns.
  6376. Inspect products to ensure that specifications are met and to determine if machines need adjustment.
  6377. Troubleshoot robotic systems, using knowledge of microprocessors, programmable controllers, electronics, circuit analysis, mechanics, sensor or feedback systems, hydraulics, or pneumatics.
  6378. Clean, sand, and paint parts of percussion instruments to maintain their condition.
  6379. Explain treatment procedures to patients to gain cooperation and allay fears.
  6380. Assess performers' skin type to ensure that makeup will not cause break-outs or skin irritations.
  6381. Draw charts and graphs, using computer spreadsheets, to illustrate technical reports.
  6382. Attach sheets of metal to roof boards or building frameworks when installing metal roofs.
  6383. Recruit and hire staff, such as cooks and other kitchen workers.
  6384. Select wooden stock, determine layouts, and mark layouts of parts on stock, using precision equipment such as scribers, squares, and protractors.
  6385. Install updated software, and programs that maintain existing software or provide requested features such as time-correlated call routing.
  6386. Recommend disposal of excess, defective, or obsolete stock.
  6387. Prepare and submit budget estimates, progress reports, or cost tracking reports.
  6388. Prepare operating and maintenance manuals, studies, or reports.
  6389. Determine availability of necessary equipment or supplies for operative procedures.
  6390. Monitor testing procedures to ensure that all tests are performed according to established item specifications, standard test methods, or protocols.
  6391. Engage clients in music experiences to identify client responses to different styles of music, types of musical experiences, such as improvising or listening, or elements of music, such as tempo or harmony.
  6392. Complete order receipts.
  6393. Adjust machine heating mechanisms, tensions, and speeds to produce specified products.
  6394. Inspect vats after cleaning to ensure that fermentable residue has been removed.
  6395. Analyze samples, such as air or water samples, for contaminants or other elements.
  6396. Assemble or test solar photovoltaic products, such as inverters or energy management systems.
  6397. Travel to post offices to pick up the mail for routes or pick up mail from postal relay boxes.
  6398. Haul and spread sand, gravel, and clay to fill washouts and repair road shoulders.
  6399. Initiate procedures to close down or fine establishments violating environmental or health regulations.
  6400. Direct software programming and development of documentation.
  6401. String cables through pulleys and blocks.
  6402. Prepare and maintain detailed repair, inspection, investigation, and certification records and reports.
  6403. Clean and lubricate boilers and auxiliary equipment and make minor adjustments as needed, using hand tools.
  6404. Teach courses or seminars on topics such as budgeting, managing personal finances, or financial literacy.
  6405. Remove core samples during drilling to determine the nature of the strata being drilled.
  6406. Perform teller duties as required.
  6407. Operate auxiliary machines and equipment, such as grinders, canners, and molding presses, to prepare or further process products.
  6408. Examine and test wired electrical components such as motors, armatures, and stators, using measuring devices, and record test results.
  6409. Inoculate fertilized eggs, broths, or other bacteriological media with organisms.
  6410. Machine parts to specifications, using machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, shapers, or grinders.
  6411. Maintain laboratory notebooks that record research methods, procedures, and results.
  6412. Estimate or quote prices, credit or contract terms, warranties, and delivery dates.
  6413. Prepare and review operational reports or project progress reports.
  6414. Gather personnel records from other departments or employees.
  6415. Greet, register, and assign rooms to guests of hotels or motels.
  6416. Coordinate administration of anesthetics with surgeons during operation.
  6417. Verify customers' credit, and establish how the customer will pay for the accommodation.
  6418. Complete and maintain records such as state-required documents, tracking documents, or product inventories.
  6419. Place completed workpieces on conveyors, using cold rods, tongs, or chain hoists, or signal crane operators to transport them to subsequent stations.
  6420. Interpret engineering drawings, schematic diagrams, or formulas for management or engineering staff.
  6421. Signal crane operators to move equipment.
  6422. Fabricate, set up, and repair rigging, supporting structures, hoists, and pulling gear, using hand and power tools.
  6423. Develop expertise in subject matters related to committee assignments.
  6424. Develop catalysis or other green chemistry methods to synthesize nanomaterials, such as nanotubes, nanocrystals, nanorods, or nanowires.
  6425. Develop three-dimensional simulations of automation systems.
  6426. Perform physical examinations by taking vital signs, checking neurological reflexes, examining breasts, or performing pelvic examinations.
  6427. Revise production schedules when required due to design changes, labor or material shortages, backlogs, or other interruptions, collaborating with management, marketing, sales, production, or engineering.
  6428. Recruit, interview, and hire or sign up volunteers and staff.
  6429. Read news flashes to inform audiences of important events.
  6430. Conduct cost-benefit studies for watershed improvement projects or water management alternatives.
  6431. Plan routines, choose appropriate music, and choose different movements for each set of muscles, depending on participants' capabilities and limitations.
  6432. Shackle hind legs of animals to raise them for slaughtering or skinning.
  6433. Retrofit vehicle fuel systems with aftermarket products, such as vapor transfer devices, evaporation control devices, swirlers, lean burn devices, or friction reduction devices, to enhance combustion and fuel efficiency.
  6434. Bag or package purchases and wrap gifts.
  6435. Review research literature to remain current on psychological science issues.
  6436. Determine load weights and check them against lifting capacities to prevent overload.
  6437. Analyze worker or production problems and recommend solutions, such as improving production methods or implementing motivational plans.
  6438. Pull, push, or pry structural steel members into approximate positions for bolting into place.
  6439. Read current literature, talk with colleagues, or participate in professional organizations or conferences to keep abreast of developments in midwifery.
  6440. Turn or reposition bedridden patients, alone or with assistance, to prevent bedsores.
  6441. Test repaired, newly installed, or updated equipment to ensure that it functions properly and conforms to specifications, using test equipment and observation.
  6442. Examine inventory to verify journal and ledger entries.
  6443. Test electronics units, using standard test equipment, and analyze results to evaluate performance and determine need for adjustment.
  6444. Participate in fire prevention and inspection programs.
  6445. Activate valves to maintain required amounts of water in boilers, to adjust supplies of combustion air, and to control the flow of fuel into burners.
  6446. Determine cash requirements for windows and order all necessary currency, coins, or chips.
  6447. Serve meals or snacks in accordance with nutritional guidelines.
  6448. Prepare lesson plans or learning modules for tutoring sessions according to students' needs and goals.
  6449. Steer and operate vessels, using radios, depth finders, radars, lights, buoys, or lighthouses.
  6450. Identify training needs or conduct training sessions for nursing students or medical staff.
  6451. Test and analyze samples to determine their content and characteristics, using laboratory apparatus or testing equipment.
  6452. Locate suspicious bags pictured in printouts sent from remote monitoring areas, and set these bags aside for inspection.
  6453. Remove sutures and dressings.
  6454. Develop operating plans and schedules for geothermal operations.
  6455. Mix, blend, or cultivate ingredients to make reagents or to manufacture food or beverage products.
  6456. Perform administrative and management functions related to the practice of law.
  6457. Repair ships, bridge foundations, or other structures below the water line, using caulk, bolts, and hand tools.
  6458. Load workpieces, plastic material, or chemical solutions into machines.
  6459. Develop or use mathematical models to track changes in biological phenomena such as the spread of infectious diseases.
  6460. Organize performance groups and direct their rehearsals.
  6461. Identify deviations from established product or process standards and provide recommendations for resolving deviations.
  6462. Read blueprints, wiring diagrams, schematic drawings, or engineering instructions for assembling electronics units, applying knowledge of electronic theory and components.
  6463. Mount or load material such as paper, plastic, wood, or rubber in feeding mechanisms of cementing or gluing machines.
  6464. Monitor the arrival, parking, refueling, loading, and departure of all aircraft.
  6465. Monitor and follow applicable laws and regulations.
  6466. Assist in budget implementation, forecasts, or administration.
  6467. Confer with customers or supervising personnel to address questions, problems, or requests for service or equipment.
  6468. Grill and garnish hamburgers or other meats, such as steaks and chops.
  6469. Train workers in tree felling or bucking, operation of tractors or loading machines, yarding or loading techniques, or safety regulations.
  6470. Check courtroom for security and cleanliness and assure availability of sundry supplies, such as notepads, for use by judge, jurors, and attorneys.
  6471. Analyze the indications, contraindications, risk complications, and cost-benefit tradeoffs of therapeutic interventions.
  6472. Assist in the insertion, positioning, or suturing of closed-wound drainage systems.
  6473. Confer with clients to obtain and provide information when claims are made on a policy.
  6474. Teach archeology at colleges and universities.
  6475. Assist in developing capital project programs for new equipment or major repairs.
  6476. Fit patients for orthopedic braces, prostheses, or supportive devices, adjusting fit as needed.
  6477. Notify or signal other workers to operate equipment or when processing is complete.
  6478. Wash, dry-clean, or glaze delicate articles or fur garment linings by hand, using mild detergents or dry cleaning solutions.
  6479. Determine the prices at which securities should be syndicated and offered to the public.
  6480. Obtain customers' signatures on receipts when winnings exceed the amount held in a slot machine.
  6481. Investigate employment practices or alleged violations of laws to document and correct discriminatory factors.
  6482. Document equipment or process details of radio frequency identification device (RFID) technology.
  6483. Evaluate the living skills and capacities of physically, developmentally, or emotionally disabled clients.
  6484. Follow relevant safety regulations and state laws governing vehicle operation and ensure that passengers follow safety regulations.
  6485. Forecast political, economic, and social trends.
  6486. Teach and mentor undergraduate and graduate students in anthropology.
  6487. Provide information, knowledge, expertise, or training to government agencies at all levels to solve water or soil management problems or to assure coordination of resource protection activities.
  6488. Verify that all job descriptions are submitted for review and approval and that descriptions meet regulatory standards.
  6489. Apply statistical methods and perform mathematical calculations to determine manufacturing processes, staff requirements, and production standards.
  6490. Inspect meals served for conformance to prescribed diets and standards of palatability and appearance.
  6491. Tailor conservation plans to landowners' goals, such as livestock support, wildlife, or recreation.
  6492. Fabricate sensors to be used to control wind turbines.
  6493. Pack pelts in containers, load containers onto trucks, and transport pelts to processing plants or to public auctions.
  6494. Install rotary knives on flexible cables mounted on machine reels, according to the diameters of pipes to be cleaned.
  6495. Load materials and products into machines and equipment, or onto conveyors, using hand tools and moving devices.
  6496. Review property details to ensure that environmental regulations are met.
  6497. Read operating schedules or instructions or receive verbal orders to determine amounts to be pumped.
  6498. Analyze green product marketing or sales trends to forecast future conditions.
  6499. Manage forest protection activities, including fire control, fire crew training, and coordination of fire detection and public education programs.
  6500. Direct, review, or approve project design changes.
  6501. Prepare activity reports listing fire call locations, actions taken, fire types and probable causes, damage estimates, and situation dispositions.
  6502. Carry injured offenders or employees to safety and provide emergency first aid when necessary.
  6503. Submit completed documents to typists for typing in final form, and instruct typists in matters such as format, addresses, addressees, and the necessary number of copies.
  6504. Maintain records of performance reports for future reference.
  6505. Research and evaluate emerging instructional technologies or methods.
  6506. Operate capsule or tablet counting machine that automatically distributes a certain number of capsules or tablets into smaller containers.
  6507. Hold mail for customers who are away from delivery locations.
  6508. Enter computer commands to store or retrieve parts patterns, graphic displays, or programs that transfer data to other media.
  6509. Repair or replace defective ball joint suspensions, brake shoes, or wheel bearings.
  6510. Mold expansion joints and edges, using edging tools, jointers, or straightedges.
  6511. Monitor operations to ensure that health and safety standards are met.
  6512. Install magnetic-centrifugal chillers, compressors, or related equipment to cool air temperatures through the use of recirculating water.
  6513. Conduct testing to determine functionality or optimization or to establish limits of photonics systems or components.
  6514. Fabricate models or samples in paper, wood, glass, fabric, plastic, metal, or other materials, using hand or power tools.
  6515. Inspect checked baggage for signs of tampering.
  6516. Agree on buying or selling prices at optimal levels for clients.
  6517. Guide cranes to move loads about decks.
  6518. Prepare for and respond to regulatory inquiries.
  6519. Evaluate possibility of losses due to catastrophe or excessive insurance.
  6520. Cut or break flashing from materials or products.
  6521. Input specifications into computers to assist with pattern design and pattern cutting.
  6522. Install, adjust, maintain, repair, or provide technical support for biomedical equipment.
  6523. Interpret laboratory findings or test results to identify and classify substances, materials, or other evidence collected at crime scenes.
  6524. Determine quantities, sizes, shapes, and locations of reinforcing rods from blueprints, sketches, or oral instructions.
  6525. Establish or conduct quarantine or testing procedures that prevent the spread of diseases to other animals or to humans and that comply with applicable government regulations.
  6526. Make impressions for study casts.
  6527. Research production topics using the internet, video archives, and other informational sources.
  6528. Monitor and record biofuels processing data.
  6529. Plan physical education programs to promote development of participants' physical attributes and social skills.
  6530. Develop procedures to track, project, or report network availability, reliability, capacity, or utilization.
  6531. Assign firefighters to jobs at strategic locations to facilitate rescue of persons and maximize application of extinguishing agents.
  6532. Inspect properties that store, handle, and use hazardous materials to ensure compliance with laws, codes, and regulations, and issue hazardous materials permits to facilities found in compliance.
  6533. Compile data and create statistical reports on library usage.
  6534. Process prisoners, and prepare and maintain records of prisoner bookings and prisoner status during booking and pre-trial process.
  6535. Review environmental cleanup work plans to determine the effectiveness of the remedial activities for mitigating soil or groundwater contamination.
  6536. Audition for orchestras, bands, or other musical groups.
  6537. Read and analyze incoming memos, submissions, and reports to determine their significance and plan their distribution.
  6538. Direct the hiring, training, or performance evaluations of marketing or sales staff and oversee their daily activities.
  6539. Observe and measure bodily variations and physical attributes of different human groups.
  6540. Work as part of a team of dealers in games, such as baccarat or craps.
  6541. Wrap, label, or date food items for sale.
  6542. Drive truck-mounted units to well sites.
  6543. Track research participants, and perform any necessary follow-up tasks.
  6544. Fabricate or repair counters, benches, partitions, or other wooden structures, such as sheds or outbuildings.
  6545. Contact pilots by radio to provide meteorological, navigational, or other information.
  6546. Coordinate educational and public outreach programs, such as tours, workshops, lectures, and classes.
  6547. Operate cameras, radios, or other surveillance equipment to intercept communications or document activities.
  6548. Estimate labor, material, or construction costs for budget preparation purposes.
  6549. Conduct agricultural research, analyze data, and prepare research reports.
  6550. Operate tractors, tractor-drawn machinery, and self-propelled machinery to plow, harrow and fertilize soil, or to plant, cultivate, spray and harvest crops.
  6551. Clean parking areas, offices, restrooms, or equipment and remove trash.
  6552. Arrange for equipment maintenance and repairs, and coordinate a variety of services, such as waste removal and pest control.
  6553. Inspect sanitary conditions at public facilities.
  6554. Present exercise knowledge, program information, or research study findings at professional meetings or conferences.
  6555. Gather and maintain patient information and records, including social or medical history obtained from patients, relatives, or other professionals.
  6556. Assemble and position machines, augers, casing pipes, and other equipment, using hand and power tools.
  6557. Evaluate situations or make determinations when a worker has refused to work on the grounds that danger or potential harm exists.
  6558. Recommend procedures for detection, prevention, and elimination of physical, chemical, or other product hazards.
  6559. Prepare budgets and approve budget expenditures.
  6560. Maintain understanding of current Web technologies or programming practices through continuing education, reading, or participation in professional conferences, workshops, or groups.
  6561. Study blueprints, work orders, or machining instructions to determine product specifications, tool requirements, and operational sequences.
  6562. Examine prescriptions, work orders, or broken or used eyeglasses to determine specifications for lenses, contact lenses, or other optical elements.
  6563. Attend inpatient consultations in areas of specialty.
  6564. Massage and knead muscles and soft tissues of the body to provide treatment for medical conditions, injuries, or wellness maintenance.
  6565. Perform covert surveillance of areas susceptible to loss, such loading docks, distribution centers, or warehouses.
  6566. Scrub, scrape, or spray machine parts, equipment, or vehicles, using scrapers, brushes, clothes, cleaners, disinfectants, insecticides, acid, abrasives, vacuums, or hoses.
  6567. Develop client relationships and communicate with clients to explain proposals, present research findings, establish specifications, or discuss project status.
  6568. Summarize technical data to assist physicians to diagnose brain, sleep, or nervous system disorders.
  6569. Analyze, interpret, or create graphical representations of energy data, using engineering software.
  6570. Design self-monitoring mechanical systems, such as gear systems that monitor loading or condition of systems to detect and prevent failures.
  6571. Direct human resources activities, including the approval of human resource plans or activities, the selection of directors or other high-level staff, or establishment or organization of major departments.
  6572. Clean or maintain photoprocessing or darkroom equipment, using ultrasonic equipment or cleaning and rinsing solutions.
  6573. Collect and analyze data to detect deficient controls, duplicated effort, extravagance, fraud, or non-compliance with laws, regulations, and management policies.
  6574. Design new equipment or materials or recommend revision to methods of operation, material handling, equipment layout, or other changes to increase production or improve standards.
  6575. Produce images of objects on film, using radiographic techniques.
  6576. Identify opportunities or develop channels for purchase or sale of securities or commodities.
  6577. Secure deceased body and obtain evidence from it, preventing bystanders from tampering with it prior to medical examiner's arrival.
  6578. Design upholstery cover patterns and cutting plans, based on sketches, customer descriptions, or blueprints.
  6579. Prescribe therapy or medication with physician approval.
  6580. Develop robotic path motions to maximize efficiency, safety, and quality.
  6581. Take notes in shorthand or use a stenotype or shorthand machine that prints letters on a paper tape.
  6582. Adjust timing regulators, using truing calipers, watch-rate recorders, and tweezers.
  6583. Install, maintain, and calibrate instruments such as those that monitor water levels, rainfall, and sediments.
  6584. Counsel patients about nutrition, exercise, sleeping habits, stress management, or other matters.
  6585. Prepare purchase orders and expense reports.
  6586. Set up and operate equipment such as hoists, jackhammers, or drills, in order to bore charge holes.
  6587. Develop natural resource management plans, using knowledge of environmental planning or state and federal environmental regulatory requirements.
  6588. Inspect and test horses, sheep, poultry, or other animals to detect the presence of communicable diseases.
  6589. Perform or interpret the outcomes of diagnostic imaging procedures including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computer tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET), nuclear cardiology treadmill studies, mammography, or ultrasound.
  6590. Report hazardous field situations and damaged or missing meters.
  6591. Provide assistance to faculty and staff in duties such as teaching classes, conducting orientation programs, issuing transcripts, and scheduling events.
  6592. Apply three-dimensional (3D) or four-dimensional (4D) technologies to geospatial data to allow for new or different analyses or applications.
  6593. Coordinate communications between air traffic control and maintenance personnel.
  6594. Measure and assess customer and employee satisfaction.
  6595. Inspect facilities, supplies, vehicles, and equipment to ensure conformance to standards.
  6596. Direct and coordinate activities of assistants and other personnel during production.
  6597. Announce and demonstrate safety and emergency procedures, such as the use of oxygen masks, seat belts, and life jackets.
  6598. Develop or coordinate fitness and wellness programs or services.
  6599. Fill cuts and holes in tires, using hot rubber.
  6600. Install attachments to machines for gluing, folding, printing, or cutting.
  6601. Evaluate advertising and promotion programs for compatibility with public relations efforts.
  6602. Measure, test, or weigh bottles, cans, or other containers to ensure that hardness, strength, or dimensions meet specifications.
  6603. Clean packaging containers, line and pad crates, or assemble cartons to prepare for product packing.
  6604. Consider such factors as ensemble size and abilities, availability of scores, and the need for musical variety, to select music to be performed.
  6605. Perform traffic control duties such as setting up barricades and temporary signs, placing bags on parking meters to limit their use, or directing traffic.
  6606. Record data pertaining to experimentation, research, or animal care.
  6607. Upload into office computers all information collected on hand-held computers during meter rounds, or return route books or hand-held computers to business offices so that data can be compiled.
  6608. Select saw blades, types or grades of stock, or cutting procedures to be used, according to work orders or supervisors' instructions.
  6609. Calculate, measure, and record radiation dosage or radiopharmaceuticals received, used, and disposed, using computer and following physician's prescription.
  6610. Maintain case history records and prepare reports.
  6611. Supervise and coordinate the work activities of personnel, such as training staff members and assigning work duties.
  6612. Establish and enforce radiation protection standards for patients and staff.
  6613. Participate in clinical research projects.
  6614. Review existing disaster recovery, crisis management, or business continuity plans.
  6615. Plan and supervise experiential learning activities, such as class projects, field trips, or demonstrations.
  6616. Assist in the evaluation or negotiation of contracts with vendors or online partners.
  6617. Monitor and analyze energy consumption.
  6618. Construct, maintain, or repair medical supportive devices.
  6619. Measure thickness of section to be radiographed, using instruments similar to measuring tapes.
  6620. Join structural assemblies, such as wings, tails, or fuselage.
  6621. Calculate gas ratios to detect deviations from specifications, using testing apparatus.
  6622. Determine potential environmental impacts of new products or processes on long-term growth and profitability.
  6623. Communicate with workers on the surface while underwater, using signal lines or telephones.
  6624. Start agitators, shakers, conveyors, pumps, or centrifuge machines.
  6625. Disassemble and overhaul internal combustion engines, pumps, generators, transmissions, clutches, and differential units.
  6626. Write pathology reports summarizing analyses, results, and conclusions.
  6627. Direct preparation and distribution of written and verbal information to inform employees of benefits, compensation, and personnel policies.
  6628. Draw patterns for articles designed, cut patterns, and cut material according to patterns, using measuring instruments and scissors.
  6629. Provide information or recommendations to farmers or other landowners regarding ways in which they can best use land, promote plant growth, or avoid or correct problems such as erosion.
  6630. Install or test gray water systems, such as recycling, treatment, or irrigation systems.
  6631. Perform geospatial data building, modeling, or analysis, using advanced spatial analysis, data manipulation, or cartography software.
  6632. Compile information or prepare reports on nanotechnology experiments or applications.
  6633. Examine chromosomes found in biological specimens to detect abnormalities.
  6634. Examine whether the organization's objectives are reflected in its management activities, and whether employees understand the objectives.
  6635. Teach principles of medicine and medical and laboratory procedures to physicians, residents, students, and technicians.
  6636. Prepare stock radiopharmaceuticals, adhering to safety standards that minimize radiation exposure to workers and patients.
  6637. Thread strapping through strapping tools and secure battens with strapping to form protective pallets around extrusions.
  6638. Verify the authenticity of documents, such as foreign identification or immigration documents.
  6639. Press console buttons to deflect packages to predetermined accumulators or reject lines.
  6640. Hire, train, and supervise food and beverage service staff.
  6641. Order and purchase manufacturing equipment for production operations.
  6642. Arrange public appearances, lectures, contests, or exhibits for clients to increase product or service awareness or to promote goodwill.
  6643. Retrieve electronic assets from repository for distribution to users, collecting and returning to repository, if necessary.
  6644. Create checklists for review or inspection of completed solar installation projects.
  6645. Monitor customer preferences to determine focus of sales efforts.
  6646. Route and connect cables and lines to switches, switchboard equipment, and distributing frames, using wire-wrap guns or soldering irons to connect wires to terminals.
  6647. Keep abreast of developments in the field by reading current literature, talking with colleagues, and participating in professional conferences.
  6648. Instruct other pilots and student pilots in aircraft operations and the principles of flight.
  6649. Supervise or coordinate patient care or support staff activities.
  6650. Employ special educational strategies or techniques during instruction to improve the development of sensory- and perceptual-motor skills, language, cognition, or memory.
  6651. Provide clients with assistance in preparing required travel documents and forms.
  6652. Verify integrity and accuracy of data contained in remote sensing image analysis systems.
  6653. Administer and score applicant and employee aptitude, personality, and interest assessment instruments.
  6654. Maintain or repair vehicles with alternative fuel systems, including biodiesel, hybrid, or compressed natural gas vehicles.
  6655. Set up or operate metalworking, brazing, heat-treating, welding, or cutting equipment.
  6656. Write reports or record data on testing techniques, laboratory equipment, or specifications to assist engineers.
  6657. Design and implement environmental controls on oil and gas operations.
  6658. Plan fishing operations, establishing the fish to be sought, the fishing location, the method of capture, and the duration of the trip.
  6659. Place workpieces on cutting tables, manually or using hoists, cranes, or sledges.
  6660. Estimate land production possibilities, surveying property and studying factors such as crop rotation history, soil fertility, or irrigation facilities.
  6661. Maintain documentation of all loss prevention activity.
  6662. Investigate sources, such as auctions, estate sales, liquidators, wholesalers, or trade shows for new items, used items, or collectibles.
  6663. Remove finished workpieces from machines and place them in boxes or on racks, setting aside pieces that are defective.
  6664. Inspect electrical connections, wiring, relays, charging resistance boxes, and storage batteries, following wiring diagrams.
  6665. Create or implement metadata processes and frameworks.
  6666. Perform clerical and administrative duties such as keeping records, paying bills, and hiring and supervising personnel.
  6667. Read blueprints, data, manuals, or other materials to determine specifications, inspection and testing procedures, adjustment methods, certification processes, formulas, or measuring instruments required.
  6668. Use brush to hand-paint areas in need of retouching or unreachable with a spray gun.
  6669. Respond to customer complaints, taking action as necessary.
  6670. Repair or alter items by adding replacement parts or missing stitches.
  6671. Discuss test results and analyses with customers.
  6672. Develop or implement quality control programs.
  6673. Clean work areas, and maintain grounds and landscaping.
  6674. Dip nonferrous piping materials in a mixture of molten tin and lead to obtain a coating that prevents erosion or galvanic or electrolytic action.
  6675. Develop electronic, mechanical, or computerized processes to perform tasks in dangerous situations, such as underwater exploration or extraterrestrial mining.
  6676. Paint or lacquer patterns.
  6677. Design and build safety equipment.
  6678. Record food and fluid intake and output.
  6679. Provide technical support to junior staff or clients.
  6680. Maintain liaisons with outside organizations, such as fire departments, mutual aid societies, and rescue teams, so that emergency responses can be facilitated.
  6681. Report delays or accidents.
  6682. Direct non-merchandising departments, such as advertising, purchasing, credit, or accounting.
  6683. Examine job orders to determine quantities to be printed, stock specifications, colors, or special printing instructions.
  6684. Identify and correct deviations from database development standards.
  6685. Fill tanks, hoppers, or machines with paving materials.
  6686. Train residents, medical students, and other health care professionals.
  6687. Involve parent volunteers and older students in children's activities to facilitate involvement in focused, complex play.
  6688. Study emergency plans used elsewhere to gather information for plan development.
  6689. Evaluate financial reporting systems, accounting or collection procedures, or investment activities and make recommendations for changes to procedures, operating systems, budgets, or other financial control functions.
  6690. Mold wax over denture setups to form the full contours of artificial gums.
  6691. Answer patrons' questions about gaming machine functions and payouts.
  6692. Attend meetings, conventions, and civic events to promote use of institution's services, to seek financing, and to maintain community alliances.
  6693. Interview and hire staff, and oversee staff training.
  6694. Visit proposed installation sites and draw rough sketches of location.
  6695. Identify correct anatomical and proportional point locations based on patients' anatomy and positions, contraindications, and precautions related to treatments such as intradermal needles, moxibution, electricity, guasha, or bleeding.
  6696. Schedule machine overhauls and the servicing of electrical, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, water, and sewage systems.
  6697. Specify power supply requirements and configuration, drawing on system performance expectations and design specifications.
  6698. Aid in planning work assignments in accordance with worker performance, machine capacity, production schedules, or anticipated delays.
  6699. Place veneers onto teeth to conceal defects.
  6700. Construct platforms, fixtures, and jigs for holding and placing patterns.
  6701. Inform the public of available services, and of postal laws and regulations.
  6702. Prepare study reports, memoranda, briefs, testimonies, or other written materials to inform government or environmental groups on environmental issues such as climate change.
  6703. Adjust doors to open or close with the correct amount of effort or make simple adjustments to electric openers.
  6704. Remove grease, dirt, paint, or rust from vehicle surfaces in preparation for paint application, using abrasives, solvents, brushes, blowtorches, washing tanks, or sandblasters.
  6705. Provide clients with estimates of the costs of advertising products or services.
  6706. Chair nursing departments or committees.
  6707. Demonstrate assistive listening devices (ALDs) to clients.
  6708. Implement operational procedures, such as those controlling start-up or shut-down activities.
  6709. Track the status of requisitions, contracts, and orders.
  6710. Determine replacement parts required, according to inspections of old parts, customer requests, or customers' descriptions of malfunctions.
  6711. Identify or implement new or sustainable manufacturing technologies, processes, or equipment.
  6712. Provide assistance or direction to other stockroom, warehouse, or storage yard workers.
  6713. Register protocol patients with appropriate statistical centers as required.
  6714. Unload or unpack incoming shipments.
  6715. Fly with other pilots or pilot-license applicants to evaluate their proficiency.
  6716. Advise clients or community groups on issues related to sanitation or hygiene, such as flossing or hand washing.
  6717. Calibrate thermostats for specified temperature or pressure settings.
  6718. Read written materials, such as legal documents, scientific works, or news reports, and rewrite material into specified languages.
  6719. Read charges and related information to the court and, if necessary, record defendants' pleas.
  6720. Integrate behavioral, developmental, improvisational, medical, or neurological approaches into music therapy treatments.
  6721. Remove and examine shoes, shoe parts, and designs to verify conformance to specifications such as proper embedding of stitches in channels.
  6722. Change oil, hydraulic fluid, or other lubricants to maintain condition of hydroelectric plant equipment.
  6723. Write reports or articles for Web sites or newsletters related to environmental engineering issues.
  6724. Conduct film screenings for directors and members of production staffs.
  6725. Adapt instructional content or delivery methods for different levels or types of learners.
  6726. Spread and smooth cementing material over tape, using trowels or floating machines to blend joints with wall surfaces.
  6727. Record times that parts are removed from furnaces to document that objects have attained specified temperatures for specified times.
  6728. Confer with clients to develop strategies for their careers, and to explain actions taken on their behalf.
  6729. Direct installation of covert surveillance equipment, such as security cameras.
  6730. Calculate clients' available monthly income to meet debt obligations.
  6731. Plan or conduct conferences dealing with the interpretation of religious ideas or convictions.
  6732. Match laboratory requisition forms to specimen tubes.
  6733. Design evaluation programs regarding the quality and effectiveness of nursing practice or organizational systems.
  6734. Operate cranes or hoists with suction cups to lift large, heavy pieces of glass.
  6735. Monitor machines that automatically measure, sort, or inspect products.
  6736. Respond to emergency situations by providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), basic cardiac life support (BLS), advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), or pediatric advanced life support (PALS).
  6737. Observe and evaluate workers and work procedures to ensure quality standards and service, and complete disciplinary write-ups.
  6738. Calculate, prepare, and issue bills, invoices, account statements, and other financial statements according to established procedures.
  6739. Write specified information in flight records, such as flight times, altitudes flown, and fuel consumption.
  6740. Monitor emission control devices to ensure they are operating properly and comply with state and federal regulations.
  6741. Receive oral or written instructions from yardmasters or yard conductors indicating track assignments and cars to be switched.
  6742. Fabricate, install, position, or connect components, parts, finished products, or instruments for testing or operational purposes.
  6743. Supervise or train students, environmental technologists, technicians, or other related staff.
  6744. Analyze energy requirements and distribution systems to maximize the use of intermittent or inflexible renewable energy sources, such as wind or nuclear.
  6745. Review enrollment applications and correspond with applicants to obtain additional information.
  6746. Drive trucks to pick up incoming stock or to deliver parts to designated locations.
  6747. Keep abreast of changes in industry practices and emerging telecommunications technology by reviewing current literature, talking with colleagues, participating in educational programs, attending meetings or workshops, or participating in professional organizations or conferences.
  6748. Develop, arrange for, perform, or assess executive protection activities to reduce security risks.
  6749. Refer questionable claims to investigator or claims adjuster for investigation or settlement.
  6750. Inspect playing fields to locate any items that could injure players.
  6751. Provide feedback to health service providers regarding improving service accessibility or acceptability.
  6752. Negotiate terms and conditions of reinsurance with other companies.
  6753. Question callers to determine their locations, and the nature of their problems to determine type of response needed.
  6754. Provide emergency or other appropriate medical care to participants with symptoms or signs of physical distress.
  6755. Collect information about soil or field attributes, yield data, or field boundaries, using field data recorders and basic geographic information systems (GIS).
  6756. Operate equipment, such as a centrifuge, to extract biofuels products and secondary by-products or reusable fractions.
  6757. Create survey description pages or historical records related to the mapping activities or specifications of section plats.
  6758. Advise surgeon of a patient's risk status and recommend appropriate intervention to minimize risk.
  6759. Prepare dockets or calendars of cases to be called, using typewriters or computers.
  6760. Prepare or construct equipment, such as immobilization, treatment, or protection devices.
  6761. Build semi-raw rubber treads onto buffed tire casings to prepare tires for vulcanization in recapping or retreading processes.
  6762. Inspect operating units, such as towers, soap-spray storage tanks, scrubbers, collectors, or driers to ensure that all are functioning and to maintain maximum efficiency.
  6763. Operate sewing machines or sew upholstery by hand to seam cushions and join various sections of covering material.
  6764. Review existing standards, controls, or equipment used, recommending changes or upgrades as needed.
  6765. Evaluate new testing and sampling methodologies or technologies to determine usefulness.
  6766. Finish parts, using hacksaws or hand, rotary, or squaring shears.
  6767. Train or manage maintenance personnel or subcontractors.
  6768. Record operating data such as products and quantities pumped, stocks used, gauging results, and operating times.
  6769. Receive and store incoming supplies, verify quantities against invoices, check for outdated medications in current inventory, and inform supervisors of stock needs and shortages.
  6770. Meet with individuals, special interest groups, and others on behalf of executives, committees, and boards of directors.
  6771. Design original or special bindings for limited editions or other custom binding projects.
  6772. Study guides, samples, charts, and specification sheets or confer with supervisors or engineering staff to determine set-up requirements.
  6773. Plan, direct, and coordinate risk and insurance programs of establishments to control risks and losses.
  6774. Develop or conduct quality control tests to ensure consistent production quality.
  6775. Clean, gauge, and lubricate gun ports.
  6776. Prescribe medication such as antihistamines, antibiotics, and nasal, oral, topical, or inhaled glucocorticosteroids.
  6777. Determine intensities and types of radiation in work areas, equipment, or materials, using radiation detectors or other instruments.
  6778. Maintain and clean work and inventory areas.
  6779. Control the lights and sound of events, such as live concerts, before and after performances, and during intermissions.
  6780. Perform accounting and bookkeeping activities, such as invoicing, maintaining financial records, budgeting, and handling cash.
  6781. Participate in continuing education.
  6782. Measure, cut and install tackless strips along the baseboard or wall.
  6783. Prepare rental or lease agreements, specifying charges and payment procedures for use of machinery, tools, or other items.
  6784. Test battery charges, and replace or recharge batteries as necessary.
  6785. Follow progress of discharged patients to determine effectiveness of treatments.
  6786. Maintain knowledge of real estate law, local economies, fair housing laws, types of available mortgages, financing options, and government programs.
  6787. Answer inquiries regarding shipping or mailing policies.
  6788. Administer highway planning, construction, or maintenance.
  6789. Fill cracks or breaks in surfaces of plaster articles or areas with putty or epoxy compounds.
  6790. Prepare reports or recommendations on transportation planning.
  6791. Design, install, or troubleshoot manufacturing equipment.
  6792. Conduct classes, workshops, and demonstrations to teach principles, techniques, or methods in subjects, such as basic English language skills, life skills, and workforce entry skills.
  6793. Organize paperwork, such as survey forms or reports, for distribution or analysis.
  6794. Plan, implement, or maintain procedures for mixing, packaging, or labeling pharmaceuticals, according to policy and legal requirements, to ensure quality, security, and proper disposal.
  6795. Apply sutures, staples, clips, or other materials to close skin, facia, or subcutaneous wound layers.
  6796. Provide program information to the public by preparing and presenting press releases, conducting media campaigns, or maintaining program-related Web sites.
  6797. Dig drainage ditches around wells and storage tanks.
  6798. Turn in receipts and money received from deliveries.
  6799. Lower and man lifeboats when emergencies occur.
  6800. Maintain required records of work hours, budgets, payrolls, and other information.
  6801. Perform routine maintenance or repairs to restore solar thermal systems to baseline operating conditions.
  6802. Fill pipes or plumbing fixtures with water or air and observe pressure gauges to detect and locate leaks.
  6803. Develop application-specific software.
  6804. Fill hoppers, reservoirs, troughs, or pans with material used to coat, paint, or spray, using conveyors or pails.
  6805. Check the quality of raw materials to ensure that standards and specifications are met.
  6806. Start machines to verify setups, and make any necessary adjustments.
  6807. Contact former employers and other acquaintances to verify applicants' references, employment, health history, and social behavior.
  6808. Develop or conduct employee regulatory training.
  6809. Document patients' medical histories and assessment findings.
  6810. Measure, mark, or record openings or distances to layout areas where construction work will be performed.
  6811. Start machine, engage clutch, and push and move levers to guide machine along forms or guidelines and to control the operation of machine attachments.
  6812. Perform domestic plumbing audits to identify ways in which customers might reduce consumption of water or energy.
  6813. Choose the music, sound effects, or spoken narrative to accompany a dance.
  6814. Examine trays to ensure that they contain required items.
  6815. Record and compile operational data, such as chart or meter readings, power demands, or usage and operating times, using transmission system maps.
  6816. Evaluate and grade students' class work, assignments, and papers.
  6817. Read source documents such as canceled checks, sales reports, or bills, and enter data in specific data fields or onto tapes or disks for subsequent entry, using keyboards or scanners.
  6818. Complete quality control activities, monitor equipment operation, and report malfunctioning equipment to supervisor.
  6819. Inspect food products and processing procedures to determine whether products are safe to eat.
  6820. Observe loading of freight to ensure that crews comply with procedures.
  6821. Test, maintain, or repair electrical power distribution machinery or equipment, using hand tools, power tools, and testing devices.
  6822. Conduct research to develop methodologies, instrumentation, and procedures for medical application, analyzing data and presenting findings to the scientific audience and general public.
  6823. Answer inquiries pertaining to hotel services, guest registration, and travel directions, or make recommendations regarding shopping, dining, or entertainment.
  6824. Produce up-to-the-minute information, using internal computer systems, to allow management to base decisions on actual, not historical, data.
  6825. Solicit tour patronage and sell souvenirs.
  6826. Visit beta testing sites to evaluate software performance.
  6827. Document specifications for business intelligence or information technology (IT) reports, dashboards, or other outputs.
  6828. Teach music for specific instruments.
  6829. Secure and renew orders and arrange delivery.
  6830. Analyze new legislation to determine impact on risk exposure.
  6831. Implement methods and procedures for disposition of discrepant material and defective or damaged parts, and assess cost and responsibility.
  6832. Keep documentation of service histories on all biomedical equipment.
  6833. Grade logs according to characteristics such as knot size and straightness, and according to established industry or company standards.
  6834. Cut metal division strips, and press them into terrazzo base so that top edges form desired design or pattern.
  6835. Provide testimony as a witness in court.
  6836. Develop and document standard and emergency operating procedures for receiving, handling, storing, shipping, or salvaging products or materials.
  6837. Cut excess material or thread from finished products.
  6838. Investigate experimental wind turbines or wind turbine technologies for properties such as aerodynamics, production, noise, and load.
  6839. Analyze and interpret data to increase the understanding of human social behavior.
  6840. Organize and direct committees of specialists, volunteers, and staff to provide technical and advisory assistance for programs.
  6841. Store food in designated containers and storage areas to prevent spoilage.
  6842. Install or remove special equipment, such as tire chains, grader blades, plow blades, or sanders.
  6843. Back up files from Web sites to local directories for instant recovery in case of problems.
  6844. Clean, oil, and lubricate machines, using air hoses, cleaning solutions, rags, oilcans, and grease guns.
  6845. Trim trees that could be hazardous to the functioning of cables or wires.
  6846. Use all appropriate adjustments, deductions, and credits to keep clients' taxes to a minimum.
  6847. Counsel patients or others on the background of neurological disorders including risk factors, or genetic or environmental concerns.
  6848. Count, verify, and post armored car deposits.
  6849. Determine and certify the eligibility of prospective tenants, following government regulations.
  6850. Supervise and participate in kitchen and dining area cleaning activities.
  6851. Contact job applicants to inform them of the status of their applications.
  6852. Confer with officials in various agencies to facilitate clearance of goods through customs and quarantine.
  6853. Make commercial dubs.
  6854. Collaborate with other workers to repair or move machines, machine parts, or equipment.
  6855. Prepare capability data, training materials, or other documentation for transfer of processes to production.
  6856. Clean, wash, and sterilize equipment and cooking area, using water hoses, cleaning or sterilizing solutions, or rinses.
  6857. Create, populate, or maintain databases for tracking validation activities, test results, or validated systems.
  6858. Conduct engineering research experiments to improve or modify mining and oil machinery and operations.
  6859. Compute amounts, such as space available, shipping, storage, or demurrage charges, using computer or price list.
  6860. Warn recreational participants of inclement weather, unsafe areas, or illegal conduct.
  6861. Monitor all systems for normal running conditions, performing activities such as checking gauges to assess output or the effects of generator loading on other equipment.
  6862. Set up and operate short-wave radio or field telephone equipment to transmit and receive blast information.
  6863. Provide remote sensing data for use in addressing environmental issues, such as surface water modeling or dust cloud detection.
  6864. Confer with colleagues with specialties in appropriate areas of legal issue to establish and verify bases for legal proceedings.
  6865. Determine whether objects need repair and choose the safest and most effective method of repair.
  6866. Direct or coordinate the supportive services department of a business, agency, or organization.
  6867. Monitor and operate communications systems, such as mobile radios.
  6868. Adjust machine or freezer speed and air intake to obtain desired consistency and amount of product.
  6869. Maintain customer records, using automated systems.
  6870. Refer patients to specialists for procedures such as ultrasounds or biophysical profiles.
  6871. Review and announce crowd control procedures before the beginning of each event.
  6872. Assess the risks and benefits of therapies for allergic and immunologic disorders.
  6873. Clean, sharpen, and lubricate tools and equipment.
  6874. Use mediation techniques to facilitate communication between disputants, to further parties' understanding of different perspectives, and to guide parties toward mutual agreement.
  6875. Direct ground workers engaged in activities such as moving stakes or markers, or changing positions of towers.
  6876. Conduct laboratory or field experiments with plants, animals, insects, diseases and soils.
  6877. Slide spacers between buffs on spindles to set spacing.
  6878. Release packages or letters to customers upon presentation of written notices or other identification.
  6879. Train patients to use orthopedic braces, prostheses, or supportive devices.
  6880. Cover pipes with earth or other materials.
  6881. Develop or track quality metrics.
  6882. Design or conduct applied biodiesel or biofuels research projects on topics such as transport, thermodynamics, mixing, filtration, distillation, fermentation, extraction, and separation.
  6883. Examine products or materials to estimate quantities or weight and type of container required for storage or transport.
  6884. Clean and lubricate motor generators.
  6885. Splice and rewind film onto reels automatically, or by hand, to repair faulty or broken sections of film.
  6886. Activate machines to shape or form products, such as candy bars, light bulbs, balloons, or insulation panels.
  6887. Tune or adjust equipment and instruments to obtain optimum visual or auditory reception, according to specifications, manuals, and drawings.
  6888. Send, receive, and interpret coded messages.
  6889. Draw blood from capillaries by dermal puncture, such as heel or finger stick methods.
  6890. Develop or implement environmental protection programs.
  6891. Manipulate valves, switches, and buttons, or key commands into control panels to start semiconductor processing cycles.
  6892. Perform construction laborer duties at green building sites, such as renewable energy plants or wind turbine installations.
  6893. Perform periodic inspections of materials or files to ensure correct placement, legibility, or proper condition.
  6894. Investigate, evaluate, and settle claims, applying technical knowledge and human relations skills to effect fair and prompt disposal of cases and to contribute to a reduced loss ratio.
  6895. Edit and submit protocols and other required research documentation.
  6896. Purchase, for further processing or for resale, farm products such as milk, grains, or Christmas trees.
  6897. Confer with leaders of government and community groups to coordinate student training or to find opportunities for students to fulfill curriculum requirements.
  6898. Obtain doctors' signatures on death certificate and complete other paperwork, such as insurance claims forms.
  6899. Trace lost, delayed, or misdirected baggage for customers.
  6900. Review lists of dealers, customers, or station drops and load trucks.
  6901. Clean facilities and equipment such as dog pens and animal control trucks.
  6902. Determine and implement the best layout to achieve a desired pattern.
  6903. Drill holes through rails, tie plates, or fishplates for insertion of bolts or spikes, using power drills.
  6904. Observe flow of materials and listen for machine malfunctions, such as jamming or spillage, and notify supervisors if corrective actions fail.
  6905. Supply materials to spindles, conveyors, hoppers, or other feeding devices and unload packaged product.
  6906. Confer with customers to obtain descriptions of vehicle problems and to discuss work to be performed and future repair requirements.
  6907. Consult with managerial, engineering, and technical personnel to clarify program intent, identify problems, and suggest changes.
  6908. Recommend investments and investment timing to companies, investment firm staff, or the public.
  6909. Verify trueness of structure, using plumb bob and level.
  6910. Prepare prescription labels by typing or operating a computer and printer.
  6911. Irrigate soil, using portable pipes or ditch systems, and maintain ditches or pipes and pumps.
  6912. Sponsor extracurricular activities such as clubs, student organizations, and academic contests.
  6913. Administer anesthetics to limit the amount of pain experienced by patients during procedures.
  6914. Explain and enforce safety regulations and policies.
  6915. Assist with preparing and serving food and beverages.
  6916. Install electrical or electronic parts and hardware in housings or assemblies, using soldering equipment and hand tools.
  6917. Check figures, postings, and documents for correct entry, mathematical accuracy, and proper codes.
  6918. Lay out, direct, and supervise mine construction operations, such as the construction of shafts and tunnels.
  6919. Inspect, measure, or test completed metal workpieces to ensure conformance to specifications, using measuring and testing devices.
  6920. Inspect and test electrical or electronic systems to locate and diagnose malfunctions, using visual inspections and testing instruments, such as oscilloscopes and voltmeters.
  6921. Inspect aircraft for defects and malfunctions, according to pre-flight checklists.
  6922. Collect payment for transportation and accommodations from customer.
  6923. Examine, evaluate and treat athletes who have been injured or who have medical problems such as exercise-induced asthma.
  6924. Set up treating or testing equipment, such as oxygen tents, portable radiograph (x-ray) equipment, or overhead irrigation bottles, as directed by a physician or nurse.
  6925. Give advice on sightseeing and shopping.
  6926. Answer inquiries concerning the progress of medical cases, within the limits of confidentiality laws.
  6927. Analyze and record personnel or operational data and write related activity reports.
  6928. Input production job settings into workstation terminals that control automated printing systems.
  6929. Visually inspect and test photovoltaic (PV) modules or systems.
  6930. Develop budgets or approve expenditures for supplies, materials, or human resources, ensuring that materials, labor, or equipment are used efficiently to meet production targets.
  6931. Prepare reports, manuscripts, proposals, and technical manuals for use by other scientists and requestors, such as sponsors and customers.
  6932. Present clear and concise explanations of governing rules and regulations.
  6933. Clean and polish vehicle windows.
  6934. Counsel newly hired members of minority or disadvantaged groups, informing them about details of civil rights laws.
  6935. Prepare objectives, outlines, or other materials for courses of study following curriculum guidelines or school or state requirements.
  6936. Discuss testing options and the associated risks, benefits and limitations with patients and families to assist them in making informed decisions.
  6937. Mount attachments and tools, such as pantographs, engravers, or routers to perform other operations, such as drilling or boring.
  6938. Answer customers' questions about merchandise and advise customers on merchandise selection.
  6939. Sell mail products, and accept payment for products and mailing charges.
  6940. Change spark plugs, fuel filters, air filters, and batteries in hybrid electric vehicles.
  6941. Roll silverware, set up food stations or set up dining areas to prepare for the next shift or for large parties.
  6942. Supervise the rehabilitation of injured athletes.
  6943. Direct and supervise work of embalmers, funeral attendants, death certificate clerks, cosmetologists, or other staff.
  6944. Perform general nursery duties, such as propagating standard varieties of plant materials, collecting and germinating seeds, maintaining cuttings of plants, or controlling environmental conditions.
  6945. Pack bottles into cartons or crates, using machines.
  6946. Evaluate data processing applications for institutions under examination to develop recommendations for coordinating existing systems with examination procedures.
  6947. Monitor energy related design or construction issues, such as energy engineering, energy management, or sustainable design.
  6948. Melt and apply solder to fill holes, indentations, or seams of fabricated metal products, using soldering equipment.
  6949. Inspect bundle packaging for conformance to regulations or customer requirements and remove and batch packaging tickets.
  6950. Sharpen cutting tools and drill bits, using bench grinders.
  6951. Manage investment funds to maximize return on client investments.
  6952. Plan and direct physical conditioning programs that will enable athletes to achieve maximum performance.
  6953. Conduct research in occupational therapy.
  6954. Inspect, maintain, and repair equipment, machinery, buildings, pens, yards, and fences.
  6955. Chop tar into small pieces, and heat chopped tar in kettles.
  6956. Wash glasses or other serving equipment at bars.
  6957. Reface, ream, and polish commutators and machine parts to specified tolerances, using machine tools.
  6958. Formulate conceptual design of aeronautical or aerospace products or systems to meet customer requirements or conform to environmental regulations.
  6959. Analyze and evaluate security operations to identify risks or opportunities for improvement through auditing, review, or assessment.
  6960. Open valves to drain slurry from mixers into storage tanks.
  6961. Take photographs and motion pictures for use in lectures and publications and to develop displays.
  6962. Fill hoppers and position spouts to direct flow of flux or manually brush flux onto seams of workpieces.
  6963. Repair and maintain gasoline engines used to power equipment such as portable saws, lawn mowers, generators, and compressors.
  6964. Prepare logistic strategies or conceptual designs for production facilities.
  6965. Collect hazardous or nonhazardous waste or scrap materials in correctly labeled barrels or other containers.
  6966. Prepare checks that itemize and total meal costs and sales taxes.
  6967. Install, service, and repair electronic equipment or instruments such as televisions, radios, and videocassette recorders.
  6968. Test new software packages for use in Web operations or other applications.
  6969. Coordinate structural, electrical, and mechanical designs and determine a method of presentation to graphically represent building plans.
  6970. Determine potential liability related to the use of more sustainable methods of product packaging, such as biodegradable food containers.
  6971. Load smaller aircraft, handling passenger luggage and supervising refueling.
  6972. Recommend new equipment or software packages.
  6973. Train managers or supervisors on topics related to labor relations, such as working conditions, safety, or equal opportunity practices.
  6974. Inventory and order materials, supplies, and services.
  6975. Oversee gameplay testing to ensure intended gaming experience and game adherence to original vision.
  6976. Plan and direct development or production of hardier or higher-yield hybrid plant varieties.
  6977. Photograph interiors and exteriors of properties to assist in estimating property value, substantiate findings, and complete appraisal reports.
  6978. Communicate scientific or technical information to the public, organizations, or internal audiences through oral briefings, written documents, workshops, conferences, training sessions, or public hearings.
  6979. Separate models or patterns from molds and examine products for accuracy.
  6980. Confer with sales and management executives or with clients to discuss design ideas.
  6981. Transport clients to locations outside the home, such as to physicians' offices or on outings, using a motor vehicle.
  6982. Turn the taximeter on when passengers enter the cab and turn it off when they reach the final destination.
  6983. Mix, pour, or use processing chemicals or gases according to safety standards or established operating procedures.
  6984. Use computer applications to identify or assist with communication disabilities.
  6985. Dislodge and clear jammed materials or other items from machinery or equipment, using hand tools.
  6986. Inspect construction work on site to ensure its adherence to the design plans.
  6987. Assemble, install, test, or maintain electrical or electronic wiring, equipment, appliances, apparatus, or fixtures, using hand tools or power tools.
  6988. Monitor the availability, use, or condition of lifesaving equipment or pollution preventatives to ensure that international regulations are followed.
  6989. Place food servings on plates or trays according to orders or instructions.
  6990. Participate in research or testing of computerized automotive applications, such as telemetrics, intelligent transportation systems, artificial intelligence, or automatic control.
  6991. Remove or add stencils during blasting to create differing cut depths, intricate designs, or rough, pitted finishes.
  6992. Develop methods to recover ethanol or other fuels from complex bioreactor liquid and gas streams.
  6993. Keep abreast of changing rules, techniques, technologies, and philosophies relevant to their sport.
  6994. Train other examiners in the financial examination process.
  6995. Gather information and develop perspectives about news subjects through research, interviews, observation, and experience.
  6996. Determine the order of work and method of presentation, such as orthographic or isometric drawing.
  6997. Calculate costs for billings or commissions.
  6998. Signal workers to start geological material extraction or boring.
  6999. Drive and operate fire fighting vehicles and equipment.
  7000. Analyze or synthesize client data to draw conclusions or make recommendations for therapy.
  7001. Attend preflight briefings concerning weather, altitudes, routes, emergency procedures, crew coordination, lengths of flights, food and beverage services offered, and numbers of passengers.
  7002. Load materials into extruding and forming machines, using hand tools, and adjust feed mechanisms to set feed rates.
  7003. Establish departmental responsibilities and coordinate functions among departments and sites.
  7004. Signal coworkers to direct them to move products during the production process.
  7005. Develop and maintain health education libraries to provide resources for staff and community agencies.
  7006. Send checked baggage through automated screening machines, and set bags aside for searching or rescreening as indicated by equipment.
  7007. Review or evaluate competitive products, film, music, television, and other art forms to generate new game design ideas.
  7008. Dump or scoop prescribed solid, granular, or powdered materials into equipment.
  7009. Sing as a soloist or as a member of a vocal group.
  7010. Reduce raw data to meaningful terms, using the most practical and accurate combination and sequence of computational methods.
  7011. Supervise others engaged in tree trimming work and train lower-level employees.
  7012. Drive machines into piles of material blasted from working faces.
  7013. Arrange delivery or storage of goods at destinations.
  7014. Spread out articles or materials and examine them for holes, tears, worn areas, and other defects.
  7015. Counsel or aid family members to assist them in understanding, dealing with, or supporting the client or patient.
  7016. Massage, shampoo, and condition patron's hair and scalp to clean them and remove excess oil.
  7017. Provide clinical oversight of exercise for participants at all risk levels.
  7018. Recommend procedures or equipment or software upgrades to increase data accessibility or ease of use.
  7019. Prepare operational or risk reports for management analysis.
  7020. Review offender information to identify issues that require special attention.
  7021. Participate in the research, development, or manufacturing of medicinal and pharmaceutical preparations.
  7022. Teach students personal development skills, such as goal setting, independence, or self-advocacy.
  7023. Design, use, or maintain databases and software applications, such as geographic information systems (GIS) mapping and artificial intelligence tools.
  7024. Collect payment upon job completion.
  7025. Erect signs or fences, using posthole diggers, shovels, or other hand tools.
  7026. Bathe animals, clip nails or claws, and brush or cut animals' hair.
  7027. Write or contribute to instructions or manuals to guide end users.
  7028. Research environmental effects of present and potential uses of land and water areas, determining methods of improving environmental conditions or such outputs as crop yields.
  7029. Place standby emergency electrical generators on line in emergencies and monitor the temperature, output, and lubrication of the system.
  7030. Teach students personal development skills, such as goal setting, independence, and self-advocacy.
  7031. Supervise funeral attendants and other funeral home staff.
  7032. Prepare evidence for disciplinary hearings, including preparing witnesses to testify.
  7033. Provide feedback to designers and other colleagues regarding game design features.
  7034. Administer radiopharmaceuticals or radiation intravenously to detect or treat diseases, using radioisotope equipment, under direction of a physician.
  7035. Measure workpieces and lay out work, using precision measuring devices.
  7036. Consult with or serve as a technical liaison between business, industry, government, and union officials.
  7037. Join lips, using needles and thread or wire.
  7038. Form book bodies by folding and sewing printed sheets to form signatures and assembling signatures in numerical order.
  7039. Determine spotting procedures and proper solvents, based on fabric and stain types.
  7040. Coordinate and organize tours, or hire touring companies to arrange concert dates, venues, accommodations, and transportation for longer tours.
  7041. Identify visual impairments related to basic life skills in areas such as self-care, literacy, communication, health management, home management, and meal preparation.
  7042. Monitor development of new products to help identify possible problems for mass production.
  7043. Present drafts and ideas to clients.
  7044. Develop or update procedures, policies, or standards.
  7045. Research production specifications, costs, production materials and manufacturing methods and provide cost estimates and itemized production requirements.
  7046. Coordinate truck dumping.
  7047. Test fabrics or oversee testing so that garment care labels can be created.
  7048. Display students' work in schools, galleries, and exhibitions.
  7049. Collect laboratory specimens, such as blood, urine, or feces, for testing.
  7050. Determine advertising medium to be used and prepare sample advertisements within the selected medium for presentation to customers.
  7051. Drill holes in timbers or lumber.
  7052. Cut rods to required lengths, using metal shears, hacksaws, bar cutters, or acetylene torches.
  7053. Keep financial records or perform other bookkeeping duties, such as handling credit or collections or mailing monthly statements to patients.
  7054. Set appliance thermostats, and check to ensure that they are functioning properly.
  7055. Review time sheets, work charts, wage computation, and other information to detect and reconcile payroll discrepancies.
  7056. Supervise clerks assigning tariff classifications or preparing billing.
  7057. Direct insurance negotiations, select insurance brokers or carriers, and place insurance.
  7058. Investigate applications for duty refunds and petition for remission or mitigation of penalties when warranted.
  7059. Contact insurance companies to resolve billing issues.
  7060. Give directions to other workers who are assisting in the batchmaking process.
  7061. Apply weather-stripping to reduce energy loss.
  7062. Map forest area soils and vegetation to estimate the amount of standing timber and future value and growth.
  7063. Inform pilots about nearby planes or potentially hazardous conditions, such as weather, speed and direction of wind, or visibility problems.
  7064. Interview production and engineering personnel and read journals and other material to become familiar with product technologies and production methods.
  7065. Construct corners by fastening in plumb position a corner pole or building a corner pyramid of bricks, and filling in between the corners using a line from corner to corner to guide each course, or layer, of brick.
  7066. Steer ships under the direction of commanders or navigating officers or direct helmsmen to steer, following designated courses.
  7067. Punch holes in slate, tile, terra cotta, or wooden shingles, using punches and hammers.
  7068. Record details of machine malfunctions.
  7069. Determine or help determine company policy, and explain complex technical matters to company executives, government officials, shareholders, policyholders, or the public.
  7070. Verify that all firm and regulatory policies and procedures have been documented, implemented, and communicated.
  7071. Test fabrics in inconspicuous places to determine whether solvents will damage dyes or fabrics.
  7072. Review class material with students by discussing text, working solutions to problems, or reviewing worksheets or other assignments.
  7073. Organize material and complete writing assignment according to set standards regarding order, clarity, conciseness, style, and terminology.
  7074. Ensure that lab cleanliness and safety standards are maintained.
  7075. Program computers or electronic instruments, such as numerically controlled machine tools.
  7076. Submit preliminary or finished artwork or project plans to clients for approval, incorporating changes as necessary.
  7077. Change processes such as drying, grading, storing, or shipping to improve efficiency or profitability.
  7078. Compute costs of records furnished to requesters, and write letters to obtain payment.
  7079. Shave, trim, and shape beards and moustaches.
  7080. Repair leaks in plumbing or gas lines, using caulking compounds and plastic or copper pipe.
  7081. Check with home offices after completed deliveries to confirm deliveries and collections and to receive instructions for other deliveries.
  7082. Assess skin integrity or other body conditions upon completion of the procedure to determine if damage has occurred from body positioning.
  7083. Set up dive sites for recreational instruction.
  7084. Optimize photonic process parameters by making prototype or production devices.
  7085. Consult with rehabilitation team to select activity programs or coordinate occupational therapy with other therapeutic activities.
  7086. Contact or interview claimants, doctors, medical specialists, or employers to get additional information.
  7087. Measure and mark equipment, objects, or parts to ensure grinding and polishing standards are met.
  7088. Advise patrons with chronic or potentially contagious scalp conditions to seek medical treatment.
  7089. Recommend improved materials or machinery to customers, documenting how such changes will lower costs or increase production.
  7090. Testify in court regarding investigation findings.
  7091. Inject intravenously contrast dyes, such as gadolinium contrast, in accordance with scope of practice.
  7092. Design or implement plant warehousing strategies for production materials or finished products.
  7093. Confer with other staff to help plan establishments' menus.
  7094. Wax thread by drawing it through a ball of wax.
  7095. Develop and maintain liaisons with municipalities, county departments, and similar entities to facilitate plan development, response effort coordination, and exchanges of personnel and equipment.
  7096. Advise clients concerning business transactions, claim liability, advisability of prosecuting or defending lawsuits, or legal rights and obligations.
  7097. Diagnose or treat complex, unstable, comorbid, episodic, or emergency conditions in collaboration with other health care providers as necessary.
  7098. Clean or sanitize work areas, utensils, or equipment.
  7099. Issue and cash money orders.
  7100. Assess the ability of environments to naturally remove or reduce conventional or emerging contaminants from air, water, or soil.
  7101. Coordinate work with other emergency medical team members or police or fire department personnel.
  7102. Maintain daily logs and supplement inspection records with photographs.
  7103. Develop or maintain models for logistics uses, such as cost estimating or demand forecasting.
  7104. Provide technical support to users or clients regarding the maintenance, development, or operation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) databases, equipment, or applications.
  7105. Decide which information should be included or excluded in reports.
  7106. Explain necessary bookkeeping requirements for customer to implement and provide group insurance program.
  7107. Inspect assembled vessels or individual components, such as tubes, fittings, valves, controls, or auxiliary mechanisms, to locate any defects.
  7108. Provide emergency medical services as required, and perform light to heavy rescue functions at emergencies.
  7109. Develop or implement programs to improve sustainability or reduce the environmental impacts of engineering or architecture activities or operations.
  7110. Resolve customer complaints regarding food service.
  7111. Inspect the condition of underwater steel or wood structures.
  7112. Purchase equipment, materials, or parts.
  7113. Modify existing software to correct errors, allow it to adapt to new hardware, or to improve its performance.
  7114. Interpret the results of neuroimaging studies such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT), and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans.
  7115. Prepare occupational classifications, job descriptions, and salary scales.
  7116. Operate tie-adzing machines to cut ties and permit insertion of fishplates that hold rails.
  7117. Assign and review staff work in such areas as scoring, arranging, and copying music, and vocal coaching.
  7118. Tend machines that bond cope and drag together to form completed shell molds.
  7119. Care for athletic injuries, using physical therapy equipment, techniques, or medication.
  7120. Plan, install, repair or troubleshoot telehealth technology applications or systems in homes.
  7121. Set up and operate electric news gathering (ENG) microwave vehicles to gather and edit raw footage on location to send to television affiliates for broadcast.
  7122. Create sketches, profiles, or likenesses of posed subjects or photographs, using any combination of freehand drawing, mechanical assembly kits, and computer imaging.
  7123. Maintain or repair boats or equipment.
  7124. Publicize hunting activities by writing for outdoor magazines or by making videos of hunts.
  7125. Prepare, analyze, and verify annual reports, financial statements, and other records, using accepted accounting and statistical procedures to assess financial condition and facilitate financial planning.
  7126. Verify correct use and maintenance of physical security systems, such as closed-circuit television, merchandise tags, and burglar alarms.
  7127. Create, edit, or analyze geospatial data, using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) or digitizing techniques.
  7128. Prepare, draft, and review legal documents, such as wills, deeds, patent applications, mortgages, leases, and contracts.
  7129. Install metal molding at wall corners to secure wallboard.
  7130. Determine the germination rates of seeds planted in specified areas.
  7131. Examine equipment to detect leaks, worn or loose parts, or other indications of disrepair.
  7132. Make adjustments to meter components, such as setscrews or timing mechanisms, so that they conform to specifications.
  7133. Disassemble timepieces such as watches, clocks, and chronometers so that repairs can be made.
  7134. Estimate how much a garment will cost to make, based on factors such as time and material requirements.
  7135. Direct and support the technical operation of distance learning classrooms or equipment.
  7136. Read current literature, talk with colleagues, or participate in professional organizations or conferences to keep abreast of developments in endoscopy.
  7137. Remove spindles from machines and bobbins from spindles.
  7138. Prepare management recommendations, such as proposed fee and tariff increases or schedule changes.
  7139. Counsel clients about the deaths of their pets or about euthanasia decisions for their pets.
  7140. Remove upholstery, accessories, electrical window-and-seat-operating equipment, and trim to gain access to vehicle bodies and fenders.
  7141. Force structural steel members into final positions, using turnbuckles, crowbars, jacks, or hand tools.
  7142. Visit site and record information about access, drainage and topography, and availability of services such as water and electricity.
  7143. Sterilize equipment and supplies, using germicides, sterilizer, or autoclave.
  7144. Place metal samples in frames, pack raw rubber around samples, and clamp samples, frames, and rubber into vulcanizing machines.
  7145. Restock storage areas, replenishing items on shelves.
  7146. Recommend and sell lotions, tonics, or other cosmetic supplies.
  7147. Operate and resupply printers and computers, changing print wheels or fluid cartridges, adding paper, and loading blank tapes, cards, or disks into equipment.
  7148. Monitor machine operations to detect malfunctions and report or resolve problems.
  7149. Design advanced precision equipment for accurate or controlled applications.
  7150. Maintain, adjust, and clean equipment, and perform minor repairs.
  7151. Stock or issue medical supplies, such as dressing packs or treatment trays.
  7152. Design or develop sensors to reduce the energy or resource requirements to operate appliances, such as washing machines or dishwashing machines.
  7153. Measure and mark vinyl material and cut material to size for roof installation, using rules, straightedges, and hand shears.
  7154. Perform semi-skilled and unskilled laboring duties related to the installation, maintenance and repair of a wide variety of electrical systems and equipment.
  7155. Schedule or dispatch workers, work crews, equipment, or service vehicles to appropriate locations, according to customer requests, specifications, or needs, using radios or telephones.
  7156. Cut pipe and lift up to fitters.
  7157. Install rough door and window frames, subflooring, fixtures, or temporary supports in structures undergoing construction or repair.
  7158. Obtain and distribute updated information regarding domestic or international laws, guidelines, or standards.
  7159. Record information about work completed and machine settings.
  7160. Compose original music, such as popular songs, symphonies, or sonatas.
  7161. Buff and wax the finished paintwork.
  7162. Operate desktop publishing software and equipment to design, lay out, and produce camera-ready copy.
  7163. Estimate requirements and order or requisition meat supplies to maintain inventories.
  7164. Keep informed about changes in tax and deduction laws that apply to the payroll process.
  7165. Locate existing pipes needing repair or replacement, using magnetic or radio indicators.
  7166. Evaluate job positions, determining classification, exempt or non-exempt status, and salary.
  7167. Drive motor vehicles to transport visitors to establishments and tour site locations.
  7168. Align, level, and anchor machinery.
  7169. Maintain logs, reports, work requests, or other records of work performed in hydroelectric plants.
  7170. Teach basic skills, such as color, shape, number and letter recognition, personal hygiene, and social skills.
  7171. Submit reports and review reports or problems with superior.
  7172. Determine appropriate methods of debt settlement, such as offers of compromise, wage garnishment, or seizure and sale of property.
  7173. Examine finished surfaces of workpieces to verify conformance to specifications and retouch any defective areas.
  7174. Perform tests such as blower-door tests to locate air leaks.
  7175. Confer with clients, editors, publishers, or producers to discuss changes or revisions to written material.
  7176. Travel with or guide tourists who speak another language.
  7177. Design vehicles for increased recyclability or use of natural, renewable, or recycled materials in vehicle construction.
  7178. Plan or implement follow-up or aftercare programs for clients to be discharged from treatment programs.
  7179. Obtain computer printout of policy cancellations or retrieve cancellation cards from file.
  7180. Greet customers entering establishments.
  7181. Tie products in bundles for further processing or shipment, following prescribed procedures.
  7182. Stop gathering arms when cars are full.
  7183. Assist in the transition of photonic prototypes to production.
  7184. Record and maintain all vital and fiscal records and accounts.
  7185. Regulate volume level and sound quality during recording sessions, using control consoles.
  7186. Scan status charts and computer screens, and contact emergency response field units to determine emergency units available for dispatch.
  7187. Participate in continuing education activities to maintain or enhance knowledge and skills.
  7188. Load vehicles with listed goods, ensuring goods are loaded correctly and taking precautions with hazardous goods.
  7189. Keep informed of new products and developments.
  7190. Analyze information obtained from management to conceptualize and define operational problems.
  7191. Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet students' varying needs, abilities, and interests.
  7192. Instruct and assist children in the development of health and personal habits, such as eating, resting, and toilet behavior.
  7193. Inspect equipment for leaks, diagnose malfunctions, and request repairs.
  7194. Compute positions, set courses, and determine speeds, using charts, area plotting sheets, compasses, sextants, and knowledge of local conditions.
  7195. Correct patterns to compensate for defects in castings.
  7196. Comment on music and other matters, such as weather or traffic conditions.
  7197. Provide technical direction in the erection or commissioning of hydroelectric equipment or supporting electrical or mechanical systems.
  7198. Operate complex processing equipment.
  7199. Calculate the efficiency or power output of a fuel cell system or process.
  7200. Develop comprehensive plans for immediate and long-term rehabilitation including therapeutic exercise; speech and occupational therapy; counseling; cognitive retraining; patient, family or caregiver education; or community reintegration.
  7201. Allocate equipment to participants in sporting events or recreational activities.
  7202. Submit loan applications with recommendation for underwriting approval.
  7203. Examine budget estimates for completeness, accuracy, and conformance with procedures and regulations.
  7204. Evaluate code to ensure that it is valid, is properly structured, meets industry standards, and is compatible with browsers, devices, or operating systems.
  7205. Monitor and adjust operations of geothermal power plant equipment or systems.
  7206. Provide liposuction treatment to patients.
  7207. Collaborate with other operators to solve unit problems.
  7208. Coordinate and supervise the work of professional and technical staff, including research assistants, technologists, and technicians.
  7209. Obtain and examine all relevant information to assess validity of complaints and to determine possible causes, such as extreme weather conditions that could increase utility bills.
  7210. Process aerial or satellite imagery to create products such as land cover maps.
  7211. Calculate equipment operating factors, such as radiation times, dosages, temperatures, gamma intensities, or pressures, using standard formulas and conversion tables.
  7212. Assess nature and extent of illness or injury to establish and prioritize medical procedures.
  7213. Approve or deny issuance of certificates of airworthiness.
  7214. Conduct employee background investigations and review reports with operational or human resources managers.
  7215. Instruct and calm crowds during emergencies.
  7216. Make manuscript acceptance or revision recommendations to the publisher.
  7217. Refinish wood surfaces on cabinets, doors, moldings, and floors, using power sanders, putty, spray equipment, brushes, paints, or varnishes.
  7218. Collaborate with ophthalmologists, optometrists, or other specialists in the diagnosis, treatment, or management of conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal diseases.
  7219. Refer guest problems or complaints to supervisors.
  7220. Monitor employee and patron activities to ensure liquor regulations are obeyed.
  7221. Visit suppliers of materials or users of products to gather specific information.
  7222. Maintain or update business intelligence tools, databases, dashboards, systems, or methods.
  7223. Process payroll information.
  7224. Plan, provide, or evaluate educational programs for nursing staff, health care teams, or the community.
  7225. Lift tote boxes of finished cartons, and dump cartons into feed hoppers.
  7226. Arrange for subcontractors to deal with special areas, such as heating or electrical wiring work.
  7227. Remove litter and debris from roadways, including debris from rock and mud slides.
  7228. Monitor the implementation and impact of guidelines for nondiscriminatory employment practices.
  7229. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as food science, nutrition, and child care.
  7230. Communicate and collaborate with other healthcare professionals involved with the care of a patient.
  7231. Record production data such as numbers and types of bobbins wound.
  7232. Organize and lead regular religious services.
  7233. Coordinate efforts with other organizations, such as law enforcement agencies.
  7234. Calculate weights, volumes, and stress factors and their implications for technical aspects of designs.
  7235. Examine and test electrical power distribution machinery and equipment, using testing devices.
  7236. Provide technical assistance in resolving electrical engineering problems encountered before, during, or after construction.
  7237. Assign duties to other staff and give instructions regarding work methods and routines.
  7238. Duplicate work precisely to replicate characters' appearances on a daily basis.
  7239. Analyze pricing or risks of carbon trading products.
  7240. Develop or maintain project reporting systems.
  7241. Inspect and verify dimensions and clearances of parts to ensure conformance to factory specifications.
  7242. Interview specialists in desired fields to obtain and develop data for park information programs.
  7243. Translate electromechanical drawings into design specifications, applying principles of engineering, thermal or fluid sciences, mathematics, or statistics.
  7244. Operate underwater recovery units.
  7245. Evaluate feasibility of design ideas, based on factors such as appearance, safety, function, serviceability, budget, production costs/methods, and market characteristics.
  7246. Conduct historical analyses of test results.
  7247. Operate, control, or monitor equipment, such as acid or gas carbon dioxide removal units, carbon dioxide compressors, or pipelines, to capture, store, or transport carbon dioxide exhaust.
  7248. Attach ropes or cable lines to bitts on lock decks or wharfs to secure vessels.
  7249. Review event bills for accuracy and approve payment.
  7250. Set oven temperatures and place items into hot ovens for baking.
  7251. Plan, organize, or maintain dental health programs.
  7252. Prescribe or recommend drugs, medical devices, or other forms of treatment, such as physical therapy, inhalation therapy, or related therapeutic procedures.
  7253. Monitor and control liquid or gas landfill extraction systems.
  7254. Measure and cut products to specified dimensions, using measuring and cutting instruments.
  7255. Train manufacturing technicians on environmental protection topics.
  7256. Cut carpet padding to size and install padding, following prescribed method.
  7257. Read current literature, talk with colleagues, and participate in professional organizations or conferences to keep abreast of developments in audiology.
  7258. Assemble photographs with printed license information to produce completed documents.
  7259. Diagnose mechanical problems and determine how to correct them, checking blueprints, repair manuals, or parts catalogs, as necessary.
  7260. Measure, mix, prepare, and test chemical solutions used to clean or repair machinery and equipment.
  7261. Key information into computer equipment to create layouts for client or supervisor.
  7262. Formulate environmental plan to be practical, esthetic, and conducive to intended purposes, such as raising productivity or selling merchandise.
  7263. Negotiate with parties, including independent producers and the distributors and broadcasters who will be handling completed productions.
  7264. Generate prepress proofs in digital or other format to approximate the appearance of the final printed piece.
  7265. Hone cutters with oilstones to remove nicks.
  7266. Plan or conduct geological, geochemical, or geophysical field studies or surveys, sample collection, or drilling and testing programs used to collect data for research or application.
  7267. Discuss various topics over the telephone with viewers or listeners.
  7268. Answer phone calls and direct calls to appropriate parties or take messages.
  7269. Measure, mark, and scribe metal or plastic stock to lay out machining, using instruments such as protractors, micrometers, scribes, or rulers.
  7270. Receive patients, schedule appointments, and maintain patient records.
  7271. Check adhesives to ensure that they will work and will remain durable.
  7272. Prepare and perform action stunts for motion picture, television, or stage productions.
  7273. Set up and operate portable field transmission equipment outside the studio.
  7274. File and store completed documents.
  7275. Create and install special effects as required by the script, mixing chemicals and fabricating needed parts from wood, metal, plaster, and clay.
  7276. Develop or integrate control feature requirements.
  7277. Attach air hoses to meter inlets, plug outlets, and observe gauges for pressure losses to test internal seams for leaks.
  7278. Direct and supervise curatorial, technical, and student staff in the handling, mounting, care, and storage of art objects.
  7279. Monitor the payments of benefits throughout the duration of a claim.
  7280. Enter information into computer to copy program or to draw, modify, or store schematics, applying knowledge of software package used.
  7281. Read and analyze specifications, schedules, logs, test results, and laboratory recommendations to determine how to set equipment controls to produce the required qualities and quantities of products.
  7282. Consult with other professionals, agencies, or universities to discuss therapies, treatments, counseling resources or techniques, and to share occupational information.
  7283. Select, direct, and monitor the work of vendors that provide products or services for distance learning programs.
  7284. Collaborate with medical or health researchers to address health problems related to geological materials or processes.
  7285. Implement updates, upgrades, and patches in a timely manner to limit loss of service.
  7286. Warn maintenance workers of radiation hazards and direct workers to vacate hazardous areas.
  7287. Direct and assist workers in maintenance and repair of facilities.
  7288. Rework or alter component model or parts as required to ensure that products meet standards.
  7289. Prepare written and oral reports describing research results, using illustrations, maps, appendices, and other information.
  7290. Sew ends of new material to leaders or to ends of material in pressing machines, using sewing machines.
  7291. Devise trading, option, or hedge strategies.
  7292. Prepare charts or graphs from data samples, providing summary information on the environmental relevance of the data.
  7293. Align and straighten tile using levels, squares, and straightedges.
  7294. Arrange for tour or expedition details such as accommodations, transportation, equipment, and the availability of medical personnel.
  7295. Assemble and issue required documentation, such as tickets, travel insurance policies, and itineraries.
  7296. Develop or use mathematical or computer models for weather forecasting.
  7297. Clean work site after completion of job.
  7298. Measure distance from reference points and mark guidelines to lay out work, using plumb bobs and levels.
  7299. Conduct market research and analyze industry trends.
  7300. Meet with directors and senior members of camera crews to discuss assignments and determine filming sequences, camera movements, and picture composition.
  7301. Sweep, shovel, or vacuum loose debris or salvageable scrap into containers and remove containers from work areas.
  7302. Use bonding technology on the surface of the teeth to change tooth shape or to close gaps.
  7303. Perform administrative or managerial functions, such as taking responsibility for a unit's staff, budget, planning, or long-range goals.
  7304. Package, store, or move irradiated fuel elements in the underwater storage basins of nuclear reactor plants, using machines or equipment.
  7305. Examine theories, such as those of probability and inference, to discover mathematical bases for new or improved methods of obtaining and evaluating numerical data.
  7306. Assist anesthesiologists in performing anesthetic procedures, such as epidural or spinal injections.
  7307. Prepare reports on non-destructive testing (NDT) results.
  7308. Repair bent or torn sheet metal.
  7309. Establish and enforce rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining order.
  7310. Assess nutritional needs, diet restrictions and current health plans to develop and implement dietary-care plans and provide nutritional counseling.
  7311. Monitor the field of dance to remain aware of current trends and innovations.
  7312. Represent employer in a technical capacity at conferences.
  7313. Inspect hydroelectric facilities, including switchyards, control houses, or relay houses, for normal operation or adherence to safety standards.
  7314. Provide terminated employees with outplacement or relocation assistance.
  7315. Conduct specialized procedures, such as animal branding or tattooing or hoof trimming.
  7316. Promote their own or their group's music by participating in media interviews and other activities.
  7317. Record laboratory or field data, including numerical data, test results, photographs, or summaries of visual observations.
  7318. Identify installation locations with proper orientation, area, solar access, or structural integrity for photovoltaic (PV) arrays.
  7319. Select cutting speeds, feed rates, and depths of cuts, applying knowledge of metal properties and shop mathematics.
  7320. Tie barges together into tow units for tugboats to handle, inspecting barges periodically during voyages and disconnecting them when destinations are reached.
  7321. Apply gravel or pebbles over top layers of roofs, using rakes or stiff-bristled brooms.
  7322. Prepare and record changes to official documents and confirm changes with legal and compliance management staff, including enterprise-wide records management staff.
  7323. Plot electrical test points on layout sheets and draw schematics for wiring test fixture heads to frames.
  7324. Repair or adjust motorcycle subassemblies, such as forks, transmissions, brakes, or drive chains, according to specifications.
  7325. Prepare, maintain, or update security procedures, security system drawings, or related documentation.
  7326. Weigh, measure, and record fuel used.
  7327. Display commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential properties to clients and explain their features.
  7328. Key and program specified commands and engineering specifications into computer system to change functions and test final layout.
  7329. Soak fiberglass matting in resin mixtures and apply layers of matting over repair areas to specified thicknesses.
  7330. Write documents describing protocols, policies, standards for use, maintenance, and repair of medical equipment.
  7331. Scrape fat, blubber, or flesh from skin sides of pelts with knives or hand scrapers.
  7332. Suspend sticks or pieces of plating metal from anodes, or positive terminals, and immerse metal in plating solutions.
  7333. Speak with patrons to ensure satisfaction with food and service, to respond to complaints, or to make conversation.
  7334. Review selected tax returns to determine the nature and extent of audits to be performed on them.
  7335. Supervise staff and games and mediate disputes.
  7336. Conduct tours or deliver talks describing features of public facilities, such as a historic site or national park.
  7337. Adjust or repair computer controlled exhaust emissions devices.
  7338. Overhaul and test machines or equipment to ensure operating efficiency.
  7339. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as family behavior, child and adolescent mental health, or social intervention evaluation.
  7340. Develop community or corporate recycling plans and goals to minimize waste and conform to resource constraints.
  7341. Collect fares or vouchers from passengers and make change or issue receipts as necessary.
  7342. Place products in containers according to grade and mark grades on containers.
  7343. Define data requirements and gather and validate information, applying judgment and statistical tests.
  7344. Create gameplay test plans for internal and external test groups.
  7345. Develop diagnostic procedures to determine clients' needs.
  7346. Read specifications, such as blueprints, to determine construction requirements or to plan procedures.
  7347. Perform pat-down or hand-held wand searches of passengers who have triggered machine alarms, who are unable to pass through metal detectors, or who have been randomly identified for such searches.
  7348. Inspect cables or grappling devices for wear and install or replace cables, as needed.
  7349. Study objects and structures recovered by excavation to identify, date, and authenticate them and to interpret their significance.
  7350. Recruit, hire, train and supervise staff, or participate in staffing decisions.
  7351. Assist in volume replacement or autotransfusion techniques.
  7352. Notify insurance agent and accounting department of policy cancellation.
  7353. Coordinate or participate in the positioning of patients, using body stabilizing equipment or protective padding to provide appropriate exposure for the procedure or to protect against nerve damage or circulation impairment.
  7354. Type command on keyboard to transfer encoded data from memory unit to magnetic tape and assist in labeling, classifying, cataloging and maintaining tapes.
  7355. Sort and distribute mail.
  7356. Review, recommend, or approve contracts or cost estimates.
  7357. Remove the deceased from place of death and transport to funeral home.
  7358. Assist in preparing and maintaining personnel records and handbooks.
  7359. Direct workers engaged in operating machinery that regulates the flow of materials and products.
  7360. Issue notices and recommend corrective actions when infractions or problems are found.
  7361. Estimate costs for environmental cleanup and remediation of land redevelopment projects.
  7362. Analyze corporate intelligence data to identify trends, patterns, or warnings indicating threats to security of people, assets, information, or infrastructure.
  7363. Adapt other designers' ideas for the mass market.
  7364. Conduct interviews to obtain information or evidence regarding communicable diseases or violations of health or sanitation regulations.
  7365. Provide groundskeeping services, such as landscaping or snow removal.
  7366. Coordinate theft and fraud investigations involving career criminals or organized group activities.
  7367. Set up or restock product displays.
  7368. Conduct prehearing and presentencing investigations and testify in court regarding offenders' backgrounds and recommended sentences and sentencing conditions.
  7369. Document help desk requests and resolutions.
  7370. Review prescription, diagnosis, patient chart, and identification.
  7371. Monitor robotic assembly equipment, such as snake-arm robots, used to assemble, seal, or swage aircraft structures.
  7372. Review motorists' identification before allowing them to enter parking facilities.
  7373. Perform fire protection or suppression duties, such as constructing fire breaks or disposing of brush.
  7374. Measure and analyze system performance and operating parameters to assess operating condition of systems or equipment.
  7375. Maintain logs of activities and completed work.
  7376. Modify, maintain, or repair electrical, electronic, or mechanical components, equipment, or systems to ensure proper functioning.
  7377. Brush materials made of suede, leather, or felt to remove spots or to raise and smooth naps.
  7378. Supervise auditing of establishments, and determine scope of investigation required.
  7379. Prescribe medications to treat eye diseases if state laws permit.
  7380. Estimate materials, equipment, and personnel needed for residential or commercial solar installation projects.
  7381. Develop or implement procedures for ongoing Web site revision.
  7382. Repair or replace shock absorbers.
  7383. Review reports of securities transactions or price lists to analyze market conditions.
  7384. Prepare customers' nails in soapy water, using swabs, files, and orange sticks.
  7385. Carve designs and letters onto metal for transfer to other surfaces.
  7386. Provide communication instruction to dialect speakers or students with limited English proficiency.
  7387. Develop or implement procedures or systems to evaluate or select suppliers.
  7388. Propose logistics solutions for customers.
  7389. Estimate repair costs and timepiece values.
  7390. Add dyes, water, detergents, or chemicals to tanks to dilute or strengthen solutions, according to established formulas and solution test results.
  7391. Operate hoists to position dies or patterns on foundry floors.
  7392. Reassemble engines following repair or inspection and reinstall engines in aircraft.
  7393. Supervise the work of contracted employees.
  7394. Employ a variety of specialized photographic materials and techniques, including infrared and ultraviolet films, macro photography, photogrammetry and sensitometry.
  7395. Stock customer service stations with paper products or beverage preparation items.
  7396. Requisition merchandise from supplier based on available space, merchandise on hand, customer demand, or advertised specials.
  7397. Monitor activities to ensure adherence to rules and safety procedures, or arrange for the removal of unruly patrons.
  7398. Communicate with bioregulatory authorities regarding licensing or compliance responsibilities.
  7399. Test products or subassemblies for functionality or quality.
  7400. Provide training to medical students or staff members.
  7401. Build forms and mix and pour cement to form garden borders.
  7402. Attach loads to rigging to provide support or prepare them for moving, using hand and power tools.
  7403. Implement or monitor complaint processing systems to ensure effective and timely resolution of all complaint investigations.
  7404. Estimate cost of completed work or of needed renovations or upgrades.
  7405. Replace defective wiring and insulation, and tighten electrical connections, using hand tools.
  7406. Prepare biological specimens such as amniotic fluids, bone marrow, tumors, chorionic villi, and blood, for chromosome examinations.
  7407. Monitor drilling operations, checking gauges and listening to equipment to assess drilling conditions and to determine the need to adjust drilling or alter equipment.
  7408. Review production schedules, engineering specifications, orders, and related information to obtain knowledge of manufacturing methods, procedures, and activities.
  7409. Confer with design, building, and equipment personnel to plan for construction and remodeling of food service units.
  7410. Spread roofing paper on surface of foundation and spread concrete onto roofing paper with trowel to form terrazzo base.
  7411. Complete reports and forms required to finalize cases.
  7412. Remove interior and exterior finishes on safes and vaults, and spray on new finishes.
  7413. Collect and analyze security data to determine security needs, security program goals, or program accomplishments.
  7414. Level washing machines and connect hoses to water pipes, using hand tools.
  7415. Tap and drill holes into pipes to introduce auxiliary lines or devices.
  7416. Perform personnel functions such as selection, training, or evaluation.
  7417. Count money in cash drawers at the beginning of shifts to ensure that amounts are correct and that there is adequate change.
  7418. Set up, operate, or tend saws or machines that cut or trim wood to specified dimensions, such as circular saws, band saws, multiple-blade sawing machines, scroll saws, ripsaws, or crozer machines.
  7419. Insert arterial catheters or perform arterial punctures to obtain arterial blood samples.
  7420. Observe the behavior and condition of animals and monitor their clinical symptoms.
  7421. Plan details such as framing, composition, camera movement, sound, and actor movement for each shot or scene.
  7422. Trim or pick flowers and clean flower beds.
  7423. Conduct needs assessments or surveys to determine interest in, or satisfaction with, wellness and fitness programs, events, or services.
  7424. Prepare, or oversee the preparation of, experimental plans for biofuels research or development.
  7425. Prepare estimates used by management for purposes such as planning, organizing, and scheduling work.
  7426. Conduct training programs to develop or maintain desired animal behaviors for competition, entertainment, obedience, security, riding, or related purposes.
  7427. Adjust controls to guide, position, or move equipment, such as cranes, booms, or cameras.
  7428. Pour paint into spray guns and adjust nozzles and paint mixes for proper paint flow and coating thickness.
  7429. Collect tickets, fares, or passes from passengers.
  7430. Assign work to employees, based on material or worker requirements of specific jobs.
  7431. Post relevant work hours to client files to bill clients properly.
  7432. Arrange for advertising or posting of job vacancies and notify eligible workers of position availability.
  7433. Recommend or implement personnel actions, such as employee selection, evaluation, rewards, or disciplinary actions.
  7434. Apply theoretical expertise and innovation to create or apply new technology, such as adapting principles for applying computers to new uses.
  7435. Review workflow charts developed by programmer analyst to understand tasks computer will perform, such as updating records.
  7436. Investigate properties, origins, and activities of glaciers, ice, snow, and permafrost.
  7437. Locate and identify symbols on topographical surveys to denote geological and geophysical formations or oil field installations.
  7438. Input details of specimens into logs or computer systems.
  7439. Interview clients and take their calls to provide customer service and obtain information on claims.
  7440. Calculate the value of chips won or lost by players.
  7441. Conduct own research in field of expertise.
  7442. Provide user support by diagnosing network and device problems and implementing technical or procedural solutions.
  7443. Analyze product failure data and laboratory test results to determine causes of problems and develop solutions.
  7444. Apply insurance rating systems.
  7445. Represent their parties in negotiations with political executives or members of other parties, and when speaking with the media.
  7446. Monitor the work of well contractors, exploratory borers, and engineers and enforce rules regarding their activities.
  7447. Construct forms or chutes for pouring concrete.
  7448. Coordinate installation of new equipment.
  7449. Install tools in spindles.
  7450. Bleach discolored teeth to brighten and whiten them.
  7451. Determine production size, content, and budget, establishing details such as production schedules and management policies.
  7452. Clean lenses of lamps with cloths and solvents.
  7453. Evaluate the effectiveness of counseling programs on clients' progress in resolving identified problems and moving towards defined objectives.
  7454. Oversee the evaluation, classification and rating of occupations and job positions.
  7455. Dress with equipment such as fire-resistant clothing and breathing apparatus.
  7456. Identify emissions testing procedures and standards appropriate for the age and technology of vehicles.
  7457. Operate conveyors and equipment to transfer grain or other materials from transportation vehicles.
  7458. Calibrate microscopes or test instruments.
  7459. Read scripts and confer with producers to determine the types and numbers of performers required for a given production.
  7460. Contact insurance companies to check on status of claims payments and write appeal letters for denial on claims.
  7461. Install pipe systems to support alternative energy-fueled systems, such as geothermal heating or cooling systems.
  7462. Compare nuclear medicine procedures with other types of procedures such as computed tomography, ultrasonography, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, and angiography.
  7463. Maintain departmental policies, procedures, objectives, or infection control standards.
  7464. Perform general office duties, such as ordering supplies, maintaining records management database systems, and performing basic bookkeeping work.
  7465. Order and interpret the results of laboratory tests and diagnostic imaging procedures.
  7466. Assist in applying casts, splints, braces, or similar devices.
  7467. Observe positions of cars passing loading spouts, and swing spouts into the correct positions at the appropriate times.
  7468. Monitor industry standards, trends, or practices to identify developments in logistics planning or execution.
  7469. Disassemble instruments and parts for repair and adjustment.
  7470. File or finish surfaces of workpieces, using prescribed hand tools.
  7471. Identify environmental threats or opportunities associated with the development and launch of new technologies.
  7472. Write instructional articles on designated subjects.
  7473. Check fuel supplies at sites to ensure adequate availability.
  7474. Activate photovoltaic (PV) systems to verify system functionality and conformity to performance expectations.
  7475. Maintain company archives.
  7476. Make recommendations regarding upgrades, considering implications of new or revised Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, equipment, or applications.
  7477. Operate mechanical hoppers and provide assistance in their adjustment and repair.
  7478. Interpret imaging data and confer with other medical specialists to formulate diagnoses.
  7479. Disconnect or remove defective or unauthorized meters, using hand tools.
  7480. Conduct market research analysis to identify search query trends, real-time search and news media activity, popular social media topics, electronic commerce trends, market opportunities, or competitor performance.
  7481. Develop and implement strategies to meet the needs of students with a variety of handicapping conditions.
  7482. Troubleshoot and make minor repairs to geothermal plant instrumentation or electrical systems.
  7483. Apply plastic-impregnated fabrics or coats of sealing wax or lacquer to patterns used to produce plastic.
  7484. Set up and test various equipment, including sound equipment, before each event.
  7485. Produce environmental documents, such as environmental assessments or environmental impact statements.
  7486. Research job and worker requirements, structural and functional relationships among jobs and occupations, and occupational trends.
  7487. Weigh or measure chemicals, coatings, or paints before adding them to machines.
  7488. Maintain wellness- and fitness-related schedules, records, or reports.
  7489. Coordinate internal discoveries and depositions with legal department staff.
  7490. Conduct in-service training sessions to disseminate information regarding equipment or instruments.
  7491. Conduct participatory action research in communities and organizations to assess how work is done and to design work systems, technologies, and environments.
  7492. Check passengers' tickets to ensure that they are valid, and to determine whether passengers have designations that require special handling, such as providing photo identification.
  7493. Obtain and process information required for the provision of services, such as opening accounts, savings plans, and purchasing bonds.
  7494. Direct sustainability program operations to ensure compliance with environmental or governmental regulations.
  7495. Arrange for copyright permissions.
  7496. Plan and implement changes to service offerings to meet community needs or increase funeral home revenues.
  7497. Fabricate concrete beams, columns, and panels.
  7498. Determine most effective arrangement of operations such as mixing, crushing, heat transfer, distillation, and drying.
  7499. Confer with other staff members to plan and schedule lessons that promote learning, following approved curricula.
  7500. Perform root cause analysis on wind turbine tower component failures.
  7501. Investigate illegal or suspicious activities.
  7502. Examine telephone transmission facilities to determine requirements for new or additional telephone services.
  7503. Use a variety of testing techniques to assist doctors in cardiac or pulmonary research or to diagnose disorders.
  7504. Record, review, and compile operations records, test results, and gauge readings such as temperatures, pressures, concentrations, and flows.
  7505. Set up, operate, or tend presses and forging machines to perform hot or cold forging by flattening, straightening, bending, cutting, piercing, or other operations to taper, shape, or form metal.
  7506. Assess electrical components for consumer electronics applications, such as fuel cells for consumer electronic devices, power saving devices for computers or televisions, or energy efficient power chargers.
  7507. Prepare final project layout drawings that include details such as stress calculations.
  7508. Observe yard traffic to determine tracks available to accommodate inbound and outbound traffic.
  7509. Produce documentation of the questionnaire development process, data collection methods, sampling designs, and decisions related to sample statistical weighting.
  7510. Maintain contact with sponsors to schedule and coordinate site visits or to answer questions about issues such as incomplete data.
  7511. Position and immobilize patient on examining table.
  7512. Process and prepare documents, such as business or government forms and expense reports.
  7513. Contact residents or building owners to schedule appointments.
  7514. Conduct research on economic issues and disseminate research findings through technical reports or scientific articles in journals.
  7515. Monitor and measure thicknesses of electroplating on component parts to verify conformance to specifications, using micrometers.
  7516. Confer with users to analyze, configure, or troubleshoot applications.
  7517. Study blueprints and diagrams to determine dimensions of structure or form to be constructed.
  7518. Trace electrical circuits, following diagrams, and conduct tests with circuit testers and other equipment to locate shorts and grounds.
  7519. Consider Western medical procedures in health assessment, health care team communication, and care referrals.
  7520. Inspect ceiling or floor tile, wall coverings, siding, glass, or woodwork to detect broken or damaged structures.
  7521. Analyze logistics data, using methods such as data mining, data modeling, or cost or benefit analysis.
  7522. Connect and disconnect utility services at specific locations.
  7523. Inspect workplaces to ensure the absence of health and safety hazards, such as high noise levels, radiation, or potential lighting hazards.
  7524. Accept prescriptions for filling, gathering and processing necessary information.
  7525. Start machines to feed revolving cables or rods into openings, stopping machines and changing knives to conform to pipe sizes.
  7526. Alert constituents of government actions and programs by way of newsletters, personal appearances at town meetings, phone calls, and individual meetings.
  7527. Repair window sash frames, attach weather stripping and channels to frames, and replace window glass, using hand tools.
  7528. Create, analyze, report, convert, or transfer data, using specialized applications program software.
  7529. Videotape scenes where possible, including collection of evidence, examination of victim at scene, and defendants and witnesses.
  7530. Keep abreast of game design technology and techniques, industry trends, or audience interests, reactions, and needs by reviewing current literature, talking with colleagues, participating in educational programs, attending meetings or workshops, or participating in professional organizations or conferences.
  7531. Inspect premises to identify infestation source and extent of damage to property, wall, or roof porosity and access to infested locations.
  7532. Turn valves to start flow of gases and light flames and adjust valves to obtain desired colors and sizes of flames.
  7533. Replace worn tools, and sharpen dull cutting tools and dies, using bench grinders or cutter-grinding machines.
  7534. Select material most pertinent to presentation, and organize this material into appropriate formats.
  7535. Restage traditional dances and works in dance companies' repertoires, developing new interpretations.
  7536. Prescribe synthetic drugs under the supervision of medical doctors or within the allowances of regulatory bodies.
  7537. Conduct interviews, surveys and site inspections concerning factors that affect land usage, such as zoning, traffic flow and housing.
  7538. Drive trucks to haul tools and equipment for on-site repair of large machinery.
  7539. Communicate geothermal plant conditions to employees.
  7540. Prepare and alter trace maps, charts, tables, detailed drawings, and three-dimensional optical models of terrain using stereoscopic plotting and computer graphics equipment.
  7541. Operate industrial hygiene equipment in manufacturing environments to reduce exposure to environmental contaminants.
  7542. Inspect new, repaired, or modified aircraft to identify damage or defects and to assess airworthiness and conformance to standards, using checklists, hand tools, and test instruments.
  7543. Rinse, drain, or wipe coated workpieces to remove excess coating material or to facilitate setting of finish coats on workpieces.
  7544. Score glass with cutters' wheels, breaking off excess glass by hand or with notched tools.
  7545. Review and verify data, such as age, name, address, and principal sum and value of property on insurance applications and policies.
  7546. Vote on motions, amendments, and decisions on whether or not to report a bill out from committee to the assembly floor.
  7547. Compile, administer, and grade examinations, or assign this work to others.
  7548. Develop or implement plans for revegetation of brownfield sites.
  7549. Adapt translations to students' cognitive and grade levels, collaborating with educational team members as necessary.
  7550. Remove finished or cured products from dies or molds, using hand tools, air hoses, and other equipment, stamping identifying information on products when necessary.
  7551. Coordinate appointments to show homes to prospective buyers.
  7552. Perform various data entry or word processing tasks, such as updating phone directories, typing or proofreading documents, or creating schedules.
  7553. Provide physical support to patients to assist them to perform daily living activities, such as getting out of bed, bathing, dressing, using the toilet, standing, walking, or exercising.
  7554. Suspend angle iron grids or channel irons from ceilings, using wire.
  7555. List parts needed, estimate costs, and plan work procedures, using parts lists, technical manuals, or diagrams.
  7556. Operate controls to start, stop, or regulate biomass-fueled generators, generator units, boilers, engines, or auxiliary systems.
  7557. Prepare cell samples by applying special staining techniques, such as chromosomal staining, to differentiate cells or cell components.
  7558. Communicate project information through presentations, technical reports, or white papers.
  7559. Confer with other sporting officials, coaches, players, and facility managers in order to provide information, coordinate activities, and discuss problems.
  7560. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with clients, government officials, and media representatives and use these relationships to develop new business opportunities.
  7561. Trace historical development in a particular field, such as social, cultural, political, or diplomatic history.
  7562. Install, adjust, and remove dies, synchronizing cams, forging hammers, and stop guides, using overhead cranes or other hoisting devices, and hand tools.
  7563. Disassemble axles to repair, adjust, and replace defective parts, using hand tools.
  7564. Consult with physicians about ordering and interpreting tests or providing treatments.
  7565. Vacuum dining area and sweep and mop kitchen floor.
  7566. Draw cutting lines on material following patterns, templates, sketches, or blueprints, using chalk, pencils, paint, or other methods.
  7567. Investigate soil problems or poor water quality to determine sources and effects.
  7568. Provide offenders or inmates with assistance in matters concerning detainers, sentences in other jurisdictions, writs, and applications for social assistance.
  7569. Deliver equipment to specified hospital locations or to patients' residences.
  7570. Compile budget data and documents, based on estimated revenues and expenses and previous budgets.
  7571. Immerse gemstones in chemical solutions to determine specific gravity and other key properties necessary for identification and appraisal.
  7572. Monitor and evaluate the job performance of subordinates, and authorize promotions and transfers.
  7573. Process and prepare memos, correspondence, travel vouchers, or other documents.
  7574. Confer with members of treatment team to plan and evaluate therapy programs.
  7575. Measure depth of water in shallow or unfamiliar waters, using leadlines, and telephone or shout depth information to vessel bridges.
  7576. Establish appropriate server directory trees.
  7577. Interview patients to document symptoms and health histories.
  7578. Measure and mix ingredients to prepare glue.
  7579. Itemize and total customer merchandise selection at checkout counter, using cash register, and accept cash or charge card for purchases.
  7580. Search for lost articles or for parents of lost children.
  7581. Evaluate the efficiency and reliability of industrial robotic systems, reprogramming or calibrating to achieve maximum quantity and quality.
  7582. Review or draft risk disclosures for offer documents.
  7583. Develop business methods and procedures, including accounting systems, file systems, office systems, logistics systems, and production schedules.
  7584. Verify inventory computations by comparing them to physical counts of stock, and investigate discrepancies or adjust errors.
  7585. Measure excavation sites, using plumbers' snakes, tapelines, or lengths of cutting heads within sewers, and mark areas for digging.
  7586. Form three-dimensional images of aerial photographs taken from different locations, using mathematical techniques and plotting instruments.
  7587. Survey undisturbed or disturbed lands for classification, inventory, mapping, environmental impact assessments, environmental protection planning, conservation planning, or reclamation planning.
  7588. Analyze information to determine, recommend, and plan computer specifications and layouts, and peripheral equipment modifications.
  7589. Participate in neuroscience research activities.
  7590. Clean and wash rigs, ambulances, or equipment.
  7591. Select or prepare speech-language instructional materials.
  7592. Regulate heating, lighting, and ventilating systems for passenger comfort.
  7593. Maintain hardware and software, including computers, scanners, color copiers, and color laser printers.
  7594. Perform administrative tasks, such as answering telephone calls, filing court documents, or maintaining office supplies or equipment.
  7595. Examine machinery to verify specified pressures or lubricant flows.
  7596. Develop or implement treatment plans for problems such as stuttering, delayed language, swallowing disorders, or inappropriate pitch or harsh voice problems, based on own assessments and recommendations of physicians, psychologists, or social workers.
  7597. Schedule times of shipment and modes of transportation for materials.
  7598. Measure parts such as sleeves or pant legs, and mark or pin-fold alteration lines.
  7599. Measure and mark stock for cuts.
  7600. Issue warnings or citations in connection with animal-related offenses, or contact police to report violations and request arrests.
  7601. Analyze inventories to determine how to increase inventory turns, reduce waste, or optimize customer service.
  7602. Develop new or improved ways of preserving, processing, packaging, storing, and delivering foods, using knowledge of chemistry, microbiology, and other sciences.
  7603. Examine merchandise to ensure that it is correctly priced and displayed and that it functions as advertised.
  7604. Search electronic sources, such as databases or repositories, or manual sources for information.
  7605. Inspect biomass gasification processes, equipment, and facilities for ways to maximize capacity and minimize operating costs.
  7606. Participate in internal assessments and audits as required.
  7607. Greet customers and discuss the type, quality, and quantity of merchandise sought for rental.
  7608. Repair breaks in percussion instruments, such as drums and cymbals, using drill presses, power saws, glue, clamps, grinding wheels, or other hand tools.
  7609. Mount attachments, such as relieving or tracing attachments, to perform operations, such as duplicating contours of templates or trimming workpieces.
  7610. Read work orders and communicate with coworkers to determine machine and equipment settings and adjustments and supply and product specifications.
  7611. Weigh clay, and mix with water and chemicals to make drilling mud.
  7612. Select, position, align, and bolt jigs, holding fixtures, guides, or stops onto machines, using measuring instruments and hand tools.
  7613. Count, sort, and weigh processed items.
  7614. Place and connect control cables to electronically controlled units, using hand tools, ring locks, cotter keys, threaded connectors, turnbuckles, or related devices.
  7615. Study and research scripts to determine how they should be directed.
  7616. Remove and replace cracked or damaged tile.
  7617. Carry trays from food counters to tables for cafeteria patrons.
  7618. Space and fasten together rods in forms according to blueprints, using wire and pliers.
  7619. Solicit project support by conferring with officials or providing information to the public.
  7620. Call upon witnesses to testify at hearing.
  7621. Examine maps, deposits, drilling locations, or mines to determine the location, size, accessibility, contents, value, and potential profitability of mineral, oil, and gas deposits.
  7622. Operate small cranes to transport or position large parts.
  7623. Record information such as personnel, production, or operational data on specified forms or reports.
  7624. Stock cupboards and refrigerators, and tend salad bars and buffet meals.
  7625. Monitor animal care, maintenance, breeding, or packing and transfer activities to ensure work is done correctly.
  7626. Document data related to patients' care including assessment results, interventions, medications, patient responses, or treatment changes.
  7627. Train other staff members to perform work activities, such as using computer applications.
  7628. Design forms for receiving, processing, or tracking data.
  7629. Keep records of work performed.
  7630. Demonstrate equipment to customers and explain how it is to be used, and respond to any inquiries or complaints.
  7631. Design and prepare templates of wood, paper, or metal.
  7632. Lay out materials such as puzzles, scissors and eating utensils for use in therapy, and clean and repair these tools after therapy sessions.
  7633. Signal workers to move loaded cars.
  7634. Observe individuals at play, in group interactions, or in other contexts to detect indications of mental deficiency, abnormal behavior, or maladjustment.
  7635. Hire, supervise, or evaluate engineers, technicians, researchers, or other staff.
  7636. Identify modifications to engines, fuel systems, emissions control equipment, or other vehicle systems to determine the impact of modifications on inspection procedures or conclusions.
  7637. Analyze remote sensing imagery to identify relationships between soil quality, crop canopy densities, light reflectance, and weather history.
  7638. Apply analytic methods or tools to understand, predict, or control logistics operations or processes.
  7639. Investigate responses of soils to specific management practices to determine the effects of alternative practices on the environment.
  7640. Monitor and report systems resource consumption trends to assure production systems meet availability requirements and hardware enhancements are scheduled appropriately.
  7641. Assemble and check the required supplies and equipment prior to departure.
  7642. Clean work area.
  7643. Provide advice on transportation options, types of carriers, or shipping routes.
  7644. Provide shipment status notification to exporters, consignees, or insurers.
  7645. Perform system analysis, data analysis or programming, using a variety of computer languages and procedures.
  7646. Operate fork lifts, skid loaders, or trucks to move or store recyclable materials.
  7647. Inspect and evaluate the physical condition of facilities to determine the type of work required.
  7648. Construct or assemble displays or display components from fabric, glass, paper, or plastic, using hand tools or woodworking power tools, according to specifications.
  7649. Convey correctional officers' or inmates' complaints to superiors.
  7650. Consult with patients following radiation treatments to provide information and assess outcomes or to recommend further consultation or treatments as appropriate.
  7651. Communicate examination results or diagnostic information to referring physicians, patients, or families.
  7652. Inspect etched work for depth of etching, uniformity, and defects, using calibrated microscopes, gauges, fingers, or magnifying lenses.
  7653. Disseminate research results through academic publications, written reports, or public presentations.
  7654. Search carry-on or checked baggage by hand when it is suspected to contain prohibited items such as weapons.
  7655. Conduct standards tests, such as blood alcohol, blood culture, oral glucose tolerance, glucose screening, blood smears, or peak and trough drug levels tests.
  7656. Evaluate construction methods and determine cost-effectiveness of plans, using computer models.
  7657. Prepare documentation or presentations, including charts, photos, or graphs.
  7658. Work as part of a healthcare team to assess patient needs, plan and modify care, and implement interventions.
  7659. Reinstall software programs or adjust settings on existing software to fix machine malfunctions.
  7660. Hold or restrain animals during veterinary procedures.
  7661. Develop curricula, and recommend curricula revisions and additions.
  7662. Read current literature, talk with colleagues, or participate in professional organizations or conferences to keep abreast of developments in genetics.
  7663. Prepare work schedules and station arrangements and keep attendance records.
  7664. Remove jammed materials from machines and readjust components as necessary to resume normal operations.
  7665. Apply traditional ecological knowledge and assessments of culturally distinctive land and resource management institutions to assist in the resolution of conflicts over habitat protection and resource enhancement.
  7666. Use computers, audio-visual aids, and other equipment and materials to supplement presentations.
  7667. Collect air, water, gas or solid samples for testing to determine radioactivity levels or to ensure appropriate radioactive containment.
  7668. Portion and wrap the food, or place it directly on plates for service to patrons.
  7669. Advise staff of individuals' qualifications.
  7670. Inspect sites to determine physical configuration, such as device locations and conduit pathways.
  7671. Maintain or update emergency response plans or procedures.
  7672. Maintain radio or telephone contact with adjacent control towers, terminal control units, or other area control centers to coordinate aircraft movement.
  7673. Review occupational data on Alien Employment Certification Applications to determine the appropriate occupational title and code, and provide local offices with information about immigration and occupations.
  7674. Call patients to inquire about their post-operative status or recovery.
  7675. Answer questions and advise customers regarding loans and transactions.
  7676. Initiate or participate in emergency response procedures to contain, secure, or clean spills of hazardous materials.
  7677. Administer medications including those administered by injection.
  7678. Verify that finished lenses are ground to specifications.
  7679. Coordinate with agencies to meet aircrew requirements for billeting, messing, refueling, ground transportation, and transient aircraft maintenance.
  7680. Estimate time for debt repayment given amount of debt, interest rates, and available funds.
  7681. Create, layer, and analyze maps showing precision agricultural data, such as crop yields, soil characteristics, input applications, terrain, drainage patterns, or field management history.
  7682. Align and balance new equipment after installation.
  7683. Advise clients or community groups on issues related to risk or prevention of conditions such as lead poisoning, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), prenatal substance abuse, or domestic violence.
  7684. Provide clinical services to clients, such as assessing psychological problems and conducting psychotherapy.
  7685. Probate wills and represent and advise executors and administrators of estates.
  7686. Record operational data on tags, and attach tags to machines.
  7687. Participate in the development of practice protocols.
  7688. Conduct or oversee contingency plan integration and operation.
  7689. Load hot-melt plastic rod glue through reactivator axles, using wrenches, and switch on reactivators, setting temperature and timers to heat glue to specifications.
  7690. Repair, restore and reassemble artifacts, designing and fabricating missing or broken parts, to restore them to their original appearance and prevent deterioration.
  7691. Instruct patients in oral hygiene and plaque control programs.
  7692. Operate machines that clean or cut expansion joints in concrete or asphalt and that rout out cracks in pavement.
  7693. Perform scheduled preventive maintenance tasks, such as checking, cleaning, or repairing equipment, to detect and prevent problems.
  7694. Treat children who have minor illnesses, acute and chronic health problems, and growth and development concerns.
  7695. Sterilize equipment and clean work areas.
  7696. Verify that hazardous chemicals are handled, stored, and disposed of in accordance with regulations.
  7697. Stock shelves, and mark prices on shelves and items.
  7698. Reformat documents, moving paragraphs or columns.
  7699. Inform other screeners when baggage should not be opened because it might contain explosives.
  7700. Position items under needles, using marks on machines, clamps, templates, or cloth as guides.
  7701. Monitor patrons for signs of compulsive gambling, offering assistance if necessary.
  7702. Design or engineer filtration systems that reduce harmful emissions.
  7703. Calibrate and test equipment, and locate circuit and component faults, using hand and power tools and measuring and testing instruments such as resistance meters and oscilloscopes.
  7704. Read switching instructions and daily car schedules to determine work to be performed, or receive orders from yard conductors.
  7705. Transfer or transport offenders on foot or by driving vehicles, such as trailers, vans, or buses.
  7706. Confer with others to gather information regarding pipe or tool sizes or borehole conditions in wells.
  7707. Plan and supervise class projects, field trips, visits by guest speakers or other experiential activities, and guide students in learning from such activities.
  7708. Monitor and continually assess operating room conditions, including patient and surgical team needs.
  7709. Write and distribute financial or environmental impact reports.
  7710. Study blueprints and schematic diagrams to determine appropriate methods of installing or repairing automated door openers.
  7711. Write research proposals and grant applications to obtain private or public funding for environmental and economic studies.
  7712. Advise clients or community groups to ensure parental understanding of the importance of childhood immunizations and how to access immunization services.
  7713. Determine response requirements and relative priorities of situations, and dispatch units in accordance with established procedures.
  7714. Dismantle structures or equipment.
  7715. Inspect recreational vehicles to diagnose problems and perform necessary adjustment, repair, or overhaul.
  7716. Review project instructions and specifications to identify, modify and plan requirements fabrication, assembly and testing.
  7717. Connect hoses and nozzles selected according to terrain, distribution pattern requirements, types of infestations, and velocities.
  7718. Present bills and receipts and collect payments for goods delivered or loaded.
  7719. Plan, implement, or administer health programs or standards in hospitals, businesses, or communities for prevention or treatment of injury or illness.
  7720. Direct patients in simple prescribed exercises or in the use of braces or artificial limbs.
  7721. Monitor markets or positions.
  7722. Operate and inspect machines or heavy equipment to diagnose defects.
  7723. Attend to special needs of tour participants.
  7724. Develop or maintain internal or external company Web sites.
  7725. Return borrowed or rented items when productions are complete and return other items to storage.
  7726. Conduct scientific protection, mitigation, or restoration projects to prevent resource damage, maintain the integrity of critical habitats, and minimize the impact of human activities.
  7727. Compile cost estimates for jobs.
  7728. Perform maintenance and minor repairs on firefighting equipment, including vehicles, and write and submit proposals to modify, replace, and repair equipment.
  7729. Negotiate contracts with waste management or other firms.
  7730. Estimate or predict the effects of global warming over time for specific geographic regions.
  7731. Cut, shape, and finish rough blocks of building or monumental stone, according to diagrams or patterns.
  7732. Document computer security and emergency measures policies, procedures, and tests.
  7733. Construct controllers and panels, using power drills, drill presses, taps, saws, and punches.
  7734. Remove existing plaster, drywall, or paneling, using crowbars and hammers.
  7735. Plan and conduct field surveys to locate new sites and analyze details of project sites.
  7736. Serve as a resource to help families and schools deal with crises, such as separation and loss.
  7737. Monitor daily stock prices and compute fluctuations to determine the need for additional collateral to secure loans.
  7738. Clean, cut, and cook meat, fish, or poultry.
  7739. Repair, maintain, and replace parts on dies.
  7740. Repair and maintain farm vehicles, implements, and mechanical equipment.
  7741. Pour, scoop, or dump specified ingredients, metal assemblies, or mixtures into sections of machine prior to starting machines.
  7742. Install and configure new equipment, including operating software or peripheral equipment.
  7743. Trim excess material at ceilings or baseboards, using knives.
  7744. Collect information about clients through interviews, observation, or tests.
  7745. Identify mistakes in reports and check with doctors to obtain the correct information.
  7746. Participate in fundraising activities to support congregational activities or facilities.
  7747. Move and position workpieces, such as mold sections, patterns, and bottom boards, using cranes, or signal others to move workpieces.
  7748. Thread ends of cloth or twine through specified sections of equipment prior to processing.
  7749. Administer first aid to passengers in distress.
  7750. Report or review findings from accident investigations, facilities inspections, or environmental testing.
  7751. Determine genetic composition of animal populations and heritability of traits, using principles of genetics.
  7752. Investigate and resolve personnel problems within organization and charges of misconduct against staff.
  7753. Develop an understanding of customers' needs and take actions to ensure that such needs are met.
  7754. Record data about individual trees or load volumes into tally books or hand-held collection terminals.
  7755. Remove and replace tank car dome caps, or direct other workers in their removal and replacement.
  7756. Attach name plates and mark identifying information on parts.
  7757. Store, retrieve, and manipulate data for analysis of system capabilities and requirements.
  7758. Position and climb ladders to gain access to upper levels of buildings, or to rescue individuals from burning structures.
  7759. Perform clerical, administrative, and secretarial duties, such as answering phones, restocking and ordering supplies, filling out paperwork, and scheduling appointments.
  7760. Perform activities related to underwater search and rescue, salvage, recovery, or cleanup operations.
  7761. Collect specimens such as blood samples, as required by research projects.
  7762. Tour grounds, such as parks, botanical gardens, cemeteries, or golf courses, to inspect conditions of plants and soil.
  7763. Explain procedures to patients, family members, staff members or others.
  7764. Monitor automated press operation systems and respond to fault, error, or alert messages.
  7765. Direct and monitor worker activities, such as treatment and rearing of fingerlings, maintenance of equipment, and harvesting of fish or shellfish.
  7766. Dismantle meters, and replace or adjust defective parts such as cases, shafts, gears, disks, and recording mechanisms, using soldering irons and hand tools.
  7767. Prepare patients for surgery, including positioning patients on the operating table and covering them with sterile surgical drapes to prevent exposure.
  7768. Develop computer models for hydrologic predictions.
  7769. Insert shims, adjust tension on nuts and bolts, or position parts, using hand tools and measuring instruments, to set specified clearances between moving and stationary parts.
  7770. Review employee safety programs to determine their adequacy.
  7771. Read search requests to ascertain types of title evidence required and to obtain descriptions of properties and names of involved parties.
  7772. Provide technical assistance to surgeons, surgical nurses, or anesthesiologists.
  7773. Prepare graphs, charts, diagrams, or other aids to illustrate observations or conclusions.
  7774. Weigh letters and parcels, compute mailing costs based on type, weight, and destination, and affix correct postage.
  7775. Supervise or direct the work of non-destructive testing (NDT) trainees or staff.
  7776. Design, review and help administer insurance, annuity and pension plans, determining financial soundness and calculating premiums.
  7777. Start pumps to wash and rinse reactor vessels, to exhaust gases or vapors, to regulate the flow of oil, steam, air, or perfume to towers, or to add products to converter or blending vessels.
  7778. Select appropriate equipment settings and adjust patient positions to obtain the best sites and angles.
  7779. Negotiate and arrange transport of goods with shipping or freight companies.
  7780. Wet concrete surface and rub with stone to smooth surface and obtain specified finish.
  7781. Direct helpers engaged in pipe cutting, preassembly, or installation of plumbing systems or components.
  7782. Tighten ends of anchored truss bolts, using turnbuckles.
  7783. Weigh items sold by weight to determine prices.
  7784. Design or conduct tests of new nanotechnology products, processes, or systems.
  7785. Accept payment on accounts.
  7786. Calculate, measure, load, or mix biomass feedstock for power generation.
  7787. Disassemble units such as water pumps, control valves, and compressors so that repairs can be made.
  7788. Recommend actions in fraud cases.
  7789. Facilitate consumer relations or the relationship between parts of the company, such as the managers and employees, or different branch offices.
  7790. Heat soldering irons or workpieces to specified temperatures for soldering, using gas flames or electric current.
  7791. Observe choral leaders or prompters for cues or directions in vocal presentation.
  7792. Operate ophthalmic equipment, such as autorefractors, phoropters, tomographs, or retinoscopes.
  7793. Develop manuals, texts, workbooks, or related materials for use in conjunction with production materials or for training.
  7794. Inspect buildings, equipment, or access points to determine security risks.
  7795. Take the house percentage from each pot.
  7796. Maintain records of applications made or licensing fees collected.
  7797. Break up defective products for reprocessing.
  7798. Compare information from application to criteria for policy reinstatement and approve reinstatement when criteria are met.
  7799. Compare data on student aid applications with eligibility requirements of assistance programs.
  7800. Perform a variety of tasks during funerals to assist funeral directors and to ensure that services run smoothly and as planned.
  7801. Shave or singe and defeather carcasses, and wash them in preparation for further processing or packaging.
  7802. Interpret data on price, yield, stability, future investment-risk trends, economic influences, and other factors affecting investment programs.
  7803. Develop and maintain an institution's registration, cataloging, and basic record-keeping systems, using computer databases.
  7804. Discuss data presentation requirements with clients.
  7805. Adjust points, valves, carburetors, distributors, and spark plug gaps, using feeler gauges.
  7806. Select methods, techniques, or criteria for data warehousing evaluative procedures.
  7807. Present subject matter to students under the direction and guidance of teachers, using lectures, discussions, or supervised role-playing methods.
  7808. Collect and compile data to document clients' performance or assess program quality.
  7809. Inspect or evaluate workplace environments, equipment, or practices to ensure compliance with safety standards and government regulations.
  7810. Wash stones, using water hoses.
  7811. Issue subpoenas or administer oaths to prepare for formal hearings.
  7812. Erect scaffolding, shoring, or braces.
  7813. Lay out and plan interior room arrangements for commercial buildings, using computer-assisted drafting (CAD) equipment and software.
  7814. Observe signal lights on switchboards, and dial or press buttons to make connections.
  7815. Clean and polish counters, shelves, walls, furniture, or equipment in food service areas or other areas of restaurants and mop or vacuum floors.
  7816. Develop rehabilitation or instructional plans collaboratively with clients, based on results of assessments, needs, and goals.
  7817. Set marketing, sales, or other financial goals for funeral service establishments and monitor progress toward these goals.
  7818. Portray and interpret roles, using speech, gestures, and body movements, to entertain, inform, or instruct radio, film, television, or live audiences.
  7819. Participate or assist in raids and arrests.
  7820. Develop product packaging, display, and pricing strategies.
  7821. Secure finished packaged items by hand tying, sewing, gluing, stapling, or attaching fastener.
  7822. Attend workshops, seminars, or conferences to present or obtain information regarding fire prevention and protection.
  7823. Coordinate the selection and maintenance of brood stock.
  7824. Inspect completed work to certify that maintenance meets standards and that aircraft are ready for operation.
  7825. Operate machines to prepare circuit boards and to expose, develop, etch, fix, wash, dry, or print film or plates.
  7826. Establish procedures for street closures or for repair or construction projects.
  7827. Tap mainline sewers to install sewer saddles.
  7828. Install, align, and adjust neck rings, press plungers, and feeder tubes.
  7829. Answer mail or telephone inquiries regarding rates, routing, or procedures.
  7830. Repair electric meters and components, such as transformers and relays, and replace metering devices, dial glasses, and faulty or incorrect wiring, using hand tools.
  7831. Mow or edge lawns, using power mowers or edgers.
  7832. Assemble and fasten tracks to structures or bucks, using impact wrenches or welding equipment.
  7833. Fabricate, assemble, or install duct work or chassis parts, using portable metal-working tools or welding equipment.
  7834. Analyze and modify compensation and benefits policies to establish competitive programs and ensure compliance with legal requirements.
  7835. Requisition food supplies, kitchen equipment, and appliances, based on estimates of future needs.
  7836. Report deficiencies in account payments, securities deliveries, or documentation requirements to avoid rule violations.
  7837. Provide technical expertise to assist communities in the development or implementation of storm water monitoring or other water programs.
  7838. Fit insulation around obstructions, and shape insulating materials and protective coverings as required.
  7839. Direct work of contract security officers or other loss prevention agents.
  7840. Read and study story lines and musical scores to determine how to translate ideas and moods into dance movements.
  7841. Negotiate with retail merchants to improve product exposure, such as shelf positioning and advertising.
  7842. Conduct research to help clients avoid repossessions or foreclosures or remove levies or wage garnishments.
  7843. Clean rooms, hallways, lobbies, lounges, restrooms, corridors, elevators, stairways, locker rooms, and other work areas so that health standards are met.
  7844. Apply research findings to help minimize the environmental impacts of pollution, waterborne diseases, erosion, and sedimentation.
  7845. Tutor and assist children individually or in small groups to help them master assignments and to reinforce learning concepts presented by teachers.
  7846. Maintain geographic information systems laboratories, performing duties such as updating software.
  7847. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as molecular biology, marine biology, and botany.
  7848. Split logs, using axes, wedges, and mauls, and stack wood in ricks or cord lots.
  7849. Recruit or select wind operations employees, contractors, or subcontractors.
  7850. Identify appropriate methods of specimen collection, preservation, or transport.
  7851. Plan and schedule rehearsals and performances, and arrange details such as locations, accompanists, and instrumentalists.
  7852. Set forms and pour concrete footings for installation of heavy equipment.
  7853. Advise management on short-term and long-term financial objectives, policies, and actions.
  7854. Provide assistive devices, supportive technology, and assistance accessing facilities, such as restrooms.
  7855. Package finished products.
  7856. Serve as liaisons between organizations, shareholders, and outside organizations.
  7857. Repair or replace defective equipment, components, or wiring.
  7858. Count, weigh, measure, or organize materials.
  7859. Investigate traffic accidents and other accidents to determine causes and to determine if a crime has been committed.
  7860. Drive and operate curbing machines to extrude concrete or asphalt curbing.
  7861. Collect and organize books, pamphlets, manuscripts, and other materials in specific fields, such as rare books, genealogy, or music.
  7862. Inspect agricultural commodities or related operations, as well as fish or logging operations, for compliance with laws and regulations governing health, quality, and safety.
  7863. Position and mark patterns on materials to prepare for sewing.
  7864. Conduct field trips to point out scientific, historic, and natural features of parks, forests, historic sites, or other attractions.
  7865. Develop work plans, including writing specifications or establishing material, manpower, or facilities needs.
  7866. Meet with sponsors and organizing committees to plan scope and format of events, to establish and monitor budgets, or to review administrative procedures and event progress.
  7867. Conduct or order diagnostic tests such as chest radiographs (x-rays), microbiologic tests, or endocrinologic tests.
  7868. Apply tar or other protective substances to cut surfaces to seal surfaces, and to protect them from fungi and insects.
  7869. Play instruments to evaluate their sound quality and to locate any defects.
  7870. Maintain records of drilling and production operations.
  7871. Assist with patient resuscitation during cardiac arrest or other life-threatening events.
  7872. Research and convey information to customers about tax benefits or government rebates associated with energy-efficient scientific or technical products, such as solar panels.
  7873. Mail newsletters, promotional material, or other information.
  7874. Set up or operate machines or systems to crimp, cut, bend, form, swage, flare, bead, burr, or straighten tubing, according to specifications.
  7875. Draw samples of products at specified stages so that analyses can be performed.
  7876. Estimate transportation project costs.
  7877. Maintain close contact with clients during job training and placements to resolve problems and evaluate placement adequacy.
  7878. Examine individual titles to determine if restrictions, such as delinquent taxes, will affect titles and limit property use.
  7879. Investigate and report on accidents.
  7880. Prescribe, supply, fit and adjust eyeglasses, contact lenses and other vision aids.
  7881. Drive vehicles with capacities under three tons to transport materials to and from specified destinations, such as railroad stations, plants, residences, offices, or within industrial yards.
  7882. Approve loans within specified limits.
  7883. Conduct therapeutic, recreational, or athletic activities.
  7884. Observe students' performance, and record relevant data to assess progress.
  7885. Attend receptions, dinners, and conferences to meet people, exchange views and information, and develop working relationships.
  7886. Examine and inventory firefighting equipment, such as axes, fire hoses, shovels, pumps, buckets, and fire extinguishers, to determine amount and condition.
  7887. Install horizontal and vertical metal or wooden studs to frames so that wallboard can be attached to interior walls.
  7888. Develop instructional materials and conduct in-service and community-based educational programs.
  7889. Paint or varnish decks, superstructures, lifeboats, or sides of ships.
  7890. Measure visual acuity, including near, distance, pinhole, or dynamic visual acuity, using appropriate tests.
  7891. Identify, develop, or evaluate marketing strategy, based on knowledge of establishment objectives, market characteristics, and cost and markup factors.
  7892. Evaluate training materials prepared by instructors, such as outlines, text, or handouts.
  7893. Establish work procedures for fabricating new structural products, using a variety of metalworking machines.
  7894. Remove parts from furnaces after specified times, and air dry or cool parts in water, oil brine, or other baths.
  7895. Draw and cut patterns according to specifications.
  7896. Stop machines to remove completed components, using hand tools.
  7897. Identify and treat major neurological system diseases and disorders such as central nervous system infection, cranio spinal trauma, dementia, and stroke.
  7898. Hang drywall panels on metal frameworks of walls and ceilings in offices, schools, or other large buildings, using lifts or hoists to adjust panel heights when necessary.
  7899. Examine titles to property to determine validity and act as company agent in transactions with property owners.
  7900. Create freehand drawings and lettering to accompany drawings.
  7901. Serve subpoenas or other official papers.
  7902. Operate single- or multiple-head spike driving machines to drive spikes into ties and secure rails.
  7903. Perform site activities required of green certified construction practices, such as implementing waste management procedures, identifying materials for reuse, or installing erosion or sedimentation control mechanisms.
  7904. Inject prepared animal semen into female animals for breeding purposes, by inserting nozzle of syringe into vagina and depressing syringe plunger.
  7905. Provide medical care and consultation in many settings, prescribing medication and treatment and referring patients for surgery.
  7906. Pour, trim, and polish study casts.
  7907. Select rolls, dies, roll stands, and chucks from data charts to form specified contours and to fabricate products.
  7908. Process exposed radiographs using film processors or computer generated methods.
  7909. Place people in protective custody.
  7910. Shape or fabricate parts, such as stacks, uptakes, or chutes, to adapt pressure vessels, heat exchangers, or piping to premises, using heavy-metalworking machines such as brakes, rolls, or drill presses.
  7911. Manage and treat common health problems, such as infections, influenza or pneumonia, as well as serious, chronic, and complex illnesses, in adolescents, adults, and the elderly.
  7912. Interpret test results and prepare psychological reports for teachers, administrators, and parents.
  7913. Develop and maintain cooperative working relationships with agencies and organizations interested in public health care.
  7914. Position parts in plastic bags, and seal bags with irons.
  7915. Observe signals from other crew members so that work activities can be coordinated.
  7916. Cover roofs or exterior walls of structures with slate, asphalt, aluminum, wood, gravel, gypsum, or related materials, using brushes, knives, punches, hammers, or other tools.
  7917. Co-pilot aircraft or perform captain's duties as required.
  7918. Keep up with developments in area of expertise by reading current journals, books, or magazine articles.
  7919. Repair, fabricate, and install steel or wood fittings, using blueprints, shop sketches, and instruction manuals.
  7920. Disassemble, clean, and reassemble sprayers or power equipment, using solvents, wire brushes, and cloths.
  7921. Plan and supervise work-experience programs in businesses, industrial shops, and school laboratories.
  7922. Edit, standardize, or make changes to material prepared by other writers or establishment personnel.
  7923. Collaborate with physicians to develop and implement comprehensive rehabilitation programs for athletic injuries.
  7924. Clean funeral home facilities and grounds.
  7925. Score compositions so that they are consistent with instrumental and vocal capabilities such as ranges and keys, using knowledge of music theory.
  7926. Contact borrowers with delinquent accounts to obtain payment in full or to negotiate repayment plans.
  7927. Inspect specified areas to ensure the presence of fire prevention equipment, safety equipment, or first-aid supplies.
  7928. Measure, space, and set saw blades, cutters, and perforators, according to product specifications.
  7929. Record parts or materials used and order or requisition new parts or materials as necessary.
  7930. Calculate and quote rates for tours, stocks, insurance policies, or other products or services.
  7931. Adjust guides and stops to control depths and widths of cuts.
  7932. Operate landfill gas, methane, or natural gas fueled electrical generation systems.
  7933. Assist faculty members or staff with student conferences.
  7934. Inspect instructional equipment to determine if repairs are needed and authorize necessary repairs.
  7935. Provide customer with brochures and publications containing travel information, such as local customs, points of interest, or foreign country regulations.
  7936. Purchase supplies or equipment.
  7937. Direct distribution center operation to ensure achievement of cost, productivity, accuracy, or timeliness objectives.
  7938. Demonstrate new equipment, procedures, or techniques to staff and provide technical assistance.
  7939. Manage or oversee fitness or recreation facilities, ensuring safe and clean facilities and equipment.
  7940. Order and interpret the results of diagnostic tests, such as prostate specific antigen (PSA) screening, to detect prostate cancer.
  7941. Paint bicycle frames, using spray guns or brushes.
  7942. Advise hospital administrators on the planning, acquisition, and use of medical equipment.
  7943. Troubleshoot new or existing product problems involving designs, materials, or processes.
  7944. Answer inquiries from current or prospective customers regarding methods, materials, or price ranges.
  7945. Create or maintain photonic design histories.
  7946. Provide public education and consultation to other professionals or groups regarding counseling services, issues, and methods.
  7947. Design, implement, maintain, or improve electrical instruments, equipment, facilities, components, products, or systems for commercial, industrial, or domestic purposes.
  7948. Review compiled data on operating costs and revenues to set rates.
  7949. Stack and sort cut material for packaging, further processing, or shipping, according to types and sizes of material.
  7950. Interpret drilling and testing information for personnel.
  7951. Evaluate sources of information to determine any limitations, in terms of reliability or usability.
  7952. Trim film segments to specified lengths and reassemble segments in sequences that present stories with maximum effect.
  7953. Study celestial phenomena, using a variety of ground-based and space-borne telescopes and scientific instruments.
  7954. Perform venipuncture or skin pricking to collect blood samples.
  7955. Monitor environmental impacts of development activities.
  7956. Design robotic systems, such as automatic vehicle control, autonomous vehicles, advanced displays, advanced sensing, robotic platforms, computer vision, or telematics systems.
  7957. Monitor participants' progress and adapt programs as needed.
  7958. Remove rough spots and smooth surfaces to fit, trim, or clean parts, using hand tools or power tools.
  7959. Compile, sort and verify the accuracy of data before it is entered.
  7960. Direct central load control centers to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of transportation services.
  7961. Perform brachytherapy, cryotherapy, high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), or photodynamic therapy to treat prostate or other cancers.
  7962. Record and review patient medical histories.
  7963. Assist customers by answering simple questions, locating items, or referring them to the pharmacist for medication information.
  7964. Monitor and direct the work of lower-level clerks.
  7965. Prepare metal surfaces or workpieces, using hand-operated equipment, such as grinders, cutters, or drills.
  7966. Switch from automatic to manual controls and isolate equipment mechanically and electrically to allow for safe inspection and repair work.
  7967. Describe chromosome, FISH and aCGH analysis results in Internations System of Cytogenetic Nomenclature (ISCN) language.
  7968. Conduct complete skin examinations.
  7969. Patrol work areas to ensure that solutions in tanks or troughs are not in danger of overflowing.
  7970. Monitor traffic to ensure motorists observe traffic regulations and exhibit safe driving procedures.
  7971. Perform the same horticultural or agricultural duties as subordinates.
  7972. Train bioinformatics staff or researchers in the use of databases.
  7973. Move containerized shrubs, plants, and trees, using wheelbarrows or tractors.
  7974. Develop and arrange competition schedules and programs.
  7975. Identify skill development needs for funeral home staff.
  7976. Review operating practices and procedures to determine whether improvements can be made in areas such as workflow, reporting procedures, or expenditures.
  7977. Repair and recondition leather products such as trunks, luggage, shoes, saddles, belts, purses, and baseball gloves.
  7978. Apply weatherproof, decorative coverings to exterior surfaces of buildings, such as by troweling or spraying on coats of stucco.
  7979. Prepare government and organizational reports on birth, death, and disease statistics, workforce evaluations, or the medical status of individuals.
  7980. Identify short- and long-term impacts of environmental remediation activities.
  7981. Design and fabricate dental prostheses, or supervise dental technicians and laboratory bench workers who construct the devices.
  7982. Set up, mount, or install photographic equipment and cameras.
  7983. Use a variety of specialized equipment such as electron microscopes, gas chromatographs and high pressure liquid chromatographs, electrophoresis units, thermocyclers, fluorescence activated cell sorters and phosphorimagers.
  7984. Develop job specifications, job descriptions, or work schedules.
  7985. Control traffic passing near, in, or around work zones.
  7986. Plan or manage hydroelectric plant upgrades.
  7987. Study drawings, specifications, mockups, and product samples to integrate and delineate technology, operating procedure, and production sequence and detail.
  7988. Prepare reports documenting investigation activities and results.
  7989. Observe teaching methods and examine learning materials to evaluate and standardize curricula and teaching techniques, and to determine areas where improvement is needed.
  7990. Determine how to allocate resources and to respond to unanticipated problems, such as insect infestation, drought, and fire.
  7991. Design learning products, including web-based aids or electronic performance support systems.
  7992. Perform general labor duties such as repairing booms.
  7993. Clear machine jams, using hand tools.
  7994. Assist with annual budget development.
  7995. Seal open sides of modular units to prepare them for shipment, using polyethylene sheets, nails, and hammers.
  7996. Repair or replace worn or broken door parts, using hand tools.
  7997. Design or oversee construction or operation of nuclear reactors or power plants or nuclear fuels reprocessing and reclamation systems.
  7998. Maintain cleanliness of bus or motor coach.
  7999. Analyze historical climate information, such as precipitation or temperature records, to help predict future weather or climate trends.
  8000. Prepare glass for cutting by resting it on rack edges or against cutting tables and brushing thin layer of oil along cutting lines or dipping cutting tools in oil.
  8001. Clean common areas, change light bulbs, and make minor property repairs.
  8002. Coordinate games, contests, or other on-air competitions, performing such duties as asking questions and awarding prizes.
  8003. Load or feed workpieces into welding machines to join or bond components.
  8004. Determine shipping methods, routes, or rates for materials to be shipped.
  8005. Pull up cable by hand from large reels mounted on trucks.
  8006. Identify program deviance from standards, and suggest modifications to ensure compliance.
  8007. Provide technical supervision regarding traffic control devices to other traffic technicians or laborers.
  8008. Assess the nature and level of threats so that the scope of the problem can be determined.
  8009. Offer assistance to mourners as they enter or exit limousines.
  8010. Inform staff of job responsibilities, performance expectations, client service standards, or corporate policies and guidelines.
  8011. Lift and move loads, using cranes, hoists, and rigging, to install or repair hydroelectric system equipment or infrastructure.
  8012. Shut off steam, water, or other gases or liquids from pipe sections, using valve keys or wrenches.
  8013. Inspect locomotives after runs to detect damaged or defective equipment.
  8014. Evaluate chemical equipment and processes to identify ways to optimize performance or to ensure compliance with safety and environmental regulations.
  8015. Maintain equipment storage areas to ensure that inventory is protected.
  8016. Interview, interrogate, or interact with witnesses or crime suspects to collect human intelligence.
  8017. Package and label semen to be used for artificial insemination, recording information such as the date, source, quality, and concentration.
  8018. Push or ride cars down slopes, or hook cars to cables and control cable drum brakes, to ease cars down inclines.
  8019. Create marketing or outreach media, such as brochures or web sites, to communicate sustainability issues, procedures, or objectives.
  8020. Read books to entire classes or to small groups.
  8021. Design or conduct follow-up experimentation, based on generated data, to meet established process objectives.
  8022. Confer with data processing or project managers to obtain information on limitations or capabilities for data processing projects.
  8023. Test or maintain equipment to ensure correct performance.
  8024. Operate equipment to demolish or remove debris or to remove snow from streets, roads, or parking lots.
  8025. Develop work schedules according to budgets and workloads.
  8026. Move, assemble, and connect hoses or nozzles to material hoppers, storage tanks, conveyor sections or chutes, and pumps.
  8027. Clean the plastic work inside cars, using paintbrushes.
  8028. Design models for use in evaluating logistics programs or services.
  8029. Record production and operational data on specified forms.
  8030. Attend to needs of athletic teams in clubhouses.
  8031. Evaluate customer records and recommend payment plans based on earnings, savings data, payment history, and purchase activity.
  8032. Contract or oversee craft work, such as painting or plumbing.
  8033. Direct activities of workers assisting in control or verification of processes or in unloading of materials.
  8034. Integrate electrical systems with renewable energy systems to improve overall efficiency.
  8035. Plan and teach classes on topics such as information literacy, library instruction, and technology use.
  8036. Provide nonsurgical interventions, including corrective lenses, patches, drops, fusion exercises, or stereograms, to treat conditions such as strabismus, heterophoria, and convergence insufficiency.
  8037. Operate electronic mail systems and coordinate the flow of information, internally or with other organizations.
  8038. Remove impurities from the surface of molten metal, using strainers.
  8039. Inspect and adjust rental items to meet needs of customer.
  8040. Remove old paper, using water, steam machines, or solvents and scrapers.
  8041. Monitor water use, demand, or quality in a particular geographic area.
  8042. Recommend preventive measures to be taken in the handling of nuclear technology, based on data obtained from operations monitoring or from evaluation of test results.
  8043. Observe and evaluate athletes' mental well-being.
  8044. Peen edges of scratches or holes to repair defects, using peening hammers.
  8045. Select and mark trees for thinning or logging, drawing detailed plans that include access roads.
  8046. Set up equipment, such as pasteboards and scaffolds.
  8047. Investigate alleged parole violations, using interviews, surveillance, and search and seizure.
  8048. Interview witnesses or suspects and take statements.
  8049. Compile information on content and context of information to be translated and on intended audience.
  8050. Approve and pay bills.
  8051. Remove rough spots from workpieces, using portable grinders, hand files, or scrapers.
  8052. Perform procedures, such as linear tomography, mammography, sonograms, joint and cyst aspirations, routine contrast studies, routine fluoroscopy, or examinations of the head, trunk, or extremities under supervision of physician.
  8053. Explain assessed values to property owners and defend appealed assessments at public hearings.
  8054. Operate equipment to heat biomass, using knowledge of controls, combustion, and firing mechanisms.
  8055. Distribute menus to hospital patients, collect diet sheets, and deliver food trays and snacks to nursing units or directly to patients.
  8056. Conduct research, compile data, and prepare papers for consideration and presentation by executives, committees, and boards of directors.
  8057. Perform landfill surface scans to determine overall effectiveness of the landfill gas site.
  8058. Plan layout of electric power generating plants or distribution lines or stations.
  8059. Prepare plans of action for investment, using financial analyses.
  8060. Perform crisis interventions with clients.
  8061. Enter patient, specimen, insurance, or billing information into computer.
  8062. Install gauges, stream flow recorders, and soil moisture measuring instruments, and collect and record data from them to assist with watershed analysis.
  8063. Smooth seams with heated irons, flat bones, or rubbing sticks.
  8064. Sew buttonholes and attach buttons to finish garments.
  8065. Stencil, gild, emboss, mark, or paint designs or borders to reproduce the original appearance of restored pieces, or to decorate new pieces.
  8066. Organize and display students' work in a manner appropriate for their perceptual skills.
  8067. Direct crane operators and crew members to load vessels with materials to be processed.
  8068. Clean and clear debris from culverts, catch basins, drop inlets, ditches, and other drain structures.
  8069. Maintain records of sales, rental or usage activity, special permits issued, maintenance and operating costs, or property availability.
  8070. Evaluate data and write reports to validate or indicate deviations from existing standards.
  8071. Inform customers of available options for advertisement artwork and provide samples.
  8072. Visit establishments to verify that valid licenses or permits are displayed and that licensing standards are being upheld.
  8073. Monitor and adjust irrigation systems to distribute water according to crop needs and to avoid wasting water.
  8074. Design, evaluate, recommend, and approve changes of forms and reports.
  8075. Develop or implement engineering solutions to clean up industrial accidents or other contaminated sites.
  8076. Participate in athletic events or competitive sports, according to established rules and regulations.
  8077. Teach sports medicine courses to athletic training students.
  8078. Prepare objectives and outlines for courses of study, following curriculum guidelines or requirements of states and schools.
  8079. Assist in the application of monitoring techniques, such as pulmonary artery catheterization, electroencephalographic spectral analysis, echocardiography, or evoked potentials.
  8080. Repair products by dismantling, straightening, reshaping, and reassembling parts, using cutting torches, straightening presses, and hand tools.
  8081. Order or requisition food or other supplies needed to ensure efficient operation.
  8082. Discuss upholstery fabrics, colors, and styles with customers, and provide cost estimates.
  8083. Finish completed products or models with shellac, lacquer, wax, or paint.
  8084. Direct engineers to move cars to fit planned train configurations, combining or separating cars to make up or break up trains.
  8085. Advise planning officials on project feasibility, cost-effectiveness, regulatory conformance, or possible alternatives.
  8086. Refer patients to other health professionals or agencies when appropriate.
  8087. Spray or swab molds with oil solutions to prevent adhesion of glass.
  8088. Perform, order, or interpret the results of diagnostic or clinical tests.
  8089. Create designs or prototypes for nanosystem applications, such as biomedical delivery systems or atomic force microscopes.
  8090. Consult with customers or other departments on project status, proposals, or technical issues, such as software system design or maintenance.
  8091. Attend investment briefings or consult financial media to stay abreast of relevant investment markets.
  8092. Counsel individuals regarding interpersonal, health, financial, or religious problems.
  8093. Operate or tend automated assembling equipment, such as robotics and fixed automation equipment.
  8094. Adjust and operate surveying instruments such as prisms, theodolites, and electronic distance-measuring equipment.
  8095. Answer telephones to provide information and receive orders.
  8096. Wash and blend wool, yarn, or cloth.
  8097. Gather and compile geographic data from sources including censuses, field observations, satellite imagery, aerial photographs, and existing maps.
  8098. Review data from contract laboratories to ensure accuracy and regulatory compliance.
  8099. Apply Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data in transportation routing settings to determine the best routing to reduce pollution or energy consumption.
  8100. Select local, state, national, and international news items received from wire services, based on assessment of items' significance and interest value.
  8101. Communicate with suppliers regarding the design or specifications of bioproduction equipment, instrumentation, or materials.
  8102. Lay out mounting holes, using measuring instruments, and drill holes with power drill.
  8103. Construct, test, maintain, and repair substation relay and control systems.
  8104. Supervise maintenance of telecommunications equipment.
  8105. Assess patients' medical histories to predict anesthesia response.
  8106. Maintain and update filing, inventory, mailing, and database systems, either manually or using a computer.
  8107. Administer first aid treatment or life support care to sick or injured persons in prehospital settings.
  8108. Measure corneal thickness, using pachymeter or contact ultrasound methods.
  8109. Manage the coordination and overall integration of technical activities in architecture or engineering projects.
  8110. Identify and recommend energy savings strategies to achieve more energy-efficient operation.
  8111. Obtain, organize, or develop training procedure manuals, guides, or course materials, such as handouts or visual materials.
  8112. Install green architectural sheet metal components, such as cool roofs or hot or cold walls.
  8113. Evaluate staff performance in leading group exercise or conducting diagnostic tests.
  8114. Prepare all materials for transactions or execution of deals.
  8115. Prepare and facilitate tutoring workshops, collaborative projects, or academic support sessions for small groups of students.
  8116. Develop and participate in health promotion programs, group activities, or discussions to promote client health, facilitate social adjustment, alleviate stress, and prevent physical or mental disability.
  8117. Manage field offices or involve staff in cooperative ventures.
  8118. Operate forklifts, pallet jacks, power lifts, or front-end loaders to load bales, bundles, or other heavy items onto trucks for shipping to smelters or other recycled materials processing facilities.
  8119. Order bicycle parts.
  8120. Adjust equipment controls to generate specified amounts of electrical power.
  8121. Delineate aerial photographic detail, such as control points, hydrography, topography, and cultural features, using precision stereoplotting apparatus or drafting instruments.
  8122. Develop and maintain departmental policies, procedures, objectives, or patient care standards, based on evidence-based practice guidelines or expert opinion.
  8123. Set up, operate, and maintain broadcast station computers and networks.
  8124. Advise customers on proper installation of valves or regulators and related equipment.
  8125. Restrain patients to prevent violence or injury or to assist physicians or nurses to administer treatments.
  8126. Drive machines onto truck trailers, and drive trucks to transport machines and material to and from job sites.
  8127. Prepare publications and exhibits, or review those prepared by others, to ensure their historical accuracy.
  8128. Clean and salt hides.
  8129. Disseminate research by writing reports, publishing papers, or presenting at professional conferences.
  8130. Hire employees and process hiring-related paperwork.
  8131. Counsel individuals, groups, families, or communities regarding issues including mental health, poverty, unemployment, substance abuse, physical abuse, rehabilitation, social adjustment, child care, or medical care.
  8132. Cue announcers, actors, performers, and guests.
  8133. Record test procedures and results, numerical and graphical data, and recommendations for changes in product or test methods.
  8134. Arrange for outside contractors to construct exhibit structures.
  8135. Provide verbal or written project status reports to project teams, management, subcontractors, customers, or owners.
  8136. Inspect, feel, and measure workpieces to ensure that surfaces and dimensions meet specifications.
  8137. Conduct quality control tests.
  8138. Prepare reports, deliver presentations, or participate in program review activities to communicate engineering results or recommendations.
  8139. Prepare agendas and make arrangements, such as coordinating catering for luncheons, for committee, board, and other meetings.
  8140. Perform specific protocol procedures such as interviewing subjects, taking vital signs, and performing electrocardiograms.
  8141. Teach physical therapy students or those in other health professions.
  8142. Prepare collections of preserved specimens or microscopic slides for species identification and study of development or disease.
  8143. Inspect components of industrial equipment for accurate assembly and installation or for defects, such as loose connections or frayed wires.
  8144. Inspect or test installed units, parts, systems, or assemblies for fit, alignment, performance, defects, or compliance with standards, using measuring instruments or test equipment.
  8145. Develop systems that produce electricity using renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, or biofuels.
  8146. Visit schools to tutor students with sensory impairments and to consult with teachers regarding students' special needs.
  8147. Devise and participate in activities to improve fish hatching and growth rates, and to prevent disease in hatcheries.
  8148. Use traditional or digital cameras, along with a variety of equipment such as tripods, filters, and flash attachments.
  8149. Communicate with dispatchers concerning delays, unsafe sites, accidents, equipment breakdowns, or other maintenance problems.
  8150. Wash out cargo containers or storage areas.
  8151. Secure boats to docks with mooring lines, and cast off lines to enable departure.
  8152. Guide loads being lifted to prevent swinging.
  8153. Assess the user-interface or usability characteristics of products.
  8154. Issue licenses, permits, or other documentation.
  8155. Install equipment to improve the energy or operational efficiency of residential or commercial buildings.
  8156. Verify that first aid kits and other emergency equipment, including fire extinguishers and oxygen bottles, are in working order.
  8157. Replace defective shrouds, and splice connections between shrouds and harnesses, using hand tools.
  8158. Keep records of goods dispatched or received.
  8159. Refer students to degree programs based on interests, aptitudes, or educational assessments.
  8160. Check equipment to ensure that it is operating properly.
  8161. Address employee relations issues, such as harassment allegations, work complaints, or other employee concerns.
  8162. Inspect worn tires for faults, cracks, cuts and nail holes, and to determine if tires are suitable for retreading.
  8163. Monitor compliance with health and fire regulations regarding food preparation and serving, and building maintenance in lodging and dining facilities.
  8164. Provide running commentaries of event activities, such as play-by-play descriptions or explanations of official decisions.
  8165. Paint structures as specified, using paint sprayers.
  8166. Develop or implement policies or practices to ensure the privacy, confidentiality, or security of patient information.
  8167. Report all violations and suspicious behaviors to supervisors, verbally or in writing.
  8168. Maintain records of students' assessment results, progress, feedback, or school performance, ensuring confidentiality of all records.
  8169. Develop or approve project plans, schedules, or budgets.
  8170. Collect samples of materials or products for laboratory testing.
  8171. Serve food or beverages to patrons, and prepare or serve specialty dishes at tables as required.
  8172. Compute and record totals of transactions.
  8173. Design silver articles, such as jewelry and serving pieces.
  8174. Tend conveyor chains that move logs to and from scaling stations.
  8175. Provide vision therapy and low vision rehabilitation.
  8176. Forecast material costs or develop standard cost lists.
  8177. Clean work areas to ensure compliance with safety regulations.
  8178. Inspect animal housing facilities to determine their cleanliness and adequacy.
  8179. Interview clients by telephone or in person to gather financial information.
  8180. Select, order, and issue books, materials, and supplies for courses or projects.
  8181. Establish or monitor specific supply chain-based performance measurement systems.
  8182. Write grants to obtain program funding.
  8183. Advise sales and billing departments of transportation charges for customers' accounts.
  8184. Recommend measures to help protect workers from potentially hazardous work methods, processes, or materials.
  8185. Petition courts to transfer titles and deeds of collateral to banks.
  8186. Apply solutions or paints to wired electrical components, using hand tools, and bake components.
  8187. Hang dry lines to wall moldings to guide positioning of main runners.
  8188. Manage and direct the construction, operations, or maintenance activities at project site.
  8189. Identify plumbing, electrical, environmental, or safety hazards associated with solar thermal installations.
  8190. Research information requested by farmers.
  8191. Start pumps to circulate water and abrasives onto blades or cables during cutting.
  8192. Standardize drug dosages, methods of immunization, and procedures for manufacture of drugs and medicinal compounds.
  8193. Perform first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) when required.
  8194. Determine paint flow, viscosity, and coating quality by performing visual inspections, or by using viscometers.
  8195. Break out, rig, and stow cargo-handling gear, stationary rigging, or running gear.
  8196. Adjust, maintain, and repair tools, equipment, and machines, and assist more skilled workers with similar tasks.
  8197. Maintain knowledge of tax code changes, and of accounting procedures and theory to properly evaluate financial information.
  8198. Conduct neuropsychological evaluations such as assessments of intelligence, academic ability, attention, concentration, sensorimotor function, language, learning, and memory.
  8199. Gather and compile data from hand count sheets, machine count tapes, or radar speed checks and code data for computer input.
  8200. Replace broken or missing masonry units in walls or floors.
  8201. Use models to simulate the behavior of animated objects in the finished sequence.
  8202. Recommend or arrange for additional services, such as painting, repair work, renovations, and the replacement of furnishings and equipment.
  8203. Unroll, lay out, attach, or mount materials or items on cutting tables or machines.
  8204. Fit, wrap, staple, or glue insulating materials to structures or surfaces, using hand tools or wires.
  8205. Write simple programs for computer-controlled machine tools.
  8206. Inspect machined parts to verify conformance to specifications.
  8207. Develop and maintain standard operating procedures or local working practices.
  8208. Perform and supervise airfield management activities, including mobile airfield management functions.
  8209. Manage the work completed by subcontractors to ensure quality control.
  8210. Supervise laboratory sessions and field work and coordinate laboratory operations.
  8211. Count numbers of chromosomes and identify the structural abnormalities by viewing culture slides through microscopes, light microscopes, or photomicroscopes.
  8212. Build and shape wax teeth, using small hand instruments and information from observations or dentists' specifications.
  8213. Cut or saw boards, timbers, or plywood to required size, using handsaw, power saw, or woodworking machine.
  8214. Provide therapies such as intralesional steroids, chemical peels, or comodo removal to treat age spots, sun damage, rough skin, discolored skin, or oily skin.
  8215. Order replacements for tires or tubes.
  8216. Negotiate with professional athletes or their representatives to obtain services and arrange contracts.
  8217. Operate equipment to produce programs or broadcast live programs from remote locations.
  8218. Develop employee work schedules.
  8219. Issue medications from dispensary and maintain records in accordance with specified procedures.
  8220. Wet surface to prepare for bonding, fill holes and cracks with grout or slurry, and smooth, using trowel.
  8221. Identify and analyze public health issues related to foodborne parasitic diseases and their impact on public policies, scientific studies, or surveys.
  8222. Verify legal descriptions of properties by comparing them to county records.
  8223. Open and close cash floats and game tables.
  8224. Conduct surveys and evaluate findings to determine if systematic discrimination exists.
  8225. Calculate corrections for refractive errors.
  8226. Conduct chemical analyses of substances such as acids, alcohols, and enzymes.
  8227. Explain features, advantages, and disadvantages of various policies to promote sale of insurance plans.
  8228. Supply, operate, or maintain personal protective equipment.
  8229. Work as part of a team of demonstrators to accommodate large crowds.
  8230. Code data in preparation for computer entry.
  8231. Evaluate students' or individuals' abilities, interests, and personality characteristics, using tests, records, interviews, or professional sources.
  8232. Search burning buildings to locate fire victims.
  8233. Customize insurance programs to suit individual customers, often covering a variety of risks.
  8234. Install, maintain, and repair electrical distribution and transmission systems, including conduits, cables, wires, and related equipment, such as transformers, circuit breakers, and switches.
  8235. Obtain clearances for the use of recycled plastics in product packaging.
  8236. Evaluate the functioning of the neuromuscularskeletal system and the spine using systems of chiropractic diagnosis.
  8237. Repair or rework parts, using machine tools such as lathes, mills, drills, or grinders.
  8238. Chase decorative designs on silver blanks that are to be used as models for steel production dies.
  8239. Develop and teach online courses.
  8240. Operate conveyors to remove grit and debris from digesters.
  8241. Count sponges, needles, and instruments before and after operation.
  8242. Compute prices of items or groups of items.
  8243. Prepare appropriate formatting to data sets as requested.
  8244. Prepare design presentations and proposals for staff or customers.
  8245. Take disciplinary action to address performance problems.
  8246. Lay out and examine metal stock or workpieces to be processed to ensure that specifications are met.
  8247. Transport materials, tools, or machines to installation sites, manually or using conveyance equipment.
  8248. Prepare bid awards requiring board approval.
  8249. Inspect electrical project work for quality control and assurance.
  8250. Inoculate animals against various diseases, such as rabies or distemper.
  8251. Operate master consoles to monitor the performance of computer systems and networks, and to coordinate computer network access and use.
  8252. Conduct fuel cell testing projects, using fuel cell test stations, analytical instruments, or electrochemical diagnostics, such as cyclic voltammetry or impedance spectroscopy.
  8253. Arrange conference, meeting, or travel reservations for office personnel.
  8254. Assign work to biostatistical assistants or programmers.
  8255. Recommend new or improved processes or equipment to reduce risk exposure.
  8256. Develop concepts or creative ideas for craft objects.
  8257. Disseminate information regarding tools, reports, or metadata enhancements.
  8258. Direct patrons to rides, seats, or attractions.
  8259. Sew ends of cloth together, by hand or using machines, to form endless lengths of cloth to facilitate processing.
  8260. Cleanse clients' skin with water, creams, or lotions.
  8261. Cool food product batches on slabs or in water-cooled kettles.
  8262. Record environmental data from field samples of soil, air, water, or pests to monitor the effectiveness of integrated pest management (IPM) practices.
  8263. Learn acting, dancing, and other skills required for dramatic singing roles.
  8264. Mold or install ornamental plaster pieces, panels, or trim.
  8265. Interview claimants, agents, or witnesses to obtain information about disputed issues.
  8266. Provide consultation or training to volunteers or staff on topics such as guest relations, patients' rights, or medical issues.
  8267. Recommend the use of utility or energy services that minimize carbon footprints.
  8268. Design or direct nuclear research projects to test or modify theoretical models, develop new theoretical models, or discover new uses for current models.
  8269. Apply hardening and sealing compounds to cure surface of concrete, and waterproof or restore surface.
  8270. Secure stakes to grids for constructions of footings, nail scabs to footing forms, and vibrate and float concrete.
  8271. Transcribe dictation for a variety of medical reports, such as patient histories, physical examinations, emergency room visits, operations, chart reviews, consultation, or discharge summaries.
  8272. Remove finished cores, and stack or place them on conveyors for transfer to other work areas.
  8273. Record evidence and documents, using equipment such as cameras and photocopy machines.
  8274. Take and document patients' medical histories.
  8275. Verify income eligibility of participants in publicly financed weatherization programs.
  8276. Promote the university by participating in community, state, and national events or meetings, and by developing partnerships with industry and secondary education institutions.
  8277. Hire, train, or supervise new employees or apprentices.
  8278. Oversee all communications within specifically assigned territories.
  8279. Design, organize, and deliver product awareness, skills transfer, or product education sessions for staff or suppliers.
  8280. Issue receipts, refunds, credits, or change due to customers.
  8281. Fasten seams or joints together with welds, bolts, cement, rivets, solder, caulks, metal drive clips, or bonds to assemble components into products or to repair sheet metal items.
  8282. Examine instruments, equipment, and operating room to ensure sterility.
  8283. Respond to general inquiries or requests from the public.
  8284. Carry out unusual requests, such as searching for hard-to-find items or arranging for exotic services, such as hot-air balloon rides.
  8285. Develop and modify astronomy-related programs for public presentation.
  8286. Replace damaged glass on vehicles.
  8287. Provide advice on the resolution of classification and salary complaints.
  8288. Review work orders and discuss work with supervisors.
  8289. Direct, coordinate, and review activities in sales and service accounting and record-keeping, and in receiving and shipping operations.
  8290. Estimate manufacturing costs.
  8291. Clean work area and check and store equipment after treatment.
  8292. Schedule, supervise, and train clerical workers, volunteers, student assistants, and other library employees.
  8293. Identify or monitor current and potential customers, using business intelligence tools.
  8294. Recommend materials for reliable performance in various environments.
  8295. Develop pricing strategies, balancing firm objectives and customer satisfaction.
  8296. Cut discarded products, such as appliances and automobiles, into small pieces using saws, blow torches, or other hand or power tools.
  8297. Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams of health professionals to provide optimal patient care.
  8298. Determine appropriate equipment and staffing levels to load, unload, move, or store materials.
  8299. Prepare progress or technical reports.
  8300. Select flora and foliage for arrangements, working with numerous combinations to synthesize and develop new creations.
  8301. Install ground leads and connect power cables to equipment, such as motors.
  8302. Clean and lubricate cameras and polish camera lenses, using cleaning materials and work aids.
  8303. Prepare reports on landfill operations and gas collection system productivity or efficiency.
  8304. Arrange repairs, fuel, and supplies for vessels.
  8305. Advise students on issues such as course selection, progress toward graduation, and career decisions.
  8306. Read work orders or receive oral instructions to determine work assignments or material or equipment needs.
  8307. Inspect outgoing work for compliance with customers' specifications.
  8308. Inspect materials, products, or equipment to detect defects or malfunctions.
  8309. Select photographs, drawings, sketches, diagrams, and charts to illustrate material.
  8310. Review procedure requests and patients' medical histories to determine applicability of procedures and radioisotopes to be used.
  8311. Examine and measure finished articles to verify conformance to standards, using measuring devices such as tape measures and micrometers.
  8312. Place and install screens, casings, pumps, and other well fixtures to develop wells.
  8313. Remove drumheads by removing tension rods with drum keys and cutting tools.
  8314. Start machines and turn handwheels or valves to engage feeding, cooling, and lubricating mechanisms.
  8315. Supervise and assign work to programmers, designers, technologists, technicians, or other engineering or scientific personnel.
  8316. Apply plastic coatings, membranes, fiberglass, or felt over sloped roofs before applying shingles.
  8317. Review and approve employee disciplinary actions, such as written reprimands, suspensions, or terminations.
  8318. Develop treatment procedures for nuclear medicine treatment programs.
  8319. Examine and analyze material for presence and concentration of contaminants, such as asbestos, using variety of microscopes.
  8320. Establish and supervise peer counseling and peer tutoring programs.
  8321. Shape eyebrows and remove facial hair, using depilatory cream, tweezers, electrolysis or wax.
  8322. Operate motorized pumps to remove water from flooded manholes, basements, or facility floors.
  8323. Receive, verify, and record patrons' cash wagers.
  8324. Spread, level, and smooth concrete, using rake, shovel, hand or power trowel, hand or power screed, and float.
  8325. Configure and define parameters for installation or testing of local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), hubs, routers, switches, controllers, multiplexers, or related networking equipment.
  8326. Check all dies, templates, and cutout patterns to be used in the manufacturing process to ensure that they conform to dimensional data, photographs, blueprints, samples, or customer specifications.
  8327. Establish or implement departmental policies, goals, objectives, or procedures in conjunction with board members, organization officials, or staff members.
  8328. Study and analyze information about alternative courses of action to determine which plan will offer the best outcomes.
  8329. Perform approved therapeutic or diagnostic procedures based upon patients' clinical status.
  8330. Explain the tax advantages of contributions to potential donors.
  8331. Train or supervise student interns or new staff members.
  8332. Treat nails to repair or improve strength and resilience by wrapping.
  8333. Answer customers' questions about products, prices, availability, product uses, and credit terms.
  8334. Prepare energy-related project reports or related documentation.
  8335. Obtain credit information about prospective customers.
  8336. Replace chemical insecticides with environmentally friendly practices, such as adding pest-repelling plants to fields.
  8337. Prepare schedules, reports, and estimates of the costs involved in developing and operating mines.
  8338. Monitor and inspect equipment, computer terminals, switches, valves, gauges, alarms, safety devices, and meters to detect leaks or malfunctions and to ensure that equipment is operating efficiently and safely.
  8339. Train manufacturing technicians on topics such as safety, health, fire prevention, or quality.
  8340. Install gas burners to convert furnaces from wood, coal, or oil.
  8341. Scribe reference lines on workpieces as guides for cutting operations, according to blueprints, templates, sample parts, or specifications.
  8342. Implement electronic document processing, retrieval, and distribution systems in collaboration with other information technology specialists.
  8343. Set up and operate die-quenching machines to prevent parts from warping.
  8344. Direct and stage dance presentations for various forms of entertainment.
  8345. Measure furnace walls to determine dimensions and cut required number of sheets from plastic block, using saws.
  8346. Calculate premiums and establish payment method.
  8347. Assess employee performance and suggest ways to improve work.
  8348. Coordinate with and consult other workers to design, lay out, or detail components and systems and to resolve design or other problems.
  8349. Assess the existing or potential environmental impact of land use projects on air, water, or land.
  8350. Monitor and perform tests on water, food, and the environment to detect harmful microorganisms or to obtain information about sources of pollution, contamination, or infection.
  8351. Conduct or coordinate research, data analysis, systems design, or support for software such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or Global Positioning Systems (GPS) mapping software.
  8352. Incorporate new manufacturing methods or processes to improve existing operations.
  8353. Record address changes and redirect mail for those addresses.
  8354. Fill machines with toners, inks, or other duplicating fluids.
  8355. Take and record medical and dental histories and vital signs of patients.
  8356. Conduct clinical or laboratory-based research in ophthalmology.
  8357. Operate manual or semi-automatic welding equipment to fuse metal segments, using processes such as gas tungsten arc, gas metal arc, flux-cored arc, plasma arc, shielded metal arc, resistance welding, and submerged arc welding.
  8358. Prepare budgets for approval, including those for funding or implementation of programs.
  8359. Drill or tap holes in specified equipment locations to mount control units or to provide openings for elements, wiring, or instruments.
  8360. Set up, operate, or tend machines that cut or slice materials, such as glass, stone, cork, rubber, tobacco, food, paper, or insulating material.
  8361. Graft plants.
  8362. Operate computer-assisted engineering or design software or equipment to perform engineering tasks.
  8363. Design and supervise environmental and land reclamation projects in agriculture and related industries.
  8364. Refine final microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) design to optimize design for target dimensions, physical tolerances, or processing constraints.
  8365. Advise athletes on how substances, such as herbal remedies, could affect drug testing results.
  8366. Analyze financial or operational performance of companies facing financial difficulties to identify or recommend remedies.
  8367. Operate and maintain mobile dispatch vehicles and equipment.
  8368. Record readings in order to compile data used in prospecting for oil or gas.
  8369. Monitor work of contractors and subcontractors to ensure projects conform to plans, specifications, schedules, or budgets.
  8370. Design or supervise the installation of sprinkler systems, calculating water pressure, or valve and pipe coverage needs.
  8371. Conduct preventative maintenance on equipment.
  8372. Anchor steel supports from ceiling joists to hold pipes in place.
  8373. Inspect work progress, equipment, or construction sites to verify safety or to ensure that specifications are met.
  8374. Produce medical reports, correspondence, records, patient-care information, statistics, medical research, and administrative material.
  8375. Collect money due on delinquent accounts.
  8376. Supervise loan personnel.
  8377. Coordinate or implement technical, financial, or administrative assistance programs for local government units to ensure efficient program implementation or timely responses to requests for assistance.
  8378. Maintain, clean, or sterilize laboratory instruments or equipment.
  8379. Design and set up advertising signs and displays of merchandise on shelves, counters, or tables to attract customers and promote sales.
  8380. Stop mixing or blending machines when specified product qualities are obtained and open valves and start pumps to transfer mixtures.
  8381. Perform cash audits and deposit investigations to fully account for store cash.
  8382. Mentor junior and adjunct faculty members.
  8383. Conduct general housekeeping of units, including wiping up oil spills and performing general cleaning duties.
  8384. License the use of photographs through stock photo agencies.
  8385. Verify paint consistency, using a viscosity meter.
  8386. Draft or proofread judicial opinions, decisions, or citations.
  8387. Perform postural drainage, percussions, or vibrations or teach deep breathing exercises to treat respiratory conditions.
  8388. Record services provided on cashiers' tickets or receive payment from customers.
  8389. Cap wells with packers, or turn valves, to regulate outflow of oil from wells.
  8390. Resolve or clarify codes or diagnoses with conflicting, missing, or unclear information by consulting with doctors or others or by participating in the coding team's regular meetings.
  8391. Review orders to determine product types and quantities required to meet demand.
  8392. Plan, prepare, or carry out individually designed programs of physical treatment to maintain, improve, or restore physical functioning, alleviate pain, or prevent physical dysfunction in patients.
  8393. Diagnose and repair furnace or air conditioning systems.
  8394. Keep track of event times, including race times and elapsed time during game segments, starting or stopping play when necessary.
  8395. Analyze data to determine the effectiveness of specific treatments or therapy approaches.
  8396. Diagnose or troubleshoot gas collection equipment and programmable logic controller (PLC) systems.
  8397. Select supplies such as fasteners and thread, according to job requirements.
  8398. Guide and counsel students with adjustment or academic problems, or special academic interests.
  8399. Monitor effectiveness of pain management interventions such as medication or spinal injections.
  8400. Collaborate with general dentists, specialists, and other health professionals to develop solutions to dental and oral health concerns.
  8401. Apply customer feedback to service improvement efforts.
  8402. Talk to clients and study instructions, plans, or diagrams to establish work requirements.
  8403. Plan the layout of the carpet, allowing for expected traffic patterns and placing seams for best appearance and longest wear.
  8404. Scrub and polish counters, steam tables, and other equipment, and clean glasses, dishes, and fountain equipment.
  8405. Conduct research to study the relationships among environmental problems and patterns of economic production and consumption.
  8406. Design or provide music therapy experiences to address client needs, such as using music for self-care, adjusting to life changes, improving cognitive functioning, raising self-esteem, communicating, or controlling impulses.
  8407. Estimate building replacement costs using building valuation manuals and professional cost estimators.
  8408. Advise manufacturing staff regarding problems with fermentation, filtration, or other bioproduction processes.
  8409. Attach hoses or nozzles to machines, using wrenches and pliers, and make adjustments to obtain the proper dispersion of spray.
  8410. Conduct post-event evaluations to determine how future events could be improved.
  8411. Climb poles and ladders, use truck-mounted booms, and enter areas such as manholes and cable vaults to install, maintain, or inspect equipment.
  8412. Support metalworking projects from planning and fabrication through assembly, inspection, and testing, using knowledge of machine functions, metal properties and mathematics.
  8413. Weigh or measure products, using scale hoppers or scale conveyors.
  8414. Operate controls to activate track switches and traffic signals.
  8415. Prepare written documents to establish contracts with or communicate financial recommendations to clients.
  8416. Assign tasks such as feeding and treatment of animals, and cleaning and maintenance of animal quarters.
  8417. Inspect equipment on a regular basis to ensure proper functioning.
  8418. Repair or replace machine parts, using hand tools, or notify engineering personnel when corrective action is required.
  8419. Provide technical direction or supervision to junior engineers, engineering or computer-aided design (CAD) technicians, or other technical personnel.
  8420. Collaborate with other actors as part of an ensemble.
  8421. Confer with owners, violators, or authorities to explain regulations or recommend remedial actions.
  8422. Compile data used to address environmental issues, such as the suitability of potential landfill sites.
  8423. Wash, peel, cut, and seed fruits and vegetables to prepare them for consumption.
  8424. Interweave and fasten strips of webbing to the backs and undersides of furniture, using small hand tools and fasteners.
  8425. Maintain confidentiality of records relating to clients' treatment.
  8426. Provide advice or information to park or reserve visitors.
  8427. Conduct tests of nuclear fuel behavior and cycles or performance of nuclear machinery and equipment to optimize performance of existing plants.
  8428. Monitor quality of remote sensing data collection operations to determine if procedural or equipment changes are necessary.
  8429. Identify system data, hardware, or software components required to meet user needs.
  8430. Compose and frame each shot, applying the technical aspects of light, lenses, film, filters, and camera settings to achieve the effects sought by directors.
  8431. Signal or instruct other workers to weigh, move, or check products.
  8432. Unload materials, devices and machine parts, using hand tools.
  8433. Prepare courtrooms with paper, pens, water, easels, or electronic equipment and ensure that recording equipment is working.
  8434. Maintain student records, including special education reports, confidential records, records of services provided, and behavioral data.
  8435. Edit broadcast material electronically, using computers.
  8436. Discuss with surgeon the nature of the surgical procedure, including operative consent, methods of operative exposure, diagnostic or laboratory data, or patient-advanced directives or other needs.
  8437. Monitor all aspects of patient care, including diet and physical activity.
  8438. Attach and align machine parts such as rollers, guides, brushes, and blades, using hand tools.
  8439. Paint a variety of objects related to electrical functions.
  8440. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as forest resource policy, forest pathology, and mapping.
  8441. Collect samples of air, water, gases, or solids to determine radioactivity levels of contamination.
  8442. Analyze technical feasibility of energy-saving measures, using knowledge of engineering, energy production, energy use, construction, maintenance, system operation, or process systems.
  8443. Open or close cash floats or game tables.
  8444. Create specialty dishes and develop recipes to be used in dining facilities.
  8445. Prepare or review required method transfer documentation including technical transfer protocols or reports.
  8446. Assist patients to select eyewear.
  8447. Analyze project requests, proposals, or engineering data to determine feasibility, productibility, cost, or production time of aerospace or aeronautical products.
  8448. Instruct radiologic staff in desired techniques, positions, or projections.
  8449. Demonstrate respiratory care procedures to trainees or other healthcare personnel.
  8450. Draw markings or pin appliques on fabric to obtain variations in design.
  8451. Replace light bulbs.
  8452. Drill holes and install mounting brackets and hangers into floor and walls of building.
  8453. Act as liaisons between clients and medical staff.
  8454. Interpret images using computer-aided detection or diagnosis systems.
  8455. Peel, wash, trim, and cook vegetables and meats, and bake breads and pastries.
  8456. Install, maintain, or repair security systems, alarm devices, or related equipment, following blueprints of electrical layouts and building plans.
  8457. Provide information regarding the judicial system or other legal issues through the media and public speeches.
  8458. Order supplies or equipment and issue them to personnel.
  8459. Meet and collaborate with agency personnel, community organizations, and other professional personnel to plan balanced recreational programs for participants.
  8460. Receive and mark baggage by completing and attaching claim checks.
  8461. Plan, prepare, and deliver meals to individuals with special dietary needs.
  8462. Brush or spray solvents onto plies to ensure adhesion, and repeat process as specified, alternating direction of each ply to strengthen tires.
  8463. Develop data models for applications, metadata tables, views or related database structures.
  8464. Schedule use of studio and editing facilities for producers and engineering and maintenance staff.
  8465. Measure and lay out fence lines and mark posthole positions, following instructions, drawings, or specifications.
  8466. Maintain stock of supplies, and requisition any needed items.
  8467. Develop industry standards of product safety.
  8468. Interpret diagnostic or laboratory tests such as electrocardiograms (EKGs) and renal functioning tests.
  8469. Install, or coordinate installation of, new or modified hardware, software, or programming modules of telecommunications systems.
  8470. Prepare and maintain records of client progress and services performed, reporting changes in client condition to manager or supervisor.
  8471. Guide design discussions between development teams.
  8472. Recruit, hire, or discharge workers.
  8473. Hang ventilation tubing and ventilation curtains to ensure that the mining face area is kept properly ventilated.
  8474. Monitor food preparation methods, portion sizes, and garnishing and presentation of food to ensure that food is prepared and presented in an acceptable manner.
  8475. Analyze material flows or supply chains to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and conserve energy.
  8476. Coordinate the transportation of sets that are built off-site, and coordinate their setup at the site of use.
  8477. Steer aircraft along planned routes, using autopilot and flight management computers.
  8478. Record operating data, such as process conditions, test results, or instrument readings.
  8479. Cut out sections around cracks on percussion instruments to prevent cracks from advancing, using shears or grinding wheels.
  8480. Dismantle metal assemblies or cut scrap metal, using thermal-cutting equipment, such as flame-cutting torches or plasma-arc equipment.
  8481. Calculate actual treatment dosages delivered during each session.
  8482. Take dictation using shorthand, a stenotype machine, or headsets and transcribing machines.
  8483. Prepare treatment areas and electrotherapy equipment for use by physiotherapists.
  8484. Design or conduct environmental restoration studies.
  8485. Calculate amount of pollutant in samples or compute air pollution or gas flow in industrial processes, using chemical and mathematical formulas.
  8486. Question individuals or observe persons and establishments to confirm information given to patrol officers.
  8487. Measure felled trees and cut them into specified log lengths, using chain saws and axes.
  8488. Instruct patients, parents, teachers, or employers in communication strategies to maximize effective receptive communication.
  8489. Spray fertilizer or pesticide solutions to control insects, fungus and weed growth, and diseases, using hand sprayers.
  8490. Drive automobile or service trucks to industrial sites to provide services or respond to emergency calls.
  8491. Prepare invoices or cost quotations for freight transportation.
  8492. Build containment areas prior to beginning abatement or decontamination work.
  8493. Confer with production or support personnel to produce or coordinate production of advertisements or promotions.
  8494. Write narrative, dramatic, lyric, or other types of poetry for publication.
  8495. Drill holes in furnace walls, bolt overlapping layers of plastic to walls, and hammer surfaces to compress layers into solid sheets.
  8496. Recruit, hire, train, and evaluate primary and supplemental staff and recommend personnel actions for programs and services.
  8497. Prescribe or administer treatment, therapy, medication, vaccination, and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness, disease, or injury.
  8498. Review the environmental records of freight carriers to inform shipping decisions.
  8499. Review and evaluate developed x-rays, video tape, or computer-generated information to determine if images are satisfactory for diagnostic purposes.
  8500. Determine the scope of educational program offerings and prepare drafts of program schedules and descriptions to estimate staffing and facility requirements.
  8501. Examine and clean patients' ear canals.
  8502. Identify and treat spots on garments.
  8503. Fabricate housings, jigs, fittings, or fixtures, using metalworking machines.
  8504. Maintain and update all resource materials associated with emergency preparedness plans.
  8505. Perform tests to check the qualities and grades of products, such as assessing levels of bottom sediment, water, and foreign materials in oil samples, using centrifugal testers.
  8506. Announce or describe amusement park attractions to patrons to entice customers to games and other entertainment.
  8507. Prepare plans that outline operating procedures to be used in response to disasters or emergencies, such as hurricanes, nuclear accidents, and terrorist attacks, and in recovery from these events.
  8508. Fit dental appliances in patients' mouths to alter the position and relationship of teeth and jaws or to realign teeth.
  8509. Develop curriculum and prepare manuals, visual aids, course outlines, and other materials used in teaching.
  8510. Replace motors.
  8511. Monitor and verify the counting, wrapping, weighing, and distribution of currency and coins.
  8512. Sketch rough and detailed drawings of apparel or accessories, and write specifications such as color schemes, construction, material types, and accessory requirements.
  8513. Refer patients to additional medical or educational services if needed.
  8514. Create and implement inspection and testing criteria or procedures.
  8515. Write advertising copy for use by publication, broadcast, or internet media to promote the sale of goods and services.
  8516. Perform or interpret the outcomes of procedures or diagnostic tests such as lumbar punctures, electroencephalography, electromyography, and nerve conduction velocity tests.
  8517. Prepare government or organizational reports which include birth, death, and disease statistics, workforce evaluations, or medical status of individuals.
  8518. Record license numbers of vehicles disregarding traffic signals, and report infractions to appropriate authorities.
  8519. Operate machines or equipment to remove, package, store, or transport loads of waste materials.
  8520. Plan and direct special events for fundraising, such as silent auctions, dances, golf events, or walks.
  8521. Install audio-visual equipment.
  8522. Refer patients to specialists when condition exceeds experience, expertise, or scope of practice.
  8523. Maintain adequate supplies of items, such as clean linens, silverware, glassware, dishes, or trays.
  8524. Use computer skills and software to manage Web sites or databases, publish newsletters, or provide webinars.
  8525. Operate equipment to start, stop, or regulate biomass-fueled generators, generator units, boilers, engines, or auxiliary systems.
  8526. Determine the amounts and types of insulation needed, and methods of installation, based on factors such as location, surface shape, and equipment use.
  8527. Make regular rounds to ensure that residents and areas are safe and secure.
  8528. Weigh completed items to determine weights and record any deviations.
  8529. Meet with persons involved in equal opportunity complaints to arbitrate and settle disputes.
  8530. Maintain or coordinate the maintenance of network peripherals, such as printers.
  8531. Recommend woods, colors, finishes, and furniture styles, using knowledge of wood products, fashions, and styles.
  8532. Develop models or computer simulations of human biobehavioral systems to obtain data for measuring or controlling life processes.
  8533. Draw maps, diagrams, and profiles, using cross-sections and surveys, to represent elevations, topographical contours, subsurface formations and structures.
  8534. Contact regular and prospective customers to demonstrate products, explain product features, and solicit orders.
  8535. Perform protein functional analysis and engineering for processing of feedstock and creation of biofuels.
  8536. Measure bobbins periodically, using gauges, and turn screws to adjust tension if bobbins are not of specified size.
  8537. Direct or coordinate crew members or workers performing activities such as loading or unloading cargo, steering vessels, operating engines, or operating, maintaining, or repairing ship equipment.
  8538. Perform maintenance tasks necessary to keep equipment working properly.
  8539. Dry prints or negatives using sponges, squeegees, mechanical air dryers, or drying cabinets.
  8540. Inspect, test, or measure materials, products, installations, or work for conformance to specifications.
  8541. Read worker logs, product processing sheets, or specification sheets to verify that records adhere to quality assurance specifications.
  8542. Maintain sales forecasting reports.
  8543. Consult with chemists or biologists to develop or evaluate novel technologies.
  8544. Prepare rooms for meetings and arrange decorations, media equipment, and furniture for social or business functions.
  8545. Arrange for on-site job coaching or assistive devices, such as specially equipped wheelchairs, to help clients adapt to work or school environments.
  8546. Install, maintain, or repair ground or water source-coupled heat pumps to heat and cool residential or commercial building air or water.
  8547. Observe and care for patients throughout examinations to ensure their safety and comfort.
  8548. Take residents on community outings.
  8549. Sell services or equipment, such as trusts, investments, or check processing services.
  8550. Develop relationships with informants to obtain information related to cases.
  8551. Identify lawn or plant diseases to determine the appropriate course of treatment.
  8552. Prepare or maintain technical files as necessary to obtain and sustain product approval.
  8553. Train workers in tasks such as transplanting or pruning trees or shrubs, finishing cement, using equipment, or caring for turf.
  8554. Visit morgues, examine scenes of crimes, or contact other sources to obtain evidence or information to be used in investigations.
  8555. Document or analyze fuel cell test data, using spreadsheets or other computer software.
  8556. Set up and operate machines, such as lathes, drill presses, punch presses, or bandsaws, to fabricate prototypes or models.
  8557. Arrange for processing or resale of purchased products.
  8558. Prepare and set up for new employee orientations.
  8559. Design and implement efforts to publicize events and promote sponsorships.
  8560. Fasten metal treads across door openings or where carpet meets flooring to hold carpet in place.
  8561. Stamp messages with time and date and file them appropriately.
  8562. Check to see that trains are equipped with supplies such as fuel, water, and sand.
  8563. Open, sort, and distribute incoming correspondence, including faxes and email.
  8564. Verify availability of operating room supplies, medications, and gases.
  8565. Set up, operate, or tend machines to saw, cut, shear, slit, punch, crimp, notch, bend, or straighten metal or plastic material.
  8566. Stir and strain soups and sauces.
  8567. Communicate with stockholders or other investors to provide information or to raise capital.
  8568. Prepare documentation for case reports or court proceedings.
  8569. Design validation study features, such as sampling, testing, or analytical methodologies.
  8570. Map the presence of imperfections within objects, using sonic measurements.
  8571. Train end-users, distributors, installers, or other technicians in wind commissioning, testing, or other technical procedures.
  8572. Verify that paper and ink meet the specifications for a given job.
  8573. Attend auditions and casting calls to audition for roles.
  8574. Arrange financing for productions.
  8575. Measure liquid levels in landfill gas extraction wells.
  8576. Pass sliver strands through openings in floors to workers on floors below who wind slivers onto tubes.
  8577. Remove trash and clean kitchen garbage containers.
  8578. Start power winches that draw in or let out cables to change positions of dredges, or pull in and let out cables manually.
  8579. Instruct patient and family in treatment procedures to be continued at home.
  8580. Collaborate with other staff to assist in the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies, or priorities.
  8581. Move toolholders manually or by turning handwheels, or engage automatic feeding mechanisms to feed tools to and along workpieces.
  8582. Prepare, maintain, or revise quality assurance documentation or procedures.
  8583. Prepare containers of semen for freezing and storage or shipment, placing them in dry ice or liquid nitrogen.
  8584. Store personal possessions for patrons, issue claim checks for articles stored, and return articles on receipt of checks.
  8585. Locate and repair frayed wiring, broken connections, or incorrect wiring, using ohmmeters, soldering irons, tape, or hand tools.
  8586. Monitor food service operations to ensure conformance to nutritional, safety, sanitation and quality standards.
  8587. Examine tickets or passes to verify authenticity, using criteria such as color or date issued.
  8588. Establish and oversee administrative procedures to meet objectives set by boards of directors or senior management.
  8589. Balance currency, coin, and checks in cash drawers at ends of shifts and calculate daily transactions, using computers, calculators, or adding machines.
  8590. Inform other traders, managers, or customers of market conditions, including volume, price, competition, or dynamics.
  8591. Review records or reports concerning laboratory results, staffing, floor plans, fire inspections, or sanitation to gather information for the development or enforcement of safety activities.
  8592. Serve as a link between management and employees by handling questions, interpreting and administering contracts and helping resolve work-related problems.
  8593. Lay out, draw, and reproduce illustrations for reference manuals and technical publications to describe operation and maintenance of mechanical systems.
  8594. Provide primary health care, including pregnancy and childbirth, to women.
  8595. Measure the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, and communications programs and strategies.
  8596. Research or investigate products to be presented to prepare for demonstrations.
  8597. Maintain knowledge of minimum wages and working conditions established by unions or associations of actors and technicians.
  8598. Perform wedding ceremonies.
  8599. Inspect mail machine output for defects and determine how to eliminate causes of any defects.
  8600. Design sensing, measuring, and recording devices, and other instrumentation used to study plant or animal life.
  8601. Upload digital media, such as photos, video, or scanned images to online storefront, auction sites, or other shopping Web sites.
  8602. Develop economic models, forecasts, or scenarios to predict future economic and environmental outcomes.
  8603. Assess patients' mental and physical status based on the presenting symptoms and complaints.
  8604. Sort clothing and other articles, load washing machines, and iron and fold dried items.
  8605. Set up and operate machines, such as lathes, cutters, shears, borers, millers, grinders, presses, drills, and auxiliary machines, to make metallic and plastic workpieces.
  8606. Carry springs to tops of doors, using ladders or scaffolding, and attach springs to tracks to install spring systems.
  8607. Prepare emergency situation status reports that describe response and recovery efforts, needs, and preliminary damage assessments.
  8608. Review work orders, blueprints, specifications, or job samples to determine components, settings, and adjustments for cutting and slicing machines.
  8609. Install and anchor fixtures in designated positions, using hand tools.
  8610. Regulate vehicle speed and the time spent at each stop to maintain schedules.
  8611. Log data such as water levels and weather conditions.
  8612. Develop or advise on social policy or assist in community development.
  8613. Prepare reports, such as organization and flow charts, and career path reports to summarize job analysis and evaluation and compensation analysis information.
  8614. Position materials such as cloth garments, felt, or straw on tables, dies, or feeding mechanisms of pressing machines, or on ironing boards or work tables.
  8615. Shape and smooth ends of nails, using scissors, files, or emery boards.
  8616. Wet concrete surface, and rub with stone to smooth surface and obtain specified finish.
  8617. Set up and use ladders and scaffolding as necessary to complete work.
  8618. Balance receipts and payments in cash registers.
  8619. Supervise fitness or wellness specialists, such as fitness instructors, nutritionists, or health educators.
  8620. Identify diseases or pests affecting landscaping and order appropriate treatments.
  8621. Respond to emergency calls for problems such as gas leaks.
  8622. Dismantle extracting and boring equipment used for excavation, using hand tools.
  8623. Compile information, such as production rates and progress, materials inventories, materials used, or customer information, so that status reports can be completed.
  8624. Plan, organize, and control the operations of a cocktail lounge or bar.
  8625. Provide information or counseling regarding issues such as animal health care, behavior problems, or nutrition.
  8626. Compute usable amounts of items in shipments.
  8627. Compare liquidity, profitability, and credit histories of establishments being evaluated with those of similar establishments in the same industries and geographic locations.
  8628. Promote products and services in television commercials, on film, or in videos.
  8629. Study books, pictures, or examples of period clothing to determine styles worn during specific periods in history.
  8630. Mark vertical guidelines on walls to align strips, using plumb bobs and chalk lines.
  8631. Build or assemble robotic devices or systems.
  8632. Clean, lubricate, and adjust equipment, using scrapers, solvents, air hoses, oil, and hand tools.
  8633. Recruit, train, and supervise department personnel, such as faculty and student writing instructors.
  8634. Act as pallbearers.
  8635. Monitor event activities to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and laws, satisfaction of participants, and resolution of any problems that arise.
  8636. Provide users with technical support for computer problems.
  8637. Open and close doors for passengers.
  8638. Develop speech exercise programs to reduce disabilities.
  8639. Interpret and explain information such as eligibility requirements, application details, payment methods, and applicants' legal rights.
  8640. Adjust or modify equipment to enhance equipment performance or to respond to customer requests.
  8641. Build models for algorithm or control feature verification testing.
  8642. Record and report job-related activities, findings, transactions, violations, discrepancies, and decisions.
  8643. Prepare staff work schedules.
  8644. Check antenna positioning to ensure specified azimuths or mechanical tilts and adjust as necessary.
  8645. Share fishing expertise through activities such as writing for fishing magazines, hosting television shows, or testing and endorsing fishing equipment.
  8646. Turn valves and start pumps to start or regulate flows of substances such as gases, liquids, slurries, or powdered materials.
  8647. Position molds on conveyors, and measure and adjust level of fill, using depth gauges.
  8648. Replace specified parts to repair malfunctioning timepieces, using watchmakers' tools, loupes, and holding fixtures.
  8649. Install equipment, such as spray units, cutting blades, or screens, using hand tools.
  8650. Develop rehabilitation plans that fit clients' aptitudes, education levels, physical abilities, and career goals.
  8651. Harvest tanbark by cutting rings and slits in bark and stripping bark from trees, using spuds or axes.
  8652. Lubricate wearing surfaces of mechanical parts, using oils or other lubricants.
  8653. Serve food and beverages to guests at banquets or other social functions.
  8654. Develop or administer special projects in areas such as pay equity, savings bond programs, day care, and employee awards.
  8655. Transport portable medical equipment or medical supplies between rooms or departments.
  8656. Calculate angles and courses and determine vertical and horizontal alignment of courses.
  8657. Arrange for research study sites and determine staff or equipment availability.
  8658. Direct forecasting services at weather stations or at radio or television broadcasting facilities.
  8659. Provide facial and body massages.
  8660. Dig holes or trenches as necessary for equipment installation and access.
  8661. Order or perform diagnostic tests such as skin pricks and intradermal, patch, or delayed hypersensitivity tests.
  8662. Prescribe medications based on efficacy, safety, and cost as legally authorized.
  8663. Inspect facilities and equipment for signs of disrepair, and perform necessary maintenance work.
  8664. Develop sustainable manufacturing technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize raw material use, replace toxic materials with non-toxic materials, replace non-renewable materials with renewable materials, or reduce waste.
  8665. Supervise activities such as searches, shakedowns, riot control, or institutional tours.
  8666. Coordinate molecular or cellular research activities with scientists specializing in other fields.
  8667. Develop conceptual designs of security systems.
  8668. Design and administer training programs for new employees and continuing education for existing employees.
  8669. Select materials and components to be used, based on device design.
  8670. Staple or tack advertising posters onto fences, walls, billboards, or poles.
  8671. Sing or play musical instruments, such as keyboard, guitar, or percussion instruments.
  8672. Develop staff service or retail goals and guide staff in goal achievement.
  8673. Drill test holes and test bolts for specified tension, using torque wrenches.
  8674. Direct the development or implementation of compliance-related policies and procedures throughout an organization.
  8675. Dump materials such as prepared ingredients into machine hoppers prior to mixing.
  8676. Interview clients, review records, and confer with other professionals to evaluate individuals' mental and physical condition and to determine their suitability for participation in a specific program.
  8677. Identify the ownership of each piece of taxable property.
  8678. Participate in recreational activities with patients, including card games, sports, or television viewing.
  8679. Inventory supplies received and consumed.
  8680. Collaborate on projects with other professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, or public relations experts.
  8681. Communicate with regulatory agencies regarding compliance documentation or validation results.
  8682. Assign appropriate chores and praise targeted behaviors to encourage development of self-control, self-confidence, and responsibility.
  8683. Clean and prepare sites for excavation or boring.
  8684. Apply mathematical theories and techniques to the solution of practical problems in business, engineering, the sciences, or other fields.
  8685. Explain recommendations, policies, procedures, requirements, or other related information to residents or building owners.
  8686. Mentor or train staff to lead group exercise.
  8687. Advise clients on nail care and use of products and colors.
  8688. Discuss emerging compliance issues with management or employees.
  8689. Rinse articles in water and acetic acid solutions to remove excess dye and to fix colors.
  8690. Maintain current knowledge of relevant legislation, political situations, or other factors that could affect freight shipping.
  8691. Supervise or train students or other medical sonographers.
  8692. Advise project teams on subjects such as premarket regulatory requirements, export and labeling requirements, or clinical study compliance issues.
  8693. Assess performance following athletic competition, identifying strengths and weaknesses and making adjustments to improve future performance.
  8694. Teach classes in mental health topics such as stress reduction.
  8695. Communicate with laboratories or investigators regarding laboratory findings.
  8696. Dig trenches or holes for installation of conduit or supports.
  8697. Examine unexposed photographic plates to detect flaws or foreign particles prior to printing.
  8698. Drive trucks to transport crews, materials, and equipment.
  8699. Connect air hoses to cars, using wrenches.
  8700. Supervise staff, training them, planning their work, and evaluating their performance.
  8701. Operate equipment to show films in a number of theaters simultaneously.
  8702. Wash decks, conveyors, knives, and other equipment, using brushes, detergents, and water.
  8703. Dig trenches for system piping to appropriate depths and lay piping in trenches.
  8704. Evaluate and grade students' class work, laboratory and clinic work, assignments, and papers.
  8705. Discuss assigned duties with classroom teachers to coordinate instructional efforts.
  8706. Consult with management to ensure agreement on system principles.
  8707. Communicate with vendors to gather information about products, alert them to future needs, resolve problems, or address system maintenance issues.
  8708. Drive mobile clinic vans to farms so that health problems can be treated or prevented.
  8709. Complete and maintain records of weather and beach conditions, emergency medical treatments performed, and other relevant incident information.
  8710. Count funds and reconcile daily summaries of transactions to balance books.
  8711. Prepare, maintain, or review validation and compliance documentation, such as engineering change notices, schematics, or protocols.
  8712. Transport patients to and from treatment areas, lifting and transferring them according to positioning requirements.
  8713. Collaborate with scientists or engineers to design or conduct experiments for the development of nanotechnology materials, components, devices, or systems.
  8714. Maintain records of materials moved.
  8715. Direct or participate in cargo loading to ensure completeness of load and even distribution of weight.
  8716. Establish and enforce rules for behavior and procedures for maintaining order among the students for whom they are responsible.
  8717. Lead prescribed individual or group therapy sessions as part of specific therapeutic procedures.
  8718. Provide customers with change of address cards and other forms.
  8719. Collect and analyze data to evaluate the effectiveness of academic programs and other services, such as behavioral management systems.
  8720. Order suspension of activities that pose threats to workers' health or safety.
  8721. Maintain boats or equipment on board, such as engines, winches, navigational systems, fire extinguishers, or life preservers.
  8722. Implement grant-funded projects, monitoring and reporting progress in accordance with sponsoring agency requirements.
  8723. Prepare and distribute schedules of distance learning resources, such as course offerings, classrooms, laboratories, equipment, and web sites.
  8724. Assist in the cleanup of hazardous material spills.
  8725. Modify the general preschool curriculum for special-needs students.
  8726. Obtain and record patients' medical histories.
  8727. Change dressings.
  8728. Maintain supply of fluids, such as plasma, saline, blood, or glucose, for use during operations.
  8729. Arrange for necessary repairs to restore service and schedules.
  8730. Plan and direct construction of rural electric-power distribution systems, and irrigation, drainage, and flood control systems for soil and water conservation.
  8731. Answer routine inquiries, and refer calls not requiring dispatches to appropriate departments and agencies.
  8732. Transport baggage or coordinate transportation between assigned rooms, terminals, or platforms.
  8733. Plan or implement material flow management systems to meet production requirements.
  8734. Oil, lubricate, and adjust conveyors, crushers, and other equipment, using hand tools and lubricating equipment.
  8735. Review and evaluate requests from engineers, managers, and technicians for system modifications.
  8736. Conduct postmortem studies and analyses to determine the causes of animals' deaths.
  8737. Reassemble machines and equipment following repair, testing operation and making adjustments as necessary.
  8738. Make service calls to maintain and repair machines.
  8739. Coordinate planning, budgeting, or purchasing for all the food operations within establishments such as clubs, hotels, or restaurant chains.
  8740. Requisition necessary supplies, equipment, or services.
  8741. Clean equipment and work areas.
  8742. Organize or deliver public presentations about mediation to organizations such as community agencies or schools.
  8743. Deliver messages and run errands.
  8744. Analyze, fabricate, or test fiber-optic links.
  8745. Supervise employees or subcontractors to ensure quality of work or adherence to safety regulations or policies.
  8746. Confer with parents or guardians, other teachers, counselors, and administrators to resolve students' behavioral and academic problems.
  8747. Collect data related to ecological or human health risks at brownfield sites.
  8748. Maintain current knowledge of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and affirmative action guidelines and laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  8749. Recommend special diets to improve athletes' health, increase their stamina, or alter their weight.
  8750. Report to appropriate authorities any violations of federal or state pilotage laws.
  8751. Investigate or test vendors' or competitors' products.
  8752. Investigate accidents affecting the environment to assess ecological impact.
  8753. Analyze data, such as interview notes, test results, or reference manuals, to identify symptoms or to diagnose the nature of clients' problems.
  8754. Complete loan applications, including credit analyses and summaries of loan requests, and submit to loan committees for approval.
  8755. Disassemble units to replace parts or to crate them for shipping.
  8756. Examine parts for defects, such as breakage or excessive wear.
  8757. Plan and conduct research to develop and improve methods of restoring and preserving specimens.
  8758. Examine drawings, negatives, or photographic prints to determine coloring, shading, accenting, or other changes required for retouching or restoration.
  8759. Apply a bead of urethane around the perimeter of each pinchweld and dress the remaining urethane on the pinchwelds so that it is of uniform level and thickness.
  8760. Process film and prints from crime or accident scenes.
  8761. Maintain required maps and records.
  8762. Purchase advertising space or time as required to promote client's product or agenda.
  8763. Monitor construction activities to ensure that environmental regulations are not violated.
  8764. Plan, schedule or supervise the work of other employees.
  8765. Investigate complaints of animal neglect or cruelty, and follow up on complaints appearing to require prosecution.
  8766. Read gas meters, and maintain records of the amounts of gas received and dispensed from holders.
  8767. Participate in the development of specifications for equipment, products or substitute materials.
  8768. Clear jams, and remove defective or substandard materials or products.
  8769. Issue fire permits, timber permits, and other forest use licenses.
  8770. Maintain close communications with dispatching personnel, using two-way radios or cell phones.
  8771. File and maintain loan records.
  8772. Organize flight plans or traffic management plans to prepare for planes about to enter assigned airspace.
  8773. Respond to problems related to ratepayers, water users, power users, government agencies, educational institutions, or other private or public power resource interests.
  8774. Distribute insulating materials evenly into small spaces within floors, ceilings, or walls, using blowers and hose attachments or cement mortar.
  8775. Compile or interpret biodata to determine extent or type of wetlands or to aid in program formulation.
  8776. Prepare or present public reports on topics such as bid proposals, deeds, environmental impact statements, or property and right-of-way descriptions.
  8777. Take emergency actions, such as closing production facilities, if product safety is compromised.
  8778. Remove from stock products or loads not meeting quality standards, and notify supervisors or appropriate departments of discrepancies or shortages.
  8779. Calculate weight, volume, or cost of goods to be moved.
  8780. Turn or stir foods to ensure even cooking.
  8781. Perform cleaning duties, such as sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming carpet, tidying up server station, taking out trash, or checking and cleaning bathroom.
  8782. Shape and trim beards and moustaches, using scissors.
  8783. Position and level battery cells, anodes, or cathodes, using hoists or leveling jacks, or signal other workers to perform positioning and leveling.
  8784. Sell and collect payment for products such as stamps, prepaid mail envelopes, and money orders.
  8785. Attend staff meetings and serve on committees as required.
  8786. Maintain kitchen work areas, equipment, or utensils in clean and orderly condition.
  8787. Inspect equipment, such as cargo-handling gear, lifesaving equipment, visual-signaling equipment, or fishing, towing, or dredging gear, to detect problems.
  8788. Identify, compile, abstract, and code patient data, using standard classification systems.
  8789. Stamp, attach, or change price tags on merchandise, referring to price list.
  8790. Select and obtain materials and supplies, such as textbooks and laboratory equipment.
  8791. Inspect problem roofs to determine the best repair procedures.
  8792. Direct the purchase, modification, installation, maintenance, and operation of fire protection systems.
  8793. Perform equipment maintenance, such as cleaning tanks and lubricating moving parts of conveyors.
  8794. Count and verify tickets and seat reservations and record numbers of passengers boarding and disembarking.
  8795. Analyze samples of biological material for chemical content or reaction.
  8796. Integrate high-speed loops and advanced control algorithms with graphical system designs to improve the efficiency of production operations.
  8797. Demonstrate start-up, shut-down, maintenance, diagnostic, and safety procedures to thermal system owners.
  8798. Play and record broadcast programs using automation systems.
  8799. Load and unload crops or containers of materials, manually or using conveyors, handtrucks, forklifts, or transfer augers.
  8800. Monitor how the wind, heat, or cold affect the curing of the concrete throughout the entire process.
  8801. Select appropriate coatings, paints, or sprays, or prepare them by mixing substances according to formulas, using automated paint mixing equipment.
  8802. Tend spinning frames that draw out and twist roving or sliver into yarn.
  8803. Interview clients to determine their current income, expenses, insurance coverage, tax status, financial objectives, risk tolerance, or other information needed to develop a financial plan.
  8804. Carry out general yard duties, such as performing shunting on railway lines.
  8805. Plan and evaluate new projects, consulting with other engineers and corporate executives as necessary.
  8806. Oversee installation, operation, maintenance, or repair to ensure that machines or equipment are installed and functioning according to specifications.
  8807. Conduct or direct research on hearing or balance topics and report findings to help in the development of procedures, technology, or treatments.
  8808. Cut damaged sections of pipe with cutters, remove broken sections from ditches, and replace pipe sections, using pipe sleeves.
  8809. Remove old finishes and damaged or deteriorated parts, using hand tools, stripping tools, sandpaper, steel wool, abrasives, solvents, or dip baths.
  8810. Inspect bridges, dams, highways, buildings, wiring, plumbing, electrical circuits, sewers, heating systems, or foundations during and after construction for structural quality, general safety, or conformance to specifications and codes.
  8811. Track, measure, or report on aspects of market risk for traded issues.
  8812. Examine patient to obtain information on medical condition and surgical risk.
  8813. Compare data with source documents, or re-enter data in verification format to detect errors.
  8814. Complete, verify, and process forms and documentation for administration of benefits such as pension plans, and unemployment and medical insurance.
  8815. Design and integrate rainwater harvesting or gray and reclaimed water systems to conserve water into building or land designs.
  8816. Measure and set stops, rolls, brushes, and guides on automatic feeders and conveying equipment or coating machines, using micrometers, rules, and hand tools.
  8817. Conduct research or provide instruction on subject matter related to athletic training or sports medicine.
  8818. Test and adjust communication and alarm systems, and report malfunctions to maintenance units.
  8819. Plan and coordinate advertising campaigns and sales promotions and prepare merchandise displays and advertising copy.
  8820. Collaborate with Web developers to create and operate internal and external Web sites, or to manage projects, such as e-marketing campaigns.
  8821. Participate in design and production of multimedia campaigns, handling budgeting and scheduling, and assisting with such responsibilities as production coordination, background design, and progress tracking.
  8822. Assign polish, symmetry, and clarity grades to stones, according to established grading systems.
  8823. Interview patients upon admission and record information.
  8824. Identify psychological, emotional, or behavioral issues and diagnose disorders, using information obtained from interviews, tests, records, or reference materials.
  8825. Design or modify mining and oil field machinery and tools, applying engineering principles.
  8826. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as children's literature, learning and development, and reading instruction.
  8827. Assist customers in selection of tile and grout.
  8828. Move terrazzo installation materials, tools, machines, or work devices to work areas, manually or using wheelbarrow.
  8829. Obtain and distribute specified meat or carcass.
  8830. Document patients' medical histories.
  8831. Diagnose and interpret bioelectric data, using signal processing techniques.
  8832. Spray ties, fishplates, or joints with oil to protect them from weathering.
  8833. Enter tax return information into computers for processing.
  8834. Demonstrate products to clients, and provide instruction in makeup application.
  8835. Maintain equipment, making repairs or modifications when necessary.
  8836. Set up and operate ground support and test equipment to perform functional flight tests of electrical and electronic systems.
  8837. Test atmosphere for adequate oxygen or explosive conditions when working in confined spaces.
  8838. Prepare patient, sterilize or disinfect instruments, set up instrument trays, prepare materials, or assist dentist during dental procedures.
  8839. Develop marketing or strategic plans for sales territories.
  8840. Operate underwater video, sonar, recording, or related equipment to investigate underwater structures or marine life.
  8841. Test performance of electromechanical assemblies, using test instruments such as oscilloscopes, electronic voltmeters, or bridges.
  8842. Stamp dates and times of receipt of incoming mail.
  8843. Rewire electrical systems, and repair or replace electrical accessories.
  8844. Determine the need for facility maintenance and repair, and notify appropriate personnel.
  8845. Assess and collect tuition and fees.
  8846. Meet with suppliers to discuss performance metrics, to provide performance feedback, or to discuss production forecasts or changes.
  8847. Devise missions, challenges, or puzzles to be encountered in game play.
  8848. Counsel individuals and groups on basic rules of good nutrition, healthy eating habits, and nutrition monitoring to improve their quality of life.
  8849. Review violations of computer security procedures and discuss procedures with violators to ensure violations are not repeated.
  8850. Perform administrative tasks, such as maintaining records and handling policy renewals.
  8851. Contact motel, hotel, resort, and travel operators to obtain current advertising literature.
  8852. Repair or replace worn or defective parts or components, using hand tools.
  8853. Direct pilots to runways when space is available or direct them to maintain a traffic pattern until there is space for them to land.
  8854. Complete production reports to communicate team production level to management.
  8855. Coordinate investigative efforts with law enforcement officers and attorneys.
  8856. Forward orders to manufacturers.
  8857. Perform administrative functions, such as reviewing or writing reports, approving expenditures, enforcing rules, or purchasing of materials or services.
  8858. Interview or correspond with claimants, witnesses, police, physicians, or other relevant parties to determine claim settlement, denial, or review.
  8859. Compute sales prices, total purchases, and receive and process cash or credit payment.
  8860. Provide counseling to patient and family members by providing information, education, or reassurance.
  8861. Remove excess cement to clean finished surface.
  8862. Set up, adjust, and operate audio-visual equipment, such as cameras, film and slide projectors, and recording equipment, for meetings, events, classes, seminars, and video conferences.
  8863. Read corporate reports and calculate ratios to determine best prospects for profit on stock purchases.
  8864. Direct activities of workers conducting autopsies, performing pathological and toxicological analyses, and preparing documents for permanent records.
  8865. Input data into databases.
  8866. Prepare or present public briefings on the status of environmental engineering projects.
  8867. Review papers or serve on editorial boards for scientific journals, and review grant proposals for various agencies.
  8868. Develop nonsurgical treatment plans for patients with conditions such as strabismus, nystagmus, and other visual disorders.
  8869. Identify need for initial or supplemental project resources.
  8870. Design comprehensive supply chains that minimize environmental impacts or costs.
  8871. Accept and check containers of mail or parcels from large volume mailers, couriers, and contractors.
  8872. Compute and verify amounts won or lost, paying out winnings or referring patrons to workers, such as gaming cashiers, so that winnings can be collected.
  8873. Build wheels by cutting and threading new spokes.
  8874. Gather information from customers about a timepiece's problems and its service history.
  8875. Provide education or counseling to individuals and families.
  8876. Prepare treatment rooms for surgery.
  8877. Report results of fuel cell tests.
  8878. Operate drying chambers to dry or finish molded ceramic ware.
  8879. Clean up before and after installation, including vacuuming carpet and discarding remnant pieces.
  8880. Promote company products, services, and savings plans when appropriate.
  8881. Verify compliance of developed applications with architectural standards and established practices.
  8882. Recommend replacement, repair, or modification of aircraft equipment.
  8883. Provide food and beverage services to guests.
  8884. Meet with parents and guardians to discuss their children's progress and to determine their priorities for their children.
  8885. Maintain tools, vehicles, and equipment and keep parts and supplies in order.
  8886. Start engines to propel ships and regulate engines and power transmissions to control speeds of ships, according to directions from captains or bridge computers.
  8887. Remove trays and stack dishes for return to kitchen after meals are finished.
  8888. Schedule patients for treatment times.
  8889. Take samples to assess the amount and quality of oil, the depth at which resources lie, and the equipment needed to properly extract them.
  8890. Plan, organize, and conduct occupational therapy programs in hospital, institutional, or community settings to help rehabilitate those impaired because of illness, injury or psychological or developmental problems.
  8891. Help children with homework and school work.
  8892. Observe and caution children petting and feeding animals in designated areas to ensure the safety of humans and animals.
  8893. Compare product labels, tags, or tickets, shipping manifests, purchase orders, and bills of lading to verify accuracy of shipment contents, quality specifications, or weights.
  8894. Maintain records of prisoners' identification and charges.
  8895. Cut and trim carpet to fit along wall edges, openings, and projections, finishing the edges with a wall trimmer.
  8896. Pack customer purchases in bags or cartons.
  8897. Recommend or approve new program or service offerings to promote wellness and fitness, produce revenues, or minimize costs.
  8898. Inspect chains, belts, or scrolls for signs of wear.
  8899. Prepare and maintain records detailing tests, repairs, and maintenance.
  8900. Clean workpieces, using wire brushes.
  8901. Administer standardized tests to research subjects, or interview them to collect research data.
  8902. Dust selected areas of crime scene and lift latent fingerprints, adhering to proper preservation procedures.
  8903. Contact workers in work stations or other departments to request movement of materials, products, or machinery, or to notify them of incoming shipments and their estimated delivery times.
  8904. Direct the operations of short stay or specialty units.
  8905. Guard facility entrances to screen visitors.
  8906. Represent institutions at community and campus events, in meetings with other institution personnel, and during accreditation processes.
  8907. Schedule work crews, equipment, or transportation for several different work locations.
  8908. Write to customers in their terms and on their level so that the advertiser's sales message is more readily received.
  8909. Synchronize and equalize prerecorded dialogue, music, and sound effects with visual action of motion pictures or television productions, using control consoles.
  8910. Grill, cook, and fry foods such as french fries, eggs, and pancakes.
  8911. Keep abreast of developments and changes in the nuclear field by reading technical journals or by independent study and research.
  8912. Invent names for products and write the slogans that appear on packaging, brochures and other promotional material.
  8913. Train dogs for hunting.
  8914. Review and monitor foreign product inspection systems in countries of origin to ensure equivalence to the U.S. system.
  8915. Assist passengers in placing carry-on luggage in overhead, garment, or under-seat storage.
  8916. Conduct experiments investigating how soil forms, changes, or interacts with land-based ecosystems or living organisms.
  8917. Provide information about, and enforce, regulations such as those concerning environmental protection, resource utilization, fire safety and accident prevention.
  8918. Summarize pertinent legal or insurance details, or sections of statutes or case law from reference books so that they can be used in examinations, or as proofs or ready reference.
  8919. Perform clerical tasks, such as answering phones or distributing mail.
  8920. Dig trenches for underground wires or cables.
  8921. Wash pots, pans, dishes, utensils, or other cooking equipment.
  8922. Provide treatment to sick or injured animals, or contact veterinarians to secure treatment.
  8923. Make objects or characters appear lifelike by manipulating light, color, texture, shadow, and transparency, or manipulating static images to give the illusion of motion.
  8924. Drive tractor-trailer trucks to move equipment from site to site.
  8925. Sort items set out for recycling and throw materials into designated truck compartments.
  8926. Enhance, retouch, and resize photographs and negatives, using airbrushing and other techniques.
  8927. Monitor patient intra-operative status, including patient position, vital signs, or volume and color of blood.
  8928. Conduct standardized tests on food, beverages, additives, or preservatives to ensure compliance with standards and regulations regarding factors such as color, texture, or nutrients.
  8929. Provide postoperative instructions prescribed by dentist.
  8930. Collect specimens at specific time intervals for tests, such as those assessing therapeutic drug levels.
  8931. Operate specialized equipment to remove obstructions by backing-off or severing pipes by chemical or explosive action.
  8932. Prepare or review professional, technical, or other reports regarding sampling, testing, or recommendations of data analysis.
  8933. Remove or seal off old asbestos insulation, following safety procedures.
  8934. Receive and place telephone calls.
  8935. Establish or coordinate the maintenance or safety procedures, service schedule, or supply of materials required to maintain machines or equipment in the prescribed condition.
  8936. Monitor patients' conditions and reactions, reporting abnormal signs to physician.
  8937. Coordinate or conduct internal investigations of problems such as employee theft and violations of corporate loss prevention policies.
  8938. Develop methodologies for transferring procedures or biological processes from laboratories to commercial-scale manufacturing production.
  8939. Recommend financial products, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or insurance.
  8940. Develop operational plans and policies necessary to achieve health education objectives and services.
  8941. Conduct detailed bill reviews to implement sound litigation management and expense control.
  8942. Assign cases for students to hear and try.
  8943. Drill or punch holes and insert or attach metal rings, handles, and fastening hardware, such as buckles.
  8944. Position products, components, or parts for testing.
  8945. Inspect, weigh, and measure products to verify conformance to specifications, using instruments such as micrometers, calipers, magnifiers, or rulers.
  8946. Replace supplies and disposable items on ambulances.
  8947. Provide instructors with assistance in the use of audiovisual equipment.
  8948. Assist mechanics and perform various mechanical duties, such as changing oil or checking and replacing batteries.
  8949. Read job set-up instructions to determine equipment to be used, order of use, material such as disks and paper to be loaded, and control settings.
  8950. Prescribe or administer treatment, therapy, medication, vaccination, and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness, disease, or injury in infants and children.
  8951. Review written, audio, or video copy and correct errors in content, grammar, or punctuation, following prescribed editorial style and formatting guidelines.
  8952. Disassemble and reinstall existing kitchen cabinets, or assemble and install prefabricated kitchen cabinets and trim in conjunction with appliance installation.
  8953. Receive, set up, test, or decontaminate equipment.
  8954. Perform public relations work for the library, such as giving televised book reviews and community talks.
  8955. Rewind coils on cores in slots, or make replacement coils, using coil-winding machines.
  8956. Take numbered tags from customers, locate vehicles, and deliver vehicles, or provide customers with instructions for locating vehicles.
  8957. Schedule and facilitate meetings related to information technology projects.
  8958. Start engines of hoists or winches and use levers and pedals to wind or unwind cable on drums.
  8959. Mediate discussions between employer and employee representatives in attempt to reconcile differences.
  8960. Cut out parts, following patterns or outlines, using knives, shears, scissors, or machine presses.
  8961. Report facts concerning accidents or emergencies to hospital personnel or law enforcement officials.
  8962. Obtain or mix inks and fill ink fountains.
  8963. Inventory stock and reorder when inventories drop to specified levels.
  8964. Contact customers by mail, telephone, or in person concerning acceptance or rejection of applications.
  8965. Treat or refer patients for primary care conditions, such as headaches, hypertension, urinary tract infections, upper respiratory infections, and dermatological conditions.
  8966. Diagnose and treat conditions such as chemical dependency, alcohol dependency, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) dementia, and environmental toxin exposure.
  8967. Prepare responses to correspondence containing routine inquiries.
  8968. Arrange properties, furniture, merchandise, backdrops, or other accessories, as shown in prepared sketches.
  8969. Train patients in the use of orthopedic braces, prostheses, or supportive devices.
  8970. Analyze financial activities of establishments or departments and provide input into budget planning and preparation processes.
  8971. Inform drivers of detour routes through construction sites.
  8972. Remove excess grout or residue from tile or brick joints, using sponges or trowels.
  8973. Adjust machine pressure gauges and thermostats.
  8974. Scrape leftovers from dishes into garbage containers.
  8975. Consult with users, management, vendors, and technicians to assess computing needs and system requirements.
  8976. Develop self-understanding of physical capabilities and limitations, and choose dance styles accordingly.
  8977. Report news stories for publication or broadcast, describing the background and details of events.
  8978. Fabricate well casings.
  8979. Operate cranes, or signal crane operators to position or remove stone from cars or saw beds.
  8980. Reassemble instruments following repair, using hand tools and power tools and glue, hair, yarn, resin, or clamps, and lubricate instruments as necessary.
  8981. Formulate pricing policies for merchandise, according to profitability requirements.
  8982. Perform predesign services, such as feasibility or environmental impact studies.
  8983. Collaborate with colleagues to address teaching and research issues.
  8984. Provide information about rental items, such as availability, operation, or description.
  8985. Investigate and assess damage to property and create or review property damage estimates.
  8986. Record and report information about mileage or track inspected, repairs performed, and equipment requiring replacement.
  8987. Prepare and maintain work area, materials, and equipment and maintain inventory of treatment and educational supplies.
  8988. Maintain inventory levels, ordering new supplies as necessary.
  8989. Communicate with former associates to verify employment record and to obtain background information regarding persons or businesses applying for credit.
  8990. Prepare film inspection reports, attendance sheets, and log books.
  8991. Set labeling standards and approve labels for meat or poultry products.
  8992. Climb towers to access components, using safety equipment, such as full-body harnesses.
  8993. Provide responses to regulatory agencies regarding product information or issues.
  8994. Cut, shape, and smooth gemstones, pearls, and metal pieces, using abrasives, grinding stones, and power and hand tools.
  8995. Verify and adjust alignments and dimensions of parts, using gauges and tracing lathes.
  8996. Read manuals, periodicals, and technical reports to learn how to develop programs that meet staff and user requirements.
  8997. Research, document, rate, or select alternatives for Web architecture or technologies.
  8998. Perform general office activities, such as typing, answering telephones, operating office machines, processing mail, or securing confidential materials.
  8999. Trim excess material or cut threads off finished products, such as cutting loose ends of plastic off a manufactured toy for a smoother finish.
  9000. Evaluate industrial operations for compliance with permits or regulations related to the generation, storage, treatment, transportation, or disposal of hazardous materials or waste.
  9001. Scribe and cut edges of tile to fit walls where wall molding is not specified.
  9002. Initiate sales campaigns to meet sales and production expectations.
  9003. Install, calibrate, or operate emissions analyzers, cell assist software, fueling systems, or air conditioning systems in engine testing systems.
  9004. Write proposals for research or project grants.
  9005. Stay current with new technologies in the field by reading trade magazines.
  9006. Participate in student recruitment, selection, and admission, making admissions recommendations when required to do so.
  9007. Interview or survey workers, observe job performance or perform the job to determine what information is processed and how it is processed.
  9008. Conduct binocular disparity tests to assess depth perception.
  9009. Update directory information.
  9010. Run appropriate power, ground, or coaxial cables.
  9011. Supervise or train project team members as necessary.
  9012. Track enrollment status of subjects and document dropout information such as dropout causes and subject contact efforts.
  9013. Prepare working sketches for the illustration of product appearance.
  9014. Modify, devise, or maintain nuclear equipment used in operations.
  9015. Provide direct care by performing comprehensive health assessments, developing differential diagnoses, conducting specialized tests, or prescribing medications or treatments.
  9016. Analyze completed police reports to determine what additional information and investigative work is needed.
  9017. Process loan applications.
  9018. Determine allocations of funds for staff, supplies, materials, and equipment, and authorize purchases.
  9019. Treat clients in professional settings or travel to clients' offices and homes.
  9020. Conduct demonstrations to teach skills, such as sports, dancing, and handicrafts.
  9021. Prepare or deliver speeches to further public relations objectives.
  9022. Design or implement supply chains that support environmental policies.
  9023. Perform acceptance testing on newly installed or updated systems.
  9024. Manage or operate real estate offices, handling associated business details.
  9025. Prepare and present illustrated lectures and interpretive talks about park features.
  9026. Clean equipment, such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, or portable medical equipment, documenting needed repairs or maintenance.
  9027. Operate diagnostic equipment, such as radiographic or ultrasound equipment, and interpret the resulting images.
  9028. Select number of colors and determine color separations.
  9029. Make travel arrangements for executives.
  9030. Prescribe or administer treatments such as transcranial magnetic stimulation, vagus nerve stimulation, and deep brain stimulation.
  9031. Run errands, such as taking laundry to the cleaners and buying groceries.
  9032. Conduct departure and arrival briefings.
  9033. Discuss filter options, lens choices, and the visual effects of objects being filmed with photography directors and video operators.
  9034. Determine patterns of building use to show annual or monthly needs for heating, cooling, lighting, or other energy needs.
  9035. Organize archival records and develop classification systems to facilitate access to archival materials.
  9036. Contact customers to persuade them to purchase merchandise or services.
  9037. Tear down equipment after event completion.
  9038. Provide information for teachers and staff members involved in helping students or graduates identify and pursue employment opportunities.
  9039. Submit artwork to shows or galleries.
  9040. Mix polyester resins and hardeners to be used in restoring damaged areas.
  9041. Prepare affidavits or other documents, such as legal correspondence, and organize and maintain documents in paper or electronic filing system.
  9042. Assemble gear systems, and align frames and gears.
  9043. Assist dentist in management of medical or dental emergencies.
  9044. Remove damaged tile, brick, or mortar, and clean or prepare surfaces, using pliers, hammers, chisels, drills, wire brushes, or metal wire anchors.
  9045. Perform emergency repairs, such as changing tires or installing light bulbs, fuses, tire chains, or spark plugs.
  9046. Read copy or proof to detect and correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and syntax.
  9047. Transpose music from one voice or instrument to another to accommodate particular musicians.
  9048. Allocate human resources, ensuring appropriate matches between personnel.
  9049. Confer with park staff to determine subjects and schedules for park programs.
  9050. Sharpen cutting blades, knives, or saws, using files, bench grinders, or honing stones.
  9051. Locate and mark reference points for columns or plates on boiler foundations, following blueprints and using straightedges, squares, transits, or measuring instruments.
  9052. Install or replace machinery, equipment, and new or replacement parts and instruments, using hand or power tools.
  9053. Operate counters and record data to assess the volume, type, and movement of vehicular or pedestrian traffic at specified times.
  9054. Investigate missing checks, payment histories, held funds, returned checks, or other related issues to resolve client or creditor problems.
  9055. Obtain and preview musical performance programs prior to events to become familiar with the order and approximate times of pieces.
  9056. Serve refreshments to donors to ensure absorption of sugar into their systems.
  9057. Keep records of repairs and replacements made and causes of malfunctions.
  9058. Test and verify hardware and support peripherals to ensure that they meet specifications and requirements, by recording and analyzing test data.
  9059. Develop or implement training programs related to efficiency, recycling, or other issues with environmental impacts.
  9060. Lay out, fit, or connect parts to be bonded, calculating production measurements as necessary.
  9061. Attach trimmings and labels to articles with cement, using brushes or cement guns.
  9062. Confer with underwriters to resolve mortgage application problems.
  9063. Compare topographical features or contour lines with images from aerial photographs, old maps, or other reference materials to verify the accuracy of their identification.
  9064. Relay information and messages to and from emergency sites, to law enforcement agencies, and to all other individuals or groups requiring notification.
  9065. Counsel employees about work-related issues and assist employees to correct job-skill deficiencies.
  9066. Test and adjust machine speeds or actions, according to product specifications, using gauges and hand tools.
  9067. Purchase or requisition supplies and equipment needed to ensure quality and timely delivery of services.
  9068. Use airfield landing and navigational aids and digital data terminal communications equipment to perform duties.
  9069. Provide technical advice on the use of current instructional technologies, including computer-based training, desktop videoconferencing, multimedia, and distance learning technologies.
  9070. Develop or provide technical resources, such as course management and videoconferencing systems, networking, and webcasting, for distance learning programs.
  9071. Hold cut or uneven edges of glass against automated abrasive belts to shape or smooth edges.
  9072. Provide individual support or counseling in general wellness or nutrition.
  9073. Requisition and issue equipment and supplies.
  9074. Use weapons, handcuffs, and physical force to maintain discipline and order among prisoners.
  9075. Integrate academic and vocational curricula so that students can obtain a variety of skills.
  9076. Maintain operations data, such as time, production, and cost records, and prepare management reports of production results.
  9077. Regulate and alter workflow schedules according to established manufacturing sequences and lead times to expedite production operations.
  9078. Manipulate plot, score, sound, and graphics to make the parts into a continuous whole, working closely with people in audio, visual, music, optical, or special effects departments.
  9079. Reserve, circulate, renew, and discharge books and other materials.
  9080. Construct wooden models, templates, full scale mock-ups, jigs, or molds for shaping parts of products.
  9081. Refer patients to other relevant services to provide continuity of care.
  9082. Record production output.
  9083. Write, review, or execute plans for testing new or established document management systems.
  9084. Advise management on matters related to the administration of contracts or employee discipline or grievance procedures.
  9085. Prime and paint repaired surfaces, using paint sprayguns and motorized sanders.
  9086. Clean rooms and make beds.
  9087. Follow safety procedures to ensure the protection of passengers, cargo, and vessels.
  9088. Teach undergraduate level courses.
  9089. Obtain and distribute costumes, props, music, and studio equipment needed to complete productions.
  9090. Plan or conduct programs to prevent substance abuse or improve community health or counseling services.
  9091. Mask off mold areas not to be laminated, using cellophane, wax paper, masking tape, or special sprays containing mold-release substances.
  9092. Implement new or improved supply chain processes to improve efficiency or performance.
  9093. Perform pre-anesthetic screenings, including physical evaluations and patient interviews, and document results.
  9094. Care for established lawns by mulching, aerating, weeding, grubbing, removing thatch, or trimming or edging around flower beds, walks, or walls.
  9095. Install all necessary transmission equipment components, including antennas or antenna mounts, surge arrestors, transmission lines, connectors, or tower-mounted amplifiers (TMAs).
  9096. Clean, finish, and lubricate molds and mold parts.
  9097. Implement scanning or other automated data entry procedures, using imaging devices and document imaging software.
  9098. Select and mix ingredients to prepare coating substances according to specifications, using paddles or mechanical mixers.
  9099. Verify key numbers and time codes on materials.
  9100. Apply reflective roof coatings, such as special paints or single-ply roofing sheets, to existing roofs to reduce solar heat absorption.
  9101. Salvage wrecked ships or their cargo, using pneumatic power velocity and hydraulic tools and explosive charges, when necessary.
  9102. Conduct surveys and collect data, using methods such as interviews, questionnaires, focus groups, market analysis surveys, public opinion polls, literature reviews, and file reviews.
  9103. Develop, conduct, or coordinate health needs assessments and other public health surveys.
  9104. Wash polished terrazzo surface, using cleaner and water, and apply sealer and curing agent according to manufacturer's specifications, using brush or sprayer.
  9105. Back up or modify applications and related data to provide for disaster recovery.
  9106. Nail top and bottom rails to fence posts, or insert them in slots on posts.
  9107. Create or manage recycling operations budgets.
  9108. Make repairs, such as enlarging or reducing ring sizes, soldering pieces of jewelry together, and replacing broken clasps and mountings.
  9109. Plan and prepare employee work schedules.
  9110. Receive, relay, and act upon instructions and inquiries from train operations and customer service center personnel.
  9111. Compile, analyze, and interpret statistical data related to occupational illnesses and accidents.
  9112. Signal other workers to move, hoist, and position loads.
  9113. Study consumers' reactions to new products and package designs, and to advertising efforts, using surveys and tests.
  9114. Evaluate the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of biomedical equipment.
  9115. Distribute insulating materials evenly into small spaces within floors, ceilings, or walls, using blowers and hose attachments, or cement mortars.
  9116. Negotiate with suppliers or customers to improve supply chain efficiency or sustainability.
  9117. Select and attach hose nozzles, depending on fire type, and direct streams of water or chemicals onto fires.
  9118. Resolve customers' service or billing complaints by performing activities such as exchanging merchandise, refunding money, or adjusting bills.
  9119. Direct workers who are assembling or disassembling equipment or cleaning parts.
  9120. Immerse eyeglass frames in solutions to harden, soften, or dye frames.
  9121. Chip slag from linings of ladles or remove linings when beyond repair, using hammers and chisels.
  9122. Demonstrate use or operation of merchandise.
  9123. Measure customers, using tape measures, and record measurements.
  9124. Conduct inventories of distance learning equipment, summarizing equipment usage data.
  9125. Analyze survey reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, aerial photography, or other topographical or geologic data.
  9126. Engage in research activities related to the field of medical genetics or genetic counseling.
  9127. Organize and label materials and display students' work in a manner appropriate for their ages and perceptual skills.
  9128. Write information in medical records or provide narrative summaries to communicate patient information to other health care providers.
  9129. Study guides, samples, charts, and specification sheets, or confer with supervisors or engineering staff to determine setup requirements.
  9130. Conduct inspections and acceptance testing of newly installed fire protection systems.
  9131. Monitor the use of diagnostic services, inpatient beds, facilities, and staff to ensure effective use of resources and assess the need for additional staff, equipment, and services.
  9132. Analyze proposed site factors and design maps, graphs, tracings, and diagrams to illustrate findings.
  9133. Trim edges of cut or torn fabric, using scissors or knives, and stitch trimmed edges together.
  9134. Counsel inmates and respond to legitimate questions, concerns, and requests.
  9135. Confer with numerical control programmers to check and ensure that new programs or machinery will function properly and that output will meet specifications.
  9136. Present the results of mathematical modeling and data analysis to management or other end users.
  9137. Investigate and answer complaints regarding contested parking citations, determining their validity and routing them appropriately.
  9138. Provide face, neck, and scalp massages.
  9139. Compile lists of overdue materials and notify borrowers that their materials are overdue.
  9140. Operate scalehouse computers to obtain weight information about incoming shipments such as those from waste haulers.
  9141. Observe, interview, and assess patients to identify care needs.
  9142. Compute payment schedules.
  9143. Apply sizing to seal surfaces and maximize adhesion of coverings to surfaces.
  9144. Inspect electrical systems, equipment, or components to identify hazards, defects, or the need for adjustment or repair, and to ensure compliance with codes.
  9145. Develop promotions for current programs and specials.
  9146. Measure and record patients' vital signs, such as height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, pulse, or respiration.
  9147. Compare prices, specifications, and delivery dates to determine the best bid among potential suppliers.
  9148. Remove worn or damaged plastic block refractory linings of furnaces, using hand tools.
  9149. Schedule appointments, prepare bills and receive payment for dental services, complete insurance forms, and maintain records, manually or using computer.
  9150. Collaborate with other managers or staff members to formulate and implement policies, procedures, goals, or objectives.
  9151. Provide advice and technical assistance with cost analysis, fiscal allocation, and budget preparation.
  9152. Provide input into the architectural planning of library facilities.
  9153. Recommend repair or design modifications of electronics components or systems, based on factors such as environment, service, cost, or system capabilities.
  9154. Test wind turbine equipment to determine effects of stress or fatigue.
  9155. Drive vehicles over specified routes or to specified destinations according to time schedules, complying with traffic regulations to ensure that passengers have a smooth and safe ride.
  9156. Climb ladders to position and set up vehicle-mounted derricks.
  9157. Hire, train, evaluate, or discharge staff or resolve personnel grievances.
  9158. Examine and sort into lots articles to be cleaned, according to color, fabric, dirt content, and cleaning technique required.
  9159. Create mechanical design documents for parts, assemblies, or finished products.
  9160. Compile operational data to develop cost or time estimates, schedules, or specifications.
  9161. Perform administrative duties, such as fundraising, public relations, budgeting, and supervision of zoo staff.
  9162. Push racks or carts to transfer products to storage, cooling stations, or the next stage of processing.
  9163. Provide information or refer individuals to public or private agencies or community services for assistance.
  9164. Clean, oil, or coat system components as necessary before assembly or attachment.
  9165. Examine patients with problems related to ocular motility, binocular vision, amblyopia, or strabismus.
  9166. Manually or mechanically load or unload materials from pallets, skids, platforms, cars, lifting devices, or other transport vehicles.
  9167. Package bioinformatics data for submission to public repositories.
  9168. Record and compile operational data by completing and maintaining forms, logs, or reports.
  9169. Review claims adjustments with dealers, examining parts claimed to be defective, and approving or disapproving dealers' claims.
  9170. Testify in depositions or trials as an expert witness.
  9171. Monitor patients during tests or surgeries, using electroencephalographs (EEG), evoked potential (EP) instruments, or video recording equipment.
  9172. Operate or adjust equipment or apparatus used to obtain geological data.
  9173. Develop or maintain applications that process biologically based data into searchable databases for purposes of analysis, calculation, or presentation.
  9174. Train new workers or evaluate their performance.
  9175. Direct groups at rehearsals and live or recorded performances to achieve desired effects such as tonal and harmonic balance dynamics, rhythm, and tempo.
  9176. Assess or propose sustainability initiatives, considering factors such as cost effectiveness, technical feasibility, and acceptance.
  9177. Mix paints to match color specifications or vehicles' original colors, stirring or thinning paints, using spatulas or power mixing equipment.
  9178. Maintain effective laboratory operations by adhering to standards of specimen collection, preparation, or laboratory safety.
  9179. Tighten locknuts holding refractory stopper assemblies together, spread mortar on jackets to seal sleeve joints, and dry mortar in ovens.
  9180. Review damage reports, prepare or review repair cost estimates, and plan work to be performed.
  9181. Deliver e-mail confirmation of completed transactions and shipment.
  9182. Interview benefits recipients at specified intervals to certify their eligibility for continuing benefits.
  9183. Grade, classify, or sort products according to sizes, weights, colors, or other specifications.
  9184. Create or enforce hydrostation voltage schedules.
  9185. Encourage participants to develop their own activities and leadership skills through group discussions.
  9186. Turn meters on or off to establish or close service.
  9187. Follow recipes to produce food products of specified flavor, texture, clarity, bouquet, or color.
  9188. Create visual representations of geospatial data, using complex procedures such as analytical modeling, three-dimensional renderings, or plot creation.
  9189. Develop assays that monitor cell characteristics.
  9190. Monitor equipment functioning, observe temperature, level, and flow gauges, and perform regular unit checks to ensure that all equipment is operating as it should.
  9191. Connect reactor to computer, using hand tools and power tools.
  9192. Observe monitors and converse with station personnel to determine audio and video levels and to ascertain that programs are airing.
  9193. Capture and remove stray, uncontrolled, or abused animals from undesirable conditions, using nets, nooses, or tranquilizer darts as necessary.
  9194. Prepare and submit required reports related to instruction.
  9195. Study technical manuals or attend training sessions provided by equipment manufacturers to maintain current knowledge.
  9196. Compile and maintain records documenting engineering schematics, installed equipment, installation or operational problems, resources used, repairs, or corrective action performed.
  9197. Notify supervisors or other appropriate personnel when security breaches occur.
  9198. Homogenize or pasteurize material to prevent separation or to obtain prescribed butterfat content, using a homogenizing device.
  9199. Recommend Web site improvements, and develop budgets to support recommendations.
  9200. Draw master sketches to scale showing relation of proposed installations to existing facilities and exact specifications and dimensions.
  9201. Inspect completed work to ensure conformance to specifications, standards, and contract requirements.
  9202. Cut stencils and brush or spray lettering or decorations on surfaces.
  9203. Drain equipment and pump water or other solutions through to flush and clean tanks or equipment.
  9204. Recommend changes in working conditions or equipment use to increase crew efficiency.
  9205. Develop methods to monitor employee satisfaction with policies or working conditions, including grievance or complaint procedures.
  9206. Lock doors and gates of entrances and exits to secure buildings.
  9207. Claim missing issues of periodicals and journals.
  9208. Select solar energy products, systems, or services for customers based on electrical energy requirements, site conditions, price, or other factors.
  9209. Conduct needs assessments to identify document management requirements of departments or end users.
  9210. Administer, coordinate, or recommend disciplinary and corrective actions.
  9211. Maintain workers' time records.
  9212. Draft speeches for company executives and arrange interviews and other forms of contact for them.
  9213. Develop prospect lists.
  9214. Take out garbage.
  9215. Determine fares based on trip distances and times, using taximeters and fee schedules, and announce fares to passengers.
  9216. Create sales or service contracts for products or services.
  9217. Test new products for flavor, texture, color, nutritional content, and adherence to government and industry standards.
  9218. Appraise damage caused by fires and prepare damage reports.
  9219. Research the styles and periods of clothing needed for film or theatrical productions.
  9220. Identify, compare, classify, and file fingerprints, using systems such as Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) or the Henry Classification System.
  9221. Provide technical direction or support to installation teams during installation, start-up, testing, system commissioning, or performance monitoring.
  9222. Maintain production equipment and machinery.
  9223. Inspect and pack the final product.
  9224. Evaluate biofuel performance specifications to determine feasibility for aerospace applications.
  9225. Develop, prepare, and coordinate grant applications and grant-related activities to obtain funding for health education programs and related work.
  9226. Provide students course-related experiences, such as field trips, outside the classroom.
  9227. Monitor and maintain aseptic technique throughout procedures.
  9228. Perform minor repairs and routine cleaning of audio and video equipment.
  9229. Erect electrical system components and barricades, and rig scaffolds, hoists, and shoring.
  9230. Document robotic application development, maintenance, or changes.
  9231. Install refractory bricks or other heat-resistant materials in fireboxes of pressure vessels.
  9232. Inspect, repair, and maintain automotive and mechanical equipment and machinery such as pumps and compressors.
  9233. Observe machine operations, control boards, and gauges to detect malfunctions such as clogged bushings and defective binder applicators.
  9234. Obtain or inspect sterile or non-sterile surgical equipment, instruments, or supplies.
  9235. Remove body and facial hair by applying wax.
  9236. Communicate with systems operators to regulate and coordinate line voltages and transmission loads and frequencies.
  9237. Design or program robotics systems for environmental clean-up applications to minimize human exposure to toxic or hazardous materials or to improve the quality or speed of clean-up operations.
  9238. Splice wires with knives or cutting pliers, and solder connections to fixtures, outlets, and equipment.
  9239. Advise dancers on how to stand and move properly, teaching correct dance techniques to help prevent injuries.
  9240. Prepare forms and manuals for accounting and bookkeeping personnel and direct their work activities.
  9241. Plan or conduct validation testing of alternative energy products, such as synthetic jet fuels or energy storage systems, such as fuel cells.
  9242. Prune, cut down, fertilize, and spray trees as directed by tree surgeons.
  9243. Mark or tag material with proper job number, piece marks, and other identifying marks as required.
  9244. Install, maintain, or repair hoses, pumps, filters, or screens to maintain processing equipment, using hand tools.
  9245. Study machining instructions, job orders, or blueprints to determine dimensional or finish specifications, sequences of operations, setups, or tooling requirements.
  9246. Assemble meal trays with foods in accordance with patients' diets.
  9247. Direct the safe management and disposal of radioactive substances.
  9248. Write research reports and other publications to document and communicate research findings.
  9249. Collaborate with vendors to obtain or develop desired products.
  9250. Install, replace, or change machine parts and attachments, according to production specifications.
  9251. Locate and interview plaintiffs, witnesses, or representatives of business or government to gather facts relevant to inspections or alleged violations.
  9252. Design geological mine maps, monitor mine structural integrity, or advise and monitor mining crews.
  9253. Perform clerical duties, such as filing, typing, operating switchboards, or routing mail and messages.
  9254. Inspect pulleys, drive belts, guards, or fences on machines to ensure that machines will operate safely.
  9255. Resolve testing problems by modifying testing methods or revising test objectives and standards.
  9256. Implement training programs on environmentally responsible building topics to update employee skills and knowledge.
  9257. Analyze test results to classify products or compare results with standard tables.
  9258. Maintain, monitor, and clean work areas, such as recycling collection sites, drop boxes, counters and windows, and areas around scale houses.
  9259. Confer with staff at a chosen event site to coordinate details.
  9260. Perform routine network startup and shutdown procedures, and maintain control records.
  9261. Inform job applicants of details such as duties and responsibilities, compensation, benefits, schedules, working conditions, or promotion opportunities.
  9262. Select shaping wheels for tasks, and mix and apply abrasives, bort, or polishing compounds.
  9263. Record operational data such as pressure readings, lengths of strokes, feed rates, and speeds.
  9264. Receive, record, and bank cash, checks, and vouchers.
  9265. Supervise and monitor unit nursing staff.
  9266. Create or implement security standards, policies, and procedures.
  9267. Contact clients in person, by phone, or in writing to ensure they have completed required or recommended actions.
  9268. Develop or otherwise produce film records of magnetic resonance images.
  9269. Conduct in-service training sessions, or family and community education programs.
  9270. Measure and monitor raw biomass feedstock, including wood, waste, or refuse materials.
  9271. Order and purchase frames and lenses.
  9272. Train operations staff.
  9273. Oversee recycling pick-up or drop-off programs to ensure compliance with community ordinances.
  9274. Mark and label containers, container tags, or products, using marking tools.
  9275. Perform descriptive and multivariate statistical analyses of data, using computer software.
  9276. Develop and test procedures for dealing with emergencies during practices or competitions.
  9277. Prepare news releases and respond to police correspondence.
  9278. Analyze research data to determine its significance, using computers.
  9279. Establish short- and long-term plans for management of forest lands and forest resources.
  9280. Organize or engage in interfaith, community, civic, educational, or recreational activities sponsored by or related to religious programs.
  9281. Review annual reports of counties, conservation districts, or watershed management organizations, certifying compliance with mandated reporting requirements.
  9282. Screen job applicants, and hire new employees.
  9283. Assess the identity, strength, or purity of medications.
  9284. Reassemble machines after making repairs or replacing parts.
  9285. Communicate to faculty, students, or other users availability of, or changes to, distance learning courses or materials, programs, services, or applications.
  9286. Repair or replace damaged molds, pipes, belts, chains, or other equipment, using hand tools, hand-powered presses, or jib cranes.
  9287. Update schedules, estimates, forecasts, or budgets for wind projects.
  9288. Write articles, manuals, and other publications, and assist in the distribution of promotional literature about facilities and programs.
  9289. Arrange for physical, mental, academic, vocational, and other evaluations to obtain information for assessing clients' needs and developing rehabilitation plans.
  9290. Conduct clinical or basic research.
  9291. Examine freight to determine loading sequences.
  9292. Organize and conduct age-appropriate recreational activities, such as games, arts and crafts, sports, walks, and play dates.
  9293. Assist patrons by giving directions to points in or outside of the facility or providing information about local attractions.
  9294. Plan and develop curricula and materials for training programs and conduct training.
  9295. Propose online or multiple-sales-channel campaigns to marketing executives.
  9296. Set up and operate irrigation equipment.
  9297. Relay complaint and emergency-request information to appropriate agency dispatchers.
  9298. Mix and prepare flavors for mixed drinks.
  9299. Mark cutting lines around patterns or templates, or follow layout points, using squares, rules, and straightedges, and chalk, pencils, or scribes.
  9300. Compare instrument pitches with tuning tool pitches to tune instruments.
  9301. Speak to community groups to explain and interpret agency purposes, programs, and policies.
  9302. Issue various permits and licenses, such as marriage, fishing, hunting, or dog licenses, and collect appropriate fees.
  9303. Operate machines for test runs to verify adjustments and to obtain product samples.
  9304. Determine the nature of code violations and actions to be taken, and issue written notices of violation; participate in enforcement hearings as necessary.
  9305. Maintain technical project files.
  9306. Measure and mark locations for installation of markers, using tape, string, or chalk.
  9307. Collect cash payments from customers and make change or charge purchases to customers' credit cards and provide customers with receipts.
  9308. Provide customers with information about casino operations.
  9309. Provide on-the-job training to new air traffic controllers.
  9310. Direct the analysis, development, and operation of complete computer systems.
  9311. Prepare purchase requisitions for computer hardware and software, networking and telecommunications equipment, test equipment, cabling, or tools.
  9312. Design or develop industrial air quality microsystems, such as carbon dioxide fixing devices.
  9313. Develop proposed project objectives and targets and report to management on progress in attaining them.
  9314. Examine accidents to obtain data that can be used to design preventive measures.
  9315. Review operations and confer with technical or administrative staff to resolve production or processing problems.
  9316. Gather risk-related data from internal or external resources.
  9317. Ensure carrier compliance with company policies or procedures for product transit or delivery.
  9318. Drive straight or articulated tractors equipped with accessories such as bulldozer blades, grapples, logging arches, cable winches, and crane booms, to skid, load, unload, or stack logs, pull stumps, or clear brush.
  9319. Lead nursing department implementation of, or compliance with, regulatory or accreditation processes.
  9320. Use manual or electric appliances to clean, peel, slice, and trim foods.
  9321. Order the performance of corrective work when problems occur and recommend procedural changes to avoid such problems.
  9322. Negotiate prices and terms with suppliers, vendors, or freight forwarders.
  9323. Recommend improvements in security systems or procedures.
  9324. Confiscate dangerous items and hazardous materials found in opened bags and turn them over to airlines for disposal.
  9325. Sanitize toys and play equipment.
  9326. Maintain records of goods ordered and received.
  9327. Wrap pipes, securing insulation in place with cement or wire bands.
  9328. Record production, repair, and machine maintenance information.
  9329. Mix pharmaceutical preparations, according to written prescriptions.
  9330. Identify or procure needed resources to implement sustainability programs or projects.
  9331. Perform personal bookkeeping services.
  9332. Trim excess rubber and imperfections during retreading processes.
  9333. Portion, arrange, and garnish food, and serve food to waiters or patrons.
  9334. Perform functional, task, or anthropometric analysis, using tools such as checklists, surveys, videotaping or force measurement.
  9335. Integrate human factors requirements into operational hardware.
  9336. Dismantle machines, equipment, or devices to access and remove defective parts, using hoists, cranes, hand tools, or power tools.
  9337. Calculate potential for energy savings.
  9338. Contact housekeeping or maintenance staff when guests report problems.
  9339. Adjust guide assemblies, forming bars, and folding mechanisms according to specifications, using hand tools.
  9340. Embed tissue specimens into paraffin wax blocks or infiltrate tissue specimens with wax.
  9341. Align parts to be stitched, following seams, edges, or markings, before positioning them under needles.
  9342. Review project requests describing database user needs to estimate time and cost required to accomplish project.
  9343. Investigate customer problems referred by technical support.
  9344. Complete accident reports when necessary.
  9345. Operate equipment that compresses collected refuse.
  9346. Schedule space or equipment for special programs and prepare lists of participants.
  9347. Program computerized numerical control machine tools.
  9348. Perform difficult staffing duties, including dealing with understaffing, refereeing disputes, firing employees, and administering disciplinary procedures.
  9349. Prepare actors for auditions by providing scripts and information about roles and casting requirements.
  9350. Diagnose and treat skin conditions such as acne, dandruff, athlete's foot, moles, psoriasis, or skin cancer.
  9351. Train dogs in human assistance or property protection duties.
  9352. Process orders for goods requested in correspondence.
  9353. Record maintenance information, including test results, material usage, and repairs made.
  9354. Prepare outlines of instructional programs and training schedules and establish course goals.
  9355. Oversee the preparation and care of the remains of people who have died.
  9356. Review processing schedules or production orders to make decisions concerning inventory requirements, staffing requirements, work procedures, or duty assignments, considering budgetary limitations and time constraints.
  9357. Compile bibliographies of specialized materials for outside reading assignments.
  9358. Communicate client assessment findings and recommendations in oral, written, audio, video, or other forms.
  9359. Fill cracks or imperfections in marble with wax that matches the stone color.
  9360. Monitor patients during treatment and report any unusual reactions to the respiratory therapist.
  9361. Transfer digital media, such as music, video, or software, to customers via the Internet.
  9362. Prepare materials and classrooms for class activities.
  9363. Select themes, lighting, colors, or props to be used.
  9364. Conduct safety training or education programs and demonstrate the use of safety equipment.
  9365. Smooth, polish, and bevel surfaces, using hand tools and power tools.
  9366. Take orders for imprinted checks.
  9367. Instruct clients in techniques for more effective communication, such as sign language, lip reading, or voice improvement.
  9368. Recommend appropriate penitentiary for initial placement of an offender.
  9369. Sprinkle chemicals over molten metal to bring impurities to the surface.
  9370. Devise scenario analyses reflecting possible severe market events.
  9371. Arrange reservations for patrons of dining establishments.
  9372. Identify opportunities to improve the operation, maintenance, or energy efficiency of building or process systems.
  9373. Inspect job sites to determine the extent of maintenance or repairs needed.
  9374. Develop emergency management plans for recovery decision making and communications, continuity of critical departmental processes, or temporary shut-down of non-critical departments to ensure continuity of operation and governance.
  9375. Determine the timing or procedures for flight vector changes.
  9376. Edit video for broadcast productions, including non-linear editing.
  9377. Advise sellers on how to make homes more appealing to potential buyers.
  9378. Examine employee files to answer inquiries and provide information for personnel actions.
  9379. Operate auxiliary machines such as collators, pad and tablet making machines, staplers, and paper punching, folding, cutting, and perforating machines.
  9380. Coordinate the removal of sets, props, and exhibits after productions or events are complete.
  9381. Prepare and maintain sketches, maps, reports, and legal descriptions of surveys to describe, certify, and assume liability for work performed.
  9382. Provide advice and consultation on economic relationships to businesses, public and private agencies, and other employers.
  9383. Review work orders and blueprints to ensure work is performed according to specifications.
  9384. Evaluate laboratory safety procedures to ensure compliance with standards or to make improvements as needed.
  9385. Analyze monthly department budgeting and accounting reports to maintain expenditure controls.
  9386. Distribute production schedules or work orders to departments.
  9387. Improvise music during performances.
  9388. Assist surgeons with vascular procedures, such as preparing balloons and stents.
  9389. Make exposures necessary for the requested procedures, rejecting and repeating work that does not meet established standards.
  9390. Adjust, clean, or repair products or processing equipment to correct defects found during inspections.
  9391. Eliminate outdated or unnecessary materials, destroying them or transferring them to inactive storage, according to file maintenance guidelines or legal requirements.
  9392. Maintain or repair plumbing by replacing defective washers, replacing or mending broken pipes, or opening clogged drains.
  9393. Time rolls of ships, using stopwatches.
  9394. Lay out grids, and determine horizontal and vertical controls.
  9395. Enter and retrieve information pertaining to vehicle registration, identification, and status, using hand-held computers.
  9396. Document patients' medical and psychological histories, physical assessment results, diagnoses, treatment plans, prescriptions, or outcomes.
  9397. Meet with staff to discuss rules, regulations, and work-related problems.
  9398. Install, program, or repair programmable controllers, robot controllers, end-of-arm tools, or conveyors.
  9399. Clean tracks or clear ice or snow from tracks or switch boxes.
  9400. Study work order requests to determine type of service, such as lighting or power, demanded by installation.
  9401. Conduct studies to determine the feasibility, costs, or performance benefits of new mechatronic equipment.
  9402. Collaborate with biologists and other professionals to conduct appropriate genetic and biochemical analyses.
  9403. Remotely monitor the flow of vehicles or inventory, using Web-based logistics information systems to track vehicles or containers.
  9404. Maintain vehicles and medical and communication equipment and replenish first aid equipment and supplies.
  9405. Establish and enforce rules for behavior and policies and procedures to maintain order among students.
  9406. Provide consultation to organizations or agencies on the workplace application of safety principles, practices, or techniques.
  9407. Design, organize, or conduct tours, workshops, and instructional or educational sessions to acquaint individuals with an institution's facilities and materials.
  9408. Confer with engineering staff and other personnel to resolve problems.
  9409. Read current literature, talk with colleagues, and participate in professional organizations or conferences to keep abreast of developments in dermatology.
  9410. Coordinate or direct employee workshops, courses, or training about mental health issues.
  9411. Keep abreast of new biochemistries, instrumentation, or software by reading scientific literature and attending professional conferences.
  9412. Greet visitors or callers and handle their inquiries or direct them to the appropriate persons according to their needs.
  9413. Obtain receipts or signatures for delivered goods and collect payment for services when required.
  9414. Analyze soil to determine types or quantities of fertilizer required for maximum crop production.
  9415. Plan laboratory experiments to confirm feasibility of processes and techniques used in the production of materials with special characteristics.
  9416. Open valves to return compressed gas to bottoms of specified wells to repressurize them and force oil to surface.
  9417. Monitor movement of shale along conveyors from hoppers to trucks or railcars.
  9418. Accept credit applications and verify credit references to provide check-cashing authorization or to establish house credit accounts.
  9419. Monitor or analyze market and environmental trends.
  9420. Examine engraving for quality of cut, burrs, rough spots, and irregular or incomplete engraving.
  9421. Research, compile, and prepare reports, manuals, correspondence, or other information required by management or governmental agencies.
  9422. Develop solutions to help clients hedge carbon exposure or risk.
  9423. Sponsor extracurricular activities, such as clubs, student organizations, and academic contests.
  9424. Instruct or advise clients on issues such as household cleanliness, utilities, hygiene, nutrition, or infant care.
  9425. Provide boarding or disembarking assistance to passengers needing special assistance.
  9426. Store copies of publications on paper, magnetic tape, film or diskette.
  9427. Conduct research to develop new and improved chemical manufacturing processes.
  9428. Supervise assistants' work throughout the design process.
  9429. Inspect and remove defective products and packaging material.
  9430. Make copies of correspondence or other printed material.
  9431. Process nanoparticles or nanostructures, using technologies such as ultraviolet radiation, microwave energy, or catalysis.
  9432. Perform business management duties, such as maintaining records or files, preparing reports, or ordering supplies or equipment.
  9433. Record repairs required, parts used, and labor time.
  9434. Solder, wrap, and coat wires to ensure proper insulation.
  9435. Weigh or measure materials, ingredients, or products to ensure conformance to requirements.
  9436. Secure speakers for charitable events, community meetings, or conferences to increase awareness of charitable, nonprofit, or political causes.
  9437. Place plated or coated materials on racks and transfer them to ovens to dry for specified periods of time.
  9438. Install active solar systems, including solar collectors, concentrators, pumps, or fans.
  9439. Operate computer-aided drafting and design applications to design avionics system modifications.
  9440. Depress pedals to collapse drums after processing is complete.
  9441. Verify and examine information and accuracy of loan application and closing documents.
  9442. Adjust working parts, such as fan belts, contacts, and springs, using hand tools and gauges.
  9443. Conduct engineering site audits to collect structural, electrical, and related site information for use in the design of residential or commercial solar power systems.
  9444. Stretch drumheads over rim hoops and tuck them around and under the hoops, using hand tucking tools.
  9445. Evaluate the effectiveness of counseling or treatments and the accuracy and completeness of diagnoses, modifying plans or diagnoses as necessary.
  9446. Disassemble and assemble machines, according to specifications and using hand and power tools.
  9447. Audit the financial status of student organizations and facility accounts.
  9448. Prepare measurement tables and conversion charts, using standard formulas.
  9449. Insert material for printing or addressing into loading racks on machines, select type or die sizes, and position plates, stencils, or tapes in machine magazines.
  9450. Diagnose psychiatric disorders and mental health conditions.
  9451. Accompany and assist emergency medical technicians on calls.
  9452. Perform mathematical modeling of underground or surface water resources, such as floodplains, ocean coastlines, streams, rivers, or wetlands.
  9453. Restrain animals during exams or procedures.
  9454. Conduct field inspections of biomass plants, stations, or substations to ensure normal and safe operating conditions.
  9455. Relay messages about emergencies, accidents, locations of crew and personnel, and fire hazard conditions.
  9456. Operate and maintain steam autoclaves, keeping records of loads completed, items in loads, and maintenance procedures performed.
  9457. Coordinate and supervise work of kitchen staff.
  9458. Monitor and ensure a sound, ethical environment.
  9459. Collect or select samples for testing or for use as models.
  9460. Search for specific sets of stored, typed characters to make changes.
  9461. Evaluate fire department performance and the laws and regulations affecting fire prevention or fire safety.
  9462. Collect information about individuals or clients, using interviews, case histories, observational techniques, and other assessment methods.
  9463. Sand rough spots of dried cement between applications of compounds.
  9464. Perform or participate in emergency drills, as required.
  9465. Issue directions for loading, unloading, and seating in boats.
  9466. Prepare preliminary renderings of proposed exhibits, including detailed construction, layout, and material specifications, and diagrams relating to aspects such as special effects and/or lighting.
  9467. Cut, miter, and glue piping insulation to insulate plumbing pipes and fittings.
  9468. Adjust handwheels and depress pedals to control attachments, such as blades, buckets, scrapers, or swing booms.
  9469. Confer with horticultural personnel to plan facility renovations or additions.
  9470. Arrest individuals to be charged with fraud.
  9471. Assemble new or reconditioned appliances.
  9472. Contribute to the development or implementation of business unit strategic and operating plans.
  9473. Develop computational tools or approaches to improve biofuels research and development activities.
  9474. Develop liaisons and networks with other parole officers, community agencies, correctional institutions, psychiatric facilities, and aftercare agencies to plan for helping offenders with life adjustments.
  9475. Thread yarn, thread, and fabric through guides, needles, and rollers of machines for weaving, knitting, or other processing.
  9476. Maintain and calibrate radioisotope and laboratory equipment.
  9477. Make preliminary impressions for study casts and occlusal registrations for mounting study casts.
  9478. Examine news items of local, national, and international significance to determine topics to address, or obtain assignments from editorial staff members.
  9479. Adapt or design computer hardware or software for medical science uses.
  9480. Supervise and coordinate activities of workers engaged in film editing, assembling, and recording activities.
  9481. Tell jokes, perform comic dances, songs and skits, impersonate mannerisms and voices of others, contort face, and use other devices to amuse audiences.
  9482. Participate in training and development sessions to improve tutoring practices or learn new tutoring techniques.
  9483. Select and fasten bulldozer blades or other attachments to tractors, using hitches.
  9484. Plan, assemble, and stock product displays in retail stores, or make recommendations to retailers regarding product displays, promotional programs, and advertising.
  9485. Record results of diagnostic tests.
  9486. Provide administrative or technical assistance to those receiving transportation-related grants.
  9487. Assess staffing needs and recruit staff, using methods such as newspaper advertisements or attendance at job fairs.
  9488. Transport prefabricated parts to construction sites for assembly and installation.
  9489. Install or maintain electrical control systems or solid state equipment.
  9490. Provide educational programs on topics such as classroom management, teaching strategies, or parenting skills.
  9491. Analyze changes designed to improve the environmental performance of complex systems to avoid unintended negative consequences.
  9492. Take animals into treatment areas and assist with physical examinations by performing such duties as obtaining temperature, pulse, or respiration data.
  9493. Straighten warped or bent parts, using sledges, hand torches, straightening presses, or bulldozers.
  9494. Place coated workpieces in ovens or dryers for specified times to dry or harden finishes.
  9495. Determine which sites and violation reports to investigate, and coordinate compliance and enforcement activities with other government agencies.
  9496. Set dials and timing controls to regulate electrical current, gas flow pressure, heating or cooling cycles, or shut-off.
  9497. Develop or review building fire exit plans.
  9498. Counsel women regarding the nutritional requirements of pregnancy.
  9499. Complete various forms, such as accident reports, trial and courtroom requests, and applications for clients.
  9500. Teach patient education programs that include information required to make informed health care and treatment decisions.
  9501. Receive and record patrons' dining reservations.
  9502. Establish tables of accounts and assign entries to proper accounts.
  9503. Develop instructional materials and products for technology-based redesign of courses.
  9504. Conduct interviews for broadcasts.
  9505. Inform health professionals, property owners, and the public about harmful properties and related problems of water pollution and contaminated wastewater.
  9506. Isolate and maintain cultures of bacteria or other microorganisms in prescribed or developed media, controlling moisture, aeration, temperature, and nutrition.
  9507. Install, level, and align machine components such as gears, chains, guides, dies, cutters, or needles to set up machinery for operation.
  9508. Prepare charges or responses to charges, or information for court cases, according to formalized procedures.
  9509. Monitor, evaluate, and record client progress according to measurable goals described in treatment and care plan.
  9510. Measure and weigh amounts of crystal growing materials, mix and grind materials, load materials into container, and monitor processing procedures to help identify crystal growing problems.
  9511. Document design processes including objectives, issues, and outcomes.
  9512. Brush flux onto joints of workpieces or dip braze rods into flux to prevent oxidation of metal.
  9513. Develop or use new non-destructive testing (NDT) methods, such as acoustic emission testing, leak testing, and thermal or infrared testing.
  9514. Carry linens to or from laundry areas.
  9515. Document all database changes, modifications, or problems.
  9516. Park vehicles at loading areas so that passengers can board.
  9517. Inspect industrial or municipal facilities or programs to evaluate operational effectiveness or ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
  9518. Lay out and mark areas of parts to be shot-peened and fill hoppers with shot.
  9519. Counsel individuals and groups regarding problems, such as stress, substance abuse, or family situations, to modify behavior or to improve personal, social, or vocational adjustment.
  9520. Stand behind a gaming table and deal the appropriate number of cards to each player.
  9521. Install experimental parts or assemblies, such as hydraulic systems, electrical wiring, lubricants, or batteries into machines or mechanisms.
  9522. Organize and string together raw footage into a continuous whole according to scripts or the instructions of directors and producers.
  9523. Produce images or measurements, using tools or techniques such as atomic force microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, optical microscopy, particle size analysis, or zeta potential analysis.
  9524. Set up antennas and mobile communication units during military field exercises.
  9525. Prepare accident reports.
  9526. Formulate mathematical models or other methods of computer analysis to develop, evaluate, or modify design, according to customer engineering requirements.
  9527. Monitor factors such as temperatures and dye flow rates to ensure that they are within specified ranges.
  9528. Sell technical and scientific products that are environmentally sound or designed for environmental remediation.
  9529. Diagnose acute or chronic conditions that could result in rapid physiological deterioration or life-threatening instability.
  9530. Set up and operate standard or specialized testing equipment.
  9531. Guide products on conveyors to regulate flow through machines, and to discard diseased or rotten products.
  9532. Weld small pipes or special piping, using specialized techniques, equipment, or materials, such as computer-assisted welding or microchip fabrication.
  9533. Refer people to community support services, psychologists, or doctors.
  9534. Record and interpret test data on parts, assemblies, and mechanisms.
  9535. Control the inventory or distribution of classroom equipment, materials, or supplies.
  9536. Plan or supervise infrastructure or collection maintenance functions, such as planting, fertilizing, pest or weed control, or landscaping.
  9537. Maintain and perform safety inspections on equipment and tools.
  9538. Direct or assist workers placing shore anchors and cables, laying additional pipes from dredges to shore, and pumping water from pontoons.
  9539. Investigate theoretical or conceptual issues, such as the human design considerations of lunar landers or habitats.
  9540. Place tire casings and tread rubber assemblies in tire molds for the vulcanization process and exert pressure to ensure good adhesion.
  9541. Resolve discrepancies in accounting records.
  9542. Apply poisons along roadsides and in animal burrows to eliminate unwanted roadside vegetation and rodents.
  9543. Take product samples during or after processing for laboratory analyses.
  9544. Check temperatures and humidities of shipping and storage areas to ensure that they are at appropriate levels to protect cargo.
  9545. Wrap and secure goods using pads, packing paper, containers, or straps.
  9546. Prepare metal surfaces for bonding with porcelain to create artificial teeth, using small hand tools.
  9547. Transport tools, materials, equipment, and supplies to work site by hand, handtruck, or heavy, motorized truck.
  9548. Replace depleted supply packages with full packages.
  9549. Inspect newly installed equipment to adjust or correct operating problems.
  9550. Greet visitors, ascertain purpose of visit, and direct them to appropriate staff.
  9551. Conduct meetings with staff to discuss production progress and to ensure production objectives are attained.
  9552. Scrape and sand floor edges and areas inaccessible to floor sanders, using scrapers, disk-type sanders, and sandpaper.
  9553. Keep accurate records of monetary exchanges, authorization forms, and transaction reconciliations.
  9554. Interview loan applicants to obtain personal and financial data and to assist in completing applications.
  9555. Analyze and interpret statistical data to identify significant differences in relationships among sources of information.
  9556. Turn and press knobs and buttons or enter operating instructions into computers to adjust and start welding machines.
  9557. Consult with and advise physicians, educators, researchers, government health officials and others regarding medical applications of sciences, such as physics, biology, and chemistry.
  9558. Clean surfaces of workpieces in preparation for coating, using cleaning fluids, solvents, brushes, scrapers, steam, sandpaper, or cloth.
  9559. Collect specimens, such as urine, feces, or sputum.
  9560. Interpret diagnostic test results for deviations from normal.
  9561. Apply relevant laws, regulations, policies, or precedents to reach conclusions.
  9562. Read and effectively interpret small-scale maps and information from a computer screen to determine locations and provide directions.
  9563. Cover roofs with layers of roofing felt or asphalt strips before installing tile, slate, or composition materials.
  9564. Collect information about waste stream management or green building practices to inform decision-makers.
  9565. Perform maintenance on cars in storage to protect tires, batteries, or exteriors from deterioration.
  9566. Meet with boards of directors and committees to discuss and resolve legal and environmental issues or disputes between neighbors.
  9567. Attend meetings, educational conferences, and training workshops and serve on committees.
  9568. Load hoppers, containers, or conveyors to feed machines with products, using forklifts, transfer augers, suction gates, shovels, or pitchforks.
  9569. Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate or graduate students on topics such as anatomy, therapeutic recreation, and conditioning theory.
  9570. Decontaminate or test field equipment used to clean or test pollutants from soil, air, or water.
  9571. Determine sizes and compositions of objects to be plated, and amounts of electrical current and time required.
  9572. Wire parts such as legs, spouts, and handles to article bodies in preparation for soldering.
  9573. Demonstrate equipment to customers and explain functioning of equipment.
  9574. Cut lengths of tubing to specified sizes, using files or cutting wheels.
  9575. Bolt together pump and engine parts.
  9576. Confer with clients, engineering personnel, or architects on landscape projects.
  9577. Set up and adjust equipment used to excavate geological materials.
  9578. Fabricate parts for watches and clocks, using small lathes and other machines.
  9579. Reorganize shipping schedules to consolidate loads, maximize vehicle usage, or limit the movement of empty vehicles or containers.
  9580. Set up or operate bindery machines, such as coil binders, thermal or tape binders, plastic comb binders, or specialty binders.
  9581. Determine clients' current lens prescriptions, when necessary, using lensometers or lens analyzers and clients' eyeglasses.
  9582. Prepare itemized statements, bills, or invoices and record amounts due for items purchased or services rendered.
  9583. Determine equitable basis for distributing surplus earnings under participating insurance and annuity contracts in mutual companies.
  9584. Transport or set explosives for tunnel, shaft, or road construction.
  9585. Monitor regulatory affairs activities to ensure that they are aligned with corporate sustainability or green initiatives.
  9586. Operate shearing mechanisms to cut rods to specified lengths.
  9587. Count or weigh and bundle items.
  9588. Offer advice on the purchase or sale of particular securities.
  9589. Install electrical wires and controls by attaching conduit along shaft walls from floor to floor and pulling plastic-covered wires through the conduit.
  9590. Pack food, dishes, utensils, tablecloths, and accessories for transportation from catering or food preparation establishments to locations designated by customers.
  9591. Determine appropriate sizes, ratings, and locations for all system overcurrent devices, disconnect devices, grounding equipment, and surge suppression equipment.
  9592. Model transportation scenarios to evaluate the impacts of activities such as new development or to identify possible solutions to transportation problems.
  9593. Assess product, compliance, or operational risks and develop risk management strategies.
  9594. Maintain project logbook records or computer program files.
  9595. Install module array interconnect wiring, implementing measures to disable arrays during installation.
  9596. Develop or manage integrated security controls to ensure confidentiality, accountability, recoverability, or audit ability of sensitive information, proprietary information, or information technology resources.
  9597. Remove from machines printed materials, such as labeled articles, postmarked envelopes or tape, and folded sheets.
  9598. Compile lists of books, periodicals, articles, and audio-visual materials on particular subjects.
  9599. Complete records of production, including work volumes and outputs, materials used, and any backlogs.
  9600. Instruct students, using adapted physical education techniques, to improve physical fitness, gross motor skills, perceptual motor skills, or sports and game achievement.
  9601. Research and analyze member or community needs to determine program directions and goals.
  9602. Apply current technology to music therapy practices.
  9603. Assemble eyeglasses by cutting and edging lenses, and fitting the lenses into frames.
  9604. Prepare study-related documentation, such as protocol worksheets, procedural manuals, adverse event reports, institutional review board documents, or progress reports.
  9605. Study archival collections of primary historical sources to help explain the origins and development of cultural patterns.
  9606. Select knives, saws, blades, cutter heads, cams, bits, or belts, according to workpiece, machine functions, or product specifications.
  9607. Develop new software applications or customize existing applications to meet specific scientific project needs.
  9608. Provide disabled students with assistive devices, supportive technology, and assistance accessing facilities, such as restrooms.
  9609. Assemble and install communication equipment such as data and telephone communication lines, wiring, switching equipment, wiring frames, power apparatus, computer systems, and networks.
  9610. Supervise technicians' work activities to ensure that equipment is operated in accordance with policies and procedures that protect workers from radiation and ensure environmental safety.
  9611. Examine injured persons and administer first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation, if necessary, using training and medical supplies and equipment.
  9612. Lay out and mark reference points and dimensions on materials, using measuring instruments and drawing or scribing tools.
  9613. Confer with potential customers regarding equipment needs and advise customers on types of equipment to purchase.
  9614. Arrange indoor or outdoor space to facilitate creative play, motor-skill activities, or safety.
  9615. Present oral or written reports on general economic trends, individual corporations, and entire industries.
  9616. Organize and supervise games or other recreational activities to promote physical, mental, or social development.
  9617. Determine the quantity and orientation of cargo and compute an aircraft's center of gravity.
  9618. Sell supplies, such as seed, feed, fertilizers, or insecticides, arranging for loans or financing as necessary.
  9619. Shape seams, joints, or irregular edges of pressure vessel sections or structural parts to attain specified fit of parts, using cutting torches, hammers, files, or metalworking machines.
  9620. Call by telephone to deliver verbal messages.
  9621. Participate in denominational activities aimed at goals such as promoting interfaith understanding or providing aid to new or small congregations.
  9622. Harvest cell cultures at optimum time, based on knowledge of cell cycle differences and culture conditions.
  9623. Compute or estimate cash, payroll, transportation, personnel, or storage requirements.
  9624. Prepare contrast material, radiopharmaceuticals, or anesthetic or antispasmodic drugs under the direction of a radiologist.
  9625. Perform data backups and disaster recovery operations.
  9626. Write words to fit musical compositions, including lyrics for operas, musical plays, and choral works.
  9627. Weigh materials, products, containers, or samples to verify packaging weights or ingredient quantities.
  9628. Participate in student recruitment, registration, and placement activities.
  9629. Manage systems to ensure that pricing structures adequately reflect logistics costing.
  9630. Remove stitches from garments to be altered, using rippers or razor blades.
  9631. Treat facial pain and jaw joint problems.
  9632. Conduct fire drills for building occupants and report on the outcomes of such drills.
  9633. Compile statistical reports, statements, and summaries related to pay and benefits accounts, and submit them to appropriate departments.
  9634. Observe sets or locations for potential problems and to determine filming and lighting requirements.
  9635. Visit properties to assess them before showing them to clients.
  9636. Evaluate customers' computerized credit records and payment histories to decide whether to approve new credit, based on predetermined standards.
  9637. Clean and file master copies or plates.
  9638. Collaborate with health specialists and civic groups to determine community health needs and the availability of services and to develop goals for meeting needs.
  9639. Contact businesses or civic establishments to arrange to exhibit and sell merchandise.
  9640. Align and fit parts according to specifications, using jacks, turnbuckles, wedges, drift pins, pry bars, and hammers.
  9641. Provide technical support for the design, construction, or commissioning of wind farm projects.
  9642. Advise and teach students.
  9643. Confer with individuals or organizations involved in cases to obtain relevant information.
  9644. Manage subcontractor activities, reviewing proposals, developing performance specifications, and serving as liaisons between subcontractors and organizations.
  9645. Cut metal or wood framing and trim to size, using cutting tools.
  9646. Develop or implement plans and procedures for ophthalmologic services.
  9647. Perform emergency medical procedures, such as basic cardiac life support (BLS), advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), and other condition stabilizing interventions.
  9648. Mark samples and finished patterns with information, such as garment size, section, style, identification, and sewing instructions.
  9649. Activate scanners to produce positive or negative films for the black-and-white, cyan, yellow, and magenta separations from each original copy.
  9650. Keep informed regarding pending industry changes, trends, and best practices and assess the potential impact of these changes on organizational processes.
  9651. Review and analyze specifications, sketches, drawings, ideas, and related data to assess factors affecting component designs and the procedures and instructions to be followed.
  9652. Develop toxicological or environmental testing processes to measure chemical toxicity or environmental impact.
  9653. Prepare settlement agreements for disputants to sign.
  9654. Supervise, evaluate, or refer instructors to skill development classes.
  9655. Order diagnostic imaging procedures such as radiographs (x-rays), ultrasounds, mammograms, and bone densitometry tests, or refer patients to other health professionals for these procedures.
  9656. Conduct dental health clinics for community groups to augment services of dentist.
  9657. Define instructional, learning, or performance objectives.
  9658. Arrange for interlibrary loans of materials not available in a particular library.
  9659. Schedule and conduct closings of mortgage transactions.
  9660. Install rock gardens, ponds, decks, drainage systems, irrigation systems, retaining walls, fences, planters, or playground equipment.
  9661. Monitor the academic eligibility of student athletes.
  9662. Analyze the financial impacts of sustainable manufacturing processes or sustainable product manufacturing.
  9663. Maintain stocks of parts.
  9664. Complete laboratory projects prior to assigning them to students so that any needed modifications can be made.
  9665. Apply adhesives to the backs of paper strips, using brushes, or dunk strips of prepasted wallcovering in water, wiping off any excess adhesive.
  9666. Write nursing orders.
  9667. Prepare doors for hardware installation, such as drilling holes to install locks.
  9668. Calculate and prepare checks for utilities, taxes, and other payments.
  9669. Take up or let down hems to shorten or lengthen garment parts such as sleeves.
  9670. Examine workpieces for defects and measure workpieces with straightedges or templates to ensure conformance with specifications.
  9671. Review forms and reports and confer with management and users about format, distribution, and purpose, identifying problems and improvements.
  9672. Direct and train library staff in duties, such as receiving, shelving, researching, cataloging, and equipment use.
  9673. Evaluate animals for trainability and ability to perform.
  9674. Start, stop, and control drilling speed of machines and insertion of casings into holes.
  9675. Advise management on such matters as equal employment opportunity, sexual harassment, and discrimination.
  9676. Perform tunnel or field inspections of hydroelectric plant facilities or resources.
  9677. Issue subpoenas and administer oaths in preparation for formal hearings.
  9678. Cut and weld metal to repair broken metal parts, fabricate new parts, or assemble new equipment.
  9679. Transfer commands from servers to computer numerical control (CNC) modules, using computer network links.
  9680. Teach students, dancers, and other performers about rhythm and interpretive movement.
  9681. Operate and adjust controls on equipment to purify and clarify water, process or dispose of sewage, and generate power.
  9682. Lift equipment into position, using cranes and rigging tools or equipment, such as gin poles.
  9683. Pour or load metal or sand into melting pots, furnaces, molds, or hoppers, using shovels, ladles, or machines.
  9684. Negotiate collective agreements on behalf of employers or workers, and mediate labor disputes and grievances.
  9685. Position, attach, or blow insulating materials to prevent energy losses from buildings, pipes, or other structures or objects.
  9686. Draft detail and assembly drawings of design components, circuitry or printed circuit boards, using computer-assisted equipment or standard drafting techniques and devices.
  9687. Examine and measure finished articles to verify conformance to standards, using rulers.
  9688. Isolate, identify and prepare specimens for examination.
  9689. Provide assistance to physicians or other technologists in the performance of more complex procedures.
  9690. Create embedded software design programs.
  9691. Repair or replace defective garment parts such as pockets, zippers, snaps, buttons, and linings.
  9692. Test electronic computer components in automobiles to ensure proper operation.
  9693. Conduct private investigations on a paid basis.
  9694. Pay or arrange for payment of freight or insurance fees or other charges.
  9695. Inspect work areas or operating equipment to ensure conformance to established standards in areas such as cleanliness or maintenance.
  9696. Collaborate with other teachers and administrators in the development, evaluation, and revision of secondary school programs.
  9697. Grind or polish glass, smoothing edges when necessary.
  9698. Direct setup of remote facilities and install or cancel programs at remote stations.
  9699. Install, align, and lock specified punches, dies, cutting blades, or other fixtures in rams or beds of machines, using gauges, templates, feelers, shims, and hand tools.
  9700. Maintain cage security according to rules.
  9701. Appraise property values, assessing income potential when relevant.
  9702. Supervise and train aquaculture and fish hatchery support workers.
  9703. Review inventory and sales records to prepare reports for management and budget departments.
  9704. Review scientific proposals and research papers.
  9705. Compare measurements of heart wall thickness and chamber sizes to standard norms to identify abnormalities.
  9706. Exercise animals or provide them with companionship.
  9707. Explain procedures to patients to reduce anxieties and obtain cooperation.
  9708. Devise, select, or purchase domain name and web address.
  9709. Administer emergency first aid, wrap injuries, treat minor chronic disabilities, or refer injured persons to physicians.
  9710. Develop validation master plans, process flow diagrams, test cases, or standard operating procedures.
  9711. Operate hydroelectric plant equipment, such as turbines, pumps, valves, gates, fans, electric control boards, or battery banks.
  9712. Monitor conduct of prisoners in housing unit, or during work or recreational activities, according to established policies, regulations, and procedures, to prevent escape or violence.
  9713. Observe bobbins as they are winding and cut threads to remove loaded bobbins, using knives.
  9714. Develop briefings, brochures, multimedia presentations, web pages, promotional products, technical illustrations, and computer artwork for use in products, technical manuals, literature, newsletters, and slide shows.
  9715. Organize, supervise, or encourage patient participation in social, educational, or recreational activities.
  9716. Mix and edit voices, music, and taped sound effects for live performances and for prerecorded events, using sound mixing boards.
  9717. Write detailed consultation reports to provide information on complex genetic concepts to patients or referring physicians.
  9718. Provide physicians with assistance during surgery or complicated medical procedures.
  9719. Present data, maps, or other information at construction-related public hearings or meetings.
  9720. Perform administrative duties, such as assisting in school libraries, hall and cafeteria monitoring, and bus loading and unloading.
  9721. Bundle, label, and route sorted mail to designated areas, depending on destinations and according to established procedures and deadlines.
  9722. Formulate general rules that describe and predict the development and behavior of cultures and social institutions.
  9723. Start machines, and turn valves or move controls to feed, admit, apply, or transfer materials and adhesives, and to adjust temperature, pressure, and time settings.
  9724. Educate athletes or coaches on techniques to improve athletic performance, such as heart rate monitoring, recovery techniques, hydration strategies, or training limits.
  9725. Read and analyze work orders and specifications to determine locations of subject material, work procedures, sequences of operations, and machine setups.
  9726. Control movement of heavy equipment through narrow openings or confined spaces, using chainfalls, gin poles, gallows frames, and other equipment.
  9727. Fit bearings to adjust, repair, or overhaul mobile mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic equipment.
  9728. Recommend remedial procedures to correct any violations found during inspections.
  9729. Remove or disassemble defective automatic mechanical door closers, using hand tools.
  9730. Operate drill press, grinders, engine lathe, or other machines to modify parts tested or to fabricate experimental parts for testing.
  9731. Operate, calibrate, or maintain equipment used in quantitative or qualitative analysis, such as spectrophotometers, calorimeters, flame photometers, or computer-controlled analyzers.
  9732. Lubricate moving parts.
  9733. Confer with customers by telephone or in person to determine reasons for overdue payments and to review the terms of sales, service, or credit contracts.
  9734. Provide advice on proper standards and regulations or the development of policies, strategies, or codes of practice for environmental management.
  9735. Estimate market value of products or services.
  9736. Administer standardized ability and achievement tests and interpret results to determine children's developmental levels and needs.
  9737. Show patients to examination rooms and prepare them for the physician.
  9738. Load machine hoppers with mixed materials, using augers, or stuff rolls of plastic dough into machine cylinders.
  9739. Prepare electrical project cost or work-time estimates.
  9740. Insert sealing strips, wiring, insulating material, ladders, flanges, gauges, or valves, depending on types of structures being assembled.
  9741. Monitor transit areas and conduct security checks to protect railroad properties, patrons, and employees.
  9742. Obey traffic laws and follow established traffic and transportation procedures.
  9743. Maintain records of patient care, condition, progress, or problems to report and discuss observations with supervisor or case manager.
  9744. Confer with management or subordinates to resolve worker problems, complaints, or grievances.
  9745. Write and revise safety regulations and codes.
  9746. Order or purchase supplies.
  9747. Disassemble and repair mechanical control devices or valves, such as regulators, thermostats, or hydrants, using power tools, hand tools, and cutting torches.
  9748. Assess refractive conditions of eyes, using retinoscopes.
  9749. Sweep or scrub floors.
  9750. Compile and interpret students' test results, along with information from teachers and parents, to diagnose conditions and to help assess eligibility for special services.
  9751. Read specifications or confer with customers to determine the desired custom modifications for altering the appearance of vehicles.
  9752. Requisition materials, using warehouse requisition or release forms.
  9753. Publish engineering reports documenting design details or qualification test results.
  9754. Greet customers and ask about the quality of service they are receiving.
  9755. Observe electronic graph recorders and flow meters that monitor the water used to flush debris from holes.
  9756. Maintain metrics, reports, process documentation, customer service logs, or training or safety records.
  9757. Prepare briefs and assist in searching and seizing records to prepare charges and documentation for court cases.
  9758. Connect and turn regulator valves to activate and adjust gas flow and pressure so that desired flames are obtained.
  9759. Direct drilling crews performing activities such as assembling and connecting pipe, applying weights to drill pipes, or drilling around lodged obstacles.
  9760. Collaborate with other teachers and professionals in the development of instructional programs.
  9761. Collect fares from passengers, and issue change and transfers.
  9762. Oversee the care and distribution of zoo animals, working with curators and zoo directors to determine the best way to contain animals, maintain their habitats and manage facilities.
  9763. Start machines and lower cutting tools to beginning points on patterns.
  9764. Inspect completed transportation projects to ensure safety or compliance with applicable standards or regulations.
  9765. Produce a computer-generated or film image for interpretation by a physician.
  9766. Assemble and arrange display materials.
  9767. Route proofs with marked corrections to authors, editors, typists, or typesetters for correction or reprinting.
  9768. Develop and implement individualized plans for health care management.
  9769. Mix finish ingredients to obtain desired colors or shades.
  9770. Create special effects such as vignettes, mosaics, and image combining, and add elements such as sound and animation to electronic publications.
  9771. Keep records of production, returned goods, and related transactions.
  9772. Spray coated products with salt solutions to determine how they will resist corrosion.
  9773. Collaborate with others in the organization to ensure successful implementation of chosen problem solutions.
  9774. Perform preventive or corrective containment or cleanup measures in hydroelectric plants to prevent environmental contamination.
  9775. Maintain high tension lines, de-energizing lines for power companies when repairs are requested.
  9776. Carry linens, towels, toilet items, and cleaning supplies, using wheeled carts.
  9777. Respond to medical emergencies, bomb threats, fire alarms, or intrusion alarms, following emergency response procedures.
  9778. Move materials over short distances, such as around a construction site, factory, or warehouse.
  9779. Write interesting and effective press releases, prepare information for media kits, and develop and maintain company internet or intranet web pages.
  9780. Develop or analyze information to assess the current or future financial status of firms.
  9781. Prepare course materials, such as syllabi, homework assignments, or handouts.
  9782. Perform rough-ins, repair and replace fixtures and water heaters, and locate, repair, or remove leaking or broken pipes.
  9783. Edit videotapes by erasing and removing portions of programs and adding video or sound as required.
  9784. Investigate violations of solid waste or recycling ordinances.
  9785. Identify, standardize, and communicate levels of access and security.
  9786. Collect and analyze field data related to energy usage.
  9787. Develop specifications for vehicles powered by alternative fuels or alternative power methods.
  9788. Measure and mark surfaces to be tiled, following blueprints.
  9789. Record production information such as fabric yardage processed, temperature readings, fabric tensions, and machine speeds.
  9790. Record names, addresses, purchases, and reactions of prospects contacted.
  9791. Train other workers or coordinate their work, as necessary.
  9792. Tune automobile engines to ensure proper and efficient functioning.
  9793. Compile and prepare documentation related to production sequences, transportation, personnel schedules, or purchase, maintenance, or repair orders.
  9794. Open cabinet doors to cut multifilament threadlines away from guides, using scissors.
  9795. Observe machine gauges and equipment operation to detect defects or deviations from standards, and make adjustments as necessary.
  9796. Meet frequently with artists, typesetters, layout personnel, marketing directors, and production managers to discuss projects and resolve problems.
  9797. Conduct auditions or interviews to evaluate potential clients.
  9798. Set starter locks and align and repair steering or throttle controls, using gauges, screwdrivers, or wrenches.
  9799. Perform bronchopulmonary drainage and assist or instruct patients in performance of breathing exercises.
  9800. Insert wedges and feathers into holes, and drive wedges with sledgehammers to split stone sections from masses.
  9801. Prepare or maintain inventory or production records.
  9802. Study and rehearse roles from scripts to interpret, learn and memorize lines, stunts, and cues as directed.
  9803. Paint railroad signs, such as speed limits or gate-crossing warnings.
  9804. Communicate with other health care professionals regarding patients' conditions and care.
  9805. Conduct field demonstrations of new products, techniques, or services.
  9806. Confer or consult with department heads to plan advertising services and to secure information on equipment and customer specifications.
  9807. Serve on academic or administrative committees that deal with institutional policies, departmental matters, and academic issues.
  9808. Maintain current knowledge of the quality control field, relying on current literature pertaining to materials use, technological advances, or statistical studies.
  9809. Seal empty boxcars by twisting nails in door hasps, using nail twisters.
  9810. Plan and develop pre-production ideas into outlines, scripts, story boards, and graphics, using own ideas or specifications of assignments.
  9811. Develop and present health education and promotion programs, such as training workshops, conferences, and school or community presentations.
  9812. Cut openings in structures to accommodate pipes or pipe fittings, using hand or power tools.
  9813. Connect hoses from torches to regulator valves and cylinders of oxygen and specified gas fuels.
  9814. Participate in research projects, conferences, or technical meetings.
  9815. Conduct or supervise the installation and operation of electronic equipment and systems.
  9816. Use mechanical applicators that spread compounds and embed tape in one operation.
  9817. Develop and implement procedures for identifying advertising needs.
  9818. Work with others to change advertising displays.
  9819. Establish policies on issues such as the type of gambling offered and the odds, the extension of credit, or the serving of food and beverages.
  9820. Monitor and evaluate survey progress and performance, using sample disposition reports and response rate calculations.
  9821. Requisition supplies or equipment needed for cleaning and maintenance duties.
  9822. Update manuals when rates, rules, or regulations are amended.
  9823. Apply fluoride or sealants to teeth.
  9824. Design engineering systems for the automation of industrial tasks.
  9825. Write articles or pamphlets about products.
  9826. Walk aisles of planes to verify that passengers have complied with federal regulations prior to takeoffs and landings.
  9827. Set up scaffolds.
  9828. Supervise technicians, technologists, analysts, administrative staff, or other engineers.
  9829. Research new ways to construct and use orthopedic and prosthetic devices.
  9830. Monitor game operations to ensure that house rules are followed, that tribal, state, and federal regulations are adhered to, and that employees provide prompt and courteous service.
  9831. Fabricate or form parts, coils, or structures according to specifications, using drills, calipers, cutters, or saws.
  9832. Plan, administer and evaluate health safety standards and programs to improve public health, conferring with health department, industry personnel, physicians, and others.
  9833. Write and submit proposals to bid on contracts for projects.
  9834. Conduct most treatment sessions independently, in accordance with the long-term treatment plan and under the general direction of the patient's physician.
  9835. Follow procedures for the use of chemical cleaners and power equipment to prevent damage to floors and fixtures.
  9836. Assist pathologists or other physicians to collect cell samples such as by fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsies.
  9837. Calculate gross and net tonnage, hold capacities, volumes of stored fuel and water, cargo weights, and ship stability factors, using mathematical formulas.
  9838. Fasten structural steel members to hoist cables, using chains, cables, or rope.
  9839. Thread filmstrips through densitometers or sensitometers and expose film to light to determine density of film, necessary color corrections, or light sensitivity.
  9840. Assign, coordinate, and review work and activities of programming personnel.
  9841. Sell and deliver plants and flowers to customers.
  9842. Compose and edit scripts or provide screenwriters with story outlines from which scripts can be written.
  9843. Provide direction and assistance to other organizational units regarding accounting and budgeting policies and procedures and efficient control and utilization of financial resources.
  9844. Research and analyze laws, regulations, policies, and precedent decisions to prepare for hearings and to determine conclusions.
  9845. Operate metalworking machines to fabricate housings, jigs, fittings, or fixtures.
  9846. Write grants and papers or attend fundraising events to seek research funds.
  9847. Plan study of work problems and procedures, such as organizational change, communications, information flow, integrated production methods, inventory control, or cost analysis.
  9848. Buy merchandise or commodities for resale to wholesale or retail consumers.
  9849. Evaluate data to develop new mining products, equipment, or processes.
  9850. File pleadings with court clerk.
  9851. Perform record checks on past or current licensees, as required by investigations.
  9852. Assess existing facilities' needs for new or modified telecommunications systems.
  9853. Care for children or elderly persons by overseeing their activities, providing companionship, and assisting them with dressing, bathing, eating, and other needs.
  9854. Create and lay out designs for drill and blast patterns.
  9855. Prepare reports required by state and federal laws.
  9856. Write grant proposals to procure external research funding and review others' grant proposals.
  9857. Repair, adjust, or replace electrical or mechanical components or parts, using hand tools, power tools, or soldering or welding equipment.
  9858. Provide litigation support, such as writing reports for expert testimony or testifying as an expert witness.
  9859. Position, secure, and align cutting tools in toolholders on machines, using hand tools, and verify their positions with measuring instruments.
  9860. Mount, balance, change, or check condition or pressure of tires.
  9861. Inquire about pesticides or chemicals to which animals may have been exposed.
  9862. Verify proper functioning of physical security systems, such as closed-circuit televisions, alarms, sensor tag systems, or locks.
  9863. Moisten materials to soften and smooth them.
  9864. Direct and review the work of staff members, including survey support staff and interviewers who gather survey data.
  9865. Teach sociology.
  9866. Apply modular soil- and plant-containing grids over existing roof membranes to create green roofs.
  9867. Operate trucks equipped with snowplows or sander attachments to maintain roads in winter weather.
  9868. Check work pieces to ensure that they are properly lubricated or cooled.
  9869. Communicate with patients' primary care physicians upon admission, when treatment plans change, or at discharge to maintain continuity and quality of care.
  9870. Clean teeth, using dental instruments.
  9871. Design mechatronics components for computer-controlled products, such as cameras, video recorders, automobiles, or airplanes.
  9872. Gather evidence to formulate defense or to initiate legal actions, by such means as interviewing clients and witnesses to ascertain the facts of a case.
  9873. Contact prospective customers to present information and explain available services.
  9874. Confer with supervisors or other equipment operators to report equipment malfunctions or to resolve production problems.
  9875. Monitor sanitation practices to ensure that employees follow standards and regulations.
  9876. Provide technical assistance to installers, technicians, or other solar professionals in areas such as solar electric systems, solar thermal systems, electrical systems, or mechanical systems.
  9877. Turn petcocks to adjust the flow of binding fluid to sleeves.
  9878. Interpret engineering drawings, sketches, or diagrams.
  9879. Conduct research studies to develop new concepts in the field of automotive engineering.
  9880. Provide information such as directions, visiting hours, or patient status information to visitors or callers.
  9881. Consult with and refer clients to additional medical or educational services.
  9882. Extinguish smaller fires with portable extinguishers, shovels, and axes.
  9883. Verify conformance of parts to stock lists or blueprints, using measuring instruments, such as calipers, gauges, or micrometers.
  9884. Use instrumentation to pilot aircraft when visibility is poor.
  9885. Contribute to the compilation, organization, and production of protocols, clinical study reports, regulatory submissions, or other controlled documentation.
  9886. Troubleshoot, maintain, and make minor repairs to equipment.
  9887. Schedule tests or procedures for patients, such as lab work or x-rays, based on physician orders.
  9888. Keep daily program logs to provide information on all elements aired during broadcast, such as musical selections and station promotions.
  9889. Examine clients' skin, using magnifying lamps or visors when necessary, to evaluate skin condition and appearance.
  9890. Use a variety of treatment methods, such as psychotherapy, hypnosis, behavior modification, stress reduction therapy, psychodrama, or play therapy.
  9891. Request anesthesia equipment repairs, adjustments, or safety tests.
  9892. Confer with realtors, lending institution personnel, buyers, sellers, contractors, surveyors, and courthouse personnel to exchange title-related information or to resolve problems.
  9893. Monitor mechanical factors, such as turbine load or strain information.
  9894. Adjust window shades or seat cushions at the request of passengers.
  9895. Audit payroll and personnel records to determine unemployment insurance premiums, workers' compensation coverage, liabilities, and compliance with tax laws.
  9896. Train horses or other equines for riding, harness, show, racing, or other work, using knowledge of breed characteristics, training methods, performance standards, and the peculiarities of each animal.
  9897. Repair or adjust seats, doors, or windows.
  9898. Shape and straighten damaged or twisted articles by hand or using pliers.
  9899. Clean and sterilize vats and factory processing areas.
  9900. Inform customers about foreign currency regulations and compute transaction fees for currency exchanges.
  9901. Install, connect, or adjust thermostats, humidistats, or timers.
  9902. Prepare and issue work schedules, deadlines, and duty assignments for office or administrative staff.
  9903. Repair and maintain electrical and electronic controls for propulsion and braking systems.
  9904. Perform duties related to livestock reproduction, such as breeding animals within appropriate timeframes, performing artificial inseminations, and helping with animal births.
  9905. Inspect track for defects such as broken rails and switch malfunctions.
  9906. Maintain and repair laboratory equipment.
  9907. Inspect or test horticultural products or livestock to detect harmful diseases, chemical residues, or infestations and to determine the quality of products or animals.
  9908. Spot cars for loading and unloading at customer locations.
  9909. Educate and counsel patients on contact lens care, visual hygiene, lighting arrangements and safety factors.
  9910. Complete documentation needed to support testing procedures, including data capture forms, equipment logbooks, or inventory forms.
  9911. Monitor use of data files and regulate access to safeguard information in computer files.
  9912. Instruct employees or provide on-the-job training.
  9913. Discuss design specifications with designers, and convert their original models of garments into patterns of separate parts that can be laid out on a length of fabric.
  9914. Inspect or measure thin films of carbon nanotubes, polymers, or inorganic coatings, using a variety of techniques or analytical tools.
  9915. Conserve, recover, and recycle refrigerants used in cooling systems.
  9916. Collect geological data from potential geothermal energy plant sites.
  9917. Compute or record photonic test data.
  9918. Call on prospective customers to explain company services or to solicit new business.
  9919. Develop or implement human performance research, investigation, or analysis protocols.
  9920. Organize fire caches, positioning equipment for the most effective response.
  9921. Testify in court about investigative or analytical methods or findings.
  9922. Schedule benefits claimants for adjudication interviews to address questions of eligibility.
  9923. Activate fluoroscope and camera to produce images used to guide catheter through cardiovascular system.
  9924. Investigate and direct patient inquiries or complaints to appropriate medical staff members and follow up to ensure satisfactory resolution.
  9925. Inspect equipment or monitor operating conditions, meters, and gauges to determine load requirements and detect malfunctions.
  9926. Dust furniture, walls, machines, or equipment.
  9927. Inspect stock for imperfections or to estimate grades or qualities of stock or workpieces.
  9928. Patrol assigned areas to ensure that players are following rules and that machines are functioning correctly.
  9929. Evaluate new software publishing systems and confer with regulatory agencies concerning news or updates related to electronic publishing of submissions.
  9930. Dispense medical devices or drugs, and calculate dosages and provide instructions as necessary.
  9931. Locate library materials for patrons, including books, periodicals, tape cassettes, Braille volumes, and pictures.
  9932. Integrate nanotechnology with antimicrobial properties into products, such as household or medical appliances, to reduce the development of bacteria or other microbes.
  9933. Direct workers to correct problems such as disease, quality of seed distribution, or adequacy of cultivation.
  9934. Select, administer, and score psychological tests.
  9935. Apply modeling or quantitative analysis to forecast events, such as human decisions or behaviors, the structure or processes of organizations, or the attitudes or actions of human groups.
  9936. Coordinate security operations or activities with public law enforcement, fire and other agencies.
  9937. Establish system operating or training requirements to ensure optimized human-machine interfaces.
  9938. Supervise or direct other workers who provide services to clients or patients.
  9939. Prepare documents, such as work orders, bills of lading, or shipping orders, to route materials.
  9940. Move equipment, poultry, or livestock from one location to another, manually or using trucks or carts.
  9941. Cut, strip, and bend wire leads at ends of coils, using pliers and wire scrapers.
  9942. Communicate geological findings by writing research papers, participating in conferences, or teaching geological science at universities.
  9943. Plan or implement comprehensive athletic injury or illness prevention programs.
  9944. Direct the work of wardrobe crews during dress rehearsals or performances.
  9945. Provide applicants with assistance in completing application forms, such as those for job referrals or unemployment compensation claims.
  9946. Close and seal wells no longer in use.
  9947. Develop ways of altering soils to suit different types of plants.
  9948. Consult with clients to identify survey needs and specific requirements, such as special samples.
  9949. Determine and set product prices.
  9950. Set up dining areas for meals and clear them following meals.
  9951. Prepare drawings, estimates, and bids that meet specific customer needs.
  9952. Apply heat or cold therapy to patients using materials such as heat pads, hydrocollator packs, warm compresses, cold compresses, heat lamps, or vapor coolants.
  9953. Operate cutting torches or welding equipment to cut or join metal parts.
  9954. Provide check-cashing services to employees.
  9955. Monitor developments in the fields of industrial technology, business, finance, and economic theory.
  9956. Work with or remove hazardous material.
  9957. Int